Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on May 13, 1914 · Page 5
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 5

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1914
Page 5
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PAGE. FIVE, The Things Thai Count in Dentist THREE ft ONE VOTE FAVORED PURCHASE OFWATERGOMPANY MAJORITY OF 7 OUT OF 1,393. HUES OF NEW STAMPS COMMISSION REFERS MUSICAL SELECTIONS FEATURE OF OPERA MISS LUCiLE CUYLER e SHAME THE PEACOCKS BRIDGE SCHEDULE TO THE CITY ATTORNEY MARRIED ON MAY6TH f Miss Violet Gardiner was oleasahtlv surprised by twenty-five. of her friends. As much freedom from paln aB p. evening at iter home on North Jackson street. Games and musta furnished the entertainment and a Live and let Hire prices. Postal Employes Argue Vainly Over Taupe. Maple Leaf Brown and Alice Blue and Blame Ladies' Tailor. Fashion's color creators must doff their hats to Uncle Sam. Tha government's stamp printers have produced shades that would turn the peacock green with jealousy. There are five new hues on five new :8tariipH issued yesterday-and costing, "The Heiress," an Upto-Oate Musical Former Physical Training Instructor fine sapper was served. Mrs. Kim. Traverty on international at Janesville High School la an i Sti'S ?'MGeorKe 3crclt Marriages. Early Spring Bride. Were the chaperones. There is lots of, men and ginger to1 One ot the prettiest and costliest. to ENTERTAIN AT SHOWER vour WDrfc. DR. F. T. RICHARDS Charge Construction Bill Work VUTEB CAST DECIDE QUESTION. Traction company. Routine PAINLESS DENTIST Business Transacted. tue production, of "The Heiress,'!1 wauoings oi tne FOR TWO FUTURE ..w 'which holds the boarda at the Myers Place on last Wednesday, May- the waa before the Theatre Thursday and Friday evening Sth, at the home ot Captain and Mrs. Mrs. John Valentine of Chicago will aflernoou, bills 0f the uresent week under the auspices 1?. J. Cuyler, in Oberlfn, Ohio, when ' entertain this evening at the home of Office Over Hall & Saylea. city council yesterday TO START I'M MEDIATELY duu icyu. - w,t uiuu.il - ul jinn oI Ul3 janesville Aerie 724. of.llic f. meir naugnier, misb L,ucne, was uniien ner parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Usee, being passed and ordered placed on Q. E MisTBesse Wright, wba has to. murlwto Albert Carl Schirmer . Nortn Bluff street, at a shower for "j of Hllihlnir. VinnemntH Thi rarpiMiov in., t. n..V H lut i TEX JAMS BVILLB DAILY GAZETTE. WEDNESDAY, MAY 13; 1914 Did You Ever Give Serious Thought bank? The benefit are real and practical and such as you will surely appreciate if you take advantage of them. The interest of our cue-tomers have pergonal attention and we . try in every way to please those who intrust their business to ut. Our steady growth is proof of this. 3 PER CENT ON SAVINGS. The First National Bank Depository for U. S. Pcstal Savincs, State of Wisconsin, County of Rock and City of Janesville. WALL PAPERS What is, without doubt, the finest line of walLpajpers and coverings in town may be viewed here now. May we show you the new things, at your convenience? C. W. DIEHLS THE ART STOKE. 526 W. Milwaukee St. deflate when punctured.. Air filled only; no "dope," no "filler." Call and see demonstration, Hotel Myers, Wednesday P, M. and Thursady A, M. Good salesmen wanted, REGULAR MEETING TONIGHT of the HARRY L. GIFFORD CAMP No. 23 United Spanish War Veteran. STALLIONS PERCHERON CLYDESDALE HACKNEY GARDNER BROS. 13 No, Bluff St. BARN DANCE There will be a barn dance given at the home of J, Francis Kennedy of the town of Harmony, Tuesday evening, May 19th, 1914. Hatch Orchestra. EVERYBODY WELCOME, TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOIi rt ISN'T Residence. S13 .Court St. All modern improvements. Newly decorated. $25.00 per mouth. Pos-. inn given at or.ee. C. P. Beers. 