The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Page 17
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Tidbits Fr$m Evelyn vWhai could easily have been tragedy turned '6ut to be <a miracle when Billy Fraser, son of Mr and Mrs Clarence Fraser, was able td extricate himself from the river .last January. Billy arid Larry Klein went ice fishing in the fi\ter north of town. Billy had just found a spot he thought would yield fish when the ice broke and he was plunged into the Water,. Larry was at some distance from him when he called for help but he called to him to grab the ice. The ice failed to hold and Billy became panicky when it kept breaking off. At long last he found a place that held and by kicking his feet; he kept afloat. Fearing parental discipline and badly In need of warmth, the boys went, to ; the home of Billy's grandmother, Mrs Mary Fraser. His sister: Helen was told of the situation and 'she insisted that the lads stay there till her husband Charles Schlie- vert could take them home hi his car. i , Yes, a cure has been effected. The boys have lost their enthusiasm for ice fishing. * V. * ' The holidays were particularly happy days for the Ralph Browns, for the entire family was together, the first time in six years, Everett, a Toch Sgt; with the marines came, from Japan on a 22 day leaye. He returned to Japan and has enlisted for another term 6f six years. His wife, the former Florine Chicoine of Sioux City, a registered nurse; and the daughter Cheri, fifteen months old, make their home here. „ ; v , , Vaughan; 'with' his wife, the former Marilyn Miller, farm the home place near town. Don is a sergeant , and e aony cook stationed at Foi^ Knbx! Ky. He leaves in, .Jflay .;fpr a thrifee year perjod > to be 'spent in Germany. Harriet, now Mrs Ronald Peterson, received her discharge as Sgt. in the Women's Marine Corps just prior to,her. marriage. She and her husbarid ,l;ve. here. Tom, the youngest of ,tne family, is a teen-ager. 1 ' He' has not been well of late and has been at a Fort Dodge hospital several weeks under ^reatment for colitis. He is now home* and \s t gradually improving. ' ,>.*;' . The grandfather A. Brotvn was greatly pleased when the family-called on him ?n masse ,fpr where could ' you find > a fmer group of young folk and he is proud to be "head of the family." » * * Loreen Brown has returned from the east where she spent several weeks withj her sonnfir law and daughter, Mr and;,Mrs Walter Greenwood. 1 She joined him in Chicago Sand flew, fjorri there to Boston.*? I 'The Grejeni woods live at Marblehead, nof from Boston. She also made trip home via plane to Chicago, They also went to New York City for a "fling" 'and they attended the Qary Moore and Arthur Godfrey shows, had lunch at at Rockefeller Center restaurant where they could view the skaters and saw "Oklahc-rna". At Marblehead, Loreen saw the original picture "Spirit of 1776" which hangs in the City Hall. The east is rich in historical things, a, wonderful place to visit, * * ( * I don't think I have a mean disposition but it's kinda comforting to know there's only ONE paradise, and it isn't Phoenix nor points in California, tourists to .those places With their glowing reports 'notwithstanding. ,, Which Is oy way of introduction'to this story" abbut Mr;and Mrs Ben .Wibb'ert.' .-They are just back from .Pho'enix, having gone with their 'niece and her husband, Mr and Mrs, Richard. Gross of Lone Rock, to • help them move and get settled in the'new home. Mr Gross is to' be employed with the Livingston Tool company, a branch of (the Algona company. Contrary to all conceptions of the place, it was cold at Phoenix and there Was even a little snow. At AmarillO) Tex,-, ; they were snowed in a-few days. Whoops! Not that I; rejoice- in it except it makes my "hibernating" less disagreeable. While in Phoenix Mr and Mrl' Wibben- saw "exiles" the Chubb, Don and Maynard Guderian families. Mrs Gross is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Nels Godfredsort, well known Kossuth county residents. * * * Another person who is going into, f "exile" is Mrs Edward Boy|, ce, the former Ruby Turnerj daughter of Mr and Mrs Floyd Turner. Her husband has been in Toronto, Can'.,* several months, a trial to see how he liked the location and his -job with. an insurance company. Haying decided to stay, his wife, with the assistance of her sister Marjorie Apple, packed the household goods and Mrs; Boyce left via car a few days '.ago to join, her husband. • She phoned her parents from Dubuque that everything was O.K. so far and she would wire from Detroit. * * * NOW I KNOW spring is on the way ; for the Carvers, <even at this early date, ;are planning their vaqation. They nave a trailer house that is.just burning with desire.