The Montreal Star from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 11, 1869 · 2
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The Montreal Star from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 2

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1869
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Ml of theee in ti tut ion the large inveat ment in Canadian aud foreign bond and be great aumi annually expended in the erection of new building are frequently upp enli! to aa aigna of entorpriae Hiey i vet unfortunately aigna oi the went of it Tlie grand aeeret of tlw wt nderful progrea of tho I'nited Rtatea ia the national creed 1 lut money ia tlw poorest kind of property :t ninn cm own ao tlwt money ia aought by ii people ua a meana inateud oi an end aa a meana whereby they can enlarge obi en-tcrpriaeii and create new one improve the inconi of oommunic-itinn erect factoriea nnd attract wpuIalion ljr funiialiing employment to labor Solluhnea ia of ooune the mainapring of their bueinma policy or tlwy would not work ao hard hut it ia the enlightened aclbdinou that undue tlw in-biatrial ami commercial grealueaa of I nation mil tliat which fill tlw coflkn of a miner Wo have au illuatration of the working of the two eyetema in Americana taking pomeminn of our moat remunerative cnterpiiaea while Canadian pile up flieir money in bank The aawn lumber liiule haa paeaed in a large degree into the band of Americana they own the Bneet t-iilla and the licit timber limit and tliey i ire originated and are carrying on great trade in thii etaple with South America a trade ao largo in its yound proportion and inonaaing with mch rapidity as to promise at no dietant day to employ a rut fleet in ite prnaecu'ion The profit of this new trade have been very large a single firm engaged in it bailing from a ona-hone town in Vermont cleared last year on ita South American ihipmente nearly half a million of dollar and will probably from ita inweaaed operation do u great ileal better tliia year Whale oom-mental? oil the enterpria of Montreal mcrclianta tint while they were u uaual growling mi 'Change nt the duUneu of tr de ami tlw iucubua of tlw eokmial eon-dition and determining with wise head ahakingath it nothing ehort of a political revolution would enable Canada to obtain tlw commercial prosperity due to bar poei lion and resource a Burlington lumber house was organiang a dinct export trade which makes tlw wealth of one of the i-iukeat region in the world trihu-toi? to Canada which will make our vail I'jrsaU actual gold mines and do more f ir the prosperity of tlw Dominion limn nny enterpri ever originated fat ita border Under tlw atituulua of this new corn-petitor price liave advanced largely and I be Mwn lumber trade ha attained a con dition of prosperity it never before knew The preparations for taking out logs and for increased mean of manufacture era on nn unprecedented scale not is there any reason to suppose that there oan be any - exoaas In these- tlw South American demand ia enorntoua and thanks to tho abrogation of ihcReciprocity Treaty no other country can compete with Canada in aup-plying it The lout pleasant part of the prospect S that Mich a trade should pau into foreign lands and a large portion of itaprofita help to build up a rival State We do not grudge iu originaton oa penny of the meompenu they will derive from it oa the contrary wo wish u a reward for their discernment and energy I every penny was a dollar but we do feel ahanw that Canada should have to depend on foreigners for enterprises that ought to be ita own 'i- rftl v ' W lbabu racx the country distlaeta that tha potato rot ta extandingfead getting Dciwa vra pact week geese have been flylag of open we-tthcr " numbsnofwild a sigu K hi said gitl J ' Tus un tioai storm baa raised the watar of the Nt Lawrenoe nearly three bet ita tuhutiries are flowing flood foil j the depth of y tar in tha so-called twenty foot channel la Ml bet an unpreoudeiitad elreunutaiic'e at i thb Mason of the fear Tmu wlu ii eery little maiit I rny grot in mvod in Lower Canada thli year moat of the uanhea are entirely undtT water le coieigi'iici or ilia iiuaullte of groin re- j malnlnf out and the prospect of rain urinii-d wae given to the kibitanli by the chirpy i of many pariahee after morning mam tn go to ' work and earn thuir grain i j been engaged daring the peat waeH in taking of pilot down to tht newly dredged j channel at Point ana Trembles to learn it bearings Vallllut The writ for the County of Hk-hiliuu haa Imcb Ueuad nomination an Monday Mxt Ho for Captain Lauua of the Qmitr I the only candidate in the field