Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California on November 29, 1956 · Page 25
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Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1956
Page 25
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Who Needs Flowers? HARRY FULTON A COMPRKHKNHIVK survey of the local diaper situation has just been completed by the Long Beach Red Cross Chapter. . Tho findings? · Local stores have a more than ample supply of disposable diapers for use on Infants made homeless by an earthquake or similar disaster. * * * TODAY is the day of "Oper. ntlon Shakedown," a countywide earthquake disaster test, and counting diapers has been Just one Job of many taken on by the Red Cross to make sure that this area Is prepared to meet the challenge- that comes with a major temblor. · Assuming that the area ex- pcrlcnccs an earthquake ol the name Intensity of the 1033 quake, the Red Cross had reached very definite conclusions based on what happened last time. ' Official* feel tlmt ' 10,000 Long Bench and Slg- .-' iml Hilt famlllM would b" , . aft ected by much a quake, with .'-* 2.SOO Inmlllrn needing to b« -.'· evacuated and cnrrd.for In . '· *heltfm. On* hundred would '.- din In the quake, anil 8.000 i would be Injured -- 1,000 iif '"· whom woulil require hospital · ' treatment. And In addition to ; - ' the 2.SOO hnniM destroyed. ':'· another 4,800 re*ldNlee* would be Deputy Jailed for lodging! Runaway Girl in His Home · ti , . ' · ' . ' , . . ... 'i . ' - ..' ·.'." CAROL MORRIS will be decoration enough for the Lone Beach f l o . Holder Edward Mang conveys with an admiring dance. Miss Universe w i l l l a w - i do blelntcrfst la the Tournament of Roses, representing Lon K Beach In the UwYear^ Day parade and loyal to her home state of Iowa fn the !C Becamefwlth Oregon State.-(Staff Photo by Joe Rlslngcr).. "Based on the experience of · the 1933 earthquake, we pretty · well know what would hap' pen." said Roland Bach, local ' Red Cross chapter executive. * * » * · AS A RESULT. Civil De- · fcnse. Burcnil of Public As' slstance. P-T.A. and Red Cross · officials stand ready to actl- ', vale 35 shelters to serve L. B, «nd Signal Hill, providing I housing for (5.900 persons. They anticipate .that some UOOO persons" would have to be fed through' these shelters In ndrtl- · tion to cnnteen service for 3,000 volunteer workers nldln; victims In tho field. If another Mirh quuUn , should oi-fur. the Kert Crow -alv, sntlrlimten thnt wnw " 3,000 famlll" would fall upon It for hr!| following · ' th« ill»B»ter. '' In Its latest check of avail- · nnle food and clothing, the Red · Cross also surveyed the diaper Hltuatlon. They estimate thnt '. 232 Infants would wind up at the shelters, nntl they further -estimate thnt cnch of these infants would use IS diapers tt ' ilay. Now that adds up to ; 0,480 diapers needed, which, 1 · projected over R four-day stay, adds up to n total diaper re: qulrcment of 13.920. '" The survey revealed that ! '-local stores now hnve In stock ' ! 80,700 regular diapers nnd . 14794 disposable d I a p e r s, which the shelters would use. Diaper-wise, then, we're reatln lor tho emergency. Tho situation is well covered. * * * . COL. LKWIS LOUOHIIAN of Australia called with a mild criticism of U.S. radio and TV announcers. In reporting results of the Olympic Games, he s n l d , Yankee radio and TV men mispronounce the n a m e Melbourne, site of this year's Olympiad. And he claims the correct pronunciation Is "Mel- bun," with the accent on tho first syllable. Tho colonel's from Southern Australia, no doubt. .. C O U N T Y SUPKHVI80H Roger W. Jessup wns warm In his prnlsr of entertainer Ken Murray as he presented Murray with a resolution declaring him "Mr. Hollywood nnd Vine" nt the supervisors meeting last Tuesday. . Hi» lauded Murray for hnv- Ing brought "ImiKhter. mirth ·ml public ifrvlen