The Bristol Daily Courier from Bristol, Pennsylvania on June 9, 1964 · Page 24
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The Bristol Daily Courier from Bristol, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Bristol, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1964
Page 24
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£\\\\m\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\m JUNIOR ftp OD TEH - CLUb - R*gisl»rvj U.S. Patent Office ^ 1 I ^\\\m\m\\\\\\\\m\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\w^^ MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavalli I The Junior Reporter Club A National Newspaper Journalism Club for Activ« Young Americans Don C. Hayman — Club Editor Associate Editors Sonny Rittler Bill Solt, Jr. Rick Croushoie COURIER and TIMES LEVITTOWN, PA. ROUTE 13 TODAY'S ACTIVE REPORTERS Stories have been received within the past few days from each of the following Junior Reporters. If your name appears in this list he sure to cut it out and paste it on the back of your Press Card. When you have ten names or more on the back of your card send it in and you will be eligible to receive a special STAR Reporter Card. Watch for the stories of these active reporters to appear in the club section within the next few days: TOM NASTA ....Kenwood KIRSTA CASPERITE ........ Whitewood RICA DUFFUS .Langhorne MARIE LAMARTINE ....... Birch Valley NANCY MANKOVICH ........ Levittown RICHARD EISENBERG .. Pinewood CAROL RUBIN ................... Highland Park JOANNE GAVIN Levittown KATHLEEN DOUGHERTY Levittown DEBBIE FOX ....................... Highland Park BARBARA JEAN Me ......... NICKLE .... Southampton JOE ORR ..........Langhorne JOANNE SERVANTI .......... Andalusia KATHLEEN EVEHK ........ Bristol NANCY PARRISH .............. Deep Dale PATRICIA MITCHELL ... Andalusia LINDA KSYNIAK . Bristol LINDA COKOS . Junewood Well if you haven’t you’ve missed something. I have been going and coming to and from Philadelphia aboard the Trenton Local for al! most two years. About four months ago I met four of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known. First I met Freddie (he always comes back with me.) He lives in Croydon. He is my favorite of all four. I like him as much as I would my grandfather, but the reason I really like him is because he is always so full of fun. Next I met Charlie, my second favorite. He is a great guy. To me he is like one of my teenage friends (he is middleaged). He’s always smiling, I like this one because he is so friendly. He understands me and talks to me about things I understand and enjoy talking about. He is simply great. And last but not least are Bill and Johnny. Bill is the sneaky one, he is always teasing me and Charlie. The way he talks, I think he is a baseball fan. He is one guy I don’t mind giving my ticket to I think he is the youngest of the two. He is a lot of fun and he is even cute. Charlie calls him the Playboy. And then there is Johnny. I saved him for last because he is special and this story will have to end with a special ending. I think that Johnny is older than Bill but he is cuter. He is a happy-go-lucky guy. He is always happy, I’ve never seen him sad. He is not like Bill, because Bill is serious sometimes. I think that without Johnny, Bill, and Charlie my Saturdays would be very lonesome. Today there are more than 30,000. In 1956 he married Miriam Uniman, “Miss Philadelphia” at that time. Samuel, his son, was born on Dec. 23, 1958. He has the highest night time (6 to 10 p.m.) ratings in radio history. He is happy in his current WIBG diggings. In the last 2 years, he has received more than 75 awards. His favorite . . . The Hy Lit Delaware Valley Teenage Mercy Chapter of the City of Hope. The thousands of dollars he has collected resulted in