Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on February 11, 1915 · Page 5
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 5

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1915
Page 5
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So Said The Abused Stomach-- "There it jroes again. JtiBt look at his installment that fellow has sent town far us to work up. It this isn't the limit. .Regular -and chunks. What are teeth nr if a man won't use them? Ann !irn this stuff is. fairly poisoned "with I'm EOlng on a strike ami that- will tntike him sit up and take notice" Moral "You can abuse a patient tnomach about so long and then v0u wiil hear something drop." Get your teeth put ia order terms are very reasonable. My work is right. DR. P. T. RICHARDS ' (Over Rehbere's.) 18551915 $f- Nearly sixty years of safe banking- is the First National's record. We invite your business on the strength of this record. Oui new banking office and complete equipment enables us to render REAL banking service, MAKE OUR BANK YOUR BANK. PURCHASE AGREEMENT IS REACHED BY CITY WITH WATER COMPANY RMS " UNDER WHICH PLANT WILL BE TAKEN OVER ON APRIL 1ST. HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED. JTHg JftmnflvM DAILY GAZETTE. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 11 PERSONAL MENTION. cuEo1Bwe0!flLUgu9iaUil lJoapil. Chi-" tiii n'norat sue 'underwent a. success- Anton OlsonI . 524 Milton avenne tn?,rtyolrDa.Hoskins 01 BodReville lheSngDtafrff;ndtya in thi3 clty s TEN IN ACCIDENT ON SPEEDING BOB ON FOURTH AVENUE Coasting Mishap Occurs at Bridge When Sjteerer Looses Momentary Control of Sled Earl H. Winters was jured and nine others of. a bobload or ten young people oaoiy sruLker. isea more or iess when the swiftly MILLER HAS HEARING ON BURGLARY CHARGE State Has Strong Evidence Ag. Alleged Robber of McCue Flat Decision on Friday. Strong evidence was introducer! by 1111 Tiii- !l;Jn ue.snests "ILL IHftL UVtK BUNDS: turned" "CSS " They were ncterson, stae Y M a a m tiraaneu mo tne wute steel City Will Assume Outstanding Bonds of S1B6.500. ard Pay Balance in Cash. Bondholders' Suit Dismissed. itUleKal ""Katies in the way of city ownership of the Janesville Wa rd, ".-J'- D'V'-. !""J J i-r,-, artjl.rl..-. ,f oi:;,- purchase agreed v.p-th city and the water company., and arrangements perfected according to which the citv will lake 1st B191b"1 property on APril Conferences between the officers of the rtrriiKiny and city officii ; ,1 last few days have been c! : 1 1 . 1 1 p ll hi. i pqS:-ii m hrliisine !.;re-,i!.u'li!Ut as In tBmB ,: i' wflcf 'he action of ii- !,,,. o. ii a ;!' wnt- wniioay in the bi dropped 3 CD"rt at Madl5o:l viYt ) ne city will scf.loJ with the wa- T ,- Jfn tne basis or "-r nxf-tl i.y tlie ,t:uc ead outstanding bend's amounting' ttf 51 Johnson of nn-iro.,.-i f Vnedayne3S v,Bluw tlB Mrs. M. M. Norton of Desplaiaes the SUt of friend'" h.' ois, where she'will ion o8rSroV1Tia.atlncn of Soulh vis-5? , lI??r lB the l,est f friends in days Atklnson' Wisconsin, for . a lew The ladies of the G. A. R. Circle .No. m. ui "irtBinea last evening at Ma- hofnle.,of W. T.. Akin. o South d.ve:i. Mr;: xv. "SSTrS Allegory of. the -Flag," tribute to thi Ins on the and Irene Irish tmve liste of Lincoln and his birthday. The 3 ON SAVINGS, The First National Bank -.stablished 1855 Protection Against Cheek Raising The New Era. check writer and Pro- -:iT..l.-,f srjiples:. most olliciaoit. and lurabif wrltfi- tm the market, , and nip Sjn.-..t.s hnn;.es t ' r -'-V-C0 .Demonstration of its' 5 value will be given for the O. E. Wixom 909 Schoof Street.