The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1956 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1956
Page 22
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Jidbih from Evelyn |tts thii old MylnjJ "f rouble* never hit Jinfily, ntti* tr'ue in the bnK Ybuftg household for at the he', he "became, sick and was feefi to jthe' U.S.-Army hbspital Port' Leonard Wood, Mo., here Wg"died a- few. days later, daughter Janice Ann. 12, be- n6 siek with rheumatic fever. > Is to be hospitalized a month ,J It will be many months be- te She will be out of bed f Mrs fcuftg is a sister 1 of Mrs Don lieskorn. I ' * •*. * , lit *eems to me it Would be a fie idea lof. folks to send letters} • cards to" this child Who is fafti ,her: ailmertt very bravely. ssageS of good cheer, little to keep her morale high, fd certainly in the kindness' to 'child, the mother will also Iceive a much needed "lift.'! . : IMr Young was a Master Ser- lant and had received 2 Legion I Merit Awards. While in ser- Ice he was Warrant Officer. He •as given a military funeral ser- Ice and escort from Fort Leon- 1 }d Wood to Fort Dddge, . A* ser* ice man, also accompanied Mrs Dung and^hef mother, Mrs J, E. "of Fort Dodge who had been lith her several days, driving lem from Missouri tajPort Dodge pd back. , i ) •- 4 f J Janice* Ann's, address is U.SJ Irmy Hospital, .Ward B S, 5fort leonard Wood, Mo.', t I There are two sons in the fam- Jy, Frank' and Joseph, nine year Jld twin's^ who are temporarilly Iving with Mr and Mrs Prieskorn |ave been enrolled at" St, ICece- academy. , They have -also bined the cub scouts under, Mes- lames Craig Smith v anjd C. J..Mc- Jvoy, .Joseph* in Mrs'Smith's club, frank with Mrs McEvoy.- .'$/•;•''• 1 ' * -, t- • ,* : : ,-t-' > 1 • ••>.• jvv'' There is seldom a dull mprhent a household' where 'there; are le tots. This story should end stories, that little 'boys do'ri't e baths, for; a few days Sgq: tfhen Rickie and Rex post weye D. quiet, Mama Lavorme and Irandma Lizzie began'-to> won: Investigation revealed near- five-ye,ar-old Rickie in the nude, two-year-old Rex fully blothed and Frippe, the little., dog bf uncertain age, all/;in, a bath [tub of cold water. 'And' Very dirty water at that- for.Frippe is Ipermitted to rim outdoors and Idog-like; -he isn':t too meticulous- lin his habits,.;; Well, it's lucky it Iwash't HOT water. .,, ij * * * What an interesting life M'aroa I Keith''Bailey, daughter of.Mrs L. [W. Keith lives. She has lived at [Philadelphia, Pa., or near there f for many years & a few years ago i began acting as hostess on conducted tours abroad,. She M go.- ing do thalj a;g^iri 'this' sum-" mer'and next year- she* plans' to, go on-a 'round Jhe world trip via where she grew to young womanhood, later going to Des Moines. In her girlhood she had an attack of arthritis in one knee, She was in the orthopedic hospital at Iowa City and had sufgery which kept her there a considerable length of time. She eventually recovered With only a barely perceptible limp. I thought how lucky She was. Two years ago"I saw hef at a convention held in Des Moines for Iowa's crippled adults. She, introduced me to her husband James Haynes, a victim of polio which keeps,him' confined to a wheel chair, Being, affected in his legs. He is a large man, athletic type, who served in th,e navy, came home and picked up the "bug," a| missile worse : than guii fire, ; • ; ( '', ,:•.-',. •'<. Th| couple, has be'en f employed, maintained a home and everything was going fine till Fern had to have further surgery. It was the same leg that Was c'ausirig trouble, but-after a'few weeks in 1 a Des Moines hospital,'sheivas recently taken home. She is confident she will be O.K. in a short time.',,. _ ' _ Many Algonans will remember Clint McClellan, brother, .of. Mrs Glen Raney. He and his wife farmed near LuVefne.a number of years but retired awhile ago. They • have been ^spending the winters in Florida ,: and were there again this year, returning last ;week. . • * •*'••':.