The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1956 · Page 35
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 35

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1956
Page 35
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8 Mayor Fines Eight persons paid fines in Mayor C, G. Shierk's court last week, including six who violated stop signs. James A. Kelly, H. S. Montgomery, Edwin J. Hammer, William A. Fitzgerald, Geraldine Von Bank and Mrs Margaret C. Miller, all of Algona, each paid $5 and costs for going through stop signs, while George? E. Jergens, Algona, paid $5 and costs for driving without a license and Melvin E. Pratt, Whittemore, paid $5 and costs for a faulty muffler. IF IT'S MEWS ^- WE WANt IT Loose latch? Don't let it go—look up Hardware in the classified section of your phone book. Whatever product or service you need— Hardware, Bottled Gas, Grain Elevator, Produce —you'll find it FAST in the YELLOW PAGES. Ravings by CHRIS REESE A Lliile ot ThU, a tiiila o£ That; Not Much of Anything It was the other night that I met up with a gent who loves his fishing and he told me about the plenty lovely sport of spearing fish going on at this time, mostly in the river north of town and I. learned that there are surely a lot of gents in Algona and vicinity who have been living up with the sport recently. And I can imagine that fishing with spears is truly a real dandy sport as Well as being a muscular building of strength in the arm, right or left, which ever the fish hunter uses, so to speak. And I would suggest that the spear throwers organize, they should have an official standing. Maybe the organization should be called the Algona Spear Tossers Association. And there is no question as to the tossing ability of the gents because on account of they sure get fish. Of course some of them are a bit better spear tossers than others but they all get the same result when they toss a six-foot spear into a fish, and that's a trick, too, don't forget. I met with a committee of the spear tossing fishing gents the other night and officers of the Algona Spear Tossers Association were nominated and it is hoped that an election can be held shortly and the officers take over. Nominated for president was "Soup" Briggs, for vice president Bob Mittag, for secretary Dell Kern, for treasurer Al Leigh, for board of tllectors Earl Zicg- ler. John Spencer Jr., Gerald Frankl, Herman Becker and Percy McGinnis. Cliff Haas was appointed publicity director. It seerns that the spearing has been DELIVERY POOLS ARE NOW IN OPERATION! We will have extra PIONEER HYBRID seed corn on hand at delivery points to take care of additional needs. CALL FOR YOUR PIONEER CORN PROMPTLY AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR CARD ! Pioneer Proved Itself In Performance Again In 1955 « Eugene Kollasch Bode Wm. Martinek Wesley Walter Vaudt Whittemore T. O. Johnson Swea City Harold Jones Swea City Aaron Steussy Algona C. L Bailey Algona R. I. Mawdsley * Algona going on near part of the Plum Creek dam, the Fisher bridge, the bridge north of town. And 1 am told that carp by the ton h$ve been the chief spearing result, with many crappies also being jammed. Most of the spears are home-made but the wielders or throwers, so to speak, sure know their stuff in lunging a six-foot spear ifito a fish. It is said that some of the spear tossers are so adept, so perfect, in tossing a spear that they could almost hit a dime twelve feet from their standing, and that's going some. Al Leigh is ^reported -to have speared a 10-jJound catfish and that would indicate he knows how to deliver the spear first- rate. Yes, we have some real spear deliverers in Kossuth. And the nice part about it all is that a fish picked with a spear tastes just as good and fishy as the fish fished with a hook, so to speak. Yep, on Wednesday, the 291h, (and that's tomorrow) we celebrate another 4th anniversary day as of leap year. It's every 4th year that February sneaks in another day on us, so to speak. It is a proposition I have never been able to arithmatic, a single day sneaking in on us in February every four years. I just can't figure out how come, and why, one more day in a year, 366 of them, and why and how come it is only every four years. I'd just like to know which party, democratic or republican, is responsible for the added day. But here it is, the 29th of February, leap year, and I don't know how far it leaps either. * * * I still can't figure out the weather man. Here we have been enjoying late March and April weather and we're getting used to it. This is written on Thursday night of last week and I am going to make a prediction— we're