to Amnrl- cnn* everywhere." He hailed him a» the tint «howm«n to do n commercial television nhow, In IBSO, and he rnvwl about the Ken Miirrny Blackout*, seen by morn than 3,000,000 nnd now In lit 18th ywir. And hn mild nleo thing* about K«n n» n philanthropic, f a m i l y limn, tnthfr and church nnd community leader. Murray was prepared for the occasion. When Jessup finished speaking, he said: "With all these attributes, I should be up for district nt- torncy!" * ' * * · ''" JKSSUP used several hundred well-chosen words to · eulogize Ken Murray, but his remarki just didn't seem to "hold water" at another point In the meeting. He asked support for a scientific advisory committee · In San Diego to continue 'Its studies on how to "convert salt water to »ea water." LONS BEACH 12, CALIF., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29. 1956 Rare Porpoise Dies [Tumor Boy Dies A fter Despite a 24-hour vigil kept y divers and aquarlsts, the liock of capture was too much or the Dnll's porpoise captured y Mnrlncland "fishermen" and he mammal died Wednesday, ·Cen Norris, the Oceanurium's urator, announced. The six-foot two-Inch, 223- pound porpoise, the first of Its dnd to be brought Into captivity illvc, wns netted by the crew jf the Marinelnnd hunter ship, Jcronimo, Monday off the Cat- allnn Island const. In n last-ditch effort to' save he animal, ft sling wus Improvised and he was suspended in one of the smaller tanks at the occanarlum, . The sling, made of plastic ands, suspended around the anlmufs tall and fore-body sup- lortcd the porpoise, conserving ils energy and holding him to he surface so he could breathe. The sling also supported the an- mnl during treatment with Mctlcorlen. latest of wonder drugs administered to counteract shock. , Brought lo shore wrapped In wet blanket nnd lying on a padded stretcher with water continually being splashed on Ils bumping It's nose on the wnlls of the enclosure. Lntcr. when placed with a different \ . .. would slowly sink to the bottom of the tnnk. It wns saved from drowning by the other porpoises who would dive to the bottom nnd bring the mnmmnl to the surface for nlr. According to Norrls, the sling then wns constructed ns a flnnl attempt to keep tho animal alive. · · · · · · · . Operation Tommy Strmler. - * Rambling Residence Relocated The city disposed temporarily Wednesday of the problem of the ramblinc house, but legal action still Is to come. Acting on Instructions from Asst. City Mgr. J. R. McHenry the Public Service Dept. moved the old cottage from, Its squnt ter's site on nn unpavcd section of Del Amo Blvd., some 150 fee" to the west nnd slightly to th' north, * · " . . . . It now occupies a city-owned lot, safely off the right of way McHenry ordered the summary move because of a fear that th" city might be held liable In th event a motorist should ram th orphan dwelling. . . . . · · · · · MKANWHILE. Superintend cnt of Building Edward M. O Connor notified City Prosecute James T. Starr by letter of tw or three apparent law violations Starr said he will Investigate a soon ns he gets O'Connor's Ic tcr. - . , . - ....· - ' According lo the building o flclals the cottage was moved I the unauthorised location by \V L. Flnchcr. of Western House Movers. 7765 E. Compton Blvd., Paramount, about Nov. 7. Chief Engineer Ray Brosterhous of the Building Dcpt. said Fincher admitted his firm did not take out a city moving permit and holds no contractor's II- cense from the state. No record was found that a city business license had been Issued to the mover. ' · , » · · · '': riNCIIKit TO'LP Brosterhous, according to the latter, that he had been hired to move the dwelling by Eli Howard, of Norwalk. the owner. He had nudced It only a couple of hun clrcd feet--from Its original lo cation at the southwest corner of Long Beach and Del Amo Blvds. to the northwest corner of the name Intersection--wher Recreation Leaders Meet CC Alumnus Gets U.S. Job; Appointment of A. Norman Murray, Long Bench City Collego graduate, as assistant director of Region 2. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, wns announced Wednesday, Region 2 comprises the Klnma.h River Bnsln In celebrated Chrlstmns last week jccjuiso doctors snlil he might not live until Dec. 2'. died nine lours lifter undergoing surgery Tuesday nlclit. Doctors told the boy's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. George Strnder, (5932 Indlnnn St., thnt Tommy had n chest tumor and wns not likely to live long In nny ease but thnt his chnnces would be Improved by nn opcr- ntlon. . . SANTA CLAUS came enrly to the Strnder home over the weekend, bringing n toy fire engine and train which the boy hnd wnnled. Then he wns bundled In blnnkets nnd tnkcn to St, Joseph's Hospital in Orange. Twice during the operation Tuesday, Tommy's life hung fh the balance. When his henrt the job suddenly was cnlled off by n money dispute between the owner and the mover. Nobody knows what will hnp- pen to the building eventually However, Fincher mild he Intended to take It to his lot In Paramount, the original destinn lion. If and when he can get the necessary permits. FORMER TENNIS star Alice Marble (right) . discusses recreation program problems with .... Dave Gray, president of District 10 of Califor- . . nia Recreation Society, and Mary Scales, of the , . Veterans Administration Hospital staff, before district banquet here Wednesday night.--(Staff Photo.) . , . Alice Marble Gives 3 Short Rules for Living ' Former tennis star Alice Marble says the art of living may ho described as "being at home In life." Speaking at a district banquet of the California Recreation Society In Recreation Park Clubhouse Wednesday night, she observed that "nothing is more painful than self-conscious fear of others." Thu solution, she says, Is In "crowing up." And crowing up, she adds. Is the realization that happiness Is the result of « "sound mind, sound body, a worthwhile Job and a gallant Miss Marble, now a nurse In n doctor's office In the San Fernando Valley, listed three rules for living: "Proper food, proper exercise and eight hours of restful sleep." "There Is no more dynamic power than rest," she stated. She suggested that everyone reserve at least one day a week to take Inventory of himself and to evaluate the previous week. MlM Marble believes there Is no such thing as a person "getting the breaks." "Success," she said, "Is the result of dull, dogged, un- KlamoroiH hard work, and such a pattern leaves little time for self-pity." ,, . _ . . , . , Merit plaques were presented to two Southland recreation lenders at the close of the banquet. Recipients were Mrs. Wcston Walker. 019 N. Olive St., Santa Ana. counselor for the Junior Garden Club there, nnd Ralph Wilson, recreation director for IIuntlnKton Park. The banquet followed a day of workshop sessions at Long Flench Slate College. Child, 14, ffidWith Family of 6 Accused of harboring a I4« year-old girl In Ms home since Sept. 2, a Norwalk d e p u aherlft was suspended from th* · force and jailed Tuesday nlsht, officers reported Wednesday. · James Blizzard, 32, of 11930 Mapledale St., Norwalk. wa» b o o k e d on suspicion of child stealing upon complaint of the girl's parents. They had filed * missing person report. '·'_·· The girl admitted staying at the home of Blizzard with-his wife and four children. Deputies found her Tuesday night hiding In a closet. ., . '. . "He was kind to me and the most wonderful father *'.K\r\ could have," the girl iald.'?H« listened to me and understood, My parents didn't have, -time . for me and wouldn't discuss my problems." ·'.