Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on July 30, 1914 · Page 9
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 9

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1914
Page 9
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THE I AHamm DAHVT OAJOtTTE, THORSPAY, JTJLT SO, Ml. ,ue BATE FOR ADVERTISE- TMENTS Jth. elwlflrt it ftsertlon. Nothing, less than III accepted. Cash d .count 28 BP cen 'lf paid at tlm. order BUSINESS DIRECTORY. 7,.- - i,':: think ini cE D. P. Beers. 1-2L ,;.-,c-p,mn HARDWARE. Mc KBZORS HONED-250, Fretao Bros jjfGO-ODOODS Talk to LoweUT UnTTlXD FURNACES m bfrieSd3. V. F. Van Coev iVlRING and repairing ii'lxturea ;mi electric-A. Jorsch, 433 Lin-ew phone .747 White, .i-.-v-rMv 3HOP. S12 Milton 1 1 , i - fr--nontl and even- 'Girts and card for all ccca- Irilna. Novelties. 1-6-4-tf -"i'J-JSl-N'ESS HOUSES adver-'iioinir in this column value your pa- ironfgti cnoueli to spend money go- Ine - s TAYLOR VOICH CULtTUlU-i ice urate placement and develop. 1-6-16-tt ' 3AVE YOU MONEY ON oui Haatins Job. Let me ngure Hh vou and be convincag. ivu sac-flp.l -ustomers. W. H Smith, WjI-.rn e! lildE. 1.6-23od-2wJiB vv 3MMINQ. painting and dec-ratine. Mirrors resllvered, sign ula'lifi paints, oils, -window glass, grille, Wis. Both Phonffc accessories. Phone 103 No. Alain St. l-y-30-eoil-tf. r TT,i rein need of sewer 13-fi-22-12-eoa do ail kinds of dyeing and cleaning ly mo a: un-to-dale methods. Also DON'T FORGET SMITH la BTIJjL. in tr.e pjuminns pusineas. jiii work done during months of June per cent extra reauctipn. SITUATION WANTED, Female, CF3L Oil WOMAN who adver-!nT ilf!SCTve3 more pay o:t ae-it or her enurgy and determina- T'I ft'ork by experienced , ;.a'. .-i:i:se. Call Bell lir. 6-1 -J!)-Jt. SITUATION WANTED, MALE '.OYER, If thtB column ;.cribe a man who will fill euicnts your ad ou thla ing hira to you. FEMALE HELP WANED. '" i !: i-:he "are 'no'" positions '.yi i'.t-iv :or vou try advertising for j iioMitcu yourself. Give the Ga2e:te ;or j-h udtlress if you like. lor general . Mum, vii 4-7-aa-at rliliiiv woman to one a dull and two laui! :.. kind treatment. ii-.un lop-notch wages; one .i triisr s. home as une of the i's well as a wage-earner. Ad-H.i ki eoer" Gazette, :'.-:-i:s-3t : ,: 1 1 : , cdiately. cirl or wuin-m con nook fnr the lake. .Mrs. is. .vicLiartny. nua vv. mil-'V'tier sit., both phones. WANTED Dir.ing room girl, cook -: cih wiirher at once, Write of Eiionf b.'J W. Delavan, Mrs. H. J. JiTALE HELP WANTED 'OSITIO.VS ARE OPEN to men of hitiun. If you want something -9" advertise under another heaa- :noed omee supply il. Lovett, Grand'. 5-7-SO-at US LP WANTED "T ltKMAIN I OLE waiting for if :u offer you a job. Put a 'ti in i. I e tlazet-.fj and show you a'-rcy enough to go afterjt. AGENTS WANTED fake. We will prosecute HOUSES WANTED sc'V" 'lXU 0NE EYE ON THIS -V- - W'H save house owners from i:j.o empty houses. Ydu can rent Tiller l:- ndverliaing. WANTED LOANS .'iuNEY GROWS when It is work- "vV ANTED TO RENT ROOMS HATCHING THIS SPACE the wae may rent out her rooms. in fill thriii quicker by advertts--eni for rent. pN'TID Board and room by young jauy. Prices reasonable. First Ward" 7-29-3 1 REAL ESTATE WANTED ior sale column. etc-SljB nR EXCHANGE for Address ,cm nouse, choice location. w. I . Xi ' MA NGE fTr uood ' t i l ; near Janesville. a mod- 'r3 3ale Get What You Want When You Want It Through Gazette Want Ads. WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS. AT A PB10B agreeable to both ties anything you have to dleposi may be quickly sow si mis psge. WANTED 1000 beards to shave at the Smoke Shop's sanitary saaving parlors. jS-T-SS-St WANTED Old pistols, powder horns, copper and stone Indian relics, highest cash price for good pieces. G . H.. Moore, "The Relic Man," 21 No. Bluff St., East Side Hitch Barn. Janes Wile, Wis. 6-7-2B-3t WANTED Two H. P. 120 volt, direct current motor. P. L. Mull, Milton Junction. Wia. 6-7-29-.it WANTED Work by the day, sweep- dusting or ironing, inquire Ubob. 6-'.'