Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1973
Page 13
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Golesbura Reoister-MQil, Golesburg, 111, in Friday. July 20,1973 ft fejf FRANCES DRAKE Look 111 the section In which yo»f birthday Somes and find whalyoufoutlook awoardmg to m SATURDAY, J JULY 11,1171 Meres ti to^prtii .tiliAViSjU 1 ' Your ability to ^ bt!6vr;tM surface i boon«now. Ycu ,,0 *1 gam by capttaUtirttj uflbn inter* mation come upon unexpected* 3y. don't hesitate. A cha^enfjng day! New oppor- twities ipcated, chances to give more jrein to your creative abilities. " Msy ft to Jane tl (Gemini)Don't frptllf lack of ready cash temporarily' delays the launch* ing of a p&t project. There's no hurry. In fact, timo is definitely on your aide. .June M* Jdly U (Cancer) Friends may try to tempt you into making an unsound investment. Say "no" and hold your ground — even K they are unreasonably disturbed by your refusal* July 14 to Aug. 13 (Leo) - WfirW WntlfWiflfr Given me right impetus by you, .IT O™* fT OnUCTmg your vehicle. ,of aucoeas can - - • speed ahead unimpeded. Smart initiative and enthusiastic efforts pay off now. * Aug. U to Sept. II (Virgo) New and diversified interests' indicated. Review: weekls*. efforts to guide youin formulating Robert Mardian ...'dirty tricks' future plans. Romance and family Interests favored. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) Be careful not to mix friends and finances now.- Arguments, mistrust on either side could be a distinct possibility; In r other respects, day should go well.: Oct. 24. to Nov. 22 (Scorpk>)~ Follow throjugh on well-devised plans and procedures, and don't be sidetascked'by nonejsaritiais. Consider'me suggestions of others, but tailor them to suit'your own needs. . •„ ' • Nov. 2S te Dee.JU&gittSri- us) — A good *hy for, trying new experiments as a means of furthering progress. Remember, it doesn't always pay to "play it safe" or "stay put." Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — If things aren't going quite as you'd like, seek a new and more productive approach. As with Sagittarius, experiment a bit, but don't go to extremes. ' Jan. 11 to Feb. M (Aquarius) — Be alert to spot flaws in your program, end initiate corrective notion promptly, rAn iim* usual idea, put forward at the proper time, could prove profitable. • Fab. 20 to March M (Pisces) — You could be tempted how to turn from a winning to a more confused course. Consider the whole picture, and avoid the pitfalls of heedlessness and haste. YOU BORN TODAY are clev er and talented; sensitive and artistic. Extremely- versatile, there are many fields in which you could shine, but you MUST learn to control periods of restlessness In which you scatter your energies, thus hindering accomplishment. You have a keen sense of humor 1 which, at times, borders on the sarcastic. There were Conflicting reports today indicating mat France may delay the start of its 1973 nuclear test aeries, already the test zone PAPEETE, Tahiti (UPI) -rjearlier, with the crew confined to. air-conditioned areas so they may breathe air to protect them from any radio-active fallout in Ibedevilied by international protests. - -: f 3 'v But reports 1 in Fraftce-insisted 'the first explosion was 1 imminent/ '/ Paris reported f avorabl weather for the atmospheric (explosions and islanders reported flights of French observation planes in the direction of the Mururoa Atoll test site. - vBut Islanders ralso said lights at French military installations did not burn during the night, which in the past has meant Suspension of normal activities preceding a nuclear test • Another Sign In Wellington, a New Zealand Defense Ministry spokesman said French-warships -were sailing toward Mururoa, anoth jer sign that the tests were not Imminent. The. ministry, said one of its own warships, sailing in the area, to protest^the tests, noted a change in shape of a balloon designed ;to hold the French nuclear device above ground, VThe French'ileenV' to be [having some problem; with it (theballoon)," a ministry statement saicj. The '*New .Zealand? frigate Otago is cruising IS to 20 miles from- the island test site in defiance of French orders to stay clear. New Zealand said it ordered the Otageito remain outside the 12-mile ^territorial limit arourtd Mururoa, _ about 7W miles southeast of The Otagp, which includes a cabinet minister ?