Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 34
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 34

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 34
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* • S NtiM) L On the Rebound Cardinals • - 3 » { 4 3 1 Move By Joe Mdtristey 1? Snorts E Whil sill St. Louis in first place for at teast three days it is m'j£painful duty to write approbate nice things about the Cardinals. After chastising the Redbirds unmercifully for their terrible start, it looks like I'm g<jing, to. have to eat a little crow. Actually, with the price of . meafcthe way it is, that might not tfe too bad of an idea. U'you want to be fair about the + "whole thing, you have to giv6" the Redbirds a lot of .credit for coming from a sorry S^record to a division-lead- inf 51-45 mark. 6"ut then who wants to be Kiev? days ago the Cardi- naksjook over first place by a v mere two percentage points and were on top for just a faw„ hours. This time the Redbirds are assured of at least three days on. top because of the All-Star break. It could last a little : longer, but not much. In my opinion, the Cardinals will drop. back soon but it - won't be the Cubs who replace them- at the top. In the end, tH&Pirates, who are just four off^ the pace, will pass both the Cubs and St. Louis. I 4on't like to be an I-told- you-so, but I will. I picked the Pirates to win the division and . go QII to take it all. 'Of course 1 also picked-the CuteH to finish second and the Cardials to wind up seventh in ST^S-team division. The latter' »-'was a tongue-in-cheek forecast with a more realistic evaluation putting the Redbirds- in fourth. &-readily admitted that the Ram 9 s Romps Bf Coke 14-1 In BR Play Turn's Sport Center had little trouble Tuesday night and romped by Coke 14-1 in Babe 'Rutfr'League play at H. T. Cus-, ter Park. j &>ni's had two 5-run innings en'Toute to the win but hadj only^our hits in the game. Davej Aldrich got two base hits in three times at bat to lead the - winners. Baity Cheesman allowed Coke^nly one hit as he picked upi.IQie victory. Losing hurler V was*"Kevin Krisher. Dom's Coke ibr h 2 3 ab r hi T .e-'is • 2 3 0 Deets S. Cftees'n 2 3 0 Krisher 1 0 0 0 :h$es'n 1 3 l'Parmenter 3 0 0 3 2 2 2 2Thiel 1 iMay •Allien COQ«OE 3 2 0 O'Berinett J. Edwards 2 0 0 Lakis Baldwin 3 0 OlRoberts Belhlse 2 1 O'Noll M. ^yards 2 0 O^Potts Vtai 2114*4! Total re by innings: Dom's . 355 Coke . ... .000 *v in 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 17 1 1 J 010—14 10O- 1 WILLI A MS FIELD Tw t°ams are entered in the Junior; Babe Ruth Tournament v scheduled to begin here day." Games will be played at 1:30, 3:30 r <6 and 8 o'clock on Satur* afternoon day and evening. Four,games also will be played at the, same times on Sunday. Competing in the tournament .8>re*iteams from host Williams- -f»efi3 4 T Walnut, Atkinson, pica; ".A nnawa n. Brimfield, "Prtftfftetstown, Wyoming, ROVA, Sheffield, Toulon and Erie. Other tournaments to be held [ Tarn- Wiltiamsfield are the Invita- tiofia^Little League Tournament Aug. 6-12 and the Girls Softball Tobrnament Aug. 13-17. PGA Bracken ta&i qualifying for the PGA Junior sactio^ championship wiOfc held Friday at the Lake Bracken Country Giuto. These will be different age grdlip&-!l and under, 12-13, 1415. m$ 16-17. All area galifers are 'eligible. E'a&ies must be in by 'Kmrs- day-so pairings can be made. Esftjc; tee-off time is 8:30 Fri- Winers in erjh a^e gJQi^i \\\\\ gi to the s&ctivnal f'nals in |;^ar Rapids.-towa, July 30. Cardinals could come up with formidable starting pitching corp. However, because of some untested rookies, an apparently shaky defensive lineup and an unproven bullpen, I felt that at best they were a year away. The way things stand now, the rookies are coming through, the defensive leaks have all but disappeared and the bullpen has been strong. The Cardinal fans who are making the most noise now were the hardest on the Redbirds when things were going fo badly in the first few weeks of the season. I tried to tell St. Louis fans at the time that the Cardinals were not that bad, theorizing that no team could be that bad. However, the fair-weather Cardinal fans would not agree at the time. Now they staunchly insist that they knew that the Cardinals would be on top all the time. I would like to say that this is just a slump for the