The Tri-Weekly Commercial from Wilmington, North Carolina on August 20, 1850 · Page 2
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The Tri-Weekly Commercial from Wilmington, North Carolina · Page 2

Wilmington, North Carolina
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Tuesday, August 20, 1850
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x i 1, M THE COMMERCIAL. WILMINGTON. N. C. TUESOAYi AUGUST 20, 1850. Mr f,i A.THB SOUTHERN PRESS. , Why do we not get the Souttm We ore entitled wit from th proportion of the Editors. , -:y'KLK(rriON',.RETtJRNS.''''' y . We omit jh of Mturo fat, Governor, four roaniiwijremplnlng to be henro lrotn. : When we re- i stele tike official return In full, we will place ihom ' i Mora r.iwdrfc:'f ;v & now the Union , May. W Destroyed, i ! 1 v A friend! hae directed1 bur attention to tn extract ' 'fromeneddreeeof Geo. Cdihiio, ocliveeed at New- Si,,, baryport, onjhe 4th of. July last, on the subject 5 "' Lil.l. l,,l.',i.nin.i,li U' will Mituiinr In We will endeavor to ' j And room fof It on Thuredajr. 4 A, GOOD REMEDY. , A sovereign ' remedy to dissipate the offensive cJora frem prlvcys, or other place where filth 1 i ydepositedUfo take from one to three pounds of Copperas and dUsolveh In a sufficient quantity of I ' " water and throw H over the space ihot is occupied ; by the offensive matter, and it will Instantly destroy ' til the noxious vapor and render It agreeable. 1 - jy?f SCHEME OF DISUNION. -V . ""The 'loile'wing! 1 a Washington dispatch of the ( 1 tStb, In tlU Philadelphia Newt : ' F " -w- The statement" made 'aboui the attempt to estab- Hsh a Southern Confederacy with the capital at Mcx-l ico, is believed to bo literally true. Oen. Houston I 1 '-denied It te-day In the Senate,- but has since admit-jtaed that ho was mistaken. A paper containing pro- position for a dissolution of the Union, and the es-, 4 Hebilshmrat of Southern Confederacy, teas handed ' to him, but not by Oen. Lopez, as reported at first. An investigation will likely be called for, and, if Blade, the disclosures will startle the whole country." ' iM!W01UCS RECEIVED. ,4 We nave received the republished number of the London Quarterly for July. This work has been ; " I Jni before. the public, and lis character and qualifi-4 Tr eatloat well known throaghout the world. ;V The Methodist Pulpit for August Is come to hand. ' Tills ylaluable'VOTlt'te'edl'ttd by Professor Chaslcs ,'F, Dinnsnow President of Greensboro' Female " .College, and le deservedly growing in public favor. j i- Wenave also received the Phonographic Class ', Book, and (be phonographic Reader, by S. P. An-' y drewa and Augustus P. Boy le, sixteenth edition, for sale by John FrTrow, 49 and 61 Ann Stree', New V York, at 38 and 25 cents, in board or paper. THE COMPROMISES i lis k. r -i T v. . .jTlews or WMcn we some lime ago promised our rea-t ders, we will attempt the consideration of eompro- in tic . the compromises of the Constitution, which I . became, at once, organic law, all others are political st .uaipVeryunknown to the letter of that instrument, and altogether hostile to its spirit. -jThe InstitoUon of Slavery la part of our poliil- " ti sywcin, u mucn so as any omcr teature in our j ROVCTnment The sovereignty of the States is also ; a part of the same neither of these con be properly . the subjects of compromise, any more than the con-ftimwvii cbanctet of the Senate or the House of Rep-wetmtstfveA The ssme Organic Lew whlrh r 'aeribei the limits of the one also defines the extent x of 'other;'':;' .r'f . ''Kew Slates, admitted at all, must come in the - character of tbuee which first constituted the Con- federacy.rThey must uke the position of Sover-clgas, yielding part of their prerogatives for the aakfoTpromotlng the common good and the general weliars.'.'They are evidently equal to each and all j Of the first thirteen; or they are not States at all . Our political history unctions this view of their positions,'!: No one thinks of telling Ohio what she ; sfcall or thai not do, In regard to a domestic institu-' tloo, acknowledged (n the Constitution, but left in lbs discretion of the States in the exercise of their nanlclpal sovereignty.' North Carolina, or South Carolina, has joei as much right to ssy to Msssachu-setts you Slutl have Slaves, as ihe latter has to say W CsUfotDin'or sny other State, that she shall not-' Bat say some, we snake this the condition of sdmls- sioq Into the Union. Ton may make a condition for J a territory, bet It cannot operate upon any sovereignty, '-f A 8tate once become a peer of the Union, , looks op to the Constltatlon, and la bound by