Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1973
Page 23
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(adlesbuffl RestetefiMail, Galesbuftl, fridpy, July 20, \9?&.y Market Reports Today CmCAOO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: MM. Butcher Trend: SO cents lower. No. l-2> : 200-225 ....$49.50-^80.10 No. 2-4: 190-240 $48.80-149.50 240-270 $4?.tM49.00 280-300 i-L—- $48.00-$47.50 Sow Trend: steady to $1.80 lower. 300-500 $41.25-$45.00 There is no scientific basis for thr» superstition that birds roost before a storm. MRS. LANE Palm Rtadtr and Advisor 189 N. HENDERSON ST. (Next to leutedt Realty) 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. » you have any problems MRS. LANE can help' you I All readings confidential. For appointments Call 342-6639 Watch for sign TECH SEAL Crock Filler Easy To Mix $*%75 Per A Gal. Perfect for filling cracks in driveways. Easy to follow instructions for all types of installations. Ideal to install in warm weather. Builders Supply Co 600 E. MAIN STREET Continuous Flow Grain Drytr Choose from 4 models to match your harvest rate. Capacities vary, by model, from 183 to 435 bushels per hour. ALLEN SALES AND SERVICE 5 MUM North on Rout* ISO P.O. Box No. 1, Galesburg, 111. 11401 Tel. 303-343-9141 GALESBUftG ORDER BUYER* BirlttgUm Northern Stockyards Quotations: No. 1-2: 200-230 $48.25-$48.S0 No. 1-3: 200-230 .......„$48.0M48.25 No. 14: 230-280 $47.00-$48.00 No. 2-3: 360-300 . $45.25-$47.00 Packing Sows: $39.00-840.80 GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co. Market may cither go up or down by 1:30 p.m. when final bid arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. No. 2 Corn (old) $2.50 New Corn $2.15 No. 2 Oats 93 No. 1 Beans (old) ....$10.00 New „. ..$7.48 No. 2 Wheat ....$2.88 Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UP!) - Livestock: Cattle sales insufficient to establish market. Hogs 3,300; steady to 50 lower; No 1-2 200-240 lb 50.00; No 1-3 200-250 lb 49.50-50.00; No 2-3 250-300 lb 48.00-49.50, 1 lot 350 lb 46.00; No 1-3 180-200 lb 48.0049.25. MONMOUTH AUCTION ftlMftf *«*«»* cattle c'tit*. MtfS tfcM» This week ass 3 *4» o Last Week 177 2 2707 0 Last Year 440 3 1941 o CATTLE: Receipt* mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Feeder Meet* and heifers .50-1.00 higher. Cows 50c higher. _ ^ FEEDER CATTLE: Choice 250-400 lb Steers 09.00-73.00; 400-55O lb. 57.0093.25; 590-850 lb. 52.50-57.25; mixed Good and Choice 550-950 lb. 48.5052.75; Choice 400-550 lb. heifers 53 00-58 50 COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 33.00-37.75; Can ner and Cutter 29.25-36.00. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices 3.00-4.00 per head higher. FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 30-40 lb. 33.75-39.50; 40-50 lb. 39.25-44.25; 5060 lb. 44.00-49.25; 60-70 lb. 49.0055.50; 70-80 lb. 55.25-60.00; 90-100 lb. 62.00-66.50; 100-110 lb. 66.23-73.50: U.S. 1-3 40-50 lb. 38.00-42.75; 60-70 lb. 47.50-52.25; all sold by the head; some 150 lb. 45.75; sold by weight; bred sows 167.50-242.50 per head. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-79.25; single daisies 7042; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Steady; prices unchanged; extra large 73; large 69; medium 80; pullets 46; standard 59; checks 42. Joliet Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 600; steers unevenly steady to 25 higher; heifers 2550 lower; high choice and prime steers 50.25-50.75; choice 48.75-50.00; good and choice 48.00-48.75; choice heifers 47.2548.00; canner and cutter cows 30.00-36.00. Hogs 800; steady to weak; No 1-2 200-230 lb 49.50-50.00; No 1-3 200-260 lb 49.00-49.50; No 2-4 250-280 lb 48.00-49.00; No 3-4 280-300 lb 47.0048.00. Oow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock aver ages: Grain Futuros CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: High Low Close Prev Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - In terior hogs: 18,000; mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 48.25-48.50; No 1-3 200-240 lb 47.50-48.25, few 47.00; No 2-3 240-260 lb 46.7547.75. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 2,300; very uneven, averaging steady; No 1-2 200235 lb 49.2549.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 48.50-49.25; No 2-3 225-290 lb 48.00-48.50. Cattle and calves 100; not enough to test prices. Sheep 165; lambs steady; few loads choice and prime spring lambs 36.00-37.00. Removal of Trees STUMP REMOVAL TREE PLANTING TRIMMING — FEEDING SHADE TREES FOR SALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE 343-7111 — 342-IU2 Wanted To Buy Japanese German Civil War Swords, Daggers, Uniforms, Medals, Hats, Helmets, etc. Coll 343-3818 After 5 PM TIP of the WEEK Use your hoe as a yardstick when working in the garden. Paint stripes on the handle at intervals of 6-incbes, one-foot and three-feet. Jim Hagrelius Special prices now on home beating equipment and installa< lions. It's our Up, Up and Away Sale. Come in and enter our contest to win a free gas grill. 1242 Thmwmomam IB South West St. « Galesburg - Ph. 343.3145 New York Stocks NEW YORK (tlPi) Stock market midday prices: Admiral 11% Inland Stt WK AiidChem 34V* IBM 318 Alld Strs 25% Int Harv 30 Allis Chal W< Int Nick 31 Alcoa 61 Int Paper WK Am Air 10V4 Int T&T 32% Am Can 31 1 * Iowa P&L 22'A Am Cyan 24% Johns-Mn 22% AmElPwr 26% Kennecott 27% Am Mtrs 8 Keys Cons 15 Am T&T 52% Kresge 37% 30 indus 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 912.48 up 5.80 164.38 off 0.08 101.32 up 0.09 277.72 up 1.11 Wheat Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Corn [J-ly Sep Dec Mar May Oats (old) Jiy 350 307% 307% 307V4 305% 298 304% 295% 300% 291% 297% 290% 297% 288 288 267% 290 281 282 280 390 290 246% 244 236 230 390 259% 246% 236% 236 226 235% 228% 235% 225% 234V4 226 233 224% 110 106 106 104 Anaconda 22 Ashl Oil 26 Atl Rich 82% Avco 10% Bea Fds 22% Bendix 34% Beth Stl 28V4 Boeing 19% Borden 23% Kroger 18 Lib McN 5% Litton 9% Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 27% Maytag 30% Merck 89 Minn Min 83 Mobil Oil 61 Cap C Bdg 46%Monsanto 54% Catplr 60% Nat Bis 43% Celanese 34V« Cen II Lt 21 Cen Tel 24V 4 Cessna 21% Chrysler 26 Olin Corp 14% Outbd M 36% Owens-Ill 29% Penn Cen 2 Penney 78% Cities Svc 42 7 / 8 Pepsi Cola 83% Coca-Cola 143% Pfizer 50 Colum Gas 27 1 /4Phil Pet 51% Comm Ed 31 Procter G 107 Quak Oat 33V 4 RCA 26Vs Rep Stl 24% Revlon 65% Safeway 33tt St. Regis 40 SanFelnd 25% Sears 100 Shell Oil 52% Simmons 20V 4 So Pac 31 Sperry 45% Comsat 53% Cons Ed 23 Cont Can 26 Cont Oil 30 ] /s CPC Intl 29 Dana 30 Deere 44% Du Pont 170 Eastman 143 Exxon 917s Falstaff 3% Firestone 19% Ford Mtrs 55% Std Bds 50 Fruehauf 27% SO Ind 81% Gam Sko 27% Stvns JP 27% Gen Dyna 19% Stude 37 Gen El 61% Texaco 32% Gen Fds 25% Tex Inst 103 V* Gen Mtrs 67% Gen Tel 37 Gen Tire 19% Goodrich 21% Goodyear 24% Greyhnd UYA Gulf Oil 23% 111 Cent 20% 111 Pwr 25% 110 115 Oats (new) Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Soybeans 118% 114 125 125 108 109 104 110 113% 109 116y4 114% 120% 124 119 122% 122% 119 Jiy Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar May 