Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 9
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Gdtesbuffl fi#fli &t0 f*MciiI # ^Iesbjjfg>, Iff, Wednesday, Ms/1%, \92%9 Ehrlichman Sticks to Story Under Grilling By WESLEY 0. PIPPERT [never *een the fa-vear-didi Dash-So there tarn a tiftel Ehrlichman -* £fbte«or, ii.iffifireaed with a very highiwith a aenci!, said: r EhfUchmaii^V^. «tf, Qy WASHINGTON (UP!) - John D. Ehrlkhman's first day before the Senate Watergate Committee can be summed up In ltt wWdMtiien he called the chief counsel "professor" and when he slipped and addressed Chairman Sam Ervin as "Mr. Preside...» . Ehrlfchman. once one of frethlent Niam'a top two S des, nodded his head, arched I eyefasws and flicked the pages of his 30 -page statement with exaggerated motion Tuesday as he professed complete innocence of wrongdoing in the •Watergate scandal. Sometimes he slapped his palms oil the arms of his chair to emphasize a; point; sometimes he held. out his , index lingers as if he were measuring a" fish and tapped them on top of the brown-felt witness table. He rah into Dash's toughest questioning of the nine weeks of Senate hearings, and by the time Ervin's questions tumbled out in an afternoon torrent of anger and frustration there were tiny beads of sweat on Ehrlichman's broad forehead. For all that, Ehrlichman remained unmoved in his testimony. He testified that he: —Had relied on John W Dean III in the months following the June 17, 1972, break-in at Democratic offices "On the assumption that he was giving us complete and accu- . rite information." Dean was fired as White House counsel by Nixon on April 30, the same day Ehrlichman resigned with fulsome praise from the President. —Considered the attempt to break into a psychiatrist's office in order to get informa tion about Pentagon Papers defendant Daniel Ellsberg "to be well within the President's inherent constitutional powers.' —Believed he was undertak ing "a legitimate undertaking* in" asking Herbert W. Kalm:bach£ Nixon's former personal lawyer, to raise funds on behalf of the original Watergate defendants. ^JSirliehinan was to return today fori testimony that is expected to last at least through Thursday. Former White House Chief of Staff H.R. "Ijpb" Haldeman will follow Ehrlichman on the stand. 'The committee is expected to continue its hearings into the second week of August in an effort to complete the Watergate phase of its investigation into 1972 presidential campaign activities. A desire to press on past the scheduled congressional recess date of Aug. 3 was expressed Tuesday by Sens. Lowell P. Weicker Jr., R-Conn., and Herman E. Talmadge, D- Ga., as well as. Dash. The deadline for a White .House answer to the committee 's subpoena of presidential tapes is Thursday at 10 a.m. EDT in the hearing room in the Russell Senate Office Building. Sen. Howard H. Baker Jr., R- Tenn., the vice chairman, told reporters that if the White HOuse refuses, as Is expected, rthe committee probably will ask the full Senate for a vote of support and then file suit in court. Ehrlichman seemed to arouse the strongest feelings of those sitting at the green-felt' table opposite him of any of the parade of witnesses so far. An aide to Ervin said he had North Korea Accepted By U. N. Panel GENEVA (UPI) - The U.N Trade and Development Conference said Tuesday that North Korea has been officially accepted as a member, the second U.N. organization, accepting it for membership. A spokesman said the organization received an official application from North Korea. Under the so-called "Vienna Formula," the spokesman said, a member state of any specialized UN. agency is automatically eligible for mem bership in all other U.N. bodies. North Korea became a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva last May. Officials said they did not anticipate any problems on the status of South Korea, one of the organization's. founding members. "The only difference now is that there are two Koreas in UNCTAD," they said. never seen the ft-year^kl constitutional expert and former North Carolina Supreme 'Court justice so agitated. Dash said he was more tempted to characterize Ehrlichman's testimony than that of any other witness, but he smiled and refused to do so. During Dash's questioning of Ehrlichman about the establish* ment of the White House special unit, known as the "plumbers group," in 1970 to help control news leaks, this exchange took place: Dash -so there came a time when you were administering an investigative unit? Ehrlichman — In a literal sense, that's true. Dash—A literal sense? Ehrlichman—Yes, sir. Dash—But not an actual sense? Ehrlichnian—Well, here am 1 dueling with a professor. Dash (who is on leave as professor at Georgetown University)—I'm not dueling with you. I'm just trying to get a.. Ehrlichman - Professor, you say actual, it's actual. Later Dash asked Ehrlichman if the knowledge that former White House staffers working under his direction had broken into a psychiatrist's office might have been more embarrssing to the Nixon campaign than Watergate. "t would not think so, Mr. Dash, for several reasons. No. 1, that episode was part of a very intensive national security investigation which had been impressed with a very high security classification. The likelihood of that being dis- [closed was very slight. "No. 2, those people were operating under ... a national security situation, under a situation of considerable moment to the nation in the theft of top secret documents, and their apparent delivery to the Soviet embassy ..." During the afternoon, Ervin, his words racing ahead of his jability to get them out, taking his glasses on and off, pointing with a pencil, said: "You said something about the burglariiing of the office of {the psychiatrist of Ellsberg was justified by the President's inherent power under the Constitution, didn't you? Ehflichman-'Yes, sir. Ervin—And you referred to certain statutes. Ehrlichman—I referred to a statute in which Congress in 1968 made recognition of that inherent power. Ervin—Is that section 18 U.S. Code 2511? Ehrlichman-Yes, sir Ervin -Will you please tell me -now this statute has nothing to do with burglary, it only has to do... Ehrlichman—It has to do Iwith the U.S. Constitution, Mr. Preside... Mr. Chairman. Ervin—No, sir. Not the purpose of the statute. The Constitution takes care of itself even though the statute sets it lout. This statute has only to do with the interception or disclosure of wire or oral communications prohibited. John D. 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