- to 'get' on the highways, and the Carvers are burning too. The first test of actually living in -it will come during the Easter vacation. They are going to visit relatives four days and while I didh!t ! ask, I took for granted the hbUse'.may be/small and "the Carvers', and their hosts will find it more convenient to have the por- believe she said, Officers School. KEEP YOUR This will be a ten weeks course and the "traliei?" will be a wonderful place for the family. The older son Cfaig wifl be with his grandparents which Will relieve the congestion and the family will be 'reduced to only three members, "Papa Bear, Mama Bear and the Little Bear." ".-','. * * * : '' I I ithlnk when George Bernard Shaw said "Cooperate with the inevitable,", he must have had arthritis in mind. I've .learned to live with it but I sure will never learn to LIKE it. .* ' * * Mrs Leroy Crapser doesn't keep track of her husband as she:should, but at any rate she knew he and her son-in-law Ellis Mains' drove nearly 300 miles (round trip) Sunday to do some fishing. It was worth the trip for they came back with 50 perch. Whenever I think of perch..! am reminded of the Pres* byterian hospital in Chicago where I spent nine weeks once Upon fa time. EVERY Friday we were- served perch and spinach. And every Friday I'd have to ask for a little vinegar for my spinach. And every time the maid would have that astonished look that I'd want vinegar." .' . * * » ,. Another card from Hazel Miller - who is vacationing at Brownsville, Tex., again mentions tha fine weather and the good time they are having. MaHe Hawcott, Bess Hopkins and Lee Hopkins are back at Duarte, Cal., ih one ,'of the George. Bosweil motel units. They have Mr and Mrs Herman Hauberg and the letter's sister, Gladys Mahana for neighbors in the motel, and the Ed Genrich family are just over the fence with their trailer court. Just like "old home" week. The Hopkins and Marie had been at Glendale with their sister-in-law, Mrs, Fay Hopkins, , • • ,. • ..,,# but the "smog" was too much for them. '..*.. * „ ** Jack Allen Mid hti pi*«ftit, M '* and Mrs* JflmejJ Allen; are couiV ;« ing the dayls till fie lets hotWe from Fort Riley, Kan. He wi receive hisr discharge March 18 and will probably head for home like a "homing pigeon." I wonde* whal my friends would 5 have i thought had -thtfe 16dkeiJ in on me thei other ?eVft ning. I was bractically •buried in "Tidbits". r I've done tfte column, oh about seven years.I think, and have never put thenv in order. I was almost sfnqthejv ed m newspaper clippings'; 8r|d am hoping to somehow.; get order out of chaos. Rightfrtb^f it, Idoks pretty hopeless. Besides ,:ttikt there is ah accumulation of £bout ten years, of items for my ordinary scrap book. The> "Tidbit^ is one dll : by .itself,-or wtll>b6 when f "git organized! ; ' : ..•.•' * . » » - -••'.;. a Mr and Mrs Tom Verhuel have, returned from a vacation'. iri Texas. Bull fights, may be all right for the Mexicans arid the Spaniards, but the Verhuels, after two rounds of it left with turned over stomachs and general nausea.'The Verhuels enjoyed Charros days—sort of a duplicate of the New Orleans Mardi Gras but, possibly not quite so elaborate.' And as usual; thS- .''small world" was shown' up again. This time it was Mr and Mrs Guy Kemerling they saw at Helinger. , Mrs Kemerling- .was 1 Lois Inman, a bookkeeper' her6 at the Algona creamery quite a few" years ago. She and Helen Trauger were very good friends, * » • »/ Mary Ellen Kelley and I have a few things in common.' 1 -First we are females, next we are columnists, and the third bond is we both had arthritis, I've been , intending to write her for some beeft strengthened jrinca reading her eoltimrt on Of ace Kelly Prince Raftier in the MarcUS paper. Come to think of it) we have a fourth common interest— We are IRISH. How could I have overlooked that? • • *"'•'.