Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California on May 29, 1954 · Page 9
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Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1954
Page 9
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Radio KLAC 570 KAK 79O KXIA 1110 KWKW 1430 . KM MO KHJ 930 KtOX 1380 KVOI 14«0 71O KFWi 980 KFAC 1330 KPOL 154O KIIO 740 KNX 1070 KOE* 1390 KMPO 14OO fb« /nd*p»nrf«iit OUWHIM n* rmtftoatlbllllY tor cftong** mod* by srafloflJ. SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1954 2#n 7:00 A. M. KLAC--Newt: D. Haynej KFI--Brkm. In Hollywood KMPC-ciock Waicher KABC--Moralnf: Varieties KHJ--Frank Hemingway KFWB-- Bill Leyden KNX--Ralph Story Show KFOX--Rellsrlous mujlc KFAC--Coffee Concert KGER--Revival Tbracle. 7:15 KHJ--Breakfast r,nng KGER--Aubrer L«« 7:30 KFI--Aviation Npwa KLMPrT--story Circus KFWB--News: Bill Leyden K.N'X--Frank Goss KFOX--Chapel Hour 7:45 KFI--Knox M a n n i n g KMPC--Clock Watcher KHJ--News KNX--Ralph Story Ehow KGKR--Esther R-Jslho! 8:00 A. M. KLAC--News; Stocks KFI--Bass Harris at Home KABC--Man * HI? Music KHJ--Basil D« Solo Show KFWB--Mewa: Mark Scott KNX--Robert Q. Lewis KFOX--BIbi« Breakfast KKAC--Business Review K G E R -- W i l l i a m Nlckerson 8:15 KI.AT--S. Baiter: Hayres KMPC--Business: Sports KHJ--New?; X. S:rKiser KFWB--Biii I cyden KFOX--L*t There BP Light KKAC--Sports: Parade 8:30 KMPC--Clock W i r r h e r K": : J--Havcn o* P.*»P: KTOX--I Am Sanctuaries Kr/EP.--\'G'.-t r.; China K A R C -- Mi r K r ~ Y B -- Ne y'* Garden D BaUard il? M'JFlr KGER--Morning Me'.odiM 9:00 A. M. K I . A C -- N e w ? ; r). Haynes K F i -- J-.:mp J u ^ p K A B f - N n School Today K H . T -- F l y l n R Fee-. K F I V B -- B i l l Lcvrten Show KNX News: Romance: " A f f a i r In Aden" Kr'OX--Assembly of God K K A C -- S e r e n a rle KGER--Sun. School Lesson 9:15 KKOX--Sent'.mTI Jorney KFAC--Fed. of Churches 9:30 KI.AC--Peter Potter. 3 nrs. KK1--Carnival nf Books K A R C -- F p a r e P n t r o l Kh'J --Basil r?oto Sr.rw Kf.-v.-B-- Al Jarvis tn 12:30 KNX · P f r s Over Ho'l'wd: "Out of *hp Storm." OTr.l' Mnrsran K F y -- r a : l ...·- T'.p:c» K-^T -- N^ws.' Vhtiek C°-|1 KHJ -- H e r e ' s tn VP-S 10:00 A. M. " C M P r -- R : M f r e w ' u r t ' KHJ--News KNX^-News KFAC--Luncheon Concert CGER--World Tomorrow U:1J KFl-Farmland Panyline KHJ--Frank Evans Show t o 4 : 1 5 i KNX--Tom Hanlon: Gaston Fischer [12:20) KFOX- -News 13:30 KLAC--570 Club (to 4:001 *FWB--D Bailard. News K N X -- F a r m News K F O X -- S e n t i m ' n t ' t Journ'y K G K R -- W a y n e King 12:45 KFWB-- Music K N X -- G a r - l e n Gate K F A C -- N e w s 1:00 P. M. KFI --Now Hear This KMPC--Bill Stewart KNX--This Is Los Armeies KFOX-- West'n Hit Parade FAC--Serenade r.ER--3-D Bihle Stories 1:15 KMPC--M'jsic You Ordered KABC--Feature Race": Am. Oaks (Coaching Club) KFWB--Fan In the Stand KGF.K--Story T r l l l n c Time li B P;inllc I.:nr.1-v KFWB--Baseball: Hollywood vs. San Diego K A B C - - : r a 'cook P a r t y KNX~-Phil:n N o r m a n KCF.R--America Helps KGER--News ' 2:00 P. M. K A B C -- K A R C Onpra : " Mar nape of F'lparo" fCNX --Dn It Your.eelf K G K R -- H e r e ' p ' ' : o \!s K G K R -- T B A " 2:SO KNX --The Svmpbonet'* \GF;j{--f'eter f\a-'r; o r g a n 3:00 P. M. KFI P.eci-rrt Review KMPC- P a r a d e of Hlti KNX--Meet the Music- KGKfi--Ke.t -hcomoer KHJ-s-nn-. Hayes (3:25) 3:30 '·'HJ--Frank Kvars Show KFAC--Classics In Sound 4:00 P. M. fCLAC--Alex roofer Show KABr--The N n v v Hour KFWB-- P.ert P.cvve Show . K K O X - - N - U S - T a k e It 1 Kasv Time C t o ."1:30) I KF.U' -- .Mastorfjipccs '.KGKR--Jr Town M r o t i n p ! 4 :1 n ' M J -- K r a n n HemlT-erway [ K A B C -- P'fm'c'-nrnlra i K G E t l - A r - c P n t on Touth ! 