••* • ' Adrian Casler as I mentioned last week, has ajsb returned from Palmetto,. Fla. At any'rate, jthe main thing is he had a wonderful . vacation and 'came *home loaded with various /.fruity and gifts for his many relatives, especially the small nephews. " * * * "••.. Fern Johnson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Hugo Johnson will be well: remembered by many here , . T ,,_ 4 Lee, .infant son of Mr £hd«-Mrs Charles .Elmore ,at 15% mbnths old has discovered at this earlyAJate that life is not a bed of roses; on this old earth.'/When only ;seven months^old-he" Tiad surgery for hernia fend is,.again .hospitalized for hernia pn the opposite; side and lost his appendix 'af the same time. 1 , Quite' a lot 'for such a little fellow,'; but he is making good recovery. • He probably wonders what he has doneiin his young, li^fe to deserve •'fiiiAW'-.rbUgh treatment. ". / " Large Stock of REPLACEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service At All Times Service Motors Available For Emergency Use PRATT ELECTRIC CO. 17Q Algona, la. '••ijjdoh't know how, many hides' ""'^d^ake'to make* a'coat or piece, but it seems'to me __ ns would ;go.-a i long way. Imagine 100 foxes nailed tp the .barn w. all, .plus one wolf, arid you would see' in imagination What Mr and Mrs George Larson saw actually last week. They drove to the_Beadle farm at Swea City where* the*' skinS -were' lined "up, prppfthat ,Joe. Ed and Frank Bauer and MrjBeadle.had experienced good . liick in their hunt. The animals are spotted fronv the Bauer's airplane. There are many farmers-1 am.sure who will be glad to know' a menace had been reduced' so considerably. * » • * How many parakeet owners can boast their pets talk? I have yet to hear one, but Hazel Lusby's Jefferson fcis reported to say "What.cha doin! whatcha doin' " and during some recent redecorating^ he sang lusljily.-everyj-time the|sfindeij was-Uh: operation* 1 Don Cook, son of Mr and Mrs Ray Cook, and Dave Zittritsch, son of Mr'and^Mrs Eugene Zitt- •ritgCh^'heeded the word's.of Horace Greeley-who said, "Go west, young • man; go west" -and they hit the trail for Los Angeles and points' -surrounding M p'n'.d a y morning. Both have relatives there and .if the country looks good to them and they land suitable ' jobs, jt is:, probable .they will remain there. On the other hand". "Uncle Sam" has an eye on them so their futures are somewhat unpredictable. '.•••» * * . Mr and Mrs Max Mesing have returned from Chicago where they- were called by the serious accident suffered by their daughter,, Mrs Charles Snodgrass (Doris). Mr Snodgrass is.employ- ed in Chicago but the family'lives in a trailer court at Aurora. The other day Doris lit the oven, not knowing there was a leak. Flames shot out and the. explosion threw her across .the room,, broke windows, and by sheer luck, two women wh,o were in the trailer with her : carrie to her rescue. She was badly burned on the right hand and arm as well'as leg and foot burns. Her parents were with the family a week while Doris was hospitalized. Friends (there will assist her in the household work till she is fully recovered. . » * » A card from Herlha Dau who is vacationing at St. Petersburg, Fla., says "Five weeks tomorrow since we left home. Time goes f o'o fast. Weather wonderful, having a really fine 'vacation. Just got back : from Fort Meyer < and Sarasota. Visited one ever ning with the-Dr.' Sawvers on Fort Meyer Beach. We love trailer life—in fact hate to start back home to, I'm sure more winter." i • * * Back to Algon^ in 1929 to find that Mejvin Weathergreen, an Iowa City student, who is returning to his home in Bridg^water, S. D.', stopped yesterday afternoon and evening for a short visit with his friend, John Shirley (son of Mr and Mrs William Shirley, Kossuth county school superintendent) and his wife. He was hiking -home but had received rides all the way ahd arrived from Iowa City in good time. Helen and Jeanette Sterling came home Sunday from Webster City where they had- been visiting for the past few weeks with relatives. They were met in Announce New Way To Shrink Painful Piles Science Find!* Healing Substance That Does Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids N«y Vgrfc, N. V. (Special) -, For the first time sconce has found a new healing substance with the dstonish- intr ability to shrink hemorrhoids *nd tg relieve paip-without surgery. In case after case, : while gently relieving 'pain, actual reduction .., , Moft arousing gi aJl T rysu.Hn were 19 IhpWu'jflTtbat. suflcrei-s made astonishing statements like "Files have ceased to bo a problem!" The secret is a new healing sub- eUuc« (Big-Dyne*)-rdiscQvcry of a WpiId-famous research institute. ' This substance Is now avuihible in suiiiiositori/ or ointment /u/-»i under the name preparation //.