Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1973
Page 24
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Friday, July 20, 1973 Market Reports Today |U.S. Export PlCtUrC Cloudy Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks Mgher in fairly active tradirtg. Bonds lower VM, government bonds lower in quid trading. American stocks higher in fairly active trading. Cotton futures mostly lower. Chicago grain futures higher. Cattle steady to 50 higher; top 50.75. Hog Prices Dip Slightly Today EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (UPI)Hog prices today dropped slightly from the record high prices set Thursday at the St. Louis National Stockyards. Prices rose by $4.50 to $5.50 per hundredweight Thursday to an all-time high of $50. Today the pork prices dropped by 50 cents to $1 per hundredweight. The supply of hogs, at the same time, increased to 5,000 today from the 3,000 sold Thursday^ C.J> Smith, spokesman for the stockyards, said, "There's been , a tremendous demand for meat, and the supply isn't enough to come up to what people need." , READ THE WANT ADS! • - GARAGE SALE 57 S. Whitcsboro SAT., JULY 21 t A.M. - S P.M. Tires, hub caps, *68 Chevelle, dishes, clothing, 2 potty chairs. 2 car seats, walker, shoes, 8' pool table, 3 wigs, toys & etc. Mercantile txtnantie CHICAGO (UPI) - futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug 50.00 50.40 50.70 50.70 Oct 51.90 51.32 51.87 51.50 Dec 53.35 52.00 53.10 52.37 Feb 53.52 52.80 53.52 52.52 Apr 52.55 52.00 52.55 51.55 Jun 52.47 52.00 52.47 51.47 Aug 51.80 51.00 51.80 50.80 Live Hogs Jly 49.50 47.55 47.55 49.00 Aug 50.25 49.40 49.50 49.75 Oct 50.15 49:12 49.35 49.70 Dec 51.80 50.90 51.35 50.90 Feb 51.75 50.75 51.40 50.75 Apr 50.40 49.10 49.97 49.25 Jun 50.25 49.25 50.00 49.40 Jly 49.50 48.60 49.25 48.50 Aug 47.40 46.50 46.70 47.00 Frozen Pork Bellies By BERNARD BRENNER UPI Farm Editor WASHINGTON (UPI) - Despite Agriculture Secretary Earl L. Biitz' hopeful commitment to lift all export controls on American crops if a bumper harvest corned in this fall, the prospect for allowing unlimited sales abroad remains clouded fa^omejmcertajnty^ On The Farm Front At present, export limitations are in effect only on soybeans and other high-protein livestock feed supplements. But there has also been speculation that limits on exports of grains including corn might be needed later in the year to protect U.S. consumers against high prices. President Nixon and Bute, in statements issued as the new Pliaae IV economic control program was announced, emphasized (they regarded export limitations as a last-ditch line of defense against inflation and wanted to move back, as quick* ly as possible, to the traditional U.S. policy of wide-open export trade. Bute, in his statement Thurs­ day, promised, "If we have a feed grain harvest this fall oi the size now anticipated and if we have an adequate crop in 1974, we will avoid export controls on grams." As for soybeans and related crops, Bute added, "We expeci to lift all export controls when the 1973 crops become available." His statement, like Nixon's was clearly based on the assumption that the 1973 soy bean crop will hit a projected record of 1.5 billion bushels or more. But with these hopeful com- Jly Aug Feb Mar May Jly Aug 61.20 59.70 61.20 59.70 74.02 73.52 74.02 72.52 73.10 72.65 73.10 71.60 72.40 71.56 72.40 70.90 71.30 70.25 70.50 69.80 70.55 69.40 70.55 69.05 Chicago Grain Rang* CHICAGO (UPI) - Wheat, corn and soybeans were substantially higher at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat GARAGE SALE 1231 Parkview Circle •FBI. EVE. — S - S P.M. SAT. — I A.M. - 1 P.M. Charcoal filter range hood, light fixtures, drapes, lots of clothing, many misc. Items. > i r BACKYARD SALE SATURDAY, July 21 40S N. WASHINGTON '' M ABINGDON 90' Sofa in excellent condition, dishes, infants sleepers still boxed, clothing, coffee table, many other items. Rawleigh's & Watkins Prod. Starts at 9 A.M. GARAGE SALE 156 JEFFERSON FRI. Eve.