going to have five days of zero and bli/./ard weather between now and the 4th of March. No, this is not an election year and there will be no installation of a U.S. president, but the 4th of March is going to return us to zero and winter weather, this year. Q And March, by the way, is one month in which there are no holidays, except the four Sundays, the 4th, llth, 18th and 25th. Usually on every 4th annual March there i.s the day in which a newly elected president of this country is installed and so that becomes a sort of holiday, so to speak. • There is only one other month in the year that has no legal holidays, and that is June. But I consider one day in June a legal holiday and that is the 21st day because on account of that's my birthday and it is the longest day in the year, hence reaches all aspects of a holiday and .so far as 1 am concerned the .day could be declared a legal holiday, so to speak. By the way, January lias one leg;il holiday, the 1st: February lias two legal holidays. Lincoln and Washington's birthdays, the 12th and 22nd; March has none, April lias onc\ the 1st; May has one, the 30th; June' lias one (my birthday and the longest clay) the 21st; July has one, the 4th; August has none; September has one, thin year the 3rd, Labor Day; October has one, the 12th, Columbus Day; November has two, election day and Thanksgiving day and December has one, Christmas day, and there you have the holiday standings in this United States, so to speak. No Tab Yet On Local Pork Cut Although answers to a postcard questionnaire have beeft pouring in from farmers in Kossuth county, there is no way of (knowing whether a proposed production cut in hogs will be the trend this year or not, according to Owen Hurt of the Farm Bureau Extension office in Algeria. It will be some time before the final tabulation of the voluntary poll will be made, and no results will be announced until a representative cross-section of county farmers' views on the pork cut is known. Action taken by farmers on the problem is entirely voluntary —no one lias to cut the number of hogs raised in an effort to raise >he price of pork. The poll will merely give the extension office an idea of farmers' feelings toward the idea. 40th Anniversary For Wesley Folks Mr and Mrs Frank Johnson of Wesley celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary Sunday, Feb. 19, in the Stanley Simpson home at Lone Rock. Hosts for the event were Mr and Mrs Simpson and Mr and Mrs Paul McNeill of Algona. Mrs Simpson and Mrs McNeill are daugh- \ters of the Johnson's. A program, /consisting of a reading by Mrs Wallace Donovan; piano selections, by Diana Simpson, Sheryll McNeill, Mrc Elmer Johnson and Mrs Kennfth Donovan; piano and mouth organ selections by Mrs Wallace Dono- ovan and Frank Johnson; accordion numbers by Duane Larson; and two numbers by a quartet, cofnposed of Mrs Art Larson, Mrs McNeill, Mrs Dale Knapper and Mrs Raymond Carlson, furnished entertainment for the group assembled. Guests present included Mr and Mrs Wallace Donovan and Mr and Mrs Kenneth Donovan and family, Spirit Lake; Mr and Mrs Halvor Flom, Jr., Mr and Mrs Raymond Carlson and boys and Mr and Mrs Tony Pearson. Wesley; Mr and Mrs John Carlson and Mr and Mrs Axel Carlson and children of Burt; Mr and Mrs Curtis Lewerke, Mr and Mrs Denny Johnson, Mr and Mrs Dale Knapper and girls, Mrs Elmer Johnson and Walter Johnson, Britt; and Mr and Mrs Art Larson and boys, Buffalo Center. Plum Creek 4-H Met On Feb. 11 The regular meeting of ,the Plum Creek Elite 4-H club was held at the home of Connie Pricbe Feb. 11. A talk was given by Audrey Gardner and demonstration were presented by Joan Ward and Susan Hoover. Picture study was given by Ruth Benschoter, Janice Bode was in charge of music and Connie Priebe handled recreation. Visiting mothers were Mrs Stanley Gardner and Mrs Wilfred Ward. The club's next meeting will be March 3 at the home of Agnes Sigsbee. Plan T-B Check For 500 Kids An executive board meeting of the Kossuth county Tuberculosis Association was held Friday noon, Feb. 17. The association approved to pre-school tuberculosis round-up for children entering school next fall. It is estimated 500 children will be checked and a TB patch test will be given in an attempt to search out any active cases. Entire cost of the service, estimated at $600, will be paid by the association. Exact dates of the program are not known, but it is probable the plan will be carried out late this spring. Last entire county service by the association was the mass chest x-ray given two years ago. Marian Law, area director from Waterloo, was present at the meeting. The annual meeting of the