The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on May 29, 1920 · Page 7
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · Page 7

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1920
Page 7
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,1 THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1920. .7 If : ao ,i i. , i, :, i i j i i jaaiwMPMaBme3rifa3gMttifa it i i jiii i tn hi i i THOMPSON ORPHANAGE HIS CLOSING EXERCISES Fine Program Presented by Children; Scholarship Awards Made. TO SPEAK" HERE TONIGHT Will Speak at County Courthouse at 8 O'clock, One Hour Before Wood's Address. 1 1 A Tia IT TT TTam IVeyK Veto Closing exercises were held yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock nt the f Thompson orphanage an! a most interesting; program was pruscntea. Scholarship prises present i by tho (.-riihanags guild and Mrs. William M. Stltt of this city, were given the children by Rev. B. A. Osbornj. first superintendent of the orphaiiHge. Miss Adele Bibb, of Roanoke. Va., Saturday and Monday SPECIALS IN SHOES Is In charge of the senljv depart-' MORE GREAT SPECIALS That Will Go Out In ment and Miss Elsie Nail, of Ihom-uhUIu'. Oa., the Junior department Tim program presented by the children was as follows: SenYr Department: Mv Old Kon-t't-y Lome, school; elojm, Aniia tklt.s, the Eskimo, Victor White. .Joii's gifts, five little Klr'i; As 1 Jo My Way, Mary Nichols; Tho Vacant Cnr-li, Bchool;; 8lmp!e Be Tiw I'lvod, (Iwvn Jolyn Wltherapo Jii; Be Hti cnv, tt.ih Ktaver; Song of tho Urook, Kjin .icnois; juanni gin m ir! fci.-i.ioi department oi.-X.'tflw -o Jii.'ior Dcp ir'.uicnti Iirvtuition. w.'unme, MlMre.1 Wit hiTspoon. song;, The Owl, Cora Cochrane; recitation, Mumble Hoe, Frank Melton; rhymlo exercise, Windmill, Kuth White and Ruth Duffy; story, "Epeplnondas," Ellen Rldenhour; song, Wee Little Nest, Kuth White and chorus; recitation, "If and And," Kdith Wood by; aoiig, Three Blind Mice, four little children; recitation, Mr. Duck and Mr. Turkey, The Cameron Morrison, democratic tuiullduU for nomination of governor of North Carolina, will hM-ak tonight ut 8 o'clock In front of tlic county courthouse hikI Major (icncral Iron-ard Wood, republican camlldutr for the nomination for President of the ('lilted States, 1m the schedule for the Mlltlcnl HM-akliut at 9 o'clock ut the city auditorium, It wus announced from the IKillticiil camps that the speuk-Inifi will be iirraiiged ho that there will he no eortfllct in tlie enjrngements. (VnHequ'ntly II was arranged to have General Wood Kciik at 9 o'clock, 45 mlmitcH later than the original hour. 1'iidcr the patriotic, elecitrie liglilH of red. white and blue hue Hie MecklenburK randinte for the gubernatorial honors will nMak tonight. The lawn of the courthouse soiiui-c will he brilliantly lighted. It win wild. The strlimw of electric bulbs were Installed under the direction of A. M. McDonald. Yesterday, A. Collin mincr-vlseil the erection of n olatform In front of the steps of the courthouse. Mr. Collins wim assisted In the work of decorating by the following: Iv T. Cansler. Ir., I). F. Wellons, Ijrnnces Clarkson, Mrs. Hurry Zelglcr and Mrs. L. C. Withers. The Steel Creek bund will furnish music for Uie gathering tonight. Mr. Morrison, It was announced, will begin siieaklng shortly after ft o'clock and will finish In time for those who de-Hire to attend the Wood meeting In the nudilorliiin to do so. Col. T. Ii. Klrkputrick will preside at the meeting tonight and will present T. C. Guthrie, Sr.. who will Introduced Mr. Morrison. Mr. Morrison returned to Charlotte late Inst night from. Llncolnton, where at 8:0 o'clock he addressed a big audience In the county courthouse. He will go today to (lUMtonla, HMiiklnir In the courthouse there at 2 o'clock, and ret urn -lux to this city this afternoon In time for his addrem to the citizens of Charlotte and Mecklenburg county lit 8 o'clock tonight. PLANS BEING MADE FOR BANQUET TO GENERAL WOOD Rosa Duffy and Frank MeltonJ MAY SALE rnymic exercise, Hprlngtlme, three little girls; recitation, What Would You Do? Mary Edmonson: recitation. Salute the Flag, nine children; recitation, Wynken, Blyken & Not, Mary Edmonson; recitation, Eight Fingers, Bernlce Stanton; song, Vacation, second and third grades. Following art the scholarship awards: Senior Department: scholarship, Mary Nichols; Improvement in penmanship, Samuel Fort; Stitt prize, Victor White. Junior Department: Scholarship, Bernlce Stanton; Improvement in penmanship, William Deal; Stltt priee, Cora Lee Cochrane. Thompson Hall: Most helpful boy, Frank