The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1956 · Page 27
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 27

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1956
Page 27
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4~At06na (la.) Upptr D«* Mdin«* Tuesday, March 6, 1956 NOW PLAYING THRU THURSDAY ! P* WUE. Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Cal.—We have bad, i BAD. news for movie villains; j Walt Disney, our modern-day j B:»rnum. is teaming "Superman" with "Dsvcy Crockett!" To Filmland's cut-throats, this is the last straw. Bad enough to bo pitted against a man who can put a ne\v eye in a needle with a squirrel-gun at 100 paces. Now they team up Fess Parker, the screen's "Davey Crockett* with George Reeves who, as "Superman,"' stops steel-bullets and juggles heavies like so many ping-pong balls' * * * Who knows? Facing these odds, our movie desperate Desmonds may get together and boycott Disney's "Westward Ho the Wagons." It's one thing to stab a hero in the back, but to run in a ringer whose back will bend up your best cutlery—now that's "down* right dirty!" And, if anyone is qualified to recognize "dirty* work at the crossroads," our fitrri "badmen" can spot a dtouble-Cross without peeking at the script. • » * • ' . • All of which, brings us io the new higl\,in casting unbeatable heros. When Walt DlSney and his highly capable, veteran director. William Beaudirie, Sr., put their creative heads together and persuaded George Reeves to Stow away his "Superman" cloak for the duration of "Westward Ho the Wagons," they paired an invincible team of heros. George will play the captain of a prairie- schooner caravan,' who gives' an assist-play to Fess Parker's end runs. Both lads will forget the characters they've made famous orj movie r-nd TV screens. At least, until they get all th6se covered wagons to Oregon for Disney, Beaudine and Historyf It may be a trifle confusing to the Small-fry. They'll be expecting George to take off into the "wild-blue-yon* der" and stop any and all red^ skins before they cart reach the wagon-train and make fancy doi* lies out of the best gro6me.d toupees. How can they know that Disney and Bcaudthe* have KIOS FREE MOVIE TICKETS INSIDE PACKAGES (GET A PACKAGE TODAY) PHONE 1100 - YOUR NEWSPAPER SURF BALLROOM - CLEAR LAKE, IOWA MONDAY, MARCH 12th SHOW TIME — 8:15. DOORS OPEN 7:30 MUSICAL INSANITIES , SPIKE° JONES HIS CITY SLICKERS Auditorium Show DANCING Following the Show till 1 a.m. . with Henry Charles and Orchestra. Let your sides go with one evening of laughs at The Surf with SPIKE. MAIL ORDER NOW — Enclose—check—money order— with return address envelope for ticket returns. Tickets — S1.9S plus tax, lot. S2.20. $1.34 plus tax, tot. $1.50 per seals. Deors open 7:30, show time 8:15. Chairs on the floor cltared following Ihe show. ; For The Love of MIKE - DON'T MISS SPIKE grounded. their "Superman?" tit , Howef«r, we're betting thai Our veteran director of sooper- doopers having plenty of "production values", Bill Beaudine, Cooks up a few wild and wooly Indian atacks that will make the moppet fans glad that "Superman" Jorgot his cloak. , * * « Confidentially, if what we've heard about the Far West Faro Dealers is true, we're not so sure that "Superman's" cape will ever flap in the breeze, away up there in the stratosphere, again! At any rate, this is small con- sblation for Filmland's renegades. Fess Parker and George Reeves are two exceptionally hiisktf specimens of the healthy male, with, or without, coonskin cap or "Supermah\ cloak. In competition, they'd exhaust most men in average physical condition by meiiely skipping rope with 'em. Thus, we predict a considerable raise in the going-rate for screen deviltry performed on the "Westward Ho, the Wagons" unit. — When you have to buy llnament and iodine by the gallon, crime doesn't pay, even movie crime! HOSPFTALS Feb. yf —.Isabella Purvis, Algona, medical; Mrs Melvin Johnson, Burt, boy, 9-3%. Feb. 28 — Mrs Cloyd Bishop, Algbna, girl, 7-2; Mrs John'Pen- toh, Algona, medical; Mrs fidgar Keith, Burt, maternity; Mrs Julian ", Algona, boy, 612$. Febi 29 — Eugene Frankl, Irvington, T & A; Mrs Norman Wegener. Cylinder, boy, 8-3M>; An- a'etlcr Frankl, Irvington, T & A; Mi*Wendell French, Algona, surgery; Terry L. Elmore, Algona, Surfery. Ma*. 1 ~- Mrs John Gohvitzer, Mgona, girl, 6-6: Oscar Luedtke, Lpffe Rock, medical; Mrs Katie A3ttf Algona, medical. »;Mar. 2 — Vicki Detmering, Wesley, tonsillectomy; AllarrKra- fflfee, Bancroft, tonsillectorny; Lift* dtt ft, Becker, Burt, medical; Mrs Ivan Evenson, Ottosen, boy. 7-1; Mrs Arnold Kollasch, Whitte* rrtore, girl. Ma*-. 