Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 16, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 16, 1896
Page 8
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Last on THE GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO 15 Never Garry Any Goods Over Until Next Seaspnl '* " ' ; :. '. ' • • "' ' ''•"• .' Therefore we will put the Knife in ourhi rt Waist Departmten* and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots pn our first floor. j FARMERS'PICNIC TJIg Event to Take Place August 27th Near Adamsboro. THE BESt SPEAKERS LOT NO. 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and Dimities andji fact any of the finest hirt Waists in the store worth $2.00. You Choice oi lot - - - - — LOT NO. 2. Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed ; from handling, many worth up to $2,00. Your choice - LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, 68c and 66c, all go at THE GOLDEN RULE. GOLD WAS BORROWED. II must be i-emcn>'be,red that all the Bonds of the United States were Issued' for .the purpose of borrowing "gold or its equivalent" This is according to •the report of the Secretary of the Treasury.- On the outstanding bouds "gold «r its equivalent" was received by the ious methods-aoid peasant Ignorance o£ a ceimFury ago." •Hon.-W. D; Owen, W. S, Haggard arid F. B. Posey Coming. ' The interest is payable -hi gold, such -a •oonitra.ct being the only honest one, such • as reputable governments adhere to. " ' For the gold received, gold or its •jquivnJpjit mart, be .returned. There fc' 50 other houcst course for 11 reputable gcwdram&uit to pursue. ;'•' " : To pay in silver, the eqitlvaJout of sold would be about 32 ounces oC silver to orrb arcuce of gold borwvcul. Xhis is the hottest equivalent Tot there is a party -that Insists that thcise Uoled States can rawl should pay fbr each .ounce 0f gold boiww.ed, only K'onncos of silver. For each 100 cents - la gold 'received for bonds, 53 coats oC sQvor should, in their Idea, be returned'. Is this anything loss than dishonesty ? . Y. P. C..U. CONVENTION. Lafayette Courier: The Y. P. C. U., convention which has held a 1 very sue'- eessful session here came to a close Mst night, with a very large gathering:.;; A*, the close of the afternoon a bus'i- ness meeting was held, and the following officers were elected: President, Edward Hostettler, of Peru; secretary, Ida Nelson, of Lafay,-; •tte; treasurer, Lillian Kemp of Frank- tort. The above officers are recognized as the executive committee and will, at some future date, select the city to a*ld next year's convention. At the meeting last night, Rev. B. 3. Farrett presided'and quite a-number •C Impromptu addresses were made and .the convention closed with many expressions of good will for Lafayette, snd the excellent success of tlie con? .ventlbn. ' . • When.Domocraitfl pratendod that free trade was an Issue, they denounced Mc- KMeyiism because they, said it raised prices. Tho Republican party is still for pi-otbocbiiooj. This year the Democrats assert that we need high prices, amd .cliitm -limit free silver. unlimited, will' cause the change. If their free trade Mteraifcure told the truth, and it d'id BAt. flnd Uiey wore honest to their demand for Mgber prices, wJiiicli they are not, they would vote with the Ee- •pubU'caais tor protection. They ua-gfr that the latter' policy would cause 'tiilgh prices, aud further'assert tlmit tie very tilling the co-uiatry meeds is high prices. .Are-'*h«iy siaieere? If (they believed whaiF'tliey claim th-ey would stampede to MeKmloy. If. the free silver people luive any a.r- '{TUMiient isn't it about time for Uicju <tx> open tlie campaign? -Tie people have -wilted patiently -for some intelligent reason why they should destroy their •currency amd liave heard nothing. Of .-course lihere are inccadtarlas like, the 'Pharos that want to burn court houses, aiul destroy property iutcr 'ests generally but there is no argument for free .silver in that. .