-. , . phcne Bell 1210. ,'-'Lerl: written on the New Era absolutely cannot be raised. Instead bond issue he necessary jO. hat the .'ll: I i irtr i alon had no determinate : mi t -'," HO.MiSTRR.-Xfiw tires, i- li North Academy streat. iS-.UI-8 FOR S.M,E-At ten n. p. Blancharri, street, on Sjtnrdav f'!'.'tr for .-aie al.' . eee.e, alee eii y. earee IMaeaa lev.v i-auiut:' Blsnchard -ei-n.r a municipal ee.jtn ;t will now raise but i.tmu fsn n -It is nnlertaan company intends to appeal from the Decision or the comn-.ission on the (tin r 1 i , if taken, will he heard before the re ;' ' court ei o-.-.w; coare v re-1 -.vMI involve only the question oi u? nar-.'... ter a, i par. v - r at ndim; that $26dOOO is an insufliciee: t. ". If the eeart nhrntd tr.cn 'ae tee '-a eeruiair.raoi-.. tne city will have to 7av such sun-, in arhai-.o.i t.o iir.ts.rna Tne contention in the landholders' ?.e an, v.av- , e,a ,,.:,,,y ;h:l: ,, ull. '" "'talttv ic.v eaalrt not Jiffierr t.ptace Riven orior to lis uaasaae that the railrcr ! eaaraat?- teanty t-a ararr an lee merteaapf! ita franaiaa, ifttat iter , a, a i, a?' ion . eaala a. while the -vatiaa ntji-ot passed until July, '.Villi 11, ia nreerat ahjaaiir.ent. brav-eyeie ,rli e--ral an rl : 1 1 en a arc ivaiv.el y-f i 'J-i.i'ie near r-raaes aa t'a- by the council ;a:t tne aae,r a e.aa a r t a, a a I operated in thi oily ball, and tho i" 'v' 11 :"" '.aJi'.:t.er; aa n v.!r!,ri,;, business proposition and not n-ivrai ry witn l -ierel alt" rvvtri, T i' st. drawn out eentrov araica I ec ayya railrea;! eirn.uecra 1, n ,-eea, consulted i.ntl haa approved 'of the terms of the purchase agree- house was decorated" with n.n 2," at which souvenir postals of Lincoln fiosK assisted Mrs. AkInS'in ent'erjkta- Ti',s'GDeorKe Tole and M5S Emina Pb ,spect avenue have gone to Miea Fred Koebelin of Prospect avenue entertained-a ladies' club this aft-eriioon The guests played 500 u illiana Chesbro of. Beloit was a neada, ' ' vlsitor in neaville on Wed- Ray Voung .of Monroe. ' Wisconsin was i in J,e city on Wednesday on busl- E- Hill of. Madison" is a Janesville en o'clock last eventne- The injured: Hiari M, winters, 512 Hickory street head and face badly lacerated. Uncon- Dlstrlct Attornev DiinwirtrHn. tnv ihi severely in- i ?Ltat! ip.tll& preliminary hearing of . bobload of I Miller, charged with burul&rv Orunng the night time, in municipal tip morning. Jttdse .Marti, id deferred his decision on the petition at Attorney Dunwlddie to hold Miller -or trial until tomorrow morning. In the hearing this morning Miller was represented by Attorney J a Cunnlnguain. Testimony vas given by J. W. McCue to the. effect that the and bruises. Mrs. Howard Dewev, 443 Bluff street. Ieft foot and ankle Injured. Foot bone3 may be broken. Knee bruised, Howard Dewey, Minor bruises. Miss Adelf Rogers, bad shaking up Glen street, minor hrirtaec: William, John and George Keating, minor lacerations and bruises. Winters, the worse injured, lies today at his home In a precarious condition. He was thrown against the heavy cement block and suffered in juries to his head. He has a bad cut. d visitor toiia; ia speeding the djv citv. w.iy. wpodara of Milwaukee is . V WBt-. nls Property that was stolen while he was asleep at his home on North High streeL The paper money was identified aa being of the sanm denomination. One convincing; point was that a Canadian half d2,""7a Pocket-piece was listed ffiong the money. Mrs. J. W. McCue i d to finding the elotliea of her husband in the bath room of the flat on her return after eleven o'clock, and