Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 24, 1973 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1973
Page 19
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Festival Ga!«sbur I To Go on ABINGDON - AMnftkNi F*ll officiate h*v* nouneed (hit *dv*Ace carnival rides far the event have Arrived and will go on sale at local mer- charta (his week. Ihe festival dates are Aug. 15-21. Advance ticket* are five for $1 and are food for any day. The only ride excepted in the tickets is bumper cars. cr at Shaw'* Trailer Court July 20 at p.m. Abingdon police during the past week have issued tickets Richard D. Gtego, 22, of Abingd to Final Knoxvilte Concert Ptanned 4 In City Park MOtynm - Knaxviite will Festival officials said persons „ m present \<s la* tend concert of wanting space in the merchants JHSL 41 1ft14 ** ^^-v the season Thursday at tolMtog should call Dean w **** r > 41 » 1014 N - near Abingdon, no valid drivers license and leaving (he scene of an accident; Richard Miller, ft, 316 W, Lower St., spinning titcs; Terry L, Jacobs, 32, ,® 0 ™ 1 Kftoxvilte; Robert Stanleyl thttf MRS itine 247? Moore, Sherman; Rodney for allowing minors in custody after curfew t* hour ; Mice also cited a juve* ' nile for the same offense. p.m. in the city park. the final concert wilt include Sparks. St., Galesburg; James A. Jen nings 35 103 E. Latimer St., Anderson of Amsterdam, it win niciiiae _ ... — ._ ARI H Aunn p WfcAtftaa «9 IM HoMaad, spent the weekend at R«tnhler, J£ Hi«h School g2J 1 WI S££ , 3 3 to homeS his parents, Mr. VV North St., Gaiesburg, all and Mrs. George Anderson. Montage, Three Bones, Beautt* m ^ I** concert 2Li2? fut Youth Walta, Hosts of Free- summer season at (he sp !y2L« -t^ tll1y Miss Urith Atkins, Mrs. Viola dom, It's Impossible, Color & bJin 5 don Nu »to« Home JSSSSSS^S^ li^En Smith and Mrs. Meryle Eggers Burst, Purpte Horizons caijS 5«*»*y at 7:15 p.m. In case SS ^^tl ^£ife!S^? "t"™* 1 ***** ierTkp so Man, Heavy Band El?- «* concert will be J™?^ Martin <j^*S^amwl t6 New Mexico where Ihey visit* « it. "* « "r?' Tltitrtjriav 209 B - Martin St., and James , ... ^ u» PJ \L%~~». them. F Chicken Rustlers Carnival, March of Spanish ThUl * ta y Soldiery, and The National An* m ~ ^ ^ ^ m ^ters, 19, 400 N. Knox St. The Ktwanis Club will spon- ! ts PZSl aCci * sor an ice cream social during r ?.v ^S u« * • . thp concert . Cars driven by Patricia A. lmT , _ the concert. I^zer^27 503 N. Walnut St, | Nab 50 HdlS T ,«4 IM , tta«-i*a n;..„u and Crystal B. Lewis, 19, 507 bers wm meet .Wednesday at intersection of Fearing Church, to go to Lake Bracken There were no injuries C0 °P- Someone copped them, for a picnic. _ • A backinc accident at tin* in- She teld police Monday night Rebecca Giles Circle T^^T M Y KK Z?*"^** Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maloney Landon, 18, 207 N. Knox St., and ^ Mf ^ Mrs Dale Smlth , all former, residents. fiilillllMl fittAlflttFlMlfi G«l*sbUf(|, 111. Classified Advertising Dial 343*7111 ... , Office HOURS: Mondny through Friday— . • A.M.{4 :ao P.M. Saturday — ^ S A.M.*3 P.M. TRANSIENT CASH RATE EfltCCtlV Match 1, 1871 Words 7-day» , 4-day* 1-day Bftiiflet i Service-**? WE1D MOWING E. J. MARTIN - UMMl it i iii and CfflLLICOTHE, Ohio (UPI) Mrs. James Strawser insists ^^J****$J^On Markets Dollar Drops vaFraction I ilK^ tie s rrom tne Deep South, and you can't BE more ethnic 1-20 I 5.21 I 3.78 1,50 21-.25 I 6.13 I 4.20 j 1.66 \ 6.76 I 4.49 1 1,82 dWYWlttfi fttmtlStt HfcMOVAL W« furnish meui containers for upts.. businesa offices, stores and faiitdtles. 1 cubic yard thru 80 cubW yard sl «6S. We rent flatbed trucks bt containers for one stop soring cleanup, remodeling ov Honiy Do special projects. Call low bidder BUI, 342* 1134. 24 years of experience. 