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The Montreal Stari
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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vis to The Wagon The Hitch And The Star Crtoteit Nt wipe 5 Founded in 1869 to a finish In tha ecurts Not In tha intereeta of newspapers or radio stations or steel companies or trade unions but in tba best Interests of the country It la the issue of the growing power of executive in democratic countries the assumption of arbitrary authority on the basis of legal fiction' 31 ia to be seen In South Africa where the government claims the right to drive a horse and cart through the Constitution It is now being seen in what we are forever being reminded is tha greatest democracy on earth fX MvmHml ttav fe atesd -to pakHikto to 11-14 If Sanaa Strut HmIwI rt NmM Star Cwur liW 4ato i MmKnmum JamtafTmanr turf aa twan4 thw aal fart OffiM Btfat-an I Oil Mat) MMrHaMaa ala (tela CIA 04 OtHala DOW Martwi II SlSM TM 4krs for nr mM Mtm( mm awaiH IB aiulUM Un taM saikly fata ate ltd ta fatalia faa Mu aa Canada Need More Nunes branch omers USTOW nmrn-Waat A Star Travel Mima i 'aaila IHHMlai 1411 llaany Slr-M a1 Kraftlalii aa4 Ctraulatkia 14T UataanKy An NKW YORK AarUai: O'Hara aaS Oran I nr Oramar MuiMlna it lailnalin In Mllnrial: Ull Daily Malta Bundles IN Baal 4Sn4 Miraat 4r1lalnr Tha Mm tart faanif Trikana Tawar 431 Mttusaa kv nua MARIIINUTON Milarlal: 11M Nauaaal Praaa in LONDON laskua faan 144 14 itatapar I CaiinrtaJi lf-S Csrfcssas sirte Trafalgar aaanw SWI fact that what might be called "ordinary expenditures have been rising too Tire strenuous reducing program which Mr Abbott demanded from all depaTmenta has had only limited success chiefly herause the very real economies cirri ed out were at once swallowed up by other spending An example of this pir ago was the fate of some $fiO millions is cuts the whole sum being shovelled out to the western farmers for reason that remain obscure when winding up the 4-yerar British wheat deal So Ur Thatcher this year aide a brave attempt to propoea some S31B mil lions in economies He led off with a ten per rent cut in defence spending which few people would recommnd unless it could be proved there vn that amount of actual extravagance in the defence budget This ia a Job for the special committee on defence expenditures and we hope it gela well done But Mr Thstrher went on ruthlensily to suggest various wtya of rutting out another $100 millions Ha suggested closing down the CBC short wave station He urged raising the retirement iga for rlvil servants and finally went so far as to recommend a virtual means test for the receipt of old age pensions and family allowances This horrified his own tarty which at once denied him The incident however has been tine-ful Mr Thatcher a himines mss knows thnt taxes rsnnnt come down unless services are reduced He therefore made a business-like assault on the problem thus showing up badly all those members of tha House of Commons who demand in ons breath lower taxes and with the next more and mors services If tuxes are to come down ws have to go without something the nation ia now getting Somebody in other worda has to get hurt This may sound pretty elementary stuff In the atmosphere of Ottawa however it needs saying often To that extent Mr Thatcher deserve thanks The GCF doubtless will he dealing privately with thia rebel in their camp That however ie their problem and we can leave to Mr- Coldwell the delicate business of producing coherence ia CCF policy TM raatdua TMa tuial a kr nanluaiiai all ana Miami la 111 HP MHtM la 1 ar 'a I ha MMalif hn Ipaa art na 'ha laral ana puM'ihH fhataia All hitwt af namkailaa af hairtm Unrau an alia rami rRlDAY APRIL 23 1932 A HEALTH zs A WEALTH WHE Association of Nurses of ths Prove Inca of Quebec with representation from ths Canadian Nurses' Association has been bolding its annual convention here and reviewing past records and looking forward to the uncertain future According to Hon Paul Martin Minister of National Health and Welfare who spoke to ths nurses at the end of ths first day's conference the shortage of nurses throughout Canada Is "very serious" and apparently growing no less scuts Two main reasons contribute most to this unfortunate numerical weakness in an essential part of the national health service: More snd more people are seeking hospital service aided by Blue Cross and similar social and security organisations Nearly all hospitals are straining every resource to meet demands and more snd more nurses ar needed for hospital service Another call being mads for professional nurses ia in industry and large business organizations a comparatively new field but one which la growing rapidly and diverting increasing numbers of newly graduated nurses from the older kinda of institutional work The steady