—3 to I SAT.—I - 3 Old piano, old chest & bed, ping pong table, lamps, desk, window fan, pans, dishes, bedding,, cot. umbrella clothes line, record player, rugs, rocker, clothes, TV. Jly 3.21 up 13% Sep 3.03 up l x k Dec 2.96 up 5V« Corn up 5V« Jly 2.91 up 31% Sep 2.46 up 9Ya Dec 2.31 up 5 Soybeans up 5 Jly 11.63 up 56V4 Aug 10.20 up 40 Sep 9.20 up 40 Nov 7.85 up 16 Treasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI) Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through July 17: Wthdrwls $16,915,206,726.86 Deposits 11,741,681,724.89 Cash balance 7,261,554,041.73 Public debt 456,423,456,222.09 READ THE WANT ADS! BACKYARD SALE 808 E. FIRST Saturday, July 21 9-4 BACKYARD SALE 1314 Rock Island Ave. SAT., JULY 21 9-4 'Common Carrier Firms Must Change Approach 9 By LEROY POPE UPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - The telephone interconnect business is growing so much that the big telephone common carrier firms ultimately may get out of equipment manufacture, Claude C. Conti believes. Business Today BASEMENT SALE BARGAINS GALORE 1094 N. West St. Fri., July 20 — 12 - Dark Sat., July 21 — t -» Clothing, lamps, B/W TV. tools, toys, some antiques Sc many misc. MOVING OUT OF STATE SALE 517 N. Cedar St. rm .-iAT .-iuN. • A.M. - ? Diane*, furniture. Ironing boards, TV trays, clothing from toddler to adult sizes. GARAGE SALE 1919 McMaster Ave. SAT. — 7 A.M. - 3 P.M. 2 bicycles, 2 tricycles, electric guitar, accordion, motorcycle, pool table, teen clothes, train, skates, many other items. GARAGE SALE 1040 MAIDEN LANE SAT., JULY 21 t -s Eureka vacuum, baby bas­ sinette, exerciser. Lots of clothes & misc. LARGE YARD SALE 1072 Grand Ave. Fri., July 20 9 - ? Sat., July 21 »- ? BACKYARD SALE 145 Duffiald Ave. SAT., JULY 21 9 am — 1 pm SIDE YARD SALE 1795 BEECHER AVE. SAT., JULY 21 9 - 6 Bedding, boys clothes 18, and mlsc size 16- articles. Cancelled In Casa of Rain Conti runs a telephone interconnect firm in the New York metropolitan area called TeMronics Services, Inc. It is one of 750 companies created in this business by the famous Carter phone court decision of 1968 ithat stopped telephone companies from forbidding interconnection to their lines of privately made phones and equipment. That ended the telephone equipment monopoly of the Bell System and a few major independents. Since then, Conti said, sales of privately made telephone equipment have increased at almost 50 per cent annually. Sales of the industry "ast year were $120 million and should hit twice that this year, he said. "I think the Bell System eventually will deckle its future is in the common carrier communications business and it will spin off or sell Western Electric Co., its huge manufacturing arm,""Conti said. He thought General Telephone & Electronics, the largest independent telephone carrier, also eventually would dispose of its telephone manufacturing arm, GTE Automatic Electric Co. of Northlake, HI. Price Advantage Enormous Conti said that so long as these two companies remain subsidiaries of common carrier telephone firms, they will be hampered by legal and other restrictions in competing with the interconnect equipment marketers. The price advantage of the interconnect companies using American, European and Japanese