Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on July 8, 1920 · 9
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · 9

Omaha, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1920
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' ''-1 ' : THE BEE; OMAHA, THURSDAY. JULY 8, 1920. " ' : ' ' "" ' ' " ' V ' 9 ' N Tiun Wnmexs Four Trinlw. Fnm Doubles Beat Omahai I i ..... . : ' - ii 1 1 i i . i 'i BASE BALL DIRECTORY ROURKES LOSE COMICAL GAME TO ST. JOSEPH J)rummert Knock Schatzman All Over LotAuschen Pitches Good Bail I I . For Visitors. ' strict for Twenty-one hits, among; them two homo rant over tht nghtneld fence, four triplet and four doubles. pelted defeat ye game 01 th at. Joseph serie the Rourka crew. - I Sehatiman wai pounded to, all eornera . of tht lot Lutehen for tht visitors pitched good ball, at . lowing; but sine hits, three which came in ine ninth Innir.g. OMAHA. BUndiaf ot tht Tatfti. CUBS DEFEAT COX IS PLEASED CARDS; PASKERT AT SELECTION OF AND FANS MIX F.D.ROOSEVELT Wichita r., Eighth Inning and Chicago Breaks Tie With ' Five Tallies Is .YttSs&kP' fi'Sffi sl:Loi Defense Breaks in Democratic Nominee Declares AA . Matrix U.J.. M IB WU" W" "' ' - . . u '.iiiimm cur h m 4ii W. I M l . W. L. Vt Ben.Mtt H M .IT4lnttakta H M ,MT it. LnK came ft It . it M . -W.t.1 Mk tl fi . t II .1411 BMtM H II .4l II 14 .IMINaw York II II .Ml It H .IMIPfcltaAl II U .! W. Li Pet. M -H M II .141 "Cox and Roosevelt" Catchy Campaign Line Has No Plans. LONDON PAPERS CORR PRINT COMMENT OF LONDON DAILY ON FRISCO MEET SAYS PACT DEAD Warn Britishers Not to Take "Lesson of Democratic con Seriously Utterances Made During Heat of Campaign . 'In United States; , v Maw Yt CltMUal CMC( . i n .1111 L MW II II .141 Watatafa mm DM rait paiiaM-a II II .Mt Ytitcrday'i Baratti. Dayton, O- July 7. Go. Jamee U. Cos, tht democratw candidal for pretidant, belierti tht democratic tict presidential nominee, Franklin D. Kooievelt naaiittnt teereUnr of I the nary, will ba n good running OM.ka. It at. Jeataa. it. WMaita. ii OkiakMM nty. t. BMaa CUT. at Daa Malaia. Mia. KaMwal ftaacaa. V i mats. t by oolicemen, when raiiten, i Vp'm mmA ir i a. iaia i r wn nNu nwvKism ring in an arnwncni w.m u . .,m eeeame me target oi tn ii c. i-Zi Za. t . . . a m. .Bk aiai iiwj ui icu lira w iiu ana ttartcn 10 cumoi Mteajt, tk, ,....l Iff f el Na a&W aaavie aeaadaM. i t 1 ! tkb aa. .a SSSk!!;":::::::! aw, , a SiSSiaia " p, ,., i Aiatlin lVaagna, latalaMa. a, 1: Baataa. a, at ar tan ckaaataa. II i 84 BT. TOOBNI. ........a la. b r.aaally, la. rr. .a 1 w aa-aaeaaav Taaala Maatad far la aaaa nuai paapa. IfkMalM aaaar, akaalak. Hftmai TedaNj. . . Waalaiii Magna, tt la at Oauaa. ' OkUMiaaCltjp at WlaaHa. Tana at Jopua. Maaa Cllr at. Dal atalaaa. Xattaaal lahtw. Braaklra.kt BLMaala I Baataa at CtadanaiL ! PkllaCriphl at PHlakwtk. Maw f ark at Chtraia. - ' Aatariaan Uaana,, t. Laala at Baataa. Ckk-ae at Phllaaalahla. CtaMlaat at Waahlatlaa. DatraU-at Maw Yark. Walk-. PkailakTCraakr'Tia- f7 . ln" m unn, aw i iinipau nmiaiuujf Shi aid it wai remarkable nil kawai KiafWPi (I). were nui own parcrciw iujuicu, WIM pitrfei laatii, I.H u a a. H. P.O. A. av a i a a t tat t a : s s ; : f flit aa i4 ai it it i a taw Mam. fit. LaMiia. Tylv T.