The cam pal xn opened at Bonl yesterday with a uniting before the Fdh Church 1 Captain LisaixiV claim were supported by Mr T McCaarr MC and Mr CnAniai' MFF ami iqpowd by Mr Babthi there was hard hitting oatotli aide hot peblio oplnloa was evidently la favor oi CajitAln Laiblul - MMTHIR PRINCE Mow that H R H le really la oar iu!ilt ehui prinvee ars springing up In iiimil-rs and like tho BJags at Kbrawslsiry a but a oae Ii dlapoecd of anothei Hkus kia plai-o rq that Colonel ElpMneton may upon b exjx-ct-ed to rxclaiul Another Frluuel they grow like Uydra'e head I The Lsl Joke of tlii klml ocrirn-d on Hat unlay ulgkt In Jiavie' Cigar More A loyal young booth) avk eoi-ing agrutleman enter who In libs youthful mi ml looked something like the 1'rlnee gave vent to- hie frel lugs by cheering vociferously or course this caused a crowd to assenihle ami as probably none of those preerut bad been vnry dues to the procession nn the previous day their aMinonre foiled tlieni' and tliey were alto convinced that tl e s-nonage caully Ighting a “ cable was no other than Queen VWurls'i aon and therefore h-ltlu duty IkmumI to aiiib and cheer and allow aad halloo hi the top of thatr bent whirh hralthy amuse awat wae -coetinned tIH the pereccated ladivldaal finding Uwt It was urless trying to rid Manwlfaf hie deluded followers calhil a cab amt told tha carter to drive any wham I The but auto of tlw carriage woe in Wellington street where it was being whirled slung at a frightful rate pressed by a crowd of admirers shouting thenMuivei hoar The goorjroutb it iadlerovuivd lixlgus athiint Ht fiTHUfi Msnsusli wt IB Prlnrr If B H attended the Laemsaa TuunianH-nt on Hatnrday uorning and thu Athletic games on Saturday afteraoun At each place he was well reneivwl aad loudly cheuNd - H B U walked down Beaver Hall to the aues of hie regiment on Hatunlay evening in tha midst of the orowd whkb did not rwuog-afaw him until Iu reached Latonr street wlu-re two geutleraen saluted - him Tlis crowd which had hitherto Joatled and pushed him a It he had been a commoner drew back foellig very respectful aad badly sold aad the Prince laughing heartily wnton bis my Oil Sunday morning HBH attended divine servleo at Christ Church Cathedral The building waa crowded a trigs number of Americans being present - The tollut were magnificent Prince Arthur drove up to the itoerlaaneatbsungbam and pair lluorcti-pted a front eeat and waa iwurly situated fur bearing When the service alluded ti a blessing resting on tha "rest of thu Royal fomily” HRH bowed die hymns were the ijfclth and JCTth and Hie Lordship lllibop Oxunden preached a simple but eloquent sermon tmm Job I Id and ST At the concluion of the ervloe HRII left tlw Church tha awmbere of the Congregation rising anil remaining In their pews till ha had gone out This morning at 8 SO Prior Arthur left fur Ottawa by the Qiand Trunk Itallway the Directors’ car having been placed at his disposal Ha wee accompanied to tha station by a dc-tarkmrat of cavalry under Capt Muir and received with a royal ealiile by thn Riilu Brigade who' were posted nn the platform with their fine band THETtMF-A Chnltessg la M Mkirlsiay W have received the followiag note from Mr Clement J Allowsy s-w "Since tha FuOurittgup party bars been ilc-foated at Cobourg aad Utlawal-Miy have talk 1 a goad deal about amlching I bh-mare against Boxful I am prepared to matek foyr-fid Again it ftilwiiqqf to - rna over the eple-chase coarse at Ottawa or Mun-sl for $1000 a side The winner la elUier oue to pay tlw lueePs cxpeuscs Weights to be the same as at Ottawa Hoytnl list 9 fitlketuyf IQ it 4 As a proof that that we are In earnest we enclose an aixi-ptnl cheque for $500 If thoy mrsn busiucs put up If not dint up Thus challenge remain open for a sserk from to-di Coburg paper please copy EMIT eiOaifiC baas w IsaiaM I 'Writ A WsU I “The Bmployee of tha Mast End write us sa follows i— 11 Theop-ming of the Lacrem lViurnament on Saturday wae aerordlng tn the glowing ac-int In your Interesting Jonrnal a gruud eras From that account we learn that qua grounds During the afternoon t)c wholnaalu honaee west of Jean Raptist street were witli few exceptions closed while we employes in the Matern quarter like on craiy former festive eceaalon wen kejit busy looking at each other or wlatfolly gating up sol down the drantrd street our employers with tlieir usual liberality closing their reiectlve plane of bu Inem at six o'clock shri We have often brought tair grievaiinw under the notice of tlw French press living fur tha past Iu the employ oi French Canadian merenante yet tlwt body have Invariably reftwrd to Insert our correapondencn