The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 28, 1956 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1956
Page 2
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*a£'i;r ,*»:>..-.>•' (la;) -' - . . ;,;;. . ;• Bat Meirsei : Ta&stJay^ f%|s wary 28, . 1 956 ' .: -'-- ''- - ' M^ and Mrs Orval Jfoseph were /Visited! Siitiday 7* By/the former ' parents, Mr ' arid' 'Mrs Orval Joseph Sr., of Goldfield. Mr and Mrs-kyle Keith have moved to their farrrt reoehtlyjpur- chased tfro'midairjDickinVott, They ;had been living'in tMfeiormer Mrs Rose Brown. hOU^s on. ^est State street. • The farm !tMy, ; purchased is north of the 'jAjigust.. Slagle farmstead.'- ; ;•.'•''•'••'*'v;- : ' ••'",..'•: Clark Orion plans io go io< University hospital, ; Iowa City abdtt MarfiTi 'ffi^afld 'will f have surfeery for'removal of a cataract. Mr< and Mrs Harry Ireland have been .'.Visited a Jew days by the former's mottie?, Mr's George Ireland, HvHo" Was -enrbute to her home at -'Wyoming, Iowa after a viajt> in Mflwaukee, Wis., with her jjon-inrlaw and daughter, Mr and Mrs-Harvey'Sextor. 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Lleb 3pWll Wednesday,' Feb. 22 visiting" it the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and' Mrs_Harlan Berbers at Wells, Mirth, , Mr and Mrs Clark Ortori were visited one day artd overnight last Week by their son Dennis and friend Harvey Forbes of Omaha, Neb. Dennis is driving a taxi for an Omaha line. Mrs Dennis Wagner, West Bend, was taken by ambulance to Mercy'Hospital'at Fort Dodge, where she underwent major sur? gery. At last report she was getting along nicely and will be coming home soon. ' ...' Mr and Mrs Ralph Campbell have returned from California where they spent a few weeks. While there they visited'Mi's Campbell's son and daughtpr-in- law, Mr and Mrs Dick Dale. Mrs Campbell has sold her house on South Phillips street as she and Mr Campbell will be at the home in Seneca. ' • -' ' Mr and'Mrs Lawrence Gillespie have been visited the past- few days by Mr and Mrs Ralph Raney of Chicago. The visitors also spent some time with Ralph's brothers and sisters-in-law, Mr and Mrs Glen Raney-and Mr and Mrs Hugh Raney and his bro- ther-jn-la'w and sistei;, Mr and, Mi's Newton Hieteiv ' ' • Mr and Mrs Milb Reniz took; their daughter, Mrs /x Norman Han-; !e'vik to Elmore, Minn.; Sunday, to; spend the week' With ,IJans Hart-' eViKi 1 She and ; the new biby plan to fly to San Francisco w,ith,- ; j, in the next two wi5eks, to jMh.ll her husband, who is in the-'Jin- force. Enroute she plans to stop ih' Chicago for, a few, days tip v^iSit her sisters, Mrs 1 James -Ireland and Mrs. Cecil;Stevyafd, formerly Connie and • Bonnie Rentz. Mr and 'Mrs fed H&fiii tended the Home and FJj! shbW"at :fiis /fijoiftfts last - ; \vj the /f etlelM : Mteip|, A - •''"• ' * B - as gtiestS'iSuri'day ; By. thf brother a'ttd sister^n-Iaw, Mr. , . Mrs Glair Pafrbtt and family^ pi Aurelia.' ••..-•• ......... , Mt« Afidre* Shell spent ,8 days' last 'week at Boone with; he* grandm'oth^r, Mrs Cora Ghristds Who was Quite • sick and hospital i2ed j;her0.' -.', ^ -. '." .i'-- ••• •. > - '•/MrV.fftcV Mri .