The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1956 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1956
Page 5
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I||ils!|<|» ft / $tpti ftt J (Gfoup & liefl) (stassered)! Bonttie Bristow, Virginia Arndbrfeppjudy Frideres, Mary Janice Arndorfer, Betty,vWick\vire, Lindft tfristow, Dolores, Klein, Blondina Er^eldlng, Mary' Daley," Do{iri.£..J$Mr-gsn|. MjMy;,Alice Klein, Mary Ann^Er'pelding.' (G?ou£|it tigftt) (staggered).: jJudy froehUcK^rliytf'PeglQwf Bonnie Frdfh^ich, Virginia Simbns;,'.Carol Frlderes (p),/Darlene Seller, WUma/Brpwri.tvi)),'Karen Seller, JoAnn Xiemni, (Leader: Mrs, Vernoftf Daley,,,Algona).'* : fe|i .' ,•.,"• „-.";, -•-'•^•- M o,.i. .'•• '.'< ^ |f! ,..__,., lining School Banquet Niri er's E;,, receivej ning, 8ji 56 co the ah: Ala:._ nespta,*; • Members of the Farm i pthool classes here . IpmSS, Monday feve- gpnclus}pn:to the 1855* oi/neetittgs, following A]/ banquet. •. '£#* Mclntosh, .LuVerne, Mlfp| former president of the" National -was' tHQ address bt 'welcome was r Louis Reilly.y ilie: Response. -/by Hedliihd ; - ' -singing.; , ^ cp*Ai|iuftity: ' '' WOMEN'S SIZES To 9A to B ; Here's ,your,opportunity to select saucy Ultle flats lor day and date- Smooth fit-., ting skimmers: or snug 'fitting sweater pumps. Preliy trimmed pumps or straps in' smooth leather, ruffies and patent leather. Pink White Yellow Avocado Black latent GALORE: Spearment Wedge Wood White Bark Black Kid Pastel Blue George W. Sefrit; vocational ag instrudtdr and; eveftiflg s6hooi director, 'and Sflpt.. 0. B. 'Laingi made the attendance awards. " * 'The 1 a;WardV-W;etit'tb the follow- AlgoMaTrfChester ii'Albright, Ed Arend^LWaltfrt 1 iBafrf,M\igh Black t Calvife Bode't 'S loyfl-ftJde,' Wayne Bpllirigerj^fftif it: BMwortlt,' Ar-; inpldiD^fiielsortf j Cna||fs* Dearchs, •Hfeoryt rjekrchsl* ; r |Tg]?b£ie • •fii'sdh- b'ai-th, ; P, eter Ertfeldirig, Curtis Gardner,- Ronald G|nirt"er,. Stanley Gardner, iLlpyd Berber, Irvirt $erberV Haflari' H&gs7 ^ttp Haiv ISh, Mrs Katherini Etderik, Orville Hqldren; Haloid' Hunt, Carl HutcHins,, George7'Kjjrikf 1, Cecil Long;t' •Rpbeft;' L13fi4if?:iStfiye V tb|Sj RlchaJL'd"; C. ''MSWttlsiej^'f WilHartt. McKi)W(,. Ed ;SJWi^S^ rVSri.;.'.!? attert sph^Oi'val Pafteri^Pno .Giatrol 'Pp.t*' ter, ;H4ryeyf-Ree^[,'|-fcpUis Reilly, George;;Scuffh|rtii<|;]BSi;iis Reilly, Martin Seiler, Eldon Shaw, August Slagle, Bill Sparks, Herman Thilges, Russell Walker and Bill Steele. ; : St. Benedict—Nick Arhdorfer, A, J..Grandgenett. , Corwith—Roman Arend, Albert Johnson. , ".;..,. Burt—Frank, Becker, Hirold. Becker, E. J. Cherland,' Edgar Kei th',' Ray : WcWhprter, / A r t Person, Lloyd Schenck,"' Fred Tigges,- Harley .Trqutman Jr., John Wilson, Duane 'Mawdsley. Whitteijiore — Ed\ydrd Besch, James 1 Besch, Chpii-ie's Bjutsrom, Cecil Bjustrom," Wlllianx! Decker.. C. A. .Derrter, Matt Erdman, Sam Mogle'r. ( v- • • , - - • •Bode—Robert Bdrmann, Art= hnr' Ko'hlhaa's, Lyfe Steeke. Lone Rock—A. B. Cherland, O. T. Cherland, Evert Harina, 'Ed 1 ward Hackbarth; Fred "Plumb, - Lakpta-—Richard-Countryman. Wesley — George Detmerjng, Gordon Giddings, Fidelia Kiilsholm, Charles Nygaard, Luther Nygaard, Daniel Skow, Joseph Skow, Jurgen Skow. Irvington—Jol)n Weber, Ervln Meier, Howard Mlllerv . ^ / Sexton—Glenn Gabrtelson,. LiiVerne—Thees Schnakenberg Drainage Talks Set This Week A series ioi '• information meet- jing^^ijfeaskagllKS' ^ held this ,week, according tb.flnnpuncement made : toda'y' by; J the local Soil Conservation Seryice Office. , The meeting for tile contractor? will be held-at the'i'assembly room of the Court <HQi(se: at' 1:30, Wednesday. At this ^meeting drainage with relation,--to' the overall conservation progr'anr will be discussed by DeanSBarnes, County Extension Director. The 1956 A.C.