Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1973 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1973
Page 7
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ByCARLA. VINES OAK WDGfi, tenil. (UPI) One kineh at «CK »rtific re- aetfth trftfch hM spurred some wild sptculitta. about tnan< kind'« ftrture in rec«u years is wyflbWogy-^fw itudy ot deep (reett e&ecta on Itvlni matter. Reeetreh in the field some^ day may toad to audi things as banka «frown spare parts for human being*. Aittag the scientist* carrying out research in cryobiology are QalejbufflJlgaisM ^MQil Galesburg, 111, Wednesday t „iuly 2$, !8?t 7 GouW Lead toS /wire Parte' Drs. Pett* Mtoir and Stanley Leibo at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. in cages three floors above their crowded laboratory, they have living mke which were born from embryos that once were frown. They were thawed, transplanted into the wombs of female mke and torn in the usual fashion after a normal gestation period. These mice are approaching one year of age and seem normal in every way. Mazur and Leibo also have another group of mouse embryos submerged in a bath of liquid nitrogen at M degrees below zero. They will be chattel later, pernapi in oepKmDer>. wnen they wis have been in the deep freeze for a year. The work with mouse embryos illustrated the problems researchers constantly fun into. It started with, work of an English researcher, Dr. David Whatingbam, who reported in itfl success in freeing and thawing mouse embryos. Last summer, Whittingham came to Oak Ridge to work with Mazur and Leibo on me procwure. "But we just couldn't dupli* oate his work here»" Mazur said, "tflhy, I don't know." So the two Americans, who had been in cryobiology in other work for some time, struck out on their own. To understand their work, several basics must be kept in mind. First, there is no formula that will work with all types of cells. Soma cells must be frozen quickly and others slowly for success. The same is true of the thawing process. Then a protedtive agent is used to prevent damage to the cell membrane from salt concentrations which accumulate outside the cell as it loses water and shrinks in the freezing process. The amount of this material is a vital factor—freeze a cell too fast and ice crystals form inside, damaging it Freeze it too slowly and it is damaged by the salt solution surrounding it. "There's a narrow window for each of these elements, and they all must be fight,*' Leibo said. "If you're off on any one of the elements, the whole thing fails. And each type of cell has a different window for each element." That's why no one yet has succeeded in freezing a whole organ and making it live again. "Organs," said Mazur, "are complex arrangements of many types of cells, each with its own demands." The next step for Mazur and Leibo is cattle embryos, and they've started already with a procedure of hormone inducement of guper-ovulatlon. By injecting the cow near its ovulation period with certain hormones, she can be induced to produce up to 20 eggs, ready fof fertilization. After fertilization by the bull, the cow undergoes surgery, the developing embryos are colllect- ed, frozen, thawed and studied for survival. Later the work will involve transplantation into cows (or normal gestation and birth. dlfcteoiriilh Tension, Labor Overwork Heart Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. LambHow come overworking the heart by tension or chronic high blood pressure is bad, yet overworking the heart by exercise is good? Dear Reader — Your question is not very well phrased, since "overworking" the heart by any means isn't good for it. This includes overworking the heart by exercise. A sensible exercise program that gradually im' proves the functional capacity , of the heart is useful. The same applies to proper exercise programs that improve the overall level of physical fitness. The type of work induced by the heart from physical activity is quite different from the type of work caused by high . blood pressure. High blood pressure results from constriction of . the innumerable small arteries throughout the body. As a result, the heart has to work harder to pump a small amount of blood.. With' physical exercise, the arteries actually dilate and the heart works harder because •« it's pumping a lot more blood. f This increases the size and ^ capacity of the heart just as breathing exercises can improve ; the size and capacity of the I lungs. In turn, this improves the pumping capacity of the heart, which is a healthy reaction. This is not achieved by simple, persistent high blood pressure. Exercise has many important functions. It can improve the . volume, capacity of the heart, i the circulation to the heart' muscle, and it is a calorie burner. When done properly and con-' - sistently it helps to prevent obesity. There are other more WHEN BUYING OR SELLING REAL ESTATE RON DAVIS AT HAROLD WILSON REALTY 1191 N. MMdanea 'ffc, SW-M03 (subtle biochemical changes associated with a good regular exercise program. None of these important benefits are achieved by high blood pressure or tension. Dear Dr. Lamb — What is [the difference between scarlet fever and scarlatina? Are these two terms used interchangeably? My ii-yeapold daughter has had scarlet fever twice, although I have read that a second attack is very rare. Dear Reader — Scarlet fever is a strep throat with a rash. The toxic reaction from , the (strep infection causes the rash. Years ago the cause of scarlet fever was not properly understood and its association with strep throat wasn't appreciated! A strep jthroat is contagious whether or not one has an associated rash. Scarlatina is /a strep infection with a less obvious rash. Young children are often sus ceptible to strep infections. With streptococcal infections their immunity develops, and they are less susceptible. With the development of antibiotics to treat strep infections, the great concern that used to exist about scarlet fever as a contagious disease is a thing of the past. Since scarlet fever is a strep- Itococcal infection, it can have later complications, including the possibility of rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease. Antibotic treatment is usually very effective and use ful in preventing these problems. Streo throat, with or without a rash, should be treated with antibiotics. Not all sore throats, however, are strep throats. Some of them are viral infections which are not benefited by antibiotic therapy. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) (Transferred* EAST GALESBURG—George Gregg Jr., East Galesburg, has been transferred from Galesburg Cottage Hospital to University Hospital, Iowa City. His address there is Three Towers, Room 304. 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