its leu tar and spirit, irrespective of any previous condition. - If a 8iate ia boond by any conditio that does not .. ' apply te tM, a condition which was imposed In her territorial position, she is never In truth a State under the Cooetitutioo-and our Union Is thus a hodge podge iasoclatien of ranks and degrees In rights and jrirfleges, end very far from being what the Constltatlon contemplate. It In amusing to bear oar legislators come forward with quoUOons from Blackstone, and Coke, and Lit-tleton, and Vattel, and PatTendorff, ro sustain their : pointsof argument for ony point of the political eompaaa may be road manifest sa the true one, by ejnoutlons front these and other prolific fountains of 1 UAnloMiei ftuota from, these. Indeed I Bahl- Not. one of them ever dreamed of the operations of an empire like ours, and are aa incompetent to give s , leseone upon the sabjeei of our poliil- 0e' is the Cham of Tsrury. Let ua have " t tii - hoo4 and independence lo throw off the i t tt'Tu.. ' this legs kruekishneee, and di u U " 'imm ef raeeoolox bued oa comma Wxm . mpromleea that have been ever made, in- eW roosi aeoepttbie to the friends of Sou'.h- ' em, are incetHiatenl with State aovcreignty, ' and unconstltatioaal In all their aspects, of Utitudce, , of aorth and aputh, or eut or west. Congress has traoscuded its Conalitatlofial powers la every one . of.thcm.. The subject of akvsry should be left to t the dccldee of the Croe people of every State which f isdiuiUedK They ere alone tbe fountains of pow- .any aciioa of Congress upon the subject Is pla ning lite power of JtgUktUn above the lortrtigHty of Us Sutea and the voice of the Constitution. It u ' aearpatlon, despotism W which no section ought teeaseoK. Let others de as they msy, the South ahould take ker ataad a pea this platform, and never permit nersetf to be removed from It, under any ccDmstanees whatever.. TO this doctrine the 8oaih, sue eald oe) a former occasion, ought lo pnt her hanJ sni l,"snd abide by it with all tbe Stales now la this r ' "i, orunite wlthasaaaaofihems are wlllj I a!" s Constitutional Union. Without this the bv. : I t iJone.-- There lane new claim 4emtndJ, no pew d vtrlne Insisted apeo, no pollti-"aalMforni atlcd for but simply an obedienee te that laatramenl which alone (en bind us together la na-Uonsl compact, nd s repec for iho principles and feelings which guided the judgment and salnuted Ch hooeat hearts of the (euadcra of ibis rejuibric. -. . - . . THE CABINET. - ' Ths Hon. Thojias M. T. M'Kekiiaw, Secretory of the Department of the Interior, and Judgo Cbaxch, Secretary of War, have been confirmed by the Senate and aworn into office. The Cabinet is now complete. k CALIFORNIA. A friend has handed us the AUa Callfornian of the 1st of last month. It contains no later news than wo have already published In the Commercial but wo were struck With the rapid growth of this new State for State It Is by this time, or soon will be we suppose from Ihe appearance of this paper and the matter it contains. This paper is a double royal In small type, and has all the characteristics of a newspaper of the first class In the most thriving cities in tlio United States. They have their political squabbles, Indignation meetings, end all the abuse and scandul about each other, thai always attend the march of civilization and refinement. There are reporta of the Supreme Court, the Rccordcra Court, the District Court the admission of gentlemen to practice at the Bar. There is the commencement of an Artesan Well, in "Portsmouth Square," at San Francisco. Much is snid about tho Improvements of the Bay MaU communicationsdifficulties between the whites and In-dluns Fatal Affrays talk about Ihe 4(h of July the Fire Department Construction of Wells and Reservoirs luying out of streets erection of fire proof buildings keeping the Sabbath, dec. dec., all of which, if they do not exhibit the experience of age, certainly manifest the vigor of youth. We have not mentioned the various reports of the progress in gold-digging, but this is a matter of course. The Alia Californian ttleo contains a list of about 500 vessels, then remaining in the Port of San Francis co, from various ports of the world. This Is a great countty indeed, and California will make a grcut State, especially it the gold fever abates a little. FEELING AT THE SOUTH. We are glad to see aigns of returning sanity In one paper at the city of Washington t that speaks of the sentiments and feelings of the South, understand ing, without attributing to the maes ef the people here the wild and foolish doctrines of the ultras. The following from the Washington 17 fori of Saturday last, is almost a transcript of the langusgo we have used from the beginning of this disturbance, relative to the views and determination! of. the most and the best of southern citizens .