-P. program will be reviewed by a representative from the local A.S.C. Office. ! Eldon DeWall, North Central Iowa Area Engineer for the SCS, will discuss tile drainage. Contractors and their crews are invited to attend this meeting. Farmers will be able to get information on drainage at one of the following meetings: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. high school gym, Swea City; or Thursday, 1:30 p.m., at. the Court House assembly room in A'|ona. Films on drainage and conservation" practices will be shown followed by a discussion of drainage by Lyle Riedinger, Soil Conservationist. More than 25% of the fires in the country are caused by careless smokers. BRADLEY BROS. PHONE714 ALOONA YOUR TRACTOR NIW TIRi PRIti PAY WHEN YOU HARYBT (imoined "'Algona's 'city? CptiridiJ handled.' an; assortment of. busirtess during- its meeting Wednesday, night, in-* eluding a couple'of building per» m|ts which paved the way for changes in Algona's appearance. ;. /The Botsfprd • • Lumber' Co,r |which'> just constructed ~a new, •1'uhiber.yard on South.Phillips 'st.; 'go't' perrnission tp tear down its 'buildings on. .the', former site at jthe corner of;, Stata and Hall streets. > As yetl no announqe- menf has beeri made as to future use of the property. Burton ,A. Thorpe.'.owner and operator of the Thorpe Wood and Iron Works, demolished a- buildv ing at the corner of East Call arid Moore .streets and, a dental clinic is tot:be. built'there. ^ Other building.;permits went to Paul bremmel, ;Murray Mowers, r ;Waiter Frambach; Lena Fuerstef n,au, Schultz Bros, and E. S. Kinsey. , •., ' -' • !. Kinsey is going to build a nev£ home on North Minnesota, street,' while. Schultz Bros; are pjsnning' to remodel their gas station on South Phillips.. New items will include a glass front for the station 'and iwo , new gasoline' p'umps. •' ' . "•"". /'The 'city purchased a tract of land, 66x132 feet, from Gordon S. Kuhn, adjoining ^Soiith P.hillips s|reet.-;The land might' be ! used; DIAMOND'S BRINGS Manufacturer's OVERSTOCK Eq«h & Every One An $8.00 Value ! Lateit colofs, style? §nd fabrics! Not all sizes in @U colors. HURRY FPR THESE I TV- Special! WORK SHOES 'W : ^Ml^;M^ 5.95 fft the future tp ext«nij Qhubb Street east, acrbss the North- Western Railroad ; tracks in case a'Schopi'oi 1 other byi|dlng is forth- Cttmlng iii tHat area. Purchase fjijice was $3,600 and will be paid at; the rate of $700 per year for ,nVe. years,- interest free. Kuhn ^ill be free of afty future special Assessments which might come lip when improvements are ^jftjade. "• / .. '-*>J. M. Herbst and A-. H. Bor- ehardt were • appointed bjT the council to invfestigftte' property .bordering tytest MeSregor St. if0m Blackford street to the city limits. It is possible the' citj? Will blacktop that portion of the street when'.the county blacktops MbGregor street .road later, an'd possibility of assessments must be studied. Total cost of the pro- jfetl would run about $2,000 artd Wduld remedy one of the roughest streets in town.' _. Larry's Recreation (formerly Barry's) was granted a cigarette and beer permi.t, the new public .employee's bond was accepted and city bills were paid. • •' It iwas announced the council would meet with township truSi tees and Fire Chief Ira Kohl tonight (Tuesday),. Mar. 7, to consider-the possibility of fire pro- tection for- the rural areas sur- roundinf Algona. A letter frpm John Gjsch wa? read an4 eptisidefeij by th? co\in- cil. Gisch requested fne tight t^ buy, several acrds of lan^l which are in the sewps? treatmeivt plat\( area f6r $500.: No action' • WM tdken oft th6 off6r. : Thfe council will meet-Mai'. H ahd 88 this, month. / • ' ' ...' V .V.-..-. . '.