1187 1020 920 809 801 795 791 1185 1187 1107 1020 1020 980 920 755 730 725 711 920 755 730 725 711 769 761 755 751 Un Carb 37% Un El 16% Utd Corp 8 >/4 US Gyps 22 US Stl 29% West Un 23% Wstghs El 37% Weyerh 64V4 Woolwrth 20% Peruvian Indians believe that a man who is struck by lightning and survives will be restored to full health by a sip of vicuna blood. The Mongol Empire was the biggest land empire in history. In 1294, it stretched from the Pacific Ocean westward to the Danube River. lOTCMtOOTIR POR A DtAlNS [Oon't Dig Up Your Seweti No Charge If We Fail Call 343 6913 — or Phone 342-6430 GUARANTEED WORK JUMBLE SALE Dorothy Templeton KathyZefo ART WORK BY: TOM ZEFO 45 LINCOLN ST. XNOXVILLE, ILL. FRIDAY EVE. 4:30 P.M. - 7 SATURDAY I A.M. - ? Broiler, bar stools & clock, charcoal grill, clothes, coats & shoes, copper boiler, new guitar, ice chest, power vac sweeper, radio, tires, tools & ladder, shag rug 8x11, fan, picnic table, furniture, odds & ends. Wonted To Buy FARM SCRAP IRON (Will Pick Up) Junk Cars Removed D&D SERVICES 529-9431 529-9493 NEED A GRAIN DRYING TANK? SEE US FOR A BETTER IDEA The BEHlfN KA170 Automatic Dryer — Plus Our 10,000 Su. Storage Tank For Less Than Our Popular Drying Tank — Faster Drying Toe. In Stock Now. Avoid Late Delivery. KIRK'S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1006 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg — 3434128 ARE YOU OUR MAN? DOES THIS INTEREST YOU? Did you know that 40% of all new homes in the United States are mobile homes and that fantastic profits are waiting to be made in the mobile., home anchoring, skirting and roof coating business? If you are interested in becoming a part of a large and growing industry, here is what we offer and what we expect from you. WE OFFER TRAINING Both in sales and installation. The finest patented anchoring system available in the anchoring field. Skirting and roof coating of the best quality. An exclusive territory. A new company truck for your use. All material on consignment on initial order. All installation tools needed. Co-Operalive advertising plan. Retail financing. WE DEMAND GOOD CHARACTER HONESTY DEPENDABILITY Willingness to work. Willing to invest 83000.00 in your Own Business. If you qualify and want to become a part of our organization. WRITE OR CALL SOUTHERN BAND-IT CO. Box 408 Anna, 111. 62906 phone 618/833-7331 0UAUTY MffJff CONCRETE MANUFACTURED IN GALESBURG STEPPING STONES fc PATIO BLOCKS • Round 12", 18", 24" • Hexagon 18" • Square 18" • Rectangular 12x18" and 12x24" All In natural cement color, red, green or black in either plain surface or beautifully exposed aggregate. GALESBURG CONCRETE MATERIALS CO. 1050 MONMOUTH BLVD. PHONE 343-3111 ANTIQUE SNOW & SALE To Be Held in Conjunction With The 3rd ANNUAL ALEXIS PROGRESS SHOW JULY 27-28 & 29, 1973 THE SET-UP DATE IS JULY 27 SHOW & SALE JULY 28 & 29 At The AG Shop in ALEXIS HIGH SCHOOL 8 Foot Table Space — $5.00 Some Tables Still Available CONTACT MRS. ROY PRESSLY Alexis, III. 309-482-5549 Deodbolt Security Not nearly as expensive as a burglary. i 342-5012 712 E. Main Galesburg ESTATE AUQI0N SALE SMALL FARM and PERSONAL PROPERTY The undersigned Administrators of the Estate of Harry Stegall will offer for sale at public auction on SATURDAY, JULY 28, 1973 COMMENCING AT 10 A.M. At the premises, the Siegall farm In North Henderson Township. Legal description: Lots 1, 2 and 3 in the SE',i of Sec. 5, Twp. 13N, Range 1 West, Mercer County, Illinois. This 38.54 acre farm is well located on a good nil weather road, 4 miles South of Viola on U.S. 67, and 4 miles East, or 3 miles West of New Windsor on 111. 