-Tha local da fenac crumpled in the eighth and li it .tit I Chicago broki the tit, tcoring five II M .Ml ,.. a twi htti. three error I. a walk and I hit batsman, and defeated St Lonia, I to Two apecMtori were escorted from the park in the eighth after engti Dilhoefer fana remarks into tht grand stand. M"35W Tm M Thi fovtrnor hid kfl hi. TawaMty sis iirsamta, j j i i e newspaper omct a tm city Deiore airr, Maaa r. w - lna w, ortudentiAi flAfltMatlon wa i, j i j aitaiTiTiT a e ( made, and hia office had forgotten to hart at t 1 t S HanMMJk sell its inieHMrri rill mim mi au.L HftttlMMTk lie Climapa i l a a aaaa that'l catehr. the governor i hie associate on the ticket would be from the As sociated PreiS M Ml BpnM It Trail's a hatts TaUla. telephone him tie retdl. At Honta Whe Told. Coveraor Cox was litttat in a re- tllnfait chair in hia library enjoying hie1 pipe and chatting with aome newsDaner resresentativea wnen in- formfd of Mr. Rooaerelta Bomma- H appearel wcu pleased Chleasa. Mm: at..Lakav ataen. til. Twa MUi .H !. ataak (I).. LaTla. atr aawa aa fcaakti on laarbaa. Si art Matnaaa, a. IHrark aati mr taarkim. Hiaai ntapatatafc aat Dalr. the car was traveltnn fast and was almost completely wrecked when it turned over. 4 ATHLETICS WIN DOUBLE-HEADER i FROM RED SOX Keefe and Perry Shut Out Boston Former Allows But Two Hits. Both After Eighth frame. ; PhUadelbhia. July 7-Pbibdel. Jl Lhin won two shutout victories over Tacala...SI t IT 111 taUM.t.M I IT is tjaaton. II Iff 0 and 1 M D. tttakifir TSUL vi j j j .7 three, straight and in Wen break 'win e e e s s e e e a i . " ...i.. rui .m Morris Outpitches Sanders And Oilers Beat ioplin Joplm. Mo., July Joe Morris . autpitcfaed Sanders here and the Oilers, won the second game of the series, 7 to 0. A double-header will he started at 2 o'clock tomorrow. --Umpire- Ed-.-Lauaon became ill firm fever last night and was not able to leave his hotel. Backer nm- pired the game unassisted." t TtJUIA. I JQPLIN. AB.R.O.A.1 ' AB.R.O.A. naraa. Hill futqta, at manaahia . a ii ii MrX'a. la s .1 Tiamr, .i list l Hon. hi appeared wcu pi -aftettM tar nar ta tn aiaktk. with tM leiectidfl made by trie con- tkicaea 1 1 tl mention and at onct. dictlMd ,to the fl. Laal .1 I S S l I I a-a i nmnmn.rmtm ertMartlAl.tnr bZt XiitrW-n legram which hi tent to Mr. IKVii: Menrr(ii. f'.Sr Roolevllt. alto the AM mi M hi! campaign manager, E. n. atoore. The novtrnor admitted that he was not intimately acquainted With Mf. Roosevelt but declared him to ba a "vigoroue, upstanding, couf ageou and progressive democrat He. commented particularlv upon twd Iddresses made by ..the vice presidential candidate, on! before the national democratic committee ii Chicago lilt year and the other on Americanization In Dayton. He service m im I widt M4uainuiee- prrarai Laraa vtaiia. Kika mm-iih aim larrlflr kill: Barker. Haraac, ban m 111. taut js-STt, laaiaea; a Bar, kaaia: Cklcaeaj Si tt Laal. s art Mar. 4. HjUi 6tf yaarta, S laalna: aff Jaaaaa.1 la It-I mti AMtaaaar. 1 la 1 l-i wane: , I la S s-S taaiam; an aaaa- kr kaV Is kr oaaawia. I. wtaShie lehit" raaeklL fiaalae altebtrt Ma. bnuMai Btfw Nana. Tlaaai lis. OiTOSt.. . . PKILADETTIIIA.. Mid Mf. KOOMteit'S . AB.H.o.A.1,,,. wiihinfton has given him a . I i XmSn i i J i expiriancl IAd I wide m a a aiw.wa. ai m i a a i vkain w unnr. . Brkaae, MC1BBI roawr. eatt. Waltara, BIMCT ' .... mm . 