The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1956 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1956
Page 10
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WHERE TO GO WHAT TO DO 4-AlgonB (lo.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, March 13, 1956 Orville Wicks Harvey Rath Andrew Shell Forrest McClure Maurice Kruckenberg Vaughri M. Brown i k r. Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Double Program Sunday - Monday "Ransom" At Algona presents • THREE I And Introducirn Screw HIV by RICHARD MURPHY hud on tin Nnr Yorker nuinini id 2nd HIT Action Galore "INSIDE "DETROIT" Pat O'Brien Dennis O'Keefe Hollywood, Cal.—Ricou Brown ing? Certainly you know him He's one of Hollywood's great est scene stealers. —And, he doesn't even have to try! When Ricou steps into a scene you forget all about the othei actors. He dominates the screen immediately. Yet, despite nib compelling personality, you wouldn't recognize Browning it you met him lace-to-face. • * * Which brings up a delicate question. Who'd WANT to meet Hicou face-to-face in his studio makeup? We'd rather let our hair turn white in the good, old- fashioned way. It may take time, but it's a lot easier on the nervous system than letting Ricou give it the overnight treatment. Any sudden meeting with Mr Browning during his working hours is quite likely to scare the color out of your best toupee. Ti [say nothing of making the wors creatures of your wildest nightmares look like Miss Universe contestants by comparison. * * $ Although 'ihe name, Ricou Browning, may not ring any chimes of recognition, his screen name will strike a note of familiarity. He's the fabulous Gill Man of the Universal-International "Creature" series! An expert underwater swimmer from Florida, Ricou dunks his well- Sanforized half-fish, hair-man ensemble in and out of gloomy lagoons in the interests of Art, Story and making your curly iocks stand at attention. One peek at Ricou, in his little, damp play- complete, with 20 boxcars and train-orders to move at director Logan's will. Then, during his big picnic scene, the sky suddenly -darkened. "Fine!" groaned Josh, "All we need right new is a Kansas cyclons!" An assist ant started to move away. Mo mentarily off-guard and startlec Logan promptly yelled, "No NO! SON! — CANCEL THA ORDER!" Whittemore Banker Was State Conference Head Glenn Ford and Donna Reed portray the anquished parents whose son is kidnapped in "Ramson!" The griping M-G-M suspense-drama is based on the widely-discussed TV play "Fearful Decision," 'twice presented on the U.S. Steel Hour. "Ramson" plays next midweek, March 20-21-22 at the Algona theater. suit, as he creeps up into the air stand erect—and you.' hair does the same. * * * If you plan on seeing U-I's The Creature Walks Among Us"—take along a hammer and hisel! They'll come in handy to hip the icicles off your verte- irae. U-I should hold its "Crea- ure" thriller premieres in the Alcoholic Ward of the Psycho- athic Institute. While a per- ona.l apepa.rance by the Gill Man maynot cure- any inmates of the | waiting" helicopter. D. T.'s, it will make all those Coras and Rattlers seem like riendly, cuddleseme companions. THE CREATURK WALKS AMONG US" is an apt title. But, ' it gives the Gill Man any ideas hat we'd enjoy the walk, he'll ave to do a bit of walking through a new, man-size hole in a theater wall to join us! Rosalind Russell and lovely, little Kim Novak are starred, Josh found that film direction has many advantages over directing a stage play. —He soon discovered that by doing any wishful :hinking aloud he'd start ump- .een assistant directors to rubbing the ''small-expensive-size" Aladdin's lamps. 