Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 26, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1973
Page 21
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J J i L ( 1 tSALESfilffiG, 1LL„ THttkS., MX 26, SEC. 3 PAGE 21 is • Pi I ; 1 gl 'Ti -^v V 1 -'* r i , , 1 M. , Lf 1,. -*.J Ra n ks LONDON The union, now the -world's second largest naval power after the United States, has States achieved "global for the Red haw. reportedly ipab The authoritative J a n e's Fighting Ships said today in its 1973-74 edition that the Soviets have far outstripped the United States in total numbers of cruisers and submarines and have Started to challenge America's years4ong supremacy in aircraft carriers. "Having achieved a global naval capability for all major classes of ships and submarines, the Soviets are giving proper consideration to their future stores and fuel support," said Jane's editor, Capt. John E. Moore. ibmariiies Jane's also said China now has 44 submarines, some of them possibly nuclear, and said there was "every likelihood" the Chinese navy's influence abroad will spread over the next few years. Jane's listed the Soviet submarine fleet as 111 nuclear- powered craft and 303 diesel- vessels. It said under construction reserve, it said cc r* 1 ** . • T 1"1 [ .!t;; t .t \ ~ y s fc _ i k - LIT- L " * • *" J ,fc j- It .i. 1 st V. rS iV! ^^v. a- . HJ-- mm-'- i It said 5. submarines nine in reserve 1 Ctt the U.S. - t * * Navy : 't " ML R J ^ ~L • Oil " Mi" • t *. J" i h r j , !l ,' \>! r,- 4. ''-I 3 :i r b : -r :++-f J CARACAS, Venezuela (UPI) A Venezuelan archeologist reported a ' 'fabulous' * find today tii at he civilization said shows a of pygmy Indians "There are at least 2,ooo fossiles in the cemetery," he said, "almost all of them in perfect state and in the same ! Position in which they were 600 years aeo in this buried with ceramic currently has only four cruisers and nine guided missile cruisers compared with the Red navy's 41 cruisers. It put total U.S. frigates and destroyers at 225 with 25 building and 85 in reserve. It put the Red navy's total of these vessels at 225.' It indicated the United States still leads in aircraft carriers, with a total of 15 in active • h service, two under construction and six in reserve. But it said it now has been confirmed that a 45,000-ton 'Kiev" class aircraft carrier is nearing completion by the Soviet Union with a sister ship also under construction. It said* it is "not unlikely" that the Soviets will build a total of six such riant carriers. I h ft: • ? mm.- 1 . -T L South American land. Adrian Lucena the Goyo, director of an archeological musuem in the western state of workmen digging in unearthed L 1 j " * J J P -.^ii a public about 2 mies. square 000 skeletons of pig £-4 J + Fabulous Riches "The archeological riches we found are fabulous," he said. burial The Pr •"• •! was found two years ago. Lucena Goyo said, but not until scientific studies were completed did he make his announcement on what it meant. After the workmen reported the discovery of the skeletons, near Bolivar square in the small town of Quibor, archeologists led by Lucena Goyo took over. A r rp- h- ' - - i'"- • i. ^ "' ! - ground two actually M 1 • \ Leaders necklaces. "The necklaces are made in different shapes, most of them from seashells," he said. "The ceramic jars are of indescribable beauty.'* Lucena Goyo said carbon 14 tests determined the age of the skeletons at about 1,600 years. He said the find showed a civilization of pygmy Indians existed in the area. The average length of the skeletons, he said, was 4 feet, 11 inches and some were as short as 20 inches. Lucena Goyo made said some of decorated necklaces human teeth also were found. It was a mystery, he said, how the pygmies were able to shape them since there was no evidence they used metal tools. h. American Indian Movement leaders Russell Means, left, and Monument back to the reservation. Following Dennis Banks, right, sitting, told the press that Indians can not worship as they please, after law enforcement officials forced them to move their Sun Dance from Crazy Horse Dance May 14 the Indians will go to Custer, S. D., to a grand jury hearing regarding the Custer confrontation and other Indian problems. UNIFAX powered fleet this is constantly expanding and becoming more modern. It did not estimate the number of submarines under construction. It gave the U.S. submarine fleet as 101 -nuclear-powered vessels in service with 23 others Now You Know # •. By United Press International ' The character of Charlie Chan, the oriental detective, first appeared in the movies in 1926. AIM WHITE OAK, Okla. (UPI) The government called off a The two federal wildlife ref-ldeal to provide more than a ton of free food to 750 children uges in northern Missouri Squaw Creek and Swan Lake — are resting places for more than a million ducks and geese each spring, and fall. ; REGISTERED NURSE WANTED Director Local J Home Health Agency REFERENCE and EXPERIENCE REQUIRED PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERIENCE DESIRED PHONE V.N.A. OFFICE COTTAGE HOSPITAL-343-4121 nday thru Friday for Interview Appointment accompanying their parents at the American Indian Movement's national convention Wednesday, saying an inspector spotted less than -a dozen children attending. Welfare Provisions Rep. Clem McSpadden, D- Okla., said the inspector who toured the camp site saw only six to 10 children. He said the government would sue Indians to recover the