4. MtM fVVlt.iir',l aiatb, .i it ill ipt Ma-::::::::.:ni8 IffcJ tfdJfcW" th . kii.i.hia mm. I finrope. nt Mblie address after nomination hi Middletown lait Governof Cos declared, in Commenting don the Industrial nn- reit in the world, mat "any litem to exploit ciasi hatred 4 ruv a. t (laaanll nana. Braaaae, Mama, MM a. nil) 1 1 . t htm Iff lllMk. rf 4 1 I I A 1 I I 1 IVajart. If i i i I S 1 4 MWaaaar, a) I I 1 I a. rf I t 1 SITackar, It I til i a a a a iniaaa. If II SWaaoara, nit Baaai Boataa t PklUMBla.Twmaa, IB, aiTO, nrMi,"'" aaI rniiaw klta: BaltafBi DtlM. WaWB. mBWTMmn m-mi Kirara: Boataa. IckaMli Oallawar. Twa-Baa m Oallatrar- fcarKlaaklt ii Banna, alpkla. MiaiiBHL Laft aa aaaa aa aalla: Off Kprr. J: elf ! Kaata, 1. Hltai Off Karr. I to lata aS aad twa-tklnla laalata. Birmrk eat: Karr, I: ay BiayU U kr Kacfa. 1. 'awa aalli Waltara. Laalat pltakar: Karr. Ua- iraai rrm aaa mi EPONDENT vention Shows League Dead Issue." Says London 7 Times' Reporter. London. July 7. "The lesson of tht democratic convention is that the league of nations is dead aa far as America is concerned. That m substance, la the warning to the British government and people cabled from San Francisco by the correspondent of the Times of London. . "Prohibition, which both parties hart now refused to mix Id with the presidential campaign and the evident determination of tht voters to have the Washington government to take un America's domestic nroh- the people terns," says the correspondent mrii- London, July 7. Newspapers of London, in commenting on the Chi cago and San Franciscfr conventions this mornin, devote more attention to futare relations Between the Unit ed State and Great Britain - than knofl the bearing the conventions will hive on the domestic affairs of America. "There la nothing In the declared Oof either Mr. Cox ot Mr. og to disturb the most cordial ralationt between tht two countries. save tht Mdriiaf Post Several iournau warn herd not to take I too serious view rate at least the probability that the ot utterances tnevuaoie during ins campaign by "certain gronpa m the united Statets who , make twisting and will be jostled aaida by the neat IH WIN V MM I.TWI l. MU.HV , k WIIMJ 1 CVB HI Iftll WCI V MR Most newspaper! touch very tight- democrats to win their league and ly, of ignore, the Irish plank adopted their promises concerning it would at San Francisco, but the Morning Nlii remarks! "American noliticiani do not scruple to serve their own ends by resorting to expedients which they know are offensive to the British nation. ... We believe the Irish resolution doe not cut very much lee at it stands be at dead aa sel frnit in tht mouth of those who think the future of the world and Anglo-American relation still depends upon American ad hesMn to tne league 01 nations. . Tht correspondent lepreseme Samuel Gotnpers na furious over the failure of the democratic platform to reflect the radicalism which Presi dent Wilson once orofessed m in- fttvn Mn ChariM fn PrnhA 1 dustrial matter, and declare the UlVen HO UlflCe 10 rrOD ,e tr, W0li,ring whether I rea: WltneSSeS, Inspector SayS American labor party is to be started A. H. Bode, naturalisation in-snector. testined in the Harrv J, Milder eitiaenshig hearing which begad in federal court yeaterday that he was sot given I chance to cross examine witnesses at the hear "The Trail of , . .... r tile Arrow'' . . -. . . i . ... i ' The Most Thrilling ' Auto-Picture . Ever Filmed ' ..... . "i. .