5:00 ' K F T - M r - i o r i ' · K A B r . i Fight fans will get a look at a 'new idea in the field of decisions | tonight when KABC (7) telecasts ! the Joe Miceli and Al Andrews | bout in Indianapolis at 6 p, m, | At the end of each round the i officials will announce their 'scoring, thus keeping you informed of how the fight is going. This could also aid each fighter and cause a much better battle, as each vies to get even. In the Hollywood Legion ring at 8:30 p. m. on the same channel there'll be another fight card, 1 this one headlined by Charlie] Green and "Windy" Hawkins. , Horse racing today comes from Belmont Park via KNXT (2) at; 1 p. m. with the Coaching Club] KHJ--Hawaii Calls KNX--Qangbusters KFOX--News: DAV KFAC--Dinner Concert KGER--Cathedral Choir (1:IS K M P C -- N e w s KABC--As We See tt KFOX--Melody Tlm« 6:30 KMPC--Today's Races K A B C -- M a n of Color KHJ--Colonial N a f l Invitation Golf Tourney KFWB--Strictly LJlxle KNX--Gun smoke KFAC--Concert Grand K G E R -- L u k i n Valley Ch fl:45 K A B C -- T B A 7:00 P. M. KFI--Tex Williams Snow K M P C -- M a j o r Leacue Baseball: Tigers at Indians K A B C -- L o n e Hanger KNX--Two for the Money . . - -, .. -.. KFOX--Johnny otis show [American Oaks, a race for three- KFAC--Dr. James Fffie'.d | v »ar nlr? fillioc KGER--Rev. G. Lowman year-old tunes. 7:2,1 KABC--Late Sports 7:30 KFI-- Tex Riuer Show KABC--Marines In Review KHJ--Andre Kosteianetz K F W B -- C o m m u n i t y 3 K N X -- J i m m y Wakely ,_,., - --. . . . KFAC--First Baptist '1:30 p. m. from Gilmore Fieldl KFWB--Rcsary Hour , o n KHJ (9). Ki.Ar-.n2 frnechi'to 121 ? T G SATURDAY--Sgt. Joe .station KFt-^orand. oie qpry [Friday wears his "Badge 714" pattern Brooklyn's Dodgers and the, New York Giants will be playing · ball on KABC (7) at 10:30 a. m. Hollywood and San Diego con- HARLOW WILCOX Turns Newscaster Tele v i si on mori* ky ·tottou. IN POLITICS SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1954 10:00 A. M. KABC (7)-Bas«ball H»ll r!d«. Texas Tiny i 10:19 KABC (7)--Dizzy Dean 10:25 SABC 7--Baseball: ABC Dodge KABC (T)--Cowboy | K3TV Oil--BadJ« TI4. Roundup: "Texas Gun- JacH weirt) fighters,' Ken Maynard! KCOP (13)-Homftown (S)--Better Living | Jamboree. Cliffle Stone 8:00 P. M. KNXT (2)--Jackie Oletson ;KNBS (41--Bank on the ! stars. Bill Cullen loch, C.III., ««., M.T M, 1»3« THE INDEPENDENT--P«q* KCOP (131--Who Knowi ThilT KNXT (2)--Feature Lt. baring. R.N.. Geraldlne Fitzgerald ,,.. .iKTLA (5)--Sonde Coolmy Film. KTTV fll)--The Lo»« KNBH (41--Outdoors With ; Waggy Wangenhelm KHJ (S)--Seapower for I Peace :KCOP (131--Big Picture I 5:00 P. M. 'KNBH ft)--Early Date at Movie: "Challenge- of the Frontier," Randolph Scott, Barton McLa ne KNXT (21 -- V. nat In ui« World (antnrop. quiz) 11:OO A. M. KNXT 131-- snaxespear* on TV: "Summary" 12:00 NOON KNXT (2--Art'noon She "Curse or th* Wray-, dons." Tod Slaughter I I: "Badman's Gold" JKTTV (Il--Mov^e^Mar- ___ ,.,. l? : v* ,, - : shal's Cartoon Carnival KHJ (fl--Meet Tour Con-,KCOP (13)--Sat Matfne* gress ' -- -1:00 P. M. KNXT (2)--Belmont Races American Oaks KTLA (5)--Movie Mat. H: "A Man About the House," Kleran Moore KABC (7)--Baseball Hall of Fame J K A B C (")-- R a d i a n t Living IKHJ (9)--Baseball ! Warmup KFVVB- -Invitation Beverly. romes UD K N X -- C o u n t r y Style K Blb "!into a series of robberies and with the correct an- KFOX --News KFAH-- F.venlr:? (-onrnt KGER--Bible Treasury R:1S K F O X -- R a y Robinson I K G K R A U. V l r h r l s n n ! K N X -- . N e w s l S . 2 c ; i I 8 ::tn ' K F I -- T o w n H t t l l Party K A B C - c - n ; swers p. m. on KTTV (11) at 7:30 At 8 p. m. "The Lone Wolf" travels from Chicago to it'll be before on for color bar test! t Sign-on. TodaylKNXT 2 -- Feature F:lm: two hours b U t j 'JLR«voH of th. Zomol..." henceforth only for half-an-hour. IKAEC n--sagebrush "Town Hall Party" on KTTV (111 at 10 p. m. will be a mas I Theater: Tripper Fin- Mcfir- » i jrers." Tim Mccov ..IKHJ (9)--Baseball: ' Hollywood vs. San querade ball tonight with prizes KTTV^ r.nj--jesture Film for the costumed members of t h e j ""-'-J - - '-" L. A. to Nowhall in a dangerous : came of hide and seek with a : audience. . . . "Meet Your Con-' 2*00 P M killer . . . Another thrill-packed jgress," once on KTTV and KLAC, - KT LA ('5!