The Montreal Star from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on January 21, 1938 · 12
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The Montreal Star from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 12

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
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TnG MONTREAL "DAILY STAR FRIDAY: JANUARY il I9SB TWELVE I rrr 4) 1 1 gV' iWlNTRY DAYS CALL FOR HEARTY LUNCHEON DISHES BRILLIANT ROYAL1 WEDDING 'AT -ATHENS iThere’s Nothing That WilJ “Hit the Spot” Quite So Well as a Bowl of Hot Steaming Soup lN many rountrles aoup la the mainstay of the Het to tha extent that a aoup kettle la kepi ronatantly on the back of the kitchen stove and literally “brewed” for days Into this kettle goes every scrap of meat vegetable or oasonlng that ia not used in preparing the rest of the daily diet Such soups are really meals they are so substantial The convenience of the ready-prepared can of soup has Increased Its popularity in recent years and offers a quick simple satlsfyingly substantial hot luncheon dish for the school child's lunch or the homemaker's own snack between breakfast and dinner These canned eoups may be used i they come from the ran or the ingenuity of the homemaker may Suggest various additions or combinations Two rans of soup that is two varieties may be heated together In one saucepan and served with a flair of originality Such combined soups when carefully chosen intrigue the occasional guest and have the happy faculty of pleasingly adding desirable vegetables to the child or man's dally diet The so-called “cream soup" la the one more commonly prepared at home In these modern daya Such a soup Is not really a errant mixture but Is prepared with a foundation of white sauce plus the desired vegetable ahvaj-siurced or ro- ing UWlCli ! strained after it la cool The following soup recipe pi vide substantial and nourisni main dishes for luncheon SALMON' RISQUE 1 tall ran red salmon flaked rupe medium white sauce 1 tablespoon minced parsley salt and pep-jin' dash of paprika Method: Cook salmon and While sauce 3 minutes press through a wire sieve Reheat add seasonings and aerva hot MEAT LESS VEGETABLE SOI P : 1 cup diced raw carrots 1 cup diced raw turnips 1 rup diced raw celery 1 rup shredded cabbage 1 cup minced peeled onions 3 quarts water 1 ran beef bouillon or a home-made meat stock 2 It tea-apoona aalt pepper Method: Boil vegetables In water Until tender about 1 hour Add bouillon and seasonings simmer 5 to 10 minutes longer Serve piping hot LIMA BEAN SOUP 1 cup dried lima beans cups cold water 2 small carrots sliced 1 medium onion 1 cup sliced celery 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 4 tablespoons flour S tablespoons shortening or butler salt and pepper Worcestershire sauce grated cheese Method: Soak beans in cold water over night next day cook them in same water until partly soft add vegetables and 1 teaspoon aalt and cook until all vegetables are soft rub through a sieve (there should be about 4 cups of pulp) Add milk Blend flour with melted shortening slowly add pureed mixture then season as desired Thoroughly heat and serve each portion with spoonful of cheest on top BAKED BEAN SOUP 3 cups cold baked beans 2 slices Onion 4 cup cut celery 3 pints water 14 cups strained tomatoa 21— (BUP)— Amer latest dance craze the "Big Apple Dance” has got to Pans where it ha been grafted on to the French Can-Can to make the “Canned Apple Dance" The Can-Can puts the kick Into II To the shakes shrugs and stamping of the "Big Apple the French have added the high kicks and I splits nl the Can-Can to produce a dance that only an acrobat ran perform The reason for fhe “Canned Apple” wa explained by one of the American girl dancers Adelaide Hall "When the French saw the Big Apple” she said "they thought It looked like a child's game ao we had to make it harder by combining It with a few of the best features of the Can-Can It makes it hard on the tandona and the stockings hut It certainly puts life Into the dancing1 A Wife Has a Right To Have Man Friend Judge Gives Verdict Against Huibsod in Action Jan 2L—(BUP)— A husband may not forbid his wife the company of a man friend This was the verdict of a Viennese court in which the husband Herr Bokor was the plaintiff and an architect the defendant Herr Bokor'a wife is a well known singer at the Vienna Slate Opera The huaband asked the cour to forbid the architect hia wife's friend to ring her up to go in cafes and bars with her to accompany ber in society In short to ban any action of the friend "which could disturb their marriage" The architect through his coun-?l pleaded that the friendship was purely a “business and social" intercourse Giving judgment for the architect the judge said: “A marriage is a contract between two people f : iWjk " v :j 1”' - - vV Cousins of British Royal Family to Visit West Indies Lord and Lady Mountbatten on Their Way to Jamaica— Now in New York whirh gives no right or obligations In civil law against third parties A husband can never If he feels he has a case proceed In civil law against a party outside tha marriage" When the husband can prove that he haa suffered damage he may Intitule proceedings for damages or In