•v-.;Tlie attempt of Democi'atic papeis to •:inake sound money the nKiuey of banks and flnaraiclers did? is laughable. A bank fea'n afford to take uncertain money on isipoculatton. but tlie poor man 'has to have money- without any risk a,bout lit. Godd is the po*>r man's money for there i3",no upcentailinity about dts value. Railroaders as a rule arc always prompt to respond to the poor where charity Is needed and where It Is dc- •ervlng, says the Tlpton Tribune. This morning an aged lady got off a Lake Erie train and started down town. Suo Had several large bundles and seemed atoiost ready to drop In her tracks. •.Tack Mc^ury, conductor on.,thc main Hue witnessed the sight and saw the ••' atrange lady's pitiable condition. ' Speaking of the'matter to a friend he •aid: "TJiere is. always room on my train for a woman o£ that kind. All I 'want to know Is that she Is not an im.- .jostor, and experience has made me a •pretty good judge." The same thing mal be said of most railroad men. Kf A sutatettol Case county farmer says I';' itot l»e ireoelvfid laist.yeair D3 cerits. a I*;'-. Bushel jftw Ms com. This year corn It.';• Brings tady 22 cents. Has tiio pi'Ioe of ^ ; ,'; :; atlvwr any retottan to the standing of ^y,' ioirui? A ceforenlcc to.itihe market-re-' |;;y.';'I«'rte» show that silver is .higher today ^/ '••'. ithiain 'it was at thw tdm^ the Cass county ^|y' faipiner aold Ws coimi for 53 conts per ^f., bushel. Silver amd corn do not fluctu- p?Vato -togetbicr, then. If com and silver &:;'.'*) not.fluctuajte. together, why should fe; wlitot a^d silver be governed in the jC';-mark«t, one \y the other? Ttao facts . ore tMait wiUite wheait also Is tower la liftflip unairket tliamlt was « year ago, silver •' ; jb hlfeiher. Acoordling'to tWa airgumCTit. t, «*'*he «U.ver4te, (the two should be neck 'and neck In llio market. , Last Thursday afternoon one of the severest storms of the season visited Lake Maxinkuckee. The lake was changed from a calm peaceful body of water to a raging foam. Nearly all the piers on the East shore were washed out, and several boats Injured, but no lives were lost. . THE OLDEST WATCH. Daniel Patrick Has One Made Over 300 Years Ago. ': Daniel Patrick is the owner of what is probably the oldest watch in! tlio State. It was brought to' this country some two hundred years ago bj'jMr." Patrick's great-grandfather, who purchased IJ iu Holland. It was made in Geuevii, Switzerland, in 103o,- aud: although its days of'usefulness are p'nst, it is still a valued'-keep-sako. '- ! 1 The cnse of the old wntch is of solid' silver, though nge has tarnished jthe" metal until it is black. It was.orig- inally a box case, but the front lid ibe-. came worn through and In later years was replaced with a bulging, glfiss. crystal.' Both tlie outer ;ina muer lids< of tho back ol' the case are opened ;by. : pressing a spring iu the stem,.aud the, works are boxed in with the-exception.' of the-balance wheel. The watch was; given to Mr. Patrick,by his uncle,'Dann lei Kiutu'er, more tliau forty years ago.' It was a Christmas present and -to the then youth of twelve years it was the- finest watch in existence. .He"treasures it for its value as an heirloom.' .- There wiilil be a big picnic of the good old-fash'toned kind at the grove on the ic""bait of ''the Eel river, one mile ;' of Adamsbbro, Thursday, August 27th. ..Those w,ho attend -win . be expected to add-the contents of well-load- ^ed'-baskets''to' tlie general good cUeer, 'and .a- 'good -time is promised. There will -be good music, botHi Instrumental and .Vocal. Glee cluibs wiJI render ex- .celleut patriotic songs, and there will :be sound mioney'speectes that it wBl profit all people <yf. all beliefs to hear and attend, to. | The prominent speakers to be present wre-Hon. W. D. Owen, of Logamsport, Ho.n..W, S. Haggard of Lafayette, Hon. F. B. Poeey of Evansviillo, and