equipment is enormous because they are not required to assess certain charges that common carrier companies must make, he said. Conti figured his company could save even a small business $200,000 over 20 years compared with Bell System charges for the use of similar equipment. For starters, there is a $4,000 installation fee Bell must charge which Conti does not have to change, and the monthly service charge for his equipment may be half that of a Bell company. The equipment would cost the user $92,000 and the gross operating saving would be $254,000 and the equipment would be still usable at the end of the 20 years. Employes Need Training So Conti believes that virtual Iy all American business users of telephones will own or rent their phones and switching equipment in a few years as has been the case in some European countries. Indirect support for Conti's view came from the management consulting firm, Laven- Boeing Lands Big Contract From USAF SEATTLE, Wash. (UPI) Boeing Co. has obtained a $27.2 million Air Force order for a 747 jet transport with special safety equipment to be used to enable the president and high government dflfitiala to escape in case of nuclear attack. thol, Kreckstein, Horwath & Horwath, Inc. David C. Gustin, a former New England Telephone Co. official now in the Boston office of Laventhol Kreckstein, said telephone economies can mean significant savings for many companies. He said the common carrier companies present ly are seeking increases in equipment installation and service charges as well as carrier rate hikes. Person-to-person rates have gone up 100 per cent in 10 years. Therefore, said Gustin, every business should scrutinize its telephone usage closely to insure it has the most economical system. All em­ ployes also should be trained in the most effective end economical use of the company's telephone lines. Lutheran(Continued from page 8) —The fall of Adam and Eve into sin as a real event, to which original sin and all its implications must be traced. —Historicity of every detail in the life of Jesus as recorded by the evangelist. —The doctrine of angels, and Jonah's account. For the Missouri Synod, these .issues are vital and the controversy over them could cause a split within the church, says Thompson. About Concordia, Thompson says there will be changes, "but it will be hard to predict what will happen." ments, both Butz and Nixon made it clear that ia wide-open export policy this fall depends on whether current "projections" for 1973 com and soybean production are realized. For corn, the key livestock feed grain, the Agriculture Department recently estimated that if yields on the 72.4 million planted acres average $4 bushels per acre, farmers could harvest a record crop of 5.9 billion bushels, only a shade below the 6 billion bushels the Agriculture Department had earlier set as its goal. Basis of Guesses 'But the trouble is that I don't know anybody outside the Agriculture Department who believes yet that the crop will be as big as projected," one pri vate consulting economist said today. The economist said market traders currently appear to be operating on the basis of guesses that the corn crop may wind up in the 5.6 billion to 5.8 billion bushel range The economist, who asked not to be identified 1 , said that even if the crop does reach 5.9 billion bushels, an unlimited export policy would not allow U.S. livestock feed prices to declme much unless foreign countries, including Russia, China and India oil have big grain crops this year. The expert said the amount of feed grain which the U.S. can afford to export apparently has been