New-York Tribune from New York, New York on November 7, 1859 · Page 2
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1859
Page 2
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ilKK.Vi' OMW IN PUCHS irr.?1 4tt IVi ? Raj phK ooous ^ w M,..irirrn. t ??Vi ;i \ V I ONO WINDED AOVRRTISK.Mr.NTs " N .1? 1H.? ?OK YOURSs I F , Ii?*. It* \H0 k ?V, No ?I Oraad ?? , .... - - *^ |* ?*>? MV^tT ?4 I Wo (Musedtaie distil ?? * *??? rSTIRF SHXR. Will. OFFER, ?? monday. N?? 7. a)||ft**a*w*? KKHin Hi? PBMSI IMX'sfeL* SKIRT ROBES. ^ |>oll, ,4*, i?iM UM vrn RoaR*. ^ ^ fr,,,, ,33 1 M?rr rtoi ftvun row,??. ^ #|i ^ ?,4^ fr??, ?at***, all It- ^^olT^ ^ RRMMfcMj ?*,,*>,?.? r vRi* delaines JJ"*!.. A PARIS l-Fl.AINKrt <*????). ? rvRl-l" I** I isooaa.e.1). S ^ K MIIUlRfl pei Y arp i cannot be d .|> ? 1 ??w.?h..v '?-'",HlRTT rVNTS pe* YARD u, _ . v r,m Rjch 1'eio.r* ?I l iMWt, aCtu.l -???. :>t .euttv i vpf* FRENCH M> rinoks va.i \wi, ?MM jartt V ... ? s* rod J *s..-:V. nil CH k? 'AM VELOURS and VaLKMTU PLAID, ,,,?,,?,,4 ?hu r, it would ho tnn^-lblf. I* MaaHNll, bat Cmi... RR orM?KD rKjrr BKIOW WST -K.M-TORRVM.U- '?",^cie#ot.p?,.ra -""^^Tp.VERY PARTICULAR. . To remove *h rXAMINT POR YOURSELVES. CHA8. IIKARD Ai ?'? . I No. ?>l Orsnd ?t. jtJOVEMBEE, SS ? O heat sale or PRINTS AT No*. W aad ? CUAMRKRS-ST., N. Y. IVE KOREST. ARMSTRONG A Co., Are oc-wiing lb* '.argeot ***ortmrnt of PrinU ?w ollersd by tt*-l""k THE wamsuttas. Thea* Print* are wisurpesaed by anytliing In ihn market at tba frrt, aTaard are pertect.y taat color. Tbey also fooutrol the bal "Knickerbockers rocky olknns. TV* Reeky Olaaiu are In new, neat and mull nrnrei, of oicel jaaw fdatfc. and luprrior to any low-priced print offered._ AT RETAIL THIS WEEK. ELEGANT NEW cloaks. Black Beaver Cloaks at #11 Black Bearer Cloak* it fit Black Bearer Cloaks it ?16. Superti Velvet Cloak* at t>40. Magnificent Velrot Cloaks at ?50. The richest and newest goods in the city. At elliott'S (late Mackenzie's), No*. 2*4 and 2? tanal-st, (Braudretb Buildings) FROM AUCTION. CLOTHS, CASSI.MERE9. CLOAKING and DRESS GOODS. HOUSEKEEPING LINEN and QUILTS. EMBROIDERIES and RIBBONS. At price* far boiow the original cost. HOOK Nos. If* and 110 6th-*r. S I L K 8 ? SILKS! SILKS WXL k e 8 at M ( ) yn a n\ No. Ol BROADWAY, Hire received another lot el LOW-PRICED SILKS moat Aceeion, Varying ( om 4 C to $1 per yard. AfAW. Twoca-eaof PACIFIC DE l.AINES. at 12+ cenU per yard. W'LLKES tt MlfVNAN, No. 691 Broadway, _ _Between Amity and lih-*''. AT REDUCED 1'KICES. DRESS SILKS. FRENCH MER1NOKS. MERINO PLAIDS, POPLINS, POL DE CHEVRES, LUSTRES DELAINES and other DHF.SS Goods. Also, SHAWLS and CLOAKS. C G HOOK, No.. 108 and IIOtHh aT.. between 8th and Mb-*fJ. LADIES' CLOAKS. We are now eibibiting orer FIVE THOUSAND ?ARMF.NTS. g?f every deairshle dewription. in LADIES' CLOAKS, and to which NOVELTIES are added by EVERY STEAMER from Europe. Ladies will find in nnr store not only THE CHOICEST CLOAKS that oaa be manufactured, but also Cloak* for Ladies AT MODERATE. PRICES. CUAKI.KS STREET A Co . _No. 47S Brcdway. POPULAR TRADE in SILKS ? l*rge addition* will be made lof New Silk?) to the 73c, $1, aad ?? I 26 stock* 0HEAPER THAN EVER. MONDAY, No*. 7. _A T. STEWART k Co. QELLLNG AT A GREAT SACRIFICE.? RIBBONS' RIBBONS' In cooaeaiieace ol M. H. Licbteuateiu beuig ahout to open a mum WHOLESALE HOUSE, at No. 24 \\ tlk?r st . and of relinquishing the retail business en? tirely, he oder* hi* present large stock of RIBBONS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, gsad ail w ho with to obtain bargain* w ill do well to cal at No. ?an Broadway. N. B.?His atock consiat* ol rare and beautiful style* of Rih boji?. just impotte l N. U.? Hi* Dre*s Trimming* are profuse and nugi iiioeut, and cannot t*U to nluaae the MOST FASTIDIOUS TASTE. M. 11. LICHTENSTEIN, No atrr Broadway. OMBAZINES, TEXANNA? MALTESE, HENRIETTA and BARATHEA CLOTHS, beautiral * for deep mourning W. JACKSON, Importer of Mourning Oood*. No. HI Broadway, bet wen Spring and Praioe-.t*. 01 RNING CLOAKS und BONNETS. A MOST SUPERIOR STOCK AT W. JACKSON'S. Importer of Mourning Good*. No. 591 Broadway, bet. Spring aad Prlnoe sts. LACK SILKS?BLACK SILKS. Rich flROS DE RHINE and GROS DE KI'SOM. s?l; worth #1 Sft. 1 oasc Second Mourning ol tCES. tv ; worth * 1 W. JACKSON, Impoit.-r ol Mourning Goods, No. 5ol BtuaJway, bet. Spring aad Prince-it*. OTTOMAN. VELOURS. VALENCIA-, ;u,d IRISH POPLINS, DESIRABLE for deep an I SECOND MOURNING. At W. JACKfON S, IMPORTER of MOURNING GOODS, No. N91 Broadway, between Spring aud Prince-ata. B M B A 1 BBBIMiM SACRIFICE Ioases bandeome INDIA FOULARDS. Sec, worth 87}a. W. JACKSON, Importer of Mouraiuc Good*. No. 5ftI Broadway, between spring am) Prince-it*. |\RKSS TRLMMINOS.?New rtrk* Crd* aud X * Taaael* sets and Kntton*. Velvet Rlbnon*. colored and baack. all width., and Button*, Bugle Gimpa &ud Frmgea, Trim Bings, Ribbons, Ckwaltta, Hair Net., Pertmonneias, l^omhs and Brushe*. aa.l a great variety of Fancy Good., verv cheap at KLGER'S No. 8KI Broadway. N. K ?East side t>.<twcou 1Mb and IMh-ata. Alexandre'. Gloves SO M E T H I N Q ENTIRELY NEW.?Ifa't _ Patent Sleeve Battoua and Shirt Stud*, alao. Call and i ..liar Pius for Ladies, aad Armlets for Children. Tbey re-mire no iattaa bill, do aot aafcatoa. aosabla* gxeat beauty and utility. For ?I*. wholesale and retail at the G-ld and Silver Watch Caeo Manuhvtoij of JOHN H. oiFFlN No. V. Veeeyat., N. T AT Mra. GAYNOR'" CORSET and SKIRT Store, Ladies can select from I he largest stock end vsnety of style*. Strict attention paid to a graceful fit. Price* most reasonable. The faahionable Parts-shape SKIRT just i.uported. No. tAi Broadway, two door* from Union s.juare. H. B. ? Ladies' ill-shaped Skirts altered and made over. Ibti, Hobt?, s#r. Aa c. glanz, a Importer, and Manufacturer, of FANCY FURS OF KV KKV DES4 KIPTION. At Wholesale and Retail. No. 117 Broadway, upalaii*. The aiienti..a of the trade aud the public In general u invited to *\ i exlen.i? .> and fa*?., -nable .lock of the above. AT BTRJCTLT W'HOLERALE PRICrW. N. B?Orders, Alterati ons, and Repairs promptly attended to, IPASfllONARI.E FANCY FURS. EURICM A ROCKNER . Importer* aad Msui ifa.-ftrer*J aval bo pasin k to axbihit thou valuable stock to retail pur sable mTnK. I*T4>NE MARTEN ERMINE fcr., ?> I... i. tbey wiU aaU at the hvsswaj prices. No. 47 Matden-ktaa. Iwk>. pruss. 1 CHARLES STREET A Co., No 47* Broalwty, Rave svw open at retail, their LARGE W HOLESALE STOCK OF LADIES' FURS, mt every description. "* * which tbey .re closing out st LOW PR ICES CHARLES STREET A Ca. No. 471 Broadway, Wholesale Trader* in Skia*aad Manufactured Far*. H- AfsTc?rs, Fl RS, \ Ate?. * IOHJ, p I o.MSTiX K. So 14? ( kamborsot.. N. Y.. ~ -.1-tnd Jobber of I he aboe* (sooda. affer. then, to the agaaawact .rer ana # ^ ^ ^ POR C "sfl OR APPROVED (RHDIT. (Muitcby ?MPoem by Eu| rOR THIS (Monday) EVEN1.N I A oiks' fancy fhrs v~ LADIHrl* PAffCT tJ Fl ItS - -Tbcauna. riber ha* **?stu-d hU atet* ?f LAD.'aV.H' M KM compriainsj t i.OAKS. CAPES. MANTILLAS, Be., (/ .