Hon. -Hiram Brownleo of Marion. • All residents within roach of the pianlc grounds' 'should not fail to be present at tills basket meeting. .' Tlie Pharos after demanding in thundering tones that The Journal show one English paper advocating free silver ktedly gives' iteelf .the.lite by making the publication* ItseK. ; The Pharos Is very aceomodatlng. :','"""Tlie. Pharoe' In the dally of August SfiJtltk says tbe cause of depreeetan aimong "'VABners iis "peasant .I'gnoranice," It the farmers of lihis and other J oattntrtw Have supposed • they" could ;<i*nmp along. Iwphazard •', anyJuow and (.•rrorylwiw, and work: just OB thtoir a.n- did oine Hundred y«ms ago. The to tbtot'the ngricolturlsts , and of Europe; ;haye tft; : 'Tliey. are, dowa in the^inbuth; |: liflwm is nioit -hard to: find.;, They ^ba ve -1C, as Biyan says, silver Is going to at once jump'to $1.20, Its value at 1G to 1 lyllfiif golxl, what becomes of those poor ; but honest fellows who were figoiidng an 'payJnjg their debts at DO cents on the dollat ; by reason of the free coinage law 5 Tlic railroad men's meeting at the rink tomorrow evening promises to bo largely attended. A majority of the Democrats of tho county believed with the Pharos In sound money and they refuse to flop. RAILROAD NOTES. The pnsseuger department of thu Pennsylvania lines has got out a new. edition-of time tables, publishing', them in book form. But few persons'are' aware .of the fact that the fastest scheduled trains In the world are run 1 on the Pennsylvania lines west.bf Pittsburg. . ' . - i .The Pennsylvania com])any is making special effort to.Increase Its liyls: stock traffic. For many years 'the; lines did a' heavy live stock business but it has been allowed to dvlft away to other roads. Now au effort is to be made to recover It. -' i PresIdenfEoberts, of the Perinsytva: ula has iss'ued orders for a 'further cut in expenses. The receipts for. the first week in August-fell ;offi 25 per cent.,; and -it has become necessary "to meet- the deficit by materially reducing ex-( penses.. The superintendents ,'hayei been Instructed to thoroughly examine their payrolls and 'discharge," every man who can be spared. Station agents will cut down on clerk hire, gas. bills, and In every possible way.tq reduce expenditures.. ' ;' -.,..,,... If su'ecesaful, Bryan! amd nis .may be able to legislate a ratio fo,r. thJs -.country, but when It.coines to Using 10 'to 1 upon trading peoples a.btioad, they ;wili uiueelt sojmie serioms 'obstacles. ; ;A local wag cailled np the ceatral tel- 'ephone ofBoc yastenlay..and shouted "Give'me Billy Bryan! 1 ' • ,-TJje hello-girl was equal to the occasion and 'flashed back, "He's talking now." . ' - • •'"'•': •: ' Peru Chronicle: A. -P. 'Jenks^of -the Logahsport and .Wabash Valley Gas Company, is makbug a tour of .inspec: tlon through the gas fields.'..' -A picnic pttrty : went down the'river this afternoon , and will remain- until ,the cool oK evening. The, outing, is-given In honor of Misses .Kaufman of Peorla,- and- Collett, of' Logansport... .Miss Katie. Dolan. of Logansport,and Miss Bradley- of'Walkertdn attended the birthday surprise of Mrs. A. B; Adams.... J.! Blassinghatn of Logansport, owner--6f, the.New. Wnaerly saw mil), was iu.the city this morning. He closed.a .'$950 timber deal with a.Washington tpw.n- shlp farmer yesterday evening.,, ; •- PERSONAL. Adam Penzcl has gone on a farm to live. '. W. J. Graham was here yesterday from Lafayette. Charles Selgmund has returned from Portsmouth, Ohio: . C.. C.'Wluaus of Torre Haute is. visiting In the city. .' W. O. AA'ashburu was at Marion yesterday on business. ; Charles Wellington of Crawfor'ds- ville .is-iu Logausport. • ;•• Miss Gertrude Overman is at Fairmount visiting relatives. • •Peter Hipley i.s liere from Montpelicr for a-visit with relatives. - Mi.ss Gertrude Close is entertaining Miss Rose Greist of Marlon. • '< The family of Charles