Independent from Long Beach, California on August 14, 1956 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1956
Page 3
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Knight Tells 3-Point Labor ,i. B , M«h, c.nt., T»»., »us. M,-'if36 THE. INDEPENDENT--Page 3 I " ' : · ' -. Gov. Goodwin J. Knight, principal speaker Monday at the California State Federation of Labor convention, pledged a three-point state program to reduce industrial accidents, reexamine minimum wage and hour regulations and institute a spare-time job program for teenagers. Other speakers warned means must be developed to cushion the shock to workers displaced by automation and called for revisions of the Taft-Hartley I^aw and the Davis-Bacon Act. In the forefront of activity during the afternoon business session in Municipal Auditorium was the approval by delegates of revisions in the federation's constitution and of policy state ments. Today delegates will hear addresses by Edward P. Park, California Labor Commissioner; Richard A. McGee, director of the California Department of Corrections; and Daniel V. Flanagan, director of organization, American Federation of Labor. Among resolutions expected to be brought to the convention floor either today or Wednesday is Proposition 4, the oil con- scfvation measure on the Nov. 61 ballot. The State Building Trades Conference, representing 300,000 AFL-CIO union workers in California, by unanimous vote of its steering committee endorsed the proposition Monday. William C. Carroll, secretary of the SBTC, said his group will Sentenced Raymond Rameriz DeLeon, 29, -of Los Angeles, Monday was uiire _ ^ _--, sentenced by Superior Judge Super i 0 r Court. Guilty Plea Entered on Marijuana Charge ·',#" An alleged member of a marijuana selling ring Monday pleaded guilty for the second time to a conspiracy charge in Richard B. Eaton to 'two consecutive 10-year-to-life terms in state prison on armed robbery charges. DeLeon, an unemployed laborer, also was given a concurrent 5-to-10-year term for assault with a deadly weapon. The defendant declined counsel, pleaded guilty to all three as · « » diate sentence., |_ u " ' The assault count stemmed from the July 3 shooting of police Sgt. Thomas Welch when] Norman Sharp, 22, of 1070% will bs sen- He the charge in June but later withdrew the plea. Two'other alleged members go on trial today on two counts ^ of selling marijuana and one of|ig. Gertrude Drummer, 19, of"-1159 E, 19th St., admitted the-.,.conspiracy count in June. .She _^__ was sentenced July 18 to 45 days in the County Jail as a condition of three years- proba'---;. tion. ' r ._ The four allegedly conspired" ~ to sell marijuana cigarets oa".^.- two occasions to narcotics of- ;y? ficers and two female under~-.;J- cover agents who posed as:ad--,fe diets. They were arrested MayJ' conspiracy. They are David Washington, 21, of 1917- Ala- J SEATED at tables .bearing placards of then union organizations, part of the 3,aOO delegates attending the California State Federation of Labor convention here overflow the convention hall floor of Municipal Auditorium.. Addressing vntp lolidlv for- iroposiuon iimun. « « " . - « . - - · when the issue comes before the trend to make mach.rTes do the convention delegates. work of men. ;j _ The proposition has also been endorsed by the presi- of the Long Beach Naval He said automation is "no j the cause of freedom, peace and than a continuation of the social justice- ·- of lull employment, the 'The and "Automation," he said, "can give us greatly improved working conditions and make possible a Assn. higher nal wages and increased nnd 'the heads of three other local labor unions. In return for his three-point program of aid to labor, Gov, Knight asked organized labor to help maintain California's "moderate climate of understanding and appreciation for the rightful aspiration" of both labor and management. he wiU ask purchasing power." "But," he said, "automation will bring increased need for developing means to cushion the shock to displaced workers. "I'm . confident," Webb said, "that labor and management will work out such means." A second afternoon session policy statement said, existence of serious, growing maladjustments In the economy requires Immediate and positive action by both private RTOups and gov- i crnment if another full-Mown recession is to be averted." Of taxation the policy statement said, "Federal action to restore to full operation, the the legislature for a budget jeral spe Ue, Bryan P. Deavers gen president of and the State progressive character of the federal tax structure through the elimination of loopholes, erosions, and leakages in the tax structure favoring the v wealthy, and through the enactment of immediate relief for low and crease the sssr o of an immediate goal of or. «. «· "" ». * · ~~ «ril1 ' T a f t fTflrtlPV ACt WI11UII vvuuiu \HJL La iw vuv«-.- - - - bfke^^^ on minimum wages, hours and i contracts °*°TM ^~ elimin ^ ion wiu continue to press for re- rg* r"c^on^ iof^on^f the act pertain-!vision of the state's regressive groups ^1 \n»^»o« Gov. Knight said he plans to form an advisory committee on teen-age employment "as long ing to open shop or right-to- work laws. Deavers also urged amendments to the with the principle of ability to structure in accordance * bo'r HUU-Jtra j*. »,«*"·-- sacrificed and the adult breadwinner's position in the labor market is not jeopardized. Ernest B. Webb, director of l Act, Of the Taft-Hartley Act and 'pre-determinelsaid "organized labor renews its r · _ , \ t_ _i j.» «._ A »r~ fn-* +Vira niiTnina- wa ? es on federal con-* struction projects. He said coverage under act should be extended to all the nest IX VVCLJU, wiiv*-«". -- ! -California Department of federally assisted . tion of the evils Hartley Act, and the enactment of a sound and fair national LI 1C %^«iiiw*.-- . Industrial Relations, told delegates to the 54th annual convention the population of the tion programs federal money is involved. construe- 'labor relations law based on the wherever \ principles of the Wagner Act (Jl Lll^ i»«%* "--' million provide for fringe benefits And*"he said'"the act should ,§ erv ice Station jjto Give Proceeds Years,"'he^S'thVincrease 1 Iniby~deiegates pertained tojiter-!j o £j r [ f n (^ O ma population will necessitate pro-1national affairs, u ^ m P^j Kenneth R. Wehinger, owne: viding a million and a half m ° re !^" t ; p ,, a ^f t " nd labor legisla- of a Shell service station at Pal: jobs, bringing the state's laboriHartlej, Act ana iaoor iet . _ . ,,_ u _ _ ,.. force to 7% million workers. tion. Based on studies of trends Under in various industries, Webb national »,,^...., --a-that, despite the actions of the p u c s e n . i20th Con £ ress o f t h e Communist California andiParty, Soviet imperialism stiU Day." All proceeds from the day's sales above actual cost of the products and taxes will go into and service industries, in stores, public utilities, construction and public services. ' , But in California a n a|TM TM £ "'^"^ ^ Se^eciarfurJfor the 1^-year- throughout the country, V Webb,threatens the peace 01 ; o]d sPusan wno has la in uncon- said, "jobs will be:af fectefl y p - statcmcnt calls - upon the'scious since her heart stopped, f j hv V that development !". .iUnited States to be prepared to j then was started again, dunng a and by that ae\eiopmei i intensi f v its own offensive in ! tonsilectomy here. Only $ 80 each way on round trip to Hew York -2-abreast seating on speedy DC-6 Air Coat.i ·Available on Monday thru Thursday on round trip excursions to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, completed within 30 days. Fares plus tax r- ; /UNITED! AIR LINES / Wilton Holel and Muniapo/ Airport., Coll HEmlocfc S-74II or call on __ / cutherind Irani os«"'- N. the delegates here is George Roberts, regional head of the AFL-CIO Political Action Committee who f lived the Taft-Hartley Act and what lee, wno ^.yeu^.^ down ,, philos0 phy of the Photo by Bob Shumway.) liquor store holdup. Sgt. Welch was hit in the ankle by a bullet which glanced off a wheel of his patrol car. Of the other suspects, one was sentenced -to state prison last week in San Diego on another robbery -charge, one is awaiting trial here Aug. 31 and one has not been captured. Missouri Picnic Annual summer picnic of the Missouri State Society will be held Aug. 26 in Bixby Park. Moving Car Mrs. Wilma Marie Garriott, 33, of 55 Roswell Ave., Long 'Safety Valve' on Ridge Route* CASTAIC OlE) -- The State£jg Division of Highways K" started work on "safety parking areas for trucks _pn 'ive-mile grade o! the Beach, received major injuries when she.jumped from ah automobile in San Diego, The car, going about 25 or 30 miles an hour, the police report said, was driven by Mrs. Garriott's husband, Guy Kent Garriott, 33, of 12302 22nd St., Artesia. Garriott told investigating officers, they said, that he and his wife had been arguing. v e - m e g Route- where six drivers or run|5 away trucks have been since Jan. 1. ., The parking areas into which.**, ·j, ^-« drivers" can steer ruha-w,ajr^ trucks on the section of U. SJ.H*.. 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