Independent from Long Beach, California on April 10, 1949 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 10, 1949
Page 27
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Milt Berle Stars in Telethon' NEW YORK --(INS. Comedian Milton Berle added the word "telethon" to the American dictionary Saturday night as he helped raise more than $500,000 for the Damon Runyan cancer fund in a 16-hour appeal on the NBC television network. Contributions ranging up to $150,000 -- from a Philadelphian identified as Samuel Pincus-were reported. A blue-blooded Ayrshire calf donated by Charles E. Wilson, .president of General M o t o r s Corp., brought $3000 on a video auction. A car was auctioned for $5000 and a refrigerator for $2500. 12 video outlets from Boston to St. Louis broadcast the Berle marathon, which began at neon EST. Mayor William O'Dwyer of New York kicked off the show, and along the way s.cores of celebrities from the sports and entertainment world made an appearance. The parade of "names" appearing with Berle in New York included Lanny Ross, Jackie Coogan, Jean Sablon, Barney Ross, Jack Dempsoy, and many others. But the bulwark of the show was Berle, who answered- calls, interviewed guests, sang snatches of songs, wisecracked and never seemd to rumple a hair on his sleekly combed head. Periodically, he took a five- minute break to change his shirt and freshen up a bit, but he had little chance to coast while he was in front of the cameras; Actress Recovering HOLLYWOOD -- 1NS. French actress Suzanne Dalbert was recovering Saturday from what police said was an overdose of sleeping pills. Police were summoned when the 24-year-old actress was found nude and unconscious in the bedroom of her home. MODERN DANCING TONITE CRYSTAL ROOF BALLROOM 240 West Ocean Franlcie Gould and His Famous 10-Piece Orchestra JHRIUUtt DRAM AI SUNDAY at 3 P. M. KECA CALIFORNIA MEDICAL AttN. DO YOU GET MIXED UP AT THE Square Dance 7 9 ? · · · You can learn or improve square dancing and other types of old-time and rriodern ballroom dancing in the social atmosphere of our low cost classes held every evening except Saturday or Sunday. PHONE 70-4895 CAMPO DANCE ACADEMY 211 LIMI AT MOADWAY 7:00 A.M. KLAC--Music KFAC-KHJ-MuslC KFI--Radio Pulpit KNX--Ciiurch of Air KGER--WB Record KFOX--Dawn Beat KMPC--Calvary Hour KHJ--Music ' KFI--Melodlana KGER--Hymns KMPC--Bible C)as» KFOX--Lighthouse KECA--Southernaires 7:46 KFWB--News KGER--Chosen People 8:00 A.M. KLAC--News SFI-KFWB--FunnlM KECA--Israel Message KHJ-Chureh KFAC--Church KGER--Markham KFOX--Missions KNX--Lake Success 8:15 KLAC--Church KFOX--Unitarian KNX--Farm 'Journal KMPC--Melodies 8:30 KFI--Christian Selene* LAC-KMPC--Religious KECA--Hour ol Faith HJ-KFWB--Hellgloui KFAC--Festival KFOX--Bible Hour KOF.R--Bible Treasury KNX--Tabernacle 8:45 .{GER--Frank and Ernest KFI--Outdoor 9:00 A.M. KFI--Vouth Forum KECA--News KNX--Inv. to Learning KHJ--Bible Class KFAC--Church KMPC--Vance Graham KLAC--Catholic Hour KGER--Reconciliation KFOX--Music »:15 KECA--Centennial KFAC--Choristers 9:30 KFI--Kternal LlEht KECA--Piano Playhouse KNX--People's Platform KHJ--Lutheran Hour KFWB--Peter Potter WTER--John Brown KFAC--Curtain Calls 10:00 A.M. KHJ--Glenn Hardy KFI--Herbert Mann KMPC--Music KNX--C. Collinzwood KLAC--News, Music KFWB--Peter Potter m. Almanac adio Revival A--Highway _. KNX--Elmo Roper 10:3* KFI--Round