- bU>, MlrJt, bad eth*i . hole* '?'?. in*H?tri??, m l?w i ., ,.i IN N.i i ASK BXl f.ED1NU vTHOLBSALR __ H U4M2K, Practical Furrier, N* W Kr.adwty ap atair*. Fl ia. Tuinn.inga. *<? . o>?J* *? "Tdmt to every atyl*. ?oote, OhccG. ?rc. Ai jones'" n<*. 10 tuid 12 Ann-*.., $4 Free i a!iDRFSSR<Hn'S;B?MDoubtaSots VTATKR I'KlM >K BOOTH. < eilend to* brf .re purchasing. Amuocmcnto. 4 ( A i? E m V OF Ml'sic.?THE .sicilian i\ VBtfl R? Tbtl public SIS reapeelfuily informed that, after* peep. ? o1 many uii.ntl.a' duration, tbr Directors are euebled to mnoince THE PIRAT PERFORMANCE IN AMERICA oi Uta new ami celebrated Opera of 1 UK SICILIAN VESPERS, Eugete- Scribe ) NINO. Not. * The a*,?ud and thud night* for \v EDNEsDAY and FRIDAY. THE SICILIAN VESPERS a a- sxpTaetjy rowpoaed by Verdi for the Grand Opera in Parit, attd ia ltnlT'Trallj acknowledged aa hang the grandest and mitt . ?)?.?? itr u;>eia of thia celebrated conipoeer. Ita eueoesa iu Italy hae been euornoua, and on ita production In London iaat June, it via received with an enthu^iaau that hat never beau tur lvtseed bv any other Italian Opera. THE SICILIAN VESPERS will be produced at the Academy if.Muair, A i I ii new SCENERY and PROPERTIES, bv Signor Hannibal W. Cajyo, from the original model* n( the t.'ran.T OjMira iu Paria obtained thr.vijh the kind gejl-rtaaioti at ? i tcoUaaoar, .Mou-ieur ie ?mietre de la Maiaou de J'tiupo leor. M. A. Lille F\i.ld. : Mi. i MUCK AND PICTURE-uup. DRESSES, Prea. ntlng a tuo.t faithful picture of the roatnmea of the thir? teenth ceuluiy. have been made in Paris, by Monsieur !.<? Roy. f P*1"lHf ?4 the Ortnd I >|e-r>. end Slgtior Rruaehi, costumier froat Ilie principal tlieatera in Italy, Sign,.r a Dairaui and Ablatti. hie NEW At CXJUTREACENTS AND PROPERTIED Are from the celebrated manufactory of Mnnaienr Granger, arm? orer to hia Majesty the Emperor of the French. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS. The Prim eaa Elena.Mm*. COLSON. A .Slg. BR1GNOLI. The Governor of Meoforte.Slg. FERRf. 1'rocula, Chiei of the Conspirators.Signor JUNCA. aarotnaav rnaaai-raaa by Madame Morra, Slguora MuUer, Uubto, Cuinto, Xitneugz, Crouxa, Pant), feet. To tive due effect to the numerou* double choraae* (French and fHrfflip) the regular r.horua hat been increased to KK.II I t" SINGERS THE GRAND ORCHESTRA w.' cutiriae SIXTY-FOUR PERFORMERS, under the direction of s minor Ml'ZIO. Uarpiat.M. APTOMMAS. THE TAR A.NTKLLK, by Til p. CORPS DE HALLE 1' baa been competed by M. DENSTAEDT. THE MISE EN SCENE OF 7 HR SICILIAN VESPERS haa been perfected uuder the dire t auperiuteuuVu of Ii. I'll man, who for that pumoae hat viaited the principal P. uro pea a Opera Houaec, and M. Dubreuil. SEATS AND PRIVATE BOXES for any of the three night? of the Sicilian Veapera, may be bad daily at the uaual TICKET OFFICES: The bog office of the Academy of Muair, SiheH'. ?tatlontry ?tore. No. 12 Wall atreet; No. 2 A?t>.r House, wue door ab .ve V ctey ?treet; at Hall fc Son'? and Hreuainr'a muair. atore*, and at the door on the eveniut of the pertormauee LIBRETTOS OK THE iflCILIAN VESPERS, containing the Italian veraion, and a correct Eut-lish trantlatiou; aleo, tig page* of mu?ic. containing THE OEMS OF THE OPERA, arranged for the piano forte, and for aalr at the ticket offirv-a, and the Filth-avenue Hotel nl),. e. Price 28 cents. VKW YORK harmon i c society-, ll AT the ACADEMY OK music, ON TUESDAY evening, Nov. 8. 1859. MENDELSSOHN'S Grand Oratorio oi KLIJAH. For the b. >ieht of ST. ANN'S CHI RCH FOR DEAF MUTEat Principal parta by the foRewing rtmideut taieut: MiaaM. S. BKAINERD, AIiaeE. COI.MAN. Mr*. WESTKRVKLT, Mr. E. PERRING. Mr J. R. THOMAS, And oihe?. The HARMONIC SOCIETY und a GRAND ORCHESTRA. A GREAT PEDAL OROAN. |mj|t etpreaaly for Oratorio Pert..rn,ajnea l>v Mi?ara. JAR DINE k SON, Organ Bnillora, oi thi? city, will be uaed lor the tirat liuie on tliU occasion. Organist.Mr. H. GEi.HAAIL jiCondte tor.Mr. GEO, V KRISTOW. Ticketa, 50 centa. to be had at the priucitml music, book, and dr-ig atorea. o? the Rnrtor of the Church, the Rev. T. Gallaa det, No. Iii Enal 18th-*t., or at the door on the eveuing of the performance. Door* open at 6J o'clock. To commence at 7, o'clock. M~~R7aiid mRS." 11eN HI 111 :a V i ()N M'ARLOR OPERA No*. 71R and 7? Rroadway, opposite the New-York Hotel. HENRI DRA.YTON.Musical Direr-tor. GEO. a. WKLLS.Hu.lne.. M mai?r. INIQI e AND ELEOANT MUSK \ I. NOVELTY. ENOL18H BUI Ft I OPKH \ ' COMEDY AND L IBM DE IMA ! Atkuowledged by the public press to be the most p!*ia(ng, ele? gant, and amuaing enU-rtainment in America. Encouraged by the UNEXAMPLED SI (CESS of the PARLOR OPERAS, and the crowded andienet?! who have thronged these entertain menta, the Manager has succeeded iu postponingarrsngeinnutsai readt made in other citiea for a few weeka, end ha* eugaged and fitta'd the above rommodiou* e?tabl;-l.inent eipre?aiy for the ute of tboae extraordinary ARTISTES. Mr. and Mra. H. DRAYTOM, who wti! commence t ahort seaaon at their MIu opera BOO?I. on TUESDAY, Nov. 8, 185H, where .Mr. and Mrs. H. DRAY'I on will! then en\.e Re? pertoire of NEW AND '..MUSING ENGLISH BUFFO PARLOR OPERAS. Et 1 RY E^ tNI.NO at rt. let, ept SATURDAY). And ? GRAND MATINEE BVBR1 SATURDAY MORN l.NO at 2 o'clock. No correct idea of thi* truly novel, light and i.leaain.' enter? tainmeut can be formed without witneaaing it. It is a couibina tion ot the BEBT style of ENGLISH OPERA with the highest r'ikaa ol COMEDY, interpreted by the 1 \i raokdinary IIUSICAt nd DRAMATIC abilitlea of Mr. mid Mr*. II. DRAYTON. TUESDAY EVENING, Nov. I, a' 71 o'clock, will be pre?euied the popular OwHattg Prover'l), NEVEE JUDGE Bl APPEARANCES. Wrtttea I v H. Drayton; mosic composed by E. J. Loder. Oacai. ( onut de Belleville.Mr. H. Drayon l.o;.i-e Countea-de Belleville.Mra H. Drsytua To conclude with (brat time iu America) a new veraion of LOVE'S LABOR LOST. Written by H. Druytoti; the music selected from Belfe, Dibdin, Lee. Hatten, Lover. Douixetti, V erdi, Ac Pat Doiiaum.J tlenersl Firelock.| Sir Charles Ramrod.'.Mr Drayton /.adt kiah Heat, a Yankee Dentist.J Old Anthony Grumble.j Fanu v Spark la.i Menty O'Callagan.I ta n Smootbtongue.iMr"- ?nVm* Sairey Gamp.j Mr. Drtvton reapecttully announce* that ticketa and place* may he aecureit any number of night? iu advance without extra charge, at the ottice ol the New Parlor Opera Houac, from I o'clock a m. to i p. m. Seata (numbered and aeeured) 50,-.? Other aeata.fjle. SEASON TI( K i TS. or lilece* taken foaetaTwa] ol night?, will be ?applied at a alight reduction from tue uaual price*. Doors open at 7 . commence at 71 precisely The low rates of admiasion being plated within the res oh of all frruut ntera oi auiiieeim uta. t!..- ii: ,i.a;ement ie?