31-35 | 7.84 | 5.24 2.13 Blind Ad Charge—We Card of Thanks. In Memoriam. Lodge Notices, ouier Notices, l inch or less—$2,75, CASH RATE—Applies when ad is paid within 8 days from date of last insertion. WEED MOWING 343*5949 Seeding & Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 L^l^a^a^a^a^a^L^a^L^a^ INDEX f than that!' LONDON (UPI) - Hie dollar A backing accident at the in- - - , ^ - , Lt will tersectian of Main and Jackson she heard noises in the chicken dropped by fractions on the meet Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. — for its annual picnic at the United Methodist Church. Chapter AM, PEO will hold a special meeting Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at the Illinois PEO Home. Persons unable to attend have been asked to call Mrs. Mick Lacy by Thursday evening. Sunken Ship May Be Hulk Of 'Monitor' rtreets July 23 at 12:10 p.m. in^ house, and when she went out European money exchanges Nixon Greets Shah of Iran volved cm driven by Sandra later t0 feed her flock » a head ^ what fe* ic * s called a K. Guenther, 18, 505 N. Wash- count proved 50 missing. very quiet market." WASHINGTON (UPI) - In a ington St., and Lorna M. Boone, t Mrs. Strawser did not explain only in Frankfurt did dealers Ware of trumpets, President 17, 201 W. Sanitary Road. how someone could walk off say mt ^ ^ dollar Nixon welcomed the ^ of with 50 noisy chickens while was "normal.*' Virginia Moore reported to I she was home; but blamed the Iran to the White House today, Ahinminn -v>ii™ th»( , .«{«t fwt „«* m» a » nrin»«- *nri On (the big London bullion calling him a "world statesman Abingdon pokce that a mM- and m arket, the price of an ounce of the first rank" who can help bike was stolen from her traiV I reports of poultry rationing. CAPE HATTERAS, N.C. (UPI) —• Seandhers say it may be several days before they can tell if a large metal hulk lying on the ocean floor near here is the wreckage off the Civil War ironclad "Monitor." Using sand pumping equipment, searchers were working to clear the area around the hulk to make identification. a positive The Union gunboait, with a deck almost flush with the water and a cannon-bearing steel turret on top, was lost while under tow to Wilmington, N.C, in December, 1862, where it was to set up a blockade. It fought the Confederate ironclad Merrimac to a standoff at Hampton Roads, Va., ushering in the age of ironclad warfare. Dr. Charles Perry, director of Undersea Archaeological Associates, and Michael O'Leary, head of the USS Monitor Foundation, last week discovered what they believe to be the Monitor covered by sand off the Tar Heel coast. "One search boat equipped with an underwater metal deltector has discovered a large mass of metal buried under the sand about a mile off the Cape, but it has not been identified as the Monitor," said Mrs. Grace Rohrer, secretary of the state Department of Cultural Resources. If the craft is identified as of gold was fixed at $119.75, up to bring peace and stability to $1 ftom Monday's unofficial the oil-rich Persian Gulf area. close of $118.75. Speaking forcefully on a red"It appears to be a repetition carpeted platform, Nixon told of Monday's cfealings," said one th e shah it was "particularly London trader who commented important that we meet at this on the dollar market. time because of all the areas in Everywhere on the European the ^j^' thc Midd,e markets «> P*l g ^ East money mancets tne pour—— ~ « reatest P° tential suffered more than the dollar. ... . „, Mw flV wSL J^S A £E East and Persian Gulf" and it Monday s close of 2.8030 Swiss . _ 4 . TT«U**I C*,W am Kk on ^ A.*™*/ * ~t ftAe wu* 8 ives the United States "heart franc®, a dnop of .005. The ? h t th t rmmtrv ha<5 B i waV c 7.097& jerancs. and stability rather ^ In Pans, the dollar ntoved to war and destruction." v ^ il^ 0 ^^ ±T He said that he hoped his hf'&J^^ wide-ranging talks with the ifl » JL, ^ n ^? 