- ! ' " Jf you want to nee an auto-: mobile picture. more daring? thah any automobileace you ever witneissed, see "The -Trail of the Arrow" mg before District Judge last fail. The disnatch calls the Irish plank too modest to get the Irish vote. mm . . - ... . a . 'a Au "wnicn was me nniy reason u ap peared at alt" The corresponaeni emitinae! . ' Tha cAntiuratSva MnaervatiSM of I MM MM V -T Wakely the ereen nlank is due to the com plete failure of Emammon De vaiera r aaa 4 - 1. It A. !m A Two-Reel Thrill It features twogirls, Majorie Cole and Neil Shipman, who undertook a drive which would scare the devil . himself. They completed the run and won a $1,000 bet. : i -1 Federal Judge Wbodrough said heanii his cohorts here as well at in was mailing in enort nt tnis Bearing Chicago. Aided by Indian national-to find out whether the government Uta ahi lafait the Pacific coast fhef was given "aotaare dear at tht last havl been holding meetings attended trial, rouce enter coerstem waa i by less reputable democratic poiiii' the only other witness. ' I and at which thev havt not im Milder il charged witn irreguiari- proved their standing by hissing till in gettinf hia titutertshitf papers. na - Ml. TatvU II. lead UVCaaaetlK WmnftM'tHmi T ntea. awt ar pnaaaa earn ? caaaaitr. t aarrinc kttt Marrla. Beaa. laa kallai ; on llatrla. It aff aaaera, k' ten aa i kuei Jaaltau 4: falaa. Tfcree-kaaa kill KnutH, Twk.a. hlla Clave i laae. ataUa kaafa: Davie, THaaaea. atrark aati r oaalHa, Irkr Mama, I. WIM pitch! aaneara. Paaea kail-. Dana. Barael tm: . tafcn, S, , tlMi : tsa. twatrai Ht-Vai-aa, Jalr t-tke Male Map la aaara tkaa t tears aa IM Pl-J WlchlU Recruit Holds Sooners In Check and Wins Wichita, Kin, July 7,Brooks. young southpaw, pitching hit, first gmi with Wichita, held Oklahoma City white hia teammate Bounded Coviflgetn hard and won. 9 to 2.. OKLAHOMA CITY, I Aa.H.U.A.1 K Pitt, rf . MaakaaJk IB X Maraea. Uaai'a. Sk OrlffUk. Cavin'aiaP M! WICHITA. j- a.n.u.a. a inula, ir s Waaa'B. IB I inerear, ae 4 HVanaa. IWat. rf na k. at i Hatlrr. Ik tl 4 - Sktrlffla, Ik I I iBraeka, p for tht lgame series. Keeft held am J - . alt a.1 a.knaV oopnm niBKnaiiai "Bw- aU la man tkaa ta years aa IB Pl-V. fA, nm fn the ffrtt game, The second Ktt laiaWUt, teeerdkil. M laeal j apart Gpj ecnteat wit pitcher' . dagi btwen Slfaffla i'JlEUiTVri S?." P Pfc. ilk d wnw T- nil I i. ceeper aaaaat w aaara ur wna mn aa4 wieaal aaaaplaa.. Catea aM Orlailk aaaiSUI 1U paw. . mn inainil I - al4rnf7BA1f- ARri.O.A.1 ""iBSTO.A. Ml1, li I 1 I lWiakaa. It 4 F I Bawl. It I I IKJarar. af Sniii-r. i a I alWeitV sk s 1 (iSkark. rf 4 i I I MnaaL If I 1 S k-' 111 talufct :::: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 St fiflbS..::::::f:l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 W kJSLJSr- h f Fcrtant ind Perry. The Athletics scored the only run m the on Galloway double. Pefrs Out