--Mode "I Led Three Lives" episode atireturns to the air on KHJ (9) -- ' ~ ' " 1:30 KNXT (2)--Contest Crn'vl KTLA (S)--Flgritln* West "Six-Gun Gospel, Johnny Mack Brown KABC (7)--Spaed Patrol KHJ (9)--John Hopkins Science Review: "June 30th Eclipse" KTTV (ID--Adv. Bllnky 8:4,1 KTTV lli--The Prlnceu "The Witch and Her Birds" 6:00 P. M. KNXT (21--Renfrew at the Royal Mounted KABC (7)--Sat. Night Fight*: Joe Micel" vs. Al Andrewn KH.T ( 9 l _ A c t ' n n Theater KTTV ai)--Time for Beany Louis Hayward 8:15 KABC (7)--Hank Wei er Rep. Sam Yorty, Democratic candidate for U. S. Senator, will bring his campaign to the Long KNBH f 4 -- Original Am- leur Hour. Ted Mack KABC (7) -- Legion Boxing nreen vs. Hawkins KTTV (ID-- I Led Three Lives. Richard Carlson SCOP (13) -- Joe Palooka: "The Last Fight" 9:00 P. M. KNXT ( 2 ) -- Two for th» Money, Herb Shriner Yorty Plans L.B. Campaign Speech quarters in the Lakewood area.' Located at 4130 Centralia St.. the headquarters will be in Beach area for "the first time next Thursday. ;charge of Louis and Betty Sha- Bidding for the Democratic'Pir°. Other Fahrney headquar- nomination at the June 8 pri-iters in Lakewood are at 4620 mary, Yorty will speak at thciConquista St. and 4925 Coke University by the Sea at 3 p.m.; Ave. Main Fahrney For Assem- Lakewood and Carson, 4 p.m.. |bly Headquarters are at 3320 E. open Anaheim St. and then will attend an KNBH (4,Y TM r A h 2f o'ihouse from 4:30 to 6 at the home "'.of Allan Potepan, 4620 Conquista attend a free dance at the Oil Workers Hall, 2100 W. Willow St. Friday Yorty charged that his Republican o p p o n e n t , Sen. Showa. Caesar and Coca, with Eartha Kitt . . . . . . . . K Movie: B) ~M? t 'uni 1 ve 3 r t se -! Ave - Lakewood. At 8 p.m. he will Jack Carson. Bert Lahr KHJ (9)--102 Theatre: "Bachelor's Daughters." Claire Trevor. Adolphe Menjou. Gall Russell KTTV (11)--Inner Sanc- t u m : "Ghost Male," Joseph Wiseman ICOP (13)--Feature Film KNXT (2)--'My Favorite Husband, Joan Caulfleld KTTV (ID--Col. March of Scotland Yard. Boris K a r l o f f . 10:00 P. M. L-SA 8:30 p. m. finds Philbrick ordered;at 12:45 p. m. with a debate on KGFm-'vo'k-'t ry nf"eh'ina to steal an atomic invention for;bi-partisan f o r e i g n policy.... :the commies.... " I n n e r Sanc-:"Party at Ciro's" has now folded "·turn" at. 9 recounts the eerie story i temporarily or permanently, so of the ghost male who knows too "Vampira" moves into the 11 much about the dead.... Ghosts p. m. (or after the fights) time also play a role in "Col. March j with her horror movie on KABC of Scotland Yard" at 9:30. This! (7) "Johns Hopkins Science ghost is visiting a seance and:Review" gives a preview of the scares the medium. ieclipse of the sun that will be : seen June 30th in some parts CBS COMEDY--Once again the world. KHJ (9) at 5:30 p. m. 9:00 P. M. KMPC--Baseball: L. A. A n p e l s at Portland KABtJ--Lawrence We'.K KHJ--Larry Chatterton K N X -- J i m m y Wakely K K O X -- B : l l y Berj: Show KGKR--Soul Clinic 0:15 KHJ--Forward March 0:30 K F I -- A m e r i c a ' s Bandstand Ml: ""Parts Nights.' 1 Nell Hamilton I M S KCOP (13)- Fi;m Short t:30 KNXT (21--Learning. '34 KABC (7)--Sagebrush Th'tr.: "Range Law," Ken Maynard KTTV (11) Feature Film: "Enchanted Forest." Edmund Lowe, Brenda Joyce. Harry Davenport KCOP (13)--Sat. Matinee 3:00 P. M. .T 2 ) -- Wlnky Dink d You K A R C -- Laymen's Hour KHJ -- .Ynntfa \ V h a l P - K.V.X -- Burcie .Music Box K G K R - . J o h n Brown 9 Mil KHJ -- M e i Henke Trio KNBH C 4 ) -- A l so me i KNXT Force (2)--Spacehoppen id 10:00 P. M. P. M. t s 4 MHMi a ; Pn.-.ql firtirpinrnt ' ' 1'a rlt F. K H J -- Woo'!y '.Voortn KNX--Peter* IJnrt H KFAC--Your So:nist KfJcTR--Ear 1 I.pe 10:4.% KGER--Rev. LeRoy 11:00 A. M. tn -- Mary Lre Taylo KN'X--Galen D r g k p ' s h o w K F A C -- M - i Pier* KH K R -- R e v K?U- Bob r K'KT -- K ^ r r r K H J -- B:i=i- K N X H ! \ w K \ r -- - S n r ;KGt-TP."-.Ai:hre' LP« 5:1 ft ' K K I - News K A R C - - . \ r r n v Reserve K H J - - - G i i f F t Star · F W B - .Nitric srott Sports K F I --Key to Courapp, I^if K r l c k s c n (multiple Kopp KABU-^i'rlton Kredncks KHJ--M'jsic KKV.'B--Red Rnwe Show KNX--Tom Harmon K F O X -- N P KH.T--Game or i h e Doripers at. G i a n t ? K I - ' \ V B - - l . a r r v F t n l e v K N X -- 1 0 n ' C l n r k \Vlr« · K F A r -- r r o s F r o a r l n K G K R -- N P W S ; T o p Tunes m i l s K A H f - T R A K.