Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 24, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1973
Page 13
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Qalesburg Register -Mail GALBSfcUftft, ILL., miS., iOLY 24; f PAGK 13 Court Says HUD Must Free Funds BRUSSELS (ttf*l) - Foreign ministers of the European Common Market said today they were "disgusted" by snarls that forced them to meet in two cities on the same day and delayed action on how to h'Stfdle the "Nikon Round" of trade talks with the United States. Ministers blamed France for most of the snags. "We're moving ahead at the rate of snails in a barrel of tar," said Max Van Der Stoel of the Netherlands. ' Two Meetings First, foreign ministers met Monday in Copenhagen as political representatives of their own governments, then flew to Brussels for a second meeting, this time as the Common Market's council of ministers. Most ministers wanted to hold both meetings in Brussels, but France insisted on the separation to keep the Common Market from taking on a political tinge. In Copenhagen, the ministers agreed on the need for a "European identity" —a common European stand on major policies in relation to the rest Of the world. Michel Jobert of France resisted pressures from the other ministers to have this "identity" ready by the time President Nixon visits Europe in the autumn./ Europeans must define their own policies for themselves, Jobert said, and not for the benefit of a visiting American president. Tentative Agreement A statement said the minis* ters' aides would try to reach tentative agreement on a combined European policy in time for their next meeting in September. . Heading' the agenda in Brussels was French insistence that the Common Market reopen its mandate for the "Nixon Round" of trade talks, completed last month, to insert a demand that the United States return the value of the dollar to the level agreed in March after its devaluation. The other ministers opposed that move. There was no report on why Jobert raised the issue, but one British source suggested it was a form of indirect pressure on the United States to support the dollar, which has slid steadily down in Europe since March. J « in, 4 11 •mryv |;|i ! i!! t |]|i .!' ,4 .is •ii lyl, )S ,|fl ''''Ulli,. : Shah of Iran The Shah of Iran and his wife, the Empress, Farah sign auto- will meet graphs atop their limousine in front of the Allen-Byrd House UNIFAX in Williamsburg, Va., upon their arrival there. The Shah WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Department of Mousing and Urban Development (MUD) was under court order today to start processing immediately more than $431 million in housing funds for low and moderate income families that were shut off Jan. 8. U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey ruled Monday that the Nixon, administration had unlawfully suspended the pro grams. The order to suspend the funds was issued by then HUD Secretary George Romney, but Richey ruled that Romney's order "was in excess of his authority and contrary to law, and the court has jurisdiction... to compel him to perform his duty." Present Secretary The order applies to the present HUD secretary, James T. Lynn. The programs involved in the case are designed to provide federal subsidies for housing construction by private enterprise for low and moderate income families. Attorneys for the administration had argued that the programs could be suspended because HUD was re-evaluating them after it had experienced difficulty administrating the programs "in a manner consistent with congressional intent as to the income groups to be served." Richey, however, said the HUD secretary's dissatisfaction with the programs "is immaterial if the congressional mandate requires that they be operated on a continuing basis." He said it was clear that Congress intended for the programs not to be interrupted. President Nixon, in a radio address on the budget March 4, proposed that the housing programs be replaced by revenue sharing and said that while honoring "commitments already made...we are stopping programs which have failed." with President Nixon in Washington tonight. Only 11 Bodies Recovered From Pan Am 707 Crash ackers Free Passengers, Up JAL Jumbo Jet Real Estate Today By DICK R01YNEK, GRI Realtor PAPEETE, Tahiti (UPI) Pan American Airways officials said today that only 11 bodies . have been recovered from a Boeing 707 jetliner that crashed Monday into a lagoon with 79 persons aboard, 35 of them ' Americans. There was only one listed survivor, James N. Campbell, .27, of Toronto, Canada. He reportedly suffered two broken ribs in the crash. 1 Rescue Officials •• Rescue officials held out little 'hope they would find any other survivors. The aircraft was carrying 69 passengers and 10 crewmen on a flight from Auckland, New Zealand, to San Francisco by way of Papeete and Los Angeles when it went down seconds after takeoff. (Pan Am spokesmen in New York said latest information showed there were 35 Americans on board. Except for Campbell, the spokesmen said, all passengers and crew "Were presumed lost.") Investigators said that among possible causes of the crash, they were looking into reports of a sudden failure of two or three of its four engines. z Lost.Control Airfield officials said the investigators also considered the' possibility that the crew may have lost control of the plane because the windshield shattered. Witnesses told rescuers they saw the plane take off .normally and then make a sharp curve to the left and disappear in the sea. CENTURY PLAYERS * present The Old Fashion Melodrama: "Fireman, Save My Child" During Alexis^ Progress Days Performances Friday, July 27 6:30 P.M. .Saturday, July 28 2:00 & 7:30 P.M. Sunday, July 29 3:00 & 7:30 P.M. Tickets: Individual 50c Tickets will be Available at Door. Location: • • At the Alexis Opera House en Corner of Main t Broadway (Abov* McXnlght Hardware) CAIRO (UPI) — A Japan Air, Lines (JAL) jumbo jet hijacked five days ago