and WitfS infield single. aoaroM i PatttAntt.PtrtA. AB.Pt.O.A.1 , . Bailer, rf 4 1 1 SIWHt tt llfl MeJt-y. I. 4 . t linamaa, IB I XMMjakyjf S S r walker. B reatar. Mill iBarraa, It t II t It WallarT ill) SlajuayT ' a It! w feriaaa. ill ijfpany, a I i 1,1 hamu. It I I I larraa, IB S SI S y PH &A S SiSkara. rf 4 i I I I I I I r. alll: HOrlaim. Ik I J II 14 Af I . TeUle...lT 4 If It I tttal. aaiaa ....... Pkllaatlpkia . Banal Baataa. naatl Pklladtlekla. Oai- U. kmni . kaalaa aaatli Phtlaaa!- aeae. ma-aaaa aiaii an.wn I, OalMway. tkrte-fcaat hltai Men buMIIm kill i Heatt. TkaavM. tuack eat: Bp rartaa. li Mr Prrr Baaa ea. aaiiei - or ranaaai ei an He asserted that tha fioldM Rule works much better than the bullet or the blyonet, and that in all industrial disputes then) k middle ground which must be followed in order that justice be done to alL Those In public placet most guard the freedom of trie many from the exploit of the few," nc laid. No Campaign Plana. ' Governor Cox said hi'' will make ana for the camMifr. until he ha had is opportunity to confer with party leader, mot of whom will -not get back from Slav Fraa- aisco until the litter part of the week. He Said he may go to the I executive omee m toiumotii today or tomorrow to clean np work there. ) The . governor indicated it Ms telegram of acceptance to Conven tion Chairman Kobiniofl. that he would makc . as active, campaign, S t amy. Baal! Pkliattttakla, Mi ah, BlikM, McKKki PtalatMl ill i Pk'SalPkM. UtopHw' rNaaaaT'iai 1 1 rnei, Tia ah. BlBkaa. McKaekala. Xrrarti rain aalpkla. Smith I PHUBartl. MCRMBBJJ, tk..Crey. BUrlfMa kltalJMn i:ar, t-arwy. pwi Pkaletti. rieteaar. wi Ctlea, 1:14. i .all! i I tetala.t.Stlllf II MMUk bTImm sail Hi man u.t. . ii vi tl . . lausuiisti riuu aura auii l..fS ! 5 J ! I J ; : Unit or Ewended Trip untK.rPhnJtnnn .Madrid. July 7.--King Aitonso, ""t t HfCUh. -ITiaalMtam. Beriiar. fcat Batlar (I), Krrarai Cavlattaa. Waakkara. Baera aa kail. en cavuiiUMi. i. OHIak wiekita Baaai -Waahbara. tjla. Braaka rala,wa Braaka. 1 1 kkui kmal hmi Wlrhlta, ! tt. aaaa ana: raryaa.' nteiaa aaara i aara aaa Tanraa. 4: kv CavUiBtea. I. Maekley. flraai 1:4k Il.wliaaa aaa Pa aaaTjartiia. tiiaei 1 : aa. , t Harding's Forbears Pioneers of West July 7-Thc ' Warren G. aafe. Darnaeer. Ita, f; Oklahnaia aarrlflea un Gltr. S. OrlfntK Cevliw- Maeiiae. cea- laaw Ti la a, Orlfha. ' baaMe atarei Batlar,, Taryai llafLj pa-ir. Weak- ant: a Bteeka. Vaiptivai .Jaaaka aad U1 "BABE" RUTH HURT AS GAR OVERTURNS M ON A SHARP CURVE ilea. PWiiJ3d,"D.SJ r Value On Soft's Life w: an I jaana reii aaaiuiH vaa. 'a,, T" ""ai . ... , - , . a ... JX1"? first tugt of their Journey to France Tula, OkL July 7-Mre. BelU i ea I . rri.. j AT.. imIu at I WiMM.HMr Mini, lha lil. nt Bar aaa. ana ttngiaMiai -".--. 