* At your drugjfist. jjoncy back guarantee, •jics-u, 8. r»t. QH. Eagle Grdye by their father, A. A. Sterling'who drove down after them. Mrs-Sterling-'is..slowly recovering froiti her:recent illness. 60 Junior 4-H Leaders Map Future Plans The second meeting of the newly organized Kossuth County Junior Leadership program was held Wednesday evening, Feb. 15th at the Algona high sch.qOl Annex. A total of 60 older 4-H boys and girls took part in the pro» gram. V .The prograrrkwas under the direction of the boys and girls county' officers. Roger Dreyer, county boys 4-H president, presided-at the. meeting with Marilyn Bormann and Robert Kaltved acting as recording secretaries. Others assisting with the meeting included Donald Grant, Virginia Simons, Charlotte Wise, Normai.Jean Reding and Mary Keith, county officers and Mary, K. Staudt and Robert Johnson,' county extension personnel. The .special ; topic .for the even- ins was , centered around demonstrations. Polk dancing concluded the evening activities. Members and clubs attending the event included: Bancroft Busy Bees, Carol Rahe and Betty Lensjng; Blue & White, Marianne Nurrfe and Ja'n Clark; Buffalo Boosters, Darlene Callies; Burt Blue Birds, Gertrude Kahler; Cresco Chums, Theresa Thilges' ahd Delores Eisenbarth; Eagle Ettes, Ruth Ann Pehrson: Fenton Forwards, Joan Sunde and Judy Juhl; Greenwood Girls, Maxirie, Betty 'and Georgia Heldorfer; Irvington Ideals, Darlene 'Seller and Virginia Simons; Lone Rock Lively Rocket? — Patricia O'Donnell and Margkret Fischer; Lu Verne Peppy Pals, Myrna Birnbaumer and Ellen Hauswirth; . Plum Creek Elite- Mary Jo Keith and Claudette Seely; Prairie Pals, Charlotte Wise, Julie Nygaard and Gloria Wise; Riverdale Rustlers ' I, Kathryn Gales, Ann McGuire and Norma Jeart Reding; Riverdale Rustlers II, Marilyn Bormann, Catherine Hilbeft and Alice Illg; Seneca Stars, Kathryn Johannesen, Jeanne England- and Marcia Hards- worth; Swea. 'Sunbeams, Mary Kay Dolan and La von Jensen; Union Alethean, Mary Ilia Erpelding and Betty Thilges; Wqs- ley Wizards; Nancy Tjaden; Algona Glub, Dennis Schoby aftd Donald Froehlich; Fenton Club, Roger Dreyer and Jerry Waite; Greenwood Club, Kenneth Heldorfer, Richard 'Krapp and Richr ard Meyer; Lako'ta Club, Richard Friets; Plum' Creek Club, Arlen Benschoter; Prairie Club, Robert Chambers, Don Grant and Kermit Studer; Ramsey Club, Melvin DeGeeter, Jim McCarthy and Gene F. Nurre; Seneca Club, Robert Crouch and David Looft; Swea-Harrison Club, Duane Jensen, Bob Kaltved and Bob Wiskus. , i * Livermore by Lend AHmdh; ; - • f .,.,»•.,-....»• Dinner guests Sunday, at the Mrs Kate Collins hbmeHWefe Mr and Mrs Marvin Marlow of Lone Rdck and Ida and Oscar, Riley of West -Betid., .- : ; , Gary Hintz, who has been spending "a furlough here with his parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Hintz, has MIeft ..for..California where he will toe stationed. He recently received his wings in Texas. .' -• ,,'. ' ' i;; ' .-' ': '.•. • Mrs Lawrence* Kellner and three daughters of Stewartville, Minn, are here visiting her par> ents, Mr anfl Mrs Nick .Klein. Mrs -George Foth spen.t u few days last week in Bancroft visit-, ing her mother, Mrs Elsbecker, .Mr and Mrs " A.. C. -Nolle of. Bode visited Sunday, at the GuV vert Johnson home; .Mrs .Nolle is a sister'of Mr'Johnson. The Rev. and Mrs V. V. Soh- ifltz of Sheldon and Mr and 'Mrs Kenneth Howard-were breakfast guests at the.Hartley Macknntosb home. Ronald Coleman, Floyd Raney, John Faith and Charles. Rum- mens attended a Youth Fellowship of the Presbyterian church party at Ottosen Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Martin Miller,-who spent a few weeks in Texas have returned home. Mr and Mrs William Murray were at Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge Thursday where Mr Murray went for a check. He has been ill for several months with heart trouble. Dr. and Mrs-Andrew Miller of Granville visited W