Gates of Chicago is visiting friends in the city. Mrs. Lena Tuttle and family have removed from tills city to'Auderson. . Charles Elpers and Joe Rothermel 'went to Lake Miixinkuckee today. , :Hon. SI P. Shecriu and Emmett Mull- hollaiid are at Chicago on Itusiness.. t .Tames Jackson has returned from Ohio after a visit of several weeks. E. R. Beatty was here -yesterday 'from Richmond for a business call. ' Miss Atlanta Johnson is here from Crawfordsville for a visit with relatives. ' -' 'Proprietor Bigley of the Fair Is'at Monterey to spend Sunday with relatives. . . ' . " 'The family of O. W. Binns has removed to the Kenneth quarries from the city. .J. H. Granthau Is here .from Epclc- dalp, the guest of his brother-in-law, J. N:. Cash. ' '' Joseph Ketteuger of Steuboii counjty. was the gue.st of friends In the city 'yesterday. ... .•-..••".Mrs. H. J. Heitbrink has returned to Rifchmorid after a visit of several days in the city. . . . '•• Geo. Gonser went to Roauu to spend 'Sunday with his wife who is visiting ^relatives at that place. "'"..: '•C. B.-PurcelCwho baa been on a 1 vacation for several weeks, has- returned to. work'at'the Trade Palace. ' : "'_',".' '.Misses'Amelia aud Ida Heppe and Griis Heppe have . returned . from a week's outing at Hudson Lake. ; The family of John Rose/ Jr.,'of indianapolis are guests of friends and relatives' in the city for a few days. -Misses May Burgman', Maude Custer and'Mary Warriock of the Trade Pal- The Event of the Day. THE ABSOLUTE losing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many articles. Harry Frank SPOILED THE SPEECHES. Dliulroui Effect of FoolUli Qneitlom Upon Concr«Mlonal Oratory. There are times when the question or remark of a persistent interrupter will destroy the effect <xf a speech and discourage the orator almost to the point of breaking down, says the Troy Times, WEen' Bryan, of Nebraska, in theFiity- Lliird congress, was in the midst of a rhetorical climax and with onus uplifted was gushing a very familiar line, the house was convulsed by the question of \VaJker, of Massachusetts: "Who wrr'" that?" The whole thing- was so ridi. -;lous thnt it was five minutes before Ivryaa could go on. Here is another: T'-omasBartlett, of Vermont, .was rcno^•. '. :1 for his flights of elaborate rhetoriL'-nl oratorj-, and a seat in congress wns the special goal of his ambition. . When he was elected a story of how he had been silenced by an audi- c-nee of college boys got around, and on, the occasion of the new member's first nppearance the house was prepared to receive him In anything but a serious spirit.; Rising to. indorse a proposition. which, had just' been -. vigorously attacked he began. to declaim impressively : "Sir, were It not for the rules of the house I would pour upon the opponents of this measure the vials of my wrath— " He got.no farther. Mr.. Polk, '-of Tennessee, was upon his feet in a momenti moving, with every appearance of eager interest; "that tile ruleg^ be , suspended und the gentleman, alfowed to pour!" Such a disconcerting burst of laughter followed that the' unfortunate orator could only subside wrathfully into silence and his seat-. who are most opposed to ; a ^national- banfcnupt laiv are.tiie loudest In favor of. a 50 cenit dollar for.the use. of,tbe debtor.; "This Js consistency for yoof.~, .. • •..-..,-'. : ."• '• : ; Mc;Benjamin,'.Harrison would be nimtfe'ed ' to read 1 the crosa 'country speeches of'the Nebraska Eldi : .. ;;F,Mie siilyer Is fldvacated "by njany-.be- oausp It is d'eatTtKtUV|e.aind-thiey'kE<>w it , . Mrs. : Sophia Singe • Is here :from ' In- ;dl'anapolls : for-a' visit with Mrs. Sue' wiHliimk> '• • ••'••'. V'';'.- : -. - " I/;-;"':'';,'' -; ADDITIONAL LOCAL. : . Robert Jlorrell of the Northslde-, Is sick. •- : '. '"'.•. ' '• '•'' • • ' '•• ' '• •''' ,\ . .Born,to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zahl-.i baum, a son. . ... '.-• •', ,.„,'.,..