3t shah would advance the cause 4.055 - 4.065 French francs o{ and s , in this against Monday's dose of 4.06- ^ area » K * 4.07 francs. ((tlT . . mi. — J ii » We welcome you as good TJe «>mmeiicial dollv, unl friends and old friends," Nixon by business, opened at 4.04-4.05, said unchanged from the overnight « \. rate. *° ih used F14 supersonic jets from United States. the The shah emphasised need for his country to remain militarily strong in response to Nixon's remarks. "We have got to constant contact to be in preserve that for which we have worked —«nd in our case —for which we are ready to die," he said. The shah said Iran intends to remain firm and patient in striving for its goals of peace but also will maintain its national strength '' to defend ourselves." "We have got to be strong," he declared. Rainstorms, r Twisters Hit Center States Card fit tttanfts *1 Building Lots 82 Aviation 75A AnUques 31 Apartments—Furnished 53 Apartments—Unfurnished —54 Autos—Sport, Foreign 77 Autoi—New 78 Autos—Used 79 Business Service „^ 7 Business Opportunity 17 Boats and Motors -70 Child Care 10 Coins — Stamps — Misc 31 COUNTRY CORNER— Farm - Miscellaneous ___ 40 Farms and Acreages—Rent 41 Farms and Acreages—Sale 42 Pasture for Rent 43 Farm Implements - Services—44 Feed - Seed - Fertllltert 45 Poultry and Supplies 46 Livestock and supplies *47 AucUons - 48 Commercial Property - 59 ConstrucUon Equipment 75 Employment Wanted 14 Garages 60 Good Things to Eat 21 Help Wanted—Male 11 Help Wanted—Female —*12 Help Wanted—Male, Female _.13 Household Goods —28 Home Improvement 25 Houses for Rent 55 In Memoriam 2 InstrucUon 15 Insurance 20 Investments 18 Lawn and Garden Needs 34 lost and Found 8 Moving — Storage 8 Money to Loan—Wanted 19 Musical - 28 (Mobile Homes for Rent 56 Mobile Home Spaces 57 Mobile Homes for Sale .66 CARPET CLEANING. Dirt is actually ejttracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long dryins: period. Ron's ,Steamllnef, 3424232. LAWN BUILDING Steve Wilson—343-3946 siaw* • •• IN • • • • n.nimh M——.—J Moving - Storage— 8 STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! Puckett Moving & Storage Grand and Penna.—343-9149 ._. -i. .| - • • 1-- Child Care-10 Motorcycles - Bicycles 74 New Houses for Sale 62A NoUces - Lodge 3 Notices - Other , 4 NoUceS - Special - Personal 5 Office Space 50 Photography 29 Pets and Supplies - — 33 Property Management 16 Rooms /.or Rent 51 Resorts and Cottages 61 Room and Board 52 Real Estate for Sale 63 Real Estate Wanted 64 Real Estate—Out cf Town 65 Sporting Goods 71 Transportation 9 Trailers - Campers - Equip 72 TJres - Accessories - Parts 73 Trucks - Truck Trailers 76 TV - Radio - Stereo 27 Wanted to Buy - Misc. 35 Wanted to Rent 58 Miscellaneous - 30 BABYSITTER, in our home, needed for 3 chUdmt week days. 7:30 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Own transportation. Call ^3-2779. BABYSITTER Wanted from 4 to midnight, 2 small children. If interested call 942-8727* WOMAN wanted to babysit in my homo for 2 children starting Aug, 1. Call 343-6560 for app't. STORY BOOK CHILD CARE CENTER 369 N. Kellogg Hours: 6:30 to 6:00 Air Conditioned 342-3060 Help Wanted - Male- 11 WANTED — Married or single man for fuU time farm help, livestock and grain experience necessary. Modem house; good wages. Write Box 940 c/o Galesburg Register- Mail. SALESMAN: Licensed Insurants Agent exclusive terrltory, AU loads furnished. Call collect 9:0O a.m. to Noon. 217/429-6263. Manufacturer of large off road equipment has openings for experienced turret lathe operators and mig and flux core welders. Excellent benefits. Almost continuous overtime for the past 24 months. Apply In person a a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. KRESS CORPORATION ILLINOIS ST., BRIM FIELD, ILL. Card of Thanks—1 INSURANCE AGENT — Opening now available in Galesburg area for a mature, self starting individual capable of working with, minimum supervision following training period. An established debit with a highly respected insurance company. $130 weekly to start. Should earn in excess of 10,000 the first year. Reliable COLCLASER, Garnet — We wish to thank everyone for the kind expression of sympathy, cards, flowers, food and the help at the time of the loss of our mother and grandmother. A special thanks to the Hendricks Funeral Home. Rev. Hoffman, War Mothers* Legion A\ix. and the pallbearers. All was greatly appreciated. Children and Grandchildren I K Notices - Other—4 By United Press International , . Thunderstorms lumbered the President and the from the middle Mississippi to shah wore dark suits. Nixon, the Ohio Valley today, touching ON AND AF TER this date, jm y 23. ——" - • - • * * 1973, I will not be responsible for 1*12^ recovered