1 ""W". r L -TW MtinauiBIT. aflMUh in a Buii niea nera ni vinar mmji hi atked damaae to that amount for thi death of her ion, who died, ai the' retult tt being crushed be . - ...... A - . !,.. ! ... Hreen n uacior ana a iraiicr ia mii reek county.' ,. ., - ' i He wal in the employ' of the Skal ly. gil company when miiet. Wllkei flirra. Pa. forebears ' of. Senator Harding; nominee. valley.' Two of hia ancestors were aealned by thi Indians durinx thi WyotHiflf tdaasacre and their nametl are inscribed on the fsmeui Wyo ming monument Pajama Parties Placed Under Ban at Hull Boston. July 7-Bare knees and one-piece Bathing exits are a thiner of the nast at Hull Ind Nan- Miket Chief of Police Reynolds has decreed that infractions of thi rule will be dealt with severely ind Hull ' police who have hitherto closed their eyes when soma dimp- led-iniee mill passe a. wiu ne obliged to act as an "escort as tat a tha notice station. Midniaht "Miami Parties" ind other . noctsMil disturbances of which aurfside residents have complained will also be vagoromiiy op pressed. Wesident Wilson at well as Lloyd George and demenceau." a Alleged Wife Deserter I Falls for subterfuge Raich Fisher of Oskalooa, la. went to in express omee Tuesday afternoon to Xet I oackaxe wnicn he had been notified was awaiting him. When hi got there Deputy Sheriff "Nick- Halter waa She packaged Fisher waa taken to the county jail to await action of Oska-loose officials, who aay ha i wanted un wait. WKIIIUUi Picture Starts at ' 8 O'clock af ' in Our Show Room a i ' f. i , GUY L SMITH .-jKRvieiriMT fltM-T RUMIri 1 CjfiAHA. USA. BEE WANT ADS WILL f BRING DESIRED RESULTS c Wall Street Of fer$ Two to Oru Odd for Senator Hardlrtff Exceptional Mot e Ttoese CMcata 1 V New York, July 7. Odds- of 2 to 1 on Senator Harding were offered is Wall etreet today following the nominitiott of Governor , Cox.. There were no takers for money offered it these figure by James h. Brook- l republican presidential I. E. Ball and Fred Schnrh, era natives "bf WvominnT 'Ivn. 1 bchum also ottered Kjaoa at even money that Cox will, carry Ohio and tl.OOO against $2,000 that the democrat will carry California. Sin Sebastian the royal pity embark for France. Grand Circuit Retutti 32x4 $54.45; 30 33x4 56.00 30 34 x 4 64.65 32 35 x 5 805 ' 33 x 3 $18.45 x ZVi 23.70 x 4; '37.95 x 4 40.05 30x3 30 x3 33x4 34 x4Vt $3.00 350" 7.00 Cox's DaugKter Tliinks Women "Sort of Cooked Their Goose" at the Frisco Democratic Convention Other Sizes at Proportionate Figures Kartk Ban Sell freak, ClevellBa, T. r.ii.wm. a ia. l Wife utd Three Yankee Play ; . ' enmHimirt - Acddent " Philadelphia.. July ' 7. "Babe" Ruth,' champion home run hitter of tht New York American league base ball team, .was slightly injured in an automobile accident neaf Wawa, Va., early today The New . York team played ia Washington yesterday and Ruth, his wife and three other New York t layers were motoring to Mew York. Their team was not iched-uled to play today, . . - Ruth waa at the wheel of his big touring car. In rounding n sharp curve near Wawa. 'the car overturned, .. . . The occupant were thrown out In n lonely section at 2 i. nt Mak ing their way to a farm home, they ' had their injuries dressed and were brought to Philadelphia in another motor car. Later they took a train for New . York. . The Ruth car was badly smashed. It wit hauled to I garage In Medii Pk not far from the scene of the accident "Sell it for whit you an get for tt," Ruth it said to have told the - proprietor. . . "I'm through -with it".-. . . v.; .