-29-3t FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT THE ROOMS YOU WANT may not be here lout the owners might answer your ad under anothi r clusulftcatlun. FOR RENT Furnished room with bath and toilet. 40B Caroline St or Old phone 1663. 8-7-30-at FOR RENT Modern furnish fi! rooms. 411 Fifth Ave., Old phone 10S6. s-7-::i)-:-;t FOR KENT Modern furnished front room, first floor. Call evenings, 1020 W. Blo.fi street. New phone Blue UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT UNDER THIS HEADING an unprofitable bare room or rooms may be Jus- what someone wonts, and you become the gainer. BOARD AND ROOM TO RENT OFTEN TIMES when there are no advertisements here you can find a good home place by advertising under "Wanted, board and roonia.' FLATS FOR RENT A GOOD WARM FLAT will be nice thin wlnteir. If vou do not see any thing to suit you here advertise for II uiiaer nats wam-ou FOR RENT Modern furnished flat near in. Address "Near" care Ga- ti-T-j"'-.;- FOR RENT Modern five room flai and three rooms racing park. E ?,' Krci.f;ida:i. 4,-,--C: HOUSES FOR RENT IT'S A GOOD CITY where few houses are for rent.' There will be houBes for rent later which you can get an option on by advertising ior it, FOR- RENT Dwelling, ' No 325 " S, Academy St. 10 per month. W ill paper and put In right condition for right tennant. Enquire Beers, Tr.hn winner. Central Block. U-7-28-3V FOR RENT 6-roorn house. Inquire T.E. Mackln. 11-7-27-tf FOR RENT Modern up-to-date newly decorated house, fine location, owner leaMng city. Snap Address House, care Gazette. ll-T-25-6t. FOR RENT Eight room house. No, 614 Ten-ace Inquire Dr. E. Mi BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY nppnnTTTNlTY comes only hustlers. It you are you are busy, a Gazette want ad will hustle for you by proxy. SUMMER COTTAGES GET AWAY FROM THE HOT CITY by moving your family up the river. The owners or cottages con stantly advertlso here or they would see :our aa. Win RRNT- ior August at nun abhuum, H. D.Murdoc. :n- -i-j.-u MUSICAL INSRUMENTS REAL BARGAINS in No matter what your material needs may be, you are almost sure of sutisfving them through GAZETTE WANT ADS. If you want HELP, The Gazetto will reach the class of help you want and. do it quickly at small : cost. ' ; If you want WORK and do not see the sort of a position advertised that you can best fill, tbe easy way to find it is to tell -about yourself in ft GAZETTE WANT AD. The FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS column of Gazette WANT ADS is the big bargain place of Janesville. You'll find everything offered there from go-carts to automobiles- Ton can sell almost anything ' throiigh a Gazetto WANT. Want to buy ft house 1 Read GAZETTE WANT ADS. Want to sell real estate 1 Use GAZETTE WANT ADS. The Gazette reaches nearly every home i n Janesville and immediate vicinity every day, WANT ADS PHONE 77-2. I WILL RENT TOU A first elaia piano for 16 per month and include ant tcsson osr ws, B, Milwaukee street. WANTEiD-beooaa hand