from viral| off flash flood warmncs in French banking Official said. nnPnmnniA aniw ^rod in iirnnri 1 * warning in T „ pneumonia, appeared in goodseveral western Kentucky coun- InFrankftrt and seemed to get an ties. A tornado injured eight much the same witfli the dollar extra lift from the shah who persons at Pierre SD none opening at 2.3020 marks, shook his hand warmly and Piously ' * slightly lower than Monday's expressed concern over the The twister ripped up homes, Notlccs " Special • Personal-5 close of 2.304 marks. (President's health. trailers and trees in its SUNBURN? skin disorders? Try after the shah's L a mnn«* •hmnrrh the north- 59^Derm vitamm E^cream, laeo any debts contracted by any other than myself. Howard Dean Nail Plaza Hotel, North Broad St. Galesburg, 111. ansportatlon required. Company benefits include profit-sharing, pension funds, group .insurance and paid vacations. Call Mr, Wilms 309-691-2732 collect 0 a.m. - 3 p.m. for appointment. An Equal Opportunity Employer. EXPERIENCED ESTIMATOR, DRAFTSMAN Needed: An experienced estimator and draftsman in the industrial - commercial construction field. Primarily with steel buUdings. Responsibility will be to prepare accurate detailed estimates and specifications that will provide the appropriate groundwork that effectuates coordination and control, Rewards: Challenging interesting work, Job satisfaction, security, independence — come and grow with us. Salary open. Contact Dick Janko. Janko Building Co., 2107 Marquette Road, Peru, Illinois. Phone: (815) 223-3572. ! In Amsterdam, the dollar fell Shortly after the shah s rampage through me norm- IU per tube at west Dmgs. .24 per cent from Monday's arrival, the two leaders began wes tern portion of Pierre. PREGNANT and NEED HELP? close when it opened at 2.66 two days of talks. The shah was Tornadoes also were reported caii Birthright guilders. understood to be carrying an ^ southeastern Minnesota Mon- 343-4013 Only in London did the dollar urgent appeal to purchase new, day nightV but there were no D Sihin G /affif — — you help yourself. Phone 342-2170, 24 hours. Confidential. strengthen due to a weakening pound, which opened at $2.53201 Libyan Leader after Monday night's close of J $2 .5346. reports of damage or injuries. Flash flooding was reported RRDUCE excess fluids with FUU- Resignatioii Off at Uniontown, Ky., where more than four and a half inches of rain fell Monday night. dex. Lose weight with Dex-A- Diet capsules at West Drugs. Lost and Found F Bogota Blaze Grants Extension Firemen battle blaze which burned out 14 floors of the 44- Qn Building Job story Avianca Tower, tallest building in Bogota, capital of Colombia. The fire, which gutted the 13th to 27th floors, killed at least four persons and injured 132, many of them seriously, UNIFAX FAIRVIEW D. Business Service—7 ^itnS Helicopter Rescue Victims In Bogota Skyscraper Fire Education Board I After Rallies reported from the northern _ CAIRO (UPI) — Col. Moam-Plains through the upper and | ANYONE " f : MSH mar Khadafy withdrew his middle Mississippi Valley and resignation as chairman of the into the Great Lakes region and ruling Libyan military junta the Ohio Valley. Other thunder- Eugene Monday after 12 days, saying storms occurred over the Morgan, project director, re- he was doing so under public Carolinas and along the Gulf viewed building progress when pressure. Coast from Louisiana to Flori- Spcon River Valley School Dis* Tens of thousands of Libyans da. trict 4 Board of Education met had shouted for his return in New thunderstorms July 16. Scattered thunderstorms were SET OP CAR KEYS lost vicinity of Main St. Zodiac symbol key chain. Call 343-3010. ig a sail for sailboat please call 342-8567. Reward. WINDOW CLEANING Residential & Commercial J, P. Petty, 342-400!) were Roads, given to the U.S. Navy for a four-year period, tatnd then "it will be eventually returned to North Carolina as a permanent national monument," she said. country. But awka Lodge Oqu Holds Memorial OQUAWKA - Oquawka Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, met July 16 at the Masonic Hall, with Rosemary and Paul Bushong