White; most helpful girl, Anna Atkins, Anna May Beaver. Bronson Hall: Most helpful boy, Samuel Fort; most helpful girl, Ethel Brlnson. $100,000 MEN'S AND BOYS' LO WSHOES GO AT BIG DISCOUNT AND AT SPECIAL PRICES DURING THIS SALE. All shoes, both men and ladies, at prices between $5.00 and $10, we will give off SI. 00 per pair. All shoes at SATURDAY Federation Cottage: Most girl, Carrie May Cochrane. improvement In sewing. Lillian Melton. prices above $10.00, we will give off $2.00 per pair. All shoes below $5.00 are marked at special net prices for this sale. BILE UNIVERSITY HOLDS HIGH SCHOOLjXERCISES Fine Program Presented; Rev. B. H. Taylor Delivers Special Shoe Counter Preparations are being made by friends here of Major General Leonard Wood to entertain the presidential candidate at a dinner at the Manufacture' club tonight, before he speaks in the auditorium. It was announced last night. The dinner party Is being arranged for tho army officer's friends here to renew acquaintances. It is not known at what hour General Wood will arrive In the city and It Is not yet known If the dinner will be given. The published itinerary of General Wood shows that he wJJI speak In Gaatonla this evening at 6 o'clock. If this is correct, it Is said, the dinner can not be given before General Wood speaks In the auditorium at 9 o'clock. W. V. Hall tried to communicate with General Wood last night by long distance telephone in Greensboro In an effort to ascertain the exact hour of his arrival In Charlotte, but at a late hour last night was unable to get General Wood to the telephone. A. J. Draper yesterday sent a telegram urging Oeneral Wood to spend the week-encj In Crfarlotte as his guest, but it Is not known whether he will accept the Invitation or not. TENNIS OXFORDS, 2$c Saturday morning from 9 to! 10 o'clock we will sell' 1 ,000 pair men's and boys' black tennis oxfords, limit on pair to a customer, for . .25c LADIES WHITE PUMPS One table Hood Leisure rubber bottom sea island can-, vas pumps, values that have : been highly advertised at;, For Fever Headaches and Neuralgic Pains Rev. H. B. Taylor, of Wilson, delivered the annual address at the commencement exercises for the Blddle university In connection with the high school closing last night, taking as his topic "The Need of the hour." He pointed out in his talk that the young pien would dream dreams, setting Columbus, Luther. Livingstone and Lincoln as men of vision. The standard set by Carnegie for race measurement, the ability to rise and lift, to be able to assimilate the principles of education and civilization and to make progress were emphasised by the speaker. Six members of the high school graduating class were selected by the faculty on a basis of scholarship to compete for the prize in oratory offered by the alumni. The prize will be given to the student who wwrltes and delivers the best oration. The program presented last night was as follows: March (Piano Four Hand) College Life N. F. Earl and E. H. Stowe. Invocation Dr. C. H. Shute. Music Blddle, We Sing of Thee, class. "They Shall Not Pass" Edward M. Allen, S. C. What the Negro Wants Floyc! J. Anderson. Jr., N. C. Let ITs Advance Douglas I Lewis, N. C. Selection Columbia's Natal Day, class quartet, A. H. Prince, E. M. Allen, L. P. Harris. J. C. White, Jr. Our Place In the World's Reconstruction Abraham H. Prince. 8. C. The Just Go On Algermon O. Steele, N. C. Class Song "When We Came to You, Blddle of Mine" Words by E. H. Stowe. Annual Address "The Need of the Hour" Rev. H. B. Tavlor, A. M., Wilson, N. C. Awarding diplomas. Benediction. Dr. Thomas A. Long, presiding. Members of graduating class In the high school department are: Edward M. Allen, Thomas E. Allison, Floyd J. Anderson, Jr.. Felix F. Rryan, Hardle C. Cooper. Robert N. Cowan, Noah F .Earl, Charles J. Harris, Ion P. Harris, Warren C. Jones. Beasley D. Kelly. Douglas L. Lewis, Clarence W. Long, Noble L. Massey, William H. McNeil. John W. Moone, Ernest Moses. Thomas F. Pong, Alphonsn L. Powe, Abraham H. Prince, Stephen O. Rice, George F. Staqley, Algernon O. Steele, Henry T. Steptenu, Edward H. Stowe, Frank P. Twine, Julius C. White, Tollle T. Williams. My GREAT COLLECTION FINE SILKS OFFERED AT $1.90 A YARD Excellent quality satins, georgettes, crepe de chines and taffetas, in a fine assortment of Spring and Summer colors, offered Saturday at, per yard $1.90 BEAUTIFUL SATINS AND TAFFETAS AT $2.45 A YARD Some very handsome quality All Silk Taffetas and heavy satins, as well as some of the better grade of shirtings, on sale Saturday at, per yard. .