or In any way to bring nnr rauso under public notice and for this rt-amwi that the interest at the French community could not Sir a moment allow such a breach against the dictates of their Mftwsq and thereAire tlie poor oinks la tha rrenrh Canadian houses have only " to grin and hear It unless they find la yon Mr Editor a fri-nd willing to nudere taka their cans We cannot understand why tlie ami prlvi-li-grs are denied ua that our more fortunate Kagll ttqfnrm enjoy cxrejit Imleed that the French Canadian employers of Montreal are gcaumlly (peaking more of the cl a of personal pecuniary speculators and conev quently with a toach of the miser (or hardshell Itaptiet) than their more open-hearted and charitable Anglo-Naxon f-llow-elUxeni T May w venture moreover to assert that at tlie presrat time when a sou of ourbelored Queen ia la our midst that It would be'iaore beeoui- iug aad have more of the taint of loyalty our merchant unanimous In pa milling tl yoaag men to taka part fa the festivities by were their our march ante unaatmoua In pam youg men to take part ' whkh (on the neraent tfoa are profi-ewrg the Crow of England MISCEIUNEOUI - A T Stewart haa already auhl this iraaon twenty $2M0 ahawls In two mouths oa woman ns up a bill of $30000 at hi store i it la mid to be certain that Mr A M Richard! ot Brock Tills will become Attorney-General in the Rad River Government -The death is announced of Mr James Cooke the oace fomou equestrian During the later fear of bfe life Mr Cooke lived ia retirement In fidjatargb occasloa) our papula-their atiachmrut to the THE OVER THE WIRES I rioted like ta-sov Like Cuetiu sir ha night diuwv diidlif I was fit 5r treasons stratagem und spoils— lu h : kip v-i'11' J tact no tort of newt would have been too lmd ' twinge '( Unit tvo’iii'l ill th1 groin whlnli Gnf-i for a:h weather Truepuoplc rf a r- ' ! atitioua nature might prefer to buckle mi tlu-i r : (ii v-1imiI-it win- mlliil nut for it 111 al"ltidi-nu Hall nil i arinnr under mure auKdciniia i intern bill true wj wm x ijj (i-u- w Th" Chief wan ' valor it uone thu worse of rain and until ami mil i n-"i'li i: r lb Ii ut Hint nothing uu- i-om- tli'-iiti co ild I'-' I iiiiu-d frin him even if lie ’ ! hod unytliing of lii it ii'itinu tn inmnilltiicnle There was no sp'i lid nni"r fr the mllru that runudu Tin- Khociuakiira' strike at lyuclwo i over I Lady Voting give Friday Mdhetrhk wnii the- iliaputpil steeple-i'liase at Ottawa l’rlnec Arthur wishes to bo n-ieived a quietly a lawaiblu lit Ottawa Tim rumor again prevails that Languvln will take tlw I’iiIiIIc Work iortfilio An Ottawa diiiiitch of Kalnnlay any At a meeting of tlin I'riry Council hold to-day Kir Francia Hunk waa worn in a Finance Minister Mr Ruukln memlier for North K"iifmw lft for homo tlii morning without having onie to any nuilcrstandlng a to resigning Id seal but it is lielleviil tliut he will ultimately resign Hir Francis I an extensive rniMirty bidder in the county of Renfrew ami will luvu little dilliciilty in Ix-ing returned if -iu election take place F ii rope Father Hyacintlio has gone to thu l'uitcd Htntes when- in- will n-umln for a month or two Ilie Timm in ail article on the state ofulTuir in Fmiiiv‘imli the forlH-iuan-nftluiIitier-als aud says that their restraint and sell dental Ii an evidence ot Hie litnes of Kmiwe to iiuitrol tier own de-tinles Kiain la ia a very unsettled conditluii the itepuliliriiis are making a strong resistance In various arts of tlir euimtry Madrid is tranquil but the H)lleo autlioritiei have mlvUnl id iuliiddtanta of the lity to arm lliemselve and tlieir seruaiit iu onlcr to ib-feml themselves Iu i -use vt a riot F FENIAN OR FIGHT! Thp Fiery Cinss Kent round THE VOI UNTEERS CILLED OUT Thirty-foar Thousand Mm Ten O'clock Rrporlfd by THE SCENE IN THE CITY Men Nuiiimoiirri fT-oiu Hie I'li'S’- Md unsl fl lsisrs-h I PROMPT REPLY TO I SUDDEN CILL Anns nnd Aiiiuianitiuii Servpd Out Report of a Fenian Raid Intended Generally Disbelieved but A Tntrr anil morv NraMiUMblr llamiiiiar llmt the NImuifp m HorutH la mm riNMHl A HuplMFF KHWPTH RiikImhiI MNtl thp i I'Mltnl IIrIni INCIDIMTS SCENES CONVERSATIONS We won't Mlao them at 200 yards” When Palcr-Kuiiiilms come down town thi morning nml lienn tho nowalioy colling “Thu Ft a full account of do Fenian raid" and find the Evgxixu Staii shining jcsplcnrlently ot K oin lie will naturally think Hint tlio astronomy of journalism has gone wrong tliat rnpeniiou was a liar anil Hint tlie time ii out of joint And wlisn lie fortlicrknn s Hint siuuc 8 o'clock lost night during tlio lone slimy hour when In nnd Matcr-fiiiiiilia were locked in tlie nrpis of Morpheus lmy