- ' " Let the " Reporter " sneer as It will, the Union of the States is io great peril. 'The principal dnnger arises from the difliculy of impressing the northern Slates with the decision of the South. The South is deeply sensitive and greatly excited. It was but yesterday that we were shown letters (and conversed with gentlemen from I lie southern States) which represent many of their citizens aa highly excited, and indignant at the aggressions of the fanatics. Disunion, which but ten years ago woe never uttered but with fear and trembling;, is now boldly spoken of, jusustified, and recommended. Look at the revelations in South Carolina. Hear the loud mutter-ings of Georgia, still more highly wrought up than South Carolina herself. See the signs in Florida. We tell the Reporter " thst some ol the most ardent friends of the South sre alarmed at Ihe lan guage which is openly expressed in the streets of her cities. There is a limit to the forbearance of her most quiet people. Upon one point our minds sre perfectly made up : that if the Wilmot Proviso be attached to either of the territorial bills, the Union cannot withstand the shock, ll will be remembered with the things that hsve been. Thr n u ht -v wmiiu warn our northern countrymen of the danger which threatens us. We were never more earnest in anything we have ever said than in declaring our solemn belief that the South is in earnest in her determination, and that there la a point beyond which she will never submit. Pass the Wilmot Proviso, and we repeal the Union is gone. Hon. IIiniv Clay having been invited to attend tho Taylor obsequies in Boston, on Thursday, declined in a letter lo the Mayor, dated Newport, August 13. DROWNED. An English boy. about 18 years of age went into the river to bathe, on Sunday morning last, from on board the brig Buena Vista, from New York, and was drowned. He jumped from tbe boat which was lying along side the brig, and rose no mors to the surface of the water. He had been but 8 days on board his nsme was believed (o be Charles Oad. RAILROAD AFFRAY. A difficulty occurred, on Tuesday afternoon last, between the conductor of the Morris and Easex Railroad train and a number of rowdies, who were determined to ride to Orange, or somo place upon ' the line of the toad. free. The train was slopped and the fare demanded, which being refused, they were ordered to leave the car. Thia they alao refused to do, when the conductor and hands attempted lo put them out, but were overpowered by superior force. During ths frscas the conductor wasconaid- I erably Injured. Horrible Murder and Hulcldc of the MurdererAmputation and Death. FasosaicaiiLSQ, Vs., Aug. 18. A most brutal murder occurred yesterday at a place called White Oak, about five miles frum here. A man, by Ihe name of B II Brown, took s shsrp exe, and at the drat blow, nearly severed the head of a Mr. John Fagot from his body; tho second blow nearly severed his under jew from his head, and the third spill his skull entirely open. Tho murderer then attempted to cut his own throat, but was st the .time prevented. He, however, last night fully effected bis purpose, snd both murderer and victim are dead. MONUMENT TO ROBERT FULTON. Near Troy, Indiana, Is a hill which Fulton was fond ef visiting, and at tbe foot of which he and his brother kept a wood yard, and sold wood to the steamers, the creatures of his genius, which navigated the Ohio. He was fond of watching from this point, it la aald, their progress and speed in ihe water; and It has been selected, by Ihe admirers of hi genius, In Ihe West, as a fit place to erect a monument to hie memory. Him (hit tutu ineideni louchea the heart 1 A moth er who was In the habit of asking ber children, before they retired at night, what they had done during the day to mati tthtrt happy, found a young twln-dtughier silent. The elder one spoke modestly of deeds and dispositions, founded Oo the golden rule, " Do unto others as yon would (bey aboald unto you." Still ilte little bright face was bowed down In sileooe- Tbe question was repeated,' and the dear little child aald, timidly -"A little girl who sat by me on the bench at school, had kwt a baby brother. Ail the time she aindied ber lesson she hid her bos la) ber book end cried. I (sit ao sorry that I Isld my (ap on lha same book and cried with her. Then she looked ap and put her arms a round my neck, bnt 1 do not kaowwhy she said 1 had dons her so much good," v CONGR ESS! ON At,. I ' ; ' The SeMU did not sit on Friday, having adjourned on the previous day to Monday. :. : In the IIouu, on the lGlh, the Civil and Diplomatic appropriation bill was taken up and discussed without any action, except Ihe rejection of several ameadnwata.' fkitePZ Sof ' ' A Lady BUootlug at and Challenging a Ccn- .... .,Pi., .