Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 23, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1973
Page 21
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Golesburg Reoister-Moil, Golesbura, th*fe itfe several different kinds of {MM which we'll dabble iff, but (tare's only one hard' and-test rule: Don't buy cheap paint. Good paint goes on easier, looks fajHfcr, wears better, cleans better, everything better. At the paint store or hardware store, you'll find two basic types <& paint. The t#t> are wa* ter-aolubte (latex ami acrylic) and solvent-soluble (oil and alkyd). Although it may be unfair, alkyd isn't my choice. I don't think it flows as well or covers as easily as oil paint, yet you still have to use turpentine or a special solvent with it as a thinner and for cleaning up. Advantages For doing it yourself the advantages of water soluble paint are numerous: little, if any, smell; it dries quickly, no lap or brush marks; spatters can be wiped up with a damp cloth; brushes or rollers as well as yourself clean up with soap and waiter. When you buy your paint, have the store put it in their shimmy machine. This mechanical stirring mixes paint well and saves you time and mess. Otherwise, stand the can on its head a day ahead to get the heavy sediment moving. Of the five possibilities — bristle brush, polyfoam brush, pad, roller and spray^-whioh is tlie best to get your job done? Much of the choice depends on what you're going to paint. Generally the slowest is the regular brush or the polyfoam version, the simplest the pad, the fastest the roller, the trickiest the spray. Let's compare. Bristle Brashes As might be expected, good quality will make for a better end result. It pretty much follows that ''natural'' brushes work best with "natural" oi!4>ased paints. Paints, Applicators The synthetic brush coordinates well with w*ter-*>table. The wide, thin, flat brush works well with paint remover and thinner like oil stains, shellac and protective clear plastic coverings over otter finishes. Wide thick brushes are for larger surfaces and areas. These brushes hold a fair amount of paint and put it not too delicately where you aim. The narrower, fat brush is for moldings, window and door details, narrow spots and places where you want control and accuracy. Neat Job You'll do a neat and smooth job all the way if you keep a couple of thoughts rolling around in your head. Don't drown the brush in paint. Dip it about one- third of the length of the bristles. Get rid of the excess by slapping, or dragging against the inside of the paint container, whichever comes naturally. Use light, smooth strokes, and let the paint flow on. When is a paint brush not a brush? When it's one of the relatively new polyurethane foam brushes. They're available in varying widths and designed to throw away. You don't get .brush marks, because there aren't any bristles. But for obvious reasons, it acts as a single unit without the flexibility of the individual bristles, which helps you paint in corners and smoothly along edges. Pads The pad is a cross between a brush and a roller. The texture and consistency of the actual pad is like a soft crew cut with thick foam backing that gives it enough resilience to press in and cover uneven surfaces. You more or less "pulF' paint on. This gismo is not as fast or quite as smooth as a roller, but it doesn't tend to splatter as much. You can buy rollers in various lengths and surfaces. The surfaces range from hard and short like mohair to a soft, fleecy deep lamb's wool. Unlike a brush, it can be "rolled in all directions, up, down, back and forth, diagonally, whichever or all to give the best coverage. There are two drawbacks fc> a roller. The first is that it tends to splatter teensie, teensie freckles of paint around. The other is the roller's inability to get next to a comer, a ceiling line or in small areas. Spray paint is unruly for two reasons: its drift and speed. The drift can be a problem unless you have, or can make, a windless area or one where it doesn't matter where the paint lands. Spread newspapers or a paint cloth at least five feet in all directions. Open any windows that don't directly affect the spray. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) New House Can Have Problems/ A new house is not immune from problems. It may not have the major problems that an old house might have, but it can offer its share of trouble. The first year for a new house is the break-in period. Count on some trouble just as you might with a new car. Major defects should be brought to the attention of the builder. Some minor problems are bound to occur and you should expect them and not worry about them. BUT LEARN the difference between major and minor problems. ; Every new house settles. It can be a little or a lot And you can figure some materials, in the house will shrink while others swell. Houses don't settle evenly. If they did there wouldn't be any problems. The earth under the house will' settle in one area but not another. The result