Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California on October 31, 1955 · Page 13
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Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1955
Page 13
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NAA Develops Swift Computer LOS ANGELES (IUU--North American Aviation Inc. Sunday night announced that Its missile and control equipment operations unit has developed an airborne digital computer In which transistors replace conventional vacuum tubes. " The company said the computer automatically and continuously prcccsscs In-flight data. It can solve numerous mathematical problems in one second. Miniaturization techniques permit the use of some' 1,000 transistors Instead of vacuum tubes. : Wild Blue Yomfcr ;Cal E. Ocun Blvd. JJEmloekJ-4209J NOW -- OPEN NOON -- 85c 'TIL 2 P. M. THE GIRL IN THE RED VELVET SWING OIMO MASeo ee* Plus--'Action and Suspense "The Killer's Kiss" IMPERIAL ph. HE 6-3973 %!."£** ^ SPEC^HAUOWEEN TQN|TE ] ] ^Q Van Johnson Enjoys Roles With Real 'Things to Saf By EKSKINE JOHNSON fill fill MO -19 3NOW Doors Open 5:45 P. M. THE TALL MEM CINEMASCOPE .' COtOI k» 01LUXI ,,. JAM .totarr E RUSStU RUN . IMIOMIA FI.KMIXO I-AUTXEH" -- Tia.'ii.Nicoum PERCHED on the noso ol a. Jol lighter, screen and TV actress Darlene Engle shows the charms which won her tho title ol Miss Air Force Reserve. She will represent the Long Beach Air Base in the Veteran's Day Parade here on Nov. 11. Navy Icebreaker Leaves Boston for Antartica HOLLYWOOD . (NBA) ·· -- Behind the Screen: Van Johnson, onetime song-and-dance man and 1945 romantic delight of the bobby soxers ('Too Many Girls"), has joined the "too m a n y 'drinks" set In a role that's Oscar bait Beaming over his part of an a l c o h o l i c es caped convict in "Bottom of the Bottle." Van t o I d me between scenes of Johnson the Fox film: "It's a role with' more 'stuff than I've had In 14 years." And that, he said, included "The Calne Mutiny" which he admits "changed the whole track of my career." As Van tells it: "You're only as good as what comes out of your mouth. Until then I was mostly a hey-hey boy. Maybe .it was because I wasn't ready for the good parts. But ever since 'Caine', I've had roles with things to say. That's what counts." There's been only one blusher, says Van, In his last six flickers. He played a western hero in "The Siege at Red River" and he's still chuckling: ' ·I was the fnttest cowboy I've ever seen. I looked like Jack Oakie. I started dieting the day 15 Wampas Baby Stars Appointed · HOLLYWOOD W--The 1950 Wampas baby stars were announced officially Sunday In a revival of a selection which was last given the Hollywood treatment 25 years ago.' Unofficially, the names of 14 winners leaked out Saturday night. Sunday It developed that there are 15 with Donna Cooke, 9, Los Angeles, added to the list. In addition to Miss Cookc, they are: Phyllis Applegate, 22, Sim Bernardino; Jolcne Brand, 21 Baldwin Park; Roxanne Arlcn 21, Hollywood and formerly o Detroit; Fay Spain, 21. Phoenix Ariz.; Dawn Richard, 18, Log An geles; Jewell Lain, 24. Indianapolis; Doreen Stevens, 21, Atlantic City; Norma Nllsson, 18, Los An geles; Barbara Marks, 22. So" THE INDEPENDENT--Page 13, MB ixxH. felir, MM* Otf. 31, 1»JI · Dlcgo; Llta Milan, 21, New York City; Dell-Fin Thursday, 20, Honolulu; Ina Poindcxtcr, 23, Covlncton. Tcnn.; Barbara Huffman, 21, Tucson, Ariz., and Violet tensing. 