11-5-lo-ot. FOll IKNT Larjce front room with modern conveniences, iun men phone Blue 724, 329 N. Jackson. ndT ironei 44-13-3 1. FOR SALE CHEAP One Eatey organ in good condition. Call at 212 Ter race St., or Bell phone 2i3. BRIEF LOCAL NEWS. Lawn mowers repaired. Premo uros. , There will he a, regular meeting, or tia . 63, a. o., i i;f.r,CB u Hatch dancinjr class" and liop Tliursdav evening, May 14th. The Social Club of Crystal Camp 132 1; v a ,..m n,.i it Mrs. Iticntcr S. 419 Washington avenue, Thursday afternoon. May 14. . , , RACY CLE, world's best bicycle M N'amara's. Adv. , ... Wiwln TJr, fi nf tha M. K. chUTCll Will nii-t Avit)', Sirs'. J." W. Webb, 21 South Division street, Friday afternoon, May i:. at p. m. oiia. - wood, president. . . A treat Tor all lovers of music ig new. "Royal Welsh Ladies Choir," M. B. church Mftyj-19. iADn nr THANKS V.'e wish to thank our friends and noichbors for the floral offerings and the sympathy extended to us in our erCa jShn & OTTO SCHICKBB. AND FAMILIES Order. Tan: City Clerk P. J. Ha nmrlnnd nrHoroH five hundred dOST 11 fniRe tafia which are .expected, to nve eanv next wee, iw w" will pass' the ordinance at their nsxt regi.i'ar meeting. Mayor Father Announces Stsps Will d i aKtn At onee to Consummate the Wish of the Electors. ' a vote ot 1.091 tn ans v, vb of Janesville on Tuesday decided the 2?.?tlDn- la"""!? for the purchase or the Janesville "Water Company. It was a sweeping three to one and better victory for the advocates of. municipal ownership ol the water company, the majority in favor being 7S9. Trie i-ote was exceptionally tight, and while the. sum total of those who 1 volku was less tnan the total vote counted, this riiJrvroiiKn wso rino r. fact that mistakes were made by the in ijfuiug me levers in tne voting booths. The vote by wards was as follows: First ward, for 211. aiainst 4ft- fic- ond ward, for 193, against 55; Third vu, iur ioi, against nap fourth ward, for 293. aeainst (12: Fifth -ivsrrt. iLi2"' afainst 24, Total for purchase 1-.0S1, against 302. Majority for. 789. ine next step in tne purchase of the Janesville water works will be to call upon the rate commission for a valuation of the olant. "whir will hp done immediately," stated Mayor James A. Fathers this morning in peaking of the results of the election. City officials were of the oDlclon that the vole yesterday, while light, reflected exactly the sentiment of the people. The rate commission, it -was declared, should arrive at a valu- tion shortly, as the plant had been previously valued by them, and thuse officials are practically ready to announce the figure. A review of the book3 of the company would be necessary aB the other valuation ,was made suuiu iuiib ttKo. txnn parlies, eiiy anu the. water company, have the" right of appeal over the commission".1! price, i riich would mean a long legal pro cedure to ascertain the actual price to oe paio. Dy tne cny it a satisiactory adjustment is not effected by the rate commission. In case the commissions valuation is acceptable to both parties, the next step will be to issue bonds for the amount named. While the council has not reached any definite action, having wai:ed the outcome ot the election, the water company when1 taken over, will be added to the engineering department, making the city engineer the head. Two systems are used by cities owning plants, one of which is the commission plan, a commission separate from the city government being named to govern the water company. This plan the Janesville officials' say will probably not he usen r.ere, out tne watei company will become an actual department of the city government. Little attention nas. Been given as pi tn rates that will be asked tor. Mayor Fathers expressed himself aa. believing the state commission would make the rates higher. He stated the rates will be planned with due regard to the payment- of the bonded debt with benefit to , the consumer and city. Meter and service rates were, favored instead of flat rates, but nothing defin ite will be transacted until Che valuation and taking over of the company. Racine. Wis., May 13. All proceed ings in the proposed purchase ot the plant of the Racine Water Company by tne city ol tiacine nas uecu hluiujbu as a resuBt or an order signeu Dy United Stales. Federal Judge Gelger of Milwaukee, and which further orders city officials, water company aud mem- siiov,- why a permanent re.