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The Montreal Star from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • 4

The Montreal Stari
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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THE MONTREAL DAILY STAR THURSDAY JANUARY 4 British Columbia Ice Damage Wealher GOURMETS DELIGHT! MALPEQUE OYSTERS with pint of Champafno of ffc TRAYKIORE RESTAURANT Witnesses Dead Court Is Informed rvo wltnemea summoned to give evidence today in a small automobile accident case before Mr fustic Philippa March and In tha Court felled to appear Instead a Montreal police official attended the court session and explained that tha two wanted witnesses were former Montreal constables and It was Impassible for them to com to court They were Paul Emile Duran-leau and Nelson Psquin murdered In an cost end bank holdup attempt in September 1948 preparing a list of names lnclud ng these Canadians as persons who would be undesirable Whiia RCMP officers are called upon to check on alleged subversive activities of certain citizen It la understood that the number Investigated would be only a amalt fraction of the numbers mentioned In the Washington re- ToveaUgatlons of this kind are carried out by a special branch of tha HCMP During tha war the work of this branch was far heavier than it la now but even then the number of persons classified as did not approach tha Washington claim of retween 8000 and 11000 "There la no subversive problem here at the present one Justice official stated "I think we would know about ha added "Certainly wa have no list such aa tha Washington from hit One) Creek bunt Its banks In the east end of tlia city At-noon although falling temperature checked the flood tlic rearno work went on Men In hip-waders were using small boats to bring families to ary land There was no accurate count of the number rescued but firemen estimated that by 6 JO am they had removed about 33 persona Many had crawled along extension ladders placed against the houses from lire trucks as the raging: waters swirled up around ground-floor windows -There was no estimate of pro- Alihoufhco'lder weather started the water levels downward It brought another threat: Home owners feared that a sharp drop in temperature might free the flood waters which filled basements and first floors The cky has every available worker out In an effort to deaf an' ice-jam at the mouth of the creek so the water can get into Lake Nlplsslng before a cold snap sets in The creek swollen by a torrential rainfall following a record high Jaaui Coaster Table Sarvica GASOLINE THIEF JAILED Six months' hard labor ordered today by Judge Rene The-berge for Rosa I re Ducharme 39 was 1 Cafeteria Oyitar Bars Visit Oar Salad Caaatar For Booororr RFooflF ft Catharine ft at Pad A 6695 Red Activity (Concluded from Page Oan) renxhip for previous Communl Party membership They submitted a lint of 100 Curtain" Europeans ordered deported as subversives but itill at largo because they hpve no place to go Altogether the service said there are 3000000 to 3-500000 aliens lit tha country 3 Tha Immigration Service la running a spot check along the Canadian border in order to prevent the entry Into this country of 8000 to 12000 persona on a Canadian list of subversive suspect Boater Than In War In discussing the work of the FBI Hoover said the Job of Investigating aubvenlvea is heavier now than at the peak of World War it Ha said he hai put hie "very beat Into the Job He described as "paramount" the need to control the that are lnhergnt In Communism and the subversive activities of foreign inspired espionage groups that are operating In this country" Hoover said that FBX agents checked on 9S8 cases involving civil rights and domestic violence In 1949 compared with 645 In 1948 He said lynching! have been reduced and local authorities In southern states "have been particularly to stop them "Soma of our he said "are aggravated by Communists and Communist front organisations going into areas whera tha 11 rights problems arise and ivoring to aggravate the alti tlon" 81165 Cases Pending who pleaded guilty to a charge of Mealing gasoline He was released from penitentiary a year ago report Indicates Any such list must a United States prepared list but that would be thely own Temperature (CsaahMnd from Pbga Three) local area probably would bo placed later by colder air Scattered anowflurrles were mentioned in the forecast but there was no Indication of a substantial fall Widely scattered weather station reports Indicated that temperatures ranged aa much 58 degrees within a few hundred miles Val In northern Quebec registered a temperature this ornlng of zero Chicoutimi to east recorded The coldest spot Prince Albert Saik There the down mercury slid to 54 degree! TONIGHT 9:30 Montreal Link Theatre Ridiculoui to Sublimo" ky Farcy iacaasaa presented by The Brsa Manor Players of Knowlton Quebec Produced and directed Christopher Ellis Sixteenth of a series presented by CAD to foster tha development of theatric! taierit in Montreal dial 800 AD below aero today CP Uni Winnipeg had 32 below and Windsor Ont which registered very high temperatures yesterday wu reporting 87 above this morning Vancouver had a temperature of 20 degrees with snow suing That city reported 12 Inches already wu on the ground Damaged