necessary circumstances proceed under the penal code 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon salt pepper Method: Cook beans onion ery and water for half an hour or You Can't Afford To It! luHil fhal (unify Chemi lila la aw u ericas km fern riirinl-mry §ar-snt fcn hem nyriud to aSaw rtoiwtlMM ri 30’50 until all vegetables are tender rub through a sieve Add tomatoes to melted butter and blended flour stir In pureed vegetables! season well heat through FRENCH PEA SOUP 3 cups dried yellow peas 1 small onion chopped 4 lb fat salt pork 1 quart water pepper Method: Put all Ingredients together In a large kettle and cook about three hours or until peas are mushy Add more water as It bolls down and at tha last stir frequently to keep soup from sticking to the pan MASHED POTATO SOUP 1 quart milk 2 slices onion cups hot mashed potatoes 3 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 14 teaspoons aa' pepper celery salt cayenne 1 tablespoon chopped parsley Method: Scald the milk wllh the onion remove onion rarefully stir milk into potatoes Melt butter blend in flour and seasonings then adr potato mixture stirring until well blended then bring to a boll for one minute Add parsley If potatoes should bo lumpy strain before adding parsley FISH CHOWDER 3 lbs fish 1 run diced potatoes 4 lb aalt pork 1 medium onion slired 1 quart scalded milk 1 teaspoon salt pepper two tablespoons butter 8 soda crackers Method: Bone tha fish and cut into small pieces Cover bones with boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes Parboil potatoes In enough water to cover Cut up the salt pork and fry in hot pan with the onion Combine potatoes fish salt pork onion and the potato water and fish stock Cover rlosely and simmer gently about 20 minutes Add milk seasonings butter and 1 crackers which nave been soaked in a little cold milk Cook 9 minutes Ywtaidiy IMS Nua 100 at pc ItHy prkii tar cmm Wa itmifity MHMf VM (Iks aSvantaia if tali mm iml a Ml maka yaw MiMtlaa wklta tka akatca at TaraM at aaaiaa a Saw payiat jjtv r Taka 10 tatwraly to pay tka kal-laary larmant h carrrtif atack la faria Naw Vark Laattaa and Natty-waad ityka adapted ky LaaaM'i latoraariaiMlty tiaiaai dai Isaac UM PM Friday aed Saturday 1454 PEEL ST Opposlta Mowrt Roys! Hatol II Duce Reports Population Rise Crusade Brings Net Increase of 375000 In Italy ROME'Jan 21— (U P)— Premier Benito Mussolini whoso own family has provided him with two grandchildren during the past year i announced priority yesterday that his “more hritles and mora babies” crusade accounted for a net increase of 379000 in Italy’s population In 1937 Tha figure still Is 23000 short of the annual goal act by II- Duce to bring about a "mllitantly strong” Ualy but he hopes to reach the 400000 mark this year He la retying on his system of marriage prltes awards for "most prolific mothers" and subsidized births to bring It about After bli published warnings to i fathers and mothers Muiaiollnl tabl!shed bis governmental system of marriage loani tha entire sums of which are wiped out providing five children are born to tha cou Iples within five years ' I Employers are forced to give preference to married workers and tha heads of large famlllM Cities and 'villagea lagging behind in the "baby VEW YORK Jan 21— (Star Spe-rial)— Lord and Lady Mount-batten arrived In New York last night aboard tha liner Bremen on their way to Jamajca BWI where Lord Mountbatten will take part in a series of polo matches between a Tamales team and the liurllngham club Lord Mountbatten a cousin of the British Royal Family was re-ernty promoted to the rank of captain in the Royp Navy and Is awaiting assignment to command a cruiser or a destroyer flotilla In the interim he explained he has a tlx months leave at half pay and took the opportunity to play in the polo matches and pay his first visit to i the United Stales since 1924 "When 1 was last here" Lord Mountbatten mused “prohibition was rampant and the Woolworth building Was tha tallest thing In town I Intend to sec tha sights this trip" After a week In New York Lord and Lady Mountbatten will go to Jamaica for five weeks The polo matches will be played during February and the couple plan to return here for Ihre weeks before going bark to England Lord Mountbatten said ho called on his cousin the Duke of Windsor In Paris recently The Duke and Duchess were In excellent spirits ho aald but they were busy househunting and aald nothing of a trip to America in the near future Keep After Those Moths During Winter MOTHS enjoy eating In winter aa well as summer Tha best way to keep them from destroying your clothes upholstered furniture and ruga ia by frequent brushing and airing ana by removing soiled pots as soon aa (Hey appear For your furniture be particularly thorough In brushing out seams under cushions and in corners or use your vacuum attachment for that purpose For your ruga clean thoroughly under the heavy nieces of furniture for moths do like to lodge In dark undisturbed places A reliable fumigant la a big help too The bride ia a granddaughter of the ex-Kalaer of Germany and a great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria Above pnoto shows: Tha bridal group outside the royal palace in Athene after the