The Cumberland News from Cumberland, Maryland on March 10, 1959 · Page 3
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The Cumberland News from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1959
Page 3
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Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD TAKER THE CUMBERLAND NEWS, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY. MARCH 10. 1059 THREE Second Man Sentenced To Death In Slaying Case ANNAPOLIS ( AP -Charios D Boblit. 25, of Odenlon, Monday ^vaí: sonicnceci to die in tho ga>. fhami>er lor the sla\inp ol William Brofiks. 3:}-year-old odenton plasties worker and semi-iinahd. Scnienee was pronounced by Circuit Court .Judge Benjamin Michaclson. fie liad prcMously sentenced John Leo Brady 25 of pper Marlboro to death for the ^ame crime. The two were tried separately on charges of iirst degii'C murder. Brady had contended that Boblit was the actual slayer ol Brooks, whose automobile they attempted to take for use in a hank rol)l>cry last -June Boblit wa,s cotnicted a week ago. Boblit. an unemployed laborer. Khowed no feelings uiwn hearing hi.s sentence. His mother. Mrs Charles E, BobUt, burst into tears The state contended Bohlii and Brady waylaid Brmiks. bludgeoned him, robbed him. then tfwk his car lor a bank robiiery they ne\er pulled This happened last June 27. according to the prosecution, near the Odenlon home of Brook.': First word of the murder vcas discio.sed by Brady two days later when he told of it to the .American Embassy in Havana. Cuba. The two aecused men had aban (ioned Brooks’ car in Lynchburg, Va. Brady said one reason the pair planned to steal was to obtain money tor Boblit s pregnant sister with whom Brady wa.s in lo\e, Ex-Archivist Dies NEW WINDSOR, Md f.APi- Louis Henry Uiclman. one-time stAle archivist and formerly with the Enoch Pratt Free Library and Peabody Institute in Baltimore. died at his home hero Sunday night. He was 95. . Maryland 1959 Highway Death Toll Reaches 93 Coren On Bridge jOOREN ON East ♦ West deals. BRIDGE ... vulnerable. By The Associated Press The Maryland highway fatality toil continued to increase Monday with the fatal injury of two per- .sons in an accident on the Wash- ington-Baltimorc Expressway. The deaths increased the 1959 total 10 93 against 82 for the same period of 19.58 Tlie latest \ictims were Mrs .Agnes Latoff. W3, of Coates\il!e f'a. and Verna Lee Hall of West Chester. Pa They died when a car driven by Mrs ValofCs son, A .Samuel Latoff, was rammed by a tractor-trailer loaded with lumber. The big truck sheared the top trom the ear when it hit the smaller vehicle near the tuFnoff to the.. Baltnriore Hariior Tunnel and went over it. The auto caught fire. Po lice said Latoff was northbound and stopped on the expressway NORTH A K .1 5 V V K S ♦ Q8 A KQdStl WEST EAST A .A 432 AQ96 V 0 2 V 1(1 7 4 ♦ .1 .5 4 ♦ K HI fi 2 A.17 4 3 A 10 5 2 SOUTH A 10 8 7 V .1 9 8 fi 3 ♦ A 9 7 3 A.I The bidding: West North East South I’as-s I NT. Pass 2 V Pass 3 ¥ Pass 4 ¥ Pass i’ass Pass Opening lead; Two of A. ,, clubs West lost no time in win- Wcsl 'hng the trick and again iinder- lod the ace o! spade'.. The jack wa.- played trom dummy, lost to fh(\queen, and a .'pade eanle back to the ace. With book in. West then led a diamond and H went queen, king. ace. Stab Suspect In Custody Former Official Of Winchester Bank Sentenced Senate To Open Hall 01 Tame Dedale^r led (he throe of heart.' f’RlNCESS ANNE Md i.\P<--. ,\ man who gave a New S ui k City addi e's and wa,' pu kc’d u() on a stolen car charge iie.u" tu'ie is wanted tor the statibinp ol a won\an in Wa.shiiigton. Stale Police ^ .said Monday ' ()„ l.t C C. Sermaii 'lUd fi-veat- ((>11 old Walter Dow. Negro Itad in his to dummy, a dioice which inomeni he wa' In regrc't the i,econd lead the qiUM'ii and dummv proceeded to lead possession bloody dotlung and an diib.s. deeiarer discarding two >oe pn-k believed used in the stab- HAHHISONHI U(l \a fAPî — Charlt"- K. Butip, .51. lormer v u-e pi’esidc'nl of a W nu lic'ter bank. pteaded guillv Monday lo em- be/vlemcnt ol Si2.Wî7 ol bank tnnd.' Fedt'ial .ludge John p.iul sea- tc'iici'd him to two and a h.ilf years ni lhc> Lt'wislnirg Pa pus on \ fédéra! a.ceni te'inied Ihc v.ett' einiM‘//!