\\-- C a r r o l l A l c n t ! K O K R -- V o i c e _ of K w i t h | K . \ B C -- Lawrence \Vp|k K N X -- P h i l i p N o r m n n ,, K G K R -- s a t Site Serenade My 11:00 P. M. KPI--Rerord session KMPC--Dance Tiir.e : KABC ( 7 i -- s i n T.r-Ktn 4:00 P. M. SFI -- F KLH.I-- 12:00 NOON Reporter l i n t u r c K F A C -- r a u s a s ' n ^Tem'ries P. Kil'iret V .J -e (11: = ',) ,K I. \ r - . _ p a n , ' B a i t e r , If ^ ir K_'iRr--Know yr.,]r Ponls p n '- n t , , sports: F:vere'.t Hc:s r_"e . . l i i « p r - K N . X t T n n i;,jss N e w s r . v i n c e :sm KFO.X - T a k e Is ?sy i h e ' t ' " 1 6:00 P. M. ! K I . A T Top T u n p Time ; KFI--Polka Party ! K i l p C -- B i n K e l l e v . jpnr'.s ' K A R C - W e e k i n Wash'irtn |,Tackir Glea.son devotes his en- j t : r c show to The Honeyrrooners WAXEY WILCOX--For sumeiKNXT (2--spacehi Ion KNXT (2) at 8 p. m. In this 20 years Harlow Wilcox has bpen] K -£]TM,«--W' 1 " s* jsketch Ralph Cramden mislaysjthe announcer on the "FibberJKTI.A. M--Movie .\i«,ir, jor loses a couple hundred dollars McGee and Molly" show and now Siph Meeker" vive'a' Musie j O f (,{,, lodge's money so he headsjhe turns news commentator on -·-'·- Day:!for the races to recoup. Art. Car-|TV. Wilcox will be working on Incy and Audrey Meadows are,"World Digest" over KNBH (4) jfeaturcd. . .. George and Liz hob-,at 7 p. m. '^^""n'en.ftrv f n r nob with ihe elite during a brief; l^ rhiirtren" ibupincss trip to New York ar.ri MAK WILLIAMS--A change " 'she does her best to keep up with of format is ordered for the 12:15 ' t h e Van Smiths on "My Favoriteia. m. KNXT (2) show, so Mae Husband" at 9:30 p. m. . . "That's will forget about part of the sur- Boy" at 7 p. m. starring Ed- prise element in her stories, will die Mayehoff and Gil Stratton, tell of show business person- finds sportmanship playing an'alities and also have some live important role in the life ofiguests. Tonight she hosts Billy KNXT (21--You're Never Too O!d. M a r i l y n Hare KTTV 111)--Town H a l l Party ( I n 1 a.m.) 10:30 KNXT (21--Peler Potter's ,, .^ J u k e Bnx Jury .. ,,,, KNBH HI--H!l Parade KCOPC13) -- L n P o i n t e News KTLA (5)--Sal. NlBht «:30 KNXT (21--Beat the Clock. Bud C o i : y p r KNBH (4)--Tex W i K l a m s KTLA (5)--Mov'.e Theater "Black Mag:c." Orson Welles. Nancy Guild KTTV (ID--Ramar of the Junjrle, Jon Hall KCOP (13)--Realty Exchange 6:48 Movie?: " C h a m p a g n e for rr,esar." Ronald Colman, r-eleste Holm, Cesar Romero KCOP 1131--United We Stand Choir 10:45 KHJ ( 9 ) -- T V Jukebox 11:00 P. M. KNBH (4)--New» Parade, Tom Frandsen KABC (7)-- Bic Playback i K A B C (7)-- L a d y _ q f Hor""'" 7:00 P. M. rors: "Condemned to Die." Ralph Morprfn, Mlscria Auer K-NXT (2)--That's My Boy. Eddie Mayenofl K X B H ( 4 1 -World Digest Harlow Wilcox K A B r ( T ) - - T h e a t e r Pnrti "Duel W i t h o u t Honor.' Massimo G i r o l t i KHJ (9)--Candid Camera.;KCOF (13--Owl KTTV i l l ) -- L i f e of Rliey ! "S'and In." Joan BIOI William Bendix "·'·"· d e i l . Humphrey Eccart KTOP ( 1 3 ) -- H e l p Thy 11:4,1 NelEhbor. Ha] Styles J K T L A (5)--Final Edition 7:3* KNXT (2) --Har-Tt Owens K N B H 1 4 ) -- K t l i e l * A l b e r t ! I!:1! iH.r ( 9 l - - F e a t u r e F i l m : | KNXT ( 2 1 - M n e W i l l i a m "Scotland V s r d . " S:r ; 12:15 r-,»rald Du M a l i r i e r ( B r . ) l K N X T ( 2 M : r i n l l e N«ws 1KCOP (131--Clete Roberta K N B H H i - - - ' . a t e D n t e a t Movies: "Charlie Chan In ilonolulu." Sidney Toler Movie: Thomas H. Kuchel, is using iquarters." smear tactics against him and' _ said they had agreed each would wage a "clean campaign." He said the "Democrats for Kuchel" organization planned to send out letters declaring him a "candidate of the radical wing of the party." * * * Candidacy of Assemb 1 y m n n Herbert R. Klocksiem has bee "I hope that with the opening of this district headquarters we will have enough space for the many workers who have volunteered to help in the campaign," Fahrney said. "If we don't have, we will open additional head- Shuiileboard Champs Get Awards Here endorsed by the United Church ; Brotherhood. iona i ional, Silver awarded trophies wer* Bond and Joe Monahan for winning the doubles championship in the semi-annual Shuffleboard tournament which snn Mildred r Rravtnn Hpnrpp concluded Friday at the City «n.