'i <• a One night, as the staff was routining the next day's work, on Whitiemore—Vic Perkins, local president of the Whittemore Farmers Stale Bank, and president of the Kossuth County Bankers Association, returned lome from Des Moines, Monday night, where he conducted the 5th annual State Bankers Con- erence. Last week Sunday Mr 'erkins gave a welcome address or the annual Iowa Junior Jankers association meeting and Iso was in charge of the confer- nce. The National President of the American Institute of Banking Mr Bernard J. Hunt, addressed the group, as did niany top men m the banking field. A very interesting address according to Mr Perkins, was the controversial Speech by Mrs Virginia Bedell, attorney at Spirit Lake, who serves on the State Parole Hoard. It will be remembered that recently Mr Gordon Gammack has been trying to get SIX WINNERS Be sure lo read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance to 'the suspense thriller, "Ramson", playing Mar. 20-22 at the Algona Theater. Just give your name at the box office. thirties released from prison, and enlisted the help of Erie Stanley Gardner, a famous mystery writer. Mrs Bedell stated that she believed any one who was a member of the famous Gibson gang and participated in numerous bank robberies, and who murdered the Britt farmer who was on his way to church, was a menace to society and should not be re ieased. ^notorious bank robber of the The conference was one of the location in Kansas, he "wished there was some way that a high camera - platform could travel alongside a moving train and permit him. to get a high, overhead shot of Bill Holden as he hopped a freight-train." Next morning, Josh arrived at the location to find that resourceful cinematographer Jimmy Wong Howe was supervising a rigging job designed to aim his camera lens downward through the trap-door in the "floor" of a ST. PATRICK'S DAY IQUARE DANCING Josh Logan, famed stage-director of "South Pacific", "Mr Roberts," and "Picnic," had a picnic directing "Picnic" for the screen! While directing Columbia's film version, in which William Holden, Thai did ii! From Ihen on, Josh Logan cultivated the habit of "thinking" at audible voice levels. It beat Ihe old stage expedient of having two characters talk about an event you couldn't stage in a theater. VJ r :;ile check ing freight-train schedules, ht wondered (f.loud, of course) hov long he'd have to wait for an other freight-train to pass in the event that he'd have to do re takes of Holden climbing aboard The next day, producer Fred Kohlmar lived up to his title by producing a chartered freight Public Invited SATURDAY MARCH 17 9 P.M. - K. of C. Hal! Algona SPONSORED BY Algona Bit & Spur Club August Rebhuhn — Caller at no extra cost! >•*•<»» •» » ».».». Ends Tuesday: Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson in "ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS" ALGONAM WEDNESDAY and Thursday Now! You get Power Steering on all new Ford Tricycle Tractors. It means you will get accurate steering with finger tip effort ... an end to the strain and fatigue that's usual with most tricycle tractors. With Ford's new work-easy Power Steering you have better control of the tractor at all times . , . for quick, easy turns at row ends . . . for precision cultivating . . . for easier work on all your farm jobs. See it now! ONSTRATION ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. So. Phillips St. Phone 257 Algona, la. sheer enchantment that it becomes a personal experience to keep in your heart forever/ The Iffftlesl- PIUS Walt Disney's Cartoon Feqturette ! "JOHNNY APPLESEJD" Also "3 STOQGf S" COMEDY best meetings in the 35 year history of the organization. As dinner guests Mr and Mrs James Mueller had Mrs Sylvia Garmann of Algona, Mr and Mrs Thomas Sherman of Mason City, Mr and Mrs Frank Piekarski, and Mr and Mrs Duane Garmann and family of here. Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and sons Brian, Craig and Kent were Wednesday evening callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith. Thursday evening visitors were Mr and Mrs Henry Kueck of Lone Rock, Mr and Mrs Gerald Ollom of Algona, Mr and Mrs Bert Seely anfl sons Keith and Ken and daughter Karon, M and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs Norman Schultz and daugh .er Debra, Mrs Ruth Schultz, Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, Mi and Mrs George Meyer, and Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl and son Danny and daughter Kay Franes. The occasion was the birthday of Mr Heidenwith. Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and ons, and Mr and Mrs Herman /oigt visited with Mr and Mrs Harold Voigt in Algona, Tuesday ight. Mi* and Mrs William Hanover r. accompanied Mr and Mrs nlham Hanover Jr. and family iursday evening to the Rudolph ianover home where they cele- rated the birthday of Mrs Rud- OWA'S WONDER_SHOWPLAC! oltih Hanover's birthday. Rev. and Mrs Paul G. Weinhold visited Mrs William Meyer, Sr. who is a patient in the Lutheran hospital in Fort afternoon. Dodge, Friday IF IT'S HEWS — WE WANT IT JOWA' CLEAR LAKE , IOWA FRI., MARCH 16th LEO GRECO And His Pioneers _ SAT., MARCH 17ih~ St. Patrick's Dance BOBBY LINDEMAN And Orch. f UES;, MARCH~20~ DUDE RANCHERS Western Jamboree WED., MARCH 2fsT Teen-Age Dance profits mean ''Increased prosperity for business, for the workers, and for the community.) Everybody has a stake in advertising; everybody profits from, 'good advertising. READ YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER > THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League. Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co, HAWKEYE LANES American League W L Titonka 69'/2 30'/2 Studer's 66 34 Brandt Buick 62'A 37M- Baker's Livestock 60 40 Hamilton Halchery __59'A 40'A Sjogren's 56',i 43'A Boone Ridge 4111s 58'i; Sorensen Motor 41 59 Robinson Produce 39V:! SO 1 /-. Corwith 35 65 Lions 35 65 Hefti Lockers 34 66 National League W L Algona Produce 69',-s 30 '.'•> Ernie Williams P-C ..(ilJ 40 Seven-Up 59'-; 40 ','• West End 59'/a 40'A Hurt Co-Op Elev. 57'ii 42'.<s Ready-Mix 52 4!i Bancroft Oil Co 50 50 Ernie Williams J-D __48'.-; 51 >.<. Rood Ins. 39 61 Kossuth Co. Impl. 37';; 62',;. Ray's Jack Sprat 34 66 Britt 33 67 Western League W L Pioneer Hibred 68 1 -. 31'i I'itonka 68 ;)2 Swart* Hdwe. 64 36 Burt _. 62 38 Sjojjren's 56 44 Mutual of Omaha 55 45 Sargent Feeds 51 49 plantation 47'/ 2 52','s Tliermu»as _ .41 56 Albright Acro-Svrv. ..43 57 Thomas Skelgas .25 Kossuth Motor 20 Classic League , W Hamm's ', 75V.; State Farm Ins. 66'/2 S. & L. .,63 Plantation 61 Beecher Lane Appl. -.59 Titonka 59 Hub Clothiers 41 \'< Seeley Farms 40 Root Hdwe. 39'2 Miller High Life 34 Scobba Skelly Serv. --33 Durt 28 Mixed League W Has Beens 68 Sinclair Oilers 67 Conoco Service 59 Brandt Buiek 55 Buckaroos 51',2 Aces 47'/i Farmers Co-Op 47 Standard Oil 46'i Vets 44':; Sargent Feeds 43 Strudels 39 HutzeH's Cities Serv. -32 75 80 L 24 ',2 331/2 37 39 41 41 58','2 GO GO M. 60 67 72 L 32 33 41 45 48' 2 52 '/ 2 53 53 'i 551.2 57 61 G8 BARRY'S Monday Blue .W L__ Chrome_ Cafe --.-,.- Don's Phillips 66 22 Tuesday Purple W Hamm's 49 Moose :_. _ 47 Blatz .46 Paul Seeley Farms 45 Russ & Ky's 42 Peterson's Cafe 38 Barry's 35 National Guard 22 Wednesday Women W Cook's Welders 43 Ms Thuente's 42 ',2 •Druggists' Mutual - T --40'/i Bancroft Co-Op 31 Moose 27'/2 Coast-lo-Coast ~_I27 United Variety . 24 1 /Welp's Hatchery 15VJ Thursday Women W Sharp's -\'2 Bill's Standard 38 DeKalb Hood-Winks ..36 ASC 30 Van's Cafo ... 29 Storz-ettes 2(i W.-illburf<'s Texaco.._ 26 Bradley Bros. 23 Mixed Doubles W Hi Miller High Life 54 27 Bode Billiards 53 28 Moose _-50 31 KCs 49 |; . 31''- Bode D-X 37 44 Clark Grain Co. 31 1,2 4!Hi Schulte Recreation 27 54 Cowan Motor Court -.If) Ooast-to-Coast 15 Big Four 14 Phonies . 12 K and E \ 11 No Goods __ 10 Algnna Produce -. 2 59 L 32 34 35 36 39 43 46 59 L 19'/2 20',2 22'.i 32 35 »& 36 38'2 47 'is L 21 25 27 • 33 34 35 37 40 L 8 9 9 10 12 13 14 21 The above Bowling Standings are Presented Jo You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing Co. AND THE STORZ BREWING CO, Like q refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly

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