^ r • '- ' . ,; ./" Bee| Producers Banquet, Mar. 22 '. ^eef fcfqducers will- be iriter-i ested in the obming JCossuth Beet produeeys Annuaf Meeting and Banquet, ^aroh W. Frai\oi3 Kul- ishi'o'f 1 ld\ya State 'ft'nd Kenneth 'Fulk of thfe Iowa Beef will be, the. speakers on thb^ptOi gram., •- ' • ' i" : The'Band Mothers of Burt will serve the banquet in the Bui't high .school .'beginning at 1 p.m." Tickets are $1.60 and are being sold by, the following: Directors of the Association:,Bill Phojps, Swep City; W. L. Reynolds, Swea City: Ernest Heidecker, Lakota; Ted Jensen, Fenton; R. L. Kranlz, Titonka;,Ronald Christensen, Lone Rock; German Adams, Whittemore; Don Warmbicr, LuVerne. , • \ Tuesday, March 6, 1956 Algona (la.) Uppar Das Mota«»-* Tipkets are,also available in .the ^tension Office; Algona. Bulldog Entries In Mat Meet Lose Gordy Braun and Harold Bjus- trpm, Algona's two ;representa- tlyes in the. slate, high school wrestling 'meet at Cedar Falls, Friday and Saturday, were knocked out of competition in the first round. ;Brauh, 120 Ibs.,'Was thrown by Ftfahefs Freeman of Davenport. Freeman was later defeated in the '• finals of the division by champion Dee Brainerd of Fort Dodge. '. Bjustrom dropped a 2-0 decision to Jim Ctass of Newton in his opening Watch in the 145 Ib. division, Gass was then beaten in the second round. . Bjustrom was* winner of the district title at Eagle Grove, while Braun Was runritir-up in his weight at the same meet. 3 J. P. Fines Three men paid fines for traffic violations ift Justice C. H. Ostwinkle's court this week. Jerry p. Risk, Elmore, and Duane Darnell, Ledyard, each paid fines for speeding in Ledyard. Risk paid $35 and costs, Darnell paid $20 and costs. Qil- bert C, Mork, Minneapolis., Was. assessed $10 and costs for operating overlength combination of vehicles on a highway. , i ...... Attend GMC Meeting Mr and Mrs Walt Bradley of B.radley Bros, have just returned from Minneapolis Where ; Mr Bradley attended : a GMC dealer meeting designed to acquaint him with the numerous mechanical and engineering advancer ments embodied in GMC Truck and Coach Division's new and improved "Blue Chip" truck line. Moves To St, Joe Whillemore — Francis Fandel moved Saturday to a 400 acre farm' just north of St. Joe. He vacated he former Jack Farrell farm. Mr and Mrs Joseph Loe- bacht Jr., who bought this farm, last summer, moved their family and equipment there on Monday. WE'tCOME! BURT BOMBERS Left to rfghU Back row: Raymond Lovstad (AL), John'Dittmar; .Thomas Ulses :(vp},, Joe Qunningham. Art Kahler. Duane Diiimer (p). Gene Tigges, J. D. Andrews, James Coady (L), Burt. Front row: Donald Cherland, Robert Kahler, Joseph Kahler, Gene Ulses, Ronald Cherland, Roger Cherland, Lynn Bierstedt.'Roger liflses! {Absent: Geno; Lockwood, Gary Naumann, Jack Naumann). . ' • ' ''•• - ' • •' ' : < ' •'• 'v • . ;.U;"y: ','""••.'•:'' . " . • WE SALUTE THE WORLD'S LARGEST RURAL YOUTH ORGANIZATION HI-BRED CO SEED HOUSE AT JUNCTION HIGHWAYS 18 & 169 WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY MEAT SPECIALS Top U. S. Good Beef - ' TKe Best ! ** TOP U. S. GOOD IB. EEF ROAST ! TOP U. S. GOOD IB. ROUND OR SWISS 49c TOP g. s. GOOD IB. SIRLOIN OR T^BONE CONSUMERS MARKET We Oive GREEN STAMPS FRESH FROZEN Filleted-Ready For The Ppn HADDOCK, 5 Lbs. 1.69 CATFISH, S U*, 2.15 WAUEYES, 5 Its. 3.75 PERCH, 1Q Ibs. 2.90 H & 0 WHITING, 10 Ibs. , 1.49 Young Corn- BEEF Qua ' '"There l» No Substitute ? CUT, WRAPPED AND MARKED ; For Your Freezer or Ucker FRONTS HINDS These Are The 100 to 110 Li?, Quarters - Very Hard to Get,in This Weight These Days || WHITE POTATO1S *° 1 dQ 18. 8AQ _ TT lifsr WIN65AP APPUi 1, BU. BOX FULL QAUON HliEX 49c SUNKI5T NAVEl ORANQES 1 CONSUMERS SUPER-MARKET IS THE PLACE ! ! !

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