and bulbs bad been loosened so that the -Id not be turned on. It was proven that a small electric light globe that was found on Miller was similar to the one removed from the socket in the bath room. This evi- over one eye and has also a large point' that the state hai in T, the . Miller guilty. The theft of the silver-1 wiro was ai:;o renewed number of lesser' lacerations about head and facn. 1 - Winters and the other young men were alternating at steering the bob-load oil ten people. They had been on the hill for over an hour atnd with other coasters were having much amusement. On the trip which ended in the mishap Winters was steer- From what could he learned today from the members-of the party he either evidently lost momeutaj-v control when Main street was reached or something happened which threw the long sled out of its course. Just as the railroad tracks were passed the bob slewed and mounting the approach, r.ear l.hn jlam'i,i, .,?oi,iii ,: fohn Hann of Burlington, Wisconsin, : if-hf16 tatef lustrade 'plate." The" .....uu.u unars ltl uui,;-,t etar a -th Ui fhW back and slI6ttly to me impact nt -J t 1 business in this several weeks in Gingham" tvans or this city was a busi- aay. Baptist warli u Wr-dneadny. All of ness visitor in Kdccrton l lie Ladies' Aid of (ho church held an all day meeting for Ue residence of -'o. 03 Lincoln fternoon. 1 will the household e.aia- ear. at'fe-' 1 t.o take them. Mr t" tic rknt Mr,i,.rn h;e;;;""nTrfi .iackman street. Inquire at house. n 2-f L-tf e, rt t n l 1 1 1 t 1 , iLta '''00 aa.-rrd freir leiidOa W.U lf,ir ::':; :unE '' ttitcreat ay atldreaalng ad care ClazejUe. 27-2-ll-St :-OK"RRXT- -Store NoTTs "SoTiF - a garage Ln rear. L. R. Treat r' o'etaie A'nite a!a, ITdlde ; '.' iENT OB SALB-Ona usedl I Fischer Piano. Give the. boy :''l;;,:l. education. H. F. yui. i3 . .Milwaukea sr. 36-2-1 1-:tt. FoH SALE OR RENT One aTdadriy . ifed upriBtht piano, Russell & v o''i-:f burgaiii for someone.. K. -- 'd-e-ti e, La.,yaa;t.. "a-v-n-rit id da le. 122 Cded. FOk SALE bh' ere- head d' wrrk hr raea, innr.-s-' i -' .fi-tiyatore., siddy plow and one vl ooii'da a-.rnerr, ya;; t'e-ite-:?.vf- p,'0noB, Eell, 1084; Tt. (', biaak . lS-2-U-2t. F; r- RENT - - steum heat erf' Main. 1 INVESTIGATE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF LUMBERMAN VALLEY OF MEUSE A SCENE OF CONFLICT Famous Battleground for' Over Two Centuries of Warfare. The valley of the Meuse river, ex-tendlnB through Prance, y.o.raa:, aae Ireland, aa and down adias,'- :aaar- r. tv.e, theaaand a-aara of in te 0,1 It tee. t warfare has been waged, forms the subject oi a' statement given nut ,e 'iey ay the Xat.caiai eeoarapllic clei.y: "Above every other valley, that of 'he an- ,ae haa heeeine r ; alidetlell. ret eeca on Ida eieeac ,he drr-great battle of the war broke forth, and the .Struggle blazed and reared: 'hine tie p r o , n aa, ,; e .pa-adn-r rd o-e eald, r, , ay ne,-'ea", .e 1 air-eini dl- ,eea-. aa a any air tin enaa :ad tlirn Into France. Arro-tra, a, the day by ear i:i aa-cdia-- ,.. , r ,,-, i, hrei-a' eficrtr are still r.agiay en Is 1 erd,:s. i.na;r . Naiear. i'jinant. Civet dedaa. d;an;iv. d r j,,- ami fit. Mllr,-e each name recently become familiar ta a ear rlraana al: lie alcar. Its rr ndae I ,'.ree eat nude: -laanj lae air ise. 1 rises in F-arice, flows northTtrfi through Belgium, crosses the Dutch t-eniier. peey, west wan! thro lab Holland, and empties mtn th North Sea. Its Jonv r to ri-.e aea in one of " nles uf hlcli -160 arc navigable Cherry street in Chicago of several days Roberts, of North Idair aire. a the left of