Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1973 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1973
Page 16
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i 14 GolcsburQ Regi&ttr-Moil> Gol«buro t Pfidov, JUly 20, 1 ?73 it. Mrt. Lwratat Stiuth fm N#w ItlS. 10th St. fhone 7144711 fat Missed Copies Before 6 P. M. Phone 734 4121 Liz and Dick Are Second Share Of Tax Receipts .It Distributed *> MONMOUTH-A second distribution <rf 1972 taxes totaling :$2,0M,S77 will be made Monday, 'itwe* announced today by Mrs. Lorene Clem, treasurer. Mrs. Glenn said $1,266,013 was -distributed June 25. The total amount to be collected is $5,° 196,572.85 and the collection is 'now ;64.18 per cent complete. <-Mrs.-'Glenn said that payments .[are a little slower than usual this year as the office has usually, collected about 67 per cent H of the total fay thistime. , The taxes will be distributed Monday as follows: township , treasurers, $242,011.75; city and .-village treasurers, $162,428.25; Monmouth and Kirkwood park a treasurers, $25,050; fire pnotec- • ut tioh y districts, $26,790; school -treasurers, $1,396,360, and coun- Z tyjunds, $206,237. MONMOUTH Community Memorial Hospital Admissions Wednesday: Floyd Willitt, Alexis; Mrs. Herbert WadMgto, Bradley Munson, Mrs. Gerald Stokes, Mrs. Gertrude Scott, Mrs. Leona A. Gilbert, Mrs. Mary E. Heinderich, Raymond L. Tatman, Monmouth; Page Randall, Oquawka; Miss Rebecca Icenoigle, Gerlaw. Dismissals Wednesday: Mrs. Georgia James, David Brill, Mrs. Clarence Boyd, Marshall Kidder, Miss Kimberly Jones, Miss Donna Traver, Monmouth. HI' 11 "' , 1111 mill 11 ' 4? '"" Ill'l'l 11,11 Copper pennies are actually bronze. A small percentage of zinc added' to the copper creates an alloy. Parade Will Begin Weekend Of Celebration in August : ROSEVILLE — A parade Aug."; 4 will begin a weekend of celebration in connection with the ' Roseville Quasquicenten- nial. 1 ;! Tite Roseville Unit High School band will be featured, and the color guard will be provided by Roseville American Legion Post 614. Police Chase •it' Ex-Convict Across Texas JOURDANTON, Tex. (UPI) — "An ex-convict stopped for :,; speeding allegedly killed a ! deputy sheriff and his wife, but > pressed a rosary into another woman's hand and released her r family unharmed because they A went to church. " The former convict, Leonard "• W.' Freeman, 28, led police on a 11 200-mile chase across south 1 Texas Thursday before he surrendered at a roadblock 40 miles southwest of San Antonio. Produced Gun Winston Wiley, a service r station operator at Charlotte, ,' f said/ a small red sports car almost nan a car—carrying „ Deputy Louis Garza and his 2 wifg Elida, 28—off the road, and; Garza stopped the sports car. The driver produced a gun, disarmed Garza and got into the,patrol car with him, Wiley said- Search Was On "Mrs. Garza apparently was forced to drive the sports car - behind the patrol car through fear'of her husband's life," the Department of Public Safety " (DPS) said. "Wiley called the r police and the search was on." • Garza and his wife were fatally shot with t he deputy's .357 magnum pistol at a " Charlotte farmhouse. The DPS said Freeman " ditched the patrol car, stole a pickup truck and drove it 25 miles to Big Foot, Tex. There, James Mann, 28, was visiting his mother, Evelyn; his 13-year-old sister, Emily; and ; l4-year«old cousin, Bellinda Hutzler, when Freeman broke in, police said. Roseville MRS. IRA LAND Correspondent Roseville P. O. Box 145 Phone 426-2642 ROME (UPI) — A nervous and trembling Elizabeth Taylor was reunited today with an equally nervous Richard Button in this eternal city where their flaming romance that scandalized Italy was ignited 11 years ago during the filming of the movie "Cleopatra." There was a hug and a kiss and the two drove into Rome in a Rolis'Royce without a formal statement. The Burtons parted July 3 when Miss. Taylor walked out of their New York hotel suite with a statement that she had separated but hoped with all her heart to return to the man she loved. Miss Taylor, accompanied by two dogs and a cat, arrived in Rome aboard a private jet today to patch up the marriage. She had been in Los Angeles visiting her ailing mother and Burton had been in Moscow attending a film festival. Miss