unused food or its cash value, but the Indians said they have already eaten the food and were considering a lawsuit of their own. the The state welfare department delivered 320 pounds of butter, 118 gallons of salad oil, 10O cans of vegetable shortening, 300 pounds of dry beans, 400 pounds of corn meal, 600 pounds of flour, 300 pounds of dry milk, 42 10-pound cans of peanut butter, 36 packages of rice, 30 packages of rolled oats, and 36 quarts of orange juice, provided by the Department of Agriculture. But Carter Camp, an Indian leader, said the food already delivered was eaten for breakfast Wednesday morning. Reneged on Contract AIM's national coordinator Vernon Bellecourt said attor- ;onsidering filing suitihouse of the 360-acre farm the against the Department Agriculture because it reneged on a contract and failed to supply the foodstuffs agreed uoon. Bellecourt said the inspector arrived Wednesday morning but never entered the main campgrounds and thus only saw the children at the main where the convention is being held. Package Liquors Formerly Gatt Brothers 2085 Grand Ave., Galesburg, Bill At Mary Yard Invila you to laka adraniaga The Following Specials DREWRYS - 6 Pk Cans $1.10 ~ 3 Qts. 12 Pk Cans $1.99 - 12 NR's Bottles 4-* ABOVE ALL MAKE WHITE ROOFING PAUL JONES 3 Qts. $13.25 SEAGRAMS 7 CROWN Of. $5.29 ANTIQUE 3 Qtt. $14.50 5th $4.29 342 1/2 Gallon $10.95 ill!* Bar lor • Nightly Drawing a. Monday thru Friday OPEN: 8a.m.-9 p.m. 1 GOLDEN GALLEY FOR WALLBANGERS KENTUCKY GENTLEMAN $AVE! BLACK VELVET CANADIAN Windsor Canadian ' Quart M.99, Vi gal. *9.89 Canadian Mist $3.69 1 2 -Gollon $8.99 Vi gal. *9.99 TANQUERAY GIN Very Old Barton 8 Year Old $3.99 $4.49 Christian Bros. Brandy BEEFEATER GIN *5.29 CANADIAN CLUB $5.49 Limit *5.29 Limit 4 KING GEORGE SCOTCH $3.99 SCOTCH 5th $5.99 Grants 8 Year Old Scotch 5th *5.99 INVER HOUSE SCOTCH $4.19 Kessler 5th FLEISCHMANN'S GIN $3.49 SMIRNOFF VODKA *3.49 80 Proof $3.99 Bacardi Rum SOUTHERN COMFORT $4.89 *4.19 Ruckelshaus To Justice w Department WASHINGTON (UPI) - William D. Ruckelshaus, -who served for two months asi acting FBI director, will be appointed to the No. 2 post in the Justice Department, according to White House officials. EPA Head Ruckelshaus served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency before temporarily taking over the FBI post following the resignation of acting director L. [Patrick Gray. He previously ! also served as an assistant attorney general. The deputy attorney general's spot has been held by Joseph T. Snesd, who was nominated Wednesday by Nixon to be U.S. circuit judge for the ninth district at San Francisco. two great performers! GAL* latex for fast work! Tough, blister-resistant protection For use on wood, metal or masonry Spreads easily with brush or roller Dries fast; soapy water cleanup Hr M .ji. Al > ' ' FLEISCHMANN'S VODKA $3.39 DIPLOMAT iHti eni GIN or VODKA Quart $3.69 Train Appoii Nixon also was expected to announce today the long expected aooointment of Russell E. .spred house paint Borcloys Bourbon Quart '4.19,3 For *12.00 CIGARETTES Regular or King Carton 100 MM Size • Carton PABST Pack NR's WBST Pack Cans $ 2.19 NEW! OLD CHICAGO LAGER BEER $ 1.99 PABST Loose Can$ $ 3.99 OLD STYLE Pack Cans *2.19 Pack Cans BLATZ Pack Cans $ 1.99 Pack Cans STXB $ 2.29 Pack NR's or Cans KER OLD STYLE Pack NR's SCHLITZ Pack Cans M.15 $ V.69 Pack NR's M.34 STAG 24 »3 W -"" OPEN: SUNDAY 1 to 8 PM BLATZ Pack Pack Cans M .00 NR's M.19 , $ 3.39 BLATZ or MUSTER BRAU 12 oi, Bottles 49 12 or. Bottles 99 Plus Dep. DREWRYS 12 09. $429 Plui Bottles O Dtp Prices Good Thursday Night July 25 thru Sat, July 28, 1973 Train as EPA director. Train, one of the best known conservationists in the country, presently is chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Environmental Quality. Ruckelshaus was succeeded as FBI director by Clarence M. iKelley, the former police chief ' of Kansas City, Mo. L h F i Engineers Report Tonnage Totals A total of 473,600 tons of cargo passed through Lock 15, Rock Island, last week, according to the Rock Island District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Northbound cargo totaled 143,600 tons including 79,800 tons of coal, 24,300 tons of petroleum products and 39,500 tons of miscellaneous freight. Southbound totafc included 320,700 tons of of oil for durability! Dries to a beautiful glossy finish Resists blistering and roughvveather Protects against fumes and pollution Choose non-chalking or self-cleaning for the natural wood look! works GAL* J like two coats in one! Dries to a durable, glossy finish Gives superior weather protection Loads the brush for less dripping Brushes on easily for faster work ONE-COAT - spred Gel-Flo EXTERIOR ALKVO . HOUSE PAINT * GAL.** SOLID COLOR - heavy oil protection For the most natural color possibla Use over previously stained wood Hides old surface, lets texture show k mi spred exterior stain grain and 9,300 cellaneous cargo. tons mis- ( AT STORE NAME AND ADDRESS 1597 Henderson LIQUORS, INC. Galesburg, Illinois CARD OF THANKS The family of Anna C. Pennebaker wishes to thank Dr. Bick, the nurses at St. Mary's Hospital and everyone who sent cards, flowers and food during the illness and death of our beloved one. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Haines Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heller Jeff and Greg Heiler M M O E E & Ph. 342-6550 442 East Main St PAINT & WALLPAPER Across From Sears

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