is structural cracks. Hairline cracks around windows' and in corners will not affect the strength of the walls. OTHER MINOR CRACKS will develop as shrinkage occurs in the framing lumber. These will appear in walls and ceilings. / It's a process that could go on for several years. Ignore hairline cracks, but not large ones. The hairline cracks won't hurt anything and can be left until you are ready to redecorate, then can be filled with spackling compound before painting. Large cracks, bigger than a pencil, are not normal. Neither are cracks in the foundation. ..Call these to the attention of the builder. DOORS and windows will sweirin warm, humid weather. Resist the temptation to sand, file or plane and don't insist the builder do it. A light sanding may be in order but remember that the wood will shrink back to normal and excess wood taken off will leave doors and windows loose, r The air gets drier in the winter and will cause hairline cracks in the floor boards. This is normal. If the floors were to tight it would buckle during hot, humid weather. Doors that warp so badly you can see daylight through one side or that won't close properly are major defects and not your problem. Wood floors that buckle or in which gaps open indicate inferior lumber or bad workmanship. WATER SEEPAGE through basement walls and floors should be called to the build- continued on Page 22), NEED SIDING? We install all kinds, vinyl, steel & aluminum. Guaranteed to meet or beat all prices. EVEN THOSE SPECIAL PRICES. Call us, we will not call you. PREMIUM 30 DISTRIBUTOR: J A J CONSTRUCTION P.O. Box 329 Galesburg Phone 342-5758 CONVERT OPEN AREAS INTO Howmet Fairhaven Patio Covers Enjoy the outdoors as it should be! Howmet patio covers offer custom styling in a broad range of colors and ornamental columns to match any home exterior. Add a touch of brightness to patios with Howmet's exclusive VeeLite rigid-vinyl structural panels. Your home becomes more beautiful, . , more liveable . . , and property values go up with Howmet patio covers. Call us today for a free estimate. OPEN: FRI. NIGHT TIL 9 m All DAY SAT, 8 AM - 5 PM Met 1 SOME MAJOR PROBLEMS LARGE CRACKS^ IN FOUNDATION WIDE GAPS IN on n n WARPED DOORS BASEMENT WALL WATER SEEPAGE Women Helping On Big Projects More women "handymen" are taking on major home remodeling jobs, projects once assigned to the man of the house, according in Judy Johnson, home improvement director for the manufacture of Marlite paneling. . "The media has done much to convince women of their capabilities in traditionally masculine handicraft areas," Mrs. Johnson said. "Women seem to be counteracting the negative influence of being barred from 'shop' in high school." MRS. JOHNSON said that other areas of the building materials industry would see increased sales to women, but at a slower pace. Designer products, especially those interesting in texture, color and pattern, will enjoy most rapid growth of sale to women, she predicted. "Paneling a wall is decorative and creative, areas where women have always excelled. Given a few successes with such relatively simple 4 tasks, many women will tackle larger projects," she said. ORIGINAL WALL graphics should not be reserved for the very artistic. The home craftsman can use colorful wall paneling, creatively applied, to achieve a contemporary ^"graphic" wall. The popuar rainbow effect is possible with Marlite's 16" .wide designer planks, with tongue-and-grooved edges for easy application. Nine contemporary tones — from hot to cool — make limitless patterns possible. A "graphic" wall might display two colors — or six — arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in a combina- (Continued on Page 22) MAKE A MISTAKE ABOUT A YEAR AGO? It's net too lat. to gat a MIRACLE WATER REFINER LN SwtiMr Tho Mlracl. Man ... and... GET HAPPYI "RENT or BUY What* You Got Sorvlco' 411 N. HENDERSON Phone 3424188 Everywhere You Look There's A WHITE ROOF 342-0185 LENNOX Hesidential and commercial ducted systems. Electric, gas, oil Conversions. electronic a t r cleaners, humidifiers. U a a t pumps, air conditioning. Complete TOTAL COMFOHT systems or add -on units by factory- trained crews, Prompt service aU makee. Free estimates. "WHERE TO CALL" Ring Sheet Metal I Heating 21) Grove St.. KnoxWUe, III. •1441 Phone 219-4111 LENNOX HEATING SYSTEMS Nothing Looks As Fresh As Now Point NOTICE TO GAIESBURO RESIDENTS! I am still engaged to the painting and decorating business — For reliahiUty, neatness and gi*d workmanship, call u* today. 