this front sled Intr t ? v1.nt?rs forward against Patrolman .Fre'rl jlh-io,t tjinj as to the. arrest of Miller at the Chi-cage and Northwestern railroad sta-'107 shortly after the robbery, and y"4 ,J1 Jinuiuii tue stolen watch an ALLEGED HOLD-UP OF EDGERTON MAN LEADS TO SUSPECT'S ARREST Police Investigating Charges of Alleged Robbery of Sum of Meney From Daniel Brown , Last Evening. Daniel Brown, an Edgerton saloon proprietor, who came to Janresvilla Wednesday on business, was picked up by the police shortly after eight-thirty last evening on Mineral Point avenue, between Jackson and Franklin streets, in response to a telephone call to the police station that a man was lying unconscious on the walk At the station he waB identified aa bSinb-ut a Search o( clothing and ' ' 0BB revealed no money. of Brown wfco arrived at the Brow,? t,old Chlef Champion that ? 7?l3 aVlea cnsiderahle !hpv t v,at,hf -had heen linking and they wished him cared for. RmJ It, 1 Ln auch a condition last ATTACKS SHIP BILL IN BELOIT ADDRESS A. J. Frame, Waukesha Banker, Urge Ship Subsidy A Method of Building Up Merchant Mrfne. n?eiok' fSV' 11- Attacking the BhSp purchase bill now pending before the fi, t'i- Stales snale as socialistic in the extreme and urging a ship du'j-Bldy as the best method of buiidinr StaiCB, A.-J. liVnmn Wba.i,. last night before the Beloit IMMnortaUnn an.?" .22 .XtDfi AhaVini'"e,i states, especially in South -". J' ramp declared that that he cool 1 the 'police but mtlf hi rB, b70na aLal'ne that when a had collected S i witness fees" innfiporta-l.ton. and foreign trade of America. ei .Present ship purchase bill Vi'itic in, iifl tcndenr.v unrf ri-. reason. He declared that in. flnh"JaM,e? Clippers carried one-T'Vlr. i 16 loM world's tonage, tho filn?S il ri tI,at ,Great Brlwin. their great merchant marine" y I pointed out that, the United State tonnage and that until nnrf rtirJS at ,e?st esta-blished and had been drinking in various ' "ind 5irectef t? routes with loons aoouc Lhe city. e"'c'"ra- American intoresia Later the nolice rntj t, Hon that Brown had been seen in company with three local youths going up North Franklin street earlilr in the evening. From the description to VethBCapl8ln Wok inning wSS q e-,,hme o y McKlnney, on South Mam street, at one ov.ior y ul moniing and placed him undo, arm Kinney was still stupefied from jns fjunj-i'y-''. Tn h s "shirt at-i denied all knowledge of theVffafr, Thia however. iVnn raHre Poceman Charles Dick- questioning, he admlUed thit he 1 had nsoii verified A. hired, I t, 1 1 - 11 1 cavida ennmanv h ,i ,d badly cut. . The other were thrown forward in every ditpl injured members of the party Mrs. Dp.wevs rni- atid today it is rrnt knnu.11 -a,t,Jt ?fltT,S"i'1bo?-ela,ror(ken. Mr. Dewev. wo?k today E y bn'iBed' Waa ab!e ia tr3a R,Dg'er'' s not lajured aside nfS a fe;v hrwises. This was true rLJf aJld t1. and Will, John and -Pfo.eatmg, although all were Tlfe b w when throv?rt forard Fisher is a violinist of note, and is fSLlm?!t completely dwoljBWthe tounng the state with the Lyle Con- r.3ntJ, El?d . and 'destroyed the , Inr l a erf ,'la :V" '" Hfil'' -''cNaught of South Mam street will entertain the University ciu i on Friday afternoon at 2:'30 o'clock. H. C Taylor of Orfordville web a Janesville visiter on Weiinosday Edward Brown of Rockford is spending a few days in Janesville. Miss Vera Hough of South Division sr.reet is ln.tae from Beloit: Ccllece for a tm.- day,--' vacation. ' Erawa.-d Hasltitis of Milwaukee avenue dr.a bought the home of S. J. ioitalirrae.i, ., are diilavauker avenue Will am Kiar or tiimMmi;. 