Cubs and that they will be back on top in no time. However, on the basis of past performances I can't honestly make that forecast. They have set a pattern of folding in the second half of season and there is no reason to believe that this year will he any different. The tailspin of 1969 is the most famous of all, almost as famous as the economic crash of '29. Sam Andree, long-time Cub fan and former successful _ . American Legion coach, cites Kn/ip RffcGlllf'a a critical lack of team speed 11C8UIB and three individualists as the main problems. Andree, who lives in Joliet and sees all the weekend Cub home games, says that the individualists who are hurting the team are Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams and Jose CardenaJ. Many may be wondering how Cardenal is hurting the ball club. He's leading the team in average with a .321 mark and in RBIs with 53. In addition he has a great arm and good speed. "He has all the tools of Willie Mays in his prime, but only uses them when he wants to," Sam said. "He's always going for the home run and never shortens his swing regardless of the situation." He cited a particular instance in the field when either Rick Monday or Glenn Beckert could have caught a POD fly easily. "Along comes ( Mr. Excitement' from rightfield and calls everybody off but can't make the play," Andree said. I'll agree that the Cubs lack team speed. I'll also go along with the "individualists" Sam talks about. But there's rr to it than that. Why is it the Cub weaknesses only affect the ball club in the second half of the season? tie League N*k*el AV&tti came orte step ckwef to tf* tit- League Wofld Series Tues- flight. The Gatesburg All-Star tern von the District Championship hefe With a 1^7 victory over La* Salle-Peru. Earlier the Nationals had won the Sub»District crown at Geneseo, and LaSalfe* Peru was also a Sub-District the Sectional Tournament is the next step toe the tile Leaguers. Sectional play scheduled to open at 8 o'clock rsday night Winner in the sectional tourney advances on the road to the World Series. The All-Stan defeated three teams before dumping LaSalle- Peru for the district Wk. The Natfthftisl wi» M „ round byes, beat the £mt Me* m Americans 134 Thursday, frock island M Sunday anil the Bast Moline Nationals 10-2 for the Sub-District championship Monday. ^ Galesburg'j other entry in the Geneseo tournament, the American AU-Stars, won their first game but were eliminated in their second. Despite the Jopsidedness bt the score, the locals had to come (rem behind to notch the victory over LaSalle-Peru. After falling behind U, the Nationals pushed seven runs across the plate in the third inning and never relinquished their lead. Kelvin Taylor Was the winning pitcher for the Nationals as he allowed it wH hi* win. It was boeeted the National. ... 4 s hits in 35 trips to the plate Galloway went three for four Sib- Urtlament power that victory as OUt 15 the plate . , Turney, Molt, Scott Shaver, i Jeff Mitchell all added two hits. Sibley • Southwell Galloway Kordgrtn Taylor Holt Shaver Laiattt—Ptru ill t hi ab t h 5 1 2 ft. datri'd 4 l 2 4 3 ID. Catt'ld 2 1 2 2 3 2 4 2 3 10 0 K. KaVil Ciey*'she Hartveeo 2 2 IS. Kovil 4 1 2 !Shat)pe 4 1 2 William Glatnovlch 4 2 lfWitek Mitchell 3 2 2 R. Bars tow 1 0 0 Ttit 10 0! S. BatttoW 0 0 ( ft, Johnson 0 0 ( 3 0 1 3 1 1 3 0 0 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 2 1 4 0 0 Total 33 17 15| Total 25 7 8 - i 7 Thirty-three golfers will be chasing front-running Bob Coe Jr. this weekend in the final two rounds of the 16th annual All- East Moline Pioneers Set For Action j Away, Home With the weatherman appar ently settled down, Galesburg is ready to play today for the first time in a week. * The Pioneers of the CICL wil go to Macomb for a twilight game today and play host to thi Macs Thursday night at H. T Custer Park. Now 3-5, the Pioneers haven't FIRST RACE: (4 Furlongs)— Falasha (P. Tedrick) 39.40 10.40 4 .00 Brownie's Boy (L. Jensen) 4.60 3.20 Flaming Girl (J. Caniglia) 3.00 Time: 48:0 SECOND RACE: (5ft Furlongs)— Big Time Red (L. Jensen) 4.20 3.80 3.20 Rainbow County (F. Frey) 11.40 6.40 Pat's Forecast (C. J. GUbert) 3.80 Time: 1:09.0 Double—4 & 8. Paid $73.00. THIRD RACE: (6tt Furlongs)— Necessary Verna (>. Long) 8.60 4.00 2.40 Ounce of Lace (G. Blrzer) 5.80 2.60 Lord Ravalli (L. Jensen) 2.40 Time: 1:23.4 FOURTH