• among Its crew, was put on total alert Frl Towed Away ., ;•• Earlier, French sailors boarded an American-owned schooner that sailed into the area to protest the tests'. Prime Minis- 'Iter Norman Kirk of New Zealand said Thursday that [French warships have towed the schooner Frl to ah unidentified island' outside the 72-mlle security tone around Mururoa. • ; Kirk said French authorities told him the Fri's crew of 16, including skipper Donald Moodie, 30, of Alstead, N.H., are "safe and well." , France refused to identify the {island but Kirk said authorities promised to name it later, presumably after the- tests start. New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Peru and other countries oppose the tests on grounds fallout could endanger their populations.. France denies such danger exists. LOUIE'S LIQUORS 41 S. Seminary OPEN 8 A.M. Phone 342-4515 Till. MIDNIGHT Open Sunday 1 to 8 P.M. FOUR ROSES or ANTIQUE 5th *3.98 imported 1 ' CUTTY SARK 1 or J. B, RARE 1 SCOTCH 1 5th e# 1 NEW — PITER HAND OLD CHICAGO 12 *r lager Beer imported 1 ' CUTTY SARK 1 or J. B, RARE 1 SCOTCH 1 5th e# 1 NEW — PITER HAND OLD CHICAGO 12 *r lager Beer BARTON 1 i VCAU OLD aouaaow 1 5th'3.99 1 NEW — PITER HAND OLD CHICAGO 12 *r lager Beer PURE GRAIN 1 VODKA 1 $•>•• 1 9th m • • CANADIAN MIST House of Stuart 5th *3,99 PURE GRAIN 1 VODKA 1 $•>•• 1 9th m • • IUSCH 12-12 -01. Cans *2.09 OIP itVu '*1! UII SL 1 U-12-oj. Cans Mf**. NR 1 *2.09 *1.29 1 PABST or fALSTAPP 24 IS'I" • ANDEKir 1 MICHILOI 1 GEMEINDE BRAU In The Amana Tradition Andre . 1 COLD DUCK 1 Chilled 1 1 By MIKE FUmstLBER i WASH 1 N 0 W>N % {MP 1) mm day* iftfr the Watergate * *ln» i millionaire business* anil a successful lawyer sat down with O. Gordon LkWy and heard ail about the crime from its chief perpetrator. Did they hurry out and tell the - fiMjR t ,, here is • your .^ureday, the Senate Water* gate Committee heard Frederick C. LaRue, the Millionaire, and Robert C. Mardian, a former assistant attorney general, toy how it came to pass thatthey did hot. . LaRue said he had cautioned against wiretapping the Democrats as "risky" when he first heard the scheme* proposed but somehow he was drawn into the cover-up. He said he ended up paying 1242,000 in Nixon cam* pfign funds to keep the defendants silent while keeping about $7,500 for his own expenses. Mardian said he was shocked and repelled by what biddy told hin June 20, 1972, at that meeting in LaRue's apartment —which, by coincidence, was in the Watergate West. Cites Privilege as Deterrent But, said Mardian, he had interviewed Liddy that day in his role as an attorney and so the lawyer-client privilege—the obligation of a lawyer to preserve, the secrecy of his client's confessions —prevented him-from. going to anyone, even President Nixon, to tell about the crime of Watergate or the [crime of the cover-up. Ervin and the committee themselves were the victims of a crime Thursday, an embarrassing hoax. Ervin' took a telephone call in a booth in a corner of the hearing room from semeone pretending ;to . be Treiiury Secretary George P. Shultj, who said President Nixon had agreed to release tape y f«Cofd* ings of Nixon's <»nversaiionj on Watergate-key evidence in determining how much Nixon knew of the cover-up. An exultant Ervin announced the d*eciskm"at the start of the afternoon session. In the White House, Leonard Garment, heard the iannouhcemeht. He telephoned committee counsel [Samuel Dash and soon Ervin, shaken, had to admit he had been victimized by a hoax. [tiled to testify next week-aboot thecever*up. , He did not, he said. "1 was precluded by the oath I took as a lawyer," he said. Jtjdge Rejects Clahit Trust Grossly Abused "My trust grossly Then, wii in humanity has been grossly abused," Ervin said. Then, with eyes twinkling, he added: "Some people think the telephone is an instrument of the devil anyway." The White house said that Nixon's decision on releasing the tapes will be announced early next week. The White House, the Justice Department and the committee said the FBI was investigating the carefully executed call to Ervin. Federal communications laws prohibit such impersonations on the telephone. Mardian said he was asked by John N. Mitchell to act as the lawyer for the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP) immediately after the break-in and that task gave. him the lawyer-client relationship which