and sunken boats In the marine basin at the mouth of Seymour Creek Just scraes Burrard Inlet from Vancouver resulted when huge (flunks of Ice Jammed it the atreams mouth Dynamite crewa worked to prevent waters from flooding home along the bank the east end rising to a depth of six feet In some cellars and dousing furnace fires firemen worked throughout the night rescuing residents of the darken area Dose ns were transported to safety by boat Waist-Deep Water in- the hardest hit section Hdmer Avenue near Amelia Park waded waist-deep through the turbulent waters ana cakes of Ice to rescue marooned residents At times they found It difficult to-retain their footing because of a giaae of ice beneath the torrent of flood water By 6:30 am firenten estimated they had rescued S3 persons most of '-whom found refuge with relatives or friends In other parts of the city Many families decided to stick it out in their until (MM waters receded 1 Flood waters were four feet deep across the main thoroughfare in the east end where the creek empties into Lake Nlplsslng Motor-vehicle traffic was paralysed In the area finake-Hke Chippewa Creek has lla source several miles north of hefe and enters the city at the north-west end An leg Jam at it mouth caused the water to back vp( rntV firt warning of Firemen said that Worth Bay re-sidenta got their first warning of Slushy (Ceoduded from Page Three) wages and salary fixed charge which went on week after week for the year In the winter thk was charged to snow removal and in summer to other forma of treet maintenances Probably about one-third of the budget hid been spent by tnls time he added From the Public Works Department which ia in sole charge of anow removal came word that afi equipment was being ueed to beat advantage ana things were going as nicely ai could he expected! In the meantime Montrealers shuddered at the heaps of dirty slush and pools of water and hoped that Nature would either cover the mem with anow or bring along a further deluge to wipe it away speedily Raymond Whearty first (slant to tha Assistant Attorney General In charge of the Criminal Division said 21105 criminal cases were pending for his departmen at the itart of the year bulk involve subversive activity as applied to individuals or organizations" he said "By that I mean persons who are active members of the Communist Party and similar organizations or who appear to be acting in concert with Russian interests" "Black List" Existence -Denied ia Canada By Richard II Hsvlland Star Staff CaHMsufut OTTAWA Jan Existence of a special list of from 8000 to 11000 Canadians reference to which was made in a Washington report was denied by police and Justice officials here today as far as Canada was concerned They disclaimed all knowledge of such a list The statement referred to was made in a Congressional hearing by Assistant Immigration Commissioner Kelly who reported that "the Immigration Service (in the United States) ia running a spot check along the Canadian Border in order to prevent the entry into this country of 8000 to 12000 persona on a Canadian list of sub' versive According to Commissioner Wood of the RCJKP no such list existed as far aa hia force Was concerned He suggested that if there was any Hat of that size it must be a United Stales list of persons who for one reason ori another were denied entry to the United Stales from Canada I There have been a number ot raxes in recent months of Cans- dtant being refused entry to the United States on the grounds of! leftist political leanings There would be nothing to prevent United! States Immigration officials from canyon had only a trace of anow About a foot of snow ha fallen in suburban Burnaby and some higher residential areas of Vancouver In the last 24 hours The official minimum temperature at tha Vancouver airport overnight was 15 Prince George In the central Interior reported 40 below 1 Kali service cut off from the east for a week ha been restored on the Canadian Pacific Railway and the first traini are expected today Tha first freight in will carry coal and perishable fruits and vegetables and cattle trains are expected tomorrow A possible meat and fuel shortage threatened but this will be averted if the lines can be kept open The Canadian National Railways may have its line cleared by tonight Crewa worked throughout the night to clear inowslides on an eight-mile stretch between Yaje and Stout 120 miles east of here Vancouver's 40000 school students got another holiday today and schools in many suburban and rural areas were closed It was the second heavy storm of the the first Vas a blix-sard on Monday Temperatures at Mont Joii on the lower St Lawrence river con-fused weathermen here At 1030 am today the thermometer registered 29 degrees An hour later it showed Jump of 22 degrees in one hour 30 Families (Concluded frem Page Three) under the door and through tvery other opening They were eating ankle-deep in chilly water when they were forced to evacuate "It was so bad that few of those who were nearly trapped had any chance to gat their furniture another evacuee said 1 Nde Courtols a former lake skipper who knows some thing about water had plenty of It in his home today The cellai' had five feet and everything moveable was floating here and there It was almost level with tha kitchen floor Heiawsll Stops 1m The