uptight piano. Must be a genuine bargain in every sense of the word. Call new phone ES3 Black, after five p. m. 36-7V2-tf HORSES AND CARRIAGES ARE YOU INTERESTED m. buy-Ing or selling a horse or carriage? Place your advertisement . here and your desires will be accomplished. HORSE SALE I will sell at public auction at C. & N. W. stock yards at 1 o'clock Aug. 3, 24 head of large mules, ages 3 to 6 yra. old. These- mules have been working with the South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin militia In 4 line teams. 15 head of horses broke to ride and anve. weight 1,000 to l.aoo, ranging from 4 to S years old. This stock must be sold. A. L. Reynolds. 7-29-3t. BUY NEW AND OLD WAGONS, Acme Corn Binders, New Idea Spreaders, at West Side Hitch Barn 2 SAT.F 1 anrrfil borsA. 12 vear old, weight 1100 lbs.; wagon and quire 325 Home Park Ave:; cln phone 144. (Jail evenings. is-7-si' FOR SALE One sorrel horse. vp-ar. old. welaht 11011 lb l wi and baggy: 1 cock stove, 3 heaterB. Inquire 325 Home Park Ave., Old Western avenue, in city limits; sur-phone 1424. Call evenings. 1 rounded with good wire fence. To- 26-7-28-6t HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE ODD PIECES of furniture can be bought reasonably if you watch this FOR SALE A gas stove in good condition. Also laundry stove useJ but a short time. Both reasonable In price. Mrs. Archie Reid, 320 St. Lawrence Ave. - 16-7-29-3t Ave., R. phone 236. i-7-29-2t THE TEA SHOP offers for sale this week only, all tables, chairs to match with rush bottoms, that woulJ be excellent for your porch. Show case, dishes, tin ware, gas stoves, white enamel electric fan, hanging baskets, kitchen chairs, dining chairs with leather seats, kitchen tables, steu ladder, large tin cans, signs, stove pipe, screens, costumer, cash, register, trays, wheel trays, etc. Or will sell entire business. lB-?-2S-'.f PAPER HANGING PAPER HANGERS would be kept busy all the time If their ad was here for you to read: BOWLING AND BILLIARDS billiard tables. hnwlme alleys and accessories, bar fixtures ol all kinds. Easy payments. "WE TRUST THE PEOPLE." The Bru&swIck-BalkB-Collender Co., 276-277-279 West Water street, Milwaukee. 13-7-18-tf FOR SALE, MISCELLANEOUS PEOPLE ADVERTISING HERE on find that advertising pays.-These people Wanted.' people wouiu reaa your aa un- THE FOS3 CAFE. 311 West Milwaukee, is selling 21 meal tickets for $4.00. 13-7-30-3t THE IDEAL CHEMICAL WOHKS have a fresh supply Of Egg ire-server (water glass in -pints, quarts gallons. mone Koca jo. Kea FOR SALE Two drawer National Cash Register. Robert F. Buggs. 13-7-29-3t. SPECIAL PRICES ON BALED HAY to reduce stock at West Side Hitch Bam; ia7-2S-2t FOR SALB Piece S" Inch doubli leather belt, about 22 feet long, one-half price. Gaiette Ptrg. Co. 13-7-28-tf Address "X. Y. IUT tUOtfR . BRAN, FLOUR MIDD lings, oats, baled hay and straw, at Pest Side Hitch Barn. 13-7-29-3t FOR SALE At St. Joseph's a new set ox Koeary am Chains. Medallion. Statu as. CKtcIC m and Fravar Books at raaaoaat Prices. tt-ll-frtf. PAPER TOWELS AND FIXTURHB rooms, etc., lndlspenafble Tor tns Kitchen, 25c per roll. 9 cas op 80 rolls. Gazette printing Dept., Fbons 77-4 rings BeH, 37 Rod Co. mt(J FOR 8AL1C Old nwivmn,l cants a bundla. Gazette Offlca. 13-H-tf speed 750, pulley 12x3x1 ID-ie. with Epaed regulator; aU In first elms condition. Cost 426 complete. Will, sell at very reasonable price. Gazette Prtg Co.. JaneBvlIlc. 