growth of public health services of all kinds require a staff of trained nurses sometimes specializing in the particular work to which different clinics are assigned Mr Marlin did not suggest any way of recruiting young women for the nursing profession Hospitals are doing their best to raise nureea salaries which la an added problem in these day's of financial harassment for nearly all hospitals Aa always nurses are co-operating with loyal enthusiasm in promoting the federal snd provincial health services following post-graduate courses and keeping abreast of medical and surgical progress Canada has every reason to be proud of Canadian women who have devoted themselves to aa exacting profes ttk It Item mil ICaul WMrt If No Remedy Exists One Should Be Made TTE art told thtt Government legal authoritir are studying our laws to determine whether or not some action can be taken against Dr James Endi-eott bees is of his recent insinuations that Canada was aiding UJf germ war fare against China Ur Pearson said in the House yesterday that while he did Letters to the Editor through lie doom among them Arthur James Air Vlco-Marahal Thanks to You All From a Sick Child Sir Please publlch in your not know If there was any statute which would provide a basis for prosecution he Fair Exchange LEASE be brief Preference is given to shorter letter Pen-names may ba used Tho names of correspondents using pen-namet ara not given to enquirers but letters will bo forwarded to them when possible on request Letters not beariag the names sad addresses the writers are saver cen-idared for publkatiea Jack Boganle QC Drs Toker and Koran berg These are only a few name brought to mind but there ere many other pupils who received their elementary education at Earl Grey and have gone on to positions of professional and executive capacity and whose names are often mentioned in our daily newspapers To eulogize Earl Grey without the mention of the late Canon Horsey would certainly be incomplete He alway tainly be incomplete He alwaya paper tha thanks of my little boy Garth Bou tiller to sH I he wonderful people In Montreal and surrounding districts for their letters comic books snd other gifts which they so kindly sent him It would Impossible for me to answer each ons Individually no please express our thanks to one and all Also please accept our heartfelt thanks for so kindly printing my letter To aU of you we are deeply grateful Ikuuiy BmiMlxer PO Bos 111 ripringhlll Cumberland Co hove Scotia officiated at the school clonings in tha school's earlier days and knew every child in the vicinity whether make forecasts not an unlimited erics of personal appearances on the radio Aa Interested Reader sion they were of hta denomination or not Earl Grey will remain in tha hearts of most of the English-speaking children who lived in tho north end of Montreal long after the old red building on Bellechasso street has passed uito a memory In closing may 1 take poetic license and add Why Hopitali Report Deficits The old school sighs tonight Sighs for thorn it knows wiU coipo its way no more Sighs for clamouring faet at sound of bell Now gone forever from beyond it oaken door Anne Fwnerojk A Canadian and Very Proud of It There have been numerous letters to your column to this effect: 1 will recognize as my flag only tho Union Jack snd as my national anthem only 'God Sava ths This suggests to me thst the writers apparently immigrants from Britain refuse to recognize Canada as anything but a place to make a living deserving no Brutal Murder Hu Gone Unpunished Sir I listened recently with greatest interest and appreciation to tha GBC's presentation of "Caesar's Friend" In which events leading up to ths crucifixion of Our Lord were mo ably and effectively portrayed And I am reminded of another veritably a son of a Christian of highest principles and character who was martyred only about a year ago In Palestine "To by Count Folks BemadoUe has been recently published and at the end of toe book the affidavits of those who were with him at tha time describe all the details of hia so tragic and cruel death The assassin shot Count Bema-dotta six times In the heart at These three-decker sandwiches may be responsible for the fact that the human mouth la growing larger all over America wherever the three-derkrr Is prevalent That the mouth ie growing bigger asserted hy an old family photographer of my acquaintance who had to move into new premise lately and in tha process had to clear out several tons of old photographs that had collected in his studio Some of these went back seventy and eighty years ths work of several predecessor In the business who had each added to the pile of plates and negatives that had accumulated in the beck rooms snd cupboards My friend selected considerable number of the fanciest and weirdest looking of the