Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 23
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fly FRANCES DRAKE Lw* in the mam in whit* 3fflff Mftftdiy CMTMM and find what youf atjuatjk is, according 10 the stan. JULY 2«, 1*73 March Mto April H (Aries) A few delays likely. Abo, your powers or authority may be challenged. Here is where your quick thinking, acumen and general good judgement will be April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) Care needed in travel, pttdue educational matters. There's a tendency toward carelessness which could lead to needless errors. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini) You may find some real values in seemingly unimportant offerings. Don't dismiss lightly. Neither make changes in matters now running smoothly. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) Be circumspect in writings, careful in signing papers, handling the affairs of others. Accuracy essential! July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Stellar influences excellent! If any of your plans have been stymied lately, THIS is the time to try again! Imagination and originality stimulated. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) A new approach may be necessary in some areas, in order to cope with unusual situations but day, on the whole, stimulates Incentive, can bring advancement. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) Po not become frustrated over possible delays or disappointments. With your innate intelligence and ingenuity, you can change undesirable situations. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio)Fine planetary influences. With initiative and enterprise, more than usual can be achieved, Day will definitely respond to spunk, pulling power. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — It's not like you to throw your weight around, demand and command or give ul- but such tendencies CALIFORNIA PRBESTONI ST ELBERTA PEACHES CALIFORNIA SWEET RIPE Your Choice CHOOSE FROM 3 VARIETIES U.S. NO. 1 RUSSET POTATOES California SwmI Rip* Jumbo Cantaloupes watch your timatums, prevail now. So. Ps and Qs. There's no use in alienating others. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — Stars warn against vacillating, changing plans or projects before they have been given a fair chance. Be steadfast. Nothing has changed since activities were initiated. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — A day for listening well and voicing honest opinions. Take stock of why certain maneuvers and tactics did not succeed in thf> past and avoid them now. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — A day in which to get away from routine. New scenes, new plsces, new people could spark a brand new interest in your life, make it more stimulating. YOU BORN TODAY are one of the most versatile of all Leo- ites. There is practically no field in which, properly trained, of course, you could not make an outstanding success. You are highly' creative and could excel at writing, painting, or sculpture, (working in metal or bronze, especially). The stage would also be an excellent outlet for your talents as would the law or politics. In the legal field your sense of the dramatic would make you an outstanding trial lawyer. Traits to curb: Arro gance, overaggressiveness. F.itfidate of: George Bernard Slw, dramatist, novelist; Jean- Baptiste Corot, landscape painter; Aldus Huxley, author; Jason Robards, actor. Counties 9 Shares Of Gas Tax A re Reported for July Knox County has been allotted $39,419 as its share of motor fuel tax funds paid into the state treasury during June, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. Area counties' shares include Fulton, $31,388; HeNtersqn, $6,375; Henry, $39,660; McDonough, $22,167; Mercer, $13,513; Stai*, $6,429, and Warren, $16 r 410. road district Bake or Broil Whole POMPANO FISH 10-Oz. Avg. USDA Self Basting Armour Star Grade A TURKEYS USDA Long Island ARMOUR STAR Grade A DUCKLINGS Pure White TASTE TEMPTING TIIRBOT FILLETS Queen of the Sea Snopper Fillets Sweet Ripe Blueberries SALAD FAVORITES EndivM fscarolo Romaino USDA GRADE A Pure Pork Mellow Aged COLBY Fryer Breasts I Link Sausage I LONGHORN LB. OPEN 24 HOURS LB. Q^fC I LB. " Z I ANGEL FOOD Hilberg Family Pac | Oscar Mayer All Meat Beef Potties I E?&m ":::::„: £l ~ h „ ^ _ _ BACON lb. 1.08 I „ . 28-OZ. 1A 79 I BACON 2 lb. 2.17 I Raspberry PKG. *J I All Meat I Sweef Roll BOLOGNA 8 ox. 59c I # _ BEEF BOLOGNA 8 oz. 75c | O For OO 924 E. Main St.-Open-7-12 - 735 W. Main & Fremont & Seminary IH 'ilUl.jr'klbH B.Mt> QfcSTRY CHEESE 19 CONEY and HAMBURGER For ICED APPLE BISMARCKS f;VT>"- O • \ x > LOW '-'FCICl-S Del Monte Peach Halves 29 oz. 38c Mussolman Applesauce 50 ox. 77c Del Monte Peach Halves 29 oz. 38c CANNED SOUP-RSH-MEAT Chicken of the Sea Ch. Tuna 12 oz. 81c BUY Van Camp Grated Tuna 6 oz. 35c Hormel Spam 12 oz. 64c SI. Pineapple Three Dia. 20 oz. 30c Apple Pie Filling Thank You 20 oz. _38c DEBBIE LIQUID EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT Mica • r Campbell Tomato Soup 10 oz. _ 11c Gr. Giant SI. Mushrooms 2 oz. 33c Dinty Moore Beef Stew 24 oz. 71c Fr. Amer. Spaghi'os w/mtbls. 26 oz. 56c El Paso Taco Shells 12 ct. 41c Ton Sjy Debbie oz. Debbie Blue Fabric Softner, 64-oz 51c HEALTH m BEAUTY AIDS Right Guard Family 7 oz. „ 95c rLifttfrrina Anticentic 37 at. 1.48 Listerine Antiseptic 32 oz. J ^ * Caress Soap 3 oz. 24c 9!c 9(/r A Boy Gillette Foamy 11 oz. _ Pepiodent Toothpaste 3 oz. 49c Township and counties, include totals, by Knox, $36,250; Henderson, $18,544; Henry, $44,710; Futton, $39,385; McDonough, $35,301; Mercer, $30,906; Stark, $15,110, and Warren, $32,455. Totals for municipalities include Gales burg, $36,902, and Abingdon, $4,002. % • • Now You Know By United Press International One of the few living creatures in Utah's Great Salti Lake is the brine shrimp, which is harvested and used as fish food. Van Camp Pork & Beans 16 oz. 16c Del Monte Cut Green Beans 16 oz. J 24c German Potato Salad Read 15 oz. --38c Wh. Golden Corn Cas. Inn 16 oz. -_.21c Green Giant Cream Golden Corn 17 oz. 27c Green Giant Peas 17 oz. 25c Red Beans Bush 16 oz. 16c Contadina Tomato Sauce 15 oz. 22c *libby Beans in Molasses 14 oz. —16c Thank You Sliced Carrots 16 oz. 23c # American Beauty Tomatoes 16 oz. 23c Del Monte Spinach 15 oz. 25c ABY FOOD-CANNED MILK Beechnut Junior Baby Food 7 oz. 14c Cerber Babyfoed 4 of. -— 11c mg^ m Similae Ready to Food 32 oz. 66c Pamper 1 * Newborn 3C» 1.27 Milnet 14 o*. 16c BAKING SUPPLIES Gold Medal Flour 5 lb 64c G W Sugar 5 lb. 59c Robin Hood Flour 25 lb, 253 *Qr m Crisco 3 lb 93c MBP Jiffy Blueberry Muffin Mix 7 oz 12c WKr Betty Croc. Fluffy Frosting* 7 oz. --47c (f Duncan Mines Cake Mixes IB oz. 39c Nestles Morsels 12 oz. . 