presiding. A memorial service was conducted for Clara A, Harbough, worthy grand matron. Mrs. Letha Palmer read a poem. During a business meeting, lodge members voted to give money to the Cancer Fund, Fraternal Thoughts and Esterl Fund. It was reported that Mrs. Shirley St. John fejl recently and injured her leg. Barbara Gray and Shirley Randall were appointed to next month's serving committee. The Sunshine Fund was collected by James Gene Palmer. BOGOTA, Colombia (UPI) lay through fire- the 44-st I other HI Police dug scarred debris of y Aviamea tower building, Bogota's tallest, for more victims of Monday's fire which killed four persons and injured 63, gutting 30 floors of the structure. Only the rescue efforts of a fleet oif helicopters which airlifted more than 300 persons off the roof of the burning skyscraper kept down the death toll. Authorities feared, however, there could be more bodies in the still smoking ruins. The 12-hour blaze broke out at 7:45 a, m. on the 14th flow with only about 450 of the 1,500 persons that usually work in the building on hand because of the earty hour. Within minutes the blaze spread upward and a panic-stricken man and woman leaped to their death from a wiiKiow of the 17 th floor, seeking to escape the flames. The other two known deaths were attributed to asphyxiation. Thousands of soldiers were called out to isolate the area and handle the huge crowds that turned out to watch the fire, hampering firemen's efforts. Every piece of firefighting equipment in Bogota was used to fight the blaze, and equipment from the nearby Girardot and ViUlavicencio. rallies m Morgan told board members the elementary building is Hearing completion, but work on brought fa^"?"^ *w»g * be- cities torai schedule. Blood Donations Total 153 Pints During Operation A total of 167 donors registered and 153 pints of blood were collected at a Galesburg Regional Red Cro§s Blood Center operation last Wednesday. J. Paul Newcomer, Knoxvilie, became the newest member of the 11-galion club, fand James R. Ewing, 245 N. Pleasant Ave., joined the 9-gallon club. Other new gallon-dub members include Dale Ehlen, 872 Greenleaf St., 6-gallon; Delphine He a ton, 225 Ulini Dr., 5- gallon; Carol Appel, 247 N. Arthur Ave., and Stewart L. Arnold, 3-gallon; Mary Higgins, 483 Monmouth Blvd. f Hazel Harden, 266 Silver St., and Rose Bur and, 452 Jefferson St., 2-gallon, and Loren Akers, Avon, Gregory Lyons, Kimberly Terrace, Arthur Baker, 530 Phillips St., and WiJma Hessler, Galesburg Route 3, 1-gallon club. On the advice of its architect, the board granted an additional 30 calendar days completion time. Plans for disposition of the old buildings and furnishings that will not be moved to the new facility were discussed by board members. Ercil Little, superintendent of schools, reported that the Maquon building has been damaged by vandals. The board siet Sept. 10 as the date for a public hearing on a tentative budget, which will be on file for inspection at the district office after Aug. 9. Resignations were accepted from Ceila Johnson and Edith Wilcoxen, and contracts were given to Miss Maribeth Nixa and Mrs. Christine Davis. Gets the Tip LONDON (UPI) - A London judge ordered a woman who tried to avoid paying a $1.83 taxe fare to pay it Monday — and to give the cabbie an extra 12 cents. "I don't see," said the judge, "why the driver shouldn't get a tip." PAINTING — Interior and exterior, Trimming—Shrubs and trees. House cleaning, Odd Jobs, general yard work. Experienced. Satisfaction guaranteed. 342-6277. oil-rich | mounting over the Texas and TREE Oklahoma panhandle areas warned he early today, might again resign if and when The most intense storms he realizes his ambition to see early today stretched from his own country and Egypt central Nebraska into south-|B&F CONTRACTORS, home re- all ovef the Khadafy cutting, roofing, general hauling. Call 343-2906. Reasonable rates. Insured. KNOX Summer painting service, professional experience, low prices, Por free esUmate call 3430865. merge as,a single nation. Or if eastern South Dakota and from he is unhappy with the pace of just west of Lake Michigan to bringing the two North African southern Indiana. Wind gusts of up to 54 miles hour accompanied inches of rain neighbors together. whose pair, roofing, guttering, waterproofing, painting, tuck pointing, cement work, driveway, black top, paneling, carpenter. Work guaranteed, free estimates. 