Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on April 1, 1915 · Page 5
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 5

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1915
Page 5
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If I Knew You and You Knew Me IF I knew you, and you knew me, T'is seldom -we would disagree. But, never having yet olaapecl hands, Both often Jail to understand . That each intends to do- -what's right, And treat each other "honor bright." How little to complain there'd he. It 1 knew-you, and yoii knew me. Of firm good faith on either side: Confidence In each other give Living ourselves, let others live. Rut any time vdu cor.ie thiK "way That you will call we hope and s pray. Hberl ee to face, we each shall see, Then I'll know you,, and you'll know me, DR. F. T. RICHARDS Over Rehberg's) This Bank Desires To Extend Valuable service to every customer according to hia needs and regardless of the size of Ms accounts. , An efficient organisation and a complete modern equipment enables us to render thorough and. satisfaci-. tory banking service. 3 on Savings, The FirstNational Bank established 11155. Parlor Wall Papers We have a beautiful line of Wall Papers for the Parlor; priced 10c to $2.5d per roll. Cut out borders to match, 3c to 25c per yard. C. W. Diehls THE ART STORE. 26 West Milwaukee St. Old Stone Inn 37 South Main St. Special Saturoay: New England Din- All Home Cooking. HAIRDRESSING Shampooing, Manicuring, etc. Miss A. ML Randall TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY OrT REXT Seven-room, lower flat. Carlson, 402 N. Maiu. 45-4-l-3t. jOMi-jiTXri "ahi-is. "iVi-.at is the joke n tne Vaporizer?" Well, the.puo-demanded cheap gasoline and got-But it is heavier,, aiul 25 per cent so don't readily vaporize. .A lot :eiiows invent tumuieu yet. Tliat is the joke. Manning's i Vapory sprays that 2o per cent, thats an. POTATOES WANTED Call and see ov phone Noian Bras.' Grocery. lilf-ie--- Iluirli.ot, prleor; ;iintl. 27-4-1 -jit. " '.XTED- At'oiico. fix ..voncl" ulici- ors, only men who can get results need apply. Good man can. make ; soou money. Address "Solicitor" caro Gazette. 5-4-l-2t. WANTED St. All modern. 112 S: Academj . . 45-4-1-3 1. V'ANTED Competent girl for house- work., sman Tamiiy. inquire k. w. Well Store. " 4-1-1 -K:. LOCAL BRIEF ITEMS. inproof Hat Dye never fades or is. McCue &. Buss. Ipron and home baking sale at- the mIkhhs -eTclfln PoDOle. Mas and. Cenrude Promo, spent the day, Wednesday, in Cliicago. Town Clerks' Attention! Copy for Wtntliie comnanv not later than Sat- v, April 3- to insure delivery Mon-. ary, April 5. Mail us your copy at uuce and we w)U furnish you the proper size ballot at a nominal cost YE LAVENDER SHOP 312 MILTON AVE Beauttful cards for Easter, incind-r.t- the Copley Craft card, Volland's an! many others. Call afternoons ; and .evenings, WATER CASE AGAIN TAKEN INTO COURT i JANESVILLE WATER CO. APPEALS ON MATTER OF COMM1S. I SION'3 VALUATION. CITY IS NOT A PARTY Present Action Instituted in Dane County Circuit Court Ooe Not Effect Municipal Ownership. After a period of five years' litlga- tion in four courts, both state and federal, over two -.years Involved in valtvatfon proceedings . before the state railroad commission, tlie ohject pf two special elections and the main issue in tlie recall election' in 1S13, the city obtained possession of the court that an appeal had been taken by tlio Water company or: the decision ot the railroad commission This afternoon City Treasurer Geo. uuencnow presented a check for figl-ty thousand dollars to the oHiroils or me water company, ann the transfer was effected. Mayor Jas. A. Fathers this morning signed the algrbty thousand dollar water works bonds at the office of Emery, Peck an. Rock-wood in Chicago. 