The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1956 · Page 57
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 57

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1956
Page 57
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P.W.O. Circles To Meet Lone Hock P.W.O. circles will meet Mai c!i 1 fi nt ihe tollowiug Patsy with Mrs A. li \-i wlv<ui!:h and Mrs An Pnelv Assisting; Mrs Roy Jensen will h;u-c of the program. Father will meet at the homo of Mr> Marlin Bailsman with Mr.-, K. M. Jensen assisting and Mr;; CKi:ence Kraft will have charge •'f ihe program. Mary will meet with Mrs Clar- eiue Martin and Mrs Delmai -hi •]• assisting. *!I^!2^^j] a ;]J^I«f t>«*'Moines Tuesde »y< March 13, 1956 Dedication At Lone Rock Of 5. S. Memorial Lone Rock — Mem<: i ->\ JicMtion services were- h •!<: r!;>y nt the Lono Rock i',< terian ehureh for (-he ii.i-ii' Sift of a walnut cross ; r 1 ca holders presented to ('•-.•. Sunday school Dept. bv Mrs Leslie Johnson aii i in inemory of their infant son Paul Benjamin. Welcomed into the church wa> the following members of (lie communicants class: Nancv Fischer Carol Householder. ' Craig Blanchard, Vernon Culbertson .lorry Newbrough. Kern Marluv.. Argil Pettit. Larry R..mus and David Weber. Adults that were taken in as new members were Del Marlow. Mr and Mrs Mr) vin Ma flow, Sandra Marlow. Mr and Mrs James Marlow, Mr and Mrs Hugh Marlow, Mr and Mrs Woodrow Pettit. and Morwin Marlow. Airs Rose charge of the Rev. ciivl Mrs C. E. Nordine Mark-no and Stanley spent Monday at Polk City, lou'a visiting her parent.-, Mr and Mrs A. D. Kurt/.. Mr am! M: the pioud pa Saiurday March 'A. Th> weighed 6'2 pounds s Vic tor Dreyer are rents of a daughter born ~ litth- anri has bo en named V'icki Lynn Mrs Hugh Walsh received major surgery at Holy Family at F.stherville Wednesday. S \ < bo there for som\- and Mrs Edmond family of Independ- •nt the weckeivl here. Petlit. left Sunday for expects to time. Mi- Walsh and cnce, la. sp. Bernard Davenport. la. to attend John Deere school for a week. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Fischer of j Bancroft spent Saturday evening ! at the Alfred Sciindenciori home. | _ Mr and Mrs Glc-nn Kraiiso and family visited Sunday evening at the Fred Schmidt home. .. Mrs W. J. Cotton and Miss Neva Thompson attended the funeral services of Mrs Agnes K, Seo'v at the Congregational church in Algona Wednesday a I"' '-'1(1071 Roger and Kenneth Flaig were guests Wednesday at a dinner for Phillips 6(i dealers in Spencer. Mr ami Mrs De'bert blanchard and family <>f Spirit Lake Thursday evening at the Gene Blanchard home. . Airs Amanda ePttit, Mrs Kthei MrCNc'sncy and Mrs Glenn Householder called Wednesday afternoon at the Robert Hanna home. Mrs Clarence Kraft. Judy and Joy soent Thursday evening at the Maurice Weisbrod home. Mr and Mrs Emil Person called Sunday aftejnnon on Mr and Mrs Henry Smith of Burl. Fridav Mr and Mrs Emil Person and Mr and Mrs Ralph Harninerslrom. Jean and Joifn spent, the day at the Carlos Engelby home at Ledyard. Mr and Mrs Milton Marlow. Dr. and Mrs J. B. Winkel, Mr and Mrs Win. Dodds, Mr and Mrs Merle Potter, Mr and Mrs Chick Hurley of Mason City spent Saturday evening at the Howard Rant-y homo in Algona. i £aster> andjbra longtime to come ...IN PENNEY-TAILOREO FASHIONS CUT OUT FOR YOU! YOUR FLANNEL AND SHEEN GABARDINE GENTRY® TRIO TAKES YOU EVERYWHERE! »*" &' 4< "" Y/ ' t :mb^,^>i M\" ~ "• X 1 ^ f i'^-" '. : :'^i^^\ f \ L \ ' %$*•,'-••?'/••• I [ (A^M l,U4 "pr V^ ^' i^! * • V : >v?*i M : ^y' : \ i fn|i^ W'-\ t0'IM ®^' I ,-- -ft\ ) -Wr-"*\i id' tii «*^1._ii complete . . . Ye*, everywhere.. .berause for fashion ond versatility Penney's color- and st'/te-fc-orviinutcu Gaiiiry Trio ranks second to none. You got a tu.r.dsome 2-buiton suit of wool flannel beautifully touched with rayon sparkle nubs or other equally smooth w. w tii'i-jts. Ai.;l you alia get an extra pair tf ck-gantly tailoi t 1 ,'-oi,u astin'g slacks of all wool sheen gab&rdii;e...keyt<i for ptiftct casual blending with the suit. SLZv^i^M^^^ VVHITE BROADCLOTH DRESS SHIRTS Ccivpietely Sanfor- ized! Sizes 14-18 PEN.MEY'S MARATHON FUR-FELT HATS Wa'.er Repellent il Trrnt.'d! Spring TPa Shades! Sizes — 6 7 <is - 7'/2 -. \*. *« .