^nd r e ^CBr« on George Au d it o,. ium fhu ffleboard park. Eighty players clubs, Auditorium members of the citywide Women r n m m i 11 p p _ r p . C HTM,' Carl' F. Paap, WiUiam Kinley, Myrl Ott, Robert Casberg, Gladys from three Shuffleboard Club, Lincoln Park Shuffleboard Club and Bixby Park Shuffleboard club competed. Bond and Monahan are members of 1--nn 14.UU Schell. Albert Carrey, Robert L. Joy, Harold J. Romaine and Elizabeth S. Worden. Council Candidate D. Patrick Ahern announced support of several local major league baseball stars, including Vern Stephens,] Baltimore: Bob Lemon, Cleve-!p~ . .,,, , land; Jackie Robinson. Brooklyn: j ^ a I K l - I U D - Rocky Bridges, Cincinnati; Chuck Stevens, San Francisco. BflniOnt Yen O. Fahrney, Democratic, Belmont Dancers the Auditorium place winners and Jay Cluh. Bixby hold K candidate for assembly in the: d a n c e in Recreation Center. 4104 70th District, Friday announced .the opening of his third head- KABC-Melodv t i l l MWDite " * · , T / -r , " KXX--News: sports jJarrm' Jack Jackson. KFOX--Joe Graydon Show KGEI?--Brother Clarence 11:15 KN'X--Dance Orchestra ii::to K F T -- M a r i n e Hat! Bands i K N X -- ilnmetc'.vn Ja:nbiree Gray, singer-comedian-co-owner of Billy Gray's Band Box, at KILEY'S FORTUNE -- Accord- whose club she'll open Wednes- ing to a newspaper notice, Ches- day and who'll tell the life story tor A, Riley, whereabouts un- of one of his greatest discoveries. known, is the missing heir to a! 12:00 MIDNIGHT j 550,000 fortune. The news gets Reno Nunnery De Lllz Dam Bi " J Passed by Senate T^lr*-** /1,.*K--^J WASHINGTON (V.R) -- T h e i lUll \JULlinea Senate Friday passed a house| approved bill to settle a five-year SAN FRANCISCO, (*) -- The controversy over water rights iw««;*n^ r /-· li. v from Southern Califorrnas Santa Monitor, a Roman Catholic news-,Margarita River after defeating paper here, reported Friday that Jan amendment which would have a contemplative nunnery will be kept the fight alive. DOUGLAS RADIO TV PROMPT AND COUKTIOUS SERVICE »tST AND 1ATEIT IN METHODS SUNDAY NITES 'TIL f P. M. M-DAY GUARANTEE PH. 90-9284 K L A C -- A . ' K F I - M u s i " Other Sid K M P r -- On GUESTINGS-- Mr. Garco, cucper to 'B |around and the neighbors sudden- robot from the movies, will be a ^ ' I ' I ' : v l y f i t l r i a npvv mf ! n in Ri1ey tho'guest on Peter Potter's "Juke' ! set up on a 'Reno, Nev. ( i - o o ' i K K W B -- Larry Flnley the main street of 1 The bi ". Passed by a voice jvote, authorizes constructicn of ... , ,, , 'the De Luz Dam on the river for Mother Angela, Carmelite su-. j o i n t use nv 1he M a r i n p Corps' "millionaire." Riley r e a c t s : B o x Jury" and is expected to be P crior in Rcno to complete the Camp Pcndlclon and the Fall- 's'.rongly to the stimulation of the quite a sight as a panelist on the' arran S crn e n 's. s t a t e d that a brook Public U t i l i t y District. j ^occasion on KTTV (11) at 7 p.mJKNXT ( 2 ) show at 10-30 p m bnck building « ; as being consid- - TV R E N T A L S PHONE 8-6984 Belmont Radio 3407 E. BROADWAY K*n1 een apply on purcha** Allin St., at 8:30 p.m. today. P R O F E S S I TV SERVICE S Day--Night-Sunday P H O N E UJJli 1 H J H S I N t l ( C I R O I " C S I TV Service I Day-Night-Sundays £Pic1uri Tubis--SI ptr In. | « 10" $10 21" %:* pltti tixj $21 i A l l e n Orch. (1^:3(1) KFAC--MUF:C to fi a. m. Kr.ER--Church In Hnme , . . . Gov. Goodwin Knight appearsi ere ^ uthat w f o u l d be close LITES--Beginning today'on "United We Stand" over to tn ? C} *y s gambling_ strip jKNBH (4) becomes the first TV KCOP (13) at 10:30 p. Stocks Snap Back After Slow Opening DOW-JONES AVERAGES Grain Market 1954 -ligh 327.49 110.60 58.17 122.55 101.12 July soybean.