Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 22
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j. J j h 5 1 J to jr.* Hi Si * 'A * - r. trt' ***** .- r - T IP I 1 -e» *• l "J r 4 a j t \i '4 it I i 4 1 * SKAOWAY, He It Hie Um WdWClttt. . Ite town is SJ«#*ay. ImHan for "Bon* of the North Wind." PopuMtoi* 'Ml, rttow or less. With no fitted fading to or from it. The only way you get there w by the White Pass and Yu* kon RaiJroad, from Whitehorse, e dusty junction town lOO mitei north in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Or by ship through Alaska's Inland Passage and finally up the Lynn Canal. WHEN THE Spirit of London docked on an Alaskan cruise, the population of Skagway more than doubled. For a day. A year ago, Kurt Kostera decided he wanted to be mayor. He got 34 vote** And den* da Dautfrcrty felt the spinoff of his failure. She was a Fresh-faced local school- off thtf inarm. boat from Marina del Hey m southeran California last fall. Idealistic. And now she's out of a job. "She got laid off," says Kurt, "because she's my girl. They're pretty narrow in this town. Vicious gossip is the local pastime." "He came here a couple of years ago," says Bessie, this ktle old gray-haired lady who works in Kinmse's Curio Shop (est. 18&7, "first jeweler Alaska"), "and thinks he owns the town. Those kind don u Stay long. We l*t them ravfe." BUT KURT intends to stay because he'd entranced by Skagway and its history as the) gateway to the Klondike gold fields, up through the Chik koot Pass. It's not the most inviting place in the world to live because those Chilkoot winds Come whistling down at 75 miles an hour in the winter, and it rains a lot the rest of the year. Broadway, the main drag, is still hiostly gravel, and the sidewalks are raised wooden planks. The Skagua Trading Post, at the foot of Broadway n*ar the harbor, is Kurt's new business, .with- Olenda helping out. Many • of the antiques in it were dug up on personal forays to the old mining camps in the hiiils. Out front, an Indian, the only Indian in town whittles wood. Inside, Kurt always offers coffee and conversation. . . THE TALK IS about the tight control of the town by an insular society, and the rail** road. "If you got a beard," says Kurt, who has a magnificent bush sprouting beneath a bald! head, "you can't get a job. They don't want any hippies. "The lack of Interest in lo-. • r • cal politics disgusted, me. That's why I ran for mayor. Two families run this town. They say, 'That dumbaiss just tinted to be mtwr.V But < M< tutlly f just wented to tike •W i*>. Now w*'v« ** two 'autaktew «n Kte city mm* til." Up toe street, anotter wit- sickr, an exf»Wite philatelist from Florida, nods, "Kurt's a good old boy. One woman here rail tor city council and got W votes from her own family." Thata not bad in a town With jutt 200 votes. nm FORTUNES of m# way are tied to the railroad* which carries lead, zinc, copper and asbestos from (he Yukon' to the cargo ships which come into the deep water port. *the White. Pass line also car lies an increasing tourist load from cruise ships, such as the Spirit of London, into the hills on a harpin ride to Lake Bennett. There is no in Skagway. The sign outside the railroad pffice reads, "Don't Apply-No Job* Available." A sweeper in the yards makes from $16,000 to $18,* 000 a year. A section hand, a laborer, made $23,000 with overtime last year. The school superintendent draws down $24,000 a year, When three teaching jobs' opened up last year, there were 450 applicants from "the lower 48," as they call the other states. Glenda, got one of them. Starting out at $11,300. THERE IS NO practicing PROBLEM — A beard can be a problem in Skagway, Kurt Kosters discovered. NEA SEASON YOUR SUMMER WITH STEAKS 1667 N. Henderson Sr. ^ Open Thurs. Next to Arby's Sat. New York • llflhtful Treats SHOOT DOWN j physician in town. There is one old semi-retired doctor who won't accept calls. So for an emergency appendectomy, they have to fly you to Haines, a coastal community 20 milies away, and hope it doesn't rupture in the mean* time. 1 4 Crlenda's getting out when the summer's over. She can't take the isolation any longer. Kurt's staying. "It's a bad place to put a town," he says, "The winds blows