raised by President Nixon's attitude on retail food prices. Nixon's comments in announcing Phase IV indicated the administration is willing to accept, temporarily at least, food prices above the summertime freeze level. This means that export shipments can be al- owed to pull domestic livestock feed prices higher than if the government was trying to hold meat prices at the freeze ceil ings. LOS ANGELES—Hughes Air craft Corp. has received an $11.2 million addition to a Navy contract to provide electronic equipment for aircraft. . YARD SALE 701 NORTH JUNCTION ABINGDON, ILL. r*Mar • - • — Sat. • - T AH size clothing, scatter ru«s, ball pillows, bed spreads and some baked goods. Not responsible for accidents. ••- YARD SALE ,400 N. Seminary St. WHITE ELEPHANT. No reasonable offer refused. DISHES, costume jewelry, new charcoal burner and accessories, large mirror, clothing. SATURDAY, JULY 21st, 1173. Or if weather conditions are bad — sale will be continued the next day. GARAGE SALE CLEAN BACKYARD SALE 4(0 E. LOSEY SATURDAY, July 21st SUNDAY, July 22nd 0 a.m. to 5 p.m. Clothing, 2 bicycles, nlc nacs, childs table & chairs, toys & linens, curtains & dishes. PATIO SALE 571 Arnold ALL DAY SAT., JULY 21 Girls' purple sting-ray Schwinn bicycle, $35.00, boys' red stingray bicycle $20.00, folding ironing board $2.50, good clothing items, all 25c and 10c, air freshener $5.00, books & misc. items. JULY 19 - 20 - 21 Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9 till ? 1665 Bluebird Dr. Singer sewing machine and attachments, wagon, jr. pool table, electric train, lg. picture, toy tractor, stirring wheel bike, childs picnic table, hair dryer, lamp chair, toys, school desks, Stauffer reducing couch, vibrator belt, girls 26' bike, jewelry, bedspreads, curtains, ice cream freezer, clothes, men's women, boys. HUGE MOVING SALE Fri., July 20 - 4-? Sat., July 21 - 8-? Round oak table and other Antiques, storm and screen door, outside door, lots of baby clothes and furnishings, 12,000 BTU air conditioner, model motoring set on plywood, boys' clothes all sizes, infants to teens; automatic washer & dryer, old & Antique dishes, current fashion ladies clothes, maternity clothes, lots of men's & children's clothing. Absolutely nothing sold before 4 P .M. Friday. 1388 N. BROAD ST. GARAGE SALE 1928 McMASTER SAT.. JULY 21 I A.M. to 3 P.M. Washer & gas dryer, round table & 4 chairs, aome antiques, some children'* clothes & misc. items. GARAGE SALE 1059 E. BERRIEN FRIDAY Eva.—S p.m. - Dark SAT.—8 a.m. - 12 noon Children's, women's & men's clothing, linens, dishes, & nic- nacs, carpeting, lamps, drapes, outside captain's chairs, shoes, clocks. SCHENECTADY, N.Y.- General Electric Co. has produced what it calls the world's strongest permanent magnets to be used in aircraft tachometers to eliminate burned-out bearing When bearings on the mam- shaft of the tachometer burn out, the pilot no longer has any accurate way of reading his engine speed. The new magnets are so strong they make possible the total elimination of bearings on the tachometer drive shaft, thus greatly length ening the life of the speed indi cator. GARAGE SALE 21 MAPLE DRIVE, WESTPORT SATURDAY, July 21-1 a.m. Extra clean summer & winter clothing all sizes, many school coats & jackets, white child's desk fit wh. chest of drawers, plumbing fittings, drapes & Etc BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, Private Household Sales and all other sales of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-7181 YARD SALE 82 PINE Mon., July 23 8 A.M. • 3 P.M. Nothing Sold before t A.M. Nic-nacs, clothes and misc. PATIO SALE Sat., July 