-l comp? lied to recognise " no tree liat." end to atrietly adhere to thi* rule. It I? detvriuiue? that the entire ontertunmeut aiijn ue nniahed awrb night at 10 o'clock. Pooka of the word* can be had in the Hall and at the Ticket Off ce. Price 10 cent* tor both operettas. Ticketa may also be obtained at the principal hotel*. i n te b oa bdi n. MHI UiNES ROBERTSON " SMIKF. Mr. JFFFERr-ON ** NEWMAN NOGGS. Mr JOHNSTON aa Squeer*. Mr PEARSON a* John Browdia. M.-a LLAKE aa Mr*. S<iu. ? Mr*. ALLEN ta VIme. Mtn'ilini. Mr. geo. HOLLAND aa the Si*, mien Hot ind Scaley. Mr. HARRISON aa Nicholas, and Mr. A II D 11 FNPORT aa Maiiti?n.. N. B.?The auccra* which attended the production of" Dot." or arene* from "The Cricket on the Hearth "* tha Management ol the VV inter Garden to produce another Uluatra tiou of the sauie graphic author. The well known types of rJianu-ter in Nicholas Ni, klehy have, (?erhsps. never fallen into hand* of srtist* more admiral'ly htted to them than thoae whs constitute Dae group austaining the dramatic picture thia evening. TO-NIGHT, AND EVERY EVENING TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Charte? Dicken*' Story of SM IKK. SM IKE ; S.MIKE; -mik::. SMIKl SMIKE; smike: I M : K V SMIKE; SMIKia, Oa. SCMNRS FROM NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Natrly dtaoialiaed by ami trroduoed uuder the direction of Mr D BOUBCICA?LT. To oommence at TA Box oftoe open irom I to 61, Pa 1.a('e garden mi sic hall. EMILY LESDERNIF.R'S READINOS in POF.TRY and the DRav: v vn i.i<.w liedott. Remee and Juliet. The Loat Heir The Amer lean Klar be.. November (. 10. and II. Adtnittane* So eeats. Doer* open at 7, commence at 7 J o'clock. OLD FOLK* concert.-Tht* original f? THF.R KF.M P with hi* celebrated Company of .W Ladies and Geatlenaea from Maeeacbueetta will sive J Grand Cotacsvr** at J?r*ev City Metropolitan Hal), Mc.sDW TI'ESDxY and WKDNESDAY Evening-*. Nov. 7th. ?tb. and Mb. with grand Orchestra Club in cottuntea of 100 year* age. They appear tt Coepet'? Institute Kridav and Saturday FWeo mg*. Nev lIth and Utk. Tickets fee., Childieu U. D<x.ra off a at 7, Ceitesrt omioen.-* at t o'claash. 'HITLOC'k'* FREE PICTURB OAl.LERY tu oil paintings. Na ?Satt anai. Sf LAURA KF.KNK*? THEATER. LAURA KBF.NE'S T'IKATER. LAURA KKKNE'S THEATER. LAI'K A REESE'S THr.ATER. laura UKNK'8 THEATER. TVso^ mukr. MONDAY a?d TtTESDAT. BEAUTIFUL nnX'RK.-tir'K DRAMA. BEAUTIFUL PICTURESQUE drama, BEAtTIH L PICTURESQUE DRAMA, entitled, the MARBI.K HEART, MARHi.E HEAR 1 M won.P. HE \K r MAKri.r UP.Aiil M iRBLE HKART la order to afford the admirer, of*thia beeatifo: p4(f m *v pet-w? ait v of'anio ?;t?p?dnilM ADMIRABLE Si KNir efkr? T MAOBTFK ent acting. MONLAi EVENING. Nu?. T. UJt. will he prcs-oud the beautiful dram*, entitled. MA It iii.e hkart, a Ith the following .? itwn <.f character,: THR SCULPTOR'S DREAM. Oorrls*. a rich C luxen of Atheu..Mr. J. 0. Burnett Ai/ihiadea. tha Athenian General.Mr tmM a l'nedes*. toe Sculptor .'?. Jordan Ihogene*. th* Cynic and Phllo*>pher.C. WhcaUeigh Strahon. aa Athenian Mae?.Mr. Henry The* a Star*.Mtaa J. Haan THE STATUES of the .SCULPTOR'S DrEaM, Athenians Revelers. NoMeinen. Slave.. Ac THE REALISATION Or tHE VlSlli* Lord Mrrton, an Engii.h Noni-man..Mr. Jeffrie* VhvHint fhatean Bureaux- .J. O. B:irnett Prederi. k Vote**. Estates H a tewhieaaMe paper ..( . VV.>?;>;;?, Raphael Do^lis'let. a Yeeag Sewlptec.o j.,.., ? Motuirur \ eaudore. aru-h H. latjta Prederi. k Do Court ey, a I'.rLisji Gentleman.Levi.A Jol.n. a Pootman.Kvaaa Mile. Marro.Mtaa Lsaaa K??r.e CleusNitiue.Anni* Deiani Merierta..Nor? Larrh PrdMa..Ada James flBBB......Mxry Everett Marie, a Poor Orphan.J. \\wrj Madame D'lob.Het. Mother of liipheel.Mary \S ? la Oa WEDNESDAY f.YENING ' wi!! bo produced, tlie beautiful five-act p!?y rvuied THE WIFE'S. BEajRET, orUL-ially produced at the Park Theater by Mr. CHAR1 I I KKAN and Miaa ELLEN TREK, and aluce p.xyed b> them orer ONE HUXDRRD NIOHTS IN LONDON Dree* fire la aeata may U aeecred < INK WEEK .'. !'.3 ? Doora epeu at of; te commence at 7?. NIBLO" SALOON. BECOXTJ WEEK. ' QOWDED HOUSES THE MOST ENTHUSIASTIG re. EPTION EV er H I i MESSED. Mo.sjiAi |:wm'.i, ?. , ; AND EVERY EVENING DURING) THE WEEK. THE STAR TROUPE OP THE world, george <_ IIIUSTi'S MINsTRKLS. Oeo. f hr?rty. .Stare Manager | R. M. Hool..y.. Busincsi Man?;er S. C. Campbell..Mu.-i. al Dlraetar. NEW soNt.s, new AI PS. new FEATURES EVERY EVEN I NO Concluding with Oeorge Chriaty'a rery laujhable Ere, oa-ied the DOUBLE BEDDED room. George Cbriaty in LU original character of.Dulcimer S*ip??. fool Whit*.aa.Frederick Aoru.tu*. Muter Kafpjaa in Mi arlglasJ iibain<fa of Araimiuta Peachbloasaoia. OTHER CHARACTERS HY 1 HI I 0MPAN1 Far particnlan, aee Programme*. Admission, 7$ centa. Doora open at o'clock?to rommem-e at ] p-.- -' j BARNUM*? AMKBTCAN Ml >i:c.M. second \\e;;i\ of the 1 WOAOEMEWT OP MR. T HADAWAY, the celebrated MUSEUM < OMEDIAN aad gieat public faroritn, reeeiTt-d on erery o-'ca/ion with auch demon at ration* of REMARKALLE POPULAR ENTH1 SIASM MoNfMY. N .t 7, IHS9. In Hie AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock. Buck.toue'a baautiful Drama, for the last time, eutitled THE WRECK ASHORE; Or, A liRinaoaooa raoa thi Ska Marmadnke Magog, a Conatahle, afterward a Pariah Beadle.Mr. P, HADAWAY. The othi r characters by the rest of tlie rompai y. PreOou. to which a FETE DANSANT1 EVP.NINO, at 7j o'clock, firrt time of a . rama, in J acia, pre tested In London for 3on aigbta, enlle.l HONESTY IH THE BEST POLICY; Or, Thm Pax D'Ataoaa. Jttie. Clcaa.Mr. t. HADAWAY After which, a variety of DANOINO. To conclude with tha Far.< of MARRIED AND BURIED. BaWawaUa, Mr. HjU way. A lall lenrtl. W?t Flgnr-of OS \WAT AMIE BROWN, taken ftoru life, and a KN11" E lo-icd on the body of hi< s.-u, at Har per'a Ferry; the ARAB GIANT. 7a feet hix h and 2i year* of age; 1 ri NK of a TREK, from the MOUNT of OLIVES: the HAPPY FAMILY, two LIVING SEALS, Ac., arc among the rurfoaitie* now embruced in thia ratntilialini-nt. Admittance, 2k ueuta; C'hiidreu undei 10, 13; Ptrq iet, 12 cent* egtra. SC 5 I L L E R V E ? f I V A L - In commemoration of the Anniversary of Schiller's lmta Birthilay. FIRST DAY, WEDNESDAY. Nov. ?. GRAND CONCK.RT at the CITY ASSEMBLY ROOMS. BET HOVEN'S t'HORAL SV MPHON Y by an Ore.b-stra of 8eienty performers, and the German I.iaderaraats. s Dythlranil.e, caaapoaed by J. Riet! hy Ihn Ssenr;. rl.?ti I So! ) Palormers?Madame CarnJori. Mr. Philip Mayor, -Mr. Stetaway. Aiao, the telrbrated piauiat, Gustave Sitter. I ond. tola? TbaaX Eaatala, (? Anecnutx. C. Bergmann. A. Pauer. To commence at If p. m. SECOND DAY. THURSDAY, Not. 10. ACADEMY OF Ml Sil twelve TABLEAUX VIVANTS, from the different worki of Schiller, inlerfp. r*. d with appropriate music, tommencing with th.