1, e.e ata, war the yucst of relatives in Suardod board whinn .Jl.j , J?ng ' The hill has been covered with ire for near.lyT the whole of Silvlu K 'deCne' mony of Albright, who looked the e-uoi nnuilair up a the lewelry store .vliere the timepiece was bought. 1,. , J Barry. arrested the same 'sin, uEiui-e tne roooery, told of lis. a companion or Miller's oe the ") -roin utactno where thev mel Barry stated that tbnv wro tn n,, yille Tor rour duys, during which time they shoveled coal for Mr. Williams and received four dollars apiece for Lnelr labors. When the two left Ev-ansville they had but three dollars cording to the witness. Barry-Stated he was with Miller at the Chicago, , 'lk"P. ,and Paul 3tation n-td le.en o'clock the night of the robbery when Miller left him. Cat.. Broughton, city. marshal at Ev-ansvil.e closed the teaUmony of the Mate ir.tii the evidence that the two men were in that city 011 the dates given in their testimony. No attempt was made to question regard. ns the hiding -.ilace of tin- sr. verware, which it iB alleged Miller stole as be was not placed on the stand, the heariug baing but a proce duce ,0 prove there ia sumcient evidence to hold him for a jurv trial. Millor was fiOmmlttAri tn tlio .r ,. jail again and Barry will be held as a wit 'ia ha,-8ir0naJ;'spB?,i is Possible 1 witness. There was a large eallerv is of siti? L hrlC bSh?' Tte h!U i prPeni 'hear. tJl testimony 5 W ve miles bit - - , H OIl-J"1': rr"" "lon naS oeen unaute to wnich sleds many chances taken fram vehicles on Uie ..cross streets. SomntimAs ,S2 coasters have. wateSefWS,? eorn- ft ami d tne 9treets are left un- I i-.ai ere 1 li etf'f- -f 1J Hum!)..!-, of Sr I.awrcnce ooe.e.e rate-.; ined , .,, Cooking Club this afternoon at her home. Fred J. Jlyhr is cor. lined to his home on Glen street with the grippe Lodgo No, 14, from L. G Wane carrying hie best wishes to the members of the lodge was read. Mr. Waiie, who formerly Uovd at Alton, moved to Oliforn.a seevral years ago, seeking a better climate, sa his health was failing, and local. al a.t Rl-.aeaada. Mi Vdaite is now at the id. w. A. sanftatanm a, Colorado. wVr he is receiving special medical treatment. AT K. Members of Carroll council, No. 569 f 1 1 1 fl 1 11 1 and lady friends to the number of two Oiie.re-J wsrr last r,,wai at the lodges' quarters in the Jackman btock lor the supper and musical entertainment of the Knight's lecture course. J. Pamell Egan of Chicago a VDltti cater on'mnj . j-111.11 wara ture oh thi .V.,P?"na. frac- auaic Saturday after- gain any trace oenie anrpi.oaan is directed loward Barry, but no Car he has denied knowh un Miner two which will be in the trial by French department Haute near 'he Monte Ti-niinllloc n-Ti crosses ihe Dsnartrrenti Vnivoi ' w hlghl. Meuse. Ardennes into Belgium ncir suotl ama nner th,i brought forth en OTiiiu, iiui um-Bra mm iinuann near: "f"- n imani oianoney the main ' attraction vir. Bftan's nnmh eastny and rendered cakr-d marks and entertalnori Maes. Mass, 01 excellent nnecdotCEi. 1 - - Henry Picotte, V-'sh, 'oi; county d d" r,";1- ", ' rtef-dny. There Ik" 1 l,.I'dT- vd",r--! m ar hack ef dla 'oand",, a',','.' itUla;po8K?We" , ' d -' )'"-' k !.,:1 I iroa If aea I t r ', 1 1 hit bj a s ray hul!?t bv SOme , "-e's r.llr, an.a 'ar e,rn,Tv' i v ' r!. ;,':-;ket of aa.adaalal-aai-; - ' i-Th.? 'chigan auihori-ir.f nrn t " c ,L 1 m I r . d CI, a .