rcjiortcrs have liccn plimUing nlong the diunuil itreete sloeplcm printer lutve heeii setting typo n fust n mphl finger cnnkl ply jM-nuil lie will untumlly wonder why thn energies of the gentlemen of tlie pree liave tlnw been culled into play to tlie detriment of one nf the Cominnndmenta i t cannot lmvo lxirn the Prince there was no fire a niinxlcr would not he worth Much trouldc lie opiMi Tiib Star ami I pleas d to discover tliat during the night olmnst forty thoiHwnd men linve lenjied to omis tlmt may Ih a war ami the dratiny of na-tiona linve boon sottltsl by the ceMelew flow nf event ond that it i just poilde that lie may waken up next dny to find hi throat rut by a Fenian or lii head blown to fragment by a Yankee shell Much is the dwe On Saturday night late esiiio a warning despateh like thun tier In elmullc weather HLssk Owl l" Coming without nuy wunl to my what wn wi-re to look out fair squall or ''much rain taint this time" (a Ayer’s hIuaiisc observes) this telngmmret people winulering snmiising exirrtlng Hn Sunday Hip murder rams out (inlert lunl 1m-ii IkhiiuI from fittawa to turn nut the entire foreo in tlie eoiliitry Nn re-on wns"auigiinl fur the eoiiimaml Thus tlio order tan wliich were tmnsmittiii It the vari-oiis mrs III tlie city Pki-i’ti Aiuitast Miiitia No r Milituiy Dtatriit In iinuilinuco w ith onh-ri from lirRiIqiiar-tur Vnluuki-r Militia t'uru( are In be pre-rel to turn out for m-rvicr on sliort notioc Kech man i iiiiinciliab-ly to l w-rvnl ont with hi own lille and sevoutremente wliich he I to take liouin witli liim (HRccn eonunnuitiiigsre to ts- vry carefol ns toon accinatv register ta-ing k rt of the niimta-r of carh rifle anil ret of accoutrement which are te be served out A notilii-stiim tliat this unk-r ha Invu car-riiil out anil a return of Ilie uumta-r nf arms I to In’ fiirnislied to this oliicc ns early ns possible W otilttiliNJi tilllTlI Jluiit-Col It A 0 Militia Moniri-al Lk-t 101 HuHalsy Kii-iii (lie ilay esjs-cislly seletted by our authorities to turn out tlie volunU-ers and few Hiplr will nan forget Hint feverish June KtimUy ia lrtdt: wliich ireeili-d Itidgcwav lost night was Just thn night for disnwl Ihliug liersbled hr ravrii witehes barren hestlis mid thnnih-r and lightning A fitful rain In the afternoon settled tn a steady down poor aa night cams on Thu sky wasuven-aiit and thi lamp liionc dimly tliroogh the broken ehailow ol tlie truck n-fl-i-ting pool of water wet sldi-wsIkH niinliiy street Srani'iy s isnleslrimi ws sbrosd sihI tlie hack wr EVENING ST A E the alacrity diuplayrd it all the mim tnnuULlc Annul with unb-rstc mnd'-r tlp-ir iin-u mid I to supply them with I Anna j and aci-outrements the sergeant wire emin the (piest To liouecs cliun-bi-s cvi-r)--whuru Two young men were dining a tlw Hall Between the soup ami the fink waiter entered Home olio wanted to see them It waa their captain Two minute alter they wen-at the Drill Hall and tlw fish wm get ting cold At ouii church people noticed tlw old prw-opvnrr coming In during the Unit layers and whispering mysteriously to certain young men in tlie congregation They ruse anil wont out I’eoplc haritalily surmlscil that they were tnuilded with binding at tlie note or who was sick at Rmitli's When lsy nnd thi the wonilirwill he sattafi-d Mi-anwliih-Hmltli was picking out hi rifle and kuaiwork oue of thu true Church Militant and Ire anxious alxwt the unconverted lu-atlien Ilian thu converted Knfh-ld (Hliers wen1 1 Imnu- with wives and children smoking tliu mn-ne-haiini of s-ai'dnxingoruran oltl nuwssqs'r taking supper in tail and asleep There was "A trump tn tlie dsrkaess a knnek at the bun- And a won! that ilial! echo fiir ever more A rry of deflanee and not of fear" As wlien Fanl Bevero rude tlinnigTi tlu- Middlesex farms on thu liltli of April 1?TS Itwn like tlie lending round of the fiery enw among thu Roottish heath : ! P Tlis hunter left Ihestag at hay Tlie IWeoner lowed tils lutwk sway" Aiul ail poured to the tiysting-ptare Or like tlw signal flaiuee tliat lit up all the Mm-n and peaks of England all that uii-iuonthle night 11 When lliat great fleet luvlnelUle against lier Imre In vain -Irliest wealth ofMuxlns thMSIimlnl lienrls of Hjialn Hikdi was Uie rail to arms It ww a we have already said a stormy and iininriting night and tlwrn were few mo-pie out in tlw street few Down Tows (SinmipieiiHy even If the news had ta-i-n less quietly kept but fi-w woubl liaru bi-anl the mustering aud tliose who saw n squad ol forlorn vidunteen striving to sta-lti-r Hii-iii- M-lvi-i uuili-r an iumifib-k-ut umlmjls or hurrying toward Hie Armory wniilil h hsru iiji- mcd Hist the 1‘rl lice's Issly-Kusnl