- APOTHEOSIS OP THE POET, during which a pro lnrtie will be spoken )v Misa Gralin, and finishing with a GRAND TRIUMPHAL TABLEAU, the whole under the di? rection and from desiftia of Me'-rs, Leutze, Lang, Gross, and Lotichitia. Also, w A I.I.enste 1 n'S CAMP by Schiller, Military Drama in one let. performed by the nrlists of the Ger? man Stadt Theaier, nnder the direction of Herr Hoym. Tho Orc hestra of 100 performers, under the dir.vtioti' of Carl Berit maun. Doora open at 61 oVlork ; to commence a? o'clock p m. Tickets lor the FIRST DAY, Nov. 9. ,t the ( ITY ASSEM? BLY ROOMS, Rl?to ba had at all tha pnn-ipal M.uic and G.rman Bock stor.*. aad at the door on the evening of th* Caaaaat. Tickatl for th- SECOND DAY. Nov 10, at the ACADEMY OP Ml SIC. to the Parqiiette. I>re-. I i- and First Tier, sjl; Seats, SO tents extra; to i\Il other parts of the bouse. SO ce Us? for sale at It... Academy ?.f, Sib. li -, No ij Wall-.t., aua] C. lire ? 1 i B-oadway. Holdets of Si.h?ier Ticket? pay in Addilinna of 25 centa. NEW BOWERY THEATER. Managers.Mi??ra. Fog and Liurg-1. THIS EVENING, the celebrated Cbfld Aetrtwa, UTTlI CORDELIA HOWARD aad bet PARENTS la _UNCLE TOM's CABIN._ NIBE?? HARDEN. Manager.Mr. E. EDDY. GREATEST TRIUMPH for MANY YEARS. POI RTH WEEK nl MR. and MRS IARNEY WILLIAMS MONDAY and TUESDAY E\ ESINGS, Nov. 7 aai 3. LORY O'MORE. Rory O'More.Mr. Barney WiUitmi AN I OUR IN SEVILLE. Mrs. WILLIAMS in EIGHT DIPFEREH1 I HARACTERS. ImEATRE FRANCAIS, No. f><? BruadwtTj. MARDI. g Novembre, 18*s. , 14ene REPRESENTATION D'ABoNNF.MRNT. LE BOI RRKAU DES i H INES, N ?odevill? eo 1 actea. ione par MM. Juignet, Loiret Bertrand. Callot, Leon. Mtad. Adolphe. Leouie, .Vntoiuette. BRUTI s LACHE < Es UL I June par M. F. Mam-teiti, P. Barry, et Mile. L. Chevalier. Ordre du spectacle: I, Brutus; 2. Le Bourraaa. On rorntuenoara A 8 beares moLu J. j rOODs MINSTRELS, No. 4A4 BROADWAY. SELECT NEGRO MINSTRELSY, OPEN EVERY EVENING. Price li ceuta. Coaxuueuae at 7%, AVERIFIED LECTURE will be riven by DOESTICKS, At th* GREAT HALL OF TUP UNION, COOPER INSTITUTE. Oa WEDNESDAY EVENING, Not. '. St bjbct?"PLUCK." Doors open at 6| o'clock. Lecture at X o'sloth. TICKETS ? CENTS. To be had at the principal Music and Bookstores, O K. Chase's Exchange Office. No.* Cooper ?ad at too door BALLOON. BALLOON. BALLOON. INTENSE EXCITEMENT. :io.:;00 PEOPLE HAVE DURING THE PANT WEEK W1T1 RASED THK INFLATION OF THE MONSTER IE RIAL SHIP CITY OP N E W - i ork THE LARGEST BALLOON EVER r ONRTRUCTID, aaaj o.v axaiBirioa at rwa CRYSTAL PALAi E GROI N ds AOth-at. and *tb-av. _ The uae of these grounds having, by a vnt* r'the fommoo t*auncil. been granted tor this gigantic and scientific effort OPEN DAILY FROM 9 AM. To S P. M ADMISSION.? CENTS Family Ticket?, admitting six parsons, SI. SraciaL Noni a.?Arrangements have been made with the Directors of the Sixth jvenue Railroad to run their can every two minutes duriug the day, setting visitors down at the maiu entrance N. B ?Doe Notice will bo airen of the DAY of ASCENSION ROSA BONflEUR" WORKS. TWO GRAND PICTURES. Bv that world renowned artist, with her portrait, painted by hetsell and Dubufe. on exhibition at GOUPIL'SOALLI No. 77a Broadway, corner ol Mas st _ Admission IS rents INTERNATIONAL ART INSTHTTI?N, No. AV4 Broadway, oroer of 4?h-*t . Toer* are added aevssral new Painting* to this moat select Hb hibition. ' 'R*"B tre"u '? a m. to w p. m. Admission j? set ts. AD Picture, are for aale. PENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY. V> or St HII.LER S BIRTH DAT. '?u THURSDAY EVENING, N. ? 8 II MARING will deliver s lecture <WI SCHILLER'S LIFE AND WRITIXi - at (be Braoklva Athnaaum. Laotar* to rnmaawir- at t aVlocg Tl, kets 2.% ,rnti sV h tor sale at the door ?-id at Mr. K.* I '? r g store No. 1 it Allavutio at. w ALLACK'" TWPATKK. FOURTH W KEK FAST MKN ITS ATTRACTION UNDIMINISHED. TO-NIOHT. FAST MKN or Tara OLDEN TIMK. CHARLES II (Klngof Enc'inr!) .Mr. LEVERN JOHN WILMOT ( Karl of Rochester)... LETTER WALLACE la which ho ?nur the ?004 of "Suroc th? CeaUnrta." Groerr V tniert. Dok* oi Bucainghuu.Mr Brougham l.j s.rgtae Muddle, a ?prcuuru <A Uie g?uua Dogberry.. Mr Blake Amen Sj'wvah a Parish Beadle.Mr Wai.-ot Starr rtnottae. a Miser.Mr Dyevt Jeremiah Thrn. hU Mas.Mr Young Pui.-tal.Ie, a atrolling plaeer.. .Mr. PI >yd Balaam, a V'alot to Rochester.Mr. Sloaa J ess in.Mr. C. Ftr?IMi (?ruf} Barney.Mr. (Hirer The Couuteat of Lorelaufh.Mr?. Hoey Lsdy (Jay.Mrs. Sloaa Silvia f-nldeu. an Hrireaa. ward of Star r?-mause-Mist (iarmem Ar.r.t R-h-e.-a.Mr*. Verna? r>ll. Barmaid of The Horns.Mis* Tres? N-w >ven*ry by I?b-rw..od?New Musi*. Mr. Robert Stoapel? Irar.rea by Miss Hsnrard*. To oooclud* with th* Comic Mo?i. al Duality, rail >d OOlNo If b, LUD. Bogrit (a Blind Musician).V- Wi, ??>' Bcr.cer.ib 1a ditto, a little mors ditto).Mr Brougham A powerful and interratiug novelty 1a ta a. live preparation mkVBV* ITALIA. ? T HOPE ( II VPEL. S.-i. TM Bro.iway. Pronennced by critic*, artist a, editor* and tourist* the most laiTaatlng instructive and artistic SKR 1 KS tip PAIN il.NiiS . tar exhibited in Itna ( ity. THIS AFTERNOON alle'sloek- Every e*eolag*t7i u" lock. Adrctasion - '- rants. ( h.ldren 10 rents. RATIONAL ACADEMY of DESIGN, J.1 lOth-st, near Broadway. Re-trruTTerT'ont of the FRENCH AND ENGLISH EXHIBITION. Laal week of page's "venus." Admission 23 cents. RORF.RT < ROFTS Msnag.'. VY I.. SONNTAG'" PICTURE. A DKKAM OK ITALY" (another trinmphant aucceee for American art), is now added to the well-known collection of paintings at the I ! S8ELDORF GALLERT, No. 5t* Broadway Open day and ui Admitaion ? cents HtJRCH* c hi:ai.t of tiii: andes," NOW on EXHIBITION AT THE BTI DIO BUILDING, No. li TF;NTH-ST., between 5th and tith are. Open from laV ttV tat I p. m.. and from 7 to 1'? in the Evening, v ' ?? _J- M.f.'.rRP.. -Tine OUte. _ BTISTS1 MATERIALS.? A CARD.?The il tub*, rfasxl offer* to Artiata and Schools the following, artl olea. at lower prices than any other aatWSS in town. vit. W meataf and Newton'. OUand Wa'er Color *. ( anais. Hpisliea. What man'* l>r*??iug Papers. Hi i Hol Hoard. Sketch Koos* >? I Block*. T, Trs, ir.< Paper aj.d Ca??, K.ttrt BBS Baal? Bruthe*. Pastel Crayon-. nr., Ac. Ala*, Frau ds of erery de? scription, Pa^epsrtouta, Colon d Ltr.d*. ape* and a la.-*;- variety sf Stodiee. W. SC HA US, No. t>29 Broadway. HJants. A L.VDY tlBaitwtu of GOING to CALIFORNIA. J\ sail ,ation to TAXE CHARGE ?f CHILDREN, at as LAIM 'S 1 OMPANION, in ? onaideretlon of her paseer*. Un steeple nabb' refereuce* xiv-n. Addr-aa, tor one wi?k. EMM V. rare of V. B. Palmer. Advertising Agent. Philadelphia^_ Yf)TNti~ls?~bY dtTrtfiiBS b littuiion as Ci >M P.AN'ION to a Lady, or GOVERNESS to Children, or waeJd accept a situation a* HOUSEKEEPER. Satlary no ob jajet Ret-TeD-ea eichauig-d. Call at No. 23 North Moore at., (torn 9 a- m. to 2 p. m. AYERY rr-apfctahlrt fOmM? Protestant Gennas VA i.low. with a bey aeven raafl ? 