The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1956 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Page 22
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ill .Vt>; '.'•>';-» : . vi ... ...,., - -. - • •. •'... 'iv 3.'.. C,' jH. :*•'•...-,..:,. ..- . • . ''Opierltion V Home Improvement" . . . . y. , Look A single kitchert appliance that brings fourjmajbr^ appliances with a "built-in" cudtofn ,lo6k well portents are designed to take their place in the all-over scheme (i - k/UiALV All. WL4t3fcWl»* • i*v^w*fc »»>.»» "•"."""..£• , within the budget limits of a ten j of architectural • unity thousand dollar home is made The electric kitchen center wssible by'a new'electric kitftH' gr&ups all the home-makers ma- 1 . •L*i. .' . . i »._*. . t^.i i_ii—li*.«* *.ntiififl«ia M/\ rtvm r*At1* en center. The center, which con tains e combination washer-dry- ef, a disposal^equipped sink, an automatic dishwasher and an : electric rahge complete with storage drawer—«11 mounted under one stainless steel counter— 'may be placed as,a single installation in any type of kitchen. When installed with other built-in appliance components— ' such as '•the wall refrigerator -and the built-in wall oven—the electric kitchen center makes the cimpletely built-in customized electric kitchen a reality for ! homes in the fifteen thousand dollar to twenty thousand dollar i price range. : Result of Research. ' Development of the electric , kitchen center and integral built', in appliances, such as the wall ".refrigerator and built-in.. oven, •has resulted from 'a continuing , research program on kitchen de' sign. Home experts feel that the «' strong trer-d toward open kitch- • ens and built-in kitchens has now J spread from.'the high-price, cus- , torn-built home to become a def' inite influence on mass housing 1 methods. The growth of mass production .building methods and the growing popularity of the ... prefabricated house have also given rise to the'nfeed for"packaged" kitchen units which can be installed simply and easily. The - new electric kitchen center meets •'his need,' and at..tine 1 same time fulfills the new concept of kitch- ! en design in which appliances jot kitchen activities in one con venient place—laundry, food preparation, dishwashing and cooking. All the built-in appliance components are grouped under: airi eight and one-half foot heavy - duty restaurant - type seamless stainless steel top containing a sink bowl and four high-speed flush - mounted cook- ing'units. In the s beveled back- splash panel, behind the sink is mounted a one-control faucet. At the right of the sink is a porta* bio appliance plug-in panel with fcur receptacles,, including one that is controlled by the flush>mounted timer. Thus such items as toaster, electric coffee maker and radio can be plugged in right on the unit. A high-wattage gri.ddlc plugs in beside the surface cooking units. A pull-out cutting board is located at the left of the sink. A—lighted storage compartment under the sink contains circuit breakers for the individual appliances, ' a plastic trash basket, a towel rack, a shelf for cleaning powders and a potato and onion bin. A simplified plumbing and electric connection is located at the base of the sink. Timeless Styling. Styling on the electric kitchen center was aimed at utmost simplicity and .timelessness of line. There is no danger of any section of the unit looking "date.d" as the .years pass by. Individual appliances in the center pull out separately for easy servicing. ; -'56' fiow ;wall4ess ftetmes. The " .This plan featUrts a l|Sg6-1^tmibination living-dining , rdom v |ire4 lace ' an( ? adjoining screened ffl|ai a Ccimpaci kitcheh : diriette. : ; >rlftf%if?droom is readily'-accessibfe and is'therefore adaptable general activities room for .. . •.,.,, ; •'<"'.: CoStfclose'fe are located at each entrance, 'fend th'&fetare linen and towel eabmets, " '"Ivardfpbe'-tclosets, and a large walk-in "'.