Taylor stayed aboard her jet for more than 20 minutes before disembarking to meet Burton, who had been waiting more than an hour in a green Rolls-Royce outside the airport. Miss Taylor wore blue jeans, a matching jean jacket and sunglasses as she strode through the lounge toward the waiting car. Burton, wearing a red sports jacket and a white polo shirt, did not leave the car to greet his wife and nervously tapped his fingers on the leather upholstery, glancing out Militiaman Shot if X , m w0 1 Double Trouble Lawrence Archdale from Fairview will show his 6-horse hitch of Percherons, and Miles McGrew's 6-horse draft from Walnut Grove will be here for the parade which will commence at 11 a.m. Other entries expected to appear in the parade are antique autos; church, civil and social organization floats, antique bicycles and velocipedes. Representatives from the Raritan Volunteer Fire Department will drive their antique fire vehicles, j The theme of the parade is Yesteryear, and all interested persons or organizations are encouraged to make their entry with David Bellinger, before the deadline) July 30. I Invitations have been sent to various dignitaries including Gov. Daniel Walker, senators, representatives, mayors and other officials and representatives of the news media. Try as she might, this little girl finds it a lost Cause to keep two hula hoops spinning while staying on an even keel herself. But still, it's a nice way to spend an afternoon in the park. UNIFAX 40,000 Libyans Marching Toward Cairo •n MERSA MATRUH, Egypt (UPI) — Hundreds of vehicles in a motorized march of 40,000 Libyans defied Egyptian authorities today and drove through this Mediterranean resort toward Cairo to further their dream of uniting Egypt and Libya on Sept. 1. In an apparent effort to avoid violence, the Egyptian customs post at Salloum was evacuated by officials to permit free passage of the marchers supporting Libyan leader Col. Moammar Khadafy's demand for complete unity with Egypt by that date. Barriers Smashed But in a symbolic "smashing of barriers to unity" promised by the Libyan marchers, a bulldozer emerged from the column of vehicles and crum- ^ Prison Inmate „ Worships Devil C HOUSTON (UPI) - An ,,, inmate at the Texas prison at ,, Huntsville filed a federal suit against state prison officials Thursday saying inmates were « d^ed their constitutional right 2 to worship the devil. Fredrick R. Drown Sr., serving a 15-year term for aimed robbery, said prison officials have persecuted inmates because of their belief in Satan, and placed some of themi in solitary confinement. I bled four wooden customs sheds into the desert sand. The bulldozer also demolished a small brick house used by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. On the orders of President Anwar Sadat, strong Egyptian political contingents tried to stop the 1,500-mile "unity march" at Mersa Matruh, 120 miles inside Egypt. But hundreds of cars, taxis and buses just kept going along the coastal road. Others in the 2,000-vehicle motorcade halted at the tents arranged by the Egyptians to accommodate them. The Egy- tians had assembled 50 Bedouin children to present flowers and 1,500 pigeons for release as a welcoming gesture. They also slaughtered 150 sheep for a traditional Arab welcome. Heading for Cairo "We thank you for the reception," one of the Libyans told the Egyptian greeters, "but we are heading for Cairo." Contacted by telephone in Tripoli, an official of the Libyan news agency said, "Our position is that we will push on to Cairo for the unity demonstration." He estimated the number of marchers who crossed the frontier into Egypt this morning at 40,000. There were no members of Libya's ruling Revolutionary Command Council among the marchers. Technically it was a spontaneous mass gesture, organized by the "People's Committees" Khadafy formed to carry out the cultural revolution he launched April 16. Trailer Truck Spills 4,000 i According to the original schedule, they planned to assemble at the pyramids 12 miles from downtown Cairo From there they planned to march to the Abdin Palace offices of Sadat and present a petition, written in blood, demanding unity by Sept. 1. They also planned to stage a sit-down strike in the square "until the unity