1 - It nation a* HOUSEKEEPER rr COOK, cither in the city or,- > ,.nry. Ap plv, between (h* hours of V and I o'- lwi, at Not. I I aul It llibu House, 8th at., between Id and tth avn. COrRANO.?A rouriaf Lady, havin? a poworful O and well cultivated vole*, a thuruugh knowledge of masto, and aceuatomed to the Episcopal ?ervic?*, dealres a SITUATION in a church choir. Apply at No. ? Willougbby-et., Brjoklyn. tgj ITI A I l?3T\V?NfED?B7 a napcctablt? Girl, ? aa WET NURSE. Can sire the be.t of referen -e*. Appiy st No. ItC We*t lKth-tt , betweeu tith and 7th av-.. back iu the rear. _ 110 ALL WHOM IT C(LNCEKNS.?WtWrtV . desires to aeoure the aereiee* of an experienced GOV E EN ESS In their tsatllyasay adtlraag EDUCATION, Box No. t.olt, New-York Pott-Ofnec. W'ANTKD? By ? respetrUM? Protoartaat Wottv vv an, a ?ituation as 6rit-< lass cook 1 uuderatanda eookin; in all Ita branches 1 has no ohjectiona to the country; baa the beat city referencea Apply at No. 124 Hh-av., near I2th at. WANTED?By a Lady of 0XfB<aa*BhBS awitiiation ? T asOOVKRNKSM in privat* famUy. I? perfectly competent to teach th* elementary and advanced braaoaaas of a sound English *.loeati<.a. t..g. with Freach, Garmaa aad Mutir. Relerencet eachtuigeX Please add.eia K, Box No. ?.2JM Poat Othce. WANTED?Hy a m-at Girl, who hat lir.-d iti Enjlaiidsev. Mlyoar*, * .it latton aa CIIAMRKRMAI D and LAUNDRESS, or as good PLAIN COOK, WASHER and IRONER; is s good Baker; wage* ?7. Al.o, her Niece a* NURSE and 81 AM - I 111 . take* the entire charg? t?f ? baby from ita birth; wages $6. Call a: No. 216 at. W ANTE 11? ion l>v three Colnre.l Wimifn: TT one as COOK, LAUNDRESS, Of CHAMBERMAID aud LAUNDRESS: on.- aa CHAMBERMAID and WAITEE; out - B' LMSTRESS Nl RSE, CHAMBERMAID, h LADT'I MAID. Apply it No. 7 11th at., near Broadway. AMACHIMS I', ulii> in cn|ial>lc ?.f Imildiiig and running an engine, and who ia a steady and reliable man, flonj the country, wanta employment. A line to A. H. ('., left at the Tribune Orl'ce, for three or ! .ur days, will be attended to; or. after that, address RICHARD, Hartford, Conn. ALL FAMILIES wanriiii? good SERVANTS? German, lri*h, Srotrh, EnglUh, Ac?rail at the IN SHU TE and HOME OFDOMKSTK S, No. LI.N K.leveoth at.. corner of Sixth-av. This extenaive puv-e baa a'.iuuda'ice of civil, capable help to aait all. at moderate wagea. Cuudui.ted by a respectable American la ly. Call and tea. FEMALE IX)Si ESTICS.?HourK'kt-t'pers wishing to engage the beat rlaaa of Domestics, will do well to apply at the SKU 1s0 lto< >Moi th- INDUSTRIAL ASSociATIti.N, No. Mttb-av. Ollis ac.uatcmed to sit in Intelligence Offices not admitted. IADIES in want of good HELD, can be- niiuplit'd J with the heat of SERVANTS at Mra. YORKSTON'S Offlce No. 28 4th av., where gend Help, from all nationt, can be bad or city or country. No dishonest dealing, practised st this office W'A^'fE'O^I^wctable'Meu ?.fkinjr SITUA " Y TIONS ?a Clerk*. Bookkeepers, Salosmen, Teachers Col ledora, Portera, Barkeepers. Ac, should apply at the MKR ( 11 AN PS' ( LF.RKS' REGISTRY OFFK K. No. 7? Broadway. No rommiaaion in advance. Reference to br*t-clas? houses. Ap? plicant* by ir.ail uiuat inclose two stamp*. Employer*. 11 .nil. v.ah help. EaUbii.hed M6. U M. J. REDPA. it. WANTED IM MED I AT E L Y?A f.w psjTMtal ? ? to MAKE COLLECTIONS or a benevolent lajlll bj thl* city. Oocd addr-aa and indisputable reftaiaaoes re<iuirrd. Middie-agwd men pr-i*rred. Only American* need apply. Iu rjuire at the biDle-lioaae. OtF.oe .No. 3y. tiud S /01, eulxance ou ?bat. _ "lyANTED?AGENTS t? m il a m wly pat>tutfd v v Portable Ccpviug Press and Book ; aeiia rea^llly at larga profit*. For part:.uloia addreaa J. E. COOLLY, Pougiikeepsi?, . N?w-York. \\rEAVEKS and MINERS WANTED.?Malt v f aud fomase WEAVERS and male MINERS wanted to go a abort distan. i in the country. Al*o, a man an 1 wife aud a . trga number of girls for brat-class situation*. Kren. h. Geruians and Italian, life . I charge, and their Language* apoken. Appiy at No. U tad It Hible House, oth-sl., between 3d and 4thaw do tohom it filar) Concern. i ssiONMENT.?WM. s |ffj >rse and BDGAB *? W Mnr**, re.!r.po*inj the Arm of MORSE t BROTHER ?1 the City of Naw V oik, have this day made a GENERAL AS SIONMr .sT ?I theii property to CHAM. A- MK1GS. of the m'yo: N-? iork. tor the t^uehl ef their creditor*. A1! per? son* indebted te .aid Mora.- k Brother will aettle th* tame with said Chat. A Mtviga. New-York. Nov. 4. IAS. (Sirnedl VVILLI tM I MORSE (Wgned) HUUARW.MORS | 'ENTRAI. FARK.?Th** Board of ' er. of the t asitial i sjk give notice that. 00 the 12th instant between three and four mile*of the drives of the Park, beiow 72d-at.. will be opened for public uae. Eurance to the Park tor rairisg-s aud equeatriana may be had at the following gatee?at I aag of 59th at. and 5th ev cor n*>;of JSth-st. and eth av., at 5th av. and Tld-tt, and at8th av and "2d at, ThePukUaisoace^ihlafute^aeajL^ 6th aad 7th ?vt and .'est h *t. Penaona riding or driving in the Park will be anmfU to obearve the ordinaticertapeclicg the rate 01 ape*d.-Date 1 New York Nov. s, 1..9. *^ K. M BLATCHFORD, President of the Board ef Comuiiesionera of the Ca-rtl Pirk. _ANDREW H. OREEN. ControUer of the Part. gpITY ..I NEW-Y? >RK?DEPARTMENT of FI V> RAJU Y. ? Braatc or ran Ravtrrrtta or Taxas.?Or rii k or ma Rat tit hk u* Tain.. New t ? rt Houae, NV W ( barnb.r* *t -Naw-Yoaa. Nov. i. 11MJ.? 111 PAR PAYEES -Nut-re is b--r-jv jit-b 1 par rent wLI he s Lle.l on the let ot laeceo.ber on all -.axe* remaining, uupaid. Al.o. that 2 per cent vul oe added on the 1Mb dav ofneceiuSer. 1 o .vo.d ds tentie.n ai.dla ct.wd, tat pavers are requested to caU early this moutn. C'fLr? hau.a from i a m to 2 p, m _ JAMES KELLY Reeeiver of Tatea F, A' HE^*Z. ?*f nphajllll. Maaa., w NOT Js. s^hrnsed. AFTER THIS, to take up anv .?bten,?, a . ou the OBSEKVEK OF FASHIONS, or to collect say money tor it. N*w tork, Nav. 4. luge ' 1 _C. M. PORZELT. No 66 Walksr st. tVLs.siLS.-Who will EXCHANCEMI.VERAIeS ? 'aT* at^tOTat ( *?**>?a'l>roua FotalU! Addres* FOSSIL. Baa No. IIS Tnbuae OfBca. *Z\)amtt for Bneinree ?Un. P*iw^lf?-* WANTED?To t,k- a THIRD B INTERE>Tln a Book aad Statiooery Binding. Printing and ttrttspapet P.slakli.hgoeot iu a west-rn city , oU. w*U pay 104. ind dtdng n.ore buaineaa than two pariie* can attend to. A good haadaeta man. er one undetst^aatntf aaaaa ef the branches - iti ??a tbi. . v.r. .!,.-.?, a-it^ .. fit tarn aattaiiat 1 in outra. farther of A. S. BARNES A BURR. mwmmmrj- *? ABILLIARD and BOWLING IWTABLIsH ME NT !*f SALE?It i. doing ? |<x>? (?Mir?.?-. watch m*T be turrtv loereeaved Rooms IpWIOM; mi mwiM*M | le'ms easy. Apply al No. in Broadway, away Blee. t?r-?t, ap ataira, FR SALE.?A HALF-INTEKEsT in a ur WEE ELT LITERARY PAPER. waU *>rtar>li*be.l a eRy where ibwia no other paper of tu etaes. It ba? ? I*.** rlnroUilon. ud afar d* a meet itcstrabao oppottanity tut pr )M ?hie l|?r<c^l to lay rn. of ltter*ry Ustr. A J L a**, tor fool porticolars. / Y X .Baltimore, Maryland. _ _ ClTt Dssr-BCToa'a Dara*T?