- stood out prominently ir. a n otherwise easier grain m a r k e t on th Board of Trade Friday. Dealings were more act:ve t h a n In o t h e r sessions this NEW Y O R K -- ( A P ) . Thp stock market dernonslraterj Friday its old ability to snap back from one-day roac-| tions. With a well distrib-i uted showing; of strength,; FRIDAY the market advanced mar-' ' nose kedly to regain its previous 30 Industrials 327.49 heights around the best 20 Rails no.60 levels of the past 24 years, is utilities 58.07 Th; marker started lower and' 6 5 Stocks 122.55 t h e n gradually advanced u n t i l 40 Bonds 100.56 late in the afternoon when it t N r e was received in the LONDON" STOCKS AVKKAGK -- LONDON (#l-- The Finan-: ^' he J. 1 ? 10 . s « d unchanged to cial Timos' daily index of London stocks today was 151.1, off 0.6. . "to i see the neon lights of Harold's I Club." After purchase of the structure, the nuns plan to have a walled cloister built around it. The Monitor reported t h a t seven more nuns will arrive in jthe fall to form the nucleus for I the new foundation. AUTHORIZED V {l-urnished by E. P. Hutton A Co.» Change -^-1.12 -1.1.25 4- .66 -- .01 Treasury Thief I Gets 3 to 9 Years SALES ft SERVICE I IT" Muntx, MW JJ8S.I5 114" Munti, n«w $259.15 I and Man; V"M Sell i Faetory Tartu and tVrTfc* = 1763 PACIFIC AVE. 1 PHONE 65-6233 PLAZA TV tll»-WH« tmlet. Ill Wirt QiirintK*. Biy -- Nile ll4i;i. 14-Hr. IinlM. PH. 4-9495 OR 39-0022 ANTENNAS, Installed Complete _ · · · -- _ $ 3 '12 50 K »ervlred hy un. All ttandanl ... Picture tnhp rherk free with ·ervlee cull. LB. 65-0137 Alt'! TV 279 87' - respondeil to export sales and news thp A cri c u l t u r e D e p a r t m e n t was 94.84 : r e m s u t u t i n K a P lan to encourage private 52.22 onstruction of more g r a i n storage faclll- WASHINGTON UP'--James R. Ladis, 27, former employe of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, was sentenced Friday 1 nc m Short covering prior to the J.UO.U.3 holiday provided the main auppo Q7 1h soybeans. New crop beans, 171.00 f e e c j grams, eased as more a surged ahead with a snap. Railroads were wel'. on; in front ns a croup, bolstered hy a rise of 4 s .i at 124'z in Union Pacific which reported continued hich rnrnincs. The steels, motors and aircrafts also participated in the rise together with oils, chemicals, and a long li?t of other issues. Pa'karrl up '; at i and Studftbahcr up 1' s at 18 wpro »ll alone as fenturpd trainers in parly stages of trading. Pnrk- ard traded in blorks as large as 15,000 shares, ami Stmle- hakpr had frequent flurries of trading at hither prices. There have been merger rumors about the tuo for some time. hut Informpd soureps -were nn- ahle to spot any new developments. Packard led thp most active list on 139.200 shares and Stude- haker was second on 44.200 shares. The Associated Press average of SO stocks was tip 60 cents, the p.xact amount ir " : ost Thursriav. and closed at ?12o.r0, the hic'h of the year reached !a=t Wednesday. Thp list Iinrl 1176 issues on the tape. Thut included 513 plus signs and 373 minus signs with 72 new highs and 8 new lows for the year touched. Business for thp five and a half hours was 1.940,000 sharps. New York Shipbuilding was up B i at IS, Baldwin-Lima-HaTiil- ton up ! i at 9 7 «. U. S. Steel up X 4 at 49 Vi. and Filtrol up I'-i at 20. Butter, Eggs, Poultry Livestock Market M I S A N f i K I . K S , Johhir.g b u t f p r prlfes G r a f i p AA C C a r t o n 7; ^; 7 r j FOCiS C H I C A G O - -- ._ .. -- ., higher. J u l y $I.n:l-1.93U ; corn Vi to 1 cent lower. July $1.537i-1.53: oats '/i- a i lower. J u l y ': ? : 8 : rye '^ l o w e r to Vi higher, J u l y 99'.^: soybeans lower to 6 cer.ts liis.'-.er, J u l y J3.56-\-3.:iT'.^. and i a r r l 12 to 40 r e n s a hundred pounds higher, J u l y S17. lu-17.12. W H E A T -- jthree to nine years in prison and «";«j d »:lfined $10,000 for the New Year's en as'Eve theft of $160,000 in S20 bills Ir °"' from the bureau. Three other men and a woman were given lesser sentences for receiving and concealing S128.000 of the loot. J u l y v , r ' local 1 r u i C A O O ifi-- Hogs scored 'heir f-rst i ^ R i i c p of the. week Friday, both b u t c h - ·= ;inrl POWP s e e i n g il"pvpnly s t e a d v to I r p n t s hl(;!:er, top ropp to 526.80 paid I s p a r i n g l y . Most choirp t u n to 240 pound ' J ' l ' V - D';tchers sold at $25.00(ci 26.00. |?ep: One load of choipe to nmsfv pr."