-'.' · · · » · . · THE GIRL was taken to.ju- venllc hall, * Blizzard Is the father of three sons and a daughter. His wife, Irene, Is expecting a fifth child. He told fellow deputies "he "felt sorry for the girl and tried to talk her Into going home." "But she said she would just run away If I made her return home." BLIZZARD, n member of the ihcrlffs department for two years, was assigned to the Norwalk station. His arrest wai made by deputies from - the Temple City station. Sheriff Eugene W. BIscatluz, who announced the suspension, said a complaint would be sought from the district attorney. .·- Tool Engineer Unit Formed First chnrler to be granted " _ ,, two-year college In California] LJJ. Oregon and north of the T e h a c h n p l Mountains. Murray received his deg r e e In en California, [ace, the animal hnd thr con-|,,| n p c ,.l nc from .itant attention of three divers. The men. including David Brown, nquarlst, walked or swam around the clrculnr tnnk with the nnlmnl to prevent It Mower Hurts Boy, '3 John C. Heller. 3, of 2030 Cnle Ave,, Wednesday caught his fin ger In 11 home. lie was taken to Seaside Hospital, where n physlclnn sewed the nearly severed finger tip. ,, Lnlcr , hp boy slopped breathing nnd the ,^ 700 Tons of Hay on Fire in Norwalk Storage Shed A raging fire flashed through more than 700 tons of hay in Norwalk Wednesday and' flro- wo- by the American Society of Tool cnmpus, 1303 E. PnclflC Const II wy. P r o f . Frederick C. Prne- doctors tomy. performed a ......... , trucheo- ther.of the tool engineering de- p n r t m e n t of W a s h Ington State College In · 1933 after g r a d u n ting from City Col- MUUKAY . lego here. He Is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and of Slgmn Tnu. engineering honor society. lie started his career working HUT AT 8:30 p.m. life left the valiant little body for the last time, shortly after the surgeons reported defent In their original purposo. They said the mnllgnnnt tumor would not be Utah Stnte Col- legc was removed. Tommy at his on the Colorado River Aqueduct nnd recently has been serving as acting assistant re- glonnl director. He nnd his family live In Sacramento. wns a denf mute, but he hnd learned lip reading and wns considered nn npt scholar In Santa Ann's Franklin School for the Handicapped. Service will be conducted at 11 n.m, Saturday In Renakcr Mortuary, Buenii Park, with the Rev. Tellcs Shnmblln officiating. Interment will be In Olive Lawn Memorial Park. Hospital Fund Conducts ' ' ' · ' - . ' . ' ' ' ' " " " " ' - ' Business Firm Survey at Logan, the principal spenkcr. Clmlrmnn of the unit here, student chnpter 1 15, U John Hall. 1222 Harding H ALL · St. Oilier offl- ··· cers: Don Ohnemus, 1532 E 2nd St., first vice chairman: Wes Klmsey, 422 Zpnn Ct.. sec ond vlco chairman;' Elmer Fox 4.J53 Ccrrllos Ave,, secretary LcRoy Bishop of Bellflower treasurer, and Gnry Winterhurn 3fi20 Lemon Ave., student rep resentntlve. Misses [Killed in Mexico i Wllllnm J. Austin, 21, of 619 Atlnntlc Ave.. wns killed when his motorcycle fulled to negotl- 'nte n curve 10 miles north ol iEnsennda, finjn California. It wns learned Wednesday. The nc 'cldent occurred Saturday. , | Austin was employed by the JLnFrnncc Fire Alarm Co. here 'lie wns a graduate of Wilson High School. Grnveslde service will \K nt 3 p.m. Saturday nt Sunnyslde Cemetery. Dlldny Mortuary " n charge of arrangements. United Hospital Fund Inc. announced Wednesday It has undertaken a survey of 15,000 Long Bench area business and Industrial llrms. In preparation for a multl-mllllon-dollnr campaign to equip new hospital buildings. The firms nre being asked to supply the fund with the mimes of their executives and number of employes. This Is being done to bring the fund's records up to date, president E. B. Miller explained. . . . · THE CAMPAIGN will ' get under way In January, with major gift solicitation set for March nnd public contributions for mid-April. It Is expected to be completed by June 1. Exact goal of the campaign U expected to be set In mid- ^December. It