**T. New-York. IW a*. VOTICE to d >Y1 RACT1 ?KS.?SEALED il PROPOSALS, directed to " Denies P.. Ilelavea. City In ?p. i lor " and iuJersad with Iba name of the bidder written thereon, and the word* " Propnaela tor th* exclusive right f< r fj?* years to remove ail the night aoil of thia city and for carry Ina away all th? coutenta o' the rfakt and prlvtee." oil! be re oetted at the orK-e of the t ity Inspector. No. 1 Ceotre-at.. uulij the INh day of November l it al lln'flvi, nooa at arhteh time the asm* will bo publicly opened, for the right aad perform aaaaW iav*Ma ? o.-.taiiied tnd~*p*cifa?d ua th* following re?.>ia ti aBl adopted hy the Koa'd al Aldermen. August 1. 1K?. by th* Hoard of I ouoctin.ea. 12, 1*W, and approred hy the Mayor sVpteaiber 20". 1*59. to wit: Resolved. That the I it* Inapector he an.) he ia hereby directed to advertise for proposal* for tha exclusive right for five yean to remove all the night soil of this city, and for carrying sway all i i -iiika and prialea. hoth liquid and solid uiattor t hereof, bevond the jurisdiction of the Police Cocnmisaiooera of this State, without nuisance, under tile foiiowiux restrictions and specifications, to wit: The contractor to proviTe every night ta the year veseela at each and every dock set apart lor that par pose, the aggregate tnnnage of which vessels shall not be lea* than h.'teesjhundred tuns burden, to receive, retaio aad tr sea? port beyond the harbor ail the content* of the scavenger's carte. Stich s easels to be of proper alie to receive said contents at any state of the I Idea, and said vessels to be tight-decked and prapax ly bnlkheadcd. with covered hatchways and tight hatches, which ?ball be closed except between the hours of ten at night and sun rtae In the momim The contractor ahull not use any dumping scow or vessel, nor ?hall he deposit or permit any of the contents to tlow from said vessel into the river within the jurisdiction of the Pilot Com? missioners, nnder the penalty as prescribed by the laws of the State, of one hundred dollars for each and every offense The contractor and las sureties to become bound to bold harmless, and to be lialde to tha corporation, and to all persona interested, including scavengers in the performance of their work, lor any penalty, expense or damage which may arise from the neglect or default of asld contra, tor to furnish proper and siurhcaeut boats at each and every wharf or dock, as above reouirwd. All proposal* or bids received, to be, without delav trtns ndtteu to the Common Council for act ion thereon. The con? tractor will b* required to file aeenrity. by two household*!* or freeholders. In the City of New-Yoik. to the amount of twenty thousand dollar*, for the faithful performance of hia contract. If the contractor shall neglect or refnae to execute hla contract, or to furnish proper and sufficient boats at each aud every dock, to be of the tunnage above mentioned, for said service, withia forty-oiaht houra sftrr notice of the action o! the Common C-.un eil relativ? to the award of said contract to hioi. it will be dc. that said contract has been abandoned, in accordance with section 38 of the amended charter of 1HJ7, and the same ?hall immediately be readvertised and relet. tha difference or loss to the Corporation to he sued for and recovered against the person making default, and bis sureties. The right being hereby reserved to reject anT and all proposals or bid* rece'ved. If deemed to the tntereet of the Corporation. Blank forma of proposals and estimates can bo obtained on application to the i ity Inane, trr 11A NT K.I. E. DEL IVAN, City Inspector. TV (ADIT'\L1STS and OTHERS.?A partr already established in the Sewing Machine buainess (which Is of a pp'tiiehle natiiel is de-lrou? of eiteuding the same, hy forming s STOCK COMPANY. An excellent investment gusr am. i Wim t MAI BIKE, Box No. MR* Pos.-Otrke. ??> a MM ? WIIaL wtj IeOANED fRP sHtwtjM ^P **?? " P\jT\ ", to a party of good reputation, wh* would I've ample aecurity for the money, and ? aalarv te the lender for hia aemcei la thabusiness. A idress elTKRLINO. with real name. Box No. IM Tribun? Office. Uoarb anb tiooma. HOARDING?A delightful location, Broadway and Htb-st.? No. 133 8th st.. opposite Mercantile Library. BOA KD. with superior suites of R< X IMS. tor families : also H,i ens for siugle Oeutlemen. Convenient distance for walking to ousi HM; immediate vi. inity cf principal hotels, amusements, fco.; terms reasonable. Ijnnoi-o to tut. I VJ LET?A 4-ntory HOUSE, on Eaat '21Hh-?t.; J will rent to May 1. wi'h ? privilege of rruting thereafter. Inquire of E. P. M HAD. No. AM 3d av. T 0 LEASE?The UPPER PART of the nve story white marble BITLDINO No. S33 Broadway. .'M^P^ to WILLIAM TAYLOR, No. SM Broedwav, or to J TAYLOR, No. Sbi Broadway TO LET?Wholo of apcoud FLOOR, and part of third, in houae No. 98 We't RM at . containing al) the modem improvements. Good chance lor a small tauiiiy to keep bouse. Inquire on the premises. TO RENT LOW. forth7Wmtvr, or hmayif, if wanred, a neat COTTAGE, in the village af PTuthing, L. I., ? few iniutites'walk from the Railroad Depot. Situation pleas? ant and healthy. Apply to D. 8. WILLIAMS, No. 107 Chain bers-st. VACANT LOT to LEASE?On the north side of Morton at., near Weat-at. The Lot is 25 twt in width by 123 feet in depth. The Lot will be leased from cue to six years. Mi -y to T. MACPARLAN A SON, No. 180 loth at., near tha IJonscs nnb /arms CUiintcir. IVAM I I?, in NEW-VOKK. or RROOKLYN, Ts d PAI TI IR1, or portion o' asxo, with or without power. Address Baa No. -AWl N. V. Pi -t < NRea, I ticol (Set?tc for ?ale. Col M KV BEAT for SAKE itOBANOE, N.J., i et taming from 6 to 2sj acres, on tha mountain side, near to the depot, and ona hour's ride from New-York City. Tha build luga srs of th* first class, new, large, aud in complete order. All the latest iu.provemeuta. and pure, soft spring water introduced throughout. Th* grouiut* are handsomely lai.t out, ornamented with Hees, abrabrsan, aud a fins fountaiu. Fruit in great abund? ance. Apply to l.l'flLOW, PATTON a Co., No. If Wllliaaa-at. CHI RL'H lor SALE.?The 1 irat Univerealirt Society of Brooklyn, wishing to remove to a poaiti at more, within the center ol their parish, utter for SALK their present e.iirii e. at the corner of Monroe-place and Clark-st. It ia a hand? some Gothic Church, '?j hv 75 feet, built of brown stone. For ternia apply to MORRIS REYNOLDS, No. 210 Washington at., or to CALEB BARaTOW, No. 20 Saada-.t. IKTIESS COUNTY FARM for SALE?Tho FARM cf the late Col. Oeorg* V'andarbilt. bM ?eres, on tho Hudson River, lour mile* south *f Po ighxeepsl*. having * river front of nearly half a mil*, laqulx* of S. H. MILLS, No. 192 Chambers at. I|H>R SALE?A baaaiitiliil COTTAGE ?nd FARM, a rea, with t. teneila and Ftrnitura. in a pleasant Til? laga, 19 n.iiea from New York. Possession immediate. _8. EDDY fc Co.. N >. SI Liberty tt, N. T. FOR SALE (>r~EXCHANGE for HOOTS and SHOES, or LEATHER.?The HOI'SK and LOT, No. KM - :l t'.h at., near Sth-at.. WlUiamsburgh. Also, th* handsome RESIDENCE with 2 LOTS, on tha N. W. cornerFgciac st aad aSostrand-av., Brooklyu. Also, a FARM in Iowa. _A. 8. ?.HEHLER N*. 