wn on foot The Lira of s Fenian raid an American war of anything belligerent mi rnd for u monrent in tlw lirail of the gixal people of Montreal it wo seven oVIirek when wu nwluil tiir (file1 siiiT siiuning tlw liatlle star elf the Hinniler of the newsboy ami the bulletin dciirelehed our trusty aid “ North and Hnuth nnd Kait sod West To summon our array" In twenty ininutai tiiuruaiter reinforcements came pouring Iu Our local surprised Iu Is-d I'ame first armed with an umbrella ami u note-imok clunely followtsl liy the sti'iio-gntpbcr Mid a auspicious perfuuu1 of rye whiskey The kusiuc manager suliritons for the safety of Hie essli-hox csniu next and with him tlw Infant tiro yard aud s fraction of humanity wanting to know why un earth (only be went lower) a tel low was wakened up at tills time of night T The bcwl local wn cfoiv in the rear having left tire ismuii nf Ids (uncle’s) fiunily at tlw call of duly And lastly Ilie Heavy Descriptive Man the ornament of the pqier— the man who tbs1 executions and the Prince nnd such things loouieil wdeinnly in view clod in a blue romlet cloak anil cudgelling nil brain to know what lie was going to write about and vlut - —ns going to say about it when w found Meparten Oak But Urns presses and to-morrow tlie public must know all that transpire up to midnight Therefore lid one man route the foreman tlmt yawning printers may be eiimmunnl from tho four airta Another hie to'tlie telegraph oflicc and Audi the news all over thu country tlmt wc iv know what Hamilton ami Halifax are aoout A third to tlie armories sml note wiiat tlie boy are doing A fourth tn tlio Militia offices the police Htatiuns anywhere and find out If anybody knows anything and If an what T A fifth to tho hotels along thu street to tlie railway station ami see what is stirring And lastly one man tn Oddlntown to Inrk around corners where imply uiuu limy congregate to enter shebangs where n free-maaon nr of kmck Is necessary sail where Whelan's phoUigraph with crape round it ornaments the I sir If there is trouble allieil the sympathetic title will aim In the smaller leg nf the syphon Then linny home that (lie Orest Heavy Descriptive Man who has rapidly boon adjusting himself to grind not a warlike article may digest your mites sml wax i liNiuent over see Be hn never saw and accurately ihterilw tilings be never dresuird of the ItelrU Tlio Hall ami the CoMnnpolitmi were pretty frill 11 evening ami no tilth excitement was manifested Tbs call was so unexpected tlmt piiiplc could not readily Is-lieve in Itsgcniiinn-nesa The find ides was tlmt it wsasiiuply to test tla' efficiency of the volunteer force then of eoune rame the Fenians finally people concimled to wait till morning tafon making np their mind At Cllaneir a man named Keogh 1 icing somewhat bcnsiniil commenced to give dark threats of wlmt he knew slsuit thu F B mid how swertiil tliey were and a variety nf similar conundrums Major llnliiii-soii casually olisi-rvcd that hu would lo compelled to go into thu tamiing lsisines if Hint was intrednccd Mr Keogh dried np Tin geneml feeling was oiw of ciiriusily and no one could ho found to answer flio iiiuiiy-tlmiUed Wliy T A very common stilijm-t of rmivensiHun was the presence of the i’riuiv in Montreal ami his HirrateuiMl SsnsaliiaHim by ferulan Threat of this kind bad tana vaguely liMdlinl in tlw New York Congress ludeed tiiey luul found vent in tlio Vreerwr hut such rmumltte sii-mul luiiossllilr Mill ili llee liml lieeu butchered on his own disir-sti'p ami I’riuiv Alfred lunl tai-u siiirt down Inneruwd snd the rare of Wnetaiis is not utterly cxtiip-t There are men always to 1 found ready fisr any ilunl daring or deadly The art would ta: foolish as well sa distantly hut what don inch acunsidoratinn weigh witli sneh reek less men T A tanatlr fool like Whelan ran always hr fennd aa air-gun a shut from n wimlow and all is over Drsprmdoesmwitli viiialiiuus faces who gripe your lurid lu nl when they shake luuuls with you— men win tied from Ottawa as soon as Whelan’s pistol rang out this' men have returned to liltawn within the past week Mid they do nut Irsvel on errand of merry Wliere they gu gHs tnrasnn and mayhap murder lark In tlieir footsteps No ieople said at tip1 hotels In GriMwluwa all was quiet The few real Fcuiniu wlio luui'W the city with their presence luul not ret got lire news tn ita tallest extent The two lodge liave been practically 1cm! fiw the jnst two mniiths and there ha boon lew tnosou ta'leheil over bad whiskey than we recnilect in other yearn T:ire were a few eonnni nts unfavorable to Ilie ('Muniian of eourae sml the odnhni was hasarded ami oerafiuwlly met with