Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1973
Page 14
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m • ** M» m tr* «w. DM wt Oft wt MH to «t 12 Qatesbura ftegi$ter«Mai 1> Gotesburp, Afghan Upheaval ill Mean To Dopers, f ridav, July 20,1973 iHMlii 1 * Peon By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst .For the international young r$*pies drawn to the Afghanis* i capital of Kabul by cheap jgs whether Afghanistan is a gdom or a republic will > 'IBake little difference. Foreign News Commentary !Nor will it probably matter jrnuch to the Afghan peasant ; vliying on $6 or less per month. ««For, despite its ancient r .ju'Jgins, Afghanistan is less a ;.;."niation than a circumstance. ^Although called a crossroads of Asia, most of its roads in fact are passable only to the camel or to vehicles with four wheel drive. Its boundaries were set up for the convenience of the 19th Century Russian and British empires. Early Takeover ^»It has no way to the sea, no -iiwivjgable streams, no railroads . *Bfcd few natural assets. ^£lt has a 1,200-mite border .^with the Soviet Union, a 50-mile border with China and others '"feith Iran and Pakistan. ^Until the July 17 announce 3nent of the king's overthrow «and the establishment of a •'.iepublic, Afghanistan had been .^flirted at least in name for 40 years by Mohammad Zahir Shah, himself the product of the violence endemic to the coun try. f He had taken over at the age of 19 after the assassination oi his father in 1933. It is a matter of some irony that it was . the king who introduced the beginnings oi democracy to Afghanistan after ousting the man who now has deposed him, Gen. Sardar Mohammed Daud. Promise Seems Doubtful Daud, cousin and brother-in- law of the king, served as prime minister for 10 years, 19334963, at the head of a clique of cousins and uncles Who held the king a near prisoner. Daud took advantage of the king's absence in Italy to announce the overthrow, accompanying it with the declara- ion the new regime would establish a "genuine democracy," an assertion which seems doubtful in view of the record. Over the years the king had aken full advantage of Afghanistan's strategic location to gain the most in aid from the chief cold war competitors. In the last 20 years, Soviet military and economic assistance has come to around $1.5 billion. The United States has helped with around $450 million and China with about $72 million. Hashish Traffic Flourishes In the last 10 years, Afghanistan and Kabul especially has become especially noted as a mecca for thousands of young westerners hooked on drugs. It has beep estimated that 150 to 300 tons of opium are produced illegally each year in inaccessible areas possessing a feudal autonomy largely free of outside control. Most of the opium is said to go to Iran. But also across Afghanistan's porous borders flow an estimated one to two tons per month of hashish, the best in the world. About a third is said to reach the United States. One of those contributing to Afghanistan's reputation as a drug center is Dr. Timothy Leary, currently serving a term for prison escape and a conviction on marijuana charges after being extradited from Afghanistan. Dollar Posts New Advance On Most European Markets 1 'Nuff Said With temperatures in the 80s, Joe Lommel Jr. got too hot while painting his Dad's tavern in rural Luxemburg, Minn., 12 miles west of St. Cloud, and decided to take a dip in nearby Beaver Lake, recorded. UNIFAX The reaction of Joe's father was not Who Knows Cost of Presidency? Current Money Situat on Puts flinches on Endangered List By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - One of the bad things about the current economic situation is that some of America's best- loved platitudes are becoming inoperative. The Lighter Side The public at large is not as yet (terribly alarmed by this development. But to someone like Fred Chestnut, executive director of an organization calling itself Friends of the Cliche, the undermining of a platitude is a source of great concern. "What you must realize is that 68 per cent of all oral communication is composed of bromides," Chestnut said in seeking to enlist me in his cause. -Trend in Crime: ?TheftofMcat? " ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Meat * Stealing may become the latest ' trend in crime in. the United ...States. Police said two men scuffled 'with Donald Guiot, 58, a deliv 'ery man for the Krey Meat Packing Co. during a delivery -Thursday and got away with 40 pounds of meat. Police said the two men put the meat into a car and fled Hfidio Program's Founder Is Dead 