'and the monev was credited to Janesvllle by telegraph this afternoon. The work of taking 'he stoek invo-r.tco-y, with the aid of the railroad commission's engineer will mkc Fevei-al ilnyw- lime and. the findings will be submitted to the state commission for valuation, whirl wsli be separate from the decision order of ?265,00B. - Plant Is Janesvllle's. The complaint, of-the appeal filed in vs. the Railroad Commission of Wis-i iv.iR ti. was received hy City Attorney W. H. Dougherty late yesterdav aflernoon. The appeal in no way effects ihe city':, iiomi. slon of the plant, but is- the Water company's suit against the railroad commission in the wounds that they arc. dissatisfied with the order for the transfer of nit plant, alleging that' the decision and order is unlawful ami -unreasonable for various reasons. The company in '.bis, step attack? the price set by the state for the plant and riot tse-.r jii:lt;ment. ' Reason for Appeal. T if fnii'jv.-ine reasons .are set forth iu tne complaint tor cse repeal: (1 Because- defendant- r liirom.l commission the it'.annci of determining the just compensation I" 1" Kilt the water company for -Tin oiore sod trjuertv. oroceeded iid on a wholly erroneous basis of theory, in that it based Its decision upon an .. ill i,! imV present value of'the Water .company's, property to. be taken over and not .upon the actual investment in anil cost, of construction of said property. (3) Because the railroad comniis-s;on. in determining ihe .amounts of -in viin-Hi" o'.emenis entering into the value of the Water company's property! grossly undervalued and undnr-,---i.i:-!i;it.--il toe r.mcuuts to be allowed for such various elements, belntr, among others, original cost of the Wnlcr oor.jieni.yb; oso pori y . cost tit re production new of . such . prooerty "less de tire rial ion, intangible values and actual inves.it.mont of the company. Protest Finding, rsj Because the ' amount dcter-mini'd ')-, Jut railroad commission as Just compensation to be pakl hy the city to the company, was net determined ..alone from the testimony introduced by the parties, but as ex-iro eoy i -d by the railroad con.- onlv. has no combe- tent.or ci"di - h e to support. it; tlie o-ifier.oe introduced Deforethe state commission demonstrating- un-disputably that the amouhl awarded siori of Wiscons n, In i!i termiutng' the. lost uompenaation to be .p.aid for .the water company, excluded and ignored elements or value to be included and. considered' and .'which should have be,en considered. II is also charged in the complaint tha tother- testimony favorable to the Water, company was excluded. Seek Correction. The appeal will take tlift Janesvllle ceedings of the railroad commission will lie ii subject. ot litigation, with the raiirosfl commission ueing uie ae-fendants. The city, is not make a i party to the suit direr-ay ftild the ' case will he in the hands of the-attorney general, who will defend the com-mlsslon in thior fludingn and decision. for the final settlement of financial matters between the water company and Ihe city. An adjustment of the water bills for hydrant fountains will be made at this time. HAVE NO OPPOSITION Madison, Wis., April 1. There was little opposition yesterday at the hearing before' the assembly committee on state. affairs on Ihe Griiene-wald bill to give the -state dairy and food commission power to regulate the cold storage planes of- this, state and to prevent provisions being stored too long. Assemblyman Grusu-e.Miiii ejI;! that the bill had the endorsement of the cDLU.'tuUee on uniform, leeislfttiou. v. . n. Webster of Hudsou said that ' similar bills were presented this rear in the states of Michigan, Minnesota. 