-itr.imms order shall not be issued to prohibit further proceedings In the purchase The slate rate commission was this week to have determined the amount the city would have to pay -for the LIVERPOOL READER HAS PAPER WANTED Copy of July 29, 1913, Gazette, Needed for Office Files, Comes From From Joseph y. maisaeii oi oiuur Croft, Uverpool, England, the Qaaette has received the copy., of its Issue of. Used "(or in several papers' recently Thf copy, was needed tor, the. files of ir.e ppmi " --------- -. Mr. Blaisdeil is a suoscrioer iu n:.r.Ptte and has been a reader for many years. " I'.u'irr;. r sends lias the unuiiai niu Uiavinc crossed- the Atlantic ikm, I making a round trip since iO was pvrb- joint Meetinfl' pf Various Cow mi ttees Will be Held Friday. Evening at the Elk's Club At a meeting heia won noon at the - ommercial cluboffices ; a meeting held Monday after- e of Ucluh approved, of the plriu celebrate the. fourth, of July thl, year with a big affair that villi , nllnse ah -tornier named, wilt be. helf! .Friday evening g rangeroents will be made and work-Ins committees appointed. WILL POST 'CIRCULAR POTATOES IN DEPOTS The agricultural department of the fniversitv ot WiBconsfn have sent notice! to station agents on the Chi- form Von N- P Thurber, assistant iin TatjjWfi-mp-" ST. PAUL PASSENGER- BeKinning Monday, May. eisdatntb fective- tmvusuvi.1 months. taune. The 9-cent stamp's shade would be labeled American Beauty or French red in color In the shops. The color of the 12-cent stamp is a mixture of the popular mahogany and deep orchid shades. Alice blue is the only name that could be given the 20-cent stamp. The au-cenr, stamp s coior cioseiy resembles the new tango yellow or dead-maple-leaf brown. All of the stamps, save the 7-cent, bear the picture of Benjamin Frank- Accordinc to omciais tne uemanti for them has been caused by the parcel post. NUMBER OF ARRESTS FOR TRAFFIC RULES Police strictly Enforcing Traffic Reg ulations Throughout the City Drivers Take Notice. Drivers whether of. automobiles 1 St-HM rules of. traffic regulations in janes- yllle on keeping to the. right side of the street and, turning square corners. , Yesterday Ave men were arrested for 1 cutting across Main and Milwaukee streets and a Krealer number given final warning i inree oi tne onenueia were .uk-kh into court and after a lecture dis- missed. The new regulations are not goiBE io oe a lowen to lag nec.areu . Chief bi Police Champion. Tnis morniUB results were, shown FhP to oDser.ins PERSONAL MENTION. Miss MniidR Tlpiiftl nf Loilev. Ala- bama, is vialUng at the home of" James ''inter. TA Wnt-lair sin-H. Mtss lya Willie and friends motored will hDld. their regular meeting to-1 lodge rooms. spendlng the week in Janesville. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoffman of Franli Mi Karl ine of Cameron is In Janesville. on business. as called, here by the death ot nis aunt, Mrs. Blten O'Leary, returned to His home this morning. Mrr Hatr;,. koelf: ot Rw.k Turd spent Tuesday and Wednesday in .the city, Ryaa Of CUi; jki- .n .! ':- ille today. M1S3 Mary Lange or Alaaison has returned to lier Home arte1 ek with Mrs. William F. Flock of North street. ' Tjirnt. Andfltsnn ni Tw (rhirus is a business visitor in Janesville today. Mr.. Harrv York of Fort AtKniM.