•Harve 'spent , last 'Week Sunday . therville with the letter's brother- itt-laW,,,an'd sister, Mr anil Mrs puane 6sborhe, 1 , *,'• , ', •' ;! '. &'§:i Mr and Mrs Joe Presihus, t*e' moving to a farm near Bancroft about March 1. Mr Presthus has been emplpyed with a potato; chip; 1 company as trucker. '''"'- '>.'C?'^'While Allen Hidlebaugh is ai- tending college at Ames, Jiis wife is also 'living ,thete' and' they* havje' rfented; their 'home to Mrs ;-Mqhtie Black 'whose husband is in Service. '..;' '•- : V'.;' '"' -./'.>*';' j George Benscholer has beeh'ai. St. Ann hospital the, past 'three weeks following a fall' in - 1 , his home. ' He; is making '-good/ re* covery/artd expects to ' be 'di^. missed soon. , • ' '.'..''. Mr' artd Mrs 1 Perry Collins' have returned fforri: Homestead,' Fia.', where they spent several weeks. They also spent) >a ; week •at' SdH phur, La., ,wij:h their . son and^ daughter-in-law, -Mr , and Mrs Dale Collins; "• . .' : Mrs Edna Harr : had as. dinner guests Sunday her son Raymond •Harr - of Madrid-,.- her- son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs Rossing of .Jjiverpj.ore and t the respective fam&ies'jand MtjahdS.Mrs 'J[ P. Sfnith.-rSal-ents of; Mi's : Raymond Hati*. n": ? ;'"•', W . i "r^H^ — » - i'i -' ; ' Garage Rpbhed j | j ' ;A robbeBy.fat the Shai^i- Gar- .<ige at West B;ehd was reported to )the ICossuth^ sheriff's of fio'ei Monday. Theft of;$3.46.jfrom:tne garage til$.tvas Wken over the week- $ncU Debuty, ^heriff -Ddri (Wood "wajs>. inV'estigaSirig ;. the incident, beHfved.. to Jiave been ;thps Work of 'youngster's: v \T.he' garageJis" on the Kossuth side of highway 44. • i ' • <— I i' ' —4-' ..... " • P i '' i. 1 ....... 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See new models today. .rrf Mr;, find . dflrls^en .were very..; pleasantly surprised-" last T.ueid&y ..everting when a ^roup of relatives drop*, ' swerved which by^jhfe/gue^g. 3 ; those >: a{ynalnX "'."._ tAVs Ray Ca'i'lserl -st\a t^6 and Mr .ahdj:Mrs $rank J'o „ ttf Wesley, Mf aM MfS'Aijf.,! |bfj arid;;two ,s6ris '•""**"' Csenter;*,Mr iaijd.:Mft ,. r .,,.„..,.. and two sons'of B'tiffalO Cehteff l^fs'! ^tlfh*.;John$6rt find: vWfjf 'and 'Mr -and' Mrsifialfe, rJnlp't a,'nd fo;ut 'datighteys" ! 6'f',Brttt;;;! and Mi-s'' $tahley ^iftipsdri fartd" thfee ihirdfen of, Ltine 'Tttfckf,Mr; and Mr^'PaUl McNeili. 6f;-Algottai arid ;Mr' ,ar\d M?s: Jdhai C&rlSdnl 'oj ONLY DRIES CLOTHES SO FAST,,. COSTS SO LITTLi NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Phone 1412 Algona ; Suriday af ter-It 3Kg;'BwliHt J KuSe hbme. d» ^ife^vLleya • Badrtttti &M iaherAoon at af uM* $nd*.Mrs: Jjlpyd Bartlfett have ftiftew grahadaugh'ter »horn Febrli'afyV13; to 3V& fihd Mrs Doni •aid, Qlffm'm;"tt' St.' 