'Pennsylvania and a number of other, states Interested in Uniform laws. The measure, was favored by State Dairy and Food Cot if Bioaer Weigle. No one, 'appeared; in opposition to the measure. Leave as Fsrtl liter. ' Thousands of bushels of arat-lasa fertiliser aire wsiBtea;.,eTery fall' when the burning of the leaves begins. Theseisame leaves spread over the tar-dens 'and spaded under in the spring would!' prove of great good, hut' the smoke given off In burning them produces nothing but choking coughs. Clean wining cloths. ' buttons and v,mV-o ff will brinc-SWc ner oound cash at the Gazette office. THE JAMEBVILIJ! PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. Byron Wells' of Milton, was a Janesville-shopDer on Wednesday. rMl?-,?eo,rf:e I,asB of 'Hila-ms Day, spent the day, yesterday In this city Mrs, David Holmes of East street, entertained the Cookinjr club on Wednesday. A luncheon was" served at one o clock. James J, Mall of Chicago, was the Sliest of relatives In this citv the first of the week. .Norman ,T. Carle is making a business trip in the northern Dart ot the utat'e. 1 ' - . Bruce . Jeftris of -Brown. -university at Provld-encE;. -K. I., in -spending his vacation, at his home in this city. Mrs. Hrbtrt Mathews and .son- ot ChicnKo, are ihe. xtseatB of .relatives in -this citv. . : Mrs. -R. D, Bliss of Milton, .spent the '.day. yesterday, in-JanesYille. Cuthbert Blaldon' '.- is, home 1 from Howe, Indiana; to .spend hia Easier vacation. , -K'-Ci Bailey. ..of Bclott. spent the day, Wednesday, in this city on bus- Lee Wilco of Sinclair' ' street,; is Warren of Pearl street.- . Miss JcBeDhine Clark of Hilton, was a JaneBvlllo.BhbDDer on -Wednesday. Jainea Harris is home .rrom Woodstock; - 111.. - where he is attending school, to snend his Easier vacation. Miss -SI. Snyder of "Monroe, spent THtfHlv in IhU eitv I Geonie Lester of Horicon. Wis., was a visitor in this city an Wednesday, -H. L. -McXamarft of; Pearl street 13 i'-:-nt' Hpetr- iunr guest ot mother. -Mrs ; G'sorce Charlton. has retlirned to her home In- Clinton, Mrs. Prank Walker of'Edgftrton. is -it'iiilini; ihe wetk in tins city with friends. - . . Mr.. and Jlrs. .Albert achacll or Milton' avenue, have returneil from a lev ri.-ir.i vi-ut in lielvidere. They were accompanied home . by Mrs. .Edward Johnson .and daughter;- ' ; Jiiss ' Genevieve McGinley earn home last evening from Whitewater imrit.a: to snend her vu.nt'.tu'.. Mr. and Mrs. Hush Duerson and daughter, anil Mrs. Charles Sk-i.y of Milw ii.kee avenue, have gone to Chicago to spend 'Easter with Mr. and Mrs. Warrer. Skell.v of that city. Iruiar ftonners Jr.. cf Clierry street, if; heme from1 Dnbiloue. la., wp.ere he is attending school, to spend Easter with his parents. . Miss N. Belh Bai'.ey of South Jackson street, entertained at a bridge uirtv on Wednrsjuv u'-eiT.oon. The irlr.es i v on lie Mis:, Vrun lien- nison and ..Miss EerLlia Bolkman, who wbr the snest of honor. Gerald Westbv or Sa Crosse, Wis., is. the snest of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Soltr of S.ufi HUh -street. Elbert F. Norton of Chicago, who is connected with the Standard TJn-derground Cable comoany, transacted iinslneiis in tr.h- eliv toduy. n W. Ihris of Oehkosh, is. a Janesvllle visitor today. . Mr. and'-.Mrs, Fay - Eflcingt.-n: -f Fielvidere. after a visit 'of scveni davs ie town, have returned home, A. B. Ward of Avalon. is a business t-uller ie tills cif" tmluv. J K, Rvan of Madison, is "pending f.ie (lev nr. V.