Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1973 · Page 30
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 30

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1973
Page 30
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>.*,„•„ 28 Golgsburg RegisterMoiI, Golesburg, III. Friday. July 20; .1,973. Tent Tube Babies ArenH Available Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M.D Dear Dr. Lamb — litis is a very hard question to ask have asked different people and they all say to ask you. I had to have an operation so I can't have children. My hus band and I are very much in love and would give anything to have one. We have heard .that you could go to a hospital up north and have a test tube baby. Is this true? If so,,please let us know how to get the information. Dear Reader — No, you won't be able to go anywhere and have a test tube baby. It is true that an early fertilized egg and early development has been produced within a test tube as a laboratory procedure. No one has, however, carried the test tube baby to normal maturity, Many scientists feel that the experiments shouldn't even be done. I suspect it will be though since most things which can be done eventually are done. Your basic problem Is that you would like to have a baby, which is quite understandable. You didn't elaborate on what kind of an operation you've had, but if you're talking about having had an operation on your tubes, sometimes this can be reversed so that a woman can become pregnant. To find: out anything about this you would tneed to see a good gynecologist, a specialist in women's problems. Of course, if you have had an operation because you couldn't have children for health reasons, then this wouldn't be helpful for you The next best thing would be adoption. Dear Dr. Lamb — Recently you discussed in your column about the value of high protein food. About one year ago I dis covered the value and impor tance of protein and now I am much better physically. I am an elderly man and now I find I can do more and harder work -since I have switched to soybean cereals and wheat germ foods. I do not care for sweets :cf any kind now because I ^really never get hungry like I did before. There is one thing that irks mc, other people tell me the dangers of eating high protein food. So, the question is, just how harmful is high protein food when used in generous portions? Dear Reader — You are probably doing a lot better than many other older people who shift their diet to eating large amounts of sweets and disre­ gard the proper intake of proteins. There are all kinds of proteins and I prefer to see people get their protein from a variety of sources. This should include lean meat, cereals, fish, poultry and fortified nonfat milk. There is no danger in eating too many proteins as long as you are not eating too many calories and getting overweight. The only people who have a problem of this type are those who have serious liver or kid ney disease. If you like your soybean cereals and wheat germ foods there isn't any reason why you shouldn't eat lhfm and they probably are very good for you. I do hope however, that you are getting some lean meat and some fortified skim milk in your diet. You need calcium. You'll get some in soybeans but it's hard for most people to get sufficient calcium unless they are including an adequate amount of milk products such as fortified nonfat milk or uncreamed cot tage cheese in sufficient quantities in their diet. Excess amounts: of proteins are converted by the liver to carbohydrates. In the process the nitrogen that makes the chemical compound a protein is simply stripped off and eliminated in the urine. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr. Iamb, in care of this newspaper, P. O Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y., 70019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's new booklet on diverti- culosis, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Diverticulosis" booklet. Legal Question Q. We plan to tow our house trailer on a tour of Illinois' historic sites this summer and would like to stock the trailer with liquid refreshments as well as food. Is there anything illegal about an opened can of beer in the refrigerator since no one can ride in the trailer when| we're under way? A. No. At one time Illinois law did prohibit the transportation of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle (including a trailer under tow) except in the original container and with the seal unbroken. Now, however, that restriction applies only to alcoholic beverages in the "passenger areaj" of the motor ve-, hicle and not to containers in | the trunk or trailer. —Illinois State Bar Assn. If You/Miss Important Calls When You're In Your Car You need a car telephone... It works like your phone at home and at your business, just pickup the hand set when that important person calls. Get al! the facts today. INTRA STATE TELEPHONE CO. 100 N. Chtriy Sr, Phone 343-1112 21 st • TFNIJFD* Weaver • Yemm Chevrolet extends SALE for 4 Good Reasons: to save B1Q! FREE! 1973 VEGA You don't have to buy a thing or be anything but 18 or over. If you're that, com* en in ... and come iii to win! Who knows? It could be you! Sign up now! TO BE AWARDED: SATURDAY, JULY 21 At 10:00 A.M. '71 CHEV. TOWNSMAN SW All Power, Factory Air, Light ^OQAA Blue, Matching Trim. AmW^f ""t '72 GRAN TORINO 4-DR. Red, Full Power, % *\AAA Factory Air. '72 FORD TORINO 2-DR. H.T. Automatic, P.S., P.B., $%OAA Factory Air, All Blue — ^A"!"* '70 NOVA 2-DR. 6 Cyl. Auto. Trans. $T| QAA Beige, Black Trim. ____-____——- I Q**** '70 BUICK SKYLARK 2-DR. H.T. Automatic, P.S., P.B., $00 AA Factory Air, Vinyl Roof -.—- AA't , t '71 IMPALA KINGSWOOD 9 Pass. Wagon, Auto., Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air, Luggage Rack, $f Dark Green, Vinyl Interior —____-'71 VEGA KAMMBACK S.W. Auto. Fact. 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Henderson St./Golesbiirg/Phone 343-7101

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