'Clair, Minn. ¥he .little' rflftl-'liaSibeeli "' " and to. visit -Mfs Solid's auh.t and Uncle, Mf*an4'&Jrg Harry Bishop lhfey .A fiilrf £edr;.Siftday,i ight. bringing Mrs fl a I fiUrt Tufe|day ; ; evening. - fe i«4.Mr»? Lloyd BarUet Wer6 Thifrsday t dmrier guests at the « Andrew Hansen home w SxVea City in honor of Dennis Hansen's seventh birthday. •• .' Mrs Ray Fitch called Monday afterndbn oh Mrs Matt e Robh^ fon 'formerly of Irytogtor ,^g how %t the Curtis Rest Horte g Bur^.f Mrs Robinson, broke her 4iip several weeks ,agp: and was U. Iowa City and Was home about six weeks -before coming to Burt. 1 Mr and Mrs Ray Fitch attend- see their new ter, -Kay'A 11116 " V'" ;i ''-' >;if A --- ' : • About ib frieftadiaM fifeighbors iurned pttt '|o)c^'. ; lwra' .lltTiia party at the hSrne dr-MHi'Moyd Bart- fett Thursday ,;itt|f|it)eft.: After a game of Bin|Q ftfidva White elephant exchange," prices were iiven to the , tefelylng the most votes' . oft ..being, dressed for the hard 'time ;• V ;p arty. Mrs Victor 'pitch iyjceived' first prixe and second, f>rl2e went to Mrs Hazel CattSli'' ; ;H6mef Laundries, Too, Need Wlodernizing : If you've been bitten - by ; .^ the home modernization bug, • ,'don'l slop after brighlening : Ihe living room. •.',.. ;; -.'; - • Go a few steps further and.. streamline the laundry,- top., If pays. , • .' .. - In • too many million of ^ homes the laundry 'consists mainly of, an automatic washing machine. True, some, : housewivefe have taken ,the , baclf-break out of washday by lining up a gas clothes dryer rie?ct to. Ihe washer. , , , ; ' The .prjOper 'layout, of the, , laundry — even fa a. mihi-j . mum' space — has. a great deal to do, with ! getting thp most out of modern', equipment. ;' • . •:'." : : • • ' 7 : So when looking dyer the"space at hand for remodeling, purposes, ii'is best to bear in • mind' that' -the'^ide'ar home '.'; laundry shouloV be' "divided * into four work centers':- ' ', 1. Preparation center: Basic equipment .here , should >.in-. ;i . elude a sorting 'table,' niend- - ing basket, soaking sink and bleaches. ' •' i 5.«:,».;..*,* 4.., : 2. Washing center: Be sure. that this is near a squrce of plenty of hclt ( waier. Wash tubs, washing machine, soaps, and detergents, bluing and starch are essential. ' 3. Drying, center: The au-' tbmatic gas 'clothes dryer ' eliminates the need tot put- ' door and .indoor drying space/ damp-dries clothes in 15 min- : u^tes 'and ' lakes only a half ~ sour' io-fluff-dry towels.' I 4;'Irohing r center: 'Plan ; this > K'so that you'can'be'seai-v.' while, ironing, and eliminate much fatigue. Iron, iron- - ing board and - sprinkler are '• basic needs, while an automatic ironer saves time and labor. Adv. .JOHN WOOD Water Heater i 'tit^^w^im^f^iiijfp : ".".' IWsrH-vir"} ;i*:-ft!.. jlil'I^SiST! -';,?: •''•-<' '$'>•: Gasldunciry" SUN AIRE GAS DRYERS mm^ii^^^mgw&mKmmKmm NOW ONLY $169.50 WIN A COMPLETE MEW FREEDOM @AS, LAUMDRV' J $100,000 in prizes. Win an automatic gas \vasher-drycr, automatic gas water heater, sink and cabinet;;. Get entry blanks from your nearest gas company office. Phone 1412 Your Gas Company Algona TO WIN $501000! ,• *i'i -,'i- •"• ij)ti>-: 7 • -." ^Hurry! Enter^ P|m0|l|s i^«50 ? 000 Lucky Motor Number Sweepstakes! 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