Table KECA--National Vespers KHJ--Notebook KNX-Behlnd the Lent KGER--Evangelist KHJ--Music'sTM 11:00 A.M. ' KLAC--Motors Show E -America United --W. L. Shlrer I-KMPC--Music KFWB--Peter Potter KFAC--Methodist Church ' KGER--Open Door KECA--Tailor Made KHJ--John Kennedy KFI--Unl Mi'eater KHJ--Favorites KECA--Records KNX--You Are There ~ :hrlsUao 11:45 KHJ--Canary Chorus KECA--Cavalc. ol .Music 12:00 NOON KNX--Philharmonic KMPC--Record KFAC--Revolving Stage KHJ--News KECA--Editor at Home KFOX--Music KLAC--Slnj Worries Away KFWB--Peter'potter KHJ--Williams Rogers KECA--Honeydreamers KGER--News 12:30 KFI--One Man's Family KECA--Quiet Please KHJ--Juvenile Jury KFWB--Wlz. of Ivories KGER--Peter Slack Time 1:00 P.M. KFI--Quiz Kids KLAC--News, Music KMPC--Western Music KECA--Ted Malone KHJ--Mystery KFWB--W'ms-Rodgers KFAC--Piano Parade KGER--Stamps Quartet KFOX--Selections lit* ' KLAC--Sins; Worries Away KFAC-mtnolfc-ToDlca KMPC--Dugout Dope KECA--Foreign Reporters 1*30 KFI--Melody KHJ--Detective KECA--Opera Album KFAC-- Music to 5:UU KNX--Star Skyway KMPC--ll S A l . "vs. Portland KFI--Close Harmony KLAC--Baseball (Holly, wood vs. Sacramento) 2:00 P.M. KNX--Chorallers KFI--Robert MerrU KFWB--Gadget Jury · KMPC--Baseball CA-Golf J--Shadow ER--L. B. Band KFOX-Cood Newt till KFOX--fieallnir Waters KFI--Star Harvest KGER--Truth Marches On KHJ--Quick as Flash KFOX-- Harbor Lteht KOER -- News Review KECA-- Sunday With You 3:00 P.M. KFI-- Catholic Hour KECA-- Caravan KHJ-- Ro KFI- KGER-- Church ot God KFOX-- Rev. Jvle KLAC-- Baseball t-- Senator Downey ^A^Greatest Story ___J-- Nick Carter KNX-- Ozzie Harriet KGER-- Truth Marches On KFOX-- Pentecostal KFWB-- Music KMPC-- Sports Review, Baseball 4:00 P.M. KMPC-- Baseball KFI-- Horace Heldt KEOA-- Music ol Today KHJ-- Dr. Simon, Band KFWB-- Revival KNX-- Jack Benny KGER-- Revival KFOX-- Sunshine Mission KFI -- Phil Ha ECA-- Cha HJ -- Revie arris hanging World J -- Reviewing KNX-- Amos Andy KFOX-- Winra n( Healing KECA-- Records T O N I G H T ' S L O G O F E N T E R T A I N M E N T 5:00 P.M. KI.AC--Baseball KFI--Fred Allen KMPC--News: Hits KECA--stop the Musle KHJ--Mediation KFWB--Voice of Calvary KNX--News KFAC--Concert Favorites KGER--Bible Treasury KFOX--Evaneelist Hogan · ' 5:15 KNX--George Fisher 5:30 KMPC--Parade of Hits KFI--Henry Morgan KHJ--Comedy -Playhouse KFWB--l)r .1 Mattlipwa KNX--Lite With Luisl KGER--Rev. Crawford KFOX--Polish Serenade 5:45 KFOX--Music KLAC--Music, News KMPC--Spiritual 6:00 P.M. KLAC--Harmony House KECA--W. Wlnchell KFWB--On the Beat KMPC--News KHJ--Under Arrest KNX--Helen Hayes KFAC--Music to 8:00 KGER--News KFOX--News KFI--NBC Theatre 6:15 KECA--L. Parsnns KFOX--Desert Time KMPC--Your City KGER--Music 6:30 KECA--Theater Guild KFI--Album KHJ--Fidler KFWB--Calvary KNX--Eve Arden KGER--Lutheran League KFOX--Memory Room KMPC--Mother's Album 6:45 KMPC--Dr. Palmer KHJ--Kenny Baker 7:00 P.M. KLAC--Harmony House KFI--Take or Leave KMPC--Pets KHJ--Mayor ol Town KFWB--Union Mission KNX--Lum Abner KGER--Methodist Church KFOX--Full Gospel KFAC--Music Manic 7:30 KFI--Horace Heldt KMPC--Bins Crosby KECA--Jimmy Fidler KHJ--Top This? KNX--Pays to be Ignorant KFWB--strollin' Tom · KFOX--Kins'. Seivlce 1:45 KFWB--Catholic Answers 8:00 P.M. KECA--Drew Pearson KLAC--Harmony House KFI--Martin Lewis KMPC--News KHJ--20 Questions KKWB-KFAO--Church KNX--Rocky Jordan KFOX--Christian