2ir9 Fulton at., Br.oklyo. FASHIONABLE SUMMER HOTEL tiTs \LE. -The BALDWIN HOUSE at Lake Mahopac. ia offered for BALE. Accouimodstea AM gueata, with Stable and Carriage room. Garden in complete order (vegetables and fruits! in all respects. Inquire un the premises, or of J. P. PIRSSON, No. S Wall at. FOR BALE, by S. EDDY A Co., No. SI Liberty at., opposite tha I'oat OtTu?. The following LOTS, that will pay largely as an investment or speculation t Lois on JtL av.. from 3fith at. nortbwvd to Harlem River. LOTS on Madlaou. Lexington. 3d. 4th. and 8th avs. LOTS batween 4th *n ! Sth a?. fgoni 33.1 st. northward. Also, aixentire blocks fronting on and near CENTRAL PARK, and a larg* number of LOT? lu the vicinity of Harlem. If OR SALE?The CHURCH PROPERTY, cor nor of Madison and Gooverueor-sts.; said property cuosiat ing of tO fsst of ground on Oouvenumr-at.. by 57 feet on Madl ?tsi St., BsVsajtbaa/ witba good aubatantial brick edifice thereon; tarch being thoroughly repaired aud pain'ed one yeag ago. For particulara, inquire of T. H. ALLISON, corner of Grand aud Columbia-st?. FOR BALE?TERMS VERY EASY.?A m?w story high atoop Hol II in tttb-at., batween 6th and 7th asa . and near Broadway, with all the modem improvement*, site: 17x30. Apply te ANDKbW LESTER 4 Co. _No. 10J Chamber? st, I,X?R SALE or EXCHANGE.? M~I L L ? H DW1 I LINO HODBB8, with i?J0 acres of good Land and ritenaive Water Power: 80 miles from the City of New-York. Also, 400acres Wooo snd. I. M. MILLER. No. 28 Pine-at. I^OR SALE or EXCHANGE-for Hardware? a FARM, beautifully situated at Morriatown, N. J. Com? fortable dwelling, good outbuilding and fences, with a ehoi -e variety of fruits 4r. For particulars, iuquire of JOHN AN N E No. 4if Montgomery-st, Jersey City. FOR SALE?The :i-st<?ry and Itaavrnfut hrown atoae HOUSE, No. Ill Lawreu e-aL. Brooklyn, second d.or rrom Fulton av.; contains 1J rooms, with ali the modern Improvements; will be sold cheap; part can remain. Appfy to C. A. PEASE b Co.. No. 3ta Broadway. FOR SALE at POTGHKEEPSIE?A T-rr da airsbU RESIDENCE, in a good, healthy situa.csx. a.ra manding a lue view of the Hud*oa. aad couuining al the ad vantages of town aad country ; lot lot) by 230 feet, fronting oa MM Liberty-at. | well sapplsrd witb choice fruit and ante mental Wee*, boas* 43 by S| feet well built, capitally arranged, and witb all the modern conveniences; Tenant liouae m the roar. For rurtUr perticuiar.. .opj. t(J MARY SMART, oa rbe pr.misea. cr to JOHN W. MASON, No. 6* Pine at., N. Y. TOR SALE or EXCHANGE, lor CITY PROP -R ERTY?A r ARM in t heraung County. 44 miles from El mi-a. on tke N*w York and Erie lUiiroad. containing It* aero* all improved, except abent 40 acres, which ia oovered with tim? ber, the building* are ample, and in good repair; dweRlag. bouse new md worth at least ?2.000. The stock and fartaaaw Blenails w 11 be sold with Iba land if required an.) posasjasioa Eivon at otate Inqoire of T. P. WAY. No. It YYaaAirigtea Mat ?4. or ot W. B. OAKLEY, ou the pramiae*. LO'TS for HALE.?36 IaOt* ou Broadway Mow Stfth-at. to Lots on Broadway, between 39th and Satk-sas. 7 Lots ca 44th-*4.. west of Jth-av. 10 Lots on tath-st., east of Mad.son-av. 2 Lota oa STtb-st., between Mh and 7th ava. l?i Lota on loth-ev . and Steh-at. T Lota on list st., between 3d and 4th ava. 4 Lota oa tath-st . west of eth-av 2 Lota 29x140 each ot, tlat st.. near Madison sv. 1 Lots to Mth at, 120 feat weat or Broadway BP_ R. G. PIERCE, No- lsVilRam.,*. PlrS5 SALK in ALL SOULS CilURCTI, ..Vf* *)i *** olthf b"t "> the church i foar .ittiag* ; wt,I be ao.d tt a low price to an Immediate purchaser PoItG?cT' U ^ f<* Addres. HotSf, | & CHARLES H. SHAW & e?., AVCTIONKKS* AND LAND AOlvwTB, N? 17 IW at . iw TVrd-st.. St. Latets, Ms., Oive ira>-uJ etient tou t* lew I I^atinu of mcoey C?l lection* sal liana* deajsh.* WILD I 8ALK. . , _ 84 Lonla RaraaawCM (by swrtulseisa): Charles Tillrusu, seq.. J**- E Yeetmaa. esq . Derby h Daw, S.*mtl A Muoa, F. O. Ptarte*. M. D. W?. L. ceees, mm\. t'Mid. Prwtt ti Ca., Aaaiertoa A WeUaat, i raifd-aA. UHNa, Km aad I'u.-W of Real RvssBtv*. ma aad f ..*, re t tar-in a, afld bars at aad CVLTITXT8D L.VNaW far Jnetrnction. T PAIN E'S Wntin? and Bookkivpir??, Aotvt. No. 63 Howery, eats. Caaal-at., N- V.. aa I Na lag Pat lous~"Brockira. Msdetsta receive I avaataa 7* iMiaaa aa Writing and AnihV or BooaUeepuig t'eastern* un.lmlted) tat Bath, I^avJtesW riling Lataaaa ta private roouta * t. 16 Uaaaoaa A MEN IA SEMINARY, Atnwiia, l>uto*w*M Ott.? J\ New-York -Tb* Rev. D OAOK. A. M.. Priaetpot. Wats. cleat ROARDIN'O SCHOOL for both aaxea. Tttrata lew. Ott etilen aeat upon application. BOOKKEEPING. BUSINESS WRITING, ARITHMETIC-Mr. DOLBKAR. No <x? BrotJtraf. sriveepnvsteleeeoneto prepare feotlamea sxractb aUy for baak net*. Mr. D. eng**** to remove eliflaea* or trembling freta aa/ hand. Private hweoaa, full Course, SIR Pahiic Has at, BM. Two #10 seats vacant. _ (^OOPE RSTOW N "SEMINARY. J At COOPKRSTOWN, ft. T. Tt^tae^Kce?.!!,?^ V " 17KKNCH PROTESTANT BOARDING tvatj ? DAY 84 HOOL for YOUNG LADIES. No. ? Waat leak et.-Mi. LK\ KKETT will reopen hot School for the ? i lie year on WEDNESDAY, Sept U A ponctua) attesjdaaste of the pupils is perttoulery requested. Application may be otsvie to Mrs. L . personally ot by let tar. at Cue aheve address._ IRVING RS\STITLTE7t?RRiT0WN, If. T.? A BoardituT School 'or HOYS The Forty fourth serni aaaatat session will commence oa WEDNESDAY, Nor 1 t tried tea mar be obtained of W. W. ROSE No. tie) Cedar-st. and of 3. P. YORK, No 7? Murray St., N. Y.