agreement is signed." In appealing to Khadafy to call off the march on Wednesday, the day it started, Sadat warned of the "dangers" which a mass demonstration in Cairo could create. FBI Arrests Air Lines Extortionist CHICAGO (UPI)-FBI agents late Thursday night arrested a 47-year-old Chicago man and charged him with attempting to extort $100,000 from United Air Lines. Authorities said Garry N. Williams was arrested in the Scars Rosbuick and Company parking lot on the North Side. Richard G. Held, special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI office, said Williams al legedly threatened to kill three stewardesses employed by the airline. A spokesman for United said the "entire episode took about eight hours." The spokesman said the man called "four or five times" before lie was arrested. BELFAST (UPI) - Gunmen shot and killed a part-time militiaman and wounded another early today, hours after army raids rounded up 14 suspected members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Police said the dead man, hit while on the way to his home in south Armagh, 30 miles south of Belfast, died on his way to a hospital. Passing Gunman The second militiaman was shot and wounded today in Kesh, a remote village near the western border of Northern Ireland. Police said passing gunmen opened fire on him as he stood in a garden behind his house in the County Fermanagh village. Until the shooting, police had described Thursday as a "quiet" day. The murder raised to 849 the number of persons killed in four years' violence among Reman Catholics, Protestants and security forces. Catholic Strongholds Earlier, more than 1,000 troops swept through Catholic strongholds in Belfast and arrested 14 men, one of them an alleged leader of the extremist Provisional wing of the IRA. Troops in Armagh, 30 miles south of Belfast, arrested three IRA suspects the army said it thought escaped the Belfast raids. The major catch, an army spokesman said, was Gerry Adams, 24, a reputed leader of the "Provos" in Belfast. . "It is the most significant breakthrough for security forces in months," an army spokesman said. An army patrol arrested Adams, along with reputed IRA leaders Brendan Hughes, 23, and Tom Cahill, 38, brother of jailed IRA veteran Joe Cahill, in one house in'Belfast. the rear window looking for her. A crowd of about 100 newsmen surrounded Miss Tay* lor as she walked toward the car. She arrived with two large trunks and her three pets. She appeared nervous and was trembling as she reached the car. As she slid in the back seat, Burton put his arm around his wife's shoulders and kissed her. The car sped away without either making a statement. The 41-year-old actress land* ed earlier today at London 's Heathrow Airport on a Trans World Airline (TWA) flight from Los Angeles and boarded a red and silver private iMystere jet for the flight to Rome. The Taylor-Burton romance which began during the filming of "Cleopatra" brought world headlines, scandalized much of Italy and brought indirect criticism from the Vatican. They were married on March 16, 1964, in Montreal in a Unitarian wedding in the royal suite of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 4-H Activity Day Produces Winners CAMBRIDGE—A total of 350 projects were judged Tuesday at the annual Henry County 4-H Activity Day to select exhibits which will be entered at the Mnois State Fair. Entries were in clothing, knitting, flower arranging and room improvement. Many area girls were among those whose projects were selected for state entry. Nancy Erdman and LuAnn Nelson, both of Geneseo, displayed the top table covers in begging and advanced sections. Julia Hepner, Kewanee, exhibited the outstanding five year rocm plan entry. All three will have their projects displayed at the state fair in August. Flower arranging exhibits of Sandra Coven and Julie Hepner, both Kewanee, were chosen and Linda Kae Stegall, Galva; Meri Bloomberg, Woodhull, and Linda Arderson, Geneseo, will enter their garments in the state fair competition. Seven girls were chosen to represent Henry County in the clothing style revue! They include Lori Larson and Karen Kauzlarich, both of. Orion; Sarah King, Galva; Debbie Wilheim, Sandy Weber, Brianna Hatch, all of Geneseo; Sue Ann Reiling, Atkinson. They