landed today in Western Libya, where its hijackers released all passengers and crewmen and then blew up the huge aircraft with hand grenades, Passengers were reported "dazed," some of them bandaged, but apparently well otherwise. A spokesman at Benghazi Airport, where the plane landed at the end of a flight over much of the Middle East, said the hijackers were arrested. Explode In Air' The spokesman said the hijackers threatened to explode the Boeing 747 in the air unless Libya allowed it to land. "We will explode the plane in the air," the spokesman said the : hijackers told the Libyan authorities. Hie said that after the plane landed, the hijackers ordered passengers to get out and take nothing with them. The passengers slid down emergency J chultes to, leave the plane, even as it was rolilng on the runway. The spokesman said Libyan police and soldiers quickly, took the passengers to the airport lounge. "They were dazed with bandages on their arms and legs and some holding their stomachs and two of them were taken to a hospital," the spokesman said. He said the plane was destroyed with hand grenades. "It looked like a string of firecrackers," he said. Two other airplanes were diverted because of debris, he smid. The explosion started in the cockpit and all what was left of ithe plane were the wings and the gutted fuselage with "Japan Air Lines" written on the side, witnesses said. First word of what happened to the jet and its more than 140 hostages, most of them Japanese, Came from the Middle East News Agency. It said: Telephone Call "Cairo Airport received a telephone call from Benina Airport (at Benghazi) today saying the hijacked Japanese plane was exploded after it landed at the airport. The hijackers carried oUt the explosion operation after Policeman Gives Up Marriage Counseling NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) Police Lt. Fred Cobb says he's getting out of the marriage, counseling business and. sticking to police work. It all stems from Cobb's advice to Mrs. Louella Roberts a week ago. He told her to set up a picket line in front of the apartment where she claimed her husiband, Charles, was spending time ( with another woman. She carried a sign reading: "I come for my husband. He is in G-16. A little ole girl left hers for mine. We love each other dearly, back." INTEREST RATES ARE UP! First National Pays the Maximum! TYPE OF ACCOUNT Minimum Deposit Savings Rate of Interest IEGU1AR PASSBOOK SAVINGS Automatically Effective July 1, 1973 None coz > O/o Vl % iOtDEN PASSBOOK SAVINGS Automatically Effective July 1, 1973 *100 5 '/2% S. NEW 90 PAY CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT $100 NEW 1 YEAR TO T/2 YEAR CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT $100 ISO/ Up ,/2% NEW IVi YEAR TO 4 YEAR CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT $100 Zx 4 YEAR CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT $1000 VAX Now Is The Time To Moke Your Savings Plan and Assure Yourself of High Interest Rates! First Niatioiial First Galesbur* National Bank &. trust / E $uMishe4 1863 / Member F.D.I .G, Honey, T want you sidewalk off the apartment property," she said. "The manager said he'd have me arrested if I did, so I think I'll just sit back and think about it." have the desired It didn't effect. Monday, Roberts said, "I don't want nothing to do with that lady, and that picketing business didn't help make matters better with me." Mrs. Roberts was also told to leave the apartment premises. "Lieutenant Cobb told me to go back and demonstrate on the releasing all passengers from the plane. The operation was carried out ait 9.30 a.m." —2:30 a.m. EDT . After the explosion, the agency said, the airport, was closed to all traffic. The explosion ended a harrowing adventure that started Friday when hijackers commandeered the plane over the Netherlands alter it took off for Tokyo by way of Anchorage, Alaska. One hijacker, a woman, died when a hand grenade she was carrying exploded. The other hijackers — reportedly there were five altogether—forced the crew to fly them across Europe and much of tthe Middle East. Home - Blue Chip Investment Despite all tthe talk these days about protecting your dollar, sound investments and hedges against inflation, the purchase of a home is seldom mentioned. Yet, a well-built home in a good neighborhood is one of the best hedges against inflation your money can buy. In the recent years of inflation, for example, home and land values have more than kept abreast of the general rise in prices. This means your home investment puts you considerably ahead of the game financially. Not to mention the pride and pleasure that home ownership can bring you. There is no reason to believe that this situation will change in the near future. During the 1960's, American household formations increased about one million per year. During the 1970's, households will probably increase at an even greater rale; some estimates are as high as 40^ greater. Look for the best house your money can buy and enjoy your inflation hedge. —o— If there is anything we can do to help you in the field of real estate, please phone or drop in at DICK ROZYNEK & ASSOC., 334 N. Henderson. Phone: 343-6167. Wc're;here to help. Adv. ABOVE ALL MAKE IT WHITE'S ROOFING 342-0185 If You Mss Important Galls When Youte In Your Car You need a car telephone... It works like your phone at home and at your business just pickup the hand set when that important person calls. Get all the facts today. INTRA STATE TELEPHONE CO. 100 N. Cherry Sr. Phone 3430112 See Explosive International Rodeo Assn. World Championship KNOX COUNTY FAIR America'! roughest Sport at its rugged best with cowboy* and cowgirls competing for world championship points on the West's toughest, double rank livestock. 2 • Bi( Days - 2 Wed. - Tkurs., Aug. 1 ft 2 FIRST TIME IN KNOX COUNTY Reserved Grandstand Seats Available Unreserved Bleechers CALL 289-2714 For Reservations 1

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