The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1956 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Page 10
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4-Alflona lla.J Uppef Des Moln«» Tuesday, February 2t, 1056 BB Guns'Proving Harmful Ask Boys To Observe Law Fenlon—The little BB gun is causing a stir in Fenton. It secrns as though a number of the Fenton boys have them and have been using them. There is a town ordinance that forbids the firing of the guns within the city limits. One of the biggest problems, lias been the headache of trying to keep bulbs in the street lights. Also, a number of Fenton citizens have had to replace windows in their garages and other buildings. , j Then there are the pets around town who have no love for the guns. Some of the animals have been injured. The most serious mis-use of the guns, has been the shooting at other children. Numerous children have complainted at having been hit with the guns. True as it may be, that the boys are only shooting at the legs to see them jump, it is still most dangerous. What if there were a miss and the' BB hits the eye? It could very.easily happen, and once is all it' would take for an eye. • Parents of boys who have BB guns may not be aware such things are going on. The citizens of Fenton are asking the parents of boys who own BB guns to see that their boys observe the town ordinance, which forbids the shooting of guns within the city limits. If this is done, these other instances will take care of themselves. And it is stated that if this is not heeded, drastic steps are to be taken. Students In Conceit Mr Marlyn Bausman presented the local band students in a concert Tuesday evening, Feb. 14. The program" included three selections by the Junior Band 'Christmas Song', 'Air From Rigoletto 1 and 'Merry Widow Waltz'. Selections by the Senior Band were 'Hans Christian Anderson Overture', J Prelude in C. Minor', 'Intermezzo 1 , 'Iowa Band Law', 'Creole Lullaby' and 'Mam- bonga'. Solos included 'March of the Campions 1 a Bell Lyre solo by Yvonne Borchardt. Clarinet solo, 'Gypsy Moods' by Marlys Jentz; Snare Drum, 'Young Contestant' by Nancy Wiener; Trumpet, 'The Message' by Jack Munch; Clarinet, 'Dapper Donkey' by Beth Ann Newel; Baritone, 'Betsy Waltz' by Joyce Voigt; Clarinet, 'Miami Moon' by Alvina Miller and a Trombone solo 'Stars and Stripes Forever 1 by Stanley Berkland. Blakjer Women Meet The Blakjer WMF met Thursday afternoon with hostesses Mrs Otto .Jensen and Mrs Carrie Jensen. Rev. Harlan Block- hug was in charge of the devotions, and Mrs Amy Cherland, president, presided at the business meeting. Mrs Sig Loge Office Other Receipts Receipts Total L REPORT OF THE TOWN OF FENTON, IOWA FOB YEAH ENDING' DECEMBER II. IMS January 1, 1955 through December 31, 1955 Receipts Tax Receipts 1. General Government 2. Street --3. Public Safety — - 4. Sanitation 6. Recreation 7. Utilities -fl. Trust and Agency —•- 12. Road Used Tax 14. Liquor -Profit — D98.00 1,492.05 4,231.18 23.98 301.45 4.25 10.00 487.85 GRAND TOTAL RECEIPTS . Expenditures Salaries Capital 6.047.54 4,654.70 1,115.61 215.86 633.43 5.537.61 146.48 . 118.04 487.85 13,419.51 Other 1. General Government 2. Street '„' 3. Public Safety 4. Sanitation 6, Recreation 8.' Debt Service - 401.20 2,290.00 100.05 140.61 720.45 4.260.21 1,074.67 217.20 477.02 4,040.19 1,287.45 7,764.96 2,389.31 223.20 1.018.83 4,040.19 GkAND TOTAL EXPENDITURES A good home is always easy to go into and hard to leaver ' THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone FENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 16,723.04 REPORT OF UTILITIES 1955 tetelpU! Water Works Sale'of'WatW or Electricity $4,162.50 Other Hec'efptV'IIIIIII""-" ' 68.H8 Total Receipts, 1055 $5.537,61 Ixpenditures: Salaries and Wages: -,„,.„,,, Office - — .