| also, by applying to the Pent cipaL D I ROWK. M. A. JO II N~~ y A ('Ml' L I. E V '9 CLASMCAI* FRENCH aad KNOLISH SCHOOL. Na tun Uroadwan. corner of ?Vh et., reopenton MONDAY. Sept- ? Miss SARAH BEDOWICK (forrue-rly of 9th st j coudaot* the Prisaary Da pertment with her weil known ability l it.'ulars at ( rewea'e. No. ??; Christera'a. No. TS?, and l.ockweed'a. No. 411 thread way. Arrangement, made for Boarder*. JOHN MAC MILLEN takua thm opportunity of ttatiiif that, iu consequence of the Primary and Junior Do. uartment* of hi* School being full, he eaa recelr* no mere pwpS* in tlio.e Jepartmenta The names of applicants will, however, he regiatered in the order of application aad nor:, .. .. n: in that order of auy vacancies that may occur. There are sttli twe ve. fancies In the Senior Department. Tlio.e par*e>. or gutrdtttaa w 1: i n ay wi.h their tont or wards to accompany htat iu hit saaa mar tour of three mouths to Europe ate requested to seud la their name* at their rarlieat convenience ia order that a prrpeat tory course of reading may be pcinted out Term* *Juu. MOI'NT WASHINGTON COLLE?IAT1 imstitu rs, No. 21ft tth it. (corner of Macdougal-et), on Washkuetea tquire Measra. CLARKE Ii F ANN I NU. Patvciraia. Male pupil* of all aces are received aad instructed at tat branches preparatory to biiaiue** or oollege R. GEO. C7ANTHON " ? LASSM AL, FRENCH ?nd ?NOUSH ScllOOt*, (with tavmnasium under Speei.l I'ea. her), No T.l Uroadway, corner ot lith at., reopent Sapt. 5. ( Ii ultra with fisll deiaaW rn-eierne*, and roll of Scholar*, at RAVOOI.IMI'Na m Broadway, at ( H R ISTER.N S, No. 7?3 Broadway, st Na MS 2d tv , and at the School. There is a Departmeut tor boys trass 6 to a years old. ARSH 8 C< )ENTIN(e-ROOMM, Pat Practice and Inatruction la BOOKKKKP1NO AND Ht -INK'S AFFAIRS. No. 341 Hroadway. Applaton's Bud.ling. Clrculart with full particular* on application. MARSH'S COMPT.KTK WORKS, new and beaotiftd edj lions, printed in colors, for sals. NORWICH COLLEGIATE-SCH0Cm7-^? Winter Seeslon of this Boarding .School for Bovt besla* aa the 2d of November. Its apecial advantages comprise a delight? ful location, pleasant accommodation*, and first class educartastal arrangement*. Terms, ?> in per quarter. For circulars, A o.. aaV drea, the Principal, the Rev. J. A. SAXTON, Norwich. Cona. I>ARKER tt BERTHET? SCHOOL. No. 81 R East 21at-st., coraer of Broadway, wfl reopen Sept, t*. Pupil* are prepared for college and'be counting houe*. Ail the modern languagsa are taught by native profeesors, aad motte department French is alwayt spokea. There ia a primary de? partment under an einertencaM femal* teacher, t uoatlsn at Lockwood k Son'* Bookstore. No. til Broadway. Dr. B I. K i ll ET, in accordance with the wishes of msat of his Cornier pupils, will rawume bia private lesson snd adak rlasae* ki Krem h after t o'oiock In the evening. For term* en ply at th?i School Rooms._ M K. E. I. THE WINTER TERM of the ROt ELAND KKMALB INSTITUTE, at Nynck, on the Hudson, will r< mmenee Nov. M. For aduiuvaioo, or circulars cou*aiuiug full par-i. ulars, addre-ta ta D. k C. F. MANSFIELD. Principeia. rp?TRYTOVVN INS 1 1 1 1 'TE.?Cirrnlan ?iTin? I particular* can bs obtained at E. OOODENOl i?H'S Book ?ters. lUNaaaaa-a*.. N. Y. oroi A. NEWMAN, A- M., PriaoipaU UNIVERSITY (?rnmniar-SchiMii r*-*?i?**Ti.-*l iteEri. mary. Commercial and Classical Departments, Sept. 13. Far Circulars call oa the Janitor, laaas Ferris. Chsuoellor C nivurslty. m\ I . l*a PER VE AR.-Superb brick binMnioa ')? I " '*9 tor ladies and gentlemen. The heat, eheape.t. aad best sustained HO AR Dl.NO SEMINARY in the.state la FORT EDWARD INSTITUTE," N. V., the Rev. Joseph K. King, A. M , Principal. Winter term. De.:. 1. Bead for a catalogue. 5 I SQUARES the billa ol a BOY at K. W. *IP 1 ? BE( Kwnu s SCHOOL,aatatMlialatina.tX, for tve months ftom Nov. 1. The ?ccouc:iodsliona are liberal? on the hotel principle?improved on all othera In every reepeetj and boy* have learned here that became discouraged elaewbere. I^HOOL FimTTURE.?M..ilt?ni atyle of ? ' S< IIUOI. KI R.MTI UK. msn.ifa. and f .r -M.E by N. JOHNSON, No. 490 Hudson at.. N. Y. lUuatratod CircaUars i.rwarded. on appllcatlnn. by mall or otherwise. Danring l?ca?cmic?. ADODWORTH" DANCING ACADEMIES, a No. 806 Broadway, New York, No 137 Montague-pleoe. Brooklyn. MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, TUESDAYS and FRIDYAB in Brooklyu. WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS, in N-w York CLASSES OPEN AT ALL TIMES KOR HEOINNBRS. Quarter commences from the brat lesson taken. Private Class for Ladies at 11 a m. Seventh edition ef Dad worth's work on Dancing, and for the use of bis pupils, just kt t usd. Private, Family, or School Classes attended. Cireulaxa at either Academy. toebbing Carba, iVotefl, &t. WEDDING CARDS^fOTES, Jkc?At EVF.K DELL'S, No 202 Broadway, corner Dnantva^-Weddassj Notea, t arda, Envelope*, ax., Die most elegant In the city , stv tablubed 1*40._ AT EVERDELL?, No. W Broad way.-Spoci mene of WEDDING N(/1'ES, reosotly stecuted. of Churches in New-York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Hoetoa, eagraved in the highest atyle of the art. Orders seat by express to any part of the country. T EVERDELL"*?Elegant SATIN TIE, for . Wedding Cards. Call and ase. Broadway, cor. Dusts . ?*. ^botTtioing eigener). JOHN HOOPER A Co.'" CITY k COUNTRY ADV ? KT ISIN QAQ kt N CY, No. 41 Park row, New York, TIMES BUILDING. Liberal arrangement* will he made with ADVERTISERS, and their favors ptomptly inaertad in any NEWSPAPER eulAiaaVes1 in the UNITED STATES or CANADA, at the puU..i eW Unr? est ?sah prices. iteierenc* la mads to Messrs. HORACE ORKELET k Ca - Stiitioncrn anb Seinen (5oob?. BARD BROTHERS cV Co., Man.ilart.irHia d fMILD PENS. PEN aad PENCIL CASES, No. 21 Matidaer larie. New-York. Mauefaotory, Brooklyn, Conn. Oold Pea* repaired or exuhanged. SPORTSMEN and GENTLEMEN of Um ARMV snd NAV'T?B. k B. SOLOMONS, Optician*. No. *? Alee marie at., Piccadilly, opposite the York Hotel, London, England. Portability combined with great power in the Field. RacseCourtsa, Opera and geuerai out-door day and night powerful .waistcoat pocket Pertpeetive Glasses, weighing only .'our ounces each, ooa tsinlng 12 and 111 lease*, constructed of Oerrnsn guvss; will the* diatinctly a person, to know him, at 3tj aad t miles. They seres every purpose on the K*n* Coarse and st the Opera Fleas*. Country scenery and ship, are clearly seen at 8 to 10 miles. Thaf are also invaluable for Shooting. Deerstalking and Ytyhtieg. Her 1 Majesty's Coast Guards are making nse of them aa day and night v glasses. The most powerful and brilliant Tcieacoa**. posaining sueh extraordinary power that toms :t*, Inchss, with an extra ** trooomical eye-pieee. will a how diatinctly Jupiter's moons. StsV ara's rings, and the doable stars With the sarae Tslsstn*' ? Parson can be aeen aad known .''.$ mile* distant, aad an object from It to 16 mile*. AH the above can he bad of larger snd si tlzes with iucressing powers, and are secured by her Majesty*' Royal Lett rs Patent Sent by axpres* or post. SL?TE & JANES, STATIONERS. PRINTERS, and BLANK-BOOK MAS I FACTI RERS. No. W Fulton St. Ordera reapectfully a<>laow*s. P rinting. AT WM. EVERDELL A SONS, No. 104 Fal ton-st ? Wedding, Viaitiag aad Busin*** Card Engravers Stationer*, Steam Job Printars, I ilhiajapk u . and Lahe] Mswae acturera._ AT WM. EVERDELL & SONS, Woddtn? ?3 Malting Cards. Church and At Home Notes, Kuvoleyes. he Not* Paper and Fluvelopee .tamped with plain or cniormt tuttiala. CHIP CARDS, new style*. No 10* Fulton-*., N. T. CARDS, CIRCULARS, POSTERS, and ?r??7 daactlptloo of JOB PRINTING, in good etyl*. at low |*rigas for CASH, at FH AIR k Co.'a No. 22 Beek man *t. rlREE SECOND-HAND SAFES Air SALE, WILDEB'S aad HERRING'S PATENTS. Also, oa* largs-aiaed Jeweler'. Seie. st Ne. M IWdsa bioa

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