13-7-17-tf FOR SALE Complete map of Rock County, showing all roads, school houses, churches, towns. Tillages, cities, railroads, farms with number of acres and alt Information. Printed vance subscription zette. the Dally Ga- Tim NEW GAZETTE PARCELS POST MAPS of the United State giving all units and the zones from unit no. zzud, ids mum now rect map published, are ready delivery at the Gazette. By pay! up back subscriptions and paying rag for one year in advance for the Dally Ga- sold at 11.00 2-13-tf FOR SALE Engraved ding Invitations and announcements engraved and embossed. Stationery produced in the very latest and newest letter designs. We with several . engraving 7 prompt Dhone Rock Co. 27. Bell '77-4 for Printing Department of BICYCLE BUPPLIBg Prtmo BOATS AND ACCESSORIES HAVE YOU A BOAT for sale or do you want one. Gazette ads bring quick response. FOR SALE The best rowboat on Rock river. - Will take shotgun as part pay. "1108" care Gaiette.. 16-7-S8-W AtJTOM&BtLlS WANT here, advertise for FOR SALE Sill touring car, S&60, Robert F. B' -7-2951! FOR SALE Pathfinder demonstrator A bargain. Robert F. Buggs. " - 18-7-29-3t. always have several : good seoom ivlUe1! a cars at oargain .rices. . JaiD St. , lv-ia a. OXY-ACETYLBtNB Welding welds any broken short notice. Janesville 17-19 So. Main street. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE MANY A BARGAIN IN REAL ES TATE can be picked up by dally reading these ads. If in a hurry ad- vertise imderJ'Real estate wanted." FOR SALE A"" beautiful lot oh So. Jackson at a bargain. A. W. Hall, both phones. 33-7-29-lit FOR SALE Meat market, dwelling' . UI1U uiiK-na.ii hub ui ihhu ut. jLmut- ; i?.n, JiiscmtJn Sfe?i' 1 water. Wis -6t.iFOR SALE Seven choice building its. inaulre Airs. w. is. sutton. North Pearl street. 33-7-2S-3t FOR SALE Ten acres located land, also nice well. Land lies high duclng land and is in fine condition Rulldincs are in aood repair. Land rents now for' 100 per year. Would make an Ideal truck farm for one. Price for Quick sale. 33.000 BS-7-T-tI INSTRUCTION SOME LOCAL INSTRUCTORS have used this column to very good advantage. MOTORCYCLES SECOND HAND MOTORCYCLES are often as good as new for your purpose. Keep an eye on these ads and ouy one cneap. MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLE RE- ened. Saws filed. Clippers Bharpem C. a. cox, tjorn nixcnange. . 37-11-20-eod-tf POULTRY AND HOUSEHOLD PETS SOMEBODY WANTS what you have or has Just what you want ad FOR SALE Two pure bred bull terrier pups, males) . Win. Miller, KoahkonDnjr. ai-T-IO-st FOR SALE Full blooded MACHINERY AND TOOLS. MANY PIECES OF MACHINERY are bonglit ana sola uaaer uus neaa CLASS 20 .' FARMERS, ATTENTION FOR SALE Redwood Tanks. Just received a car load of Redwood lumber for tanks. This is the best known material for water tanks. F. B. Burton, 111 No. jacstson street. 60-7-16-12t BICYCLES BICYCLING is a healthful pastime. These aos win teii you wnere to no? HIGH GRADE BICYCLES, C. H. CuSL VVBIO HKOTHEHtfl to Bicycles. 48-11-29-n. LOST AND FOUND The Bicknetl Line 16 If. 1 1-4 Inch line abaft a IMOlncti hangers and 2 shall collars SSS. Fall tine ol belting id pulleys. supplies. Bicknell Mfg. & Supply Co. LOST Gold watch fob. Finder please call No. 10 either phono or call at Baker's Drug Store and receive re-ward. M;it. . t .:; cva t liOSTamall s'umFTiioniav'iri child's crochet hand bag between sr. i-am aeoot and Mauison at. t inder please leave at Gazette. 25.7-2 8-3 1. LOST Gentleman s slae thin model Elgin silver watoh at old Chautau qua Grounds. Owner ploasu. return to Gazette office. Reward. 