-.sinc in .janesvllle J, E, Havman of Milwaukee, is a Tisitsr m thi-; nits- today. C. Bailey of Belott. is the guest of rrlniid? In .lanesville thiE weuU. ... Frank Connors and Loui Met arthy spent today at. Lake Kegnnsa, being among die early local visitors at the A. E. Matheson spent today at Madison on business. head friends today. , Poitmaster J. J. Ciir-ningham -was at Elkhorn totiay. Miss l-'rances Carrier of tidgerton rsiiM Mis-. k.o- tie i I -e.v.irn Ti.es, lay. Mrs. C- D. Howard or the Milwau- kee road, is visltinir ' witn Mrs. , tierirv Sykr-s in this citv. Mr and Mrs. Jas. Caldwell and Mrs.: H. J. Casey returned from California; "last night. It. G. Inman and family have re-; lurried ' from California. j FATHER WARD FACES LIFE OF ETERNITY Well Known Beloit Priest and Prohibition Worker Succumbs Was Nationally Known. . Father M. J. Ward, one ot the best known promts ot ts.e middle eese and for thirty-three years pastor ot St. Thomas' Catholic church at Beloit, passed away at S:lu o'clock yesterday afternoon following a mastoid operation of the ear. Funeral services will be held on Monday morning.- The place or mtcrnn.ni undecided. Tfnthcr Ward was well known in this city. On numerous occasions his services as a lecturer have been in demand here. A. few years ago at the hiak si don! be delivered a powerful temperance lecture and at the time' of his death was president of the Catholic National Total Anstinenco society and vice-president of the Wisconsin Vl' i i on league As an exponent of prohibition and total abstinence he was in demand in many states. He was sixty-eight years of a?e and in phvsique was a giant ot six feet and seven inches, and wearing a full beard was a, very conspicuous personage. No death in Beloit in a decade, has so stirred all citizens. Father Ward did much towards the upbuilding or the Line City an 1 was an earnest worker in temporal and civic affairs as well as to his calling in. the spiritual. ' HOTEL ARRIVALS. GriTid Hotel. Si i s L. Howell. J. R- Dcman, H. R, Ridlon, -vV Kehoe". Rome- O'Donncll. Tavlor. Fa'triek, McMahon, L. O. Keilogc. E. C. Coren, T.-McGlt-lan, W.- Nicholas, Elmer Gain. R. A. Boers. F. S. Johnson. H. U Dalton. G. P Trantwein. -Charles Dixon. Milwaukee" G. Campbell. W, S. Heddles, 6 S, Martin, A. U Myers. Dave Thomas. T. E. O'Hara, Charles Pityson, Madison: Bert Button. Milton Junction; P H. Conley. D. O. Stine, Reedshnrg: H M. TriDDle. Whitewater: J. J. Tsclnulv. Monroe: G. A. Jaserson. Meenah: Edward Wolff e, Waukesha; John S. -Smith. Blanchardville Mvers Hotel B. Schallrau, U A. Licking, J. FenOeld. E. H. Sarger. .T. T Shorgen. Jr., M. Lr. Dlescheck, Milwaukee; M. W. Johnson, R- C. Mc-Keon, F. A. Fox. Jfadlson; F. C.dHoge-iran Oshkosh: F. T. Burke, Monroe: U N. vtallck, Genoa Junction; E. ,T. Stenhenson. Brodhead: W. J; MeEle vlh Green .Bay: H.' Ainsmltb. Fond dn Lac; Mlsses:- Margaret eSchope, Martha Ruck. Jefferson: Miss Helen Dill. Milton:. Mlas Sarah Wilder, Ed-sfrfon. . ' -'. 1. CARD OF THANKS.! , . We wish to thank the people of Footvills and vicinity , for their kindness to us during the sickness s.nd death of our little adughtar and sister. Beiila, Also for the .many beautiful floral offering. '.-' - ; - MRS- STATIA KELLY, . .PAHJJNE M. KELLY, . , DAILY GAZETTE,. THURSDAY, SENDS RESIGNATION TO THE DIRECTORS R. C Mackenila Associate Secretary of the Y. M, C. A. to Leave .. Local -Association. As a culmination ot affairs at the Y. M. C. A . R.: c, -Mackenzie, Che -associate secretary, has ;sent a letter5 of rea-Ignation; to the .directors- ot the local a tmn to take effect April 27th. u Bpuinr-s: umi ine' contract with Mr; directors a new contract was drawn up and sent to him to sign., It 1b in reference to this new contract Mr. Mackenzie writes the " directors his resignation. A copy ot the letter sent is as follows; . Janesvllle, WJ,. March 31, 1315. To theMembers ot the Board of Di- Toung Men's' Christian Association, Janesvllle, Wisconsin. Gentlemen: ' The action of - the committee appointed by you to draw up a contract with me. which is stated i in the Setter .of Dr. Loomis -of March 27th, seems to me to be both unjust 'and unfair, and inasmuch as I