$2.45 SPORT SILKS $3.75 AND $5.95 A YARD The famous Mallinson's, and other high grade Sport Silks, in exclusive novelty designs, on sale at, per yard $3.75 and $5.95 These are Silks that sell regularly from $6.50 to $13.00 a yard. TWO BIG GROUPS GOSSARD CORSETS OFFERED AT $7.75 AND $4.75 $10.00 AND $12.00 GOSSARD CORSETS AT $7.75 During the Merchants' May Sale we will offer several good discontinued mod- . els in genuine Gossard Corsets in all sizes, as an extra big attraction for this sale at .... $7.75 $5.50 AND$6.50 GOSSARD CORSETS $4.75 In this group there are three or four discontinued models in genuine Gos-sards that we have been selling at $5.50 and $6.50. They are in all sizes, at $4.75 Of course these Corsets will be just as carefully fitted by our expert cor-setiere as if the full regular price were paid. $35.00 AND $40.00 SILK SKIRTS $15.00 EACH Saturday we will offer all our new, fine quality, novelty silk sport Skirts, worth up to $40.00, at each. .$25.00 These Skirts are in white, tlesh, jade, rose, all especially attractive combinations. SATURDAY HOSIERY SPECIALS $3.00 quality All Silk Hose, in black, white and colors, per pair $1.95 $1.00 quality Silk Boot Hose, in white and light shades, per pair 55c Men's 5oc "VVunder" Sox, black, white and colors, Saturday only, 3 pairs for , $1.00 SUMMER RAG RUGS $1.75 quality 27-inch by 54-inch Rag Rugs, each $1.59 $2.50 quality 30-inch by 60-inch Rag Rufs, each $2.29 $3.50 qualfty 36-inch by 72-inch Rag Rugs, each $3.15 75c NEW SUMMER VOILES 42c YD.' During this sale we offer a case of 1,500 yards of 40-inch Summer Voiles, all new popular georgette patterns, light and dark grounds at, per yard. . .42c GIRLS' $5.00 DRESSES $3.59 EACH Little girls' Dresses iq Organdy and Voiles with dainty touches of handwork, sizes 2 td 6 jears, each. .$3.59 $1.00 AND $1.25 SILK GLOVES 65c A PAIR Just received yesterday a big shipment of Silk Gloves that came too late to go in the first day of the sale. These Gloves will go out tomorrow at the special price of 69c There are 700 pairs in the lot, and they are beautiful quality of silk, in black, white, navy and gray, with combination stitching on the back. 00 a pair, all sizes at. $1.65 1 Ladies' brown, black and gray pumps and oxfords, some of all sizes and widths from 3 to 8, worth up to $10 a pair, your choice at . . $4.85 One counter ladies' white kid pumps, canvas shoes, oxfords and pumps, values worth up to $5.00 at... $2.65 LADIES' OXFORDS, $1.65 About 500 pair ladies' and Misses oxfords and pumps in black, tan, etc., values up to $4.00 at . $1.65 LOW SHOES, 98c. Ladies' and Misses white canvas rubber sole pumps and oxfords, Sale price. .98c CHILDREN'S SCOUTS, $1.75 Children's tan and black oxfords and sandals, all sizes. Sale price $1.75 MEN'S OXFORDS, $2.98 One table men's oxfords, hlark nnH tan vpIiips tn . An lmproTed Aspirin tablet whlrh Is b-hitaly safe to use even In canes of eium debility and weak heart. Believes headaches, neuralgia and rheumatic pnlna and redurei ferer. No dciireaslnic elferta. Made by a formula which la In general uae by leading physicians. ,V,c per package at your dructfata or by mail from the manufacturers, Pitsmoit Laksrstoriat, lie. IMiaiea. ft. O. $5.00 .'. . . .$2.98 ' MEN'S HYGRADE OXFORDS, $4.65 ; Men's Hygrade welt oxfords ; black and tans in English ; and blucher, values up to. $8.00 .$4.65 ; The next time you buy calomel ask for THE DEATH RECORD Enures WILLIAM HAYWOOD MeCABK. William Haywood McCabe. aged 66 years, died last night at 9:30 o'clock at his home, 706 North Church street, after a gradual decline In health, following a stroke of paralysis 10 years ago, soon after he moved to Charlotte. The funeral services will be held In Durham, his former home, Sunday afternoon at the Memorial M. E. church. In addition to his wife, the deceased la survived by one son. W. H. McCabe. of this city. Mr. McCabe was bom In Granville county, this state, moving while a youth to Durham, where he lived until 1909, when he moved to Charlotte as general agent of the State Mutual. Life Insurance company, Worcester, Mass. He suffered a stroke of paralysis' about a year later and .was forced to resign his position. The deceased was a member of Tryon Street M. E. church and was a highly respected cltlzea. DEPARTMENT STORE 1 H , The purified and refined calomel tablet that are naiuealeM, aaf e and sure. Medicinal virtues retained and improved. Sold only in sealed packages. Price 35c J. B. IVEY & CO. a "I SHOE DEPARTMENT ;';-v h '. v , , v .,.j 'V.',v TO

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