too hard and the weather's terrible. But I've been in love with the Gold Rush and Chilkoot Pass ever since } ca-me to Alaska in 1958. They can't get me out of here." Even if he does speak put and says what he thinks, *Tm a carpenter by trade," he notes, ( *so I'm not worried abnut making a living.; "I'm the only carpenter in town who's any good." p r FLYING PRICES! BACON SAUSAGE With Order StMki THE BEST TENDERIZED STEAKS I " * eat Host to Visitors G1LSON Mr, and Mrs. Ashton Neff recently hosted Mrs. Geneva Billings and Mr. and Mrs. AUen Wieneke and Kevin, all of Royal Oak, Mich,, and Mrg, Glen Frew and Glenda and Kenny, Buekeye, Ariz, Mr, and Mrs, Brown visited July 7^8 with his mother at Pickneyville and her mother at Sparta, •I RE-JOYCE FRUIT COCKTAIL 2Vi SU« Can VAN CAMP PORK 4' And BEANS Con DEL MONTE 20 Oz. HEFTY TRASH LINERS Count TEEN RITE SAUSAGE TOES Lbs. CANTALOUPE ORANGES Calif, Doz. OSCAR MAYER WIENERS ROUND BONE SWISS STEAK STEW MEAT Lean $119 ib ROUND BONELESS Rolled EVERYDAY 8 AM to 9 PM 705 EAST FREMONT B 4 \ f ^ r • J 4 4> \ i - • • • ONE OTHER STORE AND I SAVED $3 AT GIANT. THIS SHOPPING TRIP PROVES I'VE PUT MY TRUST IN • * OUT THROUGH MY COMPARISON SHOPPING TRIP HOW MUCH GIANT'S TRU-PRICE MEANS TO ME IN DOLLARS 1 L | r AND CENTS. NOW I'M MORE CONVINCED THAN EVER THAT THE .1 PLACE TO REALLY SAVE MONEY ON GROCERIES IS GIANT FOODS." / • , # . .. ... 4 + Mrs. James Dagos ACTUAL COMPARISON SHOPPING ITEM I Hormel Spam SIZE h ....12 ei. G.W. Sugar ___________ 5 Ib. Mustelman AppUsauce l. _ 16 oi. D«l Monte Fruit Cocktail „ 17 ox. Del Monte Yellow.Cling Sliced Peaches --.29 oz. Sliced Pineapple Three Diamond B . -.20 oz. GIANT + $ ,64 .59 .20 * 4 Del Monte Cut Green Beani Niblet Gold Corn Del Monte Sweet Peat Freshlike Carrots .-_ ,.14 oz. .. -12 oz, ,... r -...-,^-17 OZ. -14 OZ. + J -p n 4 ell Tomato Soup « — - — .--------10 oz. Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Dinry Moore Beef Stew - •9 Franco American Spaghettios Crisco Oil 4 oz. f .,_,_.24 oz, ,„_-,.26 oz. - -i 48 oz. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda _ _ 16 oz. Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix . 18 oz. Duncan Hines Angelfood Cake Mix ..„ r5 „„ r ;.14 oz. Betty Crocker White Cake Mix Gold Medal Flour ^ m ^ m ** ** ^ m ^ m ^ m ^ m mm mm ^ m ^ m ^ m ^? **t ^5 ^1 - * ^ m ^* ^ m ™* *** ^? ^ m ^ m 5? frt ^5 m ^ Jello Gelatin Welchade Grape Drink Hawaiian Red Punch r V-8 Vegetable Juice Skippy Peanut Butter Creamy Welch Grope Jelly Del Monte Catsup Richelieu Western Dressing Post 40% Bran Flakes -- - - 18 oz. 5 lb. 6 oz. 46 oz. 46 oz. 46 oi. ?i a w w w » w w ? » r r ^ -i ? a r- r — w ? T ^ v * : ya *.TJ.tJ OXt — *? w fS -,^20 oi. 16 oz. H L ...16 oz. Kellogg Rice Krispies = 10 OI. Kraft Macaroni Dinner „= , 7 oz. f S ? 3 ? 7 Comet Cleanser Tide awe? ** m & m Ivory Toilet Soap Charmln Tissue 17 oz. 49 oz. 3 oz. 4 rolls Kleenex Tissue White _ , «_ 200 ct. Reynold-s Aluminum Foil Regular .--.25 ft. _,23 oz. Kool-Aid Folger's Coffee Store Brand Potato Chips 2 lb. Twin Pak Store Brand Vanilla Ice Cream Gallon Red Owl Orange Juice Ore Ida Hash Browns Banquet Turkey Dinner Blue Bonnet awn C "= ^ ^ 5f C ^ 1 o n 5 r 6 oz. 32 oz. 11 oz, 16 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Box 8 oz. TOTAL SAVE .31 .38 .30 .24 .22 ^25 .24 .11 .41 .71 .32 1.27 .26 .35 .64 .35 .67 .21 ,38 .33 .39 ,45 ,43 .35 .57 ,43 ,43 .18 25 69 .10 .41 .29 .25 . 6 1.69 .47 1,25 .21 .35 ,37 .32 .33 $19,65 $ 3.95 OTHER STORE L • $ .76 .69 ,23 .37 • • i p .39 .39 .29 .29 .29 .26 .12 .44 .86 .32 1.42 .29 .44 .69 .44 .70 .24 .42 .45 .49 .50 .55 ,44 .78 .48 .55 23 .30 .89 .10 .47 .48 .39 . 7 2.04 .49 1.49 .31 .43 .49 ,40 ,44 $23.60 \ P MRS. JAMES SAVED 16 1 i% HOW MUCH WILL YOU SAVE? OPEN 24 HOURS 926 E. MAIN ST. Open 7-12 I 735 W. Main & Fremont & SI3 EAST MAIN — 735 W. MAIN ST. FREMONT ant* SEMINARY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Ivy youi WMlc'» fxocuiti |t GUnt. If yoi* c»n buy llit samo order lor Itsf «t §ny oilier Supermarket bring Giant Ihe prices ypu paid »nd gel your Monty Back {excluding perishable* dut lo dliierenct in quality fc grade). "Trademark & Service Mark oi B.T.C. Inc. (Copyright 1970 by B.T.C. Inc.) t

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