Science 8:15 KMPO--FBI KECA--Headlines 8:30 KFI--Standard Hour KECA--Winchell KHJ--Winchell KNX--The Whistler KMPC--Glee Club .KGER--Voice of China 8:45 KECA--James Roosevelt, KHJ--Parsons KFAC--Sun. Club to 9:30 KGER--Israel Message 9:00 P.M. KLAC-KHJ--News KMPC--Young People's Church KECA--Mayor Bowron .KFWB--Melodies, KNX--Sam Spade KGER--Bethel Church KFOX--Bus. Reporter »:15 KLAC--Open Forum ·KHJ--Bill Cunningham KFWB--Rahbl Magnln KFOX--Music KECA--Tobe Reed KFI--Musical Playhouse KNX--Jack Benny KECA--Pat Novak KHJ--Theater of Air KFWB--Pacific Lutheran KMPC--Voice of Prophecy KFAC--Music to 12 KGER--John Brown KFOX--Sun. Mission 10:00 P.M. KFI--Sam Hayes KLAC--Guy Bates KMPC--Religious KECA--Reporter KNX--Chet Huntiey KGER--Assembly of God If FOX--Revival KFWB--Concert 10:15 KFI--Mary Ann Mercer KECA--Drew Pearson KNX--Explorer KLAC--Men of Destiny KFAC-- Music KFI-- Carveth Wells KECA-- Sokolsky KNX-- Gene Krupa KHJ-- Orchestra KFWB-- Eden Echoes KLAC-- Irwin Allen KGER-- Music 11:00 P.M. KFAC-- Quiet Hour KHJ-- Don Wright Chorus KLAC-- Variety KFI-- Music KECA-- A-- Orchestra' ' ' KMPC-- Proudly We Hall KNX-- News KFOX-- Record KGER-- Baptist Church KNX-- Merry 'Go Round 11:39 KFWB-- Music KECA-- Orchestra KMPC-- Dance Parade KHJ-- News 1 '*" KNX-- U. N. In Action M DIAL--KNX 91.9 KUSC91.9 ICFMV 94.7 KECA 95.9 KMGM9I.7 KHI 101.1 KFI 105 Television KTSL (Channel 2) 6:15-- Pattern. Music 8:40-- Film Fcaturette 7:00-- Amateur Hour 8:00-- Film 9:15 -- Porgram Review KNliH (Channel 4) 1:00-- Quarter Horse Races 6:15 -- Pattern Music 6:30-- Kukla. Fran Ollle 7:00 -- Judy Splinters 7:15-- Cancer Film 7:20-- Plckard Family 7:40-- Film 8:00 -- Round Table 8:30-- Film 9:00 -- Phtlro Playhouse 10:00-- NBC Newsreel 10:10-- Late News KTI.A (Channel 6) 2:30-- Thrill Show 5:45 -- Telcvpspers 6:00-- Western Film 7:00-- Shopping at Home 7:15--My Harp and I 7:30--You're the Star 8:00--Movletown 8:45--Film ' KFI-TV: (Channel 9) 11:30--Test Pattern 12:00--Midday devotlonj 12:15--Your Future Home · 12:30--Viking Varieties 12:43--Shop, Look, Listen 1:00--Film 2:10--A Pretty Girl 2:30--Valley video Times 3:00--Travelogue 3:20--Viewpoint Unlimited 3:ro--Thespia ·4:00--News 4:10--Seems Like Yes'day 4:45--Spotlight 5:00--At Home, Harmons 5:30--Music Theatre KTTV (Channel 11) 6:00--Pattern t Concert 6:50--Mystery Eyes 7:00--Bozo's Circus 7:30--Rumpus Room 8:00--Toast of Town 9:00--TBA 9:30--Showcase 9:45--Make Mine Music 10:00--Callente Races KLAC-TV (Channel 13) 12:00--Test Pattern 1:00--Dugout Dope 1:15--Baseball (Portland 5:45---Musical Scoreboard 6:00--Film 6:15--John Bralslin 6:30--Keyboard Styllngs 6:45-^Club 13 7:15--Film 7:30--Music 8:00--Melody Inc. 8:30--Violin Echoes 9:00--Cllf Dwellers News Retired N. J. Teacher Dies Annie R. Noltemeyer, 91, of 611 E. Sixth St., retired Jersey City, N. J., school teacher, died Saturday. She taught 35 years and came to Long Beach when she retired in 1910. She was a member of St. Luke's E p i s c o p a l Church. Surviving are niece Mrs. Irene MacKenzie, Long Beach, and nephew Edward Abbott, Ventura. ' Services Tuesday, 11 a. m., B. W. Coon Chapel, Rev. Perry : G, M. Austin officiating. Please omit flowers. Jaycees to Hold Talkfest Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce Forum will hold its extemporaneous speech contest in the Wilton Hotel board room Monday at 8 p. m. The winner of this