The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1956 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1956
Page 15
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Since Bridey Murphy • slatted talking out of the 1 past through the voice of a present day woman there's been lots of convetsa* tion about reincarnation. In fact it's getting to be quite a fad to speculate on whose soul has been where and during what age. However, this " • - .transmigration „ _____ _____ from new for one of the Buddhist's oldest beliefs is that a man, according to his deeds may be • reincarnated among the evil spirits in hell, as an animal, a ghost, a man or, if he has been very virtuous, as an inhabitant of the seven realms of one -of Heaven. Plato was real definite about reincarnation. He said each soul draws its destiny by lot but if that lot determines that he shall be a king, for instance, the choice as to whether he shall be a good or a bad king rests with himself. Plato worked out his theory in a series of seven steps. The soul which has* seen the most of the truth • gets to be born again as a philosopher. This opinion may have been colored a little by the fact that Plato was himself a philosopher. The second degree is being born as a righteous king and the third best—hold on to your hats—is being born as a politician! Fourth comes being born as a gymnast or a physician, next as a prophet, sixth as a poet and lowest of all, being born as a tyrant. Now, although I had to look up all the foregoing information so that I could sound real learned, I do know something about reincarnation from personal experience. It was all because,of my great-uncle Charlie. ITricle Charlie departed this world on the very day I was born. As his spirit wafted out, it passed mine coming in and because of this, Uncle Charlie's wife, Aunt Gustie always maintained that an exchange took place and his soul stayed on in my body. However, I've always felt more like myself than like Uncle Charlie. * * * It's pretty weird to be told that y.ou are running around with a second-handed soul, and it can raise a pretty neat set of problems. If I got Uncle Charlie's soul what happened to the one that was supposed to go in my body? So 'far as I know, he was a pretty, but how can I tell which stains on our mutual soul are his and which are mine? I've kept quiet about this reincarnation of mine, but if Bridey Murphy can get into the papers with it so can I. And, though I always considered Aunt Gustie a little teched in the head on the subject, maybe she was thinking a couple of decades before her time. Anyway she's been gone many years herself now and if, in the Great Beyond, she found Uncle Charlie with his soul missing she can say she knew all the time who's got it. * * * Students of the Theory of rein' carnation seem to pretty well agree that you don't get your druthers when your soul picks a new body to inhabit. But if there should be such a thing as being choosy in this department next time around I'm going to pick somebody real rich, real smart and real'good-looking. I wouldn't want to waste my time as another Bridey Murphy and I certainly would think up a more euphonious name. And in my next reincarnation I'm going to By Grandma 1 don't mean any ancestor of mine not- any one Grandma in particular. I'd want to be that sterling, strong, angelical and, I suspect, largely mythical character who is always getting tdssed up to us modern gals „ —The woman of the •, Good Old theory of the Days. There was a super being of souls is far for you. Grandma didn't have 1/16 of the new fangled appliances that you and I have, but her household always ran smooth as silk. She cooked gourmet's - dream meals on her old black cobk stove or an open fire place, she spun her linsey-woolsey and stitched it up into clothes for the whole family. She knitted socks, churned her own butter, made the soap and stuffed a whole mountain of feather beds. She had nine or ten babies, had a half hour or so of complete bed rest after the birth of each of them and then went out to milk the cows and slop the pigs. For relaxation she got out the family blunderbuss and popped off a few marauding Indians. » * » I'm a liiile sick of Grandma and her prowess and if I can get myself hypnotized like Bridey Murphy's soul mate, I'm going to go back and check up on her. The tales of her prowess are wonderful, indeed, but I wonder just how many of them have ripened and expanded during, alf the years of the telling about them. We gals uf today keep plenty busy too, and if I get my chance I'm going to go back to Grandma and give her an earful of all the things