negatives snd printed them up for the fun of It There wet some dandles Apart from the fantastic clothes and tha feet that everybody In those remote days had either to eit down or lean up against some sort of fancy table or a Grecian pillar about four feet high the chief differences my photographer friend points out between these pictures and people of today is that they had bigger noses seventy years ago and smaller mouths Many of tho ladles had hardly any mouth at alL It was either a little wee puckered up aperture or lean and forbidding slit Many of ths ladles of the sixties and seventies had note in two or three joints All the men bad large probosd more like limbi than features under which If there was no heard mustache was draped to right and left revealing a small lower lip like a cherry or else another of those slits liks tha aperture In a piggy bank Whether the three decker-sandwldies hava caused the larger mouths or the larger mouths have caused the three decker sandwiches the photographer and I were unable to decide But we are satisfied mouths are getting bigger (O-CAHADA W1DK Onw Xante Iri From Star Files xpert no loyally as a nation Great Britain ia referred to as the 1 1 ON STANLEY WOODWARD'S speech to the St Lawrenre Kiwanii Club hen yesterday set number of issues straight as between Canada and the United States and more particularly between Americana and the people of thia province From time to time we hear complaints about the Invasion of Quebec by American capital It is sometimes put la terms of "stealing our inheritance" By this is meant American exploitation of Quebec's natural resources presumably for the exclusive benefit of Americana and to the disadvantage of Quebec's peopll The invasion is not denied but aa Mr Woodward showed it ia tha friendliest invasion possible Certainly friendlier then the invasion of 1775 when American troops resorted to unredeemable paper to pay for supplies when their cub ran out Now they give value for value received and the exploitation of Quebec's resources which might otherwise not be used at all pays off in jobs for Quebecers in taxes and in a higher standard of living Extraction of Iron ores is a ease in point The commercial purpose is obvious enough but commercial purpose profit to use another word has been responsible for moat of tbs development of this continent and for the high standard of living ws enjoy Mr Woodward usefully recalled the beginnings of thia economic and Its encouragement by successive provincial governments It began in 1879 when ten American branch plants were established in Quebec to avoid Air Joh A Macdonald's protectionist tariff It has continued with mors or leas intensity aver sines snd not always In ordr in Heaps tariffs These are useful reminders Thwy will he worth whrMrvr wmsnna rimplaiis the hvmU or 4 fell repi'el ft wiJ he ifipw Ut sk Ike e-rlllr Where )- jhiry would he lAil 1 1 nuf-slrfe keif urtfte Is help dvreVsp rr 6uri tenr rougn window of hla car with an automatic ptatol and alio shot and hta killed Ms friend CoL Sent at the THIRTY YEARS AGO Tuesday April IMS A proposal to units tha membership of the First Baptist Churoh and Olivet Baptist Church dispose of on of the buildings and with the proceeds erect a church in Notre Dams da Grace to accommodate the Increasing membership In that district waa approved last night at a meeting of the Joint board of tha two churches The credit for the plan lies with the tw pastors of the two churnhea rim time Through hta own work Red Oow Count BemadoUe himself says ha had "been the means of saving the Uvea of about 10000 Jewa'7 yet while hia murderer is Mother Country" by those of British origin But not everybody in Canada ta British There are Frenchmen Poles Russians Germans Chinese snd undoubtedly people from every country In the world What If each of thoe was to stand up and claim loyalty on: to hia home country's flag si national anthem? in my teens now and a Canadian Wherever I go I want to be known as such not as somebody from Britain's Colony and not as aameitody from the little country north of the United St dtp I went flag of my own a Canadian flag 1 want a symbol of my nationalism And natlonal-iam ie not a nation without nationalism is not a nation it's Just a place to live So let's hear teas of tho "old country" and more of tha new one Cubby Manus fully described and there were) eon-many witnesses tn this haart-rend-lrerned Rev Milex McCufchedn ing tragedy nevertheless this the First Baptist Church and has never been eurrendered Rev Orchard of Olivet hoped there was That hope will be shared by a great many other Canadians the charge that germ warfare is being employed by United Nations forces In Korea la one of the most vicious falsehoods that Communism has ever tried to put across of a pise with fabricated stories of atrocities and tha causa