$1,060.87 Outlay new improvements: New Equipment S'S'li Other Outlay 089,52 Total Expenditures, 1055 $2,901.16 CASH STATEMENT Balance on Hand—Jan. 1, 1055 $ 1,410.61 Total Receipts for Year Ending December 31. 1055 { 3 ')UR-?J Total to Account for .-.$14,830.12 Total Expenditures for Year Ending December 31, 1055-. 16,723.94 Total $16,723.04 Deduct — Warrants Outstanding December 31, 1055 8.00 Total Deduct from Total to Account for 16,715.!H Balance on Hand — , December 31, 1955—overdrawn 1, REPORT OF MUNICIPAL INDEBTEDNESS December 31, 1055 General Bonds S42.000.00 Grand Total - $42.000.00 Valuation ol Property Subject To Taxation on Assessment of January 1, 1955 Class of Properly: _. Real Property $150,705.01 Personal Properly 121,564.01 Railroad Property 81.807.00 Telephone, Tufcgrapli and Express Companies ... Ib,8a5.0! Utiluies, Including Transmission Lines and Pipe Lines 32,110.01 Total Except Monies and Credits .._ ....$703.131.01 Total Monies and Credits 117,fi74.0i Total Valuation o! All Property $820.805.0 290 EGGS per HEN New All-time State Record with DEKALB * vHIJv ^^.^ In Missouri, a DEKALB flock averaged 290 egga for Ernest Schnetzler at Salisbury, establishing a NEW, high record in the University of Missouri's Extension Poultry Record Keeping Program. Schnetzler housed 185 birds, and lost ONLY 7 birds during the year ending August 31, 1955, (3 from mouldy feed.) presented the Bible Study Jes. son on Peter. Mrs Harlan Blockhus,. mission secretary presented a program on Home Missions. Guests of the society were Mrs Harold Grunhovd of Seneca, Mrs Gene Madsen of Bradgate and Mrs Art Classon of Swea Qity. • New Elevator Truck Fred Mortenson, manager of the local Co-Op Elevator and B. G. 'Berkland, president of the Board of Directors for the Elevator, drove the new Chevrolet truck recently purchased by the elevator to Cedar Rapids last Sunday, where they had a fertilizer box and spreader attachment mounted on the truck. This new piece of equipment will be another service 6f the Fenton Co-Op Elevator to the Farmers of this area. • : While in Cedar Rapids, Mr Mortenson and Mr Berkland were Monday evening guests in the Loren Barker home. They returned to Fenton late Tuesd.ay evening. Mr and Mrs William Hantelman and family spent the weekend in the parental W. B. Schmidtke home at Morristown, Minn. • ,. Mrs Arthur Mueller and Mrs Lloyd Kern spent Thursday at the Harvey Higley home in Fairmont. Mr and Mrs Gerald Kressm, Connie and Steven were Wednesday and Thursday guests in the M. P. Nemitz home. Mrs Franklin Mueller and boys were last Tuesday afternoon guests in the Max Hiatt home at Burt in honor of Nancy Hiatt's 5th birthday. Mrs J. F. Beckley spenl this past week at Blanchard, Iowa. Mrs Beckley's father, S. C. Russell died last Sunday. Mr Beckley went to Blanchard on Wed- ensday for the services, and again on Saturday to bring Mrs Beckley home. Mrs Beckley's mother accompanied them to Fenton. Mr and Mrs Merwin Widdel and family of Ringsted were Sunday dinner and supper guests in the Walter Widdel home. Mr and Mrs Franklin Mueller and boys were Monday' evening guests in the Howard Bierstedt home at Lone Rock. Mr and Mrs Duane Widdel and Aimily spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives at Austin, Minn. Mr and Mrs W. R. Wolfe visited Sunday evening with Mr and Mrs Amer Cody and Gerald. Mr and Mrs Frank McFall and Mr and Mrs Clarence Underwood left .Wednesday of last week for a two week's vacation in the Southwest States. Sunday dinner guests in the Henry Tieman home were Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer and fam- ly, Lone Rock, Mr and Mrs Art "ietz of Lakota, Mr and Mrs ack Tieman and Terry of Burt nd Mr and Mrs W. R. Wolfe, Mr and Mrs Hans Baago were 'hursday evening dinner guests n the W. R. Wolfe home. Mr and Mrs Fred Mortenson and family, Mr and Mrs Arnold ..aabs and Diane and Mr and Mrs i^. F. Laabs were Sunday dinner guests in the Walter Schmidt