--. Miss Kelley wrote an SnieresJ. ing column and could give first hand, impressions,- foFlshe spettt a day in Monaco while in Europe. She writes, "I can't picture an American girl being very comfortable in that rambling old royal house with its attending guards and endless stream of tourists." The rest of: the article was descriptive and interesting. : , * * >'*•'. .' *"""r In the meantime Diet's go back (o Algona in 1909—Patrons of ,the Central school building Will be pleased to know that Miss Carrie Durant \i to have charge Of a room there nfext year. Miss Durant has shown great ability as an instructor and! our people 'are glad to have her" return to livork. June Adele Overmyer is the title of a plump young -daughter who arrived to grace the home of Supt. and Mrs J. F. Overmyer on Monday evening. The mother is getting along nicely and Mr Overmyer will be in normal condition in time; for the Spening of school in September. Mr and Mrs 'Gardner Cowles.and three daughters, Misses Helen, Bertha and Florence, left Des Moines last week for a visit in the. east.'. They will visit friends 'and "attend the commencement exercises at Dartmouth College from which their son and brother Russell Cowles will be graduated this week. Leonardo de Vinci, one of the world's most versatile men, was painter, sculptor, architfecti musician and scientist. •OTTOSEN By Mrs. Kriuf Oppadahl ^^^^yi^^jy^ ^^^^^ Peggy Ann, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Loran Smith, was baptized at Trinity Lutheran church recently. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Donald Hout of Spencer and Mrs Smith's parents, Mr and Mrs Ernest Jensen of Sac City. Following the services the sponsors and Richard and John Jensen and Mr Smith's parents, Mr and Mrs John Smith of Jolley were dinner guests at the Loran Smith home. DeVere Newton celebrated his birthday, Feb. 4 and that evening he was honored at a surprise party at the Newton home. Those pr/esent included Mr and Mrs James Lenning and Larry, Mr and Mrs Helmer Lenning and boys and Mr and Mrs Lester Newton and family, all of Humboldt and Mrs S. Lenning of Dakota City. Mr and Mrs Olvin Haug and family and Mrs Marie Haug of Bode spent Sunday at the John Fjelsrud home at Armstrong, to help Mrs Fjelsrud celebrate her birthday. Mrs Fjelsrud and Mrs Marie Haug are sisters. Mr and Mrs Olaf Bruvik and Curtis visited at the John Renquist home at Livermore Friday evening. Mr and Mrs Loran Daniel and Douglas and Conley were Sunday dinner guests at the Homer Johnson home at Boone. They also visited at the Keith Daniel home at Boxholm. Mrs Hattie Daniel returned home with them. Mr and Mrs Carlisle Halsrucl a/id family of Bode were Friday Tuesday, February 21, 1956 Alyno (la.) Uppar Dm MotoM-5 Those present were Mr and Mrs Eugene Hofius, Mr and Mrs Roy Telford and Larry, Mr and Mrs Mike Coyle, Mr and Mrs Martin Meyer, Mr and Mrs Donald Larson, Mr and Mrs Kermit Fowler, Mr and Mrs K. R. McLuen and Mary Ann. The evening was spent playing 500. Winning the high prizes were Mfs Eugene Hofius and Donald Larson. Low prizes went to Mrs K. R. McLuen and Mike Coyle. Eugene Hofius received the chair prize. COMPLETE C L O SING OUT AUCTIO , As I am quitting farming I will Public Auction all of my personal property on the farm located I 1 /: miles south, 1 mile west, 1% south of Lone*Hock, or 1 mile north, 1 mile east and Vi mile north of Lolls Creek on Thursday, March 1 •'-..- • j» • •• • •.. ' SALE STARTS AT 1:00 p.m. LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 18 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 18 1 evening visitors at the Oliver Lee home to celebrate Mr? Willis King's birthday. Sunday afternoon Mr and Mrs Oliver Leo and Terry and Mrs Willis King and Vickie visited at the Maurice Hfllsrud home at Bradgate. Mrs Oliver Lee attended a birthday party honoring Mrs Ed Hoover at her home in Bode, recently. Mr 'and Mrs Knut Oppedahl and family spent an afternoon with his mother, Mrs Bertha Op* pedahl in Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel entertained the Anniversary Club at their home Feb. 10 beginning with a seven o'clock dinner. ADVERTISING in the Algoni Upper Des Moines reacnes more families in Kossuth county than »ny other nublicatioti SHEEP TO LAMB IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH Head Holstein Cattle s'l ^'Hfolstein CoWs 3 tfolstein Cows to freshen soon. All cows are TB and Bangs tested. ,2 ^pringing Heifers to freshen in April. 1 Six month old Heifer. 1 Holstein bull. 2 winter Heifer Calves. 