approval that tlie FaruiHii would ta ll Tlaw of isir niolera that had Uis pleasure of n stroll llirisisli nur street on Frtilsy evening (uwl wlii luul ml?) nra l hove been raueli atmi'k witli Mie want of ilisplnjr msile liy tlie Ihyiirekla Hliirri Willi Ilia exeeptlrm of the (irk-iunl It -eoUrt IIihmc mol Itrown l'taggett A MiCurMIbiis Inlerunlliuvil Kinpisliim there was no attempt made ol an IIIntnlntMnn The other lioii-a seemed In liave piniteil all tlieir stri'iigtii and hduui during tlw day and were content to shut up sliiqi mat Join the crowd tlmt tlmuiufil the nitithiiiul nioilwiiy nr Hi Juliirs nml Notn Dsine stm-l "The Inli-nmlbuMl Einpcriiiin" as Mesani II C A Mif have muncl lliMlr live-story cnt-sbsw W ore tu sine SH N "Ire Hume street waa wellwiwtha front the thousnnda that llngi'redas Hwy jpjtaseil lie Oae the windows we wiaikl jmlge tlwt Utw skill mol hide displayed waa duly up prcetatisL In tha wlmlnw on the left are two lunre nilrron which reflect tlie brilliant eoter al Iherqiku Hallnssmt Feat hero in Uieeenlre woe a crown formed of flnwers on the bottom wen-rich Silks an-l Mirim Antiques while over all liiuigR ierf i-l rlooil or Imnci Tirlelnn Klow-naaikl Feather Tlie window on the right ta decorated will sn misI wealth nf maleiiul and tsKteitntlie n-srtaanareli with u Welcome" eonipmsd of artlflelnl flmrers en like the imtnrnt thnt we wnniler Im France Im beaten all it tier nntloii In the pmlncllnn oTsurli exquisite imitation of the rose A" I’emtanl In the centre Is snot her liesiiUfrtl collection rf flnwen while nl tla- larilom ant sides are gaily colored the divil out of tits bloody - Volunteers Imt nnaK “"’h iii alrawbs clmkliqt ribbon and generally people were iguorant or elsr sjui-t lie tie or else Incmllitoa They partook of the feeling which prevailed all over Hie city Tlu F$Iki At thr (Vntnu lUtloa all wu qnlat vhvn we twice visited ti Wu 5mnd os usual tin scuti-ant tusking out a lsiil-iiond awl the detective on duty Andy (Milieu sinuking thu -ii III ntfalily Informed imlhut ' eidnr it ana going to ralii ly tlio iiight ililfi relit from any oilier night They have ii i revolvers hut it wu unanimously agreed tlmt they slunild liave tliem on Imnd While wu were there Colonel Holith ot the lioyals rail' ll ill Iu have a guard plueiil over the nrinsal the lloiiseeours market Hi ivqiic-'t wm eiuipliil with and three men were tlii'ie for the prid i-tion of that luiililing lfriinrir hm it tliat Hirer voiiintnTi wliu wm- in tlie luiiiliiig eiuitrived to tiiniTl down stairs witli llreir amis awl M'coutre-mriits in so tnwiiientn manner ami with so funni'lnhle n crushing of tntw that tlie nearest sdi'eiuli was Mulr'-trieken and fiiil to tlie stnlion for help failing thrice In his liasii' WiH’-ls'gon! and luuihly lie reached tlv t’enlrnl end tiuihl hardly stniiiiiier uiit his leriilde tale to Ilie efi'ert tliat till' Fenians liiwl taken the iltv On proceeding to the ni ne of thu dni - with pistols corked the detii lives found n tiling The Volnalrsrs All the eurx muitt ml well and promptly and witli a drgni of eiitliiislnsiu nut to ta- ex-ieet:d from tliu sjor disjilny at the last review Thu 11 Ylcs" iiiiniiierliig aiwut lfiO ini'll ssis uil'liil mrly in tlie evening They were informed tliat ill arcunlawe witli tlie Rrigiulu uni r issued on Sunday moruiug tlie regiment bring assembled anna would lai wrvul out for tlw laun to take home witli them slid lorsge caps The Militia Act was etriitly to he observed On Monday niglit at T:30 tho men aradu in heavy iimrehlng outer nnd hold themselves in readiw-ss to lenvu at an iionr's notim Tlie Montreal Harrison Artillery fully 350 men were at thu Drill Hall getting their arms served out te them Sonic ol the men who lived nt tlm St Inacpli street bill-gate ami wlio were1 only warned at 'rl-k were at head-quarter at H:K — good time Tlio men wen- nil cheviful and looked cn tlu1 matter as a giaal joke Tliuy wanted to enroll our reporter hut In- fled tin scene Chatting and iaiigliing gaily one of them oliserved Hint he wuuldu't miss many of tiin Fenians at 200 yards A nut her suggested tliat tlw invader ta: let well in and tlwii surrauiuteil anil atrnng up in fact very few sHke of taking primmer nnli'i gun- railieil elningi-s were worked in the July sysli'in 1 Ir- rliaeiirs (’sruuUen will iiumis'r over 2nu imyiso-ts tlu: Koyal 170 tin- I’liini1 of Wolii ’Jim Til" finuul Trunk iis-ii were not ealiiil out nnd our reporter win i teitil tlie station nt two o'clock found nil quiet nnd nothing visible Imt darkness In Ilie rouiitry Tlie uuisb-r lias tai-i eqnnliy pronipt wliile ns usual iu immU'rs tlu- rural lnlbilioiui lmve m 'At