of peace to which Dr Endicott professes to be so wholeheartedly devoted is not to be furthered by support of such methods 'Whether the amended Criminal Coda clauses on treason apply to such statements as those attributed to Dr Endicott may be queetioned Does assisting" armed forces agalnat which wa are engaged in hostilities include lending oneself to hostile propaganda? What was the substance 1 of Lord offence? If present legislation does not cover surh atatementa aa those of Dr Endicott an effort ahould be made to make it do His defamatory utterances on foreign soil have gone on long enough Thia suggestion that Canada la participating in biological warfare ie of a piece with statements he made at Moscow two years ago aa reported at leant In tha utterly trustworthy and objective Soviet press He said then that the traditional freedoms of former times in North America "do not exist" that ths US has organised in Canada a wida network of spies who ar watching the Ufa of tha Canadian people that of new apartments airdromes and military bases ara built there" A man still dedicated to tha principles which led Dr Endicott to berima a missionary does not maba sialemeats ilka these The man who In hln ait nation doc make such Statements consistently blackening the name of hla own country la aa Mr Pearaon said two years ago "beneath contempt" Aa an analyst of situations and political natures Dr Kndlodt la not tm reliable four years ago ha told an sudienr at Ottawa that tha Chlnesa revolt was essentially agrarian rather than Communist the familiar llna of dupes and others at that time Would ha aMII aay as much? But hla talking dora serve tha purposes of a forre to which we are as a nation opposed and It should ha slopped Ha would complain If hn found himself without ths "traditions! freedom" to go sbrosd snd slander ua with Impunity Surely ws hsvs traditional freedom to protect ourselvra against him and bislike Church Philip Lamarrs the brilliant hockey player nf the Nationals and University of Montreal wax chosen captain of the Ixcrawe team to meet Oxford -Cambridge Uoiversitg team on May 1 TT is a common thing to hear wonder expressed that in spite of greatly increased charges for theiry services hospitals practically' without exception show staggering deficits year after year and are forced to appeal to tha publie for money to balance their books year after year The la that the basis of sharing the coat of treating needy patients has become seriously distorted and an unfair burden baa been placed on hospital administrations The coat aa it was explained at tha meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Montreal General Hospital ia theoretically to be borne equally by the province out of funds created under the Publie Charities Act tha municipality under which the indigent patient resides and the hospital In practice province and municipality bear much leea than two-thirda of the cost The fixing of a uniform rate is itself unsatisfactory and unrealistic Figures of coat per patient day vary considerably In reports presented in the past few days they have ranged from $1043 to $142 Accounting methods in arriving at such figures may also vary and It may ba that they could be brought closer together However this may be an arbitrary figure is set $25 per day far out of line with van the lowest eoat rate reported and the $550 per day paid under the adjustment made last fall ia still not two-thirda of even the lowest rale In tha extreme case locally it la not muc shove one third Tha difference In ha made lip if aervhe ia to continue tn given to those who need It without any question of aliilily to pay la an increasingly heavy burden on hoeidlal supporters The Aipiellii of nut pallcul clinics of which increasing numbers nf persons labs advanlega is another drain on hospital finances The rnaL runs between $2 snd $3 per patient soma pay a little moat nothing The community benefits the few of its members who suhnrrihe to meet hospital deficits make the service possible In neither ease la the responsibility of the public tn henr an equitable chare of hospital costa recognized erd accepted to Justice by his people Why? Move to Encourage Our Military Banda Sir I attended a concert given In Victoria Hall Weatmount by the band of tha ItCAP Central Command under tha direction of Flying Officer Cad Friburg It waa Indeed a pleasure to listen Ottawa Word that Rt Non Lord Shaw cf Dunfermillna one of the moat distinguished Lords of Appeal end former Lord Advocate for Scotland would attend the annual convention of the Canadian Bar Association and the American Bar Association has been received band that can equal any Imported organization The playing was smooth orchestrations and aolo numbers by All Things Considered Toronto Hu tho Edgo I would like to tell from that ho should hsvs spent the last