^vcldseit :£n .fee front bedroom. There is a f.-,-H'^ull-fcaseiafeht except ; .under P?rch^-. "* '-Exterior "wills are finished with wide, ver- - tical siding and battens. Brick fireplace. , and planfiir; picture windows ; t flat roof wijih, wide/ overhang. Floor area is^ 1438, - s'q.'.ft!;- cuBage is 14,380 cu. ft., . • •/•/' ; f -For further information about DESIGN C-373, write the Small House Planning : Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. a v:Jidt %e'ater l '%ati''bei ltj§lSll6d"r—.. ; fhe center in dead corners 6f a "U"- or ''L" shaped' Wtcthenr/Use of built-in kitchen york centers will Inereise sharply; jn the ftext j ets 'and 'owfle^a''^^.^^' , MORE LIGHTING fcK *;,•••• ..--'.•. . . •• . •-• « .f: „ '•i ; :-Bedtime is'< fast becomin|f the best time for Americans to catch up on their' reading. ' A *<?cfi|t survey "his" indicated that 'reading in Bed is now definitely jMi Ithe increase. This growing; trend ! cmpihasize/s the need for mc-te lightinl; in Vhe bedroom. : 'tt s ,£ The ideal solution for lo^fluzed lighting' is a' flexible .fixture whick can be easily adjusted for reading; I^Ofie practical , type can be' .fcjoiseel foam, a headboard, a * —., — — =and architecture are integrated.! It is the intention that future ! The individual appliance com-1 models of the appliance compon- ents contained in the center will 3e designed so that they can be used to replace any of the appli-. ance companents in the present model, if desired. The center is available in five mix-or-match color choice appliance colors — .petal pink, cadet 'blue or vyood- tohe 'browh. v ' :, ' ' ' One major advantage of the fa'eturer.f ! Moe Light, provides sev'eral types of fixtures which ___^o_^^_— « : i can -be ; attached upright to the turquoise green, canary yellow, ilone, or in conjunction" with.6th- wall aiid^thert'focused downward f ' .-.•.. ... 'for reading. Directed.on the pag- ts of the/bbok, sudi a fixture will prevent unnecessary eye*strain. Requiring no special wiring, these flexible portable fixtures "also Can be placed on a cabinets and counters, in ki t- chens of two wall' design, "L" and "U" shaped kitchens, or to l^Ilt* incLJUl , aU-VWlltttgc UX:.U11V I Uiiu w ,jii«f_« *»* fc%...^.«.w, «. ,.-« electric kitchen center is its.abil- jfnrm an "island" or psninsula"Jp ity-to fit in with any-typ% Of (separata the kitchen from the kitchen/design.-Wcari':BeTUsM a- dining or living area in opeh- «lght table or dressing • v ;Snap-oli:r^fl|felor«rfii i;i .,,, _. tf- ; ''Cdl^Sf :aBd*ifl|, iVi ._ -.yerf&filliy ; :'6'f :; ;Wleisi ( -li*|t and light fixtures.' AvailaB" .01*., include. .Tone' White, Black, Brushed Brass; of Cottav. , •••.••'••<.•••::'••.• '* :" *. blinds th« vertetian blind that lets you haVAi any window' " treatrteht 7011 want. r tend«d top- bar holds'you? draperies, tool, ;••:, -,.• ,Perfect color: matching of contrasting ; color corabinatidns! Vtltl If pMM m frit KuMtl? &>*W^E$fc''W ^iiyiim^i'K , 'f*:- :! ^»'^i|l%^Msi''j ( •• --:S4j0-?^:|^*J(!