The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1956
Page 17
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Portland fwp, By Mrs, Vktei- Fitch • , The Portland Social club will meet Thursday afternoon, March 15, Instead'of March 8 as previously planned, at the home of .Mrs Mennetf TrUnkhlll. ,Mr and Mrs Ranion Bisque of Ames spent Friday night at the home 6f Mr; and .Mrs CV L. tfolung and left for Rochester Saturday ftibrnlng td visit Ramon's mother whci recently underwent surgery at a hospital there. ; ' Mr and Mrs Joe Lbebach and family of Whittemore were Sun« day dinner guests at the C. L. Young home. ' Mr arid Mrs Floyd Gafdner of Algbha spent Sunday afternoon at the Ray,Fit6h home. •;' t Mrs , Ben Potter visited Tuesday , at' her sister's, Mrs Ray Fitch. • i .; Mr and Mrs Paul Dickfnan of Sheldon,' Wis. were, dinner and overnight guests at the Paul Krueeei? home. ' Mr Dickmati is li nephew of Mr Krueger. • i ; Mrs Ray Fitch visited her dau ghter, Mrs Robert Skilllngj o IrVirtgton, Wednesday. "It fnay be true that poverty is ' no disgrace, but It never ha been used ,as a testimonial o ability." HOSPITAL ; Two north Iowa teen-agers wound Up in a hospital, after an auto chase at 110. miles per hour Their car, 1952 Oldsomobile, was Wrecked when it went out of control, .went into a ditch and finally wound up in a creek. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividend* ALWAY S VF I R S T O U A L I T Y ! Boys and Girls ; f TO PENNEY'S "EASTER FASHION CENTER' 7 For Your EASTER Fashions P * Ladies' Coats OF: HOPSACKING, NYLON, 1 WOOL CASHMERE •75 1.75 Sixes 8-16 • Girls'Coats OF: NYLON/WOOL, RAYON [90 ,/Tvt75 Sizes 7-14 •4&M NEW SPRING DRESSES COMPLETE, FRESH SELECTION AWAITS YOU to SIZES 12-20 9-15 '16V4-24V4 Schdolloari Swea 'Cliy-i-At ia i special ing VWednesday- ftight, the. City , Comrnurilfy. school' boafi debmed to iseek permission of- th citizens of the ^school district, -tb sell the residence property . J across the street west from' t new school "b'Uildingt T ! A- separate*, ballbt- will "be given out : at th6 regular scnBol election -March 12.' for a • he .Issue; ' If\ it carrlesv.the board will advertise for' : sealed , : bids, which will be opened softie, 5 titte next month, The property coh v ists of a 7-room 'residence aASd mailer building.. The; lot is ap- iroximately 70x150 feet.' ''•';//>' Under the: present school: isiw,' the board does not have the authority to sell any property without permission'of the citizen in the district. Mr' and Mrs Walter Peterson and family have returned from an eight day visit in Illinois, where they visited her brother and family, the Wallace Llndes at. Champaign, Mr Peterson's aunts, Hattie and Ruth Erickson at Rockford and also Wayne Glass near Galesburg. Mr Glass was a navy buddy of Mr Peterson. Mr and Mrs G. D. Curtis and Mr and Mrs Frank Smouse and family attended the open house Sunday for the 25th wedding anniversary observance 'of Mr and Mrs Frank Rhubee at Buffalo Center. Mr Rhubee is the brother of Mrs Curtis and the uncle of Mr Smouse. Fuel for diesel engines is injected into the cylinders through noles as small as 1/SOOOth of an nch. • , IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT >90 Kossuth Folks Gather At Iowa Picnic In L A. Offer GI's' Farm School Course A meeting of all young farmers interested in 'enrolling in. a GI farmers' training school will be leld in the, Whittemore public school' tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7:30 p.m. In order for a school to be set up, 18 registrations are heces- iary. A representative from Des Moines will be present at the meeting to interview prospective applicants and answer any ques: 1 ions concerning the proposition. '.! the necessary number of en- •ollees are found, the school could be set up immediately. Lt. Col. Wilson At Refresher Course John B. Wilson, RFD No. 2, Burt, Iowa, was to report to the Commandant, The Transportation School, Fort Eustis, Virginia, on Maych 4. He will attend a two week's Transportation Officer refresher course at Fort Eustis. He has been ordered to active duty for training in his army grade of Lieutenant Colonel, Transportation Corps, U. S. Army Reserve. The special training he will receive is a part of the Army Reserve "Full-time citizen, 'part- time soldier" program. By Burrell and Buddy Mason Los Angeles, Calif., Feb. 25— The Upper Des Moines must be giving subscriptions < to the" Weather Bureau men in this area! How else can you account for the fact that the California weather, which was delivering tidal waves for an unusually damp week, came through with a sunshiny, lovely day for today's picnic? Early this morning, lowans started to gather in Sycamore Grove Park for the Mid-Winter Picnic of the Iowa State Society of ' the California Federation of State Societies. As usual, the KoSsuth County Group was one of the largest, and friendliest gatherings at this semi-annual Los Angeles gathering. A last minute change in picnic sites, from Lincoln Park to Sycamore Grove was effected with a minimum of confusion. There were' 35,000. picnic guests. Kossuth County folks arrived early headed by our old standby early birds, Ernie Taylor, Otto .