4 — Mrs Raphael Faber, Algona, boy; C. N. Robinson, Al- gona, medical; MfskWilliam Beekf |r, Bode, girl, 7-HVfe; Baby boy, Chrischilies, Algofta, . boarder}, Philip Arndorfer, Algona, mean cal ^ Mar. 5 -V Mrs Milton Bilyeu£ Algona, maternity. Brown Swiw Ati'n • Canton 3 of^he . Swiss Association will hold then? annual meeting at the farm Buii reau Building, in Algofifl, MarcHI 15, beginning at I0:30^.m. towvln* Kruse, Frerriont, Neb., western* fieldman for the association, will] be present to discuss the activities. for the Brown Swiss this coming; year. All Brown Swiss breeders are invited to attend. . hot test car! All Newl The Bel Air Sport Sedan with 4 dooa and no lldepoill Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings SIX WINNERS Be sure 'to read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance to the hit movie, "All That Heaven Allows", playing Sunday through Tuesday at the Algona Theater. Just give -your name at the box '<*• '.i/->!;-•<•• •, rman Warmbierr; George C. Yeoman Louis McEnroe Mrs R. P. Laing Mrs Archie Elberl Robert R. Gillingham Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co BARRY'S— Monday men W L Miller High Life 52 26 Bode Billiards . 52 26 Moose ._- 48 30 KCs —46'/a 31% Bode D-X 36 42 Clark Grain 30^ 47% Schulte Recreation -__25 53 Dqn's Phillips 66 ...'..22 56 Tuesday Men W L Hamm's — 47 31 Blatz .46 32 Moose 44 34 Paul Seeley Farms -.42 36 Russ & Ky's 42 36 Petersen's Cafe 38 40 Barry's 34 44 National Guard 19 59 Wednesday Women W L Druggists' Mutual 40% 19% Cook's Welders 40% 19% Thuentq's 39% 20% Bancroft "Co-Op 31 29 Coast to Coast 27 33 Moose 24% 35% United Variety 21% 38% Welp's -.15% 44% Thursday Women W L Sharp's 39 21 Bill's Standard 36 24 DeKalb Hood-Winks -31 26 Van's Cafe 29 31 A.S.C. 29 31 Storz-Ettes 27 33 Bradley Bros. 22 35 Wallburg's Texaco ..24 36 Mixed Doubles W L Coast-to-Coast 15 6 Chrome Cafe 14 7 Cowan Motor Court -.12 9 Big Four 11 10 K and E 11 10 No Goods 9 12 , Phonies 9 12 Algona Produce 3 18 HAWKEYE LANES— American League W L Titonka 66% 29% Studer's . 65 31 Brandt Buick 59% 36% Baker's Livestock ---56 40 Sjogren's 55% 40% Hamilton Hatchery __53% 38% Sorensen Motor 40 56 Boone Ridge. 39% 52% Robinson Produce _36% 59% Corwith 35 61 Lions 34 G2 Hefti Lockers 31 . 65 National League W L Algona Produce 66 % 29% Seven-Up 59% 36% Ernie Williams P-C --56 40 West End Billiards "--55% 40% Burt Co-Op Elev. .-54% 41% Ready-Mix 52 44 Ernie Williams J-D -.47% 41! % Bancroft Oil Co. 46 50 Kossuth Co. Imp. 37% 58% Rood Ins. 35 (il •Ray's Jack Sprat 34 02 Britt 32 <i4 Western League W L Titonka • 67' ' 29 Pioneer Hibred -.64% 31% Swartz Hdwe. 61 35 Burt Merchants 60 36 Sjogren's 55 41 Mutual of Omaha 53 43 Sargent Feeds 50 46 Plantation 47'.'3 48% Albright Acro-Serv. -.40 56 Thermogas 40 56 Thomas Skelgas 22 74 Kossuth Motors 20 76 Classic League W L Hamm's 73% 22% State Farm Ins. 65% 30% S. & L. 60 36 Beecher Lane Appl. -.58 38 Plantation 58 38 Titonka 56 40 Root Hdwe. 38% 57% Seeley Farms 38 58 Hub 'Clothiers 37% 58% Scobba Skelly 32 64 Miller High Life 31. . 05 Burt 28 68 Mixed League W L Has Beens ,--_66 30 Sinclair Oilers 6ti 30 Conoco Service 56 40 Buckaroos 51% 44% Brandt Buick 51 45 Aces 44% f>l% Standard Oil 44% 51% Vets 44% 51% Farmers' Cu-Op 43 53 Sargent Feeds 42 54 Strudels - 35 61 Hutzell's Cities Serv. -32 64 The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing AND THE STORZ BREWING CO.* Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly I3EER IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPIACI The SURF CLEAR LAKE . IOWA FBI.. MARCU'dih FRANK BVHR Midwest Ramblers SAT.. MARCH 10th JULES HERMAN And Orchestra MONDAY. MARCH 12th Musical Insanities of '56 SPIKE JONES And His Craiy Music Makers Show Time — 8:15 p.m. ALGONA® Coming Sunday - For 3 Days - I hey \\cinid al .- of.eacl) oilier that JJeavtn utMjffw! JANt'WYNJAN HOCK Ul'DSDN itU " ow! """»• TECH N JCOLOR CACHES MOOREHEAD • CONRAD ™e h o f t e s t show! LUCILLE BALL ••: . : :and . ; ; '. -. - : PEZI ARNAZ n "FOREVER DARLING" Showing Tuesday Wednesday Thursday at the ALGONA THEATRE tl Get You Love... 1956 Chevrolet! FREE TICKETS TO ALL WHO 1AKE A DEMONSTRATION RIDE IN THE NEW CHEVROLET THIS WEEK Ccme and lp!<e « ride in the new Chevrolet . . . the thing on wheels fcr '56! No obligation whatsoever . . . and we thinlt'you'll enjoy it imrnsnsely. We just want folks to get to know the '56 Chevrolet — and a ride makes you acquainted! When you do, we'll give you FREE TICKETS to the "Algona Theatre" — good for any show any time! 'sS/. /f?///S,' y//ss//sss/wwM0ss&s////ss/s^^ SW Of Courthouse Square — ALGONA, IOWA

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