have not' received the co-operation oi tue.tieu-eral " Secretary, and since I fee! that I have, not the full' confidence of the Board of Directors. I hereby tender my resignation, as Assosiate Secretary, to take ertect April 27th, -191&. Respectfully submitted, : . . . R. C. Mackenzie, . -Mr. Mackenzie's resignation is a culmination of- the troubles' that ap-oear to have beset the lent! ;,ss,oc.a-ticn and hia rle.clqinn in lejive the In. cal work will be learned with regret insinuation ins behind it. is of Sn- rn the rBal the t.erii-si. to 'he mbtic to learn reason for Mr. Mi-ie,:em-.ie ll.'lile G.i-i -lis- has iisked him for a state ment of the extsting facte and conditions Shut led inir lo make hie decision. It he consents to do so it may throw some definite Sight upon matters. -that are " apparently interesting many citizens at present, FEDERAL GAME LAWS STRICTLY OBSERVED Have Few Complaints on Violation of Spring Shooting' Laws In Rock County. Geese and Cauttdlau brant have been inhabiting the fields and smaller sir, me, or Rock, county in plentiful numbers for the past week, the 'flocks' being on their northward journey to their summer .breeding grounds.' Lint ss have come northward ir limited' cumber, a few mallard and teal be: 5ng. seen on tin rivers and Cull da, but the flight has -.not started In general owing to. the cold- weather experienced during .March. ; Very few of the wild' fowl are stopping at. Lake. Koshkonong, the garbe preferring the' open- fields for feeding grounds and the smaller waterB. Mud hens or American coot swarm the lake in their usual number but sportsmen are denied water fowl hunting by the fetieral game laws. Very few complaints have been ' received and the sportsmen in general -have showed no reports. Ihr- ihe j 1 1 1 -us :t n i s. obtained hy the Rock Couritv'Rd'd'andT Gun club have been protected on the farm's north of the city, where they-were released be-i summer The lord:; have scattered over the woodlands in this difitrn'.t and the venture so far ll& bBen vpry successful. The Rod and Gun. club is planning to hold a meeting in the near future and a report is to be made of the o'orlv aeeeuiplisbed during the past ar.-ra game , fro cecuon aaa.-.propaua- tiou DELINQUENT TAXES OVER TEN THOUSAND ! Large Amount Must Be Collected at i County Treasurer's Office. Beloit Makes Settlement. ' . County Treasurer IJverniore must collect more than ten thousand dollars of delinquent taxes this year ac-cording to the final returns made by the various towns, cities and villages a: the enemy. Unless th-- parties liable make settlement at the treasurer's office the -properly against vsioh lb-..- delinrpir-n; t.aa-sn F.re levied will be listed ror the public tax sale, which falls due thi3 year on May 13. - The delinquent taxes returned by the various assessment districts are as follows: Avon, 1181.13; Beloit, town. Kb.'-; ' 'bnton tosvn Si 1 IS. Fullon iU.AS: Harmony. $78.47: .TatiesviJlc, town, $200.86; Johnstown, 184.65; I. a Prairie, $6.64; Lima. J6S.4L;, Milton, town. S12.1H ; Newark, $69.21 ; Plymouth, $938.15; Turtle, $214.46; Union, .4; Clinton vlilape. .st Milton village. $10.41; Edgevton, StiiT.Ho MvunsviHi;, $895.81.: 'Janesvllle. $3,424.74; Beloit, -$3515.76. The city of Beloit, whose final' returns were made to the county treasurer this week, accounted for a total state and county tax of $58,739.06 The school, money received was $12,-026.4S and the actual cash payment made-at the-settlement was $13,325.09. A total of $39,319.56. in income .axes for Beloit was accounted for as fol low.