*J*fiM»;'..:" • >C3ji 'xata • M£!S I©.; ,:i «"' A'lgdna^Iowia Solve Your Remodeling Problems At Cowans! NOW! (Armstrong CORLO Armstrong Corlon® Plastic Floors are so easy to clean! Dirl can't slick to the smooth plastic surface. The bright, handsome colors will retain their beauty for many years. You can have a color and style that will just suit your decorating scheme. Stop in and see our display of the full line of Corlon plastic floor stylings.' Big-City Selections 8 PAINT— Complete .stock of Pratt & Lambert Insi,!^ and Outside Paints. With new Tube System adcle.1 to our line, we have 186 more colons to offer you in Semi- gloss, Fist and Satin Paints. WALLPAPER— More than ;!00 New 19oG Wallpaper Patterns IN STOCK, PLUS our special order book ;, some with matching DRAPHRY FABRICS. LII^'OLLUM — Large slock of Armstrong- uiul Pabc.) Inlsi 1 Linoltum an.! Print Linoleum. Boautiiul ivr.v patterns junt in! TILI'I) FLOORS— Chocs, f-orn Lii.oleiun Tiie, iiu' her Tie, Exce'on Vinyl Plastic Tile. Lino Til.-. C'.TK Tile, Asphalt Tile, ('listen Corlon Tile fid olhe:.s. COUNTER TOPS— Your clioico of FoMr.ic.-a fons-i- wtlcl, Corlex and Sandi-on, PLUS! AH nct-e^sary ine'r-l fcr trinimina:. INSTAU.-IT-VOU«SEI.r_Sej our Armstrong stall-it-yourself" Linoleum. Each piece just 2-fee wide, with precision can edges' fcr perfect <euni~ F- to handle and lay. WALL COVERING— You'll like our assortment o colors m Plastic Wall Tile and Armstrong Quake Wall Covering (54" high). L - COWA BUILDING SUPPLY NO DOWN PAYMENT! If you've been dreaming of a new kitchen, why wait until you can pay for it? NOW! You have three, years to pay for it and need no down payment! Come in and let us give you complete details! . , GARBAGE IS OLD-FASHIONED Cabinet! of iteil for lasting appeal It's here-the fresh, clean, uncluttered look in kitchens. It's yours — in an easy-to- buy, all-steel Youngstown Kitchen! Drop in. Let us show you what we mean by "the fresh look." Let us help you plan your own dream kitchen.... and give you free decorating advice, too. You'll be glad you came! START YOUR DREAM KITCHEN WITH NO MONEY DOWN! OiantSO'Youngitown Kilcheiu Work- Level Dbhwuher... Miy loadlnj! N O MO R E DISH-TIME DRUDGERY! YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 54"DianoCabinetSink WONDWFUt, NIW Banlth^ garbag* forever >/ie new/ Jow-coif #* Ifl th« moit btoutiful »1nk In p«rf«et ilort for y««r htitt-lookiit - lh« SPIC1AU g"CABmETS For Only 579,85 Scrape food wMta directly Into th* link drain. Zw*ip . . . it'i gone! The Younntown Krtcheni food Waita DiipoMr i* connected directly into your link- drainage §y«tem. No <nwke .. . no odor... no bother. On«-ple«« ( por«»lqln-«iiafn»l«d tte«l top-leakproof, rtilftf a<ld» • Cutting-board drawer (rep right) and curlfry drawer • Won't warp, rot, *w»ll, *ti«k, or splinter • Five drawers-plenty of ttorag* • long-lotting tt««l through«ut The T956 $ 7995 (plui initollotion) FOOD WASTE DISPOSER Food waste now belongs down the drpin , . . not in your kitchen or yard,, Because now the ... Youngstown Kitchens amazing pew Pflod Waste Disposer grind* jip. all food waste; then flushes it down your sink drain . . . away, permanently. Your hands never touch garbage! Your kitchen stays neat and odor- free! JET : TOWER DISHWASHERS wa»h .,. rln»« ... dry all dithtt far o family of 8 —automatically! Any modal you choawe hold* moro, loads faster, wattie* better—yet • cost* no more than smaller modcU. Choice of four glamorous and exclusive Youngslown Kitchens colors at 110 extrn co«t. TRY IT TODAY...IN YUUH OWN HOME! FREE DEMONSTRATION -no cost or obligation Gliint 30* Voungslowu Kllclmn. Uiulwcaunlcr J3l»hwu|icir. Ju§l 'o"" U . . . and forget Itl Built-in Oven" Now on Display! IANCES PHONE 778 WII.PEST TRADER JN TOWN" I

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