meet will compete in the quarterly speak- off at men's night celebration. Chairman of the business meeting will be Paul Kelley. . Harold Kutler will introduce the contestants in his capacity of toastmaster. ~" Participants will ba Jim' Mulkern, Oliver Speraw, Marshall Pitts and Howard Jones. FCC Chief Denies T-Y Owner Fears BALTIMORE--\Vynt Coy, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, declared here that the present 12 television broadcasting channels "will not be eliminated" and that present video sets will not become obsolete. Coy made his statements in a speech given before the Advertising Club of Baltimore. Although he made only passing references to the question, the FCC chairman's speech evidently was intended to quash rumors that any changes by the FCC In the. present television channels would make current model television sets useless. Coy said: "There Is no proposal by the commission to delete any of the present channels. This service will not be eliminated. Obviously, therefore, present television se"ts available on the market will get MODERN DANCING TODAY MATINK: 3:30 - T--*DM. 30c Intl. lox EVENING: 8:00-0--ADM, 70 Incl. t» WITH OWEN MAC AND HIS 13-HECt ORCHHTIA DANCE FLOOI NEWLY FINISHED JISTIC IWIROOH THE INDEPIMDENTIL27 !·«· leech, Cellf. iKudiy, April 10, IMt Pun* Stolen While Mary J. Teinmers, 130 Linden Ave., was visiting her daughter in Seaside Hospital Saturday, a thief stole her purse, she told police. service from these channels continuously." He also said "I think this question of obsolescence of television receivers is something of a tempest in a teapot." COMPLETE DINNERS FBOM Mandarin Dinner $1.50 IncMtl «H ·{ fallowing) Fortune Cookies CMcInn Needle Sou* SUI GUM CHOW YOK SWEET AND SOU* ORK MIF.D RICI SHEtUT LEIIANI'S IMPODTED TEA · The Finest in Food · The Best in Entertainment IT'S THE LEILANI HUT C/MMf TwiAiyi Ojnn 1 f. M. to 1 A.M. 5236 2nd · Ph. 30-9203 Belmont Shore ·eimonr snore jj 'fsssaaaasinaiaKBiaK BE SURE-FLY 4-ENGINE LINERS NEW YORK '99° On* Slap Direct -- Landing qt La Ouardla DC-3 NEW YORK 5 8r Wu . TM Flight* to Kansas Clty, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington D. O. Call · AIRLINE FLIGHTS · 70-4421 If NO ANSWtt CALL LONO IEACH 1-1614 For the most delicious dinner in aH SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA STEAKS-PRIME RIBS SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN Served with our special Garlic Cheese Bread--and such luscious Baked or French Fried Potatoes. WITH D E L I G H T F U L D I N N IV JESSII PROW ON Oil* NEW MAMMON* ORGAN Dinners Daily 4 to 11 p. m.; Sun. Holidays 1 to 11 p. LUNCHEONS DAILY 11 A.M. TO 4 ML FRM PARKING FOR 150 CARS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES OUR NEW DINING ROOM 1045 East Pacific Coast Highway Ph. 70-9195 or 62-6313 for Reservations--4)peo 7 Day* a Week C O A S T I N N HEAR KNOX Deliver His Most Strikingly Screened PRE-EASTER MESSAGE WITH PICTURES YOU WILL NEVER FORGET SUNDAY NIGHT -- PROGRAM -6:45 LATEST MOTION PICTURE . "PAUL'S WORLD ' WORK" IT'S LIKE, ATTENDING PAUL'S MEETINGS -TRULY INSPIRING! GRAtiD SONG RALLY WITH THE TURNERS 7:30 KNOX ADDRESS "·THIS EASTER" YOU'LL BE SURPRISED, PLEASED, ENLIGHTENED AND EDIFIED BY THIS TIMELY SCREEN MASTERPIECE BIBLE AUDITORIUM * 1001 E. THIRD ST. KNOX SPEAKS WED., 7:30 P.M.

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