e d-n e s d a y with his brother, Mr t and Mrs Martin Miller, , , The following ladies Went'to .the; ;home of Mrs .Myrtle Bach- ihann Tuesday afternoon to help her Celebrate her birthday. Mrs Bert Brown, Mrs Mae Reeves, Mrs Christine Andersen, Mrs Elmer Schreiber, Mrs Ida Stoddard, Mrs Kate Collins, Mrs Bert S^hwendemann, Mrs Larry Wil- gon, Mrs James Hughes and Margaret Malin and Mrs Dean Ze* nian; The afternoon was'spent irt - playing bingo and other games. Refreshments were; served by her. daughter-in-jlaw, iMrs Zehion. ' i Mrs Herman' Gfonbachi entertained the Just For Fuh members ahd Mrs Glen* Schultz and ; Mrs Morman Scott ! at- a 'one-thirty 6'idOck desseft luhcheon Wednesday afternoon. After the lunch- ef>tt v auction bridge was the after- noOri's entertainment. Prizes were won by Mrs Scott, Mrs Elmer Groiibach, Mrs Glen Schultz. and'Lena Altman. Mi-s J. F. Hamm was hostess to the Women's Society of Christian Service at her home Wednesdaj' afternoon. The 1 devotion^ and the lesson were given by Mrs pick Schultz. A social hour followed A luncheon was served. Mr and Mrs Howard McCrady, Mrs" Johanna Smith, Mr and Mrs Milton Armstrong . arid family', Mrs : Albert Bordwell and Richard all of here; Mrs Anna Goetsch and son Arlie, Mr and Mrs William Goetsch and Mr and Mrs, Carl Goetsch of LuVerne; and Mr .and'Mrs Dwayr^e, Riley of Al- gon'a went to the home of Alfred Smith Tuesday evening to help hirri celebrate his birthday. ADVERTISING In the Algow Upper Des Moines reacnes more families in Kossuthf county than any other publication. ' There'll be whiskers in Belmond in about a month. Men' of the "Whisker, Club" will start beards April first, to advertise the town's coming centennial. . FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA FOR YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1955 RECEIPTS Tax I * Recclptc Genera, Government ......... $'. Of»l« Receipts Municipal Enterprises Recreation Debt Service ...... Road Use Tax Rarking Meter Total Receipts Total Transfers General Government $ 10,544.50 Street '.- L 21,364.17 Public Safety — 24,164.83 Sanitation '.,_- 14361.06 Municipal Enterprises „ 5,342.66 16,261.20 7,530.04 41,742.82 -. 21,974.94 .$160,798.13 EXPENDITURES Salaries ' . . Capital and Wages Outlay ' "" J 1,597.90 i 6,635.98 900.00 .'138,158.16 1,205.64 5,765.73 12,638.00 17.888.9) Total S 17,640.98 77,048.36 31,200.40 156957.59 17)466.84 13,295.77 54,380.82 21,974.94 17,888.91 $247,056.48 $407,854.61 43,340.34 •5,731.40 Recreation ' i --_,-- 5,747.27.«„ I 858.36 Debt Service .J..: -. '•''"; " Emergency .—'..1 ' - ' • •• Road Use Tax .... -5,862.57^1.673.90 Parking Meters „...„., 3,885.57 ^..;-j.| 7.887.18 Total! 'Expenditures ..:...$ 91,272.63 . $,162,442.88 Total Transfers , , CASH STATEMENT Treasurer's Balance -^— January 1, 1955 '_-__'-'_-„ Total Receipts for Year 1955 *- -. Other Expenditures , 7,537.09 $ 51,364.11 9,960.37 46,680.89 8,174.51 4,552.40 48,360.27 1,300.00 17,074.85 1,930.14 Total 19,679.49 79,364.26 35,025.20 199,200.11 19,248.57 11,158.03 48,360.27 1,300.00 23,611.32 13,702.89 $196,934.63 $450,650,14 ' . 27,340.3? ' $187,529.73 ' 407,854.61 $595,384.34 .453,971.43 $141,412,9^ Total to Account for ; - -_'-' Total Expenditures, for^ Year 1955 J...L: $450,650.14 Add — Warrants OutSftndlng January 1, 1955 f *-- 10,230.66 Total .._' .i . -_j.-J_ 460,880.80 Deduct — Warrants Outstanding December 3.1. ,1955 6909.37 Total Deductions . !JV ' Treasurer's Balance — December 31, 1955»«^-._-- ,-_ ..,, MUNICIPAL'INDEBTEDNESS/DECEMBER 31, 1955 General Bonds' .;. iVil -...J212,000.00 < . Revenue Bonds S. ,.,__ 192,000,00 VALUATION OF PROPERTY SUBJECT TO TAXATION ON ASSESSMENT OF JANUARY S 1, 1955 Class of Property , . Real Property -i ..$4,185,074. . . . Personal Property'! • 985,892. Railroad Property' 53,883. Telephone,-Telegraph 8. Express Companies 32,117. Utilities, Incl. Transmission & Pipe Lines .. 113080. Total Except Moneys & Credits '__„ 5,370)046. Total Moneys & Credits 1,324,673, Total Valuation of All Property -..-... 6,694,719. Published In Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, March 1, 1956. "Well, maybe not quite all. I started with pretty good chicks. And Ma and I take good care of them. But we top off that good care with FELCO feeds. "We start with FELCO Chick Starter with SQ., then at'six weeks, we jwitch our chicks to FELCO Grower Mash with $6. At 16 weeks, they go a FELCO Laying[ProgramWe feed FELCO'S 26% No Grain. 