- Ruth told" Mr. Cowle Coleman that h had turned out on the road . to make way for I car approaching '. rapidly aid hia car went Into n ditch. ? It overturned and' tht occupant .were pinned underneath ft ,RnUi. by . hercdlean effort, tipped the car tufficiently to permit hit wife and . tha three hall, slayer to crawl out ' Tnev, ia turn, lifted tl Ruth wai able to cacaj laeatap raeeti ' ... ' . :lt elaai aaelax. aarae 11.11. Tlraa rearV Aaa, va. at h f eeafeaar orWViw. tt-'tr'KNx ; klae) ...i,.....! 1 fraacei D. B. bl kr Uttia Prank (Hearlek) .. .......j...l S I Paclax Patek. i. k. ky alaatl. Petat- t tV.. PkHBln) .....141 Mr, a. ., ar laUaa B, (Sfir ..S S S PHaae. reaper aaa piiaT MTItl l:H: l-.IJL-1:11 laaa traUlal. Bane tl,! heata: Teotale Talae. tlk. al., kr lUAelaa . (Bdtnaa) ...........4.1 1 I hM Baa, a. a.. W BeaMVata (klf u.haal T 1 1 J. W. a. . kr baka loral (Baaaett) III . k Ita Bat IV.. laaa. ' vww mn - 1- - ... By LIOLA ALLAH). lilBU-ra OeattV parae il.I. fan. tt''K7jK;j; ; Father Get! Annulment to I VMII aVtMgajllftVI W IIIW I lwif W (KaaaL ..."(''tVAUUt 1 OrMl BHttaa. ar e ap . ni Cfckaca Trtkaaa QafSk Be teaaa Wire. .,Sjm Francisco, July J Mr. Daniel J. Mnnoaty; tht chubby pink and taulaetak BMUa aa laaBkataam Aaf ra.AaAaaaak.a ." AI I mi A JlWIMft valBBB VHaagUBVJI WI aVWTJlllWI UnleSS Aid IS Extended Cox of Ohio, the democrat' new candidate for president, had few feral remark to nuke about the Convention today, in her apartment at the Fairmont hotel. "The women were narrow, moat of them," aaid Mr, Mahoncy and she idded that ihe thought they . "tort o' cooked their goote, at thi convention. "But doat von nrilt that" tid the chubby tirL "WBv that Anto- nitte Funk aid the otner day after administering a neat, snub to me. 'Mr. McAdoo can tell me more in a minute than your father could in a life time., ' .. . "My father, II matter of fact Will Suspend Service San Antonio. Tex., ; July 7. Train on the Kansas City, Mexico ft Orient railway will be suspended September I, if the action of the II teritate Commerce Commission ia denying the railroad' application for a loan of $J,SU0,000 ia final, and if the commission doe not coma to the road' aid in tome way, Albert Du bernadi, general manager, aid here tooay. BiSfc'a'W-'VeW'VaBi" liteL tk,y.ll.'rii;, Tka oaat iOeal ..k The marriane of ls-vearold Dora Hayea to Lloyd C Lankton waa in led by District Judge Sears yes 01 ner tatm null terday on petition Samuel Hayes, who alleged that his ied ha tlwaye been for womeh'' uf :bai him, but he is going to frag. Th young daughter ran off and marri The women here don't know start his campaign in the west t6 they will know him. If my father ever took a drink I don't know H, but I think tha women - have" -' acted - decidedly narrow in the matter, most of them. Father never hit been anything bnt abstention himself and hi isn't for whisky, only for the beer." As for the divorce "That's a tham to bring that np," and Mr. Mahoney ahook hie head. "I am a Catholic and I am hia. onlri-law and I. know that no blame attache to Mr. Cox." . When aaked if it were true that Mrs. Mlhoney k related, on her mother's aide, the Mother being the first Mr. Cox. to Mr. Harding .the republican nominee, Mr. Mahoney burned to explain. "No, that' another Harding family. If there it any relationship it u ao distant that there isn t any use tracing it The Harding family that the first Mrs.