51c TOP BUYS ARE SAVINGS PASSED AIQNG TO YOU DUi TO TEMPORARY ALLOWANCES OR SPECIAL PURCHASES! Cheer Family 2.93 Tide 84 oz -_ 1.39 Miracle Wh. Detergent 84 oz. 1.12 Windex 20 oz. 46c 20 Mule Team Borax 84 oz. ,—81c Comet 14 oz. : 18c 4 Glade Air Freshener 7 oz. 49c P-Con Ready Mix 16 oz. 1.25 Lysol Tub-Tile Cleaner 17 oz, 83c A Buy tvn^DAY LOW PRICEb CONDI ME NTS 1 • " Richeleiu West. Dressing 16 oz. 57c — Kraft 1000 Island 8 oz. 39c Wishbone Italian 8 oz. 35c Skippy Peanut Butter 12 oz. 45c Manzanilla Olives Thr. St. 5 qz. 64c Hamburger Slices Lake City 32 oz. 55c jiBwHunt Catsup 14 oz. 27c •^BBBBBBBBJ ^BBj W W ^BBBBBBBBBBBBBJ fffljf Del Monte Catsup 26 oz. 44c PR-SPARED FOODS JG3^* Kraft Macaroni Dinners 7 oz. 18c Betty Croc. Ham. Helper 8 oz. 55c Kraft Chicken Noodle Dinner 7 oz. .43c r J Navy Beans Brown's Best 16 oz. -_21c Creamette Macaroni 7 oz. 16c __F Del Monte Pitted Prunes 12 oz. _„_57c ^MvHunt Skillet Dinners 17 oz. 77c PAPER PRODUCTS Charmin 4 roll 41c Assorted Color Elcor 4 roll 33c B Facial Tissue White Pert 200 ea. 20c jB»» Soft Weve White 2 pak 26c Tampax Super 40 ea. 1.45 Glad Sandwich Bags 80 ct. ' 31c Hefty Garbage Bag 30 ct. 45c Hand! Wrap 200 ft. 61c FVCKYDAY LOW PRICES SNACKS - PICNIC SUPPLIES Vista Pak Saltines 1 lb. TOP BUY 27e Kr. Jet Puff Marshmallows 16 oz. 28c V Shoestring Potatoes Pik Nik 2 oz. lie Broil Besr Charcoal 10 lb. 61c Gulf Charcoal Starter 32 oz. 32c re- BUY BUY But TOP BUY Whoeties 12 oz. 45c Hi-C Orange 46 oz. 27c Kellogg Cprn Flakes 18 oz. _37c Hawaiian Red Punch 46 oz 33c Buy Kellogg Rice Krispies 13 oz 55c Carnation Ins. Breakfast 12 oz. 99c CREAM i FROZEN Van. Ice Crm. Bar Good Humor 10 ct. 89c F gmgm Snow Crop Orange Juice 6 oz. 26c t$f Orange Juice Red Owl 16 oz. 53c Pizza Snack Roll Eggo 6 oz. 69c Cheese Pizza Totino 15 oz. 79c Banquet Meat Pies So. 19c Ban. Chicken Noodle Buffet 32 oz. -98c £a>lw Fish Sticks Sea Pak 20 oz 95c Cool Whip 9 oz. 51c DAIRY PRODUCTS Grade A Skim Milk V4 gallon 48c Chiffon Soft Family 16 oz. 39c Fresh Salted Butter Solid 16 oz. ___69c Kraft Squeeze Snaks 6 ox. , 45c Pillsbury Ex. Li. Biscuits 8 oz. 12c Lucky Whip Topping 9 oz. ,__53c PE T FCOD Vets Dog Food 15 oz. 10c _MBB *Kal Kan Chunk Beef 14 oz. 31c Purina Tuna Cat Food 13 oz. 33c w Friskies Buffet Cat Foods 6 oz. 17c TOP BUY DESSERTS AND TOPPINGS Jello Gelatin 3 oz. - -10c Br. Grape Drink Sunshake 18 oz. —38c Libby Tomato Juice 46 oz. 38c Shasta Bottled Pop 64 oz. . 50c Wiidwood Canned Pop 12 oz. 9c Folger's Coffee 2 !h. 1.64 . (jIlluUoii Royal Instant Puddings 3 oz. 14* Folger's Instant 6 oz. 1.23 A *</y Hunt Snack Pack 4 - 5 oz. 58c Choc. Pudding Thank You 18 oz 25c rtJP BUY Maxwell House Instant 10 o?* 1.41 V Instant Brim 4 oz. 1.29 Jm PER QT its* IKU li. t MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Buy your wctk's groctri*)* »! GUnt. li you can buy the two order tor let* ax any oth*i «up«rins7]««l bring GUni the prices you paid and set your money back. (Excluding perishables due tc difference in quality and «rad#). *Tra4emarlj; U Service Mark ot BXC. Inc. (Copyright 2970 by B.T.C. Inc.) 14c pew OT. ^^^^^^^^-^^^-^S^^^^^B^^^B^B^^^^^ CABNATIPN INSTANT] £)RV MILK, ' SO QUART 2 18c wzmor. « QUA*T 1 1> 1 I

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