llem' under tar outstrlppid th-ir city rucr iiiiiigfunl f'ul linger rearts IH5 men arms at Tiio ilel MeKiu hern telegraph tliat very man lu his littlini is out and Mr Walinsloy tlie Mail coudiicbir says Hist all nlong tlw railway liqe every volmitwr Is nmler amis at icBl-iiarters In ail thirty-5 ur thousand muii have been rallul out ss nt least and on good authority wu are informed Nmiilrtr Tla- Munte-nl Triegrapli Company's offi it was o)M'ii until midnlgiit and tlw corn-spon' dents wen- busy altliough coiumtiiilintiun with New York wm ImiiossiMe We lmvo arrAnged for spec lai nqioitM innu every city und town of tlie Dominion and hall in our next edition lay them beforu tlw public tlmt Hu y may he enabled to judge how the people Isewliero linve been alfiH-ted liy the le ws Wc liave :dso tclrgraplird our Now Yoik eorresHiiiib-iit to psMl its at length ami promptly upon tin course of events it ns ti is niuiurcif l!u louse of tliia uulitiiy dis(day an international complication The Cause Tlie first muse naturally assigmil was i f enurik' tlw F II Tho Htai published on tlie Idgliest Goverumcnt authority a report tliat a raid was mcilituted tills Fail slsiiit tho IStli Tho Government Is kept woil Infiinnml hr its secret agents of nil that goes un in tlw Fenian eamp Indnal on i taring ileteetivn gut hold nf a doiegntn from a Canadian lodge to thu Chirogo convention gut him very drunk stido bis credentials forged a set for himself returned tlw originals before tlw ilciegatc got sober and sat through tlie whole convention It Is liuwever mit at all likely that tins Fcni-ns are strong enough to take the olTuilsive and it they did thry would advertise it Kn that we must ri-jifl Ihu Fenian liyiaitlieais uidAi on tlie UMsuiiipUim tlmt tlw Government lots positive Infiiruintlun ns to a contem-plnbil raid And wishes to bluff it off by a display nf preiaration Thu Idea that ail tills expensive trouble wm gone to simdy to test tlw voluuteors is so alumni tlmt we could Imnlly eivdit it even of this Mlniiidstnitlon Th t tlw cause was not very pressing is shown liy tlie fwt that tlie Telegraph office was I'liaiiii at midnight th- onunsnder Col HslNirne Hmitli went lioniu to tlw country leaving only a clerk in charge the man are only oolenil to lie ready tu-itay and no steam wns kept up im the Grand Trunk last night The w llomHrt A more- rrasmhlu though 111 startling i hypothesis rns tlmt ndvauced In a telegram r'ix'tmi lute Inst night and which we give elsewhere Tills would Indirnbi international coinpli ations hutweeu England and the Stab on noinunt nf tlmt uiiseliievon Cuban priruteer — ii scorn! Trent niw allhoiigli not simitar in details— whl'h might end in making Cnnmta tlw tit le-gnonul whereon shoititl e ih chlnl a quarrel in whaaanmklng tiak no mrt i hatevvr u (in t of mu ii rireiimstani'ea as tliem- tliat wo la-Imld the iiiivnreliii'tiees uf u- foinntal Imnda Hut ta'lng in tlio same laial witli tlie ni"th r country sink or swim lias: or win with lu i we shall tight mid conquer or in her couipnuy go In (iw bottom Mime lovely ptnin eoknvil T" Mil dremes dlsrisyi-l fia-meil to excite tlie envy of tho fulr adinireni We ran iisunre (Ih- ptiblie tlmt the stock In tho Intcnratlminl Emporium ta worth seeing ns It enihrcrc wine n! tlie rue it goods ever Imsight te this city HUIK CHEAPEST CLOTHING si I-' HIK I II Y Is lll’KIUNH I Maiu kireei irm-oui T : g PARKS Photographer ft 4 8T JAMES STREET MONTUKAL " llSav also HTKKifHI'OPlU VI K WN nf all place ‘ — ” — J 1 — “ — free All are liivibsl te rail and eiamlns tliem from Unme with the Hahirm aul Ciitiii: have their Pictures taken ' 1 All order entrusted tea for lllunXlltAI‘llH UP KK1IHKNCKM MADIHNKKY r as MAlrt proin pily stt coded to ami 1 assort you perfect satisOu-tlon butt as to UteeiKj jJ( W0k‘ DON’T FORGET T1IE FLACK a PARKS The Largest Assortment of Stove- WILL UK FOUND AT No 52C CRAIG STREET PUMPHININO t TIIK itil’NUIAL UKXKNTAta TUK IMPKK1AI KKPlIXTtlH Thb Two IIkst mw-Khbiio IIaii mtovss THU AJK-liKATNK for Hofl Unsl nr Peat THK ALUAN IAN THM DOMINION— Unr-prteed Mbive — Alio— PAKIAItt U KATUN AND HTOVKS for W ssl snd (Nml HTUVKH and UAlLSJWB PIPtM HTOVIM PII'KH KIND te fi4f Thu nil in aa liaud te execute unlen MEILLEUU & CO No 530 f’KAlfl KTliKKT CAUCHON BROTHERS AXE MANUFACTURERS Wish to call Uiealleuthm nf Wholesale llsnlwarw -'ereluuil te tlm fact Uwt they ore now to till all nrUsm ftir AXKH Al'K Slid 1'H'Krt and tlmt they defy mmnelltluii in iu liv quality nf Uual and assure all perfect ssUsOtclkui T B Y Orrici: U MuGILL KTltKKT I) IT nRAND DISPLAY OF NEW GOODS T THE INTNrna V-fi TIONAI KliPUtilUM FOR IhOu-TO We be to lullmaUi that we