1ST. LOUIS (UPI) - The Rev. Eugene P. Murphy, S.J died Thursday, apparently of heart attack. He was 81. * Father Murphy was the founder of the world-wide Sacred Heart radio and television program, which began in 1939 at St. Louis University, The program eventually was broadcasted on 985 stations in several languages. Father Murphy, who, was bora in Denver, Colo., entered the seminary in 1912. He was observing his 61st year as a Jesuit. Now You Know ,.. By United Press International The first admission for a baseball game was charged on July 20, 1859, when 1,500 fans paid 50 cents each to watch BrookJyn play New York. "Anytime a platitude that has achieved a viable and ongoing place in the language loses its meaning ithe ability of people to communicate with each other is impaired. Something We Don't Need "And if there is anything we don't need at this point in time it is a widening of the communication gap." I asked Chestnut whether here has been any recent additions to the endangered cliche list. "There certainlly has," he replied. "You yourself have noted that the phrase 'sound as dollar,' which is one of America's all-time favorite commonplaces, now has hollow ring. "It definitely is in danger of being driven into oblivion by currency devaluations and international money speculators. "And much the same thing is happening to 'chickenfeed.'" "Chick!enfeed! ,, I exclaimed. "You mean like wlhen you want to describe a sum of money as piddling or paltry you say 'it's only chickenfeed?'" "Exactly," Chestnut said. "If something isn't done soon that cliche will become extinct, and we will be losing one of the real workhorses of the English language." He Cites Testimony In support of his warning, he cited congressional testimony this week that the prices ol feed grains used in the poultry industry had gone up about 300 per cent, Soybean meal, for example which is one of the main ingredients in the average hen's diet, now costs about $400 a ton, compared to $100 a year ago. "You certainly can't describe anything that costs $400 a ton as chickenfeed," Chestnu pointed out. I told Chestnut I, too, would hale to see these old semantic standbys rendered obsolete, Therefore I thought his cliche conservation campaign merited public support But I didn't consider i crucial to communication because America still had a superabundance of platitudes "If you can't call a meager amount chickenfeed any longer, then call it peanuts," I said. "Apparently you h a v e n't bought any peanuts lately," Chestnut sighed: By NORMAN KEMPSTER WASHINGTON (UPI) - Acknowledgement that the government spent more than $2 million in connection with President Nixon's homes in Florida and California gave taxpayers just a glimpse of what the presidency costs them. There seems to be no doubt the Nixon presidency is the most expensive ever. But this appears due in large part to inflation and the increased security precautions stemming from the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers. Precise figures on the cost of running the White House are almost impossible to obtain because they are > camouflaged in the budgets of agencies ranging from the Pentagon to the National Park Service. Nixon's budget for the current fiscal year included $12.9 million for operation of the White House office. That includes Nixon's $200,000-a-year salary and $50,000 annual expense allowance. It does not cover millions of dollars worth of services performed by various government agencies. Army Sergeants Drive Army sergeants drive White House automobiles. Military doctors attend to the President's health. The General Service Administration (GSA) pays some of the cost of the office wings of the White House and the National Park Service is billed for some of the maintenance of the executive mansion and its grounds. In response to a barrage of questions, the GSA recently revealed that the government spent $1.1 million spread over five years on security, opera tions and maintenance at Nixon's Key Biscayne, Fla., compound and another $1.1 million in four years at the President's San Clemente, Calif,, residence. The total included the cost of providing presidential 'office space along with such things as landscaping, new tiles for the roof and a bullet-resistant glass shield, which doubles as a windbreak around the swimming pool. The GSA said the improvements to Nixon's two homes were requested by the Secret Service to enhance presidential security. $8,810 for Landscaping At San Clemente, the GSA spent $8,810 for landscaping, including the removal of dry weeds. Other expenditures in elude $3,200 for roof tile at San