-itym,, - The New Orleam papers gives nn Seconal of a case of interest and excitement which 'came "T nt Carrollton on tho 7ih instant; - ; '., ' Mr. Benjamin Mason, an alderman of the city council of Cortollton, made tin affidavit that a Inly whn is living alone with her dialerand Whose husband is now in California, shot at lilni with a double barrelled gun, with tho intenilon of Hiking his life, 'on Sunday, the 4th instant, . between 6 and 7 o'clock in ihe morning, ihe shot striking close to him, but doing-him no injury. Deponent further stuted that the Indy hnd threatened his life, and that he was In bodily fear of her. The affidavit also charged one 11. N. Avis with, threatening to shoot deponents slave, Maria. It oppgars that Muson was accused by the lady of having ,cifculuted certain slanderous reports about her, which reports ho obtained from his negro girl Maria. This so enraged the lady that she shot at him, as above stated. But, finding that the shot had tnken no effect, she sent Mr. Mason a note, of which the following is a copy : " Carbollton, AugUHt 4, 1850. "Mr. Maion Sin Having been grossly and villainously slandered by you and your accomplice, Maria, and furthermore molested by having fpies set to watch my house at night, I demand satisfuc tion from you. I shall expect you to meet me with pistols as soon as possible. (Signed) ." The examination look place. It was not attempt ed by the defence to deny the shooting. It was proved that the accused waa a lady of unblemished character t but the Justice felt it to be his duty to bind her over to keep tho peace for six months in the sum of tSOO. Avis was also bound over. A suit for slander will be brought by the lady for damnges in this case. SERIOUS FLOOD. We learn from tho York Republican, tltnt tho gust of Saturday the 10. h inst. caused nn unprecedented rise in the waters of Cooper's Rock Run, which empties into tho Susquehanna at or near Pi-uch Bottom, in York county, sweeping away all the dams on tho stream, including those of the Messrs. Wiley and that of Mr. McCoukey'a Sawmill. It also caused a breach In the Susquehanna Canal at Slate Point, which wee probably repaired. Iowa Congressional Klectlon. Dispatches have been received in Washington from Iowa, which stoto that George G. Wright, whig candidate for Congress in tho first district, has beaten Bernhard Henn, the democratic candidate. This is the district contested at this session of Congress. It Is understood that the other district has chosen Lincoln Clurk, (Jem.,) and that the democratic State ticket is elected. Kentucky Legislature Not Democratic. So far as we have returns. 21 whigs to 9 opposition are chosen In the Senate 9 to be heard from. To the Mouse, so far, 33 whigs, 27 opposition. It is now certain, says tho N. Y. Tribune, Ihat the Senate and joint ballot arc whig, und probably the House is also. A neu rdigiuut tcct has arisen in Persia, in consequence of the preachings of a man named Bub who has written a new book to take the place of the Koran. He is said to have already made several thousand proselytes; and eighteen of these Babbecs, ,m his followers are called, havo been publicly bchcadol by order of Ihe Shah. DEVIL FISlF The Columbia Telegraph of Saturday says : Several Devil Fish appeared near Georgetown, a few days since, and excited quite a sensation among the citizens of that place especially the editorial and piscatorial portions. They were pursued but not takenIn fact, we believe they came near taking their pursuers. The Nashville Union of the 9th inst. ssys : A drove of mules from Kentucky passed through this city nn yesterday in the direction of South Carolina. The intation has commenced. Accident at the Custom House. About seven o'clock, yesterday morning, a staging connected with tho roof of the New Custom Homo gave way, in consequence of being overloaded with bricks. There were two workmen on the staging at the time, one of whom finding ll giving way, caught hold of the beam, and hung suspended until relieved by hie comrades. The other (Michael Riley) was precipitated, along with falling fragments to the ground. When taken up he was found 10 be much bruised, and insensible. He was conveyed lo hit home, whore medical afd were procured, and in tho afternoon there