we do and see it we modern homemakers and mothers aren't made of just as stern stuff as Grandma! » * * •• • She had her wash tub instead of ah automatic laundry but she didn't have to stop washing every Monday afternoon and go lead a troop of Brownies or Cub Scouts. Grandma whipped up her bread from starter instead of having it delivered all neatly sliced but I wonder if she had to do much catering for the Youth Club, the Ladies Aid or the Lodge Supper. Grandma bathed herself, Grandpa and the kids in a tin tub but I'll bet none of the family got washed, down all over more than once a week. * • * * Grandma could and did darn socks instead of throw them away, She ' tatted edgings, i embroidered * doilies • and '• knitt.ed shawls. What else could 'she do with her spare time? She didn't have TV. i;il bet she didn't go to night school at the high school, do her own slip covering or bake any ceramics. She didn't have to study up on the political issues of the day or feolicit election funds. * * * Grandpa did the voting and if Grandma expressed opinions on politics she was frowned upon as being a bit unladylike. Grandma sent the kids to school to learn their three R's and the halls of learning were strictly the school mom's department. She didn't go in her conferences, didn't check up on the newest methods of learning to read nor did she bother with sending refresh- I THESE WOMEN! By <fAfes»b 1 "I hope the repairs won't cost more than cookie jar full of pennies 1" be, Not Grandma. Uncle Charlie, but Get FREE TICKETS To "Farm & Home" Stage Show At Our Store MYCIN* CMort»tr«cy«lln», f.nlcllltn, N*«> RUSK DRUG ments or calling parent's meetings as Room Mother. * * * And it sounds to me as if it was easier for Grandma to hold her husband's interest than it is for the wives of today. Grandma hadn't heard anything about incompatibility in those days and if Grandpa didn't like the companionship he was getting he could lump it for they promised to stick till death parted them and they took it for granted they were stuck with it. There was none of that stuff about keeping your youth, pinning up your hair, wearing flattering make-up, exercising and dieting to preserve your love life that all the magazines hand us nowadays. I guess there just wasn't much danger of Grandpa getting loose. If he did amble down to the saloon for a short beer, at least he was comparatively safe. » * » I will grant you that Grandma led a rugged life, but then so does her present-day great- granddaughter. I'm not angling to trade places permanently with Grandma but if this reincarnation business ever gets perfected so it works backwards, I'm going to check up on her. I'll ask her if she thinks we have it any better than she did. And I'll come back and -give you the low-down on Grandma. * * * I don't know whai I'd be doing right now for This Week's Recipe if it weren't for that contest this OW'.ROOUK Q*t ROTO-RCJOTER OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MILLIONS Of HDMW Cowan's Roto-Rooter Serv, On» Year Quuranta, Phon« Algona 980 — COLLECT paper ran last summer and early fall. I've got a whole pack of food ideas, but I'd like to have you write to me and give me Some more. But for this week We're back with the'contest again with a recipe for Chinese Delight from Mrs W. A. Hammond, Wesley. It's good for lenlen meals or for any other time. 1 can of salmon (pink or red) 1 can small-sized peas 1 can tomato soup 1 cup cooked rice Flake the salmon with a fork and take out the bones. Add the jeas, liquid included. Pour over ;his the tomato soup. Lastly add :he cooked rice. Dot with butter ind add salt and pepper fo taste. Jake in a casserole for 45 minutes n a slow oven. —GRACE. . Former Business Man, Swea City, Dies In Arizona Swea City—Word has been received of the death of a one time Swea City, business man, Pay Lord, 'which occurred at' Me'sa, Ariz., on Feb. 8. He had been hospitalized two days earlier. Mr Lord, former manager of the Citizens Service Oil Company here, leaves a wife, a daughter, Mrs J. H. Bruns (Beth) of Geneva, la., and two granddaughters. Friends here received the news in a long-distance telephone,message from a sister of ^tr,,Lord's who was visiting'.in Mesa.'