-u is. spending tne day. m in Thnm irnnlrt and lmi ?htpr aiIrsi Frances, of WoodstocK. are the guests er local relatives, G. Jeffrls left Tuesday for an ex- tended weKtfirn trip. James Smith of Milwaukee is Jn Janesville today. He leaves tonight two weeks business trr in northern Minnesota, Frank Flnley or Aurora ss a business visitor In Janesville. Richard Kradley and wile ol Sharon spent the day-. Tuesday, in our city Miss Mamie connn ot j-auinton, South Dakota, is spending the week witn ner aunt, sirs. Lowani iracy, or Academy street. i Frank Richards and wife of Wat-worth spent the day, Tuesday, in janesville. ".mJS Mrs Pal - rick Lillis, of Holmes street. Mrs. Cliarles Payne of Footville is spendlrrs" todaj in Janesville raarvin n.nov les or fjinij. .f, a uusi- nesB visitor in Janesville today. C P. Fields of Mansion is in Janes- ville. today. Joseph 'Flaherty, who was.ca3led to this city. by the death ol his aur.t. the ""late ;Mr5. Kllr-n. OLrriry, has re- luineii -o nis normvai tiarvara. in.- Mr.' and 'Mrs. Dan Siwl have v.r l- rnmArl n. luibv bov to their home. Mr, and Mrs. jonn tioran, wno nave made-Janesviile tJieir iKiuie lor tne past two years, have returned to Mouroe wnere iney lormeny tcsiuku. Thn Unhersitv elub will meet with Miss Mary Barker on St. Lawrence avenue, Saturday atternoon instead ot .Friday. an- nouuee the arrival oE a daughter born on Tuesday. - . to be gone ' until FORMER BRODHEAO MAN IS NOW IN PORTO RICO IN LEAF TOBACCO TRADE William B. Shaw;, a former leaf to-acco dealer at Brodhead, Green county, is ndw at San Juan Porto Rico, where he has recently opened an office and. will be engaged in the. leaf tobacco business, Mr. Shaw has been assistant to P. H. Gorman, vice president and general' manager of the Porto Rican Tobacco company, previous to his resignation to enter business for himself. For many years he was a representative of the American Cigar company, in Wisconsin. POLICE RECEIVE "WANTED" CARD OF'GHEEK MURDERER WHO HAS A RECORD. NAME Joctor, March 161H in Mil- Tile above card with a, description of, whom the police have named "John Doe," was received yesterday. No one has ventured to correctly, pronounce the name, and" one of the force ventured that it wool! he easier to "whistle It." , "he- Lioanac: Jobn B. McCar-t own of Doverz. Bacin thy ol county , and Margaret A. Costelto ot The council lnstrncted City. Clerk Hammarlund to. send, bill for the liESSSivfl S!S?S?.W- X hi.i". w.nnlrBmnls anrt the hrMn. work was an accommodation by the retiuest of the tractian company. The bill is as follows: Brick paving between tracks. .$413.33 Four Trolley poles 14.00 Trolley pole tops , 2.40, Machine shop wont on tops.,. nenna iaaxey, wuu uujs Cast iron pipe drain 5100 "Sway, Sway, Sway," little Miss Flea-Gould Construction Company's nor Breuning and eight year old mar-bill for track tile draip .. 3.26 vel, with a tasty dance. "The English 1 Bag." Erwin Sartelle and twelve En-Total .?619.59'gllsh chappy chorus, and the Jahts- The ordinance entitled "amuse- vllle City Glide, a- charming specjal meats," amending sub-section, one, feature with little Lucile Craft and was given itB third reading and Donald Flaherty, dancing the tango, passed. The new ordinance reads as There arB many other song, hits and follows: Section 1. For each circus numerous complications, excellent or menagerie, or qlrcus- or menagerie, stage settings and fanciful situations pony or dog show, charging fifty tilat g0 to make the production inter- more more iur single an- mission, the license shall be. $100 per it will doubtless .receive liberal sup-day. Amendments made the ordinance Mr effective ten days after, passage and . ; nuhlicatlun. . . . --n, John Dalto.n. was appointed special; i,,.. nril mfttr?rinl fnr llu mnntl r Aprll amounting to 11,236.57 were ali0wBd and an order drawn on tiie Jt treasury. City-Treasurer George M,felM!hOWB report tor April snowing trtzzt hi null 9n via af ceDted ordered filed. The an- rt nf th trpamrer -was iredPDUhliBlied trea5ureT aa ,v pn.i" Vnc the readinst of the com- --."