-,: Offsets, $24,283.69; delinquent JilM 7!t retained by city, 70 per cent. Three fire. alarms were answered by the fire department within the last' twenty-four "hours, all being of a minor character. Shortly dfter seven o'clock last evening the broom brigade checked a Are on Bunker hill from going Into several residence yards. The blaze was extinguished after a hot and. hard battle by the fire laddies. This morning the department was subject to an April fool joke on a still alarm which proved to be false. Shortly -after twelve o'clock a fire, in a rubbish pile and fence near the convent at St: Patrick's church commanded the attention or the firemen. The alarm was sent in from Box 42. Frank Minnett, a barber' who halls from East Troy, was fined seven dollars and. costs i in the municipal court this morning, when hr plead guilty to helng intoxicated. The fine was jpold. Town Clerks' Attention! Copy for election ballots should be . furnished the printing department of the Gazette Printing company not later than Saturday. April 3, to insure delivery Monr day, April E. .Mall us your copy at once and. .we -will furnish' you the proper size ballot at a nominal cost; " A fluarter.buys'moreHalnproof Hat Dye than it does other makes! ' Mc-Cue 4 Buss. APRIL SECURING EVIDENCE AGAINST PASSENGER French . Seoret Service Men Gather Proof to, Show Pro-German 8ym-pathlee of Swoboda. IBT jISBOCIATKD MUSS. Paris, Aprit 1. Additional evidence has been found, the police assert, to yrove tne prouermau sympatiiis o: Raymond Swoboda, charged with be- 1116 responei oie ror tne lire wnicn threatened' the destruction of the steamer La Touraine. Secret service! operatives learned yesterday that Swoboda left Ave large trunks in an office in the Avenue' de L'Opera, the ubb of which he had obtained through an introduction, by. the broker, Morri- bDda. occupied, at Visoslay, near Ver-snllhis. iiri wen searched end n mini-her- ofi paper's seized. These .documents included, the police assert, letters of a. highly compromising . character together with photographs showing -jiwoboda- in. ;a- iGerui'an- uniform with two other officers. M, nagulet, Swoboda's business as1 sociate, declared in an interview last night that he believed Swoboda was a. Canadian, as he had excellent references from Quebec, whore he said his family' has resided. Swoboda told Hagulet he had been brought up. In Germany and made no attempt lo hide j can passport- to. Raymond Swoboda, niR iuvenLiftfitiu;i is i.u ubiuiijiuo whether the issue of the passport was -enti-eiy rer.ulai , ' The passport does i not' give 'Swobopats'pccu'pa Jon, mere- Harriet Eliza Van Galder. Funeral services for Mrs: Harriet Eliza Van Galder were held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home in the town of La Pmirie, Rev. Jonea of - Beloit officiating. The remains were interred in Turtle cemetery. The pallbearers we're,. W. H. Howard, C. W. Kemmerer, C. J. Rice, Norman . Parker ai-.d Thomas Cox of this city and W. T.- -Wheeler of Shopiere. Those from out-o-twon at the' 'funeral viere, Joseph Heald of Palatine, 111.; Mrs. Dalton,. Clinton; Mrs. Thurston and son Arthur and Mrs. Jackson of Sycamore, 111, The .deceased was ' well known throughout the county, where she bad-resided since 3845. , She was married iu 1857 to Samuel Van Galder of La Prairie, who died In 1894. She was born it, 1-irie county. -Pa., ir. 1859. and was the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Esq. Heald. early pioneer. She -had been ill for the past two' years. Pearl were conducted last Sunda ternoou at Oak Hill chapel by the Rev. George. PJdwin Parisoe of the Presbyterian church. The auxiliary ot the Spanish War Veterans, had charge of the burial rites and the pall-hearers were members of the Spanish War Veterans' ' camp. ' clerk at the Grand Hotel here, passed awaV -Tuesday morning., at. Ids noon at Darlington. While in Janesville Mr Slut's wUh bis congenial ctiarac-ter acquired a wide circle of acquaint-ivlices and friends, who are grieved to