was signs of lite recovery. Fortunately no bones were broken, though ll is feared he received some Internal Injury. Savannah Georgian, Aug. 16th. DISTRESSING ACCIDENT. BofTox, Aug. 16. A parly went out from Lynn to I.ynfield, In Massachusetts, yeeterday, on a pic nlc About twenty-five of ihem got into a boat and went out on a pond. They had not made much more ihuf one hundred yards from shore, when the boat upset, and fourteen were drowned. Those who lost their lives were ad old women and children, except one. Funeral Obeeqalea to the Memory of CJoner-al Taylor. Boston, August 15. Tho funeral services 10-day In respect to the memory of ill late General Taylor, were of the most Imposing character. The procession was escorted by over thirty military companies fiom all parts of ihe Stale. The funeral car was magnificently clad In mourning, sltd guarded by lbs Massachusetts volunteers. REQUISITION FOR CHAPLIN. A requisition from Governor Thomas, of Maryland, directing Ihe delivery of Chaplin, charged with an assault with Intent in kill Mr. Richard lluit and Mr. Win. 8mtihia, In Montgomery co, waa placed on Wednesdsy la the hands, of officer Uandy, of Washington. We learn, however, from the InielH-gencer, that n will have Drat to be tried In the Criminal Court for sbducllag Allen and On hnd, the two ranawsy alevee found In Chaplin' esrria gs on lbs nlghi o the 8th Inst. . . 1 "-. Doltlmori' Clipper, f ludian Hostilities. '-.; :;sC NtwOaiSAxs, Aug. 10, 1850.' .' Galveston dales of the 7th report continued In dian depredations -200 attacked Copt. Forbes's camp, at San Antonio Diego, snd took several horses. They also attacked Davis's rancho, and captured s train of mules. Afterward they . attacked a party of Mustangers, killed 7 and wounded 9 men. , WildCat, a Seminole Chief, with 700 Indians, peaceably disposed, have settled near Eagle Pass, and buve made a compact lo protect Ihe Mexicans from the Caniajichcs. ' ' Gov. Bell has issued communications for ral-inf; troops in almost every county for Santa Fe, to be ready to march on 1st Sept. Lieut. Thomas Mason was drowned in the Rio Grande. i ' The Expeditions in Hearth of Kir Johu Praukllii. The British Admiralty liuvo given notice of the irrivalon Thursday of Intelligence from Captain Austin und tbe English and American squadrons sent in search of Sir John Franklin. , Copt. Austin, on board tho Eugenia, transport, left Whdle Fish Islands on the 23J of June, all well, perfect in evtry equipment, the steamers with six weeks coal on board. The day after Cnpt. Austin sailed, the Amorlcon expedition, consisting of two achooncn orrived at the Whale Fish Islands, and sailed to the northword on the 29th, all well. The season for explorations was considered fairly opened, but no intelligence has yet been obtained of the missing vessels. lrom Hio Janeiro. We learn from Capl. Doyde, of the bark E. Corning, from Rio Janeiro, July 9th, that .here was a great excitement at Rio when he Bailed, in consequence of the British Heel having taken several iirn-' zllian vnssels, on suspicion of being slavers, and burnt them in the harbor of Paraguay. The sickness had greatly abated at Rio Janeiro when he sailed v At Brldgport, Connecticut, on Tuesday, a dog, with the appearance of being mad, entered a school house. Tho school mi9trcss, according to the Bridg-port Standard, with great presence of mind, seized a pitcher filled with water, and threw the contents upon him. This set him into convulsions, the scholars had lime to escape unharmed, and the dog was immediately afterwatds killed. Tho negro Garrett, sentenced to bo hung for the murder of Mrs. Rhoda Elherton, was executed on Friday last In presence of the greatest concourse of persons ever socn in this village. It was calculated that not loss than iwo thousand negroes wero here, their owners having given permission for them to bo present. Garrett made no confession on the pillows. Marion Star. The editors of tho Macon Journal and Messenger givejn discouraging account' of the appourancu of the crops in the Cliorokee. He says the crops will be fir below an average. Even the wheut crop, which promised so finely in tho spring, has turned out lo be a comparative failure. Trouble In the Cherokee Nation. In the Cherokeo Nation, on the 12th ult. opposite Fort Smith, Moses Vickory was killed by Chas. Tickancesky, both Chorokocs. A feud has existed between tho families of Thompson and Vickory for some time past, and it is said that not a malo member of tithes is now left alive. Tickancesky married a Miss Thompson. WIIAT A MOTIVE. A female domestic has been convicted at tho Lincoln Assizes of attempting