^j;*$^ ... MSN'S TOO'. STRETCH ABLE NYLON SOX For Perfect Fit! £:zes S-M-L TIES-LARGE EASTER SELECTION .. 98c BOY'S NEW SPRING SUITS - SIZES 10 20 19.75 BOYS WHITE DRESS SHIRTS - SIZES 6-20 BOYS' SOW TIES LARGE SELECTION EOY ' S DRE£S TFOU3£RS 4-8 sizes 10-20 SHOP PENNEY'S EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT AND SAVE Sunday dinner guests nt the MtMAvin Marlow home. 1 wore Mrs KntlH.-rine Collins of Livormorc, Fiank Roilly, Mr and Mrs Hugh M;irlntt- of Hurt, Mr and Mrs Fabe i- Dugan. Dorothy and Dolores D! Humboldt, Mr and Mrs Lyle Marlow and Deannc called there in tin' afternoon. Mrs Kalherine Ollms and Frank Reilly are .-•piMiclin.!* a few days at the Merwin Mr.rJow home. Mr and Mis Melvin Engolbarts of Elinor'.'. Minn, spent. Wednesday at the Owen Berhow home. Thursday the Bcrhows visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Kingsly Knselby at Swea City. Sunday Mr and Mrs W. M. Rotterman of Klinon-. Minn, and Mr and Mrs (.'lair Hollinger were callers at tho Berhow home. Mr and Mrs Reinhold Lieb of Al.unna spent. Sunday afternoon ,tt Hit 1 homo of Mrs Louise Lieb. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod arid family called Sunday afternoon and were supper guests at (lie llnrvry Ralh home in Algona. lot Locks Self In Barn With Herd Of Cows By The Village Gossip Sexton — Mr and Mrs Bob Keiley enjoyed a day's vacation attending trie Lumbermen's Convention in the Veterans' Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines. It was also a big day on the farm for Joan, Patty and'Donald who stayed with their grandparents, Mi and Mrs Orvillc Johnson of Jolley. Helping her grandfather with the chores may have discouraged Joan from ever wanting to be a farmer. She was badly frightened when she became locked -in the barn alone with the .herd of cows. Glenn Kept On Jump Glenn Gabriolson, as. township (rustee, met with the Algona City Council to discuss farm fire protection. This subject, was brought close ID home by a neighbor disastrous home fire las' week. Glenn also spent an evening at a Gainer meeting wheiv methods were discussed to bols- .or lagging interest in the Farm Extension -Service. Glenn su.v^ it's not. the going to a different meeting every night that take- so much effort but it's the s'mninj. gears to think about another new subject. Mrs Glenn G;ibrit\s<m could us. a little help from her neighbors in her latest predicament. Sin is the local collector for the St Ann rummage sale and she is tds< to halo her church circle at Wesley in collecting for a rummagi sale at the same time. This wouli be a good time to help out ant also get rid of all your white 01 pink elephants to the group o' yolir choice. Mr and Mrs Wilfoid Ward ;>iv family loturr.ud some of thei; southern pheasant h u n t i n ;. friends visits by spending Sunday at Bnone with Mr and Mrs C. C Fisher. As u.-.ually happens the Wards had visitors here at home aS the Wermersi.n family came from Curlew and found no one a* home. Giovt-r and Clarence Grub f had an overnight visitor recently. Their nt'phow, Stanley Grubl. n| Des Moine-!, is a salesman foi Davidsons and stopped to set th-.'iu while on a trip In this territory. Mis Glenn (iabrielxui was , hostess to the Wesley WSCS meeting held at the Charles NY- gaard.homo. Mrs Wilford Wan, ,iccoinu;;nied her as a visitor to. the afternoon. Glenn Gabiielson al-'o invUei guests but to a diflerent typo ol meet iir. 1 .. Attending the laraier night school banquet with him wore John Droosman of Algona and Rev. Webb of Wesley. Mr and Mrs John Jonniug- have found thai having a iarg< family is one way of being ac cu.