17, and 5 miles South. Improvements consist of a practically new 5 room house that is completely modern, with hot water heat and gas furnace, together with outbuildings and new grainary. Water is more than ample, with 3 wells and a cistern. There are approximately 16 crop acres and the balance is pasture, with lots of good oak and walnut timber, with farm pond. This property merits inspection by anyone looking for a small place in the country. TERMS ON REAL ESTATE: 15% down on day of sale and balance in 30 days when possession of everything except the rented crop land will be given, and delivery of deed. Possession of rented crop land to be delivered on March I, 1974. Title to be conveyed by warranty deed. Sellers will furnish abstract of title or at their option, Owners Title Insurance Policy. FOLLOWING THE LAND SALE. THE PERSONAL PROPERTY WILL BE SOLD. FARM MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: Farmall Super M tractor, with 2 row cultivator: Farmall tractor with 2 row cultivator and 2 bottom mounted breaking plow; 16 foot single disc: Mayrath 16 foot grain auger; Mayrath field sprayer with attachments; 2 rubber tired wagons with flare boxes; 2 row John Deere tractor planter; 2 row David Bradley horse planter; Wood Bros, corn picker; corn elevator; 10 foot tandem disc; 3 bottom Mbline plow; 2 Herd tractor seeders; McCormick mower; 2 wheel heavy duty trailer with dump box; Chevrolet Hi Ton truck; old Farmall tractor on rubber; 2 K line nbn-c\on self feeders; 2 galvanized steel water tanks; water tank on 2 wheel trailer; cement mixer and miscellaneous feeding equipment; McCullough chain saw; Craftsmen power hand saw; electric drills and many other shop tools and hand tools, some being collectors' Items. HOUSEHOLD GOODS INCLUDE: Gas ranges; refrigerator: Motorola television; 8 foot deep freeze; vacuum cleaner; stoves; washers; slate bed pool table: and a full line of household furniture. Terms on personal properly: CASH. BERNICE F. ESP — HARRY J. STEGALL Administrators of Estate of Harry Stegall Auctioneers; COL. HAROLD SACKMAN, Rt. No. 3, Aledo, Illinois, Phone: 372-4440. COL. JACK BERTELSEN, Sealon, Illinois, Ph. 5M-S641. Clerk: KENNETH ANDERSON. Atty.; JAMES C. ALLEN, National Bank Bldg., Aledo, Illinois. FURNITURE AUCTION As I have sold my home, I will sell at auction, on Washington St., Avon, 111. Saturday Morning July 28 10 AM DuMont console colored TV. G.E. refrigerator with freezer top. Roper gas range. G.E. automatic dishwasher. G.E. automatic washer. Large grey davenport. Kitchen table and six chairs. Four piece bedroom suite. Hollywood single bed. Utility cabinet. Kitchen base cabinets. Two dressing tables. Three piece wicker set. Birds Eye Maple writing desk. Corner what not. ANTIQUE CHERRY SETTEE WITH TWO MATCHING CHAIRS. Some antique dishes. Pie cupboard. Thread display cabinet. Walnut Organ case. Two Needle Point footstools. Old books. Walnut chair. Pictures and frames. Wooden bowl. Mugs. Glassware, some Fostoria. Two Alladin lamps. Kerosene lamp. Craig AM-FM radio, new. Humidifier, nearly new. Electric knife. Old sewing machine. G.E. tank type sweeper. Lamps. Bedding. Cooking utensils. Steam irons. Electrical appliances. Old sliding doors. Garden tools. Electric knife. Yard equipment and tools. Lawn Boy mower. Charcoal grill. Numerous other articles, some treasures and some trash. Terms—CASH Not Responsible For Accidents Auctioneer-LOWELL BUCK Clerk-JACK GORDON Note: VERA SUNDBERG Attend the Eva Martin sale at 1 P.M. Large Public