lo poison her mistress, her confeksed molivo being the hope of getting a mourning dress from the family ! Shu was sentenced 10 be hung. A CVulctus for Cross Bablcn. By this we do not mean knocking their brains out ogainst the bed post, nor unylhlng of the eorl. Nor do we mean giving them paragoric, Daffy's elixir, Dalby'b carminative, black drops, or any other poison. The only requisite to quiet a squalling, squealing little buby Is, that it shall possess a nose. In .he midst of Its screaming, press your fingcrgcntiy and repeatedly across the cartilage of that useful organ, and in less than two mluutea it will be asleep. SHOCKING ACCIDENT. ThciV. V. Courier and Enquirer of Saturday says : yesterday ufternoon, a young man named Andrew Haggle, Engineer in Mr. Swift's steam Sugar Refinory, In Lilght street, was caught in the fly wheel while tho machinery was In motion and drawn in among the works, and before the engine could be stopped, he was carried around for half a turn. When extracted, his body was horribly mangled, and both his thighs fractured. His fellow-workmen conveyed him lo ihe Hospital, whero his wounds were attended to, and upon examination it was fo-ind that he had also sustained serious inlcrnul Injuries. It was the opinion of the Physlcisns that he could not survive. SUICIDE BY A MINISTER-Rev. Alphonso Wm. Henry Rose, a minister of the Church of England, committed aulcide In Toronto, on Ihe 19th Instant, by cutting his ihroat with a razor, while laboring under temporary insanity. Mr. Rose was related lo the Duchess of Sutherland. He was educated at Aberdeen Collepr, snd afterwards graduated at Cambridge Univtliy.--Dissppointed In a situation promised lilin by the Bishop of London, become lo Canada some years ago. lie was for some lime afterwords settled over St. Luke's Church, In Cincinnati, and is well known Id some parts of the Untied Stales as a lecturer.- meTTancholy ACCIDENT. A ssd accident occurred in Prlham, Niagara District, on Friday last, which csuwJ Ihe death of Iwo persons. A pedler from ihe American side has been lately on a tour through Ihe District, selling lamps of a new canstructlon, which burn a fluid somewhat resembling turpentine. A farmer's wife In Pelham purchased one of these lumps, and shortly after, while pouring some of tho fluid Into It, a spark happened lo touch It, when It exploded with a terrific crash, covering her with ihe flaming substsnce. She ran from ihe house, but speedily fell wrspt la flame. The house was consumed slso, and a fine child destroyed who had not lime lo escape. These are all the particulars we have, been able 10 learn, hti that a warrant has been issued for the apprehension of the pedlur. 'Vrento Pat., Aug. 13. The Parle Monileur publishes a decree of the President of Ihe Repoblie, imposing a quarantine of I djys St least, and I at meet, on all veeeels arriving Tin the French ports of ths Mediiierranoaa from coun tries where the cholera prevails, - " ' ,, . i RAILROAD CARS FOR CUBA. . Messrs. Cummings &. James, of Jersey City, have just shipped two railroad cars for the Cardenas road Wailful tneclmens of ar(. The scots are of cone, and appear airy, light cool, and comfortable. The j interior aeeorations are equm, . those of any cars in use upon our railroads. v- . .. . I The following laughable anecdote of the funeral or . a Bristol Alderman, is told by Sou.hey: ' ! . A. . h l h m ran, was dnnnorate. lie vwv., 'Hai.wn.iv.. . . . - r ' called together nil the persons to whom ho was in - j detitcdlnhls mercantile concerns j Gentlemen," , said he, "1 am going to die, and my death will be an j inconvenience to you, because ll will be some lime before you can get your accounts settled with my executors; now if you will allow me a handsome discount, I'll settle them myself at once," They came into the proposal, and tho old Alderman 'turned his death into nine hundred dollars profit." , In the Limerick paper, an Irish gentleman, whose wife hud absconded from him, thus cautions the public from (rusting her I "My wife hoe eloped from me without rhyme or reason, ond I desire n ono will trust her on my account, for I'm not married to Iter." CURIOUS. It is a fact that the United States have had lix Presidents In little more than nine years. Counting from the 1st March, 1841, ot which lime Van Burcn was President, thero havo been Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor ond Fillmore. The youngest of these Presidents at the time of his in. ouguration was Mr. Polk, who was then 49 years and 4 months, and the next youngest Mr. Fillmore, who at present 1 50 yeats and 6 months old. N. O. Com Bulletin. Chicago