Clemente and $475 for a swimming pool cleaner at Key Biscayne. The President's supporters say the expenditures are neither unjustified nor unusual They suggest the government also spent money at President Lyndon B. Johnson's LBJ Ranch and at President John F. Kennedy's Hyannisport compound. A GSA spokesman said the agency has no figures to show spending on behalf of previous presidents. He explained that the law requiring the agency to provide support for the Secret Service was enacted in 1968 following the assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. The Air Force built a 6,500- foot runway-suitable for jet aircraft—adjacent to the LBJ Ranch. The field was equipped with the latest equipment. But a former Johnson administration official said the jetport, although used chiefly by Johnson was open to other aircraft. The navigational equipment, the official said, was .removed, after Johnson left office although the runway itself remained. Spending Was Minimal A Secret Service spokesman said security spending at Kennedy's Hyannisport facility was minimal, limited to some guard booths, a frailer and "communications support." The Secret Service installed no permanent facilities at Palm Beach, Fla., a favorite winter retreat of Kennedy, the spokesman said. The first presidential airplane was the Sacred Cow, a C54 assigned in 1944 to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Following Roosevelt's death, President Harry S Truman used the Sacred Cow until 1947 when he acquired a DC6 named the Independence. President Dwight D. Eisenhower used two planes, both Lockheed Constellations. They navigational |were named Columbine II and Columbine III. Kennedy used a VC118 four- engine propeller plane as the presidential aircraft from his inauguration until Oct. 12, 1962, when he acquired the first presidential jet, a Boeing 707. The Primary Aircraft The Kennedy plane remained the primary presidential aircraft throughout the Johnson administration and during Nixon's first term. Last,February, Nixon acquired another 707 as his primary plane. Although Roosevelt made occasional trips to; spas and to the Catoctin Mountain camp now known as Camp David but then called Shangri-La, the modern era of presidential recreational travel began with Truman's visits ).o Key West, Fla. < Truman stayed at the naval facility at Key West. Unlike his successors, he seldom used Camp David: Eisenhower made frequent visits to Denver and to the Augusta, Ga., National Golf Club. Eisenhower also spent many weekends at Camp David and at the farm he purchased in nearby Gettysburg, Pa., while in office. gained on most European motley markets today, the second day of improvement for the American ctirrency. Gold also moved higher. fta dollar posted gains in West Germany, Belgium and Amsterdam and moved up in London. It tost a little ground in Paris. On the big London bullion market, gold gained $1 to $116 an ounce at the morning price setting. On Thursday it dropped $4.50. Dealers said they saw nothing unusual in the exchange rate fluctuations today. "I would judge this as normal profit-taking," said a Paris trader. A German dealer described trading there as "absolutely normal." London brokers said the markets were quiet, as usual on a Friday. In Frankfurt, the dollar bought 2.3440 marks today, up from Thursday's close of 2.3340 marks. The opening quotations in Paris ranged from 4,0750 to 4.0850 francs, a dip from Thursday's final price of 4 francs. Early trading pushed the dollar slightly higher in London; to $2.5335 to the pound. The American currency opened .62 per cent higher in Brussels, at 36.10 Belgian francs. It was also higher in Amsterdam at 2.59 guilders, compared with Thursday's clos ing of 2.5825. "People who bought dollars yesterday, driving the dollar up, are selling them today," the Paris dealer said in explaining the slight morning,decline. The dollar climbed Thursday in European markets, gaining an average of 1.5 per cent during the day, after a week of declines. Money men said the foreign exchange markets were more affected by other financial moves than by President Nixon's Phase IV economic plans and the announcement the United States had been intervening in money markets since July 10. .>._ These moves, they said, included purchases by the West uennafi gavernrnent OMIK or $10.3 million Thursday. It also included the Batik of England's order to British banks to place one per cent of their deposits in accounts with tine government batik, a step withdrawing $475 miHion in potential taftatiotwauslng loan funds. 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