£*»., PENNED BRINGS YOU THI BLOUSE SELECTION OF THE REASON, PRISSY-NYLONS DACRONS - COTTONS 2.98 K 4.98 NOW Double-Loop Knit For Wear You Never Dreamed Possible! PR. New Spring Shades - New Glamour Sheer Stretchable ,"GAYMQDE" NYLONS THE SECRET'S IN THE NEW REVOLUTIONARY DOUBL1400P KNIT New Fashion Shade*! Try a Box Soon! SPRING'S IN View IN IVlRY lASTiR SHOE SHOIS FOR THi FAMILY FROM PENNEY'S iViRY PAIR "SANITIZED" FOREVER FRESH I STORE HOURS - 9;OQ A.M. - 5:30 OWN FRIDAY NIQHT WANT ADS BRING RESULTS WELCOME ! BANCROFT BUSY Left io right. Back'.rowr-Patiy Cogley, Darlene Simmons, S'Hu 01 ?. ahe (P)« Betty Lpnslng (vp), Betty Cogley, Patty Hahe, Margaret Alvey,*Jo Arm Vaske. Front row: Anne Schiliz, Beverly Diers, Jane Vaske, Christine Sehiltz, Leader: Mrs Clarence Diers, Bancroft. SEE OUR DISPLAY AT THIS STORE SATURDAY! WELCOME! PRAIRIE FUTURE FARMERS Left to right. Back row; Merle Brinbaumer, Jerry Grant, Bob Chambers, Tom MuUins, Bob Grandgenejf, Bill Grant. Front row: David Grandgenett, Robert Grant. Raymond Johnson, John ffob*cheidt, Dwight Spangler. Don Grant (p). Absent: Kermit Studer and Bill MuUins (vp). Leader: Bernard Spangler, Corwith. ' SEE OUR DISPLAY AT THIS STORE SATURDAY ! Botsford Lumber Co. In Ntw Building On South Phillips Street ' Elbert and Ed Chambers. We never have to search- for the Kossuth County assembly point. These ihree "out-riders' T watch the park entrances and pilot us directly to our destination. ' / He Got The News Ernie Taylor greeted us with: "My Algona-<Upper Des Moines arrived this morning! And, it had four items about relatives of mine in it!" ' ' August Pearson, who formerly owned "Golden ,Hill Farm", 2 miles north of Burt, was an early arrival. Mr Pearson is visiting in Los Angeles. He now lives in Litchfield, Minn. His seven children were all' raised in Bancroft. Mr, and Mrs Edward A. Genrich, were greeting old friends. They left Algona in 1954. The couple now'live in Duarte where they own and operate the Duarte Trailer Park. Their party 'included Mrs Marie -Hawcot't and Lee and Bessie Hopkins of Algona. Mr and Mrs Genrich have entertained a number of callers from Iowa 'this winter, including, Mr and Mrs Harry McMurray, Jobh/xDtihn and family, Homer Tuttle, Mr and Mrs Andy Foster,; Charley and'Bess LaBarre, Her-i man Hauberg, Alice Ditswortfc and her son, Bob., , , Mrs Genrich informed us that Dale McDowell, former Algona teacher is now'teaching in Burbank, Calif. He is a frequent visitor at the Genrich h,ome. She also told us that Russell and Zelba Maxwell moved out to Ontario last September.!. , Zelba is attending college arid-- Russ' is a top car salesman wij,h Jess and Wayne Riddle in Pomona. Mr and Mrs Abner Long of Algona and Davenport, recently en-, joyed,a leisurely trip to the West Coast. They stopped" off in Phoenix to spend a month with daughter Arbadee and her hubby, Carson, Taylor. They later spent a mo"nth in San Diego and Los Angeles. On their return trip, they pla.n on stopping off in Phoenix once more to see their other daughter, Doris,' now Mrs Glee Pitcher who will be visiting the Taylors in Phoenix. Ed Chambers told us of his Algona visit last year and said he intends to return next year. His brother John Chambers resides in Klemme. At the moment, •Tohn is visiting his son, Wayne, in Son Bruno, Calif. Hauberg And Long H.' M. Hauberg and VAbner Long were enjoying a bit of reminiscence dating back to the time they started working in Algona. Seems that Mr Hauberg was hired as a clerk in the Chrjs- chilles Store on Friday the 13th of April, 1905. Due to the supposedly unlucky date, he wondered, at the time, if the job would last. Perhaps he had cause to wonder, for he was only with the Chrischilles concern for 47 years! At this point Mr F. D. Mathes joined in. He operated the Math- Cafe for about 17 years. TOP EM OFF witk REAL BUTTER I YQU TASTf THE MO PlfHilNCf I iVEN MORE ON HOT FOOOSI Laughingly, he