-Cox was related to, lived in Kentucky, but it is not the family of the republican ; nom inee. A Vacuum Cap Cord and Fabric Tim and "Ton Ttttod" Tube art tbo fimhoioa aiptnont of when who appnejaba tu. ukuu fame." 3ncxodtryaacitatkofc? ' .riigheat quaUity ainadomi moit ipodorn plant b wal-pald, ikillid, eontontod workori. hfirkotod under a mm aaUnc lyitorn which dlitributaa an cW-rTOwirisviiiaMWithtte Kreatent tfiidtmcw and ner chandiafng economy and Jul- tutLfomtJiraagh . State, axnrnblt with thofo of cuitffnarnake. Aikyour dealer to prov thia, without the knowledge or eontent of ner parent itarcn 20, 192a ADVKBTlaxklBXT ApVKBf llKJIKtrf mVST?li ' ywmg Mir : lived, togethar 'until 1:11 eu. taea, pan l,H itaneijun i htat.11 Weettatek. a. ar baa fate,, tl I (Marpay 1 . ......... m. . ..' -JJ - v.' naetaa Hary, a. aa..- bp aaara am, . . (FMmlu) , .................Ill lit Maarrar Bap, Ik , W tka Itajat a twarrerwai ....i mtmrn HmmMm IuAU k mA tMrAlfe. aaa- icauaai.i.a,.....'.i..'.v" v" (IMrlak) HI freak LitU. ate Mane. . tiate, litlt- l:T. IUtU. . Amaricaa Auodatitrk BattarlMr'iar' aMtfarpay';' Mali! ' :. i . Xlltadby Auto. Boone. Ia.. Julv 7. (Soecial Tele Ram.)Lawrenca Hfiwe. axed t. ton of Chart How, was instant ly killed it Gilbert nelr here, when struck by an automobile driven by Lars weartm. ., i ; . Ba AJiartlTl. Wfvail -v 1 ' London, : - July - 7v"Yo should know where your husband . works. wnat na earna anu wnere nc goes, a Tottenham magistrate! told . a com ailment. wuc 1 SB are noi.aaacriivt At Last) Relief From Rheumatism Mow la an KxoallMt .Tlaao t Cat Rid of IU Tartnra. ':: . - j.- Vletima of ttaiimatitm abould take idvantagt of the warm mi Ma which la to favorable ta the proper treatment (or thle painful aa. OJrlaer aat MarHava. At kliaBaaBen -r iiaimnx 1 wiaga. lIlBBaaaaUa T..J, Batbrlaai fl.afaa n Milk aa aUrr. tBIevea Af VlM.. Alta im IBS UI BO wai I laaaiaapaiia .......... .........u Btoj) Earana Booldofg, Rheumatism ta mar than a nrt local diMrdir confined tt the locality of , tha taiinful - narta. It leannot be rubbed . away, ' becatis. it Kaaaaa City anKiaiBMi .. Mra. Coleman laid Ruth was quite ) nmiuSS. Havana, July 7.-In View ot't Lt a dMp-aeattd dlaeaae that ha ttg Httl ditaaaa mbi that eauta th ,..o.S II . I ikrawie and yittwaayTTT I mediately booking vint, of thi Havana harbor. I source ih the blood aupply. uny pain demon, th mill instructed all manaiera to caaaa lav attl ditaaaa awma thi dupWM muat bd.MieM and aUlBi th iona of ,0 : i:.-.-;-;-.-.v'. rv 'tr:.: . .:.v.: 'v; . : ?:,: .,.. a BBBBBBBaaaiaa - " r . ( i-j . --.i?. a . J --i aited from the blood tefon real relief ean be had. - I. B. B. hat .been lueeeaBTBlly and for. Kheumatiam for . mora than fifty vmml It fa th moat taorough and reliable Mood rmdy beeanae ft aearcbe out and eBrnW nitei all diaeaae &mi which infett th blood.; , ' Go to your drug ttor and gat a botti f & t. & today and begin to tak' a . rational, sensible treat ment for Rheumatism that will show result. For free expert medical ad vie regarding your own eate, write I. fully to Chif Medical Adviaej,, 60S 'V-- iiBiii wrr. -"-yr- . 1 ' ; -..V.v -t,;- v i'- 7i:fr.'.: .- - : -:: V ;

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