lias just lost two eminent citizens by Ihe prevuiltng epidemic Messrs. John J. Brown and Dr. J.Jay Siuurt. As a lawyer Mr. Brown stood at the head of the profession in his State, while Dr. Stuart had a reputation equally wide as a successful practitioner of medicine, and a scientific man. Both have buon cut lwn in the prime of life, leaving families und a laryj circle of friends to mourn their loss. NEW COTTON. The Mobile Register of the I2(h Inst., states that a new bale of cotton, the first of tho season, and grown on Major Austin's plantation, in Clark coun ty, was brought to that market on tho 11th, by the Hteuiiicr J. L. Webb. ''Massa," said a Southern negro, as he was examining the many rents in his brogans, "wonder where shoes come from ?" 'Oh, they grow at the North," was the reply. "Well guess he picked fort he ripe then." Why is a pig's tail like a carving-knife 7 it is flourished over a ham. Because DIED, In Hn-t ford, Con. on the 12th inst., Leonoba, wife of Mr. Michael Durmody, of that city, only sister of M'. J. J. Conol v f this town. MARINE NEWS. PORT OF WILMINGTON. AUGUST 20. man watib at the sab. 6.7 IG. Schr. H unison Price, Rice, from New York to K. J. Lutterloh, with goods lo sundry persons. 17. Brig Buena Vista, Myers, from New Yoik, to A. II. VanBokkelen. " Schr. Example, Medgctt, from Hydo County, N. C with Corn, lo .'. It Kloss 1111. 18. Schr. L. P. Smith. Slutea, from Now York, to Dcltosset & Brown, with mdze to sundry persons. " Steamer Gov. Graham, Hurl, from Fayotlovllle, to T. C. Worth, with mdze to sundry persona. ' Schr. Orlando, Richardson, from New York, in bullae!, 10 Jos. B.Russell. 19. Schr. Marietta. Lewis, from Lockwood's Folly, with Spirits Turpentine and Rosin, to Anderson & Latimer. " Schr. Scnora Isabel, Lewls.from Shallotte, with Naval Stores, to Deltosset & Brown. " Schr. 1) P. Wo-xlbury, Rabon. from Shallotte, with Naval Stores, to Deltosset & Brown. ' Schr. Eureka, Davis, from bunllotte, with Na vul Stores, t Anderson & Latimer. " Steamer Row. in, McRjo, from Fayettevlllo to J. Banks. " Steamer Evergreen, Rush, from Fayeitevllle. to Carroll Si Funnel. " Schr. Lamartine, Chapman, from Now York, le Geo. Harnss, with mdze. 10 sundry persons. " Schr. Ann Marin, Mason, from Beaufort, to G. W. Davis, with Naval Stores. " Schr. Margaret Jane, Galloway, from Lock-wood's Folly, lo Muster, with Naval Stores. I CLEARED. ! 17 Schr. Elouiso, Robinson, for Now York, by E. 1 i . I.utierioh, with ttOO bbls Rosin, and 355 bbls Spir- Us Turpentine. " Schr. Leesburg, Boon, for Philadelphia, by Do-Kosset 6l Brown, with IB7 bbls Spirits Turpentine, C43 bbls Roslu 65 bales Yern, 10 bales Sheeting, 33,C33 feel Lumber, 3 bales Wool. Schr. Alaric, Ssndford, for New York, b) De-Roeict & Brown, with 241 bbls Spirits Turpentine, 1,984 bbla Rosin, 19 balea Sheeting, 19 bales Yarn. " Schr. A. Flornmorfclt, String-, for New London, Conn., by Geo. Harris, with 60,000 feel Lumber. 19. Schr. Mary Powell. Williams, for New York, by Geo. Hsrrlse, with 1,604 bbls. Rosin, 343 bbls. Spirits Turpentine, 40 bales Yarn. " Schr. G. VV. Davis Chsdwlck. for New York, by Geo. Harries, with 836 bbls Rosin, 499 bole Spirits Turpentine, 20,000 feet of Piank. 2a Schr. Wm. Hart, Orion, for Philadelphia, by Geo. Harriss, will) 721 bbls Rosin, 100 bbls Pilch. 10 bbls old Iron, 40 bales Yarn, 16 bales Sheeting, 30, -000 feet of Boards. " Schr. North Carolina. Williams, for New York, by J. H. Flsneer, with 261 bbls Spirit Turpentine, and 870 bbls Rosin. TURTLE SOUP. FINE Turtle 8oup will be served up from U o'clock A. M. to 2 o'clock, P. M., at lha Ha-witt House, by J. A. Morris, this day anJ to-morrow. Aug. 20. 6M1. FOR RENT FROM 1st OCTOBER. THE Rock 8prtng Hotel at present ocou-plod by Mr. A. Alderman, on Chesnut Street, centre Store in my tire proof build ing, corner water end Chesnut Streets.- ; Q. PARSLEY.' ALSO. - -The convenient dwelling on Snd Street between the late residence of Cot.McRa and Mr. Furgus. Small dwelling on 3d Street, on tamo lot and East of lha above.- ' ' .'J ' - Store and Warehoass comer Front and Rcdcrosa Streets. . , .' O.Q. PARSLEY Oardlsn. , Angust 20, 18?0. . v i. OVcopv 3t. 67 -tf. . Ll wiiuLEsiLE mam cikueniv Yellow Dip. ' V Lbi. of 280 lbs." , 2 00 N. Virgin Dip. ''X"?; , ,'' ;" Hard ' ' - -.A i& 'vJtl,jk SI ZlVj Pitch v;j pilc ....s, t m Rosin No. I, .UA,! cent pet lb. . i.No,2.-tM.ti:v.t.i VOOgy 'V2b':. ,. i n, 3...,..acarce,iv,-v,-(., - 05 0 ? : ftJifef v ,h.t.rij... ... . , inferior .. i-vtW 350 ' KairUttality--V' ", 6 60. j 8 00. LUMUKit, STEAM BlIKIi Wide beards, plunk and scantling : 1 100 tfavll 00 Floor Bouid-.'