-on:e circumstances indicate murder irkl tills morning at ten o'clock .uinu ui 111a parents, ftlr. antl -. James Flaacriy, 11 North Jack-street. Father Mahpney of St. Pat- rr wV j7 Britt,' F. M.6 BrKt, LOCAL BRIEF ITEMS. xo talent cotcruUnment of the tiere lecture course. Friday cven-Fcbranry 12, a: Congregational ft. Shopiere. " l'. die id -Dean Lumber Compauv, ' is., ttas oeen succeeded along its course Mens Mertsede. "The valiev of the Jteuse fo- aws has been a channel for the ehh and inan and now 01 armies, .it. might be sain to drain one vast, historic battlefield. Caesar pursued its path Into the unknown, barbaric North. The wild Teutonic tribes pressed down between its banks toward the wealth of Rome. Christian Europe has been settling its differences along the valley of tap Meuse by Force of arms down to the present day. "In the Forest of Ardennes, the Meuse flows through a country rich In romances of Chnrlomringe. Vine-lands and hop-E-ardens lie further along ils hanks, and t.'aen it washes great industrial cities, gathering to '.IS -11 the a-tiea, raaf and i.cai- at la .: tory antl furnace waste. Finally. It drifts through the ftatlands of Holland, supplying the numerous canals which hazily divide the plains. Here and there. S3 between Naratir and Liege, it cuts a narrow passage between wcoded hills and cliffs, their difficult sides dotted with pretty villas. Just before reaching the sea, the ',1 r inse. Hiere the Maas, divides, en branch flowing west, and the oth- 3 to emDV at?lll3 Anes Weber of Wisconsin street gave a short talk this morning to the members of one of the Civics J era tn The Civic league m Jnnes-ville, Her address was Instructive other two civic classes. BRIEF LOCAL NEWS. cast rtotterdnm- at. fhe, "Hnnk nf Wol- land. "In the hegltinipe; of Its course, the valle.v of the Meuse is a wide mead- Ov.-lanrt. ft. thnn broolta ItKPlf n. rnrcte. fringed with broken, tangled banks. There is a wealth of scenic beauty along; its way. Chateaux, castle, cottages and farmsteads SDTini.de the valley, thrtugh far iiiore thicklv than these evidences of the living are clustered the n'ace-name.K resrunrt from Jan Lumber Company and all ac- i. :: I Vi' ;;: '; : y . : P7"' hisiovlc u.e j.c lormer company must r" Y "'u"2"?" cidatel on a hill het.ween this river ins t,3inore, its largest tributary. 1 e-ie will : . 1 p ... 1 g of Trlurcph-.";. -Vo. 4 OS. R. N. A., tor.i.td- at elu.i rooms at the usual hour. . ",' -anesvllle Art League holds its mooting i'riday afternoon at "y hall. .'o .atest clearing sale over attempt-('llK'' ?c!ng or.. Tlie prices are mar-. 01 lowtiesa. Come at once and S.'ie bargains of your life. Don't T. P. BURNS, At Dlnant, Philip the Good, Duke Burgundy, is said to have caused ee People to be drowned in Its waters. But the river has long since forgotten the gocd Duke's sprightly slaughter In a present time . more stirring, more titanic and far more costly in SPRING FLOOD CAUSES STREET MEN TROUBLE Commissioner Goodman Had Larpe Gang of Men Opening Gutter Intake, to Care for Flood Waters. I?ploye3J of tlle sfeet department &Waffdt? ?W flFht against the over thl S? ltat rhe"ened to spread the citv Thl8ri ine mtj The start ohLuned Tties-day In c.eanlng of the sewer Intakes h t steam traction en 'l n m l?d E ded the work r checking s'1 f , water, which sweeps ur c thwnlrtter? irl 'ense vol a'- o. Ahere rue crosswalk gutter d,C..r'j" .,UBSa cjogged the water ODenine- nn thr, Ph-IJP BllC street the clogging 0 npl.f'tC work, and the In, ( -ness of the open ditch on "Goose 'ey caused the water to back down thB Etret for se cac- Tht engine. was used there this morn! edge of the valuables key-ricks were found introduced as evidence the state. . At two this afternoon, was brought m:o court and