-ed of Ailing someplace all \\\- linn! when they are jusl visiting "the kids '. The ac.c'Miipani.'d 1V1. Mrs W. K. P.itiun »l Whilte to Alb.'rt City where they ed ,s dinner al tin- IJon Jen home in honm 1 of Mis Jen; and Mrs Palloifs biMhclayv D.iii .Jeiining:-; is the lurmoi mn> me. 1 . 'Mi.- V,-i:i l-\iti Mr and uiie evening at the Jnhn J.-nhin:. 1 ,. llmlie. All's Jel.n Jeniilli;.-.:-, .iccolli i.i-c. C;; Mrs Leu Sahin in ii t o! .t t ilauuhtei', :'.ir:; y. t-i Tilonli.i i-'i ed Jcnm.-i 1 .',.new home. livestock h;..- includi::;- a cat th:.t ki-ep.- retur.'i- ing to u's o!.| limiu., tin- lormei i-'.-eil Ji.-ihiip .;s place. Also living b:iby A t. ii.uhor iamily living outside ;:t Iri'iie but they have take care oi them. family i> under the Ol.hem; ;.s an F.F.A. ol p.u ki-r.. i: the CJplr. lm a mot'm-i- ti The wu->h c.iro of Pai : i prujeet. il ::ei.-in ID be a popular pel iale..> land the be U trained !:• Ihe prn- j pei ty o|' L. A. Coop. Thai ma;, i bi bi eau. o this i ilii 1 is an "oiils I Liiiiu " ;:nd gels ail the atli'ntion. I Mr Miui Mr.-, Jolin Str.itlu.i | l,.uiid company is .-uie to CD yuu leave home. They ueie ! in-.' guests ol Mr ,-iiul Mrs Stratioii Suji.lay but in Mi s;nall eonimunity then vi did find thi-m. Comm:.; Mallan.1 lor the iifu-rnomi \\ej-e Mi and Mrs Charles Proehask,. and .\Jr ; : iid Mrs Darwin Proi-li- a.-ka :iiitl l.jmil.v. Mi aiul Mr.- Glenn G a quick if not ea>. "ei -1 1 eL!.e .--hiirt i-o !,.'di.rn leeniivei . li\e Vuiiil'.! i'i.'i. :., .i; -..i,;e.- ;,l I'm.- . bi l lson ;i\ to " oil They u !hi >MMVJ^^^^^ Chris ten sen's PRELUDE TO A MOST FASHIONABLE Lovely and Fresh As The Spring Blossoms! Adorable DRESSES Never before have we had such a wonderful array of new spring fashions and fabrics . . . ihe very latest styling in beautiful, fresh linens, shantungs, silk-linens, crisp cottons and wool-blend knits. Sizes for all in these smart spring dresses. IN OUR WONDROUS SPRING SHOWING ! Now . . . when Spring is jusi a promise in ihe air, comes our thrilling first presentation of fashions for your Easter. See them now and be caught up in their spell of loveliness! The newest look in long coats for Spring lakes on ihe modified fullness, capelei sleeves, empire seaming or cut and Ihe dropped shoulder line for chic smariKoss. Tweedy lextures, linen - like fabrics, cashmeros in colors, wools, blended with cotton or silk lend smariness, to the Spring coal news. Stylings by "Youlh- crsfl" "Marce" "Par- S'.7iouni" "Harris". Shorties Too! And the shorties, too, make a versatile wrap fcr slim-lined dresses, skirls and suits. The Well-Dressed Look Always! SUITS Our just right Easter suits silhouetie ths now Spring season with smartness and color. Your size is here in either the boxy style or fitted jacket. Exciiin.g new fabric combinations in just about any color you v/ani. Made by nationally famous "Youlhcraft" — ' Marcu" and "Sterling". HOSIERY The frmTu-s "Bilis-Shar- mcer" hosiery in our greatest selection of new Spring shades will accent your Easter wardrobe. The popular new "Hanas" seamless hosiery is ready fcr your choosing, also. Nothing could accent an Easier culfit more than a perk. Spring blouse by Ship 'n Shore, New Era, Bobby Brooks, The widest selection of smart styles and fabrics ever offered in Algona. From the sheer nylons to saucy cottons and cotton and Dacron combinations. PURSES All the newer shades, plus blacks, browns and navys ... of leather, cor- de, fabric. Just the ri'iht style and size lo fit your Easter ensemble. GLOVES JEWELRY An exceptional showing of fabrics, styles arid luathers. Colors lo match or harmonize with your Easiers wardrobe. * Sizes 6>2 lo 8':. W h i t e s , rhineslones, pearls, colors ... in all 1 h c- newer novelties. You'll not want to miss our unusual showing. Our Best Wishes To The Girl Scouts During Their 44th Birthday Anniversary Thii Week!

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