Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 30
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 30

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 30
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30 Selwbuffl Rwitfw-Mail, Golatbura III. Wadnwday. July 25, 1973. wyovr Deir Petty, .W« awe* to ttris •Hgtotftood 13 ytm if» ttd itvtctf fttfig*wfemesodii ^WM* *Ht wtt gnit . P*P ViciBt »«• «n aftotd at ttut thae. Ott tawlijr but .pony staked art, it* we ctrrttd wtt* tt* Nk* gms for It t6 eft and competed to He owner*. W .J" d to get the law to do something aboat tfafs, aid POW —riwn net on. Y M see, everyone oat here Is related, etdadlai me aid our newest neighbor, who has (rids that play with the related ones... so what's the difference? I have made this a nice, quiet place to live. I have police out when I need help. I am the only one who tries to do what's right. I was told the other day that the neighbors were talk* Ing about me, and 1 found oat that one of them said I was a reformed alcoholic. The one who told that really is one. I know who did it but to prove it is something else. We are two good, honest, God-fearing people. I have proof this story they are telling Is not true. I will sorely sue this person if I can ever get proof of the vicious lie he told, and I will, too. Let them think what they want. I know, and they don't. What should 1 do? Let them think this of me, or just Ignore the poor, helpless ones? We come home Sunday to see washings on the line and mowing being done just like it wasn't a sacred day. That's their business, bat when this sick-minded persoo) tells a big lie, that's when I make it my business. You All Know Who Dear You, By making a big issue out of a lie, you only serve to make it more noticeable. If you have lived in your neighborhood for 13 years, don't you think most of your neighbors know a bit about your background? It does sound to me like you may be a bit hypercritical of those who live around you and what they choose to do in their own .homes arid yards. You'll find you can't set yourself up as judge and jury for your neighbors without arousing some animosity. I suggest you make an effort to overlook this rumor and try to live and let live in such a manner that you will bring only admiration—not animosity. Dear Penny, Is there a service club that sponsors a bos to the Illinois State Fair for a nominal (not free) fee for families who could not otherwise go to the fair for a day? Thanks Dear Thanks, I do not know of any such service, but I am sure if there is one, someone will let us know. Dear Penny, I wonder how many people saw a story in the Peoria paper July 11 that said that Knox County had 62 per cent cardiovascular death rate—much higher than the national average. I guess everyone knows nerves and tension play a big part in heart attacks. Also, since Knox County residents pay VERY high taxes compared to some other counties. I wonder if this a a contributing factor? You should be around when my husband gets our tax notices and finds out they've raised it AGAIN' I recall that back in Bible times, tax collectors were among the hated! I imagine more than one person will agree with me on this matter. Mrs. M. S. Dear Mrs. M. S., If you want to list things that aggravate, I have a hunch that the list will be longer than you care to read, including husbands, wives, bosses, workers, food prices, doctors who keep you waiting, traffic on North Henderson Street, mail delivery .. . how long do you want me to go on? People in today's society expect services from their government. You have to pay for the things you no longer want to do for yourself. It's, as simple as that, and if you're going to let yourself be driven up the wall by everything that comes down the pike, you'd better keep a long ladder handy. Thinking of you .. . Penny ByPHELNfiWSOM UPt Fcrelgn News Analyst Atrocity charges against the Pnrtaguee* In Mozambique have brought new pressures on Portugal to alter its policies in Africa and i split in the ranks of the Roman cathode with more direct tiesjo Lisbon. In general, the charges are supported by Catholic missionaries reporting directly to the Vatican and either denied or ignored by priests with more direct ties to Lisbon. Send your questions to Penny, to care of the Galesburg Rerister -MaU. Penny will answer all letters to which a Snal reply is desired. As many letter, as space permits will be ased in this column. In Puerto Rico Age ncy Attacks Problems Drug By MARGARET HYMAN SAN JUAN, P.R. (UPI) Puerto Rico now has a cabinet level department to deal with the persistent problem of drug addiction, which, according to some local authorities, afflicts one of every 250 residents of this U.S. associated Caribbean island. The