170 LEGHORN PULLETS In good production 170 YEAR OLD HENS Golden Necks and High Lines 35 TONS OF CORN SILAGE 1950 SC Case Tractor Heal Houser for above Tractor Chains Wood Bros, single row corn picker John Deere Manure spreader McCormick Deering binder conv. to windrower MACHINERY John Deere No. 6 Combine John Deere Hay Loader John Deere 2 row corn planter John Deere 2-14" Plow McCormick Deeririg 15 foot Disc 9 foot spring tooth harrow Montgomery Ward trailer, 4 wheeled Flare Box Hay Rack Side Delivery Rake Hammer Mill 2 Wheeled Trailer John Deere 4 section drag 12' x 14' BROODER HOUSE W ALK IN HOG FEEDER (200 bu. cap.) MISCELLANEOUS DeLavel Milking Machine 2 buckets with pipeline for 17 cows. McCormick Deering separator Milk Cart Electric Motors Forks, shovels, spades Socket set 300 Gallon Gas Barrel complete with hose and nozzle. Pump Jack Electric Brooder (500 chick size) 50 foot endless rubber bell Chicken Feeders and waterers Fencing tools Pipe Wrenches, crescent wrenches Buzz saw with 36 in. blade Electric Hedge Clipper with 100 ft. cord Other articles too numerous to mention TERMS; Usual auction terms. No properly to be removed until settled for or arrangements made with the clerk. Not responsible in case of accidents. FERD MiffAG Lloyd Berkland and Charles Quinn, Auctioneers The Lone Rock Bank, Clerk WINNERS Of Botsford's Grand Opening Event FEB. 10, 1956 Delmar Kern Algona Lena Loss Algona, John Zeller , r i .Bodifc Mrs. Ralph Harberls - Algona Linda Kay Butler Livermore James HSIJerty . r . Wesley Fred Will Algona D. D. Monlux Algona Homer Clark Algona Mrs. Carol Adams Algona Dora Mitchell Algona Mrs. R. G. Buchanan _.i—Algona Bernice Beamish Algona K. L. Kohlhaas ...Livermore Don T. Prew .Sexton Chel R. Cook Algona Wm. Duffy - Algona Arnold Elbert Algona Geo Simmons Algona Sebastian Kramer Algona Joan Hauperi Burl Mrs. Claude Slagle Algona Fred Habeger Burl Cora Smith Wesley John N. Berte Irvington Mrs. J. V. Evans Algona Julian' Chrischilles ^.Algona Wayne Mann Burt C. E. Zaugg -_1 Algona Fred Meyer Algona Mrs. Albert Fosnaugh 1 Algona Caroline Bickert Algona Mrs. Adam Kramer _._Bode Mrs. Theodoie Hutchison ._ Algona Gerald Angus Bancroft Mrs. Henry Kubly LuVerne Tony Lindhotst ,-• -»- Algona George Wildin, •' 1 Algona Mary Hammer Algona Mrs. Hollis Benschoter Algona Pauline Kissner Algona Mrs. Alvin Weber LuVerne Henry Zwiefel Algona Robert Brewer Algona Henry J. Kohlhaas Algona Mrs. Carl Paetz Algona Lewis Giesking Woden M. J. Taylor Algona Mrs. Frances Holtzbauer ..Algona Mrs,'L. Wellendorf Algona Mrs. John Deim Algona Mrs. Russell Rentz Algona Joseph Mishak Algona Dena K. Kohlhaas Algona Marvin Hentges Algona Mrs, Theo Evenson ... Algona John Goodman Algona Mrs. Conrad Heerdt Burt 1 Grace Holland Algona LeRoy Schiltz Bancroft Dean Taylor Algona Mrs. Robert Will 1. LuVerne P. W. Hansen Algona Edith Welter Algona 1-gal. paint Closet Shelf Closet Shelf Scotch Grill Metal Drawer Barbecue Kit 1-gal. paint Ventilator 1 Ton Coal Claw Hammer Sack Sakrele 1-gal. paint Saw-horse brackets Sack Sakrete Wingford Grill Clothes Dryer $10.00 in merch. Tea Table Metal Drawer Coffee Table Sack Sakrete 1-gal. paint Coffee Table Saw-horse brackets Set Knives Alum. Trellis 1-gal. paint Metal Drawer Flower bed border Steel Tank 500 fireplace bricks : Barbecue Pit : ; Chopping Block 'Metal 'Drawer • ' Chisel Set Electric Clock Tool Chest Alum Trellis. roll field fence 32" Clothes Dryer Roll Picket Fence Folding Door Blanket Alum. Trellis Closet Shelf Closet Shelf Alum. Trellis Alum. Level 6' Step ladder Electric Clock Chopping Block 500 Fireplace Bricks Alum. Trellis Mixer Set Pot Holder Pot Holder Pot Holder Closet Shelf Closet Shelf Closet Shelf Closet Shelf Pot Holder Closet Shelf Closet ShQlf SOME INTERESTING STATISTICS We Dispensed ' 2,000 cups coffee >; 1,560 doughnuts : 300 cookies ) 480 '/j pts. milk 720 cards aluminum potato nails 1,500 balloons 1,000 pencils BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. So. Phillips St. Algona YOU NAME IT!!! KOSSUTH COUNTY 100 LBS. OF PORK With Each Used Car Sold During February (1950 MODEL OR LATER) 20 Ibf. ROAST 10 Ibi, LARD ib§, CHOPS 8 Ibs. BACON Jbs. RIBS Ibs. LIVER 10 Ibs. HOCKS 7 Ibs. LUNCH MEAT WE GOT IT!!! KOSSUTH COUNTY EATMORE PORK Ye* Sir! You nqme tlw/car and th» kind yov want. . • and'ifo just gbout a sure thing we son match ypyr desires here a* SthvU* 819* Why n*t try us out and fee? S C H U L T Z '-•• :: ~ BROS. Looking for those choice late models at a price that makes yov feel good? Take a trip to Schultz Bros, and see our top array of cars. You'll like what we can show you! EAT MORE PORK

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