-ji" - fTn ,h- anll D0ilce ' 7,;,i.iI, aiitiniininf the annnint- commission announcing the appoint-: th -jd, Presbyterian board, gave ment of P. D. Champion aa chief, of,. verv interesting Illustrated lecture hB p0ice department, the police department, tne commis- eioners confirmed, the. appointment , oath and thousand dollar bonds . D. Clamp ion for the position as IwitiiIb nf Walter Helms. Ave hundred dollars, for the position ot iiealer of weights and measures were accBptBd. The plumbers' bona ot Snyder Broth- The April report ot Miss Agnes C, shows that during the month 138 calls were made. Twenty-three old cases tv-one under Miss Anderson's care. Mayor Fathers moved that the com- nenses Sled by the Gould c-oustruc- tion Company for removing old piers in the construction or tne .yiii waui.ee street bridge be relrrett tOUlty Ai- torney W. H. Dougherty, tne total ;.;imlule or llic Claim amuui-is um;,- 810.51. The application of Amos lieli- berg uonipany iar auowiug and Milwaukee stwte-was discussed and referred to Councilman f. J. noodman. The petition of residents "that1 Kliv.ih: street irom. iscmuu lmm at thp exnense of the properly ownersi received and filed. Council- man Goodman wis instructed to pur cnase a cw use in the pari was adjourned until .Friday. EXEMPTION BILL UP IN SCHOOL SENATE Upper House to Adjourn Today. Much Filibustering Expected on Toll Question. The repeal 'of the provision In the Panama- eanai tolls act exempting American coastwise ships, may through the school senate today. 1 for the senate Is scheduled today, lit- 1 tle timrt- renlalns to discuss, tne, nieas 1 1 .rVirttr: nf Wlacons'in. who Intro u,ice( the nleasure at the session ruesday. speaks' heartily in favor of ilavLne the proposed law star.d as it is nhtmctiva. tactics , to delay lpEicinMrin this afternoon was- ex- peeled by thoss opposing tlm hill, w fee,n txe measure from being passed hv iiic hnneful domocrats. who are in n.. minority. Ji-st snch . filibustering 'has been going-on -lor me past-ween ii,r.,- and Prof. Shcafur -it I ,-n,if):"t ihat'liiH srndntH have mas tererl pretty wen tne aoings at uie u:)!i.-.l KUtes vnate. Dy aavao arguments which could not he sur- passeu oy any caiiaiie nwjti m tor i At yesterday's session. sailing tor I birthplace of late President- Anarew Jackson, for the pursou'e.of making a national' park, was defeated by the i repiioncans oj a eiose - cessful work of Prof. SUeafor's civics moressed with ork of the senate, as in Washington, D. C. Lawn . mpwer3 . auarpeaecl. , Fremo Lawyers Close Saturdays; The (ol lowing attorneys . have signed an agreen ent to -close t'uelr ofnoes Satur- duy afternoons during the summer months: Whitehead and Mathesoi E D. McGowan, Stanley D. Tailman. .1. J. C.mnineham, W. H. Dougherty, Arthur M. fisner, Henry '. uarpen-ter, Charles H, Laiige, Edward Peterson. J. T.. Fisher. F. W. Fisher. F. C. Hurpee, Jeffiris, Mouat, Oestreich and Averv, in. f. itienarason, B. u. unn widdfe, Wiiilam Ruger, F. C. Grant f ht AsHOeiATrn- ipiiss.1 Rome, Italy, May.' 13.-r-Doctor Anna . Shaw of New York today delivered strikins; address on Woman Suffrage under tfit; aujuiccs (if Hie international Council of Wbtnen on the first dutv o women being, to being the practfea) line of government Into harmony with Ing the people give equal privileges ann equal opportunities to .an, regnru-less of ses. -Ht baa been found.' ",8-" L'rta '"L'p ??ri?"c' S,!,1 BH."' m SSUf moMe" With3' Smother Me With Kisses,' Mra.. Cimrlea Hegseiiauer: "My Chain Memc-ries, Charles HesRenauer. ' Cecily, a. waltz number, by Kay Ma- son and Bertha Saxby; "Join Bloom tiy Betty Gower, and chorus of thirty cnuoren. "iiiBn jinxts, Aueiame Thiele; "Don't Stop," Ray Mason and e3tnsf. As It is a home talent attair hAVt IL L Uo IKAl tU LECTURE ON INDIA Miss Harriet