Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 19
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Auto Worker* Force DETRorr uJPI) Tws black ittrkers picked up hammers and wtenebes Tues* day, locked thwraelves in a wire mesh cage arid shut dowfl a major dealer plant until the comfjany fifed a white suoervi- sof *ccu »d of racial diseriffii* natkMl. ; fhe workers-*4saac Shorter, 26, and Larry Carter, 23-^ turned off jtfoe power that runs the body conveyor, a critical first' part of the assembly line at the Jefferson Avenue plant that produced about 60 c as including the luxury Imperial each hour. They kept the plant and its 4,500-workers idle for 11 hours, and left the cage only' triien Chrysler fired Thomas Woolsey, fi. white supervisor on the framing line, and promised not to discipline them. As Shorter and Carter made their stand, about 150 sympathizers milled around the cage, apparently in an effort to THE SWEET SELL OF SUCCESS The future looks bright . . . and why not? The motorbike which served so well during school years but doesn't quite match tomorrow's lifestyle: has been sold. Sold the easy, low-cost way* ;. . . with a cash-get*'-** Want Ad. • GAIiSBURG REGISTER-MAIL Classified Ads 343-7181 protect them in case plant guards decided to storm it No such effort was made. Then, when shorter and Carter stepped Mft of the cage, their' sympathisers lifted the two onto their shoulders, and carried them out of the plant at 7:30 p.m. Shorter and Carter , said Woolsey, 32, "harassed the workers and harassed us." A spokesman for the United Auto Workers said that Woolsey and another supervisor earlier this year triggered a work stoppage "for riding the guys and using abusive language," and because of that was transferred from . the south plant to the north plant where Tuesday's uprising took place. In a telephone interview, Woolsey sarcastically identified himself by saying, "I'm the tyrant." But he refused to comment on the firing and the charges against him. Daley Supports Donation Drive Toll elp Africans CHICAGO (UPI) - Mayor Richard J. Daley says he will introduce a resolution at a City Council meeting Wednesday urging support for a food and fund drive for drought-stricken northwestern Africa. Daley said he hoped Chicago residents would help provide food and water for about 10 million Africans. The Rev. Jesse Jaickson, executive director of Operation PUSH, said several African nations have not had sufficient rainfall for five years. He said 10 million persons will die by October if they do not get relief. The ambassador of Upper Volta, T. Yaguibou, told Daley about $700 million is needed to build dams and trees to keep the Sahara Desert from encroaching on fertile land. Gary'Mayor Richard G. Hatchery, recently presented a resolution to the Gary City Council to support the fund drive, Jaickson said. Washington State has nine national parks, monuments and recreation areas, five wilderness areas, 16 wildlife refuges, 73 state parks, 21 Indian reservations, 20 ski areas and the Pacific Crest Trail. APARTMENT HOUSE INSURANCE PACKAGES CALL US FOR A QUOTE TODAY 2 UNITS TO 300 UNITS SAVE — SAVE — SAVE ROBERT MILLER AGENCY CHERRY A SIMMONS 343-1168 Prompt Local Claim Service 'ion Is Watergate By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) Whenever President Nixon's economic game plan enters a new phase, which is fairly often, many newspapers env ploy the catechism technique to explain how it works. A typical question-and-answer exposition reads something like this: The Lighter Side Q. What effect will the new anti-inflation program have on the average consumer? A. The first effect of the new anti-inflation program is expected to be a sharp increase in food prices. Q. How will rising food prices help combat inflation? A. Consumers will have less money to spend for other things. Q. What was wrong with the previous anti-inflation program under which food prices were frozen? Q. The freeze was causing food shortages, which tended to be inflationary. Q. What is the main difference between the two programs? A. It's the difference between not having steak because it isn't available and not having steak because you can't afford it. Q. Did the President give any thought to a compromise under, which he, would only freeze the price of frozen food? A. No. Freezing the price of frozen food would merely lead grocers to start selling frozen food at room temperature. Q. Thank you. You are to be commended for explaining a complex, confusing situation in such a way that the average reader can understand it. A. Don't mention it. It's all part of the job. End catechism. Perhaps the average reader has noticed'something a little strange about this., type of elucidation. The odd thing you may have noticed is that whoever poses the questions never poses a question that is too difficult for whoever is supplying the answers to answer. Which is seldom the way things work out in real life. So now, Mr. and Mrs. Average Reader, I am going