new Department of Anti- Addiction Services is headed by a 31*year-old lawyer, Rafael Santos del Valle, who left his post as assistant secretary of justice to take the new job. Others Fail The decision by Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon and the Puerto Rican legislature to Because of the enormity of the problem, the island has attracted a number of tested and experimental programs aimed at rehabilitation of addicts, including *he CREA homes and the methadone program. The problem of addiction in Puerto Rico is a relatively new phenomenon. Through the 1960s the statis tics soared, with Courts Ad ministrator Filiberto Santiago testifying to the legislature in 1970 that on that particular day, the courts had 2,889 drug cases under consideration. Few Get Help Desnite a multitude of establish a dmgoombatting rehabilitation programs, num- aperation at the cabinet level benng aarund 20 in all, reflects the tenacity of a ; authorities estimate that fewer probiem which so far has[than 10.000 addicts are reeeiv resisted a great number of .ing help. Meanwhile, other government and police private r ep\) r t "<jrug raids almost weekly in which anywhere from five to SO persons might be apprehended. Santos del Valle, who becomes the youngest member of the Hernandez Colon cabinet (the governor himself is 36 years old), will have a budget of about $5.2 million. efforts to control it. While authorities say it is impossible to cite an accurate figure on the number of addicts in Puerto Rico because most of them never come to official attention, they have estimated the total could be 100,000 of the island's 2.7 million inhabitants. ¥. has bsen estimated that 75 to 80 per cent of the prisoners inj Slipcovers will last longer if the state penitentiary are drug-you have extra slip-on arms addicts. . I made of the same material- uese* Foreign News Commentary Relations between Roman Catholic Portugal and the Vatican cooled in 1970 when Pope Paul VI granted an audience (6 free leaders of Portuguese African resistance Ittovefnents. The latest upsurge in criticism originated in\ a report published by the London Times under the by-line of the Rev. Adrian Hasting!, a Roman Catholic priest citing second* hand reports he obtained from missionary priests hi Madrid. He since has placed the game report before the 24-nation decolonization committee of the United Nations. The committee has aUtftd Portugal to permit an impartial kwtatajatton of «ie report, a request ine Portuguese are expected to reject, they already have promised en investigation of their own. The report accused the Portuguese of the massacre of 400 villagers at a village called Wiriyamu in the province of fete last December. The Hastings report, apparently timed to coincide with a visit to Britain by Portuguese Premier t MarcetIo Caetana, brought instant reaction from Britain's opposition parties Labor party leader Harold Wilson, in en action endorsed by the Liberals, roae in commons to denounce this "obscene savagery" and to demand cancellation of the Caetana visit. The Portuguese flatly denied the charge and added that the village did not appear even on detailed maps of the area. The Bishop of fete was said to support the Portuguese. Reports of atrocities in Portugal's ^termination to retain her African provinces against black African nationalists are not new and have been M -4 ^ _ ^ j Li 4I^A flL ^uaiiJt^UikA J* Alfa piaceo at me uuorateps ot coin the Portuguese and the Africans in the nearly 10 yean of fighting. Many of these reports have come from the missionaries of Africa, kfwwii as the white fathers, an order with 3,000 priests in Africa which announced its Withdrawal from Mozambique in May, 1991. Other accusations against the Portuguese have been brought by The World Alliance of Ketormeii vnurcnes, a letera* tion of Presbyterian dtufthes headquartered in Gentvl, The Albance asked an international investigation after the arrest ana reported suraae ot roe president of the Mozambique Presbyterian church Synod. report prepares tor tne united Nations Human Rights Commission has accused the Portuguese of . the savage torture of African guerrillas. "...Wives are raped hi their presence and killed." the report said. "Aged parents are tortured and murdered and their flesh is offered as food..." COPYRIGHT*' 1973 By Eagle Stores. All Rights Reserved. n eagle DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS Compare Eagle Low Meat Prices Compare Eagle Low Meat Prices BRILLIANT SALAD SIZE Cooked Shrimp 8 oz. Pkg. USOA GRADE A NO PARTS MISSING 4 to 5 LB. SIZES Young Duckling 83° Lb. BONELESS 4 — FISHERMAN Perch Fillet Ocean 79 1 Lb. Pkg. OSCAR MAYER ALL BEEF OR All Meat Wieners 1 Lb. Pkg. 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