winter ia Montreal At least Toronto keeps Ita main streets like Tonga Bloor and Queen etc dear of enow (be-aidi i he side streets) hut lent winter snow piled up end packed down on St Catherine St forming now Tu Know treacherous nubby black Ice that Kissing claims a erlenlist ta reused people to fall and Injure Just so much rhemiairy The hla-j themselves Including Mr Du-inry of a kiss began when the ravetplessis (although it wasn't 8L men found that xalt helped him street that was the cul-tn cool off In Ihe summer hratlprit in that case) Few shop own-lie found thst he rould get salt ever attempted to clear their by licking his neighbor'! eneek It I particular area in front of their wsa discovered that ths process i store except ths big departmental Tchltrherin Foreign Minister of Soviet Russia declared in the Associated Press today that It was Allied resistance tn tha Russian principle of nationalization which was blocking the conference here Ehrcutiv excellent Individual bandsmen were much appreciated Renditions of music with a Canadian background from tha writings of Dr Charles and Mr Merritt were Indeed a tribute to tha land of tha Maple Leaf and make music lovers more appreciative of native talent Tha versatility of tha group to switch from classical to "boogie" gave evidence lo an appeal to all tastes and the Warrant Officer at the microphone gave descriptive outlines of the numbers played The new drees uniforms enhanced IfkMhKHr 'IKtMAN any tit ths UifKight it nwjarsi and TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Monday April tS 1M7 Conventions for tha choice of candidates for the coming election in various constituencies throughout tha province constitute the principal election activity of both contending parties throughout the week Outstanding amongst the week' events are tha swearing in of Hon Alfred Iduc prospective Liberal candidate in St Henri ax Minister Without Portfolio was mors Interesting If neigh- stores hor was nf the opiMviite sex Then everybody forgot about salt I aren't plant will admit some of the smells so hot the Swift's Packing and a certain glue factory nut Scarborough way in Toronto surely our Army authorities can being notable examples However something to improve the quxl-jthe smells and emoke ere dense 'ty of regimental bands On the tha appearance nf the hand and If the RCAF can produce such a fine musical combination lata Now The fortune-teller raid romance Tftrk around rome parts of arena tha Srd Division RC A rill coma to ma rather lata MnntrMirJTtiX) ihe wry good band hut soma of 'I! ThJ boil down to the fart that the rt her lament nerd man In- In' nice for you dear means now i Thstnny city has problems surh ixirumenli and help from tha Gov- meeting at Ilrooilou tomorrow It could happen any day irsrficronKMiion xnow re-iernment ievenmxaod Arthur Sauve'a next moval etc but it tawhat thev ac- of which ta not yet announced of dress be worn hy Fargrtful ara you waiting Dreams fa standard Army will appear in Its attire instead of aome nf the variations of clothing one sec at the summer concerts It detracts from the "What whispered a wedding guest "Bride's father's plumber lied tha verger "lie ring her" compIMi in lha way of remedying these situations that counts Toronto recently completed wide modern Mount Pleasant re- speed-way lo facilitate the to moval of congested traffic from iht centra of tha eily You never read or hear of anything Ilka that being dona here BAW It haa been decid-d to recommend changing tha name of Ca-dieux street to Louis Hemnn afreet after tha noted author of "Marl This waa the dart-don of tha aldermanic street name committee which sat today at tha City Hall military bearing of a group to have different uniforms worn by members of one hand Lever ef Band Music A CCF Member Shock The CCF Tha Teat "They're very much In love with ach other when away she writes letters to him whether she needs money or not" id) sisM'iiS has never ntintrHf to him it la difficult insists to Imtgin Ih guvsroMimi tsbiiig any ejh sirp It la iudi-ed end lo-ltlier ths new-pira ar radio aUMnna of Ike I Tnlled ftlalMi aland In any reel fur Hint the government will ei'lse I hern Yet under Mr Truman's I henry of preaLlenlial power he rnuld srl any of then any lime he eonaldereit ani-li sdlnn "In the heal Int errata nf (he rnuntry" 71111 is hla nne end only criterion nf authority It doesn't matter to him that in any particular Instance its exercise might cut across ths "due process" clauie -r any of ths provisions of thn Bill nf Rights designed tn protect the cltlzrn gainst arbitrary action hy the executive Mr Truman In effect saya "I in the law and the l'ropheta I am the Cnmtttutinn" In this instance Mr Tnimin ham seized the eleel industry and a great dm! of (he constitutional shooting now going on stems more from an overwccninfc solicitude for