-'W-H' H (JO 16 00 Wide Boards, R&ip&xltlW;ct!t''- ' Roruae half price on I.UMHUU. Kl V liM &Xwsf&i Floor Boards- .'.y ''.,';'. H,2fo If 80 00 00 Cleaned S'l'AVUS. W. O. Hhd. rou&h Bcorco.. .. 16'00"24 ( " dressed non.i ' " bmrel.A'Vi;;;'.,.5v",i2""iD0fin5 R.O. Hhd. .ntsjigh ;.;! w ' CO arefstu-; scarce- ,j ,-'vt" . Ashe Heading,- v ,:' i.-V-?v 800 .10 .00 Common 'it .'. -v vi'3 00 Contract ,;...v;.w Jtivi'ftt'Ifli.'OO Black's" large . &V&!i&d$;4m 4 00 PliAS. ; t vVi.'lt 4' ' Cow Pcus ..,.; 70a) t".- Gov Pea Nuts - 'ir,;.ttfVl'06 SUUAU, Now Orleans-. Porto Rico CO I' FEE. St. Domingo- Rio Java Laguria f p t&f til 'fairf j Cuba nonp. .......... MOLASSES. New Orleans- Cubn, S.UI'. Bonaire none . a, ;ur,.w W-n 9K ... I6i Liverpool, por sack- 86 90 ; !r-. . 2T : N. E. Rum ... Common Gin-. Whiskey Applo llniiidy-. I1ACON 11 M r ;V 6 11.. V. y ft . 8, 6i western scarce. '... I. Sides, IV. U. " Western Shoulders. N. C. ....- " WoBiern 7 0ie: to I It .vl USUI'S. Cotton Yains-. .............. v 0'' g Cottt n OznaburuaiAi.i$Viri.r,r-9 :mp 10 4-4 .. C Sheetings i'.V' i '7f'0 ,8 7-8 N. C Shining. K Hayt-ttevllle- Canal Crn Meul II 11 r tor Chnt-so Beeswax.- Hay . Soap Femhi-rs l.nrd N. C. Lime ......... ,...i...t..." 'go ... .. . .f,ti 1 K ,26 "70 35 I8' 16' I y V 9 v y IOlEIGHTt). -To NEW YORK. '' . Bbls. Turpentine, Tar and Rosfn, " Spirits Turpcnlincv-.. Rice, per 100 lbs. gros,.V...I,.V.: Cotton, per halo, -...i.. .... Cotton goods and Yarn per bale, per cubic fool,- Lumber, per M., To PHLADKLPHIA. - 3R ' . 60 a .,12 j via. a. VQ pis. iei cis. Bbls. Turncntine. Tar nhu" tlniln' Ttjr " Spirits Turpentine,... .v..-,..,Jt60ir. Cotton goods and Yarn, per cubic foot, 6 cts.' Lumber per M., , u ,m Bbls. Turpentine Rosin end Tar;.1 . L t m 1 .. . CI. 40 a 45 Snirits Turnomlna , .... . r 65' CIS a $1 i.umuor per fll., -46,60 C0MMECIAi44 T rr ' ' H I2MARKH OJf MAKKET.,?.,. Since Saturday morning last, Very lll'ifi : priji,' ' duce has come to market, --V-iM ' 'Wey, TcarsNTiM,-Som 9 io 1 jOOO. bbt'hava bsjai disposed of ss follows, 93 bbkyeijow'JDIpaTfJjOS, per bbl., the balance at 92 ner..bbCor .Vlrgtfani'V 2 per bbl. for Yellow Dip, market closing , at' the -latter price. ' ; 1 ; T.ab-A small lolof Tar, wo sold sill) per bar-rol- . SfiatTs TeanxTisiB anRost-t.-We hear ef ' no sales 10 report. V LiMia,& TiMSa.-Vry little, tanj( laMnj. ket. . ..w.r;;...;:;, Shinglss. A smalt boat load" of Common Shingles was sold ai 11 60 per M. ; 4 JcAZi f' Coai.-700 bushel from Hya Counij was sold at 70 cts. per bushel. .4 -.-'-"-rJA' Floub. Fsytilcvilla scarce, snd prices hlgh ' Bacoh. Moderate supplies arriving, ; . V Vessels ore scarce agsln, snd baslhre consequent-ly dull' " VV.-V- fi v Giportii for (he week ending ,1 9th Inet,, Lumber, ; - . ,1 239.004 feel. Turpentine, ' " J, 670 bbls. Rosin, ,. V '8,040 Spirits Turpentine, ;. xr .v-i 3,146 '"" ' -Pitch, j V aiw ,r Cotton Yarn, - . , 17 bale. . Wide Bourd w '-if pvt-Wm 7 Scantling .;" V 4 '50 ' 0 6 it 1 1 ' '" '.v-w.l.s-;-.:) i Itiilinh i...i...ii.k..f,,l AS .ti7M" A v RO , Waste, ,-.M.j,;?,-5'iiV'' -?V Coiion, Wool. on, -i ,, ''. j.-.'-I Sheep Skin, V'-VjrfT? f. n4lf. NEW YORK MARKET ? T? .... f. .rOB THSBB DATS aBCfniJte.. ..'x L Sr' i August 17. Cotton Ths sales sines our bnt am . ' 9500 bales making a total for the vetk of 20,100 f we quota I1H I4f."-'..V-'...1-. ,.v.-i''-t-' Flours We quote 8upcrfins No. 2. 43,621 a 13.75 1 ordlesry Stale, old, $4,25 a ti,3U I eommon 8 tare, 4,31f 94,371 1 itralght State, (both fresh f round,) u 94,37) 1 14,43 favorite Slate, 94,60 a I4,62i 1 mil, r ed Ohio, Indiana, dtc. 94.21 a 4,37.t ' J ' V ' . WheatThe ssle are 4500 bushel Cansd, peri , , . lainnii, u.4r.,..nj 'mi..i, itriiv fnir -nrth - Caroline;' 11,151 and 3700 Inferior do; 91,04 $l,- r OGt., RS Is stssdv. with smsll sales l 64 com.' t, " va.vw , . will. I VI H , f-'x. . iiii.v , . ' - w ..... " . 1 - Corn has been offered rreely sinee our tssr, ana s-. 4 thers Is no demand except for consumption, the mark v,. elhssbeenheavysndpreehvsdeellnad wthsla .' of 93,000 bushels, eloelng l 62 a 63 eentt for low to . nisiimls4 western, oi ior ro"P """"i "ih w -r - 61 for hosted.. i'"A,?'.'V--.W Naval Siorea-W have only 14 report 'sale oT 600 bbls. North Coontf Turpenln ai 92,62! 1 1600 rM. White Roslu 63 a 9.79 & 280 lb. 1 350 Common 4 . Uful 4k Jn alABlisnrsl e ana MUM Mnlrllsi Tiiil pentlne, 00 the wharf. 3I eenia, cash. . V Rice We have another very dull week id report, , , lha sales only reaching about 2S0 lea.' at 92,874 for inferior to 93,03 for good. iTb iock I not larg and the prlmeel dcKriptioni arw.seirce. '

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