association will be held Mar. 24 at the Johnson House in Algona. C. B. Murtagh is county chairman of the group. The tallest active volcano in the world is Cotopaxi, in Equador. It is 19,344 feet high. Tuesday, February 28, 1956 Mgdna (lo.) Uppif Oil Moln«-S UDM Want Ads fay DivideiidriF If'S NEWS — WE WANT IT For Sa Southeast Quarter (SEV/i), Northeast Quarter (NE W), Section Eighteen (18), Riverdale Twp. This is the Mike Thilges Forty (40) located about seven miles east of West Bend Mike ThilgeslEstate D. C. Hutchison, Executor Security State Bank Building Telephone 1200 Algona, Iowa 'O 18 I .QOOOOO.vC Aged Man Has Wallet Stolen Swea City —Ernest Miller and his sister Mrs Hannah Spears had a frightening experience the evening of Feb. 15. Hearing a knock on their door, Ernest opened the door and was confronted with a tall person who began pushing him around, feeling over his body, and then left abruptly. They think the person WHS a woman, but say it may have been a man. At any rate Ernest later discovered his wallet was missing. Happily it contained only a small sum. Mr Miller is a man !;o years old, and his sister is younger, and a partial invalid. Both were considerably frightened and shaken. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst was called, and his deputy Dun Woods eame up from Algona. Also Ray Hurst, city night marshal, was called. They could find n>> truce of the marauder, but are chock- ins '"i certain persons under suspicion. The story that Miller was assaulted is without foundation. Burt Group Sees Series Of Slides Burt—The Band Mothers Club entertained their husbands at the regular meeting Thursday evening. A covered-dish supper was served to 56 people, followed by a business meeting. Entertainment consisted of slides the Garner Marching Band, state champions last year, shown by Band instructor Everett E. Lockhart. He also outlined plans for the Burt Band. Dr. M. I. Lichter showed pictures of the 1954 Band Festival and also pictures of the 1955 Junior-Senior banquet. A. J. Dittmer showed pictures of interesting Colorado places visited on a recent trip. The Junior High Octelle gave two numbers. AUCTION Having sold our farm, Ihe following items will be sold at public auction, to be held on the farm located 4 miles N. and 'A mile E. of junction of highways 169 and 18, Algona, or 4 miles S. of Burt on WEDNESDAY. MARCH 7 Sale starts ai 1 p. m. MACHINERY John Deere tractor, Model A, overhauled Oct., 1955 John Deere 2-row cultivator John Deere 25A 6-ft. combine with motor Woods Bros, single row cornpicker John Deere 15-ft. disc McCormick binder cut down for windrower Case 16" 2-bottom plow |1 King and Hamilton wood grain elevator with open I* wagon hoist and speed jack John Deere 2-row corn planter with tractor hitch McCormick 5-ft. mower Moline manure spreader Case 9 ft. spring-tooth harrow 4-section harrow with steel evener IHC engate seeder 1—Wood wheel wagon with flat rack 2—Wood wheel wagons with triple box 1—4-wheel trailer with triple box Mamie Eisenhower, wife of the President, was born in Boone, Iowa, Nov. 14, 1896. L. S. BOHANNON We've had several losses not covered by our Residence Fire Insurance — such as a sink overflow, a bursting steam pipe, a broken picture window, and vandalism. Does your agency have a new "all risk" policy on homes and furnishings which covers virtually any loss from physical damage? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. BUILDINGS 1—20x12 hog house; 1 round 6-pen hog house; 1 — 12x8 fool shed MISCELLANEOUS l-galvanized hog feeder; 1 electric hog waterer; 1 electric motor; 1 oil tank heater; many other items and small 40 BALES OF STRAW YOU NAME IT!!! TERMS: Cash. No property removed until settled for IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk DALE YUNCEBERG, Auctioneer CONSIGNED TO SALE BY ERNEST NAUMAN - 1 Case 15-ft. disc; 1 John Deere 15-ft. disc; 1 truck gravel box; 1 — 500 chick gas brooder stove. Not responsible for accidents. JENS SORENSEN S. Car Sold During February (1950 MODEL OR LATER) KOSSUTH COUNTY 20 Ibs. ROAST 10 Ibs. LARD 25 Ibs. CHOPS 8 Ibs. BACON 15 Ibs. RIBS 5 Ibs. LIVER 10 Ibs. HOCKS 7 Ibs. LUNCH MEAT WE GOT IT!!! KOSSUTH COUNTY EAT MORE PORK Yes Sir! You name the car and the kind you want . . . and it's just about a sure thing we can match your desires here at Schultz Eros. Why not try us out and see? BROS STUDEBAKER & PACKARD Algona, lov/a SALES & SERVICE Phone 975-W Looking for those choice late models at a price that makes you feel good? Take c trip to Schultz Bros, and see our top array of cars. You'll like what we can show you! EAT MORE PORK

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