-v>No particulars of the: cause of death were given. Mr Lord is thought to have been in his sixties.' James Anderson, son of Mr and Mrs Roy Anderson, has accepted a position as radio mechanic with Braniff Airlines at Dallas, Texas. He recently completed a course in radio communication systems in a . New York City school. He left for Dallas this week to begin work. Mrs Edward Hammond of • Grant township was hospitalized ' UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends at Holy Family hospital, Estherville, this week. She was brought home Sunday, . . Mr and Mrs Wm. Brock will hold open house at their farm home on. Thursday, Feb. 23, on the occasion'of their 40th wedr ding , anniversary. Friends are invited to call between' 2 and 4 p.m. and from 7 to 9 in the ever oing. The Brock children, Mir and Mrs Wallace Johnson, Mr and Mrs Irvin Johnspn of Ledyard, and, Mr .and 'Mrs James Brock 6t Buffalo Center, are sponsoring the v e'vent. The engagement of Dorothy Ann Marie ZieSrke of Elmore, Minn, to Dean E. Zielske of Swea City has bee.h announced by Mr and Mrs Albert Zierke of Elmore. Her fiance is a son of Mr and Mrs Alfred Zielske of Swea City. No date has been set for the wedding. Mr and Mrs Mervin Johnston are parents of a daughter, Theresa Lee,i born Feb. 13. at Holy Family hospital, Estherville. The Johnsons also have a son, Douglas. Mr and Mrs Leroy Busch and daughter; have moved from the Tweeton apartments to .the house vacate'd; by. Mr and '; Mrs Allen Bell, who left recently to make their home in Kingman, Ariz. Mr and Mrs Harold Krantz, Dr. and Mrs R.' F. Snyder and the Wm. Wiemers of Ledyard spent Thursday in Des Moines attending ceremonies at the consistory where Wm. Mather Jr. took advanced Masonic j degrees. Mr and'Mrs .Leonard Appel- qiaist have moved t intp their new- ly'completed home in the south part of towri. Their former home will be occupied by the Richard Wasmoon family. New Yard Manager Livermore •— Henry Strunc, who has been manager of the Thompson .Yards here for several years, has been appointed manager of the Thompson Yards at Bancroft. He and his family will soon move to Bancroft. WHAT MAKES MINRAL MEAL A Favorite With Feeders? • Top Quality Ingredients • All The Proper Ingredients • The Results You Always Get • The Plus Factors In This Feed • The Quick and Right Finish You Get 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag - All At One Low Price On Sale Alt? At Algon* FUm* & Fwd Co, Sargent & Co f< rtmmu Wins Homemaker A ward Pin In National Contest Lakota — Miss Carol Winter, above, is the Winner of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award in the Ledyard school and will be entered in competition to name Iowa's candidate for the title of All-American Homemaker of Tomorrow. The high school winners received a pin. Carol was awarded a trip to Chicago last fall for her long time record book for her health record in the Lakota Luckies 4-H Club, of which she is president. Carol is a senior in the Ledyard high school, takes part in vocal music and is manager of the girls basketball team. She takes an active part in the choir work in the Presbyterian church at Lakota. Wm. Ukena, 83 William Ukena, lifetime resident of Lakota, celebrated his 83rd birthday Sunday, Feb. 12, at his home'. The'following people were guests: Mr and Mrs Edward Weise and Mr and Mrs Henry Ennen of Elmore; the Geo. Ennens, Vance Lesters, O. J. Rippentrop, the John Ukenas ,and Mr and Mrs Holland Kollascn of Bancroft. Jerry Ukena returned home yesterday after being hospitalized for a number of days. The Ledyard Township Homemakers Club met at the home of Mrs Henry Steenhard recently. Mrs Ted Wallentine was assistant hostess. Mrs Mary Telkamp and Mrs Elso Jansen gave the lesion. Mr and Mrs Donald Winter of Elmore were honored with a pantry and tool shower at. the iome of Charles Gutknecht last week. A large number of guests spent the evening socially. Robert Beemer underwent maj- )r surgery at the Buffalo Center lospital, recently. Joe Rippentrop, accompanied py Donald Rippentrop of Albert Jea, and Mrs George Ennen Jrove to Des Moines to visit their jrother and family, Marcus Rippentrop. The Presbyterian Women's Or- ;anization met Thursday, Feb. 23 at 2:30 p.m. in the church parlors with Gerievieve Hoeppner,- Jo Jansen and Elsie Ruby as hostesses. , Sunday supper guests at the Ronnld Heetland home were O J. Rippentrop, George Ennen, Patricia and Margaret. Francis Steenberg of Elmore and Mr and Mrs Wayne Heetland and family. Mr and Mrs Bill Bauinan and family, Mr and Mrs Paul Gelhaus of Ledyard; Mr and Mrs Vernon Smith and family and Mr and Mrs J. C. Blome called on the Arlowe Blomes Saturday night. It was in honor of the Arlowe Blome's fifth wedding anniversary. Tuesday, February 28, 1956 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 Union Aletheans The. Union Aletheans met Feb. 13 with Jeanette Bjustrom. Roll call was answered by 12 members. The annual 4-H day in Algona was discussed. A committee was appointed to prepare the exhibit. A demonstration was given