(*d in minot . ... amounts since 19.52 a vcsii' after dinmonds. On llic n«t dul. Ka.M l'"is .Innu’T _> , in Undi ludrd in vvilh the ten of hearls. inglon eiuly Iasi Salindai, hlie i.s and South over ruffed. Now, had Wasaington ho'tntal, continued uiiid tin' 'hoi declarer access to dummy, he Dow was given 30 days in .tail d,sco\ered lasi tali WASHlNTi'I’DN cAPi-~The Senate.' Hall oi Fame portraits of five h'ading ><*na(ors in the 170- year old hi'tory ol the nation~-i!'i to tie unveih'd in ecnemonies at thi‘ {‘apito! Thursday The iive senators honored are Henrv Clay of Kentucky. Daniel Wi'ti.ster of Mas'ai husctts. John (’. (’alhoun ol Soulli Carolina. Holiert .M La I’olletle Sr ol Wisconsin, and Hoherl .A 'Taft ol Ohio Thc‘ uinf'ihng will climax a i 'es were Ibrcc'-vear prutml in which 1.50 of the cuuntiy.' le.iding hi.slorian,*? look part 'i'iie c c! emonie.' w i! could di.scard the remaining dia- Monday hy Magistr.ite Arllnir P H„pp was head ol the lo.oi d»' mond on duminy’.s good c luh. Dryden on a cJiarge ot siealing a 'The monev came ironi TI km ei emonie.'w ill he m lh<> re- Retention of ihe three of heart' car owiw'd h> Milton ii.dl. a Pi in cui tailment oi r<>pavmcnt ot loan,' ‘‘•'<^1 »• 'he Scn- would have permilted him to cess Anne liimher yard operator, uhich were not eniered in hank's‘***‘ wheri> the porlrait.s dummv at this time by on Saturday remrds have tiecm painted on the walls in enter the • FOR EASTER CLOTHES? • FOR "OVER-DUE" BILLS? • FOR INCOME TAXES? /• Spring is just around the corner! Let us arrange a Cash Loan, and give you the money you need for all your Easter shopping, taxes and other Spring expenses. Your application will be handed tonfidenlially in a matter of jinnies. Pay- men's to fit your budget, too! Phone or visit our ifficc today. 'I r Friendly Service For Nearly 30 Years ^ FREE PARKING ON OUR LOT Ph. PA 4-6622 201 S. George St. ¿/i although North's rai.'f hearts wu' 'omewhat to ag- when he apparently mi'sed th( turtioll to the tunnel road. He was injured seriously, "'*re( , , . Farher Carrol! B, C.riltin, .57 uresMve masmiieh as Souths re- Ridgolv died in an Easton !io'- M^ m the no trump opening ininries suffered in a Car- -showed an unbalanced hand with Serman said Dow also is vvant(‘d Then' was no evidciHc that in Washington tor the a.s.sault and money was u.'ed toi anything —L-«.. .« thu I’nitixt viioe''^’hbing oi an unidentified manor than Rupp’s living expen.'i's , „nnes ortidiu e inolltcer added An olfn er ot Ihe liank said short Failure to pay attention to the biliiminous coat mitus pioduu <»» \\a.'hinglon auihoniie' will s|)ots in the heart suit proved average o^ about 16 tons per va-ry eostlv to declarer today. man day, The h,d<i,nc lairl.v her- „ k ,,, ,,, k „ u The.e n.ore ,nl lun, ,,l me,, land during tlie period ot the in Scotland llian in any othei Homan occupalion conntiv in the world means o( tlie live ■' (('(tpjiTRin ir»3. i*he t Trtbunri live ova! spaces long ago jinl ,(h- there lor the purpose. \ Imiterllv fatile i> a small age was di.seoveii'd in (he normal drop leal table with bracketi course ot th(' liank audit shaped like the wings of a but- It was covered fully l»v insurance U’lllv ol pital ol oiine County accident Saturday night Hi' was the fourth death recorded tor the weekend. One In Three Gets U.S. Tax Refund less than eight points. West chose the two of .spades as an opening lead. While the opemng iinderlead of an aee a! a suit contract i' irregular. North’s strong bidding very likely mark.s him with the king of spades If declarer is lacking the (jueen he will almost surely BALTIMUHE ' APt—-.About one misguess the holding. Declarer in three federal income taxpayers played low from the dummy, and IS getting a reiund. with the av- Hast plaved the nine Teehnual- Cl age about SKKl the Baltimore ly. this is the sound play, hut otiice ot the Internal Hcveiuie practically. East should realize servue said Monday. that unless West has ciio'cn ihis District Director Irving Machrz moment to undi'i lead the ace icported that $20,568.535 has been there is no spade trick tor the relunded to date to 197.79! tax- dclense, since the club suit will paycis The olfice ha.s already provide discard, South won with pioces'cd MKl.iKlO ol the 1.500.000 the ten and returned Ihe jack of returns it cxivects to handle. —.