will attend classes and participate in a style revue at the fair August 16-17. Among alternates chosen was Vicki Stroud, Woodhull. "A" ratings were awarded in beginning knitting to Cynthia Kuster, Jeanine Kuster, Chris Sawickis,. Galva, and JoEllen Johnson, Cambridge. Among area winners in ad­ vanced knitting were Jane Resseguie, Judy Bates and Tracy Warner, all of Galva. Those in the area who won "A" ratings in room improvement were Chris Sawickis, Paula Werkheiser, both of Galva; Audrey Clark and Susan Clark, Cambridge. Other Winners Other area winners include the following: Room improvement — Ann Hathaway, Janice Sawickis, Jane Resseguie, Kae Stegall, all of Galva. You Learn to Sew — Audrey Clark, Susan Clark, Cambridge; |Patsy Bedford, Alpha; Minday Kay Willett, Alpha, and Jo Ellen Johnson, Janet Ormsby, Lori Ropp, and Belinda McKinley, all of Cambridge. You Learn to Sew (Part II)— Katherine Pobanz, Debbie Ver- plaete, Jennifer Arndt, Brenda Schaefer, all of Cambridge; Cynthia Kuster and Chris Sa­ wickis, Galva. You and Your Clothes — Kay Cunningham, Sue Cunningham, Kae Stegall, Robin Warner, Ca- jrol Werkheiser, Paula Werkheiser, all of Galva; Robin Weger, Cambridge, and Meri Bloomberg, Woodhull. Also, Wendy Garrison, Becky Dobbels, Nancy Rosenquist, Cambridge; Jeanine Kuster, Jane Ressiguie, Galva; Julia Dobbels, Debbie Nelson, Cambridge; Vicki Stroud, Woodhull. You Buy Clothing — Sarah 'King, Galva, who also won an "A" rating in tailoring, and Kae Stegall, Galva, who earned a top rating. , "At no time," the United hickenCargoflS™-a " were any "Hiil'LlliiiiilllllWIIIIlillllUH I .Stoppers at American meatj ceanters may use 212 names to deSibe beefsteak cuts, 151 for; rKfc, and 94 for other fresh j bPfeP*items. Total Amnesia The plastic bracelet on the wrist of this Port Angeles, Wash., hospital patient identifies him only as "John Doe.' The man says he doesn't even recognize his face in the mirror. He was found unconscious July 7 at the bottom of a high bJuff on the Washington coast and was hospitalized with shoulder and knee fractures. Authorities have been trying to identify him through fingerprints and other means. The doctor treating him says he has "total retrograde amnesia." UNIFAX t CHICAGO (UPI) - A huge truck trailer carrying 4,000 live chickens overturned and broke up early today at the junction of two northwest Chicago ex« pressways, tying up traffic, halting commuter train service and "roasting alive" 400 to 600 chickens spilled onto an electrified track. State highway police and workers of the Chicago Transit Authority, armed with burlap bags, spent part of the morning chasing and bagging chickens had little training, but pro- vvuere the Kennedy and Edensjduced 'accurate timepieces. Tal -I expressways merge. jented amateurs continue thei The driver of the Dairyland;tradition. Discarded automobile! | Poultry Co., Inc.. truck, Danny'parts have been fashioned into' j McKittrick, 32, Kingston, Wis.,! clock works, and one man re -j was treated at Northwest Hos- c:-ntly made a grandfather clock j pital for bruises and released, with all the mechanism carved Police charged him with driving from wood. i too fast under prevailing condi- I i tions. < READ THE WANT ADS! | stewardesses held 'hostage. No one was ever in any danger." Held said Williams was arrested when he attempted to enter a United Air Lines vehicle Which had been parked in the parking lot at the instructions of an anonymous caller. Williams was held at Chicago Police Headquarters pending an appearance today before a U.S. magistrate. Clock Work Colonial clockmakers often PEDDLE YOUR OWN CANOE. There it sets in the garage . . . when's the last time you were able to take the trip down the river? A couple of summers ago? Okay, so you got your use out of it and now you have other interests you want to pursue . . . why not let someone else enjoy it this summer, and at the same time put a little cash in your pocket. You can peddle that canoe through the Classified Ads of this newspaper. Just give us a call and we'll help you word your ad for quick results on any item you may have that you no longer use. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL Classified Ads Phone 343-7181

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