riome at Austin, Minn, in honor of Mrs Schmidt's birthday. Sunday dinner guests in the Albert Mitchell home were Mr and Mrs Chester Skaar, Harold and Bernette of Primghar, Mr and Mrs Donald Sktiar and Becky of Lake Mills, Mr and Mrs Morris Mitchell, Mr and Mrs Dick Underwood and Lynnora and Duane and Myrna Moling of Cylinder. Mrs Chester Skiiar remained for a week's visit in the Mitchell home. Mr and Mrs Milford Mitchell of Lone Rock were Sunday evening visitors in the Albert Mitchell home. Mr and Mrs Roelf Miller and Ruth visited Saturday in the Cari Veur home at Adams, Minn. Sdlurday evening dinner guests of Mi- und Mrs Dick Underwooc were Mr and Mrs Nyles Heggen and boys, Mr and Mrs Morris Mitchell and Mr and Mrs Albert Mitchell. Mr and Mrs Merle Voigt, Mrs Franklin Mueller and Peggj Voigt spent Sunday at Rochestei v/hcre they visited William Voigt u patient at the Methodist hospital. Mr Voigt is much improved but will probably be confined at the hospital for another \veik or 10 days. Enroute to Rochester, the group called on Arnold Voigt at Dexter, Minn und returning home they visited \vi'.h Mr and Mrs Warren Voigt and family at Austin, Minn. Marshals At Ringed Ringsted's night marshal, Jack Emick, foiled an attempted robbery, of the Fink Brothers'garage last week Tuesday night when he surprised two '"young rriten" as they prepared to enter the 'garage building. . , •* ' Emick, accofding to Sheriff Joe Betty, was making, his nightly security check when he discovered the two youths at the rear end of the garage-filling station'. Upon discovery the two fled from Emick and escaped him In the pursuit. They got Into a car appar- ently being 'driven b? a third member of the group and got away, Emick found the glass fan the' back door ,6f the buildthg broken. .. . ' Eriiick ran to get his own auto. Quickly driving back to the garage,' he observed a third person in the auto. The get-away oar sped east on Highway 43 with Emick's car in pursuit, but ^n several miles outdistanced the marshal's car. \ According to information from Emick the trio escaped in a 1948- modeV black Ford carrying 1956 Iowa license. One of the you^h, Emick said was wearing a sheepskin coat and a brown leather cap. ' Emick returned to Ringsted to advise Sheriff Joe Betty : of the attempt by the three, and Betty posted a northwest Iowa alert to sheriff's offices in Palo Alto and Kossuth counties, and to the highway patrol for assistance in searching for the car in Emmet and adjotfting counties. ' the peace pffiijetfs cpmbad fdads and highways,in vc& area |6r about three. hours put found no, trace of , the would'be .burglars. . ';..• . •• OTHiR THIS SHOW OfKAlS CHIX SUPERIQRIJY DEKALB CHIX won the first Texas Random Sample test with the earliest maturity; the highest egg production and the best adult livabilily. In the 5th California Random Sample test, DEKALB birds averaged 267 eggs per pullet (Hen-Day Basis), and 271 egga per pullet (Hen-Day Basis) in the 6th California Random Sample Test. In the Kansas Poultry Flock Improvement Project Sept. 1, 1954 thru Aug. 30,1955, DEKALB CHIX took first in the Hatchery Breeder flock division with 271 eggs average per bird, and first in the Farm Flock division with 270 eggs average per bird. Homer 0. Mqtthiesen, Fenton, la. Clover Leaf Hatchery, Algona, la. Martin Meiners, Ringsted, la. Clem H. Mergen, Whittemore, la. Coming Events Wednesday. rVb. 22 — Ellen Circle ff the- WSCS. '1;!.', 1 . Feb. 'i'A --- St. John's WMF at Dcpf.v Lutheran church; Ooiotiieu Circle- of the- WSCS. SHOT Albeit W;.lker of Madnd wus critically injuMnl whi/n a pistol v.'hich he was repairing accidentally dist-hai'Bt-d int</ his abdomen. Till- weapon had a lound of bird .shot. After surgery, his condition was reported as good. to 9t'per dozen eggs Auxiliary Offers Scholarships 1 "Now is the time fbf high school seniors to make contacts in regard to college scholarships fbr next fall," advises Mrs Ed BVuhn, Unit President of the American,Legion Auxiliary. The Iowa Department of the American Legion Auxiliary: offers the following Scholarships: •; The Mary Virginia Macrae Memorial Nu/^Sch^lwshie in (he amount Of $406. |h| &$$* rritist be a mother, daugl ter, wife, gt Widow .of & Of World Wars tpr II, OJ5 „,.