by Jeanette Bjustrom, and a talk by Betty Thilges. Lunch was served by the hostess. KEEP TOUR JIWE1RY HERCULES® CLOSET VAULT® You may just as well... if you don't care about the threat of fire or theft. But x>r those who do, may we suggest a Meilink- built Hercules Closet Vault? This Thermo-Cel steel insulated unit gives certified protection against fire, and it Is theft- resistant. Speaking of shoe boxes, this vault takes up no more space than four on a closet shelf. Installation? So simple til it takes is a hammer and a screw driver. Drop in and see it today. No. CV911B $49.25 13" H. x 14'/ z " W. x 8" D. UPPER DES MOINES OFFICE SUPPLY DEPT. Phone 1100 Algona Seneca Saddle Officers Name^l Directors of the Seneca Saddle Club held lh«*ir first meeting of 1956 Monday night, Feb. 13, at the Everett William home. Present at the miicting were Mr and Mrs Dnve Lyjrich, Mr and Mrs Loren Bell and son, Mr and Mrs Joe Lynch, Mu- and Mrs Elmer Witham, Jug ! Garmann, Eddie and Edwin Stiittelman and Rich- ard Fox. The directors elected officers for the term of one year: Dave Lynch, president; Joe Lynch, vice president; and Eleanor Witham, secretary - treasurer. It was decided to hold the monthly meeting on the first Monday of the month. After the meeting was adjourned, cards were played and lunch was served by Mr and Mrs Elmer Witham. President James Madison was a graduate of Princeton. SAVE 25% TODAY! In ELGIN S First Trade nSave Event! TRADE ELCINS your old watch regardless off age, make, or condition on these Exciting NEW lORITTA.Soimallltillpi through a ring. Regularly $3775 With Tradi-ln $29.81 PENROD. Smart iquare ilyling. With Hodley ixponilon band. Rtgularly $47.75 With Trad.-ln $37.31 LOR6 ELGIN WESTWOOO. 21 |«wel«. UK gold Riled can. Rtgularly f 69.50 With Trade-in $67.13 Only »| down-' I a week OFFER FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY i WILTGEN JEWELERS 110 E. State Algona FIGURE IT THIS WAY! For as little as 95 cents a week more than you'd pay for a small hardtop in the "lowest price field"—you can step up to the biggest, best looking, most luxurious hardtop in the "medium price field"... the Dodge Coronet V-8 Lancer! "four King Size Buy-by far! '56 DODGE Coronet Here is the value that will change your idea about "price class." The King Size Dodge Coronet actually brings you more length, looks and [uyury, more big car roominess and big car ride, than other cars in the "medium price field" —even those costing a thousand dollars more! Yet, the exciting news is this! For all its size, comfort, performance and style, the King Size Dodge Coronet is priced right down with the lowest. In fact, you can own a Dodge Coronet V-8 Lancer hardtop for only about 95 cents a week more than the same body style in the small car field. Why settle for a small car when a new '56 Dodge Coronet brings you so much more for so little more! And why settle for a "stripped down" model of one of the medium priced cars when a full-size, full-styled, full-powered Dodge Coronet can be yours for kss.' There's a full line of Dodge Coronets to choose from: 2-door and 4-door sedans, 2-door and 4-door Lancer hardtops, and a dashing convertible. Come in and see the Dodge Coronet today. Size It up with others In the medium price field for T Car "IT Car "0" Cor "P" Dodge is 6.9 inches longer Dodge is 5.6 inches 'longer Dodge is 7.7 inches longer Dodge is 6.4 inches longer Price It a?«jilnst small cars In the "low price field" Car "C" Dodge is 14.5 inches longer Car "F" Dodge Is 13.5 inches longer Yet Dodge costs only $4.11 a month more (less than 95 cents a week!)* More farroov front and rear) More ni'prooro front and rear I Wide/ dot/if Greater steering whee/ clearance/ Mort rear dndt (paces' New '56 Dodge b bigger buide and outl Lookt Uggerr ttdw blgaerl I, bigger! •Compering price of Dodge V-8 Coronet Lancer against average price of tame body ityle of the ""low price 3." Price difference baled on 24-month financing aftei V4 down payment. Push-button driving ' and record-breaking performance! At a touch of your finger, you command the greatest performing car on the road today— bar nonet The new '56 Dodge shattered every record in the book — including world records held by foreign cars— in its 14-day official run on Bonneville Salt Flats. The '56 Dodge V-8 holds more records than all other American cars combinedl .,. . . • t , . • Valv9 Ltadle "' "• forward look • Dodge Dealers present: Danny Thomas in "Make Room for Daddy," Bert Parks in "Break the Bank," The Lawrence Welk Show-all on ABC-TV- PERCIVAL MOTORS - 800 S. Phillips Street

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