sealed his lips. By mid-July, he said, he was (disgusted with what he had learned. "I wanted out." He was asked if he told Nixon or his closest aides, H. R. Haldenian and John D. Ehrlichman—both of whom are sched Judge John J. Sirica, presid ~m,ing over the. first Watergate ^ trial, considered that claim, retorted H, and ordered Mardi* an to testify., before the grand jury. Mardian said that freed him to testify before the Senate I panel; On one occasion, Mardian said, he ignored the! silence he had imposed upon himself to try to warn Clark MacGregor, the former White House official who succeeded Mitchell as campaign director, that his blanket press conference deni als of CRP'S involvement in the scandal were "untrue." At the Republican convention, Mardian said, he finally told MacGregor. - "He got very upset," he said. Mardian said MacGregor told |him that when he took the job he had been assured none at CRP were involved. "I'm [relying on that," MacGregor said, according to Mardian. "I dort't want to hear about it." Heatedly, sofnetmies testily, Mardian disputed previous testimony implicating him in the Speeding Fine YOXALL, England (UPI) A court fined Mrs. Helen Cookson $47.50 Thursday for speeding. Her address? Snails Place, Yoxall. cover-up. The testimony cime from Mitchell, John W. Dean lit and Job Stuart Magruder, the deputy campaign director who admits he committed perjury. Nixon Doesn't Have Hay Fever WASHINGTON (UPI) -'Dr. Walter R. Tkadi says he can't convince President Nixed he doesn't have hay fever. " "He thinks he has hay fever, but he doesn't," the President's physician said Thursday. Tkadh said he has a running argument on the subject with Nixon. What Nixon really suffers from occasionally, the doctor said, is a slight cold. LAKE HOMES INC. Sat., July 21 va Sun., July 22 1 PM* 5 PM 3 BEDROOM SWISS CHALET Fully Corpted — Air Conditioned — Electric Heot 2 BEDROOM COTTAGE WITH LAKE VIEW Family Room — Carpeted — Air Conditioned FURNISHINGS COMPLIMENTS OF FRANCS FURNITURE Tok« Route 150 EaitTo Appltton Road Turn Left And Through Appleron To Ook Run Entrance Then Follow Open House Signs Earl Rocks Japan, TOKYO (UPI) - A relatively strong earthquake locked the metropolitan Tokyo area, today but police reported no injuries or damage. Street lights on an elevated superhighway viewed from the windows of the UPI Tokyo bureau shook back and forth but no cracks appeared in the pavement. The Japan Broadcasting Corp. radio reported an intensi ty of four on the Japanese scale of seven in Mito, about 80 miles north, of Tokyo, three in Choshi, 60 miles east of Tokyo, and two in Tokyo, The epicenter of the quake was located 25 miles below sea level off Ibaragi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, a seismplogical agency in ths capital said. New York-Peking Satellite Link NEW YORK (UPI) —A telegram from American physicians to thejr Chinese colleagues, Thursday inaugurated the first direct New York' Peking satellite communication. Dr. Paul Dudley White, physician to the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower, sent the first telegram of greetings. White was one of the first Ajnerican physicians to travel to China after the recent thaw in Sino-Ajnericao relations. The new satellite linkup is operated by Western Union International, Inc. Australia numbers more than 320 varieties of marsupials among some 230 species of mammals. BLACK ANGUS Midwest Beef Sale 4 MONTHS SAME AS CASH • NO INTEREST • NO CARRYING CHARGES • NO PAYMENTS FOR 30 DAYS Your Choice of No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 THESE ARE THE CUTS AVAILABLE SPECIAL NO. 2 ROUND & LOIN • Sirrein Steak • PeMethouue St, • T-Bane Steak • Tap Round St. • Sirloin Tip Rst. WTS • London Broil • Bottom Round Stic. • Sirloin Tip Rst, • Rump Roast #) Ground Beof i Eye Round Roast AVG. 122 to 220 lb Prices Include Free Cutting I yirtpplng, Sharp PrMsing, 4 Months Froo Locker Storago A|l Boof federal Stamped, USDA Graded by The Dept. of Agriculture Choice A Printo . SPECIAL NO. 1 RIB & LOIN Sirloin Steak T>Bono Steak Rib Steak Bar*B»Q Ribs BanB-Q Steak Club Steak Ground Beef Porterhouso WTS. AVG. 129 to 225 c lb CALL TODAY OLASFORD 389-3911 389-3921 DON'T MISS THIS EARLY BIRD BONUS 10 LBS. CHICKEN—We Will Give You Thli Bonus Just For Phoning In An Order Sat., JiMi), Mon. or Tuei. 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