- -- r Jtesn titfttflteti ahd ft fesideM ! pf Io\ya. '• • •'. •">•••• '.', , ' . ' Twelve $200 Iowa :A*?*[ c ,l n Legion Auxiliary Scholapshifas for any .vocational education in a • standardized pchool in ,|qWA. The applicant must be a member of the American Legion or the: Auxiliary, or the son or daughter of a veteran of World Wars 1 or II or the Korean Conflict afid a resident d'flpwa, There will, be one additional Scholarship this year, known .as the Grace Gilbert King Memorial Scholarship. Applications for the aforesaid scholarships will be received any In .actual farm tests, 104 profit-conscious potr!-, trymen -found Hy-Line 100 series layers averaged I to zytlbs. less feed per dozen eggs laid than stand- ard-brefls and crossbreds. With feed figured at $4 per 100 IBs.; Hy-Line 100 series layers produced a- dozen eggs for 4 Vic less than Leghorns . . . 5%c less than crosses . . . 9 J /ic less than heavies. In similar tests, Hy-Line 900 series layers sayeff a pound of feed per doz. eggs laid over good white Leghorns during the first six months of lay, With .thrifty Hy 'Line layers you pocket moce profit per (dozen eggs you sell. CALVIN VAUDT, Fenton LYNDON KERBER, Cylndsr FRANK SEELY, Ringsted WALTER VAUDT, Whiltemore WHITTEMORE HATCHERY, Whittempre CARD OF THANKS I v/ to thank all my relatives iind friends who remembered me with cards, gifts and flowers und persona] visits during my recent stay at the hospital and at home. It wus greatly appvccialctl. Mi'j Eiuil Biei 1 - You can have a "new" room in a day with SUPER KEM-TONE Even if you've never painted before, you can do an expert job with Super Kern-Tone, There's nothing like it for beautiful, smooth rqom decoration, hundreds of decorator colora to choose from. Dries in, one hour. "«PRINO PAINT SPECIAL FENTON BUSINESS AND PROFE$SIONAL,DIRECTORY INSURANCE j. WALLACE SMITH Agent WEISBROD > Implement Company JOHN, DEERE DEALER Buv Phone 3 Res. Phone 60 HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building • Remodeling PHONE 125 or 17 Dr. E. W. Ruske DENTIST Office Phone 79 Residence 25 Fenton, Iowa HANTELMAN'S GARAGE Auto A Tractor Repairs FENTON, IA. x HOME CAFE Leo Roy, Prop. Home Cooked Meals EAT MORE PORK PORK ROASTS Lb. 33c PICNICS tb. 29c Dick's Meats & Groceries Bailey's Store Jorgenson Lockers Priebe's Store FENTON On February 28th— We close our books for the year. |j We arrange our credit files for the ensuing year. :•: We would like to report all our customers prompt pay. Illl Before February 28th— | We would appreciate full settlement of all accounts. . Jill We request that errors on your statement, if any, be cqlled to our attention. ;.; Thank you, ;.; Fenton Co-Op. Elevator Co. | . •.,... KNTOp, IOWA . K NOW GIVING GREEN STAMPS * HANSEN'S STANDARD SERVICE PENTON, IOWA ss 1 Bumper to Bumper Service at .Arnie'* - Atl«* Tires, Tubs* * Batteriil 1 Washing and Greasing - Tire Repairing - Auto Accessories Green Stamps OAL RWUU8 COLOfS P*rp colon ittgMy from PAINT HEADQUARTERS PAINT ROUE* or PAN '^pur choice J or bpth.for 391169< ALSO iSSUiO BY DICK'S MEATS AND GROCERIES 5TAHE GROCERIES — FRISH Ml AT§ FRSH FRUITS and VEGETABLES * * * * VAIU0 '.Sii^-.tii^tife'.vISi STOEBER HARDWARE . IOWA This is the Nationally Famous &H Qretn Stamp Issued by Over 100,000 Merchants in the United States - All W. Oreen Stamps go In the Same Collector's Mail* ^ Any/of Our Re- ciemption Stores. SAVE AS YOU SPEND IIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII^

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