-p'[ 1 /.'; 2 4 2 5 s l e p r . = reached ?25.2S whii" a f e w p o m - 1 irercial and good kinds were taken al OATS-S l T . n n $ 2 l . n n . Cowl were steady » t U u : y l.?s\ 2.ni 2.n,v,4 1.9* 1.9-li 2."2 2.04 3 ??' 2'.iii 2-D3 » r i p a . - s -- c a s e s i n c l u d e d . Uncandled Locals Large Mer.iurn Sma: Mm. 40"r AA .... 3?'" 10 32''i33 " Larce A 3n : -j L. A. T.gtc Prlrpg to Retail Stores , _ . FOB d i s t r i b u t o r s plant. Delivered Tc.511.50 "to 513.?,,. h i g h e r : cases ex.-hanp.ed: cartons 3c A p a r t d M k ,,, ,,,,,,, snd ,, lamhs sold for J23.50. ( U 3 D A I -- S a l a b l e hogs 1.535. 1..VJ 2.01-- 2.03V, 1.53Vi 1.4*1. 1.40V 1.44 n iiNi'MMiii.iriiriiiJMiiiM i TV SERVICE I YOUR HOME Knowlton TV Service PHONE 20-6474 W« iitnM ill ticttry part* «wnntlti *3 TV TROUBLE HOUSE CALL Phone George McGarvey Jr. at A. I. C. Television Service L I. 34-5473 or L. I. 10-3401 Call Day or Night HOUSE CALLS $ 5.00 J arm DM, »IBHT, sumir Wt m«( ii luilni with SERVICE 9l IEIS. Thir thtlf SERVICt li ··rlh. km* h»l . Lge. 4 3 f ; 4 5 . . 37C73S 34S35 . | F.x. L%e I G r a t i e AA4'"iSO ' G r a d e A 4 5 6 4 6 ' G r a d e E ....... . To Consumer In Cartonpi O r a r i w AA .............. 45^/61 39 r ';48 451154 375)45 Sm. 26S'27 a c d so "' s steady 3noO; butchers to 60c higher: choice . u u * ' igh 150-240-pound butchers 125. 00826.50; i few lots around 210 poun ' ' ' ...... R · G r a d e A '.Milk r o u t e s i f Is2(i.50- "¥40 1 around Receipts: R r o i l p r s . Fryers 2 B u t t e r . 236.979; cheese. Sl,"j7; (ire.s.se.: potlltry, ' LIVE I'OII.TRV t o 21; Ihs - -- and 25.90; choice S'o. 1 and 240 pounds S23.25ti25.50' 250- | Dec _ Mar. _._. RYE-July , Sep Dec. _ Mar .70--, .72 ·» .99 1.02 ·» 1.06% 1.12 , .701; .72 V4 S23.75-i25.00: 290-320 pounds »22.500123.50; few 350-400 pounds J^",S19.CIOfi21.50i SOWB J17.00^/22.25. i Salab'.e cattle 1000; calves 10; steers ·ar.('. heifers steady: some cows steady SOYBEANS-- . 1.07\ 1.I2V4 .99 1.01% ibs, u p pounds S23.75-i25.00: 290-320 J u l y 3.51.. Sep 2.72U Xov 2.511£ Jan 2.54 U Mar 2.56'i 2 7 , but bulk of trie supply beirfg"held""for I LARD-...'Js''( 301 next Monday: bulls and vealers w e a k : J u l y 17.00 roasters. type, a l l ?s 4 ' v ibs. ·1'- Ihs. 2'J bs. up 30 2S'Vi3n load choice to mostly p r i m e 1156-pound -- · ' ' - - steers *25.25: commercial and good Sep ,, 14.70 13.05 32!steers $17.0'" 21.50: few good and choice i Nov. "!'.."." 12.55 . 14(ff I S i h e i f e r s J!8.50rti 22.50; 1 7 « i i n merclal utility and com; canners n n d Old Hens -- ^...'.....~..2R'ri 27 I c l a l hulls' 5I3.5Ci"« i6.6b~;"g'ood and choice Toms ...,, _ 25fl2fi ! vealers 520.00ft 23.00; u t i l i t y and com-' -- - , .^p^^lmercial grades »14.00®19.00. - - - , 200; s t e a d y : p a r t deck ' u t i l i t y and good 75-pound spring lambs $23.5(1: short deck choice 135-pound west- Dec. ...... 12.67 1.51', 2. .14-1: 2.57 V: 17.42 14.97 13.SO 12.SO 12.90 1.11% 3.50'i 2.71V 2 . 4 S H 2.53 2.55% 16 92 14.62 13 60 12.55 12.65 1.02-. 1.071J 1.12 I 3.56»i i 2.72TM | 2.49% ?-5?V4! 17.40 14.90 13.80 12.80 12.87 $^75 3 NO FIX NO CHARGE PICTURE $1 PER TUBES I INCH 10" thru 21" with l-Y«or Written CuorontM--flu. $13.50 Initollatian PHONE 65-6278 74-HR. SERVICE--7 DAYS A WEEK JV Service Call All Work and Parti Guaranteed 90 DM* , J4-HOUB SERVICE \ \ DAT. MTE * SVNDAt ' Henns Installed. Complete. WALTERS TV I L. B. 2-15701 .9-5060 ME 1-9512 Oati: None. No. 2 No. 1 Hay Prices A l f a i f a 1 T ?. No. - . 29.no^/30.5-1: U. S. Nn. 2 l e a f y . 27. m: 1, 2^.00 : u. 6. N". 2 green. 2B.OO'o 27.00: U. S. No. 2, 24.50® Oraln hay: No. 1 Darley, nominal: No. 1 oat?. 31.OOf; 33.00. CHICAGO ( A P -- C a s h Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.6] 1.61-61".; No. 3 1.6014. w h i t e PO-Vj.91; ?Jo. 3 he: Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: MalUnir 1.20-fl2: feed ^2-1.14. vy white 73. ' Canonizing Rite on KFI at 6:30 The canonization of Pope Pius The American Stock Exchange X in an open-air ceremony at « H .rJiM;kiJ o !!h^ WRhcr TM'" un ^ °^ - st - pet -' s LOS A N G E L E S l.