water brushed azide a tern porary seawall that had been put up last summer but the wall had accomplished oite good purpose Still clinging to It were tone of thick lee thn might have smashed Into some of tha defenceless homi So quickly did the families leave they have time to turn of! lights They still burned today but the lupuses were empty One resident pulled out so fast he succeeded in locking the door but didn't have time to remove the keys They were still there this morning Meanwhile a close watch Is being kept on other roads In the vicinity Blocks of ice forced along the rising waters were pushing fg' by the rising the ice farther onto the highways th flood when cakes of ice some of which were about 15 feet wide rammed against the wails of their homes James Gould a Main Street home-owner said the rush of rold water against the lighted oil furnace In hla basement caused the furnace to explode At 3 amH North Bay was wide roused by dynamite explo-aa city workers broke up the avyake roused by dynamite explosions si city workers hr CAStt £immmtse 7 trip to PARIS gfefo oriomtt or am COAT 7:30 por-Dwi Futon 8:15 pnu Kk Cela Prise Parade 8:30 pm Seeled Beck 0:00 Faripe (CBS) 10:15 pjb-Tk $50 Question 10:30 pur-Jtawi 1 it Eumry Hmn Thuy Hmyytn New On Thm Sporti Kmtultg ooVgor ft 999 Cash AND RADIO FUN pressure of Ice as a precaution against the sweeping away of bridges ovegthg creek Saawstoym Blankets City "of Vancouver VANCOUVER Jan A snowstorm that swept lit from the Pacific and over the southern and central sections of Vancouver bland today brought the lower mainland area its heaviest snow-fall of the winter Vancouver residents awoke to find about nine Inches of fresh snow on the ground Cloudy skies are forecast for today with clear cold weather TUNE station GAD i Thursday 8:15 8:30 pm Saturday 715 7:30 p-m Climatic Binge Reported in US CHICAGO Jan The United States was on a climatic binge today Most of dementi appeared on the Jooae fashioning a crazy-quilt of contrasts across the country There was bitter cold and mountainous snow over the northern plains but cotton was blooming In South Carolina five months ahead of schedule A new storm struck the Pacific ilght and tomorrow The heaviest snowfall was reported at Comox on Vancouver island which had 19 Inches Patricia Bay airport had eight Inches Victoria five Inches and Estavau on the west coast of the island six inches The fall was light In the southern Interior The Fraser River and police said It might be necessary- to reroute traffic between other South Shore points and Sorel later today Brwen Inadequate Even residents who were not In the Immediate danger zone had their cellars flooded They blamed this on barking up sewers that I could not run because of the high level of the water Villagers have set up river watches to sound a warning for the next onslaught "YVe were caught flat-footed last night they said "but we be the next No estimate of the damage has been made because residents have not returned to their homes to complete surveys However it ia believed to be considerable northwest and the coldest weather in 60 years hit eastern Washington state In Virginia trees were budding and flower were blooming January heat records toppled in many communities The mercury climbed to 78 at Richmond and 783 at Norfolk yesterday all-time top marks for the date Rain pelted wide areas Fretting rain sploshed many section and travel skidded to a crawl Fog In New York Fog covered the area of New York City and New Jersey Air travel and shipping was at a virtual standstill The blg liner Queen Mary was halted at Ambrae Light unable to reach the Inner New York harbor because of fog Three big La Guardi Idlewlld and Newark were fogged in and the celling was 100 feet and visibility II6U1 of a mile All departures from La Guardia which normally handles 350 flights dally were cancelled and Incoming planes were re-routed Winds of tornadlc Intensity ripped through an area near Iron-ton Mo last night demolishing one house and partially disrupting communications Warm winds whipped up the worst dust storm in years in Texas and damaged tomatoes and other crops In The lower Rio Grande valley Small-craft warnings were hoisted from Brownsville Tex to St Maries Fla Weather bureau forecaster! predicted a new blast of reeling weather for southern California But it was far below and below In the northern plains Eye Class Prescriptions Filled WANT OLD FLXFIT SELBU (CP) The congregation of Selhu community ii engaged In tussle with Norwegian antique collector a to who get their ancient pulpit It was removed to a museum In 1888 and residents are now determined to bring it back to their historic edifice BUTLfR'SoSUL INfiffiB Greater (for iftma grifr Shopping Conveniences 4100 WELLINGTON corner of WILLIBRORD 4 450 Bags of Groceries -LBS AT AT KGULAB 1-LB prick REGULAR 2-LB PRICE PLAN to visit this newest Food Market You will enjoy the many new shopping conveniences the 35 exciting departments Introducing a new conveyor check-out system which will mean faster and more efficient service for you Valuable Prises BonusCoupons HSW abut Maw Pasta Wax A way ha been found to improve the bland of waxes ia the familiar red-and-ycllow can The new blend in Johnioni Paste Wax 3ivea greater gloss a hirdef mors ugpblc polish! 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