Ifearn of his- demise, Mr. Stutts was found dead in his bed. ' Arthur Emmett Bailey. ,, Funeral services far Arthur Em-melt sailer will be bold at the grave .in .Oak Hill cemetery Friday . afternoon at two o'clock, following-services at tlirt hofiie of the deceased in Beloit. The remains wiil be accom-lianled by the funeral party overland tomorrow "at noon. The pallbearers -sill in: i, (1 Kline. George Wright, F. W. Gibson and Bey C. " Jackson. The deceased was born at North Adams. Mass.. Mud: Mb, .1667, and was married to Liliie E. Marsflen at Jan-mtHe Jslv 2'lrd, ISM. Two son' were bom. they being Emmett C and Glenn M.. hoth surviving. One sou. Lawrence M.. died in infancy. A brother. Walter R. Bailey, alBo survives. The deceased was in the era-plov of the Chica?o Writ Ma b company, located at Galefiburg, IlL-He RESULT OF "WORLD'S WAR" DEPENDS ON IMPEDIMENTS . DECLARES CORRESPONDENT London, April 1. (Corespondence of The Associated Press) The Times military corespondent admits that Enedand, France and Rnsla are . still short of much necesary war material, lint that Germany's preparedness in this resnect has been one of the heaviest handicaps that the Allies have had to contend with. "The result of this war depends more uuon material than any other ijroal conflict in history," adds the correspondent. "The Entente powers were all short of material when the war began, hut they are making up leeway very fast. Before, long their equlDmcnt will be complete, and rrom that moment onward they will be in a. position, to bring into play their large numerical '.trenporderance. "For only a short time more, they have to stand on- the defensive, holding their armies. on the defensive and sbniihkii; adventures- for which this is not the moment. The hour for the offensive will come, hut. It has not come yet, and it is the greatest mistake in the world to disnlay impatience and to ex pest, to cull the fro its of victory before victory 1- ripe." Interest for three months at the rate of 3 will be paid July 1st on all deposits made at this bank during the first ten days of this month. THE ROCK COUNTY SAVINGS & TRUST CO. THE BANK FOR SAVINGS F. H. Jackmao, Pres., (tof Thpmaa, Sec. , ' . VOICE OF THE PEOPLE To the Editor: Some thoughts occur to me relative to the .Y. M. C. A. situation I wish some officer of the association would answer for the general benefit of the public. Have the books of the association been audited recently? Who are the officers and who comprise the board ot directors? When are they elected and for what When was the last' annual meeting held as prescribed in the articles ot incorporation? Have the terms' of any of the present acting directors espired? If so, why are th-y .-;till acting as members -of the board? Is the building free from debt? I understand there is a mortgage on it; building were requested they were made with the stipulation that the association was free from debt?' Has this been compiled with? If no annual meeting has been held recently why would it not be a good thing to hold one and thoroughly discuss the whole situation? I trust some officer of the association will answer these Questions. AN ACTIVE MEMBER. An increase of $2,000 in postofflce receipts over the first, quarter of 1914 is the reeorit established at the local federal building, according to the first quarterly report just completed for the deoatment at Washington. Sub-itantlal Increases are shown In the parcel post deuartment. The inaur-ance of packages and the money order department. have also shown materia, are expecting to be highly successful in their endeavor to place this annual affair on the same high footing which it held m seasons past. The young men have assumed control of affairs at the present 'time and have arranged a party that will be