Auction Atmaun — rummm — TOOU — Mite. Friday, July 27, et 10 AM As owner is living In a nursing home he will sett Us personal property at residence at 4M W. Main, Knoxvllle, til. Look for list of property in Wed., Joly 25, paper. ' Carl Steck, Anct. ^ RAY S. WILT, Owner FURNITURE AUCTION As 1 have sold my home and am residing in a nursing home I will sell on Woods St., Avon, til. SATURDAY, JULY 28 1 PM ANTIQUE SETTEE WITH SIX MATCHING CHAIRS, including Gentlemans and Ladies chairs. Walnut table with White Marble top and white castors. Oval Walnut table. WALNUT BEDROOM SUITE with Marble top Wishbone Mirror dresser and Commode. Combination China Cupboard Secretary with Round glass. Round Walnut drop leaf table. Antique four poster bed. Walnut cupboard. Twin four poster beds with box spring and innerspring mattresses. Oak writing desk,- Oak commode. High back rocker. Oval Walnut table with,drawers. Walnut drop leaf table. Antique high back bed with dresser and commode to match. Library table. Oak dresser. Large library table. Organ stool. Antique childs rocker/ Buffet with mirror. Four straight Bentwood chairs. Antique" flour bin. Copper boiler. Antique Walnut clock. Oak commode. Two kerosene lamps. Several half pint, Ball Perfect Mason iars. Currier and Ives prints. FULL SET, SERVICE FOR TWELVE, ORIGINAL FRENCH PROVINCIAL HAVILAND CHINA, ROSE PATTERN. Some Ironstrone, tea leaf patfcrn. Picture frames. Sewing machines. Overstuffed suite, nearly new. Frigidaire electric stove. Rollaway bed and maiitess. Woodstock typewriter. Cooking utensils. Bedding. Djshes. Numerous other articles. Terms: Cash Not responsible for accidents EVA MARTIN LOWELL BUCK, Auctioneer JACK GORDON, Clerk NOTE: Attend the Vera Bundberg Sale at 10 A.M. iTif, REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FARMS, ACREAGES AND LOTS 141 ACRE FARM. 100 acres level black dirt crop land and more can be farmed. This land Joins the city limits of Aledo and is unimproved. 34 ACRES, all level adjoining Rt. 150 south of Alpha. Desirable for subdivision, also Apartment Building. 24 ACRES, practically all tillable, located on good all-weather road just 5 miles from Aledo. NUMEROUS TRACTS OF 4 ACRES AND UP NEAR ALEDO. COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOTS in and near Aledo ranging In size from 60x120 feet up to several acres as needed. Will consider building to suit on a lease- option basis, BUSINESS BUILDING Bldg. lias approximately 1800 sq. feet, located in the center of Aledo's shopping district. For immediate sale. MAID-RITE FOR SALE LOCATED IN VIOLA, ILLINOIS. Price includes small house, building and all fixtures, with immediate possession. HOMES IN ALEDO NEARLY NEW 2-BEDROOM. Large living room, kitchen-dinette, bath, full basement. Single garage. | MODERN 2 BEDROOM, on one floor with single garage. Gopd location on corner lot. . i THREE BEDROOM HOME, has the modern conveniences, needs repair. Four lots. Sewer In street. t ' NEAR JOY 4 BEDROOM, TRI-LEVEL, has the bullt-ins, 2 car garage, smjUl acreage. This home is only a few years old. J FRED C. CLAWSON REAL ESTATE BROKER Phone: Office 582-7432 Res.: 582-29821 ALEDO, ILLINOIS ! PUBLIC AUCTION ; Saturday, July 28th ' At 9:00 A.M. • 172 North Whitotboro Street GalMburg, Illinois As I am retiring and moving to Southern California the following items will be sold at auction: Two mahogany desks with chairs; RCA color TV (walnut eon- aole); 14" davenport (green Ic gold nylon); two mahogany etep end tablet; reclining lounge chair (gold nylon); over-stuffed living chair; two hftisocks, one