25-7-28-3t MONEY TO LOAN MONEY MAY BW HAD on s-ood curlty If you can Interest those who have It. Let them know through these cuiumuH wnm yuur needs are; uive this .office as your address If you pro- TO LOAN 12,000. curity. Inquire zette, or 390-Red. Good farm se- ijonn ' cure ua 38-7-2a-3t FINANCIAL FINANCIAL PROPOSITIONS must FOR SALE $8000.00 mortgage Rock county farm; high class security. 6 per cent interest, John L, FlBher, Central' Block: 39-7-Z8-3t FOR SALE We nav for sale 6 farm mortgages and farm bonds in denominations ol rrom szsu.ou to ?b,- as Bate Investments and have sold a great many or mem in hock county, Every one has proven to be absi lutely good. Many of our customers hav dealt with us from 10 to 14 years and are buying more of these securities every We would not be holding these would istomti i this length at time tt ire sell are aot first the stcurltei we Class. Gold-atabeck Loan & Credit Co. W. O. Newhouse, Vice. Pres. i& vv. jmiwamcee at. OR SALE $600.00 mortgage draw ins o oor cent interest on janes- Tine real estate, - see jnniqr Crandall. Bell" phone'-a&7: 29-1-i MISCELLANEOUS WHEN YOU DON'T FIND IT else where you will usually find it adver tised nere. SAND AND GRAVEL DELIVERED nenry nayior, new paone uiue 7 27-4-9-tf OXY ACETYLENE WELDING Welds any kind of metal: automobile and stove parts a specialty. Bring your work here; satisfaction guaran- r. a. uurton, it rvo. jacks on Both phones- 27-1-2-tf Professional Cards DR. JAMES MILLS SPECIALIST Sye. Ear Nose and Throat EMPLOYERS you written In companies, FID. F. J. Blair, Agent 60c PER OOZEft POSTPAID. A dozen different views of Pacific Coast scenery mentioned In the de af price, (Do per dozen. Address A. W. THORPE, Witch Creek, California. WE OFFER: Two small farms, one of 58 acres, the other 66 acres. Both arc good. Also a few larger farms. Why not buy now instead of renting. SCOTT & JONES J. E Real Estate, Loans and Fire In surance, Western Farm Lands ASpecieity. SUTHERLAND BLOCK Janesville, Wis. OXYGEN WELDING Endless Thresher-belts, 8 inches wide. F. G. AMBROSE Farmers, Make Your Own Fly Chaser Bat a gat Flv Llaufd. Reduce It according to direction?, costs you about nfty cants per gallon to us and knocks them off dead. Used on largest stock farm In rock county. Baagar Drug wo., Busy men who want help, want to buy or sell anything, or want to lease or secure a lease, can fill their wants talekty by telling them Uy tele-Poe tt Gaaette Want Ad DapC WHITE HOUSE Friday and Saturday Specials Women 'a $155 Shirt Waists v ... , Womon'B $1 Sit Kimonaa ...... .. . . .-. . . ... . Women's $125 Hotiae Dresses . ......... .', Women 'a $1.60 Long White Bilk GIottos, Women's 3Bo Union Suits , Women's $1.60 Corsets .- Women's 76c Corsets . .-. ... ...... . Big Bargains in Shoes and Oxfords for Men, Women and Children J. BURNS & SON 19 and 21 South River St. STORE HAS BEEN RENTED We must vacate entirely by AUGUST THE TENTH Everything must be sold by that time no matter how much we lose by It Here Are AFew Of Our Bargains Solid oak round dining1 table and "six new oak dining chain with genuine Spanish leather slip seats. All for $18.00 Beds At $1.00 Each FIRST HERE MEANS BEST CHOICE For everything must go by August 10th. W. J. CANNON 218 West Milwaukee Street FOR SALE One second hand safe in good con-ditoin, newly (painted, E. T. FISH BRANCH OFFICE FOR OA-ZETTE AT BAKER & SON For the convenience of Its patrons and the public generally, the Gazette lias established a branch office with