to explain to you the apparent omniscience of the economic explainers. Here's the inside dope: The guy who asks the questions and the guy who answers them usually are THE SAME GUY! And, needless to say, as long as he has control over the questions, he is not going to stump himself. That's only human nature. He is going to feed himself questions he can knock out of the park. INTEREST RATES ARE UP! First National Pays the Maximum! TYPE OF ACCOUNT Minimum Deposit Savings Rate" of Interest REGULAR PASSBOOK SAVINGS Automatically Effective July 1, 1973 None 5% M GOLDEN PASSBOOK SAVINGS Automatically Effective July 1, 1973 *100 5V 2 % NEW 90 DAY CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT $100 5 '/2% 3, NEW 1 YEAR TO 2Vz YEAR CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT '100 Aft/ U P Vi% NEW V/% YEAR TO 4 YEAR CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT '100 6V2% Z% 4 YEAR CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT '1000 70/ '/° m Now 1$ The Time To Make Your Savings Plan and Assure Yourself of High Interest Rates! tji First National l^BBBJj first Galesburg National Bank'Trias 1 7 Established l&ffiMcmbcr By NICHOLAS DAMLOFF WASHINGTON (UPI)North Vietnam may have backed off its goal of a political takeover of South Vietnam. - Hanoi how appears to be seeking to gain control of a tongue of land down the middle Washington Window of the country and straddling the eastern areas of Laos and Cambodia, according to U.S. officials. Such a territorial base in the middle of the Indochina peninsula could be used by North Vietnam one day to renew guerrilla operations should it decide to disregard the Viet* nam peace accords. In the meantime, officials say the North Vietnamese are Viets Appear To Have New Strategy showing Significantly lean interest in their earlier pwpoals for a National Council of Reconciliation and Reconstruction in Saigon and diminished enthusiasm for an election in South Vietnam. Three Main factors The officials credit the change in North Vietnamese attitudes to three prime factors: --Apparent recognition in Hanoi that (the North Vietnamese military machine has been unable to defeat South Vietnamese forces and, in fact, has suffered severe losses in personnel and equipment. —The need to recoup North Vietnamese military strength which was squandered in a number of offensives prior to the Vietnam cease-fire agreements of Jan. 27, 1073. —Realization that neither the Soviet Union nor Communist China appears to be interested in promoting and assisting North Vietnam's military de- sighs on countries of Indochina. Harassing Tactics Expected Officials familiar with the warworn history of Indochina oyer the last decade suggest that Cambodian insurgents and their North Vietnamese supporters would not try to take control of the beleaguered Cambodian capital of Phnom Penhn. To do so, they reasoned, would confront these Communist forces with the liighly difficult problem of supplying and administering that capital over one million persons. Rather, one official predicted that the approximately 40,000 insurgents would try to harass the Cambodian capital with hit- and-run tactics, Cutting off Vital road links and interfering with supply convoys moving up the Mekong River. The halt in U.S. bombing "raids in Cambodia on Aug. 15. will bring the situation there to a critical juncture in which U.S. officials believe the Cambodian armed forces will either become tougher or conceivably deteriorate through demoralization. Between now and then, the United States is quietly but energetically trying to open discussions which might lead to the long hoped-for cease-fire in Cambodia. i^" if ' • III 3 DAYS ONLY! Tubeless Superguard "78" Two Rayon cords beneath the tread help deliver outstanding traction and long mileagel Also built with two plies of rayon cord for strength and smooth riding comfort. > w^- Kl\ \w| 1 TubalMi Blackwall Suparguud "78" Regular Price SALE PRICE Plus Federal ExcU* Tax ""C78-13" $29 $2 ^T" "nE78T4 $33 24.75 "~F7iP4 $35 26.25 —i $275 <T" G78-14 $38 28.50 $2.67 G78-15~ $40 30.00 $2.73 H78-15 $43 1 32.25 r "$2.96 \\ 7 x- v • • N x - ^ . ^1 a WW I 'r Extra Wide Superwide 70 Wide, bold tire has a giant footprint that means great handling and added braking power. Two fiber glass belts and two polyester cord plies means a comfortable ride. >?? x x ffl Suparwide 70 BlackwalU "G78-14 ~H78"14" Rag. Price •"-42^5" ^•5790 Sale Price Plus F.E.T. Suparwide 70 BlackwalU "G78-14 ~H78"14" Rag. Price •"-42^5" ^•5790 32.31 2.82 Suparwide 70 BlackwalU "G78-14 ~H78"14" Rag. 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Regular Our popular replacement batter/. For most American made cars. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE farif/ectten Gumntttd at Your Monty Back 467 East Main Street Galesburg, Illinois Sears. Roebuck and Ce. STORE HOURS: Monday and Friday I Tue*., Wed., Thurs., Iff. 9 A.M. te 9 P.M. 19 A.M. If 5:00 P.M.

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