wedding Crown Prince Michael of Rumania ia second from left The bride and bridegroom are seen centre with the bride's mother the Ducheee of Brunswick and King Georg of Greece The Duke and Duchess of Kent are third and fourth from right To the extreme right of the group la the Ducheee of Kent's father Prince Nicolas of Greece -Mural Paintings- They Lend Perspective to the Small Room a General Air of Loftiness Where There Are Low-Ceilings end Balance to Bad Proportions THE revival of mural decoration or wall paintings ia a positive boon to A to those of ui who Ilk to create a pleasing illusion of spaciousness in our small modern dwellings writes Kyra Patterson in the Glasgow Herald Skilfully executed by artist or accomplished decorator who appreciates their specific purpose mural paintinp can lend perspective to the small room a general air of loftiness to the low-celllnged room and balance to the badly proportioned room Over the mantelpiece a panel with a suitably painted perspective ean give an Impression of spscloua-8 ness to an otherwise poky room If you so arrange that It points up colon ' in your decorative scheme It will aerva a dual purpose And It baa ao much more charm than tha mirrored overman tela which our mothers used for just this purpose Ia tha small bedroom It la sometimes expedient to use tha whole of ona wall for mural painting CONSIDER FURNITURE If a room la wall proportions ona usually ia content to leave the ceiling where it ia But considerations of furniture aometimea intervene High Edwardian for Instance dwarfs tha a mall low cail-' room Haro a clever celling ntlng can create the desired Illusion of loftiness Usually a aky scene la heat for this Tha colorful pictureaqueneas of a flock of geese ia full flight through a dawn of a blue aerial tint ia good In tho narrow atrip of passage which forms tha entrance to ao many of our modern dwellings tha mural painting haa value At tha broadest part of your unbroken wall a clear vtata painted on a horlxontal panel a root in depth will supply a pleasing Impression of breadth CAMOUFLAGE UGLY CORNERS la the badly proportioned room tha mural painting ia an asset Incomparable Old houses aometimea have architectural defects such aa an ugly recess Just auch n recess marred tha otherwise delht- Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange Juice hot cereal corn meal gems maple syrup milk coffee LUNCHEON: Potato aoup croutons baked winter pears chocolate cake milk tea DINNER: Broiled kidneys on toast mashed turnips baked potatoes butterscotch pla aeena aha had Minted la It e layer artist was an Inapt! 8 ha finished It effectively tog a light wrought Iron gal ed across tbs front Soma Interior decorators undertake to do this work themselves But they or any art dealers would he willing to put you to touch with aa artist who specialises in this type of work In tho matter of pries aa artist usually to willing to coma to terms Mural paintings hasp perfect for a long time a aponga with mild aoapy water being an that to no-ceaaary to restore tha original freshness of thetr colors RICH BROCADES Horizontal draping from neckline to hip is used frequently for fully jnoportloned lounge of a daytlms and availing whan bro-houas X know Tho gay garden cades are chosen material Young Bridal Couple Appear' In Public King Fareuk and Tho Boautiful Farida Pose For Pkturas ftAIRO Egypt Jan 21— (U P)— The first Egyptian Royal bride and bridegroom since the days ' the Pharaohs made pearance thousands tha wedding 17-year-old Sarinas ng Farouk I and '-year-old Barinas ZuUtcar At the conclusion of tho "bride-lea" ceremony giving the kingdom on tho Nile its “most beautiful Queen since Cleopatra” tha young couple consented to pose for newspaper photographers A procession wound through the streets from the centre of the city to the Koubbeh Palace where according to Mohammedan ritual excluding all women from tho ceremony Farouk signed the contract before male witnesses only Gayly decorated camels hundreds of Bedouin sons of the desert who fired their gum into the air as they rode along and be flowered automobiles moved through tha jammed streets ROYAL DOWRY — (UP) bride received pounds (1500- 000) it was learned today In accordance with Moslem cua-Mffli she will receive 3230000 Immediately The remaining 3290-000 will be retained by the Xing ao long as tha marriage remains un-dissolved Farida became the full-fledged Queen of about 18000000 Egyptlons at midnight when Farouk took her hand ana lad her to tha 7000-year-old throne of Cleopatra and tha beautiful Farouk hla brida pharaohs Egyptians have said that Farida la “Egypt's most Queen since Cleopatra1 quietly Impressed upon her duties as Queen Later with hat? veil drawn tightly over her face Farida and Farouk quietly slipped out of Koubbeh palace ana d through tha under triumphal ed the wild festivities which Egyp- tiana were staging In their honor It was tho first time they had bcea alone since Farouk signed the wedding contract In a "brideleaa" ceremony yesterday The celebrations will continue for four daya On Monday tha royal couple will start on a short honeymoon at Farouk’a estate at Inches near Cairo —Gossip from London " ' 4 f 1 Children Go Through Nursery School Routing In Exhibition