•,;•. M. F. Mahoney was said to ba worse; yesterday evening.' . . , ••"••';•!•;.:-'.! . Patrick Convoy.'.is getting;better,-a£;' tor a siege of .fever;/ v / ,•".>:.• ;.... Mrs. Gottlieb Schae'fer Is'redoverlng from a serious slckness.t., .."'.'-!,-'.'•' -,V .Railroad,shoes. -Patent laced-, congress,.: $2.50.—Aaron -Greensfelder, Third and Market. .;•-";!"''"•. !'V.v ;' : l':Uv"-:.. The Typographical union.,-w'JU -hold-, a; regular meeting''; this: afternoon ,;at Trades .Assembly hall.' ' ;.' '•' .'' '-. > -( i . .-, '' .Jbas'...rcinoTe'd',tieE, dr ) essma.k.ing\ : ostob'iT8'u,^entltoShe,-'flat't aboveVF-erguson & Jenks': ;: ace, are at Maxlnkuckoc to spend Sun- iday. •• "-"• -• • '•'Charles Carey of Springfield, 111"., [who has been for. some time the guest -iof friends in the city returned home toclay.' ' •" •'•;' ,\ -Dr. Charles Little of Wabash will be hero today the guest of friends and will occupy the pulpit at the First Presbyterian church at the forenoon service. l|>r.. Putnam will preach at Dr. Little's Wabash-church. . ; Mrs.' -Fisher 6£ Young America is sick. ' •''' ' •' ',.'',. -.iCJttb-Geyer.has returned after a trip tp New York city. , . ;'Harvey; Gardner was'at Indianapolis yesterday'on business. ' . . : . ' '.Mlss.'Xbu _burisj|!!er is visiting rela- tlires in : Jefferson .township. : 'JEd' ; Thomas; tne printer,'has gone ;tq hls'home at Champain, 111. •, • ^IIss" Etta;Toby,..has-returned from 'Wiaba'sh.'a'fter'-a pleasant visit ••'•"• Pharles Etnlre and' family are ' at VNew;'Waverly, spending th'e day. . ,' Mrs..W..'W. Dimmock of Kokomo 1s- thfe:guest o'f Mrsi Shade of High street; - - C.'-B. 1 Landlsjbf'the Delphi 'Journal' • : his [parents. here. pver : Sun- • •; '.'','..-;„ ; . ;• '.,--,'-. . .;'•• ,',.-•'- ;.•.•.'•••'.. • ; • - 1 Jenks wlit go:" FORQQT HIS N ECKTI E. Emb»rn»6fln(f Sltoiitlon of a YonoR Ont We«t. ' , V •; . • In these days "of cheap .neqltwear a man is poor indeed who cannon-afford a large collection of ties. There is one ,young;maJi in this, city, however;, says the Dira-ver .Times, who would,, have 'willingly puid five times the cost of: a cravat, i if necessary, a few days ago. He is a;genius in his way, and, like most 'of bis. ..tribe, ..requires 'a. guardian. It wo* on a bright,: warm jnornin?, not: long since,., that he .sauntered .from his; home,; just about .shopping. .time, and in : his • absent-minded ,way wandered downtown. As he walked aiong. Sis- tec nth street people gazed attiim curiously,, awl. some 1 were illrbred enough .to laugh. Their curiosity was-lost-upon him, however, for he was. far away in reveries of .the bright, happy times when editors accept everything tha*, is ; offered :without even asking ambitious young authors to ruthlessly cut manuscript "to satisfy our -readers." He' wandered into a crowded drug store, and, elbowing his way through the throngs of .well-dressed women, .asked for his favorite phosphate,. and. then continued his stroll until he. reached the office of the Times. .Thep'come'one asked him why he did not dressvbefnre •coming on-the street. He looUiedup in mild amazement, sought : a mirifb'r, and then mode a rush for the nearcA-'hal- erdashery. Since then' lie 'has vb possessor of a complete collection of ties, and when he sees .his sister wearing the choicest specimens, . his hand. Invariably seeks hie collar band to see if he has again been neglectful. BUILDS' "AN ARK. v;. iB^aii ! willl : nerii.a'ps".'_a£cept' the :,'Popu'-, for. a Second. Delnfe la tb« '.',... Good Old. W»J. .. < : '•• An_ old man, nearly ^80 years old, baa about completed at the moutfcof White- tall gulch,- in the '-Black hills, on, ark, the purpose of which he refueca to state further than it Is to be used in' tie watej% The' dimenslons.are 40 feet long, 15. feet wide and five feet deep,; while .the cabin Is ten feet from -held, to ceiling. , - - • : "• As there; has never l>een' known, to be .water in ttat section to float the strange craft, there Is a great deal of speculation aa to its purpose.:.' .:.'