Davies, M. D Medical Miasior-sry From India, Visited In City Tuesday. THiaa Harriett. Davies. M. D.. medical missionary from India, serving in the Aal V.. j t eVenins at the regular meeting . Uand at the Congrega- tionai church on the customs, a'nd Bme:rfll ews ot the. great nr n&vieB -was born and educated in Wisconsin, and is a former college classmate of-Mrs. . J. Jjowui, i liirh hnrne she stayed last night. She. was passing through the city yesterday, to pay Mrs. Lpwth a vlBlt, and was asked to speak at the Loan! Band meeting. A good attend- ' at 3Qe had to say ol the Ori country. She carries with hei beautiful slides I v t.w1 xim tils morning for r,f'0 t0 attend a meeting of the ELECT WALTER BURKE PRESIDENT OF K. C. Kenosha Man Honored at State con vention Being Held in Beloit Week. TJ.l-t -Wlornnsin. MjV 13. The i u , i .nn i t mibus in the convention here today elected the following officials State .Secretary C. M. McGuire. Baraboo, Wis. State Treasurer J. Shullsburg, wis. State Advocate John. Dougherty La Crosse. Wi3. State warden ti. u. mraiiBuuitij, Racine, Wis. The next convention in1 isia wi ne neia m awiueue. ... The convention voted $6 t0 Jj, Marquette Medical School as a part COMPANY SECURING ITS RIGHT OF WAY Janesville to Madison, Electric Com pany Prepares to Begin Construction Work. Piekharilt and .1. H. Campbell. ..f-i-iii- for the Chicago and Wisconsin Valley railroad . company., which has surveyed a route lor an lntenir-ban line between Janesville ar.d MadiEon, are now engaged in signing up permits for the ngnt or way tor tue iru posed railroad. Eiiwi i Roeslina of the town of Janesville has sighed such a permit according BRYAN'S PEASE DOVE IN FISTIC SLUGFEST Former Consul Connors Objects Waiting to See Secretary and Fist Fignt i-oi lows. tnT iaHOciATin fueks. Washington, May 13. The. dove of peace in the office of Secretary of Slate Bryan was rudely disturbed today when D. Edward Connors, former-tv consul at St. Petersburg, and Frank M. Basukepp engaged, in., a fist fight, Mr. Connors ODje.ctea to ueing delayed in the secretary ante room while other visitors saw the secretary, and got. into an argument with Basukepp. After the combat, Baau-kepp's nose was- cut. and Connors', cheek was cut. Mr. Connors was attempting to see Bryan to find out why he had been dismissed from service. HACYCLiB. world's best bicycle, HnvAL WELSH LADIES' CHOIR. ' Those who heard the, Royal Welsh Ladles- -choir last idight at the First Methodist church felt well repaid for the Cambrian songsters lived up to their reputation The Aurora Daily "IW00!.' church Mar 19. Tickets. 60c on sate at Reliable and People's Drug; stores. HOTPOINT WEEK Mny 11 to 16. JemesviUe Electric Co. the bride, throughout the pub lie schools and college at Oberlln. JaneTilhTas lvin years as physical tram: mibb uuyier wm he remembered in servea tor two ning instructor at the local high school. While In this iitlZ Mii,S.Si. sue tooK up a she ract Mr sdarmer. Mr. aud Mrs. Scnjru)er will j , eir future home s nibbing. rn l ai MI1MDLTD CIV IfAIN NUNlDCn OIA DERAILED AT EAGLE Locomotive and Four Cars Through Open Switch at Eagle Last Evening. No One' Injured. Train number six, the afti rn ion passenger on the Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad, leaving here at 4:40, was derailed at Eagle last aveninc ' b'einz thrown. Oil the tracK uy an open swiien. rae loco: motive ann tour cars went on tne track and tralllc wag- crippled over six hours, the wrecking st.riifk iiv the locomotive -while soing at n spee'd of about twenty miles per hour. X. Thiserher. baggage man. and T, H. Leahy, conductor, both of .vjiiwainiee, were sugntiy mjurea. number o Janesville people were the passenger. AIR MORGAN ESTATE MATTERS IN COURT Tax Ccmmission Sees to Show That Property Was Deeded to Heirs to Escape Inheritance Tax. . Further testimonv was taken before Judge C. L. Fiheld