3430936, 343-7684. Khadafy, chairman 31, of the title at is per Revolution than 1.7 Command Council, said in a Rockford, III., Monday night, Early morning temperatures from 44 at more I REFRIGERATOR Service. Also air conditioning and refrigerator- freezer. Call 342-8026. INDUSTRIAL and Commercial sales. Person with sales or chemical background. Car, salary $8,000 plus commission. Call .Tim Scattcrgood, 342-1112, WitUe, Pryor & Smith Personnel. WANTED—Fulltime Auto Mechanic. Excellent worklnff conditions, paid vacations in small Galesburg Shop. Write Galesburg Register-Mail, Box 030. WANTED "3" BODY REPAIRMEN Can you qualify?? (1) Have own basic tools (2) Responsible (3) Prompt , (4) Courteous (f>) Dependable (6) Interested in quality work. If you can truthfully answer yes to the above call Bob Clark for an interview. 342-4148 FESLER OLDSMOBILE, Inc. 120 N. Chambers St. Galesburg, Illinois SECURITY GUARDS Prefer older men with clean police and employment record. Age no barrier. If in good health, full-time and part-time openings available. Call Mr. Cole at 343-0181, between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. for appointment, Mon, - Sat. WANTED three-hour speech that he was returning to office because of today ranged widespread popular insistence. Areata, Calif., to 90 at Phoenix, Khadafy spoke at the town of Ariz. Al Abiar, near Benghazi, where . ^ he has stayed in an army camp |LrraililIlia vrCtS since he resigned July 1L He quit because, he said, he wanted to make the Libyan- VAN NUYS, Calif. (UPI) Egyptian merger easier. Susan Reid was sentenced "Now for the sake of all of Monday to 120 days in jail and for the sake of those three years' probation for extort HOME IMPROVEMENTS Remodeling and roofing. Paul Wilson, 343-3946. Jail Sentence review READ THE WANT ADS! you, iur uie »aiws oi muse i tnree years staging sit-in strikes and for the attempting to extort money sake of those who suffered," he from a North Hollywood gro- said Monday, "I return to my eery store, st as of now, provided that I Mrs. Reid pleaded guilty to this stand after the charges she walked into the union." store and demanded a shopping Khadafy's resignation was at bag full of money, saying she least his third since taking needed it to free her grandchil- office in 1969 and prompted dren, who were being held demonstrations and strikes in hostage in a motel. Tripoli and Benghazi. She returned the money later In an effort to persuade him and was arrested, to withdraw the resignation, the Mrs. Reid is 72. She is entire cabinet submitted its currently on probation for a resignation and the 10-man|similar offense in Nevada. Revolution Council threatened WANTED -— Roofing and chimney repair. All work guaranteed. 20 years experience, 342-0247. WANTED; Any type home repair: cement, carpenter work, basement waterproofing, gutters, ainting. Work guaranteed. 553 E. rooks. 343-9563. PAINTING Interior or Exterior. For free estimates can a42-3996 any- tlme. Fully insured. B & R CARPET SERVICE New & Used Installed Repairs — All Kinds 342-4660 ELLISON'S Refrigeration & Appliance Service 342-2567 Experienced MECHANICS Your job awaits you, if you can meet the following requirements; (1) Have your own hand tools (2) Have the sincere interest's of our customer's satisfaction in your mind. (3) Responsible (4) Courteous (5) Dependable MAZING What a Want Ad Will Do If seriously interested, call Joe Peake for an interview. 342-4148 FESLER OLDSMOBILE, INC. 120 N. Chambers St. Galesburg, Illinois CALL 343-7181 to do likewise. READ THE WANT ADS! i WANTED — Applicant interested in opportunity to earn $150 per week. Permanent position with large national company, good advancement. For personal interview, call 343-2106, An equal opportunity employer. (Continued on Page 20)

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