foot stool; two matching tree lampt; junior floor lamp; 2 table lamps; desk lamp; TV lamp; swivel base ,chjiir; walnut frame aag aeat chair; black magazine rack; 3 smoking stands, waste baskets; light oak kitchen table and 4 chairs; Merae console sewing machine; glass front china cupboard (light oak); New Dormeyer mixer; gray oak Singer desk sewing machine cabinet & bench; Pecky pecan 3 pc. bedroom suite with Beauty jRsst box springs Ic mattress (queen else); 2 pc, gray oak bedroom suite (with box springs and mattress); I - low maple chest ol drawers; 2 metal frame plastic cushioned chairs; 3 prs. of dresser lamps; small oak bookcase; 30" rollaway bed, Brown metal wardrobe; 2,metal utility cupboards (1 white, 1 green); 1 Sunlighter plant stand (3 tier & lights); Cosco utility table; small white utility table; J small portable radios; 4 adjustable shelves (metal); oak antique commode; oak antique chest oi drawers; Sear* dehumidifier; Easy Iroher; elec. skillet; 2 small fans; 2 slice Sunbeam toaster; 2 roasters; razprs; new portable hair dryer and 2 Beauty shop hair dryers; small mahogany sewing cabinet; gray oak Singer desk sewing machine, cabinet & bench; Hoover tank vacuum cleaner; Bissel carpet sweeper; Deluxe Electro! ux tank sweeper with power nozzle and shampooer; queen size bed spread-fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow slips; table cloths, dollies, throw rugs: 3 cameras; 4-eight piece Orchard'Cry- stal party sets; Shirley Temple doll and Princess doll; assorted framed pictures; 2 ironing boards; picnic basket; books; nic-tiacs; several vases; 8 place setting of Ivy dishes; other misc. dishes;..mixing bowls; pots & pans; kitchen tools; cannister set; spice rack; 2 cake covers; antique wattle iron; Westinghouse elec. roaster; set of 4 party trays on stands (new); fruit jars; jelly glasses; 2 section Ping Pong table with Ping Pong set; 1 heavy duty Battle Creek bell reducing machine; Holliday ice chest; 1 - circle flourescent kitchen light; battery operated kitchen clock; 1—48" florescent light (2-bulb); metal clothes rack; Fuller dust mop & wax spreader.' " GARDEN. LAWN & OTHER TOOLS: Lawn Boy 21" rotary mower; 1 - Black Sc. Decker electric lawn edger-trimmer; 3 extension cords; plastic garden hose and reel; power drill 8c bit set-new; eletcric orbital sander-new; power grinder & motor; long handled round nose shovel; 1-short handled round nose shovel; short handled square nose shovel; 2 garden rakes; 1 lawn rake; 1 tile spade; 1 sledge hammer; 2 axes; 2 hoes; ice scraper; aluminum snow shoyel; aluminum snow pusher; two wheeled push snow plow; 'Tawn sweeper; lawn or garden cart; Row Hoe garden cultivator; grass hook, Bolo knife: 2 pr. grass shears; panel saw and rifl-saw; metal tool box; screw drivers; pliers; hammers; files; chisels; pipe wrenches; hack saw; assorted wreenhes; brace & bits; tool caddy; parts bin; root feeder; Ortho sprayer for garden hose; pr. oft saw horses with metal brackets; 1-5 ft. step ladder; 1-25' step ladder; new 24 ft. aluminum extension ladder (2-12 ft. sections). '•' 1 Not Responsible for Accidents Terms: CASH Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevens, Owners. Auctioneer—DONALD E. NELSON, (04 N. Monroe, Abingdon, m. Clerk—CARROL MARKS P.S. Rain date will be Sunday, July 29tii at 1:00 P.M. This sale will be run with the number system. Please do not bother these people before sale date. Everything is in showroom condition..This is one of the finest household auctions you will be able to attend.

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