the purchase of a hospital ward for handicapped teenagers and is helping in the fight against cancer and heart diseases. His hobbies are cars but his main interest is in teenagers, their problems and how he can work them out. No wonder Hy’s top with everybody. By THE EGG PATRICIA MITCHELL Andalusia Carrier Corner NEWS BY-FROM and ABOUT OUR CARRIER BOYS “ONE MORE DAY” left to the 1964 WORLD’S FAIR TRIP. Plenty of last minute winners and a lot of boys who are close to winning. Guess we have a lot of “late starters.” Trip will be held two weeks from today. ARCHIE By Montana DISC JOCKEY OF THE MONTH Bv P. YOUNG AT HEART By ADA MALDONADO Bristol Have you ever been aboard the Trenton Local train? No? ALICE T Levittown He’s tall, handsome and the absolute idol of WIBG listeners. His warm, friendly personality reaches out across the air waves into millions of homes . . . His name . . . Hy Lit. Hy Lit is Philadelphia’s no. 1 citizen . . . no. 1 Disc Jockey . . . no. 1 Great Human Being. He is callled Hyski by teenagers everywhere and even adults call him Hyski. But let’s start the Hy Lit story from May 20, 1935 . . , date of birth place . . . Good old Philadelphia. In school he excelled in sports and was offered a contract by the Cincinnati Reds. He was torn between a basebal or a radio career. It was in 1954 when he got his 1st radio station job. With station WHAT. In no time at all. he had over 15.000 members in his fan club. SWEETIE PIE By Seltzer MW. , *s • 6-9 • W4WNU w. YSTlt*. US. Nt. 0«. rji a “Pop put ¡n the two-car garage so Mom can put the car i(Si i’ne garage insieau of through ¡¿I*’ — Once upon a time there was a bird and her name was Pig- pon. She had a nice brother named Pogpin. One day Pigpon went to her boy friends house to talk to him in bird english. While Pigpon was at her boyfriends, her brother was at his girl friends. They all talked for a long time and then went home. On the way home Pigpon saw an egg on the ground. She picked it up and took it home with her. When she got home she sat on it. She sat and sat and sat on it. Meanwhile a elephant named Ziz walked up to the bird and said, “Do you know if someone took an egg off of the road?” I was baby sitting for its mother.” “If you find it please give it to me.” Then the elephant went home. At the same moment that all of this was taking place the egg was beginning to crack. Then Pigpon looked inside and a bird elephant Pigpon came out. The mother of the egg had been a snake and the elephant and pigpon were both baby sitters. The little snake had ears like an elephant and a face like Pigpon’s and all of the rest was like mother snake. Now Pigpon was mad, so she got up. went to the elephant and said that she had the egg all of the time. It looks like all of us. Pigpon said, “Go get the snake.” The elephant got the snake and they all looked at the thing. The smake said it would be yours yours, and mine. So now if you want to go and see the mixed creature you will see the snake rocking the baby and the bird feeding the baby and the elephant holding the baby. DISNEYLAND Sent In By LAURI NEIBURG Magnolia Hill If 1 went to Disneyland I’d see a sight that would please I’d go see cartoons, and carry balloons And go see the flying trapeze. If I went to Disneyland I’d see clowns galore. I’d go on swings and lots of things And there would still be more. If 1 went to Dinseyland I’d eat popcorn and candy, And everything that we’d do, Would be just simply dandy. JOHN BRENT (695) of Deep Dale would like to thank his buddy AL McCUNE (673) for doing his route for him while John had a broken wrist. A1 is doing both routes and doing a fine job on both of them. Nice going Al. We hear that District Eight has an “Isaac Walton” out in Nottingham, when FRANK PEATROSS (S76) is taking good care of his