Hail— -Controversy Raging as to Advantages of Victorian ' Education Vs That of Present Day ONDON Jan 21— (CP)— In a great exhibition hall In London during the holidays toddlers lived their nursery school life complete to the ' afternoon nape and visits to diminutive washrooms to give a boost to the education of tha general public who watched them through glam how windows It wa remindful of tha quinta of Callander OnL write Mollle McGee They were one of the exhibits In the school exhibition sponsored by a London newspaper and the department of labor Mbthera had consented to their appearance and they had bean hardened to their work by r two weeks’ reheeriaL They carried on happily oblivious to crowds Beside the children in another glaae-walled four-roomed apartment a do-' mettle science Class went about 8 their dally routine of cleaning weeping and even cooking their own meala and those for the babies Thousands of teachers coun hers county council members and educational authorities flocked to the show to see the latest word In cramp-proof furniture In model class rooms the equipment for gymnasiums with demonstrating cuiaaea naw colored blackboards new fireproof glass-equipped laboratories new text books new school uniforma — In short tho latest devices to make tha process of education painless and absorbing Original handicraft work done In outstanding schools waa decorative-ly displayed next door to a Zoo of Pets which included several varieties of white mice rabbits guinea pigs and aven tropical fish ADVICE ON JOBS Tha ministry of labor 'stepped In and provided booths with attendants expert In advice on future careers for ambltioua graduates One of tho functions of tha min' Istry of labor In England la to ad-visa boys and girls leaving schools about uialr choice of employment vise Headmasters and mistresses with Important business executives art on the a pedal committees working In co-operation with tho ministry Tho ordinary day-to-day work is carried out by a skilled staff supplied by the ministry From tho knowledge these offl-ra posse ia they arc able to questions which tha boy cera answer or girl leaving school wants to put about conditions In Industry ana the professions Through their dally contact with employers tha staff of tho committees have the latest information about openings In tha occupation! which- are commonly entered by boys and glrla from secondary public schools Other education matters have been attracting attention A -con troversy haa been raging among readers of Tha Dally Telegraph -and Tha Times aa to tha advantage 1 of tha Victoria education over those provided for “young ladles" now adaya "Victorian of Eighty" who started it off with a tirade against modern young woman caused auch a storm that letters ‘ In reply have been given apedal columna and Include those from chool principals ex-mayors clergymen and modern girls by tha dozen MORE COOKING With all blttemeia act aside consensus appears to be that a little mora embroidery and cooking might find their way Into examln- tion papers but that fashion should stay about the same There seeema a deadly fear of tha return of hampering petticoat and conets among tha younger act Prison reforms that will particularly effect women prisoner! ere expected to be announced by Blr Samuel Hoare Home Secretary in ia draft of proposals for tho Prison Reform Bin Among Innovations ' probably included are: Recom mendations that disused country mansions be converted for the ' housing of women offenders now In -tho dismal prisons of Holloway and Aylesbury radical alterations of prison with formation of detention camps where occupational work will bo undertaken at modest rates of pay: educational and entertainment films for prisoners FELL OVER CLIFF SYDNEY NAWtCP)— Suffering from head and back injuries and exposure Mrs Ethel Gin 43 waa found by searchers at tha foot of a cliff on a piece of “Fell down th She had written paper beside her: — the cliff and have broken my back Sorry" She la expected ta crlA- Tie lest excuse subtle' world for the finest ring is an engagement Birhe have many lovel ‘ diamond engagement rings in their exclusive collection l Diamond Solitaire with x diamonds 14kt natural " ' gold mount 18kL white gold settings ' 135M Solitaire Diamond Jour shoulder diamond a 18k t’ N 1 white gpld mount' 54M I ffl tLffi M HAli) §G)IS 6tF§ 23X$! P0(U®W §QJ(?§ Your Sure Guide io Whitewear Value! '- V ” 4 ' ' Sheets and pSW atifftfanded with die Colonial trade mark! That’s what die housewife looks for at Whitewear Tine for "Colonial stands for quality wear and value It’s been diat way for generations Now is the time to renew your su£ gly of these fine cottons- Made of strong long-fibred cotton carefully spun and woven into fauldea fabric they 'defy die punishment of repeated launderings Colonial Sheets and Pillow Slips ore free from any kind of artificial filling or weighting and are sold throughout the Dominion in seven grades— from -sturdy inexpensive household sheets and slips to the finest of "Percales’ They are all pre-laundered ready for use At ALL Whitewear Salesl Mate IwaMfckTBONDaOMimU COMMIT XMIED i '-11 ! il v j y MAKERS OP THE FAMOUS M‘Ci(DLO‘MfXI?

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