enjoyed hy all who are In attendance. ENTERTAINMENT. Given by the R. N. of A under the direction of Mrs. McGann of Elgin, at iiueraiu Miuiis, -Aprw a ana. a, s:ui) : Going Out oi BusinessSale Prices Printed in last night's Gazette snll bold good BUMGARNER BROS. Deliveries made to any pari of city. Both phonw. Can You Save 25c, 50c or $1 a Week? It seems reasonable to expect that anyone can save at least the smallest of those amounts. That is the idea back of this "Ready-Money" Club, to save some small amount regularly . each week instead of giving all the money you earn to someone else. The club is now open for more membership. Come in and. let ua explain this plan. THE BOWER CITY BANK JUHH See Window Display. A special purchase of 2,000 yards extra, quality Fancy. Curtain Nets. Vsry wide, full 46 and. 48 inches on sale for two days only at. the remarkable price, q per yard , 'C FAGS fXTX. How to Maks Child Stop Cryfng. It often happens that llttlo children, especially those that are neunraus or highly strung, are disposed to keep on crying Then they get started. When you wish a child to atop sobbing M him to take a good drink of oold iw, urr. It almost always will stop th sobbing Immediately. Woman's Howe Companion. It you have, not read all the ads. ilRSTOl EASTER SALE Second floor. Women's new spring styles In patent. leather pumps la the 3-bar pumps, the Colonial, the VaJliere, at $2.45. Women's Patent Leather lace jBhoes with cloth tops, in gray, nigger Women's patent leather button, shoes with black cloth tops in plain or tipped toe, at. $2,45. Women's gun metal button shoes in plain too and high heel or medium heel sad round tipped toe, at $2.45. Girls' patent leather button shoes, black cloth tops, also mat ealt tops, at 8V4 to 104 at $1.50: 11 to 2 at gl.6 Young ladies' patent leather button shoes with black cloth tops, at $2.46. Girls' school shoes in vici kid or gun metal at $1.60 and $1.95. Boys' gun metal or vici kid button shoes- size S to 13, at S1.50; 1 to EV' at $1.98. B Boys' patent leather dress '.shoes, button style, at $2.45. ! Men's dress shoes in patent leather, gun metal, or tan calf skin, in button or lace style at $2.45. Men's calf skin work shoes in black or tan calf skin, at $1.95 and $2,46. Little children's patent leather shoos with Mack cloth tops, also high tops with patent boxing, 6U, to R, at $1.00 Boys' knee pants in wodI knicker- . bookers, at 50c. Corduroy knee pants at 75e. Boys' norfolk suits with knee pants in blue; brown or gray mixed effects, ageS to 17 years at $2.45, $2.95 and Little boys' Eton wool suits in blue, gray and brown effect', ago 4 to 8 years, at $1.96. Little boys' wash suits in the Oliver Twist and new middy blouse style, age 3 to 8 years; large assortment of colors, at 60c- Boys' tapeless blouse waists at Fresh Fish Halibut Steak, lb 16c Skinned Bullheads, lb... 16c Fresh Caught Trout lb.. .20c Fresh Causrht Perch, lb. 18c Fresh Caught Herring; lb iOc 2 lbs. Smoked Whitefish 26c Salt Whiteflish and Mackerel. Salt Holland Herring, H 10c Smoked Boneless Herring, lb 18c Strictly Fresh Eggs, do. 16c Hot Cross Buns, doz. 10c Pieplant, bunch 8c Green Onions, Lettuce, Radishes and Celery. Roesling Bros. Groceries and Meats 6 Phones, all 128. Fresh Fish Strictly fresli not frozen. Sliced Habbut Steak. Whitefish for Baking. No. 1 Luke Trout. Sliced Frozen Salmon. Fresh Smoked Whitefish. Minced Sea Ciaines loo and 20c tins. Cliiin Juice for Broth 10c tin. Little Neck Glims 15c tin. Casino Clara Chowder, delicious, just heat a.nd serve, 12V2 and 25c tins. Tuna Fish or Salads 10c. and 35c. Crab Meat for Salads 35c. Fish Flakes, for Fish Balls, 10c. Taolxsters are cheaper, 18c and 28c. Dedrick Bros. PURE MILK JANESVILLE PURE MILK COMPANY

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