held for trial, the date being set. for February 16. H's bail was allowed to remain at S800." TAXPAYERSPROTEST OILING ASSESSMENT Property Owners Seek Refund From City of Evansville in Action in Circuit Court. Taxpayers in the city of Evansville contend that aseesBmi nts for n'linir rf the streets in 1313 were illegally mad-a and Beek to secure a refund of their money .amounting in all to $3,318 43 m an action brought by H. 3. Pease ,10 h, property owner, ay, 1:1a! ft. c tv of Evansville, in the circuit court", Judge Grlinm heard testimony in the case this afternoon. The "i.o. nr a aims that there was no petition Cor presented to the city council ura done upon its oar.. they had taken Brown to the pice" where he was found so he would es-Anf,, sJniVhe t"11 hands, and that he had brought planks from the L yiT er y?d ta plRce under the man so he would not get wet. He gave-a description of one of the Rrnl vl3C V,Ul himself ' and Hfle amt0 w&iaXy, McKlnney Identified Sager as the man when Wught -!?htbe!,pc"ice atation, and alleged that when he went to the-Iumber vard to get planks he left Sager and the other man by Brown's side, and that when he came bach he accused Sacer ?hotUcins Browa's money, and also that Sager placed Brown's keys back In his poctet and struck him, Mc-ihef?ey' W be sccused '"n of t,,e Sager denied the. charge, but was not questioned. He admitted havini? been with Brown in company with others in the Bergdoll saloon, nn Neither McKlnney meir pei - tiollce. ay he Franklin street. or Sager had anv mnnev sons when searched bv the Brown stated to thf nni t, had lost the money, how mnnir hJ 1 1 wr a hun- auinonueB are of the dred dollars, and t new a.,p -,'bhlfir for fh ih'rH tno that, escorted Brown to ihe place where he was found. One other suspect, who had been drinking with him was taken to the police station but released after being questioned. While no warrantR hart w.n ,.i up to three o'clock, both the chief o police and district attorney were mak- inr. a iheiaa.er. Inviolnaa,. 1.1. 1,1 f being held that &,!? compete itb BuropHS hooks S"ei t the'cTzette and receive 3V4c per pound Sih. C FAIRjTORE Special Safe of $1.95 & $2.45 Shoes Second floor. Women's J3.5I) patent leather new aty$lBC 6 WHh gTay Clth top! Women's sa.fio Tatrnf iv . at2 SP bUttOD SheS' Sa1ter P"6"1' Women's $3.50 gun metal button shoes in plain or tipped toe. Cuhun ueel, at $2.45. Women's sa.sn HTiPd h..h -v tip toe at $2.45. ' Women's $3.00 black velvet button shoes in Cuban or low heels, at is Women's $3.00 tan calf eidn 01? brown vici kid button ehoes, ln Cubaa or low heels, at $1.95. Girls' S3 ,00 gun metal button hoes in military or low heels, at $1.95. ..,1,1, o sj.ou ureas shoes in patent Vf un ?leial 0T, 1a!1 caI aho. in tton or lace style, ot $2.45 Patent cole, emi mPii shoes in button or lace style, at $44. Men's t3.50 work shoes, extra haivy $2 45' r blSCk Ca,f Ekl11' Mens medium weight work shoes la n or black ealf akin at 1.M. Little Gent's ' bloM.- 1,1.1, for further questioning. It. was leaixed i 5b??B: ?iEr3 u to L 1-95- ,t H1 lace shoes in black or that Brown made lhe. rmimtc f t, local saloons Wednesday, and that the last place he was known to have been m was the Bergdoll place on Franklin street, from which place he was taken tD the place he was. found some time .11 in which ordered the own initiative. Tho- riot made that the Evansville streets are not Improved highways and are therefore not subject to the oiling treatment according to the state law ou the subject. The assessments have w.