in the county court tniB atternoon in tne inheritance :nat ter of the Sylvester MorEan estate, John Harrington, investigator for the state tax commission, conducted the examination of witnesses for the state in an attempt to show that Mr. Morgan ui nis Hie lime aeeaea away a large part pf his property, "including farms his sons and grandsons. This was done, the commission will contend, to evade paying the inheritance tax. Wil- dsons o nesBes this afternoon. ACATULP0 RELIEVED OF ZAPASTIA MENACE Battle Was Held 20 Miles From City. No Casualties Are Reported. Huerta Revoke IIT ASSOCIATED FHRSS.1 On board the U'. S. S. California, Maaatalan,' via wireless to San Diego, May 13. Acatulpo has been relieved of the menace from the Zapastias for the present. The federals repulsed thB attacking party after a short battle 'in the country twenty nines irom me I city. I ne extent oi tn casualties 1 was not learned m,anrfor nf llm Pa e fie fleet waa inforaaed today tnat tjenerai mu crta has revoked his orders forhidding y OD ot trade with the United states The crew of the abandoned gunboat bor, has been sent to Mexico. City. Help Yourself- If yon want to become intelligent you must take your own little pitcher to the well of knowledge and dip It in yourself. For Brides and Bridal Parlies Drop in and see the beautiful new place cards. Daintily hand painted in several, styles. Also hand painted book marks, small and large sachet packages. Cards and greeting of the better sort. Luncheons and private parties coz-ify arranged. Everything made and prepared in our own kitchen. The Tea Shop Opp.Court House Park. You know Rock County Real estate is the safest security on earth, deposit your money in this bank and you may be assured that it will be loaned on such security. There is no safer banking. Rock County Savings & Trust Company Office with ROOK COUNTY NATIONAL BANS. FAIR STORE SPECIAL OXFORD SALE Second floor. Girls' "Mary Jane" one-strap pump In gun metal and patent leather, aixea S to 2, at 1.SO a pair. Girls' 2-strap ptmips in patent leatA- er, gun metal arid tan, calf skin, siaea. to 2, at VI.50. Young Women's "MaTy Jane" one-strap pumps In patent leather and black satin, at 1.95. Young women's 2-strap pumps In patent leather, gun metal and velvet, at1.9S. Women's Colonial slippers, with steel or black buckles, in patent leather -or black velvet, at 2.6. Women's button oxfords. In gun metal or paten leather with clotb tops at 2.45. Men's button oxfords in gun metal, patent leather and ten calf skill, at W.45. Boys' button oxfords in gun metal and tan calf skin, at and $2.45. Children's barefoot Sandals, size S to 11, at 59c; 114 to 2 at 75c. The better grade barefoot Sandals at 95e. Boys' and Girls' black tennis slippers, at 90c a pair. Men's elk skin work shoes at 1.t5. Men's heavy work shoes in tan or black calf skin, at S1.H. Infants' one or two-Btrap slipper 3 to 5 at 59cr 5-to 8 at 75c. Infants' patent leather shoes. In black or red or tan uppers, at $1.00 a pair. Don't fail to taJ advuUf sf the HotpointSale this week and get a El Glostovo for $2.50 Regular price, f 5.00. Janesville Electric Op. Tryphoaa 3 for 25c Tiic finest pure fruit jelly dessert in largest variety of flavors. 3 pkgs. 2ijc. Very confcii-ietit; keep it on hand. Imported Macaroni: doesn't mush and fall to pieces, 15c pkg. Elsie Cheese; new make, soft, creamy, rich as butter, you'll like it. 25c lb. Pimiento Clieese just in, 15c jar. Clubhouse Pure Apple Butter, 18c an. Try it. A good ripe Olive 2')e pt. can. Dedrick Bros. Order Oronht Dairy Mttk For All th Family This milk comes from a select herd, of fine milk producing cows. Every drop it pasteurized, and it is delivered to you in Bterilued, sanitary capped bottles. Telephone us your order now. One of our new wagons will deliver in the morn- CRONIN DAIRY CO.

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