will bo "the Inrg-lmunlty projcct-a project aimed est financial objective in the at solving one of the city s most critical problems. history of Long Beach phllan thropy," Miller said. The money 'will be used to furnish and equip the new hospital buildings provided by a $10,500,000 bond Issue approved by city voters last Feb. I). Major phnsfl uf tlm hospital nxpmmlmi will be cnnstruc- tldit of n new 400«bed general Imiplta! and school ol nursing on B site between Atluntle and American Avon, nnd 2Jlh and Columbia 8ts. Th« bond |»un will provide $8,690,000 for thli project. . Miller said business firms contacted so far In the survey have given "excellent co-operation." He pointed out that the fund drive would be a voluntary com- · THE FUND'S leadership committee Is scheduled to meet later tills week to nominate n general chairman for the campaign. Committee members nrc: George A. Richards Sr,, chairman; Harry Buffum, Donald C. Garner, Dr. Wllllnm S. Cheney, Dr Orvlllc W. Cole, Lawrence A. Collins Sr,, Dr. John C. Cot- trcli, Irving M. Diimm Sr,, Harry B. Frlshmnn. Virgil Gil lenplc, Clare D. Hnmman. Wll llnm A. Harrington, Howard Hatfleld, Dr. Russell M. Husted, David Lawrence, Lloyd C, Lce- dom, Dr. Hugh J. Prichnrd, Aaron Schultz. Dr. H. Milton Van Dyke and Hale Young. Wanna Make Mcney . on the Series? '·: That's : right,:, when It eomei to winning World's Serlot for buying, renting and lellln'-O. H o w i e Huitlei hat a perfect bat- tin' average! · ' · I'm a Claiiified Ad and there's juit about nothln 1 I can't do for.you. Dlal-HEmlocIc 2-5959 and let one of my teammates write you t a fait- action Claitifled Ad for you the way we wrote one tor 4hh advertiser . . . t i;A\Eh~r'iANo lrt Byou | rTNr««jj; lTMt l or'i n iitrn. OA o.oouo. doubted whether the Inmcs could be brought under control before sometime today. Owner of the hay, Losllc 1 Not tlngham. 11060 E. Alondra Rd., told firemen he didn't know how the blaze started. The fire originated In the southernmost of three hay stor- nge sheds. All the sheds are In a field behind the Alondra Rd. address. Mo " estimate of damage wns made. However, 800 tons of hny valued at about 532 a ton were stored In the shed, Firemen believed about 100'tons could be saved. County Battalion Chief E. P. Fosdlck directed the flrc-flght- Ing operation. Companies from Bellflower. Norwalk, Downey nnd Artcsla answered the call, Haniikkah : Holidays On Long Beach residents of th* Jewish faith Wednesday evening began observance of the Hanukkah holidays. The feast observed for eight days commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian forces under the Greek empire In a war which was fought from 168 B. C. to 165 B. C. war was termed the first battle for religious freedom. Each night of the eight, days an additional candle Is lit until eight candles arc burning In the "mcnorah," an eight-branched candlestick. For adults the observance carries the message of the right of freedom of conscience; lor the youngsters It Is an observance during which they receive gifts each of the eight nights. Lighting of the candles Is In observance of the miracle of A small Jar of holy oil burning for eight days In nnclent Jerusalem's temple while new oil was being made, . - j · ; Marine Stadium Skier Injured . ; " Water Skier Ellis K. Jensen, 28, of Inglewood, was hospitalized at Community Hospital Wednesday after he struck a bridge pile In Marine Stadium while being towed. . . , He suffered possible spinal Injuries and cuts on his left leg and right arm. James V. Lewis, of 1739 247th St.. LomlU. was operating iht Inboard motorbont pulling Jensen. And'-That:IS. Hay! FTRE FIGHTERS play water on more than 700 tons of hay owned S^Nottingham,MO E. Alondra Rd., Norwalk. Fire, of undetermined^origin started In the southernmost of three hay storage sheds.-(Staff.) -

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