RACE: (4 Furlongs)— Instant Serial (G. Birzer) 8.00 4.40 3.00 Effective Effort (C. J. Gilbert) 8 .40 4.40 Slochim (J. Long) 3 80 Time: 49:1 FIFTH RACE: (6 Furlongs)— s, !s cr v5n mpk,n 3.80 3 .2o 2 .60i"layed a game since they lost io Free Future (G. Pociiinski) 6 .60 3.4o|Peona last Wednesday. Roberts Dream (L. Jensen) 3.00- Time 1:14 .2 Qulnella—t & 3. Paid $16.60. SIXTH RACE: (4 Furlongs)— < Time Ticket (C. J. Gilbert) 5 .60 2 .60 2 .20 Hlkari (D. DaLomba) 2 .60 2 .20 Wayward Dell (L. Jensen) 2 .20 -rime: 47:4 <« A f ew days off would have SEVENTH RACE: (6 Furlongs)— . _ u,.i Basestealer been g°° d 'or US, DUt going an tp Tedrick) H^O 10.60 4 .8o entire week without a game was South Dakota Red . , T * -j (j. compton) 6 .00 4.00 "oo Ion**. * Isaacson said. Indian Rule (G. Podiinsku^ ^s.oo ^da^'game is set for 5*30 .uineiia— 5 & 6. Paid $24.00. with the home qame Wednesday CorS 11 HACE: (6 FurIongs) " Ito start at 7:30. »(D. DeLomba) 10.80 5.80 3.60 Loyal Lea (C. J. Gilbert) 4.80 3.40 Bluntnoir (P. Tedrick) 3.20 Time: 1:1510 NINTH RACE (11/16 mUe)— Sur Le Champ (P. Tedrick) 4.20 3.20 2 .80 Abbey Rose (J. Compton) 3.40 3.00 Whispering Fisher (G. Podlinski) 3 .00 Time: "1:53.0 OuinpU-*—<^ 6. P-M S9.20. The camel's stomaoh contains i honeycomb structure with :ells thai can be closed by muscular action and in which vater can be stored. READ THE WANT ADS City Golf Tournamenft Of those 33 only a few have a chance to pressure the hard-hitting Coe, who will take a 2*under-par 141 into third round play Sunday at the Soangetaha Country Club. .. After Saturday's third round, the field will return to Bunker Links for the fourth and final round Sunday. The 72-hole medal play tournament started at the city course last Saturday where the original 85 entries were trimmed to 35. The second round was played Sunday at .the Lake Bracken Country Club. Coe had a 3-under par 69 the first day and came back with a 1-over 71 Sunday at Bracken. He led by four strokes after 18 and by five at the halfway mark. Bill Fox is running in second place with a 36-hole total of 146 after carding a 2-over 74 Satur- day at Bunker Links and following up with a lover 72 Sunday at Lake Bracken; t Veteran Bob Dredge and young Sam HJangieri were tied at 147, six stroked back of the pace-setter. F Dredge, who was runnerup last year, is a 5-time winner of the All-City. • * Marigieri, W,"Hk£ pigyed in the All-City three times and this is the second time he has qualified. He qualified for the first time last year. Defending champion Jim Wetherbee and Sam Sw$nsoii>ere tied at 148, seven strokes behind Coe. Wetherbee was just nne over with a 73 at Bunker but soared to a 3-over 75 Sunday at Bracken. gjit strokes back; Swanson ad a 74 each day. Paltiags 10:00 — Glen Thurman (167)', Doug AUensworth (165), John Davis (165). 10:07 —- Bob Cassens (165), Jim Doweil (163), Joe Deets (162), 10:14 — Glen Cree (162), Bud Miiler (161). Jack Grady (158). 10:21 — Jim Lehman (158). Dick Watson (153), Mike Harshbarger (158). 10:23 — Harold Cunningham (157), Leif Erickson (157), Bud HUgen- berg (156). ' 10:35 — Bill Dredge (157). BiU Kirkendall (156), George Burgland (156). 10:42 — Lee Bevard (153), Joe Rodeffer (155). Pete Boynton (155). 10:49 — Bob Bunchcr (154), BiU Gould (154), George Rosine (154). 10:56 — Bob Weaver (153), Greg Mason (151), Kerry Mason (150). 11:03 — John Weaver (149), Bob McFarland (149), Sam Swanson (146). Jim Wetherbee (148). 11:10 — Bob Dredge (147), Sam tied him uMi Sam Swanson, W l Bm Fox (146)> Bob Although just barely qualify* ing with a 78 Saturday, Bob McFarland had the best round the day Sunday with an even par 71. His 2-round total i * Trophies a nd nferchai certificates will be awarded shortly after the completion of the tournament Sunday, with presentations Spectators are vited. to attend tions. presenta 1 Coach Jim Issacson reports that he will be going with Bob Walker, North Central College, today and Tom Steen, University of-Iowa, tomorrow at home. 0\NNERS OF THESE WRS WARM TOMORROW me to Inn WHITE PHONE : 44 * 1 CUSTOM Strong, penetration-resisting steel cord belts • Smooth riding polyester cord body • Wide "wet weather" tread pattern • For ^most popular makes of American cars MINI & INTERMEDIATE CARS SALE PRICE PIUS $2.01 tO 2.50 Ftd. EC ax depending en size. No trade needed. 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