24. Berlin, Germany. COMING TO THE. CABART DOORS OPEN 12 NOON NOW History's Greatest Epic /...On the Screen at Last! S1LVANA MANGANO DOUGLAS BOSTON UP)--The USS Edisto, sturdy Navy icebreaker, pulled out of her berth at the Boston naval shipyard annex Sunday and embarked on a six-month expedition to Antarctica. The Edisto Is one of nine ships which will rendezvous In the Ant- I arctic as task force 43 In support of extensive studies to be carried lout under the International Geo- I physical Year program, a world ·wide research effort. · · · * ABOARD the icebreaker were f--NOW AT BOTH THEATRES!-i Long Beach Drive-In S 6YFTIAN OMN HE 6-W7 SC At NOON HUMPHREY O. OINl §OOA«t * TIIRNfY In CI«omaSoo mud Cel«r ·THE LEFT HAND OF GOD' JCAM .i. JIFF CRAWFORD " CHANOUR 'FEMALE ON.THE BEACH' JiHl t-1001 All ClfiomoSfopo ond Color Show William HOlDIN.Jormlfor JONIS "LOVE IS A MANY- SPLENDORED THING" -- Plui -Aim lADD-Jun. AILYSON "The McCONNELL STORY" 317 I. OCIAN- Ht 7-1347 ! WARDIOW ml SANTA FI TC 4-6434 some 200 officers and men nnd 11 Alaskan huskies, trained for sled work. On tho ship's weather deck were two "weasels," specialized snowmobiles and an enclosed caterpillar--part of the snow transportation system. Also aboard were two helicopters, the largest ever to operate from an icebreaker; skis, sleds, cold-weather c l o t h i n g , scientific equipment, cameras, film, and other photographic materials. Enough food to feed the crew for eight months was stored, although the cruise is expected to end in May. A 25 per cent increase in rations will be allowed each man, to combat the ravenous appetites acquired in the frozen lands. Chapel at Airport , NEW YORK un--Ul« Idlewild Airport has a Catholic chapel of its own. The just dedicated flat-topped structure with an aluminum cross cost 5225,000 to build. It grew from tho dream of Catholics working at tho airport, whoso Catholic Guild has 1,500 members. VAN JOHNSON He's Serious Now 5-Day Week in Belgium BRUSSELS UPI--Belgian work era arc getting a 5-day, 43-hou week under an agreement signed this weekend. They had u -working n hours. WEDNESDAY IN PERSON OHN AY MENTAL1ST Ml INtWIII TOUI MOIt MltONAl OMIIIIll IO«U»0.llM''l»»"l'"»'l ·*· NOWI Rlvoll Opens Noon. 50c '»!! 5 * Townt Opens Phone: HE 6-3207 AMtHICAN N t A R F I F T H OWNS m- p^n.CA2-122t . A T I A N T I C nl i AN A N I O after the preview and lost 20 pounds. And I'm keeping it lost' · · », * DEAN "MARTIN'S STARTED _ big reconciliation campaign to win back his Jeanne. Pals describe him as " a b s o l u t e l y crushed" about her demand for a legal separation . . . Glna Lol- lobriRida's being paged to heat up the celluloid again as the Queen of Sheba In "Solomon and Sheba." If the deal Jells, the film will be made In Italy . . . Rock Hudson's still troubled by an injured leg llRament, hurt during filming of "All That Heaven Allows." He's checking In for treatment with a medic. ·ILLFLOWEH . MMMOUHT IUIIU IHM ItlHIiMl IM. TO M4II T Clllll it CiM--Hiw It II V«rr, Viry ··iilir COMf TON-LrN WOOD AMIR. HTM L. I. 111'. H I-'**! "lit," «rtirt»-U?lu §···» MIIUTA, Dlwur TOJ1I MMi LMI »ilMwi Tllit-W|U tf Miitir SAN KDRO-WILMtNTOM OJMNGE COUMTf LOS ALTOS and HLWAY 37 DRIVE-INS START or 7 P. M. K EXPOS0) in LIFE, LOOK SAT EYE. POST! ^ Now The Year's Greatest Ureen t r- CO- Km "BOBBY WARE IS MISSING" ARIHUR KENNWHNHODIAK KAIYJURADO.wuiuins 2nd Feature el Both Thcalrat J«it»h COTTIK 'Snaelal Delivery' T R A N D-5 Coder « Plk» · n. HI In ClimnoSiopo and Color Richard WIDMARK -- louron IACAII. "THE COBWEB" Virginia MAYO -- Donnll MORGAN x . "Pearl t .i So, Pacific" In Color ANY TIME £11111 I I I M U I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I b - LADIES FREE | TILL 9 O'CLOCK I NOWI Stote Opens Noon. 50c 'HI 5 * CIrcte Shim of Htt, twM «r»it HtluiXI «wy--FiMb lllll I. »tr«Mt fl 4.IMI 4 I-- FlriBii Im Mr Unlit I Flmt. Tt I-illl I Ai(»l»-- Ult (····· . till limit » l-IItl ,, ,,.. fnm Iwtitk lk» li» trnlira Wltk At»«U Inli ini4 1. wutiittM. mmiw t-- TIM-AII MM Win it in M 4-im ir--H»»k»f'» Hint AIM IADD -- V. MAYO -"IRON MISTRESS HE 5-3022 DOORS OPIN 10 A. M. 