stated that he gained a reputation for being able to fill short order of his customers. The secret. No! He didn't have a King-size ice-box"! He hnd a back door that was close to a grocery back door. When a customer would order anything he didn't have, he'd duck out the back door and get a rush order of whatever the customer wanted. T. J. Vincent, who celebrated his 90th birthday on Feb. 22, joined the group as Mr Mathes finished his story. Knowing how the messers. Long, Hauberg and Mathes like to joke, we're not too certain about that 90 year- old-anniversary. From all appearances, we'd take Mr Vincent to be about 30 years shy of being 90! At present he's visiting his son, Verle T. Vincent (Algona) and his wife Theresa, who was Theresa Pertl of Whittemore before her marriage. Verle Vincent is engaged in home-building in the Whittier area. P. J. Heikens Present Mr and Mrs P. J. Heiken were a popular couple. Mr Heiken was engaged in the automotive business in Swea City for over 50 years. Elected to the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors, he served 12 years on the Board. His son, Maurice Heiken, and family, are living in San Diego, at present, where Maurice is managing two large drug stores for the Owl Drug Co. The P. J. Heikens plan on driving back to Swea City in June, This •vill be their 43rd round trip. Ted Rantzow rame over to welcome us. Ted has been out here 65 years. He's the son of Herman Rantzow who, for years, operated the Rantzow Shoe Rebuilding Service in Whittemore. Ted: is an old friend of Otto Elbert. Both Ted and Otto attended school in Whittemore. Ted studied electrical engineering, coming to California in 1920, he went into business as manufacturers representative. Grace and Arthur L. Jackman, of Algona, are here visiting sister-in-law, Alice Ditsworth and son Robert, The Jackmans are leaving ; the,.. West Coast, about March 1, to visit their daughter, , Phyllis Ryan' -in -.Orange, Tex. From" there, ~they'U.--fSRI" their time making, the return trip (to Algona. Otto .Elbert On Hand .Otto Elbert is still greeting celebrities at hotels in 'Hollywood. . ;• Otto and Ernest Taylor have a continuous cribba'ge' game so closely matched that the winner- loser score resembles . the results of .rematching professional wrestlers..., For money, too! Otto claims he's 3 ten-thousandths of a cent ahead of Ernie! It's always a pleasure to see the family of John F. Lunstrum, again. This cheerful young couple with their bright-eyed young- •sters somehow seem to represent the typical young' American family. This time, we met a new member of the family, a clean- cut, fine looking young man named Vernon Eugene McGee, of Van Nuys, Calif. Elizabeth Lunstrum announced that she'd changed her name to McGee on Feb. 18. Mrs Lunstrum, the former Maxine Samp, introduced us to her mother, Sehna Godfredson of Algona, who is spending the winter with the Lunstrums. Selma plans on returning to Iowa about April 1. Meanwhile she'll visit her son, Kenneth Samp, and his family in Santa Monica. Mr and Mrs J. L. Bedell, of Algona, are visiting California for the winter. They're staying at Long Beach. They'll return home about the 1st of May. Mr and Mrs Harold Berkeland (She's the former Marian Gade) have been out here a year. They met while attending school in Fenton, were school sweethearts and later married. Harold has charge of athletic equipment at the California High School in Whittier. When in Fenton, he played basketball and baseball. As a junior at Fenton High, his baseball team was within ona game of going to the State Tournament in 1945. With the Berkelands, was Marvin Berkeland, Hal's brother. Marvin lives with Harold and Marian at their home in Whittier. Marvin also was an outstanding athlete. At present. Marvin is working for Worley & Co., Steel Locker Manufacturing Co. Another husky, young athleta introduced himself as Kenneth Meyer, who has been with the Air Force for 3 years. A young stalwart with an engaging personality, he's the son of Mr and Mrs W. H. Meyer, of Algona. When attending Lone Rock High, Ken played on the baseball and basketball teams. Though busily engaged in Air studies, the Air Force has discovered his ability as a 3rd baseman and pitcher and is using his diamond prowess to help chalk up an imposing run of winning games. Mr and Mrs Ralph C. Priebe are temporarily visiting Gordon and Mable Pnebe, ana may locate here in California. Gordon was a Lone Rock boy and Mable is the former Mable Dreyer of Fenton.

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