J. f. ussier ; Bon, jurug diuie, cur-ner West Milwaukee and Franklin streets. - Copy for classlnefl. advertisements, orders for papers, subscriptions and matters of this nature, as well aa Items of news may be left at the Baker Drug Store, and will receive the same prompt attention as If they were sent direct to the office. "ttverybodys doing W Dolus watT im want ao. LEGAL NOTICES G. L. Clark a Henrietta Cln bis wife, GooOyear Kobber Company, a norsnoii. Aievay vcrsni: Hurdware Co a Corporation, and WahiHi(ton 1.1 Doveuue 4 Beu Lovelace, ma wife and sale, made In tbe aboTo entlth.-d action Dn .tbB ldts day ot dime, . im. tne. unocr ea sn..nrr..oi boc!. iounij, aiuie oi ijjb yuun nuuie, I" ; 5 ng'.ist. 1014, at cine In tbo afletnoon of that date, th real citato and mortgaged prcnuaea directed by ald Judgment to be sold and therein described as f ollowa : Parts of lta Bight (B), Jiiae 19) aaa Twenty (20) in rartrldge Subdivision of the City ol JanesTlllo. Bock County Wis- A?Jn anc, five S feet In a direct llDe to a point la the Westerly line of Lot Eighteen (18), Forty Elabt and one-half 48) feet Sontiierly of tie Morthweaterly corner of , said lot Eighteen (18), thence along the west line of said Lot Eighteen 18 Forty Kight and ono-half USVi) feet to tliel Morthwesterly corner thereof, thence N. V?eterly about bj-t. i n rl In a direct line to a point In the Southerly side of Prospect Avenue Thirty Five 3) feet Easterly of the Place of beginning, thence Westerly Thirty Five (35) feet to tie place, of beginning. Th, terns ol sate to WHiffib sheriff of nock co Wis. W.osfh' $1.00 50 A new genuine oak dresser with French plate beveled mirror at ... ... . . . $6.00 $60 Mahogany hall tree for $7.00, NOTICE OF HEARING. jNoace ie or riy givun tltst at a Bemla In'm a '-r'C Count!r "TJ1 to 60 M in aaj City o Jmnosvl lie, Id aaiti Counrr. oo k A, M., tbe following and eonildcrod : Tho application of Prtrca A. Jtcobtoo tor the ndjustnient ind nlloivaaw of br ..c.'minl ii- ,,:il-ril ot tho Will Ol HcorR Jacoijson. lat.3 of ihn twn o( Clinton In said nnnry dsceiised, for tin? determination of tlin lnhnitiuicp lax due from ,nM 7 any, and lor tbe apslgncwnt ot tfar naldu to tutu otiifir persons aj by law ar.il th tlicrcto. Dated July 2: ion. C RATTLER L. FirtBLD, STATES OF WISCONSIN, known heirs nt law sad the Haaaab J. Grlgiri. dcreawl, sone whom 1C may concern. vj""aT?"' Tbe State of Wlsconla to abor nun lofeiidaata : iou are hereby summoned to appaar IthiD twenty days alter aerrlce ot tkls JadgBMat wUI he rendwrf sgaiBat you according to tbe .j ' WHITEHEAD a MATHESOJf. I'laintura brouibt by tae plaintiff to Establish - u.t. nl, tttie RDd to and la tbe fol-J lowina- deecrlbed uremlHB, and to foreveTl . unKBOttB, aa all thnrin. via.; fij xbe North half o ' cent one aa -thirnof . . (a) Th- Wt siitecn acrw of the Soutkl Wet qulr(j,r o( the South Eaat quarter. of South West auartcr of South Haatr uuatter ' A tB Section Five- (B in Town Thraa (3) nonh ol Bange Fourteen (14) East. ' rVhltehead Uataewa. rialntuT Attorners, o-ls-n , Jr',,,,,,,,,,B3aaBasaaaaT -,. rfinrf ll..rt.il Truly Klnd-Hoastad. "That old newspaper seller ii a gpefl t m,K i. nM -u mx- J . f w" can't afford to take la the paper. OB every morning a. ho paaseo bar 1401 He stops and. reads bar ts peraoas wnom it nay eon-! rrlng or claiming any ngtitJ t adrerse to tk pkalMIC Sooth three-Hghta of thai the South Eaat naarter ex-t in the South Kaat coraaf 34-7-27-lt

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