-pi -- Cattle sa'Hblf 200: s u p p l y one load fed steers, three loads cows unso'.ri. balance odds and ends: odd sales nominal: few utility to commercial sleers 18.00-20.00: one lot utility heifers 16.00: few utility cows 13.oo-14.00; canners and cutters 9.0013.00: odd utility bulls 15.00. Calves salable 25: nominal; odd cull to 'Jtlllty calves 10.00-15.00. Hops salable 50: slow, about tteadv; : one and a half load choice 1-3 223231 Ib. 26.00; few choice t and 3, 24n Ib. 23.00. Sheep salable: None. Al! security ar.d commodity Square, Rome, will be broadcast lp s t ' n g:6:30 p.m. on radio station KFI. markets in the United States Sunday in a special program at will be closed Monday for observance of Memorial Dav. Dr. S winner's Leg Menclintr After Leap From Boat Hospitalized since Mar. A film, "The Canonization of Pope Pius X," made expressly for NBC television, will be shown on Sunday, June 6, on the live TV network, with time for KNBH i'4i to be announced. 17. Farm Products' Up i i l ^ c ^ L r t l . I I , -m-* * when he broke his ankle leaping friCCS. from a burning yacht onto a Coast Guard rescue cutter off WASHINGTON (ILK) -- The Lower California, Dr. Raymond Agriculture Department Friday Swmney. 62. Friday was at home 1 reported an average increase of after a lengthy stay at Commun- four-tenths of one per cent in ity Hospital. prices received by farmers for tswmney. heart specialist of 216 crops and livestock during the Roycroft Ave., was the only one month ended May 15. injured when the luxury yacht But it said farm living and Alician burned and sank. production costs went up by the Dr. Swmney s left leg is in a same four-tenths of one per cent, warning cast and he will DP un- completely offsetting the price able to go back to work for six rise. Hikes in family living items weeks, his wife Irene and daugh- accounted for most of tho inter Suzanne reported, crease I PEACE PRIZE GIVEN CHAS. CHAPLIN LONDON OF) -- Alexander Dovzhenko, veteran Russian film director. Friday night paid tribute to Charlie Chaplin who has been awarded a 1953 peace prize by the Communist- sponsored World Council of Peace. "I am sure millions of people the world over share my deep satisfaction," Dovzhenko said in a Moscow radio broadcast. "Charlie Chaplin has devoted all his great talent to the mighty cause of world peace and friendship. He has left imperialist Hollywood. He belongs entirely to the people working for peace." Ex-Cuba Chief Held on Gun Smuggle Try MIAMI (U.R) _: Former Cuban 1 President Carlos Hevia was ar- i rested Friday on charges of seeking to smuggle guns into his homeland. Another ex-Cuban president was indicted on similar charges less than six months ago. i Hevia, 54, who served brieflyj i as president of Cuba in 1933, sur|rendered quietly to two customs: i agents at his suburban Coral Ga- 1 j bles home but strongly denied the gun-running charges. "I have always been for democracy," he said. "The people; of Cuba are suffering from the! oppression of a dictator." Charges against Hevia were contained in a sealed indictment which will be opened in New York next Tuesday. In December, almost two years after General Fulgencia Batista seized control of the Cuban government, former President Car- j los Prio Socarras was indicted on i charges of attempting to smug- Igle guns into Cuba. I Prio faces trial in New York on the charge. We Rent · TV SETS · WASHERS · REFRIGERATORS · SEWING MACHINES · VACUUM CLEANERS · RADIOS · RANGES · FLOOR POLISHERS · MOVING DOLLIES AND ETC. Immediate Repair en | TV and Appliances Alexander Electric 2131 E. Anaheim Ph. *0-74«t IT* Ti TV SERVICE I DAY-NITE 24-HOUR SERVICE FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE PHONE 8-8318 .: 9-9939 ALL WORK GUARANTEED BUDGET TERMS I I AVAILABLE T AUTO RADIO SPECIALISTS TUBES TESTED ' FREE FREE! PARKING AMERICAN Electronics Service R A D I O · TEIIVIIIOR--(till - t l D V I C I 2200 E. P A C I F I C COAST HWYi TV Colls $3.00 All Work Guaranteed Day and Nights Til · P. M. 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