'Course, you might prefer FELCO'S 18%, 20% or 38% Feeds. They're all good. "Best of all, I'm doing business with myself when I buy FELCO Feeds. I share in those cooperative savings. You can't beat a deal like that. Take my advice, and see the boyi at your cooperative elevator. That's the only place you can buy FELCQ Feeds," Byrt Cooperative Elevator, Burt Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co,, Lone Rock Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenton Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore The Farmers ilevator f Bode. Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co,, Swea City. West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend Farmers Cooperative Society, Wesley v Irvington News Mr and Mrs A. M. Lemkee drove to Kirkman, Iowa Thursday to attend the funeral of Mrs Lemkee's cousin. Mr -and Mrs George Gade went to Excelsior Springs > Saturday to bring Fred Tratib home. He had surgery there. Mr Traub is Mrs Gade's father and lives near West Bend. Mr and Mrs Elmer Ddle have returned home from Rochester where Mrs Dole was a patient last week. , John Dole, student at Ames, spent the weekend at home with his parents. : Mr and Mrs Leroy .Schepp- maim and sons spent the past week at the home of,"his parents, Mr and Mrs H. Schepp- manri. They left Friday for : their home in Arlington, Va., where LeRoy, in the navy, is stationed, Mr and Mrs Stanley Norris have moved to Glendale, Minn., where" they have rented a farm. Mrs Orville Hedrick o'f Whitte- Tuesdtty, March 6, 1956 Alflono (ta.) Upper- Del Molnai-7 more visited here with Mrs Vena Schneider on Thursday. Joseph Story became a Justice of the U. S. Supreme Cdurt at the age of 32. NOTICE OF AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF BURT SAVINGS BANK, BURT, IOWA KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: Notice IS hereby given that at the regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Burt Savings Bank, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, held at the office -of the Bank In Burt, Iowa, on the 10th day ,-of January, l»5fl, after due and legal notice had been given to the stockholders thereof, In conformity with Its Articles of Incot^o- ration and the provisions of the Code of Iowa, the following Amendment was adopted. By striking all of Section I of Article V and by Inserting In lieu thereof the following: "The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted and managed by a Board of not less than five (5) nor more than nine (D) directors, who shall be elected from the stockholders at the annual meeting of the corporation and shall hold office for a term of one year or until their successors are elected and qualified and have accepted their office." H. E. Rachut, Chairman Marlon M. ChljSmnn, Secretary (Published Feb. 28, March 6, 13 and 20. 1956, In the Algona, Iowa, Upper DCS Moines). IfcZ RUSCO WINDOWS 3ALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION dives you more convenience And com* for! lhan any other combination window I (iUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to ihe beauty of your home I Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 pan. Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algonn WELCOME! SWEA CITY SWEETHEARTS SEE OUR DISPLAY AT THIS STORE SATURDAY! Left to right. Back row: Cassandra Ewing, Sandra Beck, Judith Pulver, Janet Peters, Dorothy Mae Peterson (p), Margaret Verbruggo, Sheila Osgood. Center row: Twila •Pulver, Linda Peters, Sandra Alword, Barbara Beck, Marlene Doocy. Front row,: Penny Guyer, Connie Swanson, Nancy Mino, Barbara Bishop. Absent: Pamela Fagerlund and Laura Jane Mino (vp). Leader: Mrs E. L. Peters, Swea 'City. . ' . _ ' . . . v ".'•: . That's The Time To Call On Percival Motors For FREE ESTIMATES ALGONA'S TOP BODY & FENDER REPAIR SHOP Our Experts mold and shape, welJ and paint your car back to its original appearance. Ask any of our customers. PERCIVAL MOTORS So. Phillips St. DODGE-PLYMOUTH Algona

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