21 Noon - Dark Sun., July 22 All Day 1110 N. Farnham FOR SALE 1935 CHEVY MASTER 4-DOOR SEDAN Needs little restoring—$700 or best offer. Call 639-4217 After S P.M. Weekdays Wonted CONCRETE WORK PHONE 343-1494 OR 375-6590 WANTED CARPENTER WORK Free Estimates Work Guaranteed Phone 342*5848 J.J Painting Contractors Free Estimates Reference Phono 342-6036 FOR SALE BAKERY RETAIL & WHOLESALE Good Equipment. Good Building. Good Business WANT TO RETIRE ERZINGER BAKERY 910 FIRST AVE. SILVIS, ILL. FLEA MARKET COURTHOUSE PARK — KNOXVILLE, ILL. SAT., JULY 21 — 8:30 a.m. - ? ? ? HORSE and BUGGY DAYS CHUCKWAGON MEALS Serving 11 AM - 1 PM and 5 PM - ? PARADE — 3 PM Horsemen — Ponies — Wagons — Mules — Etc. Welcome For Information Phono 309/289*2731 7 FAMILY GARAGE SALE 1382 E. BERRIEN FRI. EVE. — SAT. ALL DAY SUN. — a AM. - 12 NOON Lds. sz. 7-14 clothes, children, infants, boy sz. 6-10-12-16 clothing, men's clothing, lots of misc. BACKYARD SALE 305 E. NEWMAN (JUST OFF S. BROAD) KNOXVILLE, ILL. THURSDAY EVE 6-9 P.M. FRIDAY 9 A.M.-t P.M. SATURDAY 9 A.M-12 NOON HALF PRICE ON SAT. This sale has some very unusual offerings — many things not found at most sales, twin bed frame / maple headboard, hand painted cold ceramics, draftsmans tools, nice selection of old coins — we also buy old coins & silver — grow lamp, lots of curtains, all sizes clothing and misc. YARD SALE 204 Stoto St. E. GALESBURG SAT., JULY 21 9 AM • ? - NOTICE ELECTRIC SERVICE INC. IS NOW LOCATED At; KNOX « S. SEMINARY In Galosburg, Illinois Ready to Give You "FAST" Guaranteed, Expert Service — On All or Any of Your Electrical Phone 343-9004 USUALLY SAME DAY SERVICE LOST Ltttt Btat-ef *4 fttt-#fili* SIAM.-PIRS. CAT Vicinity of Moshief and Harrison. Sentimental pet. REWARD Phono: 3424429 FOR SALE Complete taw ft' tool thafpMIng equipment, like new condition. 0*»» $1900 worth of maefiliMfy for $101)0. Phono 667*2160 WANTED Farm To Ronr for 1974-75 Crop Year Have good'line of machinery Good references Present Farm Was Sold Contact Box 48 Alexis, III. 61412 FOR SALI HPT. ALUMINUM BOAT and S MP. MOTOR 343-3056 JUNIOR AUDITOR • Oatoaburf AM* • AecoutlAf Majtfr • Nominal 0*«*ftlfM ¥ftt*l • fiXMtuM Id Afrlevlhifa Halptul Call: MIKE ftOWIRS (30t) 821*0021 Of S#nd Raiuma To: Illinois Agricultural Auditing Association IAA BMg. . Bleomlnffen, III. $1701 READ THE WANT ADS! PUBLIC AUCTION Wells Cafe in Aledo, III. Monday, July 23 - 10 a.m. As a going business approximately 230 seating capacity adequately equipped and stocked. You can open sale day. Has been In business 25 years. Located in the Merchants Hotel. You can get a very favorable long time lease. Good late model equipment plus 1968 Ford Country Sedan station wagon. Sells as 1 unit. A money BOULTINGHOUSE AUCTION CO. Bud Henderson, Auctioneer - - - Phone 309/582-5136 AUCTION WEST END OF BRIDGE AVENUE AT ISM IN THE MAST SUBDIVISION SATURDAY. July 21 — 1:00 P.M. At w* havt told our home and moving Corbln'a will Mil our Furniture and Furnishings fallows: Admiral Stereo AM and FM Radio In Mediterranean, Two Brass Lamps. Green Lazy Boy Chair, Plaid Hide-A-Way Bed, Set of Step End Tables and Cocktail table with Marolite top, several Table lamps and Floor Lamps, Two Wing Back chairs, Two piece Oak Danish Modern Davenport and Chair with Vinyl Cushions, Wood Grain Record Cabinet, Table model Radio, Lots of Books, TV Stand) Floor Fan and Window Fan, De- humldifier, Card Table and six chairs, Oval 9x12 Rug, Square 9x12 Rug, Mission Oak Dlnding Room Set with two host chairs and four upholstered straight chairs, Reflectory Table, Gun Rack, Two Twin Jenny Lind Beds, Dresser, Two nite stands, Desk and