will hare all our PAlb and WINTKK HTiKlK iifx UOOIVI upensd and markiat nfl hy THU KID AY tlisiUtli af1erteiiilier wlien wi-wnn’1 vWlof luspraUun Tlis MAwtmsnt will b fouuit very eou dele Iwvln beau carefollv lu the best Kuiuf au and Amsrlean markets 8PBCIAL1TIK8: Hlsck and Oaiared Unis Uralns (Iras de Duel and Pnult de Hole Midre Anlluiies amt Preneli Matins i snd Diaihle Irish l’lii' iui Fancy and Tartan Jnihi'inie Puptlns Hingis snd I Halil Fancy a Frenel aad Norwich 1’opHiiM Palalcy Ismgand Himreihiwis Clan Tartan Wool nnd Fancy rtlwwl New Mthertsnaud M swnw Wraps Velvet Fnrmnd L'lotli Maiillea Ptaip and Fancy Dress Komis All thenewshmlesln French Mertnoea Plain and Fancy Flauneta or LiiTT'ilM amt IINKNH a tlu very Inwoal lirici ns wu s-n l-oii i not to lie oialsnsSiL Hpeclal attention U paid te III M JUKNINU DRPAKrMU V? In wlifoi! laiml every miulslle fiir a complete auUIL ' wiian a Fliat-elass Manila amt Dreuauke- an thu pritnliui llnlr i-xecaluJ m u sliurtesl q-- UROWtr CUU0ETT Jr MCA lill I IK 483 NOT UR DAME XEAlt MriilLL MT11FKT TH B PRIX0B A It TO BK 1TA1 ROBERT WKHT END HTUltK : 10 8T J08E1MI STltEET KAHT END MTOKli : I A WHENCE MAIN STUB KT M0XTRKAL 3 ft ST TIIK (TIKAPEsr srnr K T A ii I I S Prince Arthur Collars TIIK GKKATKHT NhVKLTY OF TIIK DAY IS THE NEW BINCK ARTHUR COLLAR MANUFACTUit liY lllCK JIS0THERS M0STREAL This liailsr ta really a beautiful arllels sml I uil ir ' Wliotasota deatan shoulil wad In tlieir onten al is: Tho only eouliw 1‘rlnee ArthurOSIsr Im KICK U The Montreal Ten Cornpsnv No 6 HOSPITAL STREET MONTREAL ’ FRKSU IMHIRTATIONH tiF NKW SKAStiNS AND JAPAN Suii"p5ard"' tb?i!?d tt'rai ranUaiUiowri IwirTiw f IV'V'" -r! apjvao! slen sntBsatrSRa “ K -jsfif oRSir?iis5jas:&?ys'jsi ssi£Ef“KS! r Very Fine’ We OKKKN T Flo Sl3-lm Jew JkrtBwnts to-day WINTER HOSIERY SALE MjIaffl8BsaAY wkxt' Ht “ IOARD — Three or four ccntle J ' men Nn be aceommnilatail wili mtl SStiL1!11 fUrnlHluil ItclriNiiiiH tn prtTsl" fPEURAPIN — A Fruith ttupplv JL of Hlirewsbury Kisinda Molimima virri quetie amt huge fount oySr usuJjT CLAM CHOWDER for Umeb Hits day Little Meek L'tams always on harul 217 J- I'AHLIHLK GRIFFINTOWN -hut Wanted tnpureluwr swell- iHlIli TfflflDfitlt proiOTty In rw iiimp -Aw HMwUluiiec un i7iLmi PRO - Iteavrr Hall HilL ApriytrWUe rm-r Heal FkUtendnreVminit Agrnl JHincfi NiriH't yrECIAL IMPORTATION J- IX ANHKKMON M Merchant Tkmir jJrjf MechaBlea’ Hall HulMlug I)OOLS WILL BE SOLD on ""TDKrtllAY KVJS-N J Nli nt the " 1 orf House" 227 McUltl itnret ' UUY YOUR FALL AND I fl ta 1M TKH CLOTH I NO at lirHTiN’KIri - 2awm Main street Sp5?idEAPWTS-'y THtRKmtHfil! Morison's tea T A comfortable street Tery four nilnui Apply tn rp o LE T ' -'K MOXIH Mo U I'tateku at mat rieelmhle lorsllly unly from tlie Itn-iiflk-e KDta'D ID8IIKK im HeUlll street ' table jjttftl VlMMntni terwalk fern of Interest In tlie wlg wm Id (XkiKINU HPOVKS !( U MAKE Fscruar : OHATKaUUIJAI Plain an I Fhnny Winceys Hroteh and Ui-rman Holds Union ails Wool tb-m r-hidas Heavy tVml Drop de Kobe KinbruMerle niui tewsa Uuen Krill uiul Ius Kulllea Feathers Flower snl ItlblaMia ' Hals Mlispeaand Tills Htsilert ‘loods siul illeakfirtt hiihwK nun re Jaikeis lur Hires New Wool I'rww-Uven (fottareth'S Muir ual llootaee Hlonkebs r ac THTUli SLY AT (j() LL All SEATH’S IN TIIK IniMINIuN ! II K D 1 H 5 u ilea luixei to mrresmuul Uaaisniala are oilorril tl'illy name on tlie Imx TKAS DlltKiT KKm cili: nul isirliv on parts of ile iHiinli i'v slot pin i s la 1 1 J-lull Luacllier siul u bhiUrailn tlie Ikimlul u MONTUKAL TEA COMPANY ® liuHPiTAb imtKFrr nmntid Hew Advertiser ents to-di Hy J Um Mhlpwajr MKRANDUM SALK J MIIU'av A mw in wkdnkmuay Me 1la — f’lMoilrtlVC Hel ( 1 1 inrnliimtiiliikJS(Wg I Sill I eL 1 - a llsw1 11 I l i tl lll II I MllJk MIW1 7 iflriilS t "1" Mei--ns si K- IUHUli-WA YAW N UY YOUR ' FALL ' A VI Main rl?L 1 “ UrmN(' l J' ' H‘l mmta ln Bv tewra (iarmnid cut IWI III ijand-made" int )ts a n i 41 HilUKrt CijNrtTAXT VKEFTA1' URObRVR 5- nyAVVAlif STS NUTIIE J 1 HTI’EET by lunil ri the heat none i d w'reknmn h i -and we guarantee our w i iiiKt fomiii v r w tvi r: -'KoiHiMr cat imtlarL wl i?1 u"' 11 "lllrenontiea'air' tela ol L t'- ' cost to iuik youreIvelrilVOr ““ WiUl " hod amine : -bKOIiKi K lil- AlrVAII ’Jri-lv tfete’Cis-i- teJATBkU 1 Sh: ffulro Dame au- el gOMETlIING NEW lt'"ti-“ ilaailil tell id AtlTIN’il Uaery La sthsit sn I e hli splendid rilOTn-lTrlAYtiN I’Kvri'REX uiem w ' ite da - TKUTIIFL'LNK LFAITY Ttieeiriorliig which i im amd FIN I- by a newly ih- ' Easr”wa Fortran Faint ers (-'AhhANli Si’hf'IMKNH t'RAid TttEST I t5!Ls i-1" ! f i "J X 4 y

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