342-6550 — OR — 343-6562 BILLY MOE DIOJRATIN© 1273 I. FREMONT — Galesburg, III. Ventilating tans Keep Bunk Beds Free Area in Bedroom Bunk beds built into a corner of a child's bedroom along two walls free floor space for playing and offer a storago bonus. THE LOWER BUNK will fit under a window along one wall, utilizing often wasted floor space, and the top bunk is attached at a right angle along the other wall. Under the projection of the upper bunk, storage shelves and a clothes closet are built in to further conserve space. Bunk beds are built easily in place, using 4x4-inch western wood corner posts, 2x4-inch framing and board shelves. Louver wood doors allow air circulation in the closet. Even if only one child occupies the room, the extra bunk permits him to have a friend stay overnight, or his room can become a guest room when needed. CHOICE OF WOOD siding material and applications for a house should depend on size and design of the patricular model. Single-story homes arc most effective with vertical sidings, although horizontal sidings can be used to emphasize low, sweeping lines. Horizontal lap siding' de- emphasizes verticals in two- story designs, and splitlevels look best in horizontal clapboard coverings. A DINING ROOM buffet for serving and storing dishes, linens and silver can be built in, adding a custom look to the room. Simple box construction of 2x4-inch western wood is framed in any dimension, to suit proportions of the room and amount of storage space desired. NEW YORK (UPI) - If your guests can tell you'had onions for dinner, or that your husband's smoking'cigars again; if there are times you just have to throw open,all;the windows, no matter that it's dead of winter, or that the air conditioning is laboring to keep out a heatwave—give some thought to ventilating fans. - r . u Choosen and installed properly, in rooms where there is an odor or moisture problem, or where heat bUilc& .up, ventilating fans can keep air circulating and keep it .sweet and fresh. CHARLES KENNEY, who concerns himself with, residential ventilating products at Scovill ManuflacturinglCim- pany's NuTone Division in Cincinnati, suggests ventilating fans for: —Kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, where heat and airborne odors, grease, smoke, as well as moisture, are a problem. —Basements, which may be underground with poor natural ventilation and the likelihood of dampness. —Attics, where air often is stagnant and summer temperatures soar. . —Rooms, such as family rooms, where people congregate for parties and smoke and heat may be a problem. , ' —WORKSHOPS and hobby rooms, garages, whqre air may contain pollutants that not only are unpleasant butmay be dangerous as well, such as certain sprays, fumes-'from paints, solvents and adhesives, and carbon monoxide.; ; • Kenney says there are two basic types of ventilating,fans. One is mounted inside the room on the wall or in the ceiling, and can be included in combination with a light or-with a light and supplementary heat source. There also are tafrrior mounted wall or roof units which leave completely^ silent the room where the ventilator is located. •»»: He says: "Location is the key to proper use of a ventilating fan. Ideally, a built-in wall or ceiling fan should be placed directly across the room from on incoming'supply of air, such as a doorway. The moving air will ventilate" the entire room as it is drawn through the exhaust fan to the outside." KENNEY WARNS against "short-circulating of air movement. This is particularly true in bathrooms where tub and toilet areas should lie in the path of the air movement as it travels to the exhaust. Short-circuting, he explains, means the air cuts a corner instead of venting the entire roOjhV. Attic fans can be particularly valuable. "An attic ip^ing fan placed on the roof," Kenney says, "circulates air through the attic by bringing it in through openings in caves, overhang or gables." << "This results in more evenly balanced temperatures throughout the home, and protects building materials from deteriorating effects or excessive heat and moisture," Kenney says. "Air conditioning equipment operates less frequently and for shorter periods of time. With such a fan, ttte whole house, air conditioned or not will stay more comfortable." IN THE KITCHEN Kenney explained a range hood, that has a tunneling actions is superior to a wall or ceiling- fan. One type of range hood Is: -Ducted, with built-in power unit; will exhaust smoke, odore, greas-ladcn air, moisture and some heat. SAVE ON OUR SUMMER SALE SIDING OFFER! Moke Your House New Again COMPETITION MAY COPY US BUT THEY CAN'T MATCH US IN PRICT, QUALITY AND SERVICE One of Illinois largest siding contractors. . . No Extras . . Prices include material and labor! Take advantage of sales prices now! Competition may copy us but they can't match us in price, quality & service. i in < ALUMINIZE YOUR HOME | ALL FOR THE PRICE OF SIDING ALoftt? Stop pointing and unnecessary home repairs. Top quality rigid- ized aluminum in a choice of decorator colors, insulates, save money on fuel bills protects and beautifies your home. INCLUDES: • ALUMINUM SIDING • LABOR • INSULATION • ANY HOUSE A LABOR UP TO 1,000 SO. FT. LIMITED OFFER - 5 DAYS ONLY! Call Collect Ph. 797-2234 COMPLETELY INSTALLED Nu-Side Improvement Co. Phone 797-2234 1505- 16th Avenue MOLINE, ILL. TcOME i I MAIL I COUPON I • 1 PHONE ^TODAY NU-SIDE Improvement Company 1505 16th Ave., Moline, III. 61205 1 Name -~'| Address - Phone City State

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