-Mnt pal(l and thc "action 1st brought to secure a refund of the vVJ "th?,,-taxpayers. Lester C. Manson of Milwaukee was nin at t -attorney and City Attornev R M Richmond assisted by O. A. bestreich and Avery, had the case of the defend nit and clear th rlveri The commissi ine rignt. to construct ewBr under the railroad mild remedy the drain aea rt :t ditch down are seeking concrete embank ment which age evils in this agreement has yet been ;B rn-oroan ccmpanles. As the water comes off their i...ts . i.open -..lat sa'iafar. .-,, most, of right-of- J!a?5 JSD bc ma j;hl,E .summer for Knights Templar: Janesville Corn- fl ,lhe ater of this district direct indery No. 2 meets in stated con-! 1, ihe rtver- river is as ive tonittht. Wnrt- 17, tT,k ! high as now. the ' ditr.b J?5' Temple. Visiting fraters corrttiiC . sroet is iorccd bacic cordially Regular meeting of Janes- :n ri, , o. e. f. u ville Association No. 171 m b era will please e present. Ed, O. take notice and Smitli. Secy. Notice: The Ladles' Aid of the Presbyterian church will meet ft th chinch parlors Friday afternoon at two oclock. Lincoln Memorial Exercises: ill ex-soldiers and their families and th" e' Lincoln members of the Wo are Invitee to attend mortal services at the G. imnay evening, A. R. hall 12, at Ight M. Nelson, Command WONDERFUL SALE Most wonderful sale we've ever offered. Bargains in every department that will save you much monev : you ihenT "W tD take adTantae ot T. P. BURNS, We wish to thank our friends and ! i)rProveS greatly by thia method'. reiaiiTes tor ine mnaness and sym-nathy shown at the time-cf the rtonin i of our son and brother. Also for the oeaumui norai onenngs. and Mrs. Jas. Flaherty nuently the water down the- street. un- uackspn street, across the . ' t ad" f o r the S &&la ttt it. accumulates at the crosslnn necoine elnpaaa a 1 North Frank the drains !1n street the water goes down snout open ditch into a boxed down a'p. al,r, thn on tbe street. Connectit ",111 me proposed sewer on North thisewateret 'S advocated to car for ,Ti!'ellrfi?r-,;in,eei of an ordinance to have the telephone poles elimln-dj0? 'J16 aln streets is emphasized during the nresent tbaw. for the poles have.. forced the water from infio?"fTS onJ the streets, where it collects In pools on the ear tracks By opening, -draitiB- frem'the sidewalks to the'guttera, the nropertv hTWnhrtBt Catl hae their sidewalks kept In better condition. Much of the snow and Ice has been removed during the day and conditions could- he and family. cash at the. Gazette office. chi Veitthwit y' Thlnk Before Yon Spend It Helps You To Save. You can do without many little things luxuries. Economy in spending will Increase your surplus. 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Women's storm, rubbers, also thai heellese rubbers, at 58c. 5vf ata7&n)1'berS' 11 t0 2l at 6Sc; 2H t3 Men's rolled edye sandals, at 90c. beatS$?ToMe 3le Wrk rub" Children's 1-buckle overshoes, $ ta 11H at 75c; 1114 to S at 85c Boys' 1-bucklo overshoes, 11 to i al 80c; 2 to 5 at 1.O0. Women's 1-buckle overshoes m.t eo ' "1B oversnoes at efc. 3 6c pkgs. Crackers 10c 3olid pack Tomatoes, can i2c Bani Flush, can ,20o 5 boxes Birdseye Matches for 20o 10-lb. sk. fine Table Salt 10c Yellow Onions, pk 26o 3 lbs. Jumbo Salted Peanuts for 26c S lbs. large Head Rice. .26c 7 lbs. dry Pop Corn . ., . ,26c Dustbane for cleaning car. pets, can 200 3 pkgs. Bird Seed 26c 3 pkgs. Minute Tapioca 28c 3 pkgs, Mince Meat 360 BUMORNER BROS. Deliveries made to any part of city. Both phones. PURE MILK JANESVILLE PURE MILK COMPANY

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