private industry thin for the Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines Yet we ran imagine that tha hooting would hava turned into continuous barrage if when be seized the tee! Industry Mr Truman hud also seised the trade union involved in the dispute He has power to do so or so he say He could If ba wiihecl lake over Ita physical properties ita funds and tell Its officers to go on run ning it subject to the orders of the Secrotarv of Commerce or any other government nominee All be nctri say ie tha if would be "in the best intereeta of the country" to do so I will bs well thia Imu la fought Happy Memories of The Old Red School Major-General Hod gin Rideau Club Ottawa waa elected president of the Canadian Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scoilxnd at th annual His Attention May Be Wandering Off Mr Rosa Malcolm in Old Pol pilF i A of HE his I am sure It waa with heart throb that many of the meeting held in the rlub rooms of quarter worn i 10 pSpita ri gyy ijm rcadof Montreal Curling dub "This coin Is no he told her 1 Montreal Star shout the far too its being dixpoawt of dne to lack Saturday "It spurious" "Ridiculous!" she said exxming ther forecaster on the air waves I frequent appearances of the wea- of attending pupils How tha pupil of ita earliest years will feel this action cannot be expressed in words It brings hack io mind ita first the coin "Why it's dated lifU It of radio station CJAD seem to would hava been noticed before If have missed a most Important TWENTY YEARS AGO Monday April IS ISIS The Canadian Internationa! Paper Company announced today principal tha late David Ciit had acquired New Brunswick In- dream ara timeless and their wayz are strange Deep aa the ocean high aa heaven and hell Full many lia beyond the furthest range Of human thought: some are an empty hell But aome are true and others falsa as lien Thousands persist and perverse aa the wind Blow where they list till lost within the kies Bitter are aome but many ara most kind i And I who dream know not if those day born Ara dearer than the elvea dew-fed by night Uvea there a dream aa requisite as morn Or one more delicate than mauve twilight? Yet could I will that any dream come true Wreck it I would lest my heart in twa Maade Garrett IL had bean point Isn't It quite possible that tha (oreraster ta turning out theta unreliable forecasts because he's Logan and iu first teacher the ternational ta first teacher the ternational Paper Company and miihdirectlnr his efforts? What's tat Ethal Vlhert who took her International Power and Paper Iter from first to'Gompanv of Newfoundland Ltd he doing anyhow? Why all these! pupils with her from first to Company of Newfoundland CCF got very upset In the House Commons yesterday when one of (t own members Mr Ross Thatcher of Moose Jaw a successful hardware merchant in that eity got down to brasa lacks on tha subject of lower taxes Ws don't go all the way or even half the way with Mr Thstrher's specific suggestions but there ia no doubt at all that he is right In his basic position thst the way to cut down spending is to take an sxe to it The size nf the present budget is or course dominated hy the scale of defrnra spending Without defence taxes could com down far and fast Hut of course disaster awaits the nation which take lueh'a course At the sama turns it 1 a radio shows on his part? I am seventh grades How well one re-1 thus forming the 1i It Must Bo As ntlen happens when a woman a approaching forty Miss Robinson waa twenfv-eigM" and not without hope Even her favorite fortune-teller couldn't see a argeti quite convinced that if these were memherx tha pond on Bellertiame producer of newsprint paper denied that particular radio dirtwUy oppnaita the artiooi' ticular radio directly opposite tha school auitor In the offin tion (which can Veil afford to pay) where a block of 'daeUm houses) Qurbro-A brief rimmarv of inus to keep a cuxtomer I far its radio snows ax al( other'now stand These rwmonej are Great Bntam position in India Hn'" he sxld her eve on the: station 1 all newspaper do far both sad and happy ones World js given by Right Ffan Lord rrvstxi A toll nmn i 'heir iciuresi snd if the fa re-Wsrs one and two took Ifs toUTrom former Viceroy of India oi gnmg'to wnrota So you Waxier gave their attention to from among fallow arrival in Quebec l-vtav He ia fluttered tha exritel making better foreeastr we'd he among tha fatter my own two to aeilver a Massey Founds tion client i farther ahesd After ail as tax-brother lecture in Toronto next welr after said the fortune-toller payer pav tha shot for thssai Many me and women of note which he wiU visit Winnipeg Ota i "it wm bav to be I Jmen at the weather fcareau to to Msotraal today kav paiasdlUwa Montreal and Quebec jjgwaiMwwMg as MWna irk-.

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