Chair all in White, Hollywood Bed Frame, Clothes Hamper and stool, Lots of Blankets and Linen, Nite Stand, Five piece woodgrain top Dinette with six chairs, Admiral Imperial Duplex side by side Refrigerator and Freezer, Frigidaire Automatic Dishwasher (four level) with wood grain top, Lady Kenmore Coppertone Electric Washer and Dryer, Small Electrical Appliances, Lots of Centerpieces, Glass ware, Lots of Dishes, Lot of Jigsaw puzzles, Golf Bag, many games, Ping Pong table, picnic table; Large Stone Jars, 24" Girls and Sting Ray Bicycles, Lawn Boy Electric start 21" Mower, Childs Wagon, Unicycle, Garden and Yard Tools and other misc. merchandise. MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM ARTZ, Owners CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE — 343-3353 COOK and WOOD, Auction**** DELENE COOK. Clerk .Auctioneers and Owners assume no responsibility In ease of Accidents should they occur. Knoxville Community Sale Co., Inc. KNOXVILLE, ILL. "WE DON'T MEET COMPETITION WE MAKE IT" Certified Livestock Marketing Center. State Licensed & Bonded for Your Protection. SALE - MON., JULY 23, 1973 Storting At 12 O'Clock Noon 15 Mixed Calves, 300 lbs. 20 Angus and Hereford Calves, 400 lbs. 17 Angus and Hereford Steers and Heifers, 600 lbs. 10 Angus Steers and Heifers, 750 lbs. 20 Holstein and Angus Steers, 500 lbs. 30 Angus and Bl W/Faced Steers, 700 lbs. 20 Angus and Holstein Steers, 600 lbs. 40 Angus Cows and Calves 40 Hereford Cows with Large Calves 40 Hybred Pigs 40 lbs. 80 Mixed Shoaits 60 lbs. 100 Mixed Pigs, 40 lbs. Then Will Be No Sole Mon., July 30, 1973 Because of Fair Week Roland Bell Phono 289-4446 W. E. Bruniga Phone 289*4128 Day or Night If you have fat cattle or feeder cattle, contact us for an appraisal. . Auctioneers: Lane Hyatt, Don Wolf. 4 FAMILY BACKYARD SALE 123 Phillips Sat., July 21 8 AM - ? THE CODFISH LAYS TEN THOUSAND EGGS. THE HOMELY HEN LAYS ONE. THE CODFISH NEVER CACKLES TO TELL YOU WHAT SHE'S DONE. AND SO WE SCORN THE CODFISH, WHILE THE HUMBLE HEN WE PRIZE. . • WHICH ONLY GOES TO SHOW THAT IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE! JACK TRIMBLE ADVERTISING CO. SIGNS -- CALENDARS -- PENS -- GIFTS RAIN GUAGES - THERMOMETERS Box 864, Galesburg, III. - - - Phone 342-4424 HOUSEHOLD AUCTION Saturday Morning July 21st 10 AM 1563 W. WATERS Due to health of Mrs. Ernstein we are moving into an apartment and the following will be sold to the Highest Bidder: Gold velvet club chair; large white tapistry davenport; fruit wood coffee table with inlaid marble top; floor lamps; black naugha- hyde hidabed, (can't be told from new); Zenith B&W console T.V.; table lamps; 2 odd club chairs; 3-pc. childs table set; Baby Tenda high chair; some childs toys; tricycle; Lane cedar chest; mahogany credenza type buffet; 3-pc. modern walnut bedroom suite consisting of triple dresser, large chest of drawers and panel bed complete with box spring & matt.; antique spool cabinet; 2 square nite stands; 2 piece French Provincial bedroom suite consisting of Mr. and Mrs. dresser, good chest of drawers and bed complete; 1 — 5 drawer chest; childs rocker; rollawgy bed; portable record player; 5 pc. dinette set with walnut wood grain top table and 4 good chairs; Kenmore 70 automatic washer and Kenmore solid state elec. dryer with elec. sensor; older G.E. refrigrator; step ladders; several sheets of fibre glass; NOTICE: lots of misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. Doctor and Mrs Lester Ernstein, Owners Auctioneers—DALE COFFEY, RALPH COFFEY—343-93$$ Clerk—ROBERT STEWART Cashier—LORRAINE LYNN

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