— ........ —. IF RUPTURED TRY THIS OUT Mcttleni Protwtlnri I’mvidf's lirpat ('onifort and HohHnf Nppurity An "eje-opening revelation m sensible and comfortable retiutible rupture protection mav be vourv tor the askinR, wabout <o<t or obligation. Full details ot the new and different Rue Support «ill be sent you Free, Here s a Support that hat brought jos- and comfort to thousand»—-by releasing them from Trusses, that bind and cut. Designed to securely hold a rupture up and in «here it belongs and yet give freedom of body and genuine comfort. For I RFF 'I HI AT- 1$F. and full information, simply tear this out and maill «ith sour name and address to William S, Rice, Inc., Adam», N. A'. Dept, 4hHH NAMK ...... ADDRRA8 KWIK-WASH A COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY p WASHES 8 lbs. I DRIES 32 lbs. 25 YOU GET 32 LBS. WASHED & DRIED FOR SI.25 201 South Mechanic Street IN THE CRYSTAL LAUNDRY ALWAYS OPEN! Maxine Millcnson Feigus, Owner Ships Take Refuge Kl hllHU) .lapcin (I PI -Lot al mdritime saletv fioaid olticials reported Monday 25 .lapanese shipping vessels had taken re- luge in Vnict waleis as a ol a storm ott Etorolu Island, north ol Hokkaido Board oiii- ciaLs on Etorolu sent pleas Inr ‘'understanding ’ of the emergency situation Apptoximaieiy .V) per cent of the British icgular army i.s serving oversea.' NO DOWN PAYMENT . . . only low easy monthly payments on these Tetum RADIOS THE TRUMPETEER THE HARMONY TABLE MODEL TABLE MODEL BeautUully tiiii.'hcd h a c k. .\(.' DC model wnli 6 x 10 large 2-speakcr. Buill in wave- • cmiih (jualiiy speaker assures niagnet antenna, Polystryene rich glorious lone quality cahinei larger sets. Choice oi colors. S2«.!»5 THE COTILLION TABLE RADIO iriani h X n pt .ikcr L'Uig disiaiKc .X.'vl rcLcpUiin Wave- magnct a n t e n n <i, imi'hed back ( hoicc ol two-tone t olors THE STARLIGHT CLOCK RADIO \5akc' voiJ up to gloriou.s Zenith tone <|ua!ity Lon;» di.- tancc ,\.M rei-eption Wavoinag- » net antenna. Electric clock. Finished hack GIVE and TAKE ALL TRANSISTOR POCKET RADIO F]i to too hour,' of listening pleasure with 4 meicury b¿c ;enes. Slurdv borle- tc! case Zenith tjual- itv, speaker. Uhcrp dn rmv ideas thai mpraae prndjjcts nr sermeps mmr from! AT NATIONWIDE. man> of (>>mt rrvme from n«r pfdicyhnidprs. While njamifaciiirers and raw maligna I produrers look to their rc.-Aiareh laboratories ft>r most of thetr r>ew ideas, u>e go back Lo our customers for new dir{H.iions. "f'hroiigh Naiionwide’s unique FWficyhoHer PartKMpafiori prt>- gram, we learn in frank "give and take" sessions exactly what fMilicyholders think. .At both hometown and C'o^iimbus home office meetings, our policyholders suhjetMs ranging from how iheir companies can better serve tiiem. to key issues of our time. Out of thr*sf‘ sf>ssfons comc’ the new ideaiK ifcei entibíe os I© better serve polM.*yhokier needs. More than aipv other single thing, we Mvink <5bn> ptoneenrig idea among insurame comfianies has accounted Uw Nationwide’fi staying out in front with nev» .services, new ecrMnotmes, new modermz<*d policies. If y<Hi’d like to have a real voice in yoor mstiranee afiFams.».. plus top quality coverage at ail times .. . discuss the delaiie with your neighborhood Nationwide man today. Hear Idward /?. Murrow in **The Hidden Be¥olution*' Series. Hent program, Wednesday, March tSth m CHS larfMH rflLBCRNíT^IN 9-n N. CENTRE ST. " 4-5900 S 3 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Maryland Phone PA 2-0900 RATKHWIDE IMTUAlUNSURIIiCE COUPAHY • HATIOMWIOE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CWIPANY • NATIONWlOE IIFC MISURANCE COMR^Y • HOME OFHCE: COLUMBUS. OHIO I 1

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