'til e P. M. III. fun. A Hoi. JMM. DRU -- Uyll HATWARD "DUFFY OF SAN QUENTIN" Victor McLACLEN BENGAZI ft f»II PARKING Alter 6 ·. m. Dolly All On i«t. A Sulk Mich..! O'lHIA -- Wthwd tAJJMARt FIXED BAYONETS" NOW! OPENS 5:30 NOW. OPENS 6:1C NOW PLAYING VistaVisIon In Color Juno AILYSON Alen l*DD · Jun» » " ' « ' ' ' _ _ ,, HE McCONNELL STORY" Doimll MOROAN Hoefly's many satisfied customers often accuse us of playing · tricks. They say no charcoal broiled steak could be that appetizing. They insist only kitchen witchery could serve up such tantalizing prime ribs. Well, that's a trick that Hoefly's has been performing for over a quarter- century -- serving our customers a real treat in fine food -and drink. You'll also enjoy the unique atmosphere of Hoefly's and the original musical style of Bob Moreau Sonoma. Come here for your Halloween dinner. Enjoy a trick and a treat at Hoefly's. ON THE NU PIKE--LONG BEACH AMUSEMENT ZONE TONIGHT A GRAND HALLOWEEN DANCE | NOISE MAKERS 1 FUN--FROLIC FOR ALL--BIGGER AND BETTER = THAN EVER = YOU HAVE TRIED ALL THE REST § NOW TRY THE VERY BEST ' | DANCE ON THE LARGEST SPRING FLOOR IN THE WEST § DANCE AND BE YOUNG AT HEART TO THE MUSIC OF flKEUJOOO 5-2.530 JGA John PATNI -- ALonerRIIMAN "ROAD TO DENVER" In COLOR OPEN 6115 FREE PARKING * VISTAVISION * STEREOPHONIC SOUND Humphrey IOOART -- ttmt, IINNITT "WE'RE NO ANGELS In COLOR · I Frankie Gould And His Lido . _ Ballroom Orchestra | NOW DANCING FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY = LADIES FREE TILL 9 P. M. EVERY FRI. AND SUN. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimig CHANOtlllR -- CHANDUHR -- CHaNOIllIR -- CHANDIillR -- CHANDIIIIH -MAIS GUI MONDAY HALLOWEEN PARTY OPIN . ALL NIOH: PALACE 30 PINI AVI.--HI 4-442? 40c Till 5p.m. -- Kldl lOc 50e Ev« and Weekends Always 3 Features WW^-'W^ \JJ, car... mutinous DON MASON!; The Copra Room !; 710 I. (ROADWAY. ]i ^·^·^5 GLENN FORD "MAN FROM THE ALAMO'! ' RUTH ROMAN "SHANGHAI STORY" FRANK SINATRA "SUDDENLY" ' R O A D I U M - I Df.IVI.IN o Ml 3-4»4« irioiiiit ill. RMiinn 1 Ci«iln ADULTS «S« -- 1UNIORS 9St 'AM. umit-Voo Nupiaii "ONE DESIRE" DUl ROlInTtOR-HljTl «TII "TOP OF THE WORLD" 2 BIG COMEDIES! Hunphray -A- Aide BOGART ^ RAY "WE'RE NO ANGELS" [ 2ND IICHNICOIOR HIT Dick -±- Debbie POWELL " REYNOLDS SLEPT HERE 1 1 CINEMASCOPE--COLOR ,, Glenn ·*· Eleanor 3 FORD PARKER ^'interrupted Melody 1 % 2ND TICHNICOLOR HIT fa jtcwart -Jf Jean ^GRANGER SIMMONS ^'FOOTSTEPS T'H". FOG" : DRIVE-IN .THEATRES ' COME A'S"YOU ARC IN THE FAMILY CAR. PROGRAMS START AT 7 P. M. iCAJGON oKHEHr*^ . ^iP*^ Turncadi, CECI JULIAN Broadway Recording Artist and Her BewiTchlng Songs Continental Dinners from S2.25 4205 ATLANTIC AVF, GA 4-3350 ANPILItt -- CrlANotlllR -- CHAHOILI^.-- JHANDILIIR :uU -- CHANOUIIR -- Visit Hoefly's famous Tap Room lor cocktails and entertainment 1 Halloween DANCE Mon. Nile - OCT. 31 ... at THE BIG TOP 138 LOCUST BOZ-O-BOZ and his orchestra The TKASl'RE cf PAHCW VU1A RcbertrvflTCHUM Shelley WINTERS CALNOUN tmuir WINTIRS it ROUND Cosfume or Sfreef Dress FAVORS!!PRIZES!! Featuring . . . , SHANNA and her TONES WED. NITE-FASHION SHOW Pat Blakely Her Models 2727 E. 4th (at Temple) HE 4-7014 ;r T °, "BOBBY WARE IS MISSING"

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