route he is taking good care of fishing. A real champion fisherman. Those new “lock-type” rings are going over big. A few of the District Managers were caught off base and didn’t have them last Saturday but they will this week. They cost 20c and your cards can’t possibly fall off. Yes we still have the old rings at 10c too if you want them. SCOTT HILLMAN (337), our Lakeside fireball, and the first winner of the World’s Fair Trip in Levittown, brought in another new start last Saturday. Scotty is now working on winning the trip for his buddy and with his energy and pleasant smile we’re sure V’ll make it. C.B. & HAM HEADQUARTERS TREVOSE T.V. ELECTRONICS COMPLETE STOCK MICROPHONES & XTALS ANTENAS, BEAMS & ROTORS CO AX CABLE Bring In Your C.B.-Set For A Free Frequency Check & Power Measurement EL-7-1400 SK-7-5300 FAMILY SWIM C1UB EVERY WEEKEND AND EVERY EVENING $50.00 FOR A FAMILY OF SIX ADVENTURELAND DAY CAMP HULMEVILLE ROAD AT THE NESHAMINY CREEK . . . Wl 5-8620 NANCY By Ernie Bushmiller I’VE DECIDED TO HAVE BREAKFAST IN BED TOMORROW MORNING Out in Langhorne is a young man named JOHN SCOTT (719) and we understand by the grapevine that a cute girl is waiting to meet him at the World’s Fair two weeks from today. She’s talked her folks into taking her on that day so she can “accidently” bump into him up there. Even he doesn’t know about it yet. WELCOME to the following group of boys who have just taken over Courier - Times routes. Best of luck and great success boys: Rt. No. Name Area served 202 William Wright Dogwood 217 Steven Lautenbacker Junewood 233 Louis Ottey Stoneybrook Bernard Crowley Crabtree 269 272 304 617 630 674 716 Wayne Cook Gary Burk Ray Moretti Hollyhill Thornridge Blueridge Michael Tedesco Indian Creek Ralph Eckard Highland Park Michael Kulchitski Langhorne S50 William Acker Cornwells Heights CROSSWORD PUZZLE JUNE 8 thru 13 MON • thru SAT. FREE ZOO! Rid* Th* ELEPHANT TRAIN! * • DORFAY \ SHOWS AT 4:00, 7:00 & 9:00 P.M. Levittown- CIRCUS /Child. 35c Adults 70c Rescue Squad! Levittown ‘Shop-A-Rama’ WHERE ROUTE *13 CROSSES THE PARKWAY ACROSS 1-Unit of Siamese currency 4-Second President 9- Mature 'tf- Capuchin monkey 13-Citrus fruit 14-Ordinance 15-Province in India 17- Marine reptile 19- Employa ci-Krocceo 22- Projecting tooth 25- National Education Association tabbr.) 27.Girl's name 31-Seed container 32-Runs away in panic 34-Pronoun 35-Old French com 36- Relative (colloq.) 37- Exclamation 38-Make merry 41 -Compass point 42- Paradise 43- Before 44-War god 45-Compass point 47-Stumble 49-Stick 53-Speckled 57-Reverence 58-Pick out 60- Devoured 61-Condensed moisture 62-Shuts noisily 63- Man’s nickname DOWN * * oc>«a ke 2-Greek letter 3- Metal 4-Word of sorrow • -Certificate issued as evidence of debt 6-Part of “to be" 7-Witty remark 8-Comfortable 9-In music, high 10-Female (colloq.) 11 -Female sheep 16- Pitcher 18-Parts in play 20-0cean 22-Condiment 23- Famed 24.Paid notice 26- City In The Netherlands 28- Hypothetical force 29-Rent 30- Resi -Hie 32-Cry 33- Baker's product 35- Feeling 39-French article 40- Skill flSTEROAY'S ANSW6RS 41-Teutonic deity 44- Likely 46-Units of energy 48- Electrified particle« 49-Uncouth person 50-Be in debt 51-Cut 52-Cloth measure 54-Youngster 55-Greek letter 56- Lair 59- Babylonian deity 1 23 vT 4 5 6 7 8 i 9 10 11 12 §§ 13 14 15 16 17 18 & K? 19 20 21 i $ :<«:■ 22 23 24 25 26 h: 2> 28 29 30 31 gx 32 33 34 35 jó 1 5 37 38 39 40 §jjj 41 42 & 43 44 ÍS i 45 46 S;j 47 48 49 5051 wu 53 « » * m V w> r t 57 58 59 NÿSjôû 61 ti 63 “I’m taking your advice about working for my spending money. All I need is dough for a power mower and " expense money till I get started!” “I think handkerchiefs make the ideal gift. They always fit!” Follow Your Favorite Comics Daily

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