.;, . ,' , ; . Prom^th'e action 1 and' chance remarks of 'the.,old man .H l.s.thought he is look:. Ibg "foi a. second deluge and. intends, to tie prepared, for, it. . He. has no family to. 1 The family of N, E. Xethercutt left last night for Lake Maxinkuckee for an outing of two weeks. Mrs. S. T. Place is expected home this week from California. Mrs. Place is a resident of Waverly. ; Mrs. M. H. Rea and daughter Lula have returned home after a visit of several mouths in the South. 5Iiss Clara Greenewald of Fort Wayne Is the guest of her cousin, Miss Lillian Garrett of Twelfth street Ed Thomas, who has been employed in the city for several months, has returned to his home at Urbana, HI. Prof. Roy H. Perring has returned to his home at Bloomlngton, Ind., after a visit of several days with relatives. An unknown man committed suicide at Evansville, leaving a letter ad- ' dressed to Hcu-y N'elson, of Henderson, Ky. ' .*'•''• Miss Lydia Houston, of New Albany is mysteriously missing from her home . where she lived alone. She Is quite old and eccentric. The Anderson Loan Association of Anderson has served notice that no more, money will be loaned until the present political agitation Is over. The commencement exercises of the Boone county schools, which was held at 'Lebanon, showed 102 graduates. Alonzo J. Nay carried off the oratorical honors. Frank J. Merrick has been arrested at Denver, Colo., and returned to Lake county to answer a charge of stealing $500. in diamonds from M. Altman, of Hammond. Henry Paul and wife, who were In the city attending the funeral of Mrs. Jacob Scheiblen, returned, to their home iu Logansport Kokorao Tribune: Walter Thomas and wife of Logansport, were here this week, the guests of W. D. and Mrs. . Trviu .on. .South Union street. '' " ' Homer Sumption, formerly of Walton, now of. Madison, Neb.,- was here yesterday; on his way to his old home. ' He was accompanied by Leroy Stewart also of -Madison. . Mr. Bert Moore and Roy Booth of Springfield, 111., arrived In the city yesterday. They came by way of Terre Haute on their bicycles. They -are visiting relatives here. Harry Winemiller and Arcn Ferguson of Terre Haute, .who have been viyltlng at Huntlngton, have come to this city for a visit before proceeding .to their home on their bicycles. • Peru Journal: Charles Kaufman, Ira Church and Rob Turpen were in .Logansport yesterday on their wheels. On their return they came over the, river road and while coasting down the big hill just this side of Lewlsburg, Kaufman got a hard fall from which he did not recover for some time ---- B. F. Louthaln of Logansport; Geo. W. Thompson and J. W. Kelly, of Marlon; and several, other gentlemen were here. today in private conference . witlr Joseph Larimer but nothing would be given out for publication.... Mrs. . : Horan' is in Logansport visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Michaels. .. .Mrs. Val- :,..;' entlne Weidner, Is a guest of her... daughter, Mrs. Frank Albert In Lo-, ; gansport ' ...-...;•• 'On account of the G. A. R. Encamp- , ment The North- Western .IJIne. (Chicago & North- Western KjOilway) .will on Aug- , , ust 31 and September 1,1896, cell excursion ticket* from -Chicago:-tO',St.. Paul and return at rate of $8.00-for the:round. trip; good .for. return passage until Sep- ; . tember, 15, , with privilege .of -.farther ex' tension . to '•, September. ; 30,: 1886. ,;For ' ' take:along>andvla nwldngjno effort/to ,.,,,* „ , leeure -companloni for bis voyag.»,' 5 .-•:; ^kets - and : f ull Informatkin, apply; to; , EiE : arkisft matter tA ! gretft;cUripi»ity; : .r886.D-ti!;of connecting llnei,<»raddreia', v k^iitjst^tloitti^.: 1 : -^ ';. I: £.i. 'a^WSajpaM^-^-P^^^^"!^^^ S.H^-^r.-rH' lEt&l;;,- J',ji\:5 J'iPJiciB;5lndttlii»:niJti£"'IailsrfS'Si»

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