Independent from Long Beach, California on September 15, 1955 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1955
Page 24
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NOW DOORS OPEN 12 NOON MPERIAL by TECHNICOLOR BENNETT- BASIL RATHBONE'LEO 6. CARROLL CO-HIT i ZACHARY SCOn in jfc TREASURE OF RUBY HILLS" ^ COOLED BY REFRIGERATION OiLN 6 H.M. 3nd Fcolur« "A LIFE IN THE BALANCE" With Rieordo i "NOT AS A STRANGER j Shown otJMO, 4:SO_ond 9:00 * FRANK i BRODERICK SINATRA X CRAWFORD A STRANGER" "ONE DESIRE" Anil BAXTER Rook HUDSON Page 24--THE INDEPENDENT long Inch, Collf., ntun,, i*K. 13, « JOHNSON IN HOLLYWOOD Big 4 End Jeep Patrol in Vienna Bob Waterfield Still Colls Signals ior Russ-Field O . VIENNA, Austria (AP) --Vienna's famed postwar international patrol -- t h e four soldiers in a jeep who made history and movies--: came to a formal end Wednesday. An American military policeman, a Russian, a Briton and a Frenchman shook hands in front of the now defunct headquarters of the Sic -Four Allied High Commission, tore out their telephones and symbolically handed over their authority to the Vienna police. For 10 years, soldiers from each of the four occupying powers patroled the capital, ready to intervene in incidents involving troops of the four nations. For seven years they did it in oepn jeeps flying the flags of the Big Four. Three-years ago, they took to sedans, still flying the flags. During the height of the cold war, Vienna was the only place in the world where the four war victors fraternized. They ate chow together in a U. S. army mess. Their functions ended when Austria was granted its freedom recently. By EBSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD (NEA) --'Onstage, Offstage and Upstage: Bob Waterfield's: still calling signals in the quarterback spot. Only now it's for a movie company instead of the L.A. Rams. But there is no. coaching from t h e sidelines from his wife J a n e Russell even though she and retired grid star Bob share billing in Russ- F i e l d Productions. "I'm only an a s s e t of the company," says Jane. "Bob calls all the plays. I don't even know what down it is." Johnson Now working for Columbia, in "Tambourine," Jane claims RKO nixed- the story as a movie for her four years ago. "But that s nothing," she laughs,' "RKO even turned d o w n 'From Here to Eternity'." » * * » ANOTHER wheel chair role for Eleanor ("Interrupted Melody") Parker in "Man With the Golden Arm." She pretends BOB WATERFIELD palls "The Plays" Air Liner Buzz Denied by Godfrey NEW YORK (TIE)--Arthur Godfrey denied Wednesday that he zoomed his private plane dangerously close to an air liner as they both took off from a Chicago airport. "I've been flying for 26 years," Godfrey said. "You don't fly that long if you take chances. I hope to fly another.20 years." .As Godfrey spoke, the Civil Aeronautics Administration was investigating the complaint of an Ozark Airlines crew that Godfrey's plane crowded the air liner a week ago as they took off from Midway Airport at Chicago. "If the airline wanted the publicity, why didn't they tell me?" said Godfrey, puffing a big cigar. "I'd · have given them. a plug on my program. "I've averaged 350 hours a year in the.air--that's a hell of Jot of time for an amateur." said the present complaint accuses Godfrey of fixing only 100 feet from the commercial plane's right wing, then crossing in front of it. X Godfrey said he was 1,000 feet away and 200 to 300 feet above the airliner- He said he heard the air liner's pilot ask the airport control tower for his identity. "If we were close enough, for a collision, he would have been able t° read-my identification number in the-'air,"*Godtrey said. Jf NOW SHOWING AT 3 THEATRES! (Me / HWY 101 AT TRAFFIC CIRCLE Fit LB. 99513 Forrest Woods carries this hard- to-forget dedication: "To the bartender whose hospitality, and encouragement delayed the COITH pletion of this book for six months." It was the second time Godfrey had been accused . of endangering others with his souped ·"° L to!. she can't walk, after an auto TO- smashup, as a hold on her.dope- WOUian OPEN 6 I'. If.. Olivia do HAVILLAND -- Robert MITCHUM ··NOT AS A STRANGER" Ooon MARTIN -- Jorry LEWIS "YOU'RE NEVER TOO YOUNG" ILLONA THE BAVARIAN ORCHID. IvaPratUTheRedMillCuties W EST COAST .*- 642-09 ::::,*::" 2ND BIG WEEK! a TRULY DARING PICTURE addict husband. I Happily married to portrait 'artist Paul Clemens, Eleanor ad- imits it has to be an .exciting part (to lure her out of the house.."! like to act," she told me, "but if I I'm not excited about a script il'd rather stay home and take 'care of my three children." i * * i * ! WHO'S THE WORLD'S rich- iest actor? Jack Benny? Jimmy Stewart? Bing Crosby? So who knows for sure? I'll 'say Cantinflas, the Mexican comedy star. The 18 lln «ivi Wins Swift Prize CHICAGO U.E--A suggestion has paid off for 25-year-old Mrs. Veronica Hartnett, a stenographer for Swift Co. The company awarded Mrs. Hartnett 55,575 for a suggestion on how to handle and. select liver. The company said it was the largest prize ever paid a woman employe at Swift. feature movies he's made are re- Teleased over and over in Spanish-speaking c o u n t r i e s . His 1 monthly income is said to be :$100,000, less only a 10 per cent ^Mexican income tax. And now ihe's breaking into U. Sr movies with a comedy bullfight sequence ,in Miky Todd's "Around the IWorld in SO Days." i * · * * THIS IS HOLLYWOOD, Mrs i Jones: A n o v e l ' b y film writer up converted DC-3 air liner. On Jan. 7, 1954, he buzzed the traffic control tower at the Teterboro, N. J., airport while taking off. He admitted that , violation, after an investigation, and was" grounded for six months. CAA investigator Ralph Horn DRIVE-IN « ME 3-4646 Paramount b«t. lancroiu 1 Compton In Color John LUND -- Dorothy MALONE "5 GUNS WEST" -- and -Mickey SPILLANE'S "KISS ME DEADLY" DRIVE-IN THEATRES COME AS YOU ARE IN THE FAMILY CAR . SHOWS START AT DUSK butted C A R S O N AT CHERRV Ph. LB. 49931 LB.S04943 HWY 101 AT ). TRAFFIC CIRCLE ' Ph. LB. 99513 THIEF CONNED BY OWN LOOT MILWAUKEE, Wis. OJJ!) --A thief, needing a gun in his business, broke into a window case of a gunsmith shop here. The only item taken, the gunsmith said, was a fake gun. carved from wood. Open ? A. M. to 10 P. M. Daily and Sunday IN DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH--400 PINE AYE. IN NORWALK SQUARE ROSECRANS and PIONEER IN LAKEWOOD CENTER 5246 LAKEWOOD BLVD. of the new SECOND COLOR HITI Robert ^. Donna FRANCIS ^ REED "THEY RODE WEST" SECOND COLOR HIT! THE GUN THAT WON THE WEST MO'RGAN . RAYMOND BELLFLOWER AT SPRING "PHNS.LB. s-2650 ANDLB.S7421 '/ NOT AS A| STRANGER Olivia Robert de HAVILLAND · MITCHUM Frank Gloria SINATRA · GRAHAME : trodorick Chcrl« CRAWFORD · BICKf ODD 4fl(*»D TWhJ ONITID AITrart RobertMITCHUM Shelley WINTERS SECOND HIT! BETTY GRABLE CHAMPION SECOND HIT! ROBERTSON-KEYES-LOVEJOY OPEN 6:15 P. M. FREE PARKING! IN VISTAVISION · COIOR BY TECHNICOLOR "THE SEVEN LITTLE FOVS" -k STARRING * Bob HOPE * Milly VITALE * George TOBIAS AND "REAP THE WILD WIND" JOHN WAYNE · SUSAN HAYWARD RAY MILLAND ' PAULETTE GODDARD Jotter Ball point! Writes 393,000 words with, a single cartridge! Jewelry finished metal parts--can't chip, crack, or tarnish! Indestructible nylon barrel, grooved for firm grip! Choice of 4 point sizes! 117 E, Oc«in Phoni 7 - I 2 C 7 J NOW! DOOR! ItPEII HOON "Picture of the Month!" says Louella Parsons M-C-M DRAMATIC ROMANCER N E I G H B O R I N G C I T I E S ' rt^w^w^K; INTERRUPTED MELODY ^ Gi3i FORD ELEANOR PARKE IN COLOR om CINEMASCOPE grolh'cr »8lnst Bfjthir hr i Honc;-Hiiral Btondt! "ROftD TO DENVER" -- Color Jlhn PATNE · HMl FUEEMAH BELLFLOWER - PARAMOUNT NUBEL, 167II BdltlBWir Sim. TO M4I2 Nil K«lly'« Blm»--Nleht H»ld» Tirror COMPTON - ITNWOOP »ROEN, Illtt L. «. Kit. tidy nd Ilii Trmin-- PB «E 1-1558 lt H«» _ DOWNEY - NORWALK TOpiz 2-2000 wlchiti 0 *Come in this week for sure, and choose a new Parker Jotter ball .point. Try it for 10 days. If you are not then completely satisfied, simply return it to us for credit or refund. KIDS- 10. DOOM OPEN I ADULTS 50e I «:1* '·*· John WAYNf -- Lona TURNER "THE SEA CHASE" In Cin«ma5eop* and Color Shown 01 6:30 and 10:11 -- PIUS -- Brod.rlck CRAWFORD--RUhord CONTE "New "York Confidential" Shown at 8:44 MERALTt, Doxniy - Fill KHy'$ lltl NOHWAU, Ndfwllk TO 4-2219 HODS of Bimbno--Night Holds Tirror SAN PEDRO - WILMINGTON C13SILLI', Sar Pedro TE 2-OZ49 Nijhl el Hit Hauler--AdTtnturij ol 5«ol« QRANADA, Wllmlntttn TE 4-3477 Cobwib--Poarl ol thi South Piclllc ORANGE COUNTY OEM, GirdH Iron IE 1-1542 Lidr ind Ihi 1n*f--Iwilmlj Uprlilnt D R I V E - I N THE4TRES HAHIOS 23322 t. Vimoitt It 4-1501 Bn(ll Itl(lll-- Hlll'i lillnd L« MIRAOA, Alondri 1 Flml. TOJ-llll FootiHpi In Fo(-- Our Thit Win Wilt LINCOLN 0-1, 6 6 1 2 llneoh JA 7-2223 10 WintJd Mtn-- Fin 0«r itrioi ".OADlUk Mll t. Pirjrfounl ME 3-4646 Sil Du: Ad on Thll Pijt rWIH-VUE, FlE»ero» tl, IS2 OA «-SI!7 Footiltps In fat-- 0"" Thil Won West 127 W. Ocean * DOOM OPEN 10 A.M. Ill 'III » P.M. b. Sun. » Hot *lt«r « »Jn. Dm !«. tun. "pORIS D A Y -- H. KEEl-- TECHNICOLOR "CALAMITY JANE" VIC MATURE IN TECHNICOLOR ' "VEILS OF BAGDAD" KICHAID WIDMAKK-- OAHA ANDREWS "THE FROGMEN" CIRCLE STARTS AT DUSK CTATE'J 272f~JOWNE2 1221 «J O C E A N AT PINE \*~J ATLANTIC ot SAN ANTONIO · STATt ^. H.. i AT NOON never, never 50 e UNTIL 5 P. M. TOWNE OPENS AT * P. M. close your '^ eyes... \ when you 1 -; kiss someoii who is a killer...! i STEWART GRANGER ! JEAN SIMMONS ',T TECHNICOLOR D O L O R SECOND ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE!" THRILL-STORY OF THE OLD WEST! Dennis MORGAN-Paula RAYMOND OPEN Eflc UNTIL OU 5 P.M. NOON /VO/./-63207 AMERICAN NEAR STH .O'CONNOR-MARTHA HYER , RICHARD ERDMAN -JIM BACKUS · MYRNA HANSEN "KISS OF FIRE" *«£S» * Barb ' r ' RUSH NOW! OPENS 6 P.M. BOB HOPE SEVEN AMAHEIM-AT JUMIPERO S U P F S S C O P E VIRGINIA MAYO : DENNIS MORGAN NOW! OPENS 5:15 2 TERRIFIC PICTURES IN COLOR! _ 35 4891 THIRD AT CERRITOS Leslie CARON Michael WILDING "The Glass Slipper" * Anthony QUINN 'Magnificent Matador' Maureen O'HARA [OPEN ALL [ NIGHT PALACE 30 PINE AVE. -- PHONE 6-4429 40e Till 5 p. m. -- Kids lOc 50e Ive* and Weekends Always 3 Features BRODERICK CRAWFORD "LAST POSSE- GARY COOPER "BLOWING WILD" Sujon HAYWARD -- Robert MITCHUM "WHITE WITCH DOCTOR" PL A* HO u !^EI*; PH - "·«" "CAINE MUTINY P C Y OURTMARTIAL" · cl 7:45 limrf Thurl., Jl.SO. 8 30 Frl. Sol., $1,50--Fre. Porklnfl Odor Plk« OCo """ K jdC (Undli 12) Canllnuou. - 1 P M. Ic Mld-.loht In Co/or Tony CURTIS -- Caloon WILIER "PURPLE MASK" John DEREK -- Dianq LYNN "ANNAPOLIS jSTORY" D A N C I N G 1 EVERY NITE TO DANNY FLORES HIS'3 D's Jitterbug Contest Every Thurs. Nite Jazz Session Sunday Afternoon * · Cocktails SADDLE SPUR formerly ***· Marin* Room [ ROBINSON HOTEL ^334 E Ocean Blvd. fh. 4-5255 OPEN { "V A.M. lo 11 P. M.I Sun., 10 A.M.-11PJ1.| · BREAKFAST i LUNCH · DINNER